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Recap written by Christine

Adam walked into his office on a business call, which he ended when he saw Victor waiting for him. Victor wanted an update on Locke. Adam said it was the best possible outcome – Ashland agreed to surrender control of Newman Locke and to annul his marriage to Victoria. Adam was clearly pleased his plan worked, but Victor still didn’t approve, because Adam’s plan was impulsive, and it could’ve backfired. Adam said it worked, and he achieved the objective. Victor clarified that the objective wouldn’t be achieved until Ashland signed. Adam thought he’d found the cleanest way to handle to problem. Adam claimed he did this for the good of the family, but Victor was convinced Adam did this to prove he was smarter and more capable than his sister.

Adam was sorry Victor thought that of him. Victor noted that Adam had said this was Victoria’s fault and that she deserved to be stripped of her title for getting conned. There was no doubt in Adam’s mind that he was a better leader than Victoria, but he didn’t take this approach with Ashland to prove that to Victor or anyone else. “So you weren’t out to impress me?” Victor asked. Adam admitted he was pleased Victor was impressed, but Adam’s goal was to get Ashland out, and that benefited the whole family. Victor remembered teaching Adam to play soccer when he was a little boy in Kansas. He marveled at how far Adam had come. Victor was impressed with Adam, but he said Adam cost him a hell of a lot of money. Adam thought it was money well-spent. Adam wanted to focus on getting Ashland to sign the agreement for now. Victor was proud of Adam.

At Newman Locke, Ashland and Victoria released each other from a hug. He recapped the story – he was going to get $500,000,000 from Adam and Victor in exchange for walking away from the company and ending the official marriage with Victoria. He was only willing to sign this agreement if Victoria would leave this company, her family and this city and build a future with him somewhere far away. Victoria assured Ashland that she did want to go with him, and as far away from Genoa City as possible. He asked what about Johnny and Katie.

Ashland explained that he was asking Victoria this question because he loved her so much. He’d love to take a more active role in Harrison’s life, but he knew the Newmans and Abbotts would join forces to keep him from doing that. He thought she needed to think about Billy. Victoria didn’t think Billy would try to keep her from the kids. She said they’d have to come up with a custody arrangement. He wasn’t sure that was going to be possible, because Billy could be vindictive. Victoria said Billy changed, and as much as he’d hate to see her leave with Ashland, he’d take great satisfaction in seeing her walk away from her father. She said Billy despised Victor more than Adam or Ashland.

Victoria said Billy dug into their lives and tried to stop the wedding. Ashland thought Billy would be hard on Victoria if she ran away with Ashland. Victoria noted that Ashland once thought Billy was secretly in love with her. Victoria said Ashland was wrong about that – Billy just wanted her to be happy and have the peace he was never able to give her. Victoria said when Billy looked into her eyes, she’d see how much she loved Ashland, and he wouldn’t be able to fight that. Ashland believed Victoria sincerely wanted to leave with him, and he excitedly asked where she wanted to go. She said they’d go to the Palazzo in Tuscany. He kissed her and went to sign the paperwork. Once he was out the door, she scowled.

Ashland arrived at Newman Media. Ashland restated the terms – Ashland had to sign over all rights to Newman Locke and annul his marriage. Ashland said it’d be like he never existed. Ashland couldn’t read Victor and Adam’s faces, but he knew they had to be salivating, scarcely able to believe Ashland was making it this easy for them. Victor held up his phone showing that he was ready to transfer the money. Ashland signed the paperwork, Victor sent him the half billion dollars and said he was out of their lives. Ashland told Victor not to assume he was speaking for all the Newmans. “Your daughter,” Ashland started. Victor cut him off. He didn’t want to hear it.

Victor said that Ashland wanted to be treated as an equal – someone who was worthy of having his name beside Victor’s, but he couldn’t do it through hard work, he did it by taking advantage of Victoria’s feelings and of the family’s generosity by pretending to be terminally ill. It was sick. Ashland still admired Victor’s devotion to his family and commitment to his empire. Adam told Ashland to leave. Ashland said he still loved Victoria, and no matter what, Victor should be proud of her. Victor told Adam to get Ashland out of her. Adam walked Ashland to the door. Adam was glad Victor got to get that off his chest, but he thought they should stop wasting time thinking about Ashland. This was finished, and they won. Victor smiled.

Nikki went to Victoria’s office. Victoria said that Ashland only signed the paperwork under the condition that she went away with him. Nikki hoped Victoria didn’t agree to that. Victoria said of course she did, what other way was there to get Ashland out of Newman and out of all their lives, like the Newmans wanted? Nikki asked Victoria what she wanted. Victoria wistfully said Ashland was signing away everything he built -everything they both built. Nikki said that after everything Ashland had done to Victoria, there was nothing binding her to that agreement. Nikki worried Victoria wanted to stay with Ashland. She knew Victoria still had feelings for Ashland. Victoria knew she shouldn’t be so conflicted, but she was. It was very hard – all the pretending and lying to Ashland, and the hate she felt for him for what he’d done to her and the family. At the same time, she felt like she was grieving the loss of her marriage and the man she’d thought was her soulmate. Nikki said Victoria must’ve been able to put on the performance of a lifetime to get Ashalnd to agree to the deal. Victoria said that she was able to pull it off because she still had feelings for him, and even though she’d slowly been tricking him, she still hadn’t reconciled it in her heart. The love Ashland had seemed powerful and real. She asked if it had really been fake the whole time. “Yes, because he is a sociopath. He knows all the right words to say. Put on the perfect act while feeling nothing except for some sick satisfaction that he was able to dupe us,” Nikki said. Nikki didn’t want Victoria to feel ashamed, because they were all fooled. Victoria didn’t blame herself, but she wasn’t sure what to do with the love she had for Ashland. She began to sob. Nikki said that love would fade, and Victoria would heal, and the entire family would help. Nikki held Victoria.

Later, Victoria was alone in her office. Victor texted that Ashland signed the papers. “The company is safe. You’re free.” Victoria was staring out the window, when Ashland came to get her. He was enthusiastic because he thought they were leaving for their new journey. Victoria whipped around and glared at Ashland. “Did you really think that I would run away with you after everything that you put me through? Did you really think that this wasn’t the absolute end for us?,” she snapped.

At his home, Jack wrapped up a call with Kyle. He then relayed the news to Traci. Summer couldn’t get off work, but Kyle and Harrison would be here next week. Jack was excited for the visit, but dreading having to blindside Kyle with the news that his mother was alive. Traci was sorry Jack was put in this position, but she thought he was doing the right thing. She wasn’t sure how to prepare a kid for the news that his mother skipped town and let everyone think she died. He said he couldn’t count on Diane to show much finesse, since she’d been so callous about Kyle’s emotion ever since her “death.” Traci wondered why Diane was revealing herself now. He wasn’t sure, but he was confident that Diane had some sort of larger plan, and he was going to make it his life’s mission to find out what it was.

Diane was unpacking her things in the suite at the Grand Phoenix. Phyllis knocked on the door and told “Taylor” to open up, or she’d use the master key. Sighing, Diane opened the door and pretended to be surprised to see Phyllis. Phyllis said to stop. “Seriously? You didn’t think I was gonna figure out your alias when you checked into my hotel?,” Phyllis said. Diane acted surprised Phyllis owned the hotel. Phyllis didn’t buy it. She thought Diane specifically chose to stay at the Grand Phoenix because she knew Phyllis owned it. Diane admitted that she’d been keeping tabs on Phyllis, Jack, Kyle and several other denizens of Genoa City. Diane congratulated Phyllis on the beautiful hotel. She knew Phyllis fought hard to make The Grand Phoenix a success.

Phyllis asked if Diane had any idea the hell that was going to rain down on her if anyone found out she was in town. Diane just wanted to be here and prepared for once Jack told Kyle she was alive. Phyllis asked what Diane was preparing for. Diane had been picturing the reunion with her son. Phyllis said not to bet on that happening. Phyllis was predicting, and Jack was hoping that Kyle wouldn’t want to have anything to do with Diane. Phyllis thought Diane wasted the trip, but on the off chance that Kyle wanted to meet Diane, Phyllis didn’t want the fireworks of a reunion happening at her hotel, so she told Diane to go stay at the Athletic Club. Diane asked if Phyllis was throwing her out. Phyllis wasn’t doing that because she wasn’t going to give Diane the satisfaction of playing the victim. Phyllis said she was going to take Diane’s money and ignore her. Diane sarcastically congratulated Phyllis on her hospitality.

Phyllis said she’d throw Diane out if she caused any trouble. Diane promised to behave. She knew it was hard for Phyllis to accept she’d changed. “I know you. You haven’t changed,” Phyllis replied. Phyllis said she wasn’t the one Diane should be worried about, because things would ugly if people found out Diane was alive and back in town. “Thank you for reminding me how hated I am in this town,” Diane said. “No charge,” Phyllis replied. Diane stated that it was hard for her to be back here. Phyllis asked when Diane started caring what anyone thought of her. Phyllis wanted to know how Diane survived all these years. As Diane told her story, Jack was telling Traci the same details. He’d had someone do some investigating into “Taylor Jensen’s” life.

Diane had tried to resume her career as an architect, without success. It was more competitive in LA, and she couldn’t draw on her success as Diane Jenkins. “That’s one of the downfalls of faking your own death,” Phyllis replied. Diane was forced to take any job she could find, as her savings dwindled. She started out answering calls at a Realtor’s office, then she worked her way up and got her real estate license. It was hard to picture Diane hustling like the rest of the mortals, even if it was in Beverly Hills. Diane said it wasn’t glamorous – she sold small postwar valley homes, not mansions.

Jack told Traci that Diane had a modestly successful career, hardly the life Diane was accustomed to. Traci thought it made sense for someone faking their death to keep a low profile. He assumed that the lack of cash wore on someone as grasping and entitled as Diane. He was worried Diane would try and convince Kyle to support her. Traci said it would be Kyle’s decision.

Traci thought they should focus on the positive – Kyle would be back, and he was bringing the adorable Harrison. Jack was hoping to convince Allie to come out too, since this seemed to be the perfect time to introduce her to the whole family. Traci asked if that was the best idea, now that Diane was involved. Jack said Allie knew about Diane, and she’d been warned. Traci thought that explosions were likely to take place once Kyle found out about Diane. Traci suggested that it be best to gently ease Allie into meeting the family when things were calm, not invite her into a volatile situation. Jack realized Traci was right – telling Kyle the news about Diane was enough for right now.

Diane made an honest living and slowly made a life for herself in California. Phyllis thought Diane had bided her time until she could explode into their lives again, wreaking havoc on Jack and everyone around him. Phyllis said that when Keemo’s house went on the market, Diane made a beeline for it, and she took advantage of a grieving young woman who’d lost her father. Diane ordered Phyllis to stop twisting everything around. Phyllis said she knew Diane and she’d never trust her.

Later, Phyllis went to Jack and told him that Diane was in Genoa City. Jack was frustrated, but not surprised by Diane’s stunt. He said she was planning to pounce on Kyle for God knows what reason. He asked how Diane seemed. Phyllis said that Diane was saying she wanted to reconnect with her son. “Sticking to her story like the skilled liar she is,” Jack grumbled. Phyllis said she baited Diane to get her to lash out, and she didn’t. Phyllis said Diane put on one of the best sincere acts she’d ever seen. Jack asked if Phyllis was buying it, and she said not for a minute. “How do I keep Diane away from Kyle before I can talk to him?,” Jack wondered. Phyllis said she’d handle that. She thought he had enough on his plate telling Kyle the truth. He appreciated the way she’d consistently been there for him. She was happy to do it. She added that she was also protecting her daughter, because whatever happened to Kyle affected Summer. Not only was Phyllis in best friend mode, she was in Mama-bear mode, and this was personal for her.

Back in her suite, Diane read an article about Victor abruptly installing Adam as temporary CEO. She chuckled and said Victor was at it again, pulling strings and keeping everyone guessing. The article had a picture of Adam and Sally and speculated that they were a future power couple in the making. Diane read about Nikki’s charitable endeavors and it called her a powerful voice in the community. “A force to be reckoned with,” Diane said, sighing.

Was coming here a mistake? Can I really pull this off? If I – if I reconnect with Kyle and it goes well, then what?,” Diane asked herself. There was a knock on the door, and she grumbled about Phyllis not leaving her alone. She answered and found Jack.

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