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EJ claims to have no idea what Johnny is talking about in regards to what he did to Stefan. Johnny tells him that they found Dr. Rolf in Jakarta. EJ questions what Rolf is doing there. Johnny argues that he knows exactly what he’s doing there since he’s in a secret DiMera funded lab and he told them all about what EJ and Li had him do.

Wendy tells Li that there is no sense in lying because Dr. Rolf told them about how Li had him brainwash Stefan. Li calls that ridiculous and impossible, asking why he would do something like that. Wendy explains that Dr. Rolf had Stefan forget all about his feelings for Gabi so that Gabi could love Li instead.

Stefan and Chloe eat together in the town square. Stefan comments that he can’t get over how beautiful she is and how lucky he is that she’s in his life. Chloe thanks him and says that’s really sweet, noting that she’s really lucky too that he’s in her life. Gabi then interrupts and says she needs to know if they are planning on coming to her wedding.

Brady knows Nicole is feeling insecure about Eric. Nicole asks if that’s so strange since he’s going to have a baby with another woman. Brady knows it’s not the easiest situation but they belong together. Nicole knows Eric has always wanted a child of his own and now someone else is going to make his dream come true.

Eric questions Jada saying there is no baby. Jada reveals that she is not pregnant anymore.

Li calls Dr. Rolf a liar and a sociopath as he questions Wendy trusting his word over her own brother. Wendy asks what possible reason Dr. Rolf would have to implicate himself if it wasn’t true. Li suggests that Dr. Rolf resents the prominent role he now plays in the family business. Wendy says that Dr. Rolf admitted that Li is the one who told him to brainwash Stefan and that Johnny recorded it. Li asks where that recording is now. Wendy admits that Dr. Rolf erased it and then tried to do the same to their memories. Wendy asks why he would do that if he was lying. Li questions what that maniac did to her and if he hurt her. Wendy questions his concern and complains that Dr. Rolf had them strapped to a table and prepared to inject them with an experimental drug like they were lab rats. Wendy asks if Li knew he was going to do that.

Johnny tells EJ that Dr. Rolf tried to erase he and Wendy’s brains right after he confessed that EJ and Li had him mess with Stefan’s brain to make him forget his feelings for Gabi. EJ argues that he had nothing to do with that and questions why he would give a damn. Johnny shouts that EJ only cares about control and he knew if he could turn Stefan against Gabi, then he could take the company back.

Stefan confirms to Gabi that they will attend her wedding and reminds her that they already told her. Gabi points out that they didn’t RSVP and that New Year’s Eve is right around the corner, so she needs a precise head count. Chloe comments that they don’t have the RSVP card on them. Gabi reveals that she has another one and gives it to Chloe.

Brady repeats to Nicole that Eric is committed to being a father but also very much to her. Nicole talks about hearing Eric talk about the baby on Thanksgiving and he was practically glowing about being a father. Brady asks why he wouldn’t be. Brady acknowledges that it’s not an ideal situation and understands that Nicole is having big feelings here. Brady encourages that they have got this and have been through too much. Brady points out that Eric was on the other side of the world for years but they still found their way back to each other, so he assures that they can get through this.

Eric questions if Jada had a miscarriage and says he’s so sorry and wishes she would have called him. Jada then reveals that she did not have a miscarriage and that she made the decision to terminate her pregnancy. Eric is shocked and asks what she is saying. Jada announces that she had an abortion.

Brady tells Nicole to trust in what she and Eric have together, because when she doesn’t do that is when she gets in to trouble. Nicole asks what he’s saying. Brady advises her not to do anything she’s going to regret. Nicole says she hears him but argues that this isn’t just about Jada having Eric’s baby. Nicole comments that Jada was really in to him so she worries about Jada trying to use the baby to rekindle their relationship. Brady says Jada doesn’t seem like that kind of person at all. Brady tells Nicole that sharing a child with someone doesn’t mean you belong with them. Brady points out Eric not being Holly’s biological father. Nicole comments that Daniel isn’t here to complicate things for her and Eric while Jada is.

Eric doesn’t understand since Jada told him that she wanted to have the baby. Jada responds that she changed her mind. Eric questions her not telling him. Jada reminds him that it’s her body, her choice and he said so himself. Eric thought they had a plan and he told her how excited he was to be a father to their child. Eric thought Jada was excited about it too and questions why she wouldn’t at least talk to him about it. Jada says she was afraid Eric would try to talk her out of her decision.

Stefan starts to sign the RSVP but Chloe stops him and says they haven’t had a chance to talk about attending her wedding. Gabi questions if Stefan wants to go and Chloe doesn’t. Gabi says she needs to know. Stefan assures that they will attend the wedding and that he will talk Chloe in to going because he knows they will have a wonderful time. Stefan remarks that he loves a good trainwreck and he can’t wait to watch Li Shin make the biggest mistake of his life.

Li questions Wendy thinking he instructed Dr. Rolf to strap her to a table to wipe her memory. Wendy responds that she doesn’t know what to believe. Li says the thought makes him sick which Wendy questions since this is what Dr. Rolf does since he already made Stefan forget about his love for Gabi. Li claims this is the first he’s hearing of this and promises to deal with Dr. Rolf next time he sees him. Li says he will make some calls. Wendy reminds Li of when they were kids and Li took their father’s bentley for a joy ride. Wendy recalls Li denying it when their father confronted him about it, but she forced him to confess because she wasn’t going to give up until he told her why he took the car and he admitted it was to impress some girl. Wendy remarks that even then, Li was a romantic and he would do anything to get the girl. Wendy says maybe things haven’t changed. Wendy declares that she could always tell when Li was lying to her back then. Li then gives in and admits he was the one who asked Dr. Rolf to brainwash Stefan DiMera.

EJ questions Johnny if Dr. Rolf told him that he ordered him to brainwash Stefan. Johnny admits that Dr. Rolf told him it was Li, but he knows it was both of them. EJ questions how he knows that. Johnny responds that Wendy overheard Li talking to Kristen. EJ mocks that as a reliable source. Johnny argues that he knows EJ is just like Stefano and doesn’t leave anything to chance. Johnny adds that EJ didn’t look surprised when he told him the news about Li. Johnny tells EJ to just drop the act and be real. EJ then admits that he’s known for some time that Dr. Rolf conditioned Stefan to erase his connection to Gabi. EJ says he didn’t make it happen, but he did take full advantage of it and used it to solidify Stefan’s connection to him and the family, so Johnny should be glad that he did. EJ clarifies that he had nothing to do with Dr. Rolf’s brainwashing scheme as that was all Li and Kristen. Johnny questions EJ only learning about it after the fact. EJ says that is true and he’s sure Johnny’s new friend Wendy could cast more light on Li’s motivations than he can. Johnny questions why Kristen would even want to do this. EJ is sure that’s not hard to figure out, asking what Kristen cares about most in the world. Johnny acknowledges that as Brady. EJ explains that Kristen was very interested in using Stefan to get Chloe out of Brady’s life.

Li tells Wendy that Dr. Rolf swore to him that she and Johnny would not be hurt. Wendy questions if Li is admitting that Dr. Rolf was working for him. Li explains that he discovered by accident that Dr. Rolf had saved Stefan’s life and was keeping him in a secret facility. Li admits that he requested Dr. Rolf help him. Wendy says there’s finally some honesty. Li doesn’t understand why this is so important to her. Wendy recalls when she first got to Salem, she overheard Li talking about keeping Gabi and Stefan apart. Wendy adds that when she compared notes with Johnny, it seemed like EJ was also involved. Li questions why it mattered. Wendy admits she thought she could use it as leverage to make Li give her the promotion. Li argues that he already gave her the job and questions her still wanting to hurt him. Wendy says it was just the opposite as she loves him and was worried about him which he questions. Wendy was afraid this crazy scheme could all blow up in his face as she’s seen how hard he’s fallen for Gabi and worries about it not being real. Li insists that it is real, he loves Gabi and she loves him and only him.

Gabi questions if Stefan is planning on coming to her wedding to cause trouble. Stefan assures that he won’t cause the trouble but he will enjoy observing it. Stefan says everybody knows this wedding is about Gabi holding on to power at DiMera. Gabi insists that she’s marrying Li for the right reasons because they love each other. Stefan guesses they will find out on New Year’s Eve. Gabi says they will. Gabi hopes Chloe’s not too uncomfortable as she assumes Chloe was reluctant to accept the invitation because of Brady. Chloe questions what Brady has to do with any of this. Gabi points out that Chloe will be seeing Brady at the wedding, so she hopes she will be okay with that.

Brady tells Nicole that he shares a child with Kristen and there’s no way in Hell they are getting back together. Nicole argues that they kind of already did since he claims to love Chloe, but broke up with her and moved Kristen in. Brady argues that he was just doing what’s right for his kid. Nicole goes over Brady ending his relationship to be with Rachel’s mother and questions why she shouldn’t believe that Eric wouldn’t do the exact same thing.

Eric tells Jada that he would never pressure her to do something she didn’t want to do. Jada questions if he would’ve just listened without judging which Eric says he would have. Jada says that’s easy to say now. Eric knows things ended badly between them and that it was his fault. Jada questions if he’s going to ask if she did this to punish him. Eric just wants to understand. Jada says it wasn’t an easy choice but it was the right one and it had nothing to do with Eric. Eric brings up Thanksgiving and how Jada made her decision very clear, so he questions what changed her mind. Jada claims she thought it was what she wanted, but that was before she had time to process what it would really be like being a single mom and a cop as it would’ve been too much. Eric argues that she wouldn’t have been alone as they would’ve done this together. Jada is sure he believed that and she did too, but then she spoke to Nicole which Eric questions. Jada talks about Nicole knowing how it is to raise a child alone, so she helped her realize the struggle since half the time she would be alone and she couldn’t take the pain of bearing a child, whose father doesn’t love her and being tied to him for the rest of her life. Eric questions when she and Nicole had this conversation about the baby. Jada informs him that Nicole came in the other night and that she saw them together on Thanksgiving. Eric questions what exactly Nicole said. Jada says she said a lot of things and asked questions like why she would want to have a baby that would connect her to Eric forever. Eric questions what else she said. Jada says Nicole talked about being a single mom and painted a very clear picture of what that would look like and then she finished by reminding her that if she had this child, then Nicole would be a part of her life forever. Eric questions Nicole saying all that. Jada admits she didn’t think about how hard it would be as there are so many women with unwanted pregnancies that don’t have a choice, but she did. Eric points out that just the other day, the pregnancy wasn’t unwanted but her conversation with Nicole changed that. Jada doesn’t know if that was Nicole’s intent, but confirms that her visit definitely helped her decide to not have the baby.

Brady assures Nicole that his relationship with Kristen is nothing like Eric’s with Jada, reminding her that Eric ended that relationship to be with her. Nicole points out that she ended her marriage to be with him but that was before finding out about the baby. Brady assures that Eric will figure a way to work around the baby and there’s no reason the baby should come between them.

Chloe asks Gabi why Brady is coming to her wedding. Gabi says Li invited him and she assumes he’s going to bring Kristen. Gabi asks them to send their RSVP as soon as they can and rushes off.

Li tells Wendy that he didn’t set out to do any of this and when he discovered that Dr. Rolf was keeping Stefan’s body on ice, he began monitoring the situation if he could use it to his or the company’s advantage. Wendy asks how. Li explains that everyone thought of him as still just Mr. Shin’s son, so he thought if he could retrieve one of Stefano’s sons, it would help quicken his ascent of the corporate ladder but then he fell in love with Gabi. Li says he tried to stop his attraction because he knew Stefan and Gabi were married, but his feelings reached the point of no return and he realized that bringing back Stefan would cause him to lose Gabi which he was not willing to do.

Johnny questions EJ finding out about what Dr. Rolf was doing and keeping quiet. EJ responds that he didn’t get involved because it was none of his business. Johnny argues that Stefan is his brother and asks what if someone did that to EJ after his accident and erased his feelings for Sami. EJ jokes that he would sincerely thank that person for doing him a favor. Johnny doesn’t believe that. EJ tells him to believe what he wants. EJ says he’s eternally grateful that he and Sami produced Johnny and Sydney, but other than that, loving Sami has caused him nothing but humiliation and heartbreak. Johnny questions EJ thinking he was just doing Stefan a favor and that taking the company back was just a bonus. EJ mocks Johnny looking down on him as if he cares about Stefan’s feelings or the ethics of what Dr. Rolf did to him. Johnny asks what he’s saying. EJ responds that this isn’t about Johnny defending someone’s right to love who they want or about love at all. EJ declares that this is about resentment, revenge, and payback because Johnny swore to make him pay for the way he hurt Ava Vitali and now he has his chance.

Jada notes that obviously Nicole didn’t tell Eric that she came here. Eric doesn’t want to talk about Nicole and says he wants to be here for Jada. Eric asks how she’s feeling and if he can get her anything. Jada says she just needs to rest. Eric says to just let him know if she needs anything and offers to take her to the doctor for a follow up. Jada says it’s fine and that Eric handled this as well as she could imagine. Jada is sure if she made a different decision, she knows he would’ve done the right thing and been a good father, but he’s off the hook now. Jada declares that they are broken up and she’s not having his child, so there’s no reason for them to be in each others’ lives. Jada calls that her polite way of telling him to leave her alone, warning that next time she can’t promise to be so nice. Eric then gets up and exits the Pub.

Nicole doesn’t see how Jada having the baby won’t come between her and Eric. Brady insists that it doesn’t have to. Brady points out that Nicole brought Eric in to Holly’s life and Holly adores him. Nicole says that’s because Holly doesn’t have a father while this baby will have a mother. Brady praises Nicole as a stepmom. Brady urges her to go in to this positively for everyone’s sake and not to do anything to screw this up.

Chloe comments that Stefan seems a bit determined to go to Gabi’s wedding. Stefan guesses she is hating the wedding and asks if she’s worried about being around Brady. Chloe admits that she doesn’t love the idea of being around Brady on New Year’s Eve, especially if he’s with Kristen. Chloe mentions taking the promotion to put some distance between her and Brady. Stefan understands and says if going to the wedding will make her uncomfortable, they can forget about it. Chloe calls him the best. Stefan apologizes for putting any pressure on her and says that’s just not worth it. Stefan remembers a place she did want to go with him and that’s Miami. Chloe asks if he still wants to go away together. Stefan suggests they forget about that sham of a wedding and ring in the New Year together on the beach. Chloe agrees that it sounds perfect. Stefan then signs the RSVP that he and Chloe will not attend the wedding. Chloe calls that an excellent choice and says she will get it in the mail ASAP. Stefan declares that they will ring in the New Year by starting fresh and putting Gabi and Brady behind them for good.

Wendy gets that Li wants to hold on to Gabi but he has to know this isn’t fair to her. Li argues that Gabi loves him. Wendy doesn’t doubt that, but she’s seen Gabi with Stefan and it’s still painful to have him hate her like that. Li argues that Gabi is over Stefan and is with him now. Wendy asks how Gabi would feel if she found out that she was about to marry the man who made her ex stop loving her. Li insists that he knows all about Gabi and Stefan’s history and they weren’t a perfect romance as they were bitter adversaries at first. Wendy points out that they fell in love after. Li says Stefan has now moved on with Chloe Lane and brings up that he was with her before Gabi. Wendy accuses him of trying to justify this. Li doesn’t care if she thinks what he did was wrong, he only cares about what she’s going to do now that she knows. Li warns that if she tells anyone, he will lose his job, lose Gabi, and he could go to prison. Li knows he doesn’t have the right to ask but she’s left him no choice. Li then begs Wendy to please keep quiet about this and convince Johnny to do the same.

Johnny admits that he was angry for how EJ treated Ava and that’s why he started investigating, because he wanted to teach him a lesson. EJ brings up the way Ava treated Susan and asks if Johnny still feels the same way, that he would hurt his own father for her. Johnny admits he doesn’t because what Ava did was horrible and unforgivable. EJ says he told him that Ava was a menace and now she’s cost him his mother. Johnny says he’s sorry if him taking Ava’s side against him contributed in any way to losing Susan. EJ says he doesn’t blame him. Johnny feels like if he would’ve done things differently, Susan might still be alive. Johnny repeats that he really is sorry. EJ says it’s okay as they both did things they wish they could take back. EJ adds that one thing he does know is that Susan would want them to put all of this behind them and be a family again. Johnny says he wants that too but argues that Stefan has a right to know what was done to him.

Li reminds Wendy of what it was like growing up in their house and the pressure their father put on him. Li says he finally has everything he could ever want; a position of respect and the woman of his dreams, but his life is now in Wendy’s hands. Li pleads with Wendy not to tell Gabi about this. Gabi then walks in and questions telling her about what.

EJ argues that Johnny can’t tell Stefan about what was done to him. Johnny argues that Stefan has a right to know. EJ pleads with him not to, warning that he could lose DiMera Enterprises and could also go back to prison for his complicity. EJ points out that he just lost his mother and asks Johnny not to take anything else away from him. Stefan then walks in to the room.

Wendy tells Gabi that they were just talking about Li’s first love. Gabi questions why she can’t know about that. Li says he didn’t want her to be jealous, even though she’d have no reason to be. Gabi asks if he’s sure about that since he had a pretty guilty look on his face when she walked in. Li claims she misread his look and that he’s just happy to see her as he hugs her. Wendy assures that Gabi doesn’t have to worry about Li’s feelings for her as she can confirm that he would do anything to keep her heart. Gabi says that’s good to know and brings up things being pretty heated before she left and asks if everything is okay between them. Wendy says Li was a little upset with her. Li declares that they have come to an understanding and he gets why she took the jet, so they are ready to put this whole episode behind them.

Stefan questions what’s going on. Johnny tells him that EJ just told him about Susan and he can’t believe it. Stefan says he’s very sorry about his loss, but he thought he heard a tense conversation that sounded like Johnny was blaming EJ for Susan’s death as if what happened was his fault, but he only caught the end of it. EJ brings up how guilty he felt. Stefan argues that EJ doesn’t need to feel guilty as it’s abundantly clear that Ava was out of control, so it was her fault. Stefan asks Johnny not to blame EJ because he needs him right now. Johnny agrees that he’s been too hard on EJ and says what’s done is done while he knows that EJ only wants what is best for the family.

Nicole admits that she went to a dark place for a minute, but she trusts Eric. Nicole declares that she, Holly, Eric, and the baby on the way will be a family and they will make it work. Eric then bursts in and states that he needs to speak with Nicole alone.

Johnny and Wendy go to Allie’s apartment. Johnny tells her that this is not how he saw any of this going since they got what they wanted as Li and EJ admitted their complicity in the brainwashing of Stefan. They acknowledge that if they don’t keep quiet about it, Li and EJ will both lose everything. Johnny brings up that EJ already lost his mother as he informs Wendy that Susan died in the most awful way. Wendy tells him that she’s so sorry. Johnny calls Susan such a sweet and caring person and he can’t imagine what her last moments must have been like. Wendy calls it so sad. Wendy asks if they both agree that they have to keep EJ and Li’s secrets. Johnny agrees that Gabi and Stefan can’t know, though they both admit they do not feel okay with that.

Gabi and Li kiss. Li tells her that the past doesn’t matter and all that matters is them now. Gabi feels the same as they continue kissing.

Stefan tells EJ that he’s so sorry for what he’s going through. EJ doesn’t know how to deal with all his anger. Stefan understands he’s angry about losing his mother in a horrific and senseless way. Stefan knows he mentioned it before, but he’s here for him for whatever he needs. EJ thanks him and says he appreciates that. Stefan adds that if somebody he loved deeply was taken from him, he knows EJ would do the same…

Chloe runs in to Brady in the town square. Brady notices she has Li and Gabi’s RSVP card. Chloe informs him that she and Stefan will not be attending as they are going away for the weekend. Chloe remarks that there will be more room on the dance floor for Brady and Kristen, assuming she is his plus one. Chloe apologizes for saying anything and asks if Nicole is at Basic Black as she needs to run something by her. Brady suggests she wait a bit since he just came from the office and Eric was there to talk to her. Chloe asks if everything is okay. Brady doesn’t know but he got the sense that Eric was definitely upset about something.

Jada goes to her room and sits on the bed as she holds back tears.

Eric slams the door shut as Nicole questions what is going on. Eric asks how could she and what she said to Jada. Eric demands the truth as he questions if Nicole encouraged Jada to have an abortion.

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