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Recap written by Christine

At the Newman Media office, Adam told Sally that he wouldn’t let her be a pawn in the Newman power play. She appreciated that, but she was troubled by him saying she didn’t want to know what his solution was. He said he was just being hyperbolic. She was still worried because he’d just talked about getting revenge on his family, and she was concerned about what would happen to him. He promised he he had no plans to get himself in trouble. She asked if that meant he planned to get someone else in trouble. He wanted her to focus on being CEO and trust him to find a solution that worked for everyone. She did trust him, but she didn’t understand what the solution would be, since no one in the Newman Enterprises executive suite was on her side. He held her and emphatically stated that she belonged in that chair, and he’d do whatever it took to keep here there. She asked what about where he belonged.

Adam said he excelled at creating opportunities for himself. Sally knew, but she wasn’t sure what would be more fulfilling than running Newman Media, which was his baby, more than it was hers. She saw so much potential in the division. He said she had such enthusiasm for the company, and that was why she deserved to run it. He didn’t want to run the company anymore – things were different now that he’d been kicked out of the top spot of the empire. He couldn’t go back to being under Victor’s thumb and answering to Victoria, who’d never trust him. Sally was sure Victoria would never trust her to run the media division. He said he’d convince Victoria. She wanted to know how. He reminded her that she said she believed in him. She did, but she wanted some details. He said that Sally committed some sins in her life, but right now, she was guilty by association, and that wasn’t fair. He was going to do everything to persuade Victoria to judge Sally solely on her merits, because she was extraordinary in every way. He kissed her and asked if she believed him now. She wanted to go somewhere else, then show him how much she loved him. Sally and Adam got a room at The Grand Phoenix, and they had a love scene. Afterward, she was asleep, and he stroked her hair and stared off into the distance, then he got out of bed.

At the Newman CEO office, Victoria told Ashland he wasn’t welcome. He claimed to have something to say. She thought this was an attempt to rattle her, and she told him he should know not to underestimate her. He said he’d never make that mistake again. He felt that they owed it to him to hear him out. Victor said he and Victoria didn’t owe Ashland a thing, but, Victoria admitted she was intrigued. Ashland said he was here to pick up his personal items. She seemed skeptical, but she said she’d text him the location of the storage unit, then he could take his knic knacks and leave town. Victor was sure that Ashland wasn’t here to pick up a damned box. Ashland wanted to say he knew there was no coming back from what happened, and he also wanted to commend Victor and Victoria for doing what many had tried and failed to do – they took him on and beat him.

Victoria wasn’t expecting Ashland to just admit defeat like that. She said he didn’t have another move, and he lost. He said everyone who heard The Grinning Soul knew that. He assumed she was the source of the details about his cancer. Victor corrected Ashland that the cancer was fake. Victoria said the truth usually had a way to reveal itself. Ashland had thought that Victoria would hold onto that information to keep him at bay. She said while that was her initial plan, after she heard the podcast, she was glad the information was out there. She told him to forget about going on the attack, if that was his plan. He said he didn’t come here for revenge. He was hoping they’d show mercy and get him one last visit and final goodbye to his son. Victor said it was Kyle’s son. Ashland didn’t argue the point, but the boy meant everything to him. Victoria said Ashland’s relationship with Harrison wasn’t her concern anymore. Ashland knew that, but he said Victor orchestrated this, and all he’d have to do was call the judge and Kyle. “Please. You’ve taken everything else away from me,” Ashland said. Victor felt that Ashland belonged in prison after all his lies and deceit and the pain he caused Victoria. Ashland said he was asking father to father. Victor contended that Ashland was a monster. “Why the hell would I allow you to be anywhere near that boy?” Ashland said, in his experience, the man who was stripped of everything was the most dangerous. Victoria said Ashland walked in so calm and deferential, and now he was baring his teeth. Ashland was just saying that if a dog was kicked enough times, eventually it would bite. “If anyone in my family is bitten by your damn dog, I will kill you myself,” Victor warned. Ashland said he’d leave quietly and he wouldn’t come back. Nick arrived.

Nick told Ashland that the smart thing to do would be to leave and never come back. Ashland agreed that it was a mistake to come. He left. Nick slammed the door, and he wanted to know why Ashland came. Victor caught Nick up. Nick had more to say, but Victoria didn’t want to discuss it anymore. She wanted to know how his recon mission went with Sally. Victor asked why Nick went to see Sally. He said he went to get information about Adam. Nick never saw Sally, because he ran into Adam, and he was eager for Sally to keep her job. Victoria asked if Nick told Adam that she didn’t see a future for Sally at the company. Nick had been upfront with Adam, since Adam was being upfront with him. Victor thought that allowing Sally to stay on would ensure Adam’s return. Nick said Adam wanted to talk to Victoria. At that moment, Victoria got a text from Adam. Victor thought that meant Adam was willing to be CEO of Newman Media, while Sally stayed on as COO. Victoria said it was just as likely that Adam wanted her to keep Sally on as CEO. Victor was ready to find out.

Adam showed up at Victoria’s office. She was alone, and she said she was busy, so she asked him to get right to the point. She assumed he wanted to go back to running Newman Media. He said that ship sailed. He was there because he knew she wanted to fire Sally. Victoria thought Sally was unqualified to be COO and that she’d be out of her depth to be CEO. Adam said Sally proved herself as his partner, and no one would work harder than her. Victoria said as talented as Sally might be, there were bigger issues at play. Victoria thought that Adam would be delighted if things went wrong at Newman Enterprises and since Sally wanted to make him happy, she had the incentive to do a bad job at Newman Media. Adam said Sally was her own person, and she had no interest in tanking Newman Media – she wanted to build a good reputation in the business world. Victoria had looked into the fashion house Sally used to run in LA, and she’d learned that Sally had pulled a lot of stunts that gave her a terrible reputation. Adam said Sally matured and changed. Victoria recalled people used to say the same thing about Adam, but look at him now. Adam said Sally wasn’t a hardened cynic like him; her transformation was genuine. He said Victoria’s fear of Sally was misplaced. She said she wasn’t afraid of Sally; she just wanted people she knew she could trust. He said sally was contentious, hardworking and reliable. He wanted her to give Sally a chance. She asked how she was supposed to do that when Sally’s primary loyalty was to Adam. He said he no longer had any influence over Sally. “There is no Sally and Adam anymore. It’s not working out so I am breaking it off,” Adam said. Back at the hotel, Sally woke up and reached for Adam and found an empty mattress. She called out for him.

Allie met Noah at Crimson Lights on the patio after her first day at the Jabot internship. Today was orientation, and she just loved it. She was bubbling over with excitement, then she apologized because she was going on and on about her internship when he wasn’t fulfilled with his job. He said there was no reason to apologize. He asked her to dinner to celebrate. She said they could just eat here, but he clarified that he meant a real dinner. She asked if he was asking her on a date. He didn’t think they needed to label it. He just wanted to commemorate her success and thank her for listening to him talk about his dilemma with his dad. Sharon was just outside the patio door, cleaning a table. She overheard Noah tell Allie that he’d decided to leave New Hope. Sharon walked away.

Back on the patio, Noah was sure Nick would understand, but this was complicated. Noah thought he’d stay on at New Hope until he found a quality replacement or until Nick was settled at his new job. Noah didn’t want to undermine Nick’s decision to go back to Newman. Allie thought Noah was being considerate. Noah also didn’t want to give his parents another reason to worry that he was lost or directionless. He said he could be 50 years old, on top of the world, and they’d still worry. She said his parents did that out of love. He agreed and said he was lucky to have them. He said she got him off the topic of whether she’d go to dinner with him. No pressure. She said she’d love to.

Allie had been too excited about work to eat earlier, so she was really hungry. She said she’d go change, then meet him. He offered to be a gentleman and pick her up, and she accepted. Right after Allie left, Sharon came out. She and Noah started chatting about Allie and the dinner and jobs, and it soon came out that she overheard his conversation with Allie. She said she didn’t listen on on purpose, but she heard him say he was leaving New Hope. He thought she was worried he was going in the wrong direction. She wasn’t judging, she just wanted to understand. He said he hadn’t made up his mind, but he was leaning toward leaving. She noticed that he didn’t seem enthusiastic when Nick was talking to him earlier about taking on a bigger role, but she was surprised he wanted to leave New Hope altogether. She thought he liked it there. He did like it there, but he felt like an outsider there, because it was his dad’s passion project, not his. He didn’t want to disappoint his dad. Sharon thought Nick would be thrown by Noah’s decision, but he wouldn’t be disappointed unless Noah bottled up his feelings. She was sure Nick wouldn’t want Noah to stay out of obligation. She said you had to have your heart in this work to be successful. Noah reiterated his plan to stay on until Nick was comfortable at his new job or until Noah found a quality replacement. He asked his mom to keep this between them. She said of course. She just wanted him to be happy, and she asked what he thought would get him there. He wasn’t sure, but there was something out there for him. She asked if he’d leave town. He said he had too many reasons to stay in town.

Allie went home and Traci wanted to talk about the internship. Allie explained she was in a rush because Noah asked her out to dinner. She smiled when Traci said it sounded like a date. Allie came downstairs in one of the dresses Summer had given her to wear earlier. She asked Traci if she looked alright, and she noted that she didn’t always dress like this. Traci gave Allie her seal of approval. Noah showed up, and Traci said they both looked cute.

Traci went to Crimson Lights and asked Sharon how she was – she knew the last few months had been difficult. Sharon said things had been a little easier each day. She appreciated Traci checking in with her every time they saw each other. It was nice to have someone remember Rey. They segued into a conversation about Noah and Allie’s date. Traci said that Allie was quiet and shy, and it went away when she saw Noah. Sharon said that Noah seemed genuinely happy when he was with Allie. They thought Noah and Allie had a connection. Sharon got quiet because she was worried about Noah. She’d thought he settled into a career path and found his way, but now she wasn’t so sure.

Sharon and Traci got a table. She said she knew Noah was an adult, but she still worried about him. Traci thought that was what a mother was supposed to do. Traci said Noah was an artist at heart, so his path might not ever be straight and clear. She said she figured out she could write when she was in school, but it took longer to realize she could make it her career. She thought Noah might need time to explore things, and he was such a smart and talented young man that he was going to find his way.

Noah and Allie went to Society. He was a little deflated because his dad and grandfather were there, and that would put a damper on the date atmosphere. Allie said they could leave. Noah said they’d just get a table far away from his relatives, but first they’d go say hi. Noah introduced Victor and Allie. Victor smiled and said he wouldn’t hold Allie being Jack’s granddaughter against her. She laughed and said she’d heard the stories of the feud. Victor invited Noah and Allie to join them, but Nick knew that Noah and Allie would want their own table. Nick shared the news that Noah was going to take over New Hope. Victor thought that would be good for Noah. Nick had some New Hope business to forward to Noah. Noah said he’d handle it. Noah was kind of quiet, and Nick asked if everything was okay. He said he and Allie just wanted to get to their table. Victor said he’d cover dinner for Noah and Allie, and Noah said thanks.

At their table, Allie noticed that Noah didn’t hesitate to promise to take care of the New Hope business. She asked if he was having second thoughts about stepping away. He looked over at his family and said he didn’t want to talk about it. He wanted to focus on celebrating her tonight.

Nick told Victor that Ashland couldn’t be trusted. Victor knew Ashland was out for revenge. The question was how long Ashland would stay in Genoa City. Nick said they needed to tell Kyle and Summer Ashland was back. Victor agreed and said they had to stay vigilant.

Ashland was in his suite at the Athletic Club. He had a drink, then he went through the belongings Victoria had packed up for him. He found the ring she gave him for Valentine’s day, then he flashed back to the moment she gave it to him. He’d promised to cherish the ring forever. In the present, Ashland wept, then he threw the ring across the room. He proceeded to trash the room, screaming as he hurled things into walls.

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