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At the Kiriakis Mansion, Victor finishes a call about Sarah. Victor remarks that his prayers not doing any good. Sonny walks in and says that Henderson said Victor wanted to see him. Victor then announces that he’s making Sonny the CEO of Titan.

Gwen runs in to Gabi in the town square. Gabi says she doesn’t have time to talk. Gwen asks if she spoke to Jake. Gabi responds that she went to see Jake, but they didn’t talk, because he was in bed with Ava Vitali.

Ava calls Tripp to let him know that she’s okay and that Jake DiMera is letting her stay at his place. Ava says she won’t keep him since he’s at work and hangs up. Jake then gets up in pain, complaining about his back.

Gwen questions Gabi saying that Jake was with Ava. Gabi says it sounds worse when she says it and rushes off. Xander then joins Gwen in the town square. Gwen comments on Xander leaving this morning without saying anything, so she woke up and he was gone. Xander responds that he had somewhere to be. Gwen guesses that was Sarah’s hospital room, but Xander reveals that he went to see Dr. Rolf to find out why his antidote didn’t work. Gwen thinks back to switching the antidote with another dose of the drug to give Sarah. Gwen asks Xander what Dr. Rolf said.

Tony enters Sarah’s hospital room. Tony calls her Renee, but she responds like a child that her name is Sarah. Sarah then says that Tony is her daddy.

Rafe enters the interrogation room and informs Anna that her lawyer is on the way. Anna complains about being locked up for almost 12 hours. Rafe is sorry that she had to stay overnight but it was too late for her to be arraigned. Anna argues that he’s the police commissioner, so he could have done something. Anna asks him to call the hospital because Sarah is probably ready to drop the charges by now, so they can forget this whole thing ever happened. Gabi then walks in and tells Rafe that she needs to talk to him.

Maggie enters Sarah’s hospital room and brings her coloring books. Tony pulls Maggie aside and asks what’s going on. Maggie explains that whatever drug was in the syringe made her regress back to her childhood. Tony says he’s so sorry. Maggie says she just has to believe they are going to figure this out. Tony informs Maggie that Sarah was referring to him as “daddy”. Maggie tells him that she’s so sorry. Sarah calls out to them and says that Maggie called him Tony but his name is Mickey.

Xander tells Gwen that Dr. Rolf just kept insisting that the antidote should have worked. Gwen asks if he’s sure it didn’t work since it was just last night. Xander confirms he talked to Maggie this morning and Sarah still thinks she’s a little girl. Gwen says that she didn’t see that coming. Gwen is sorry that Sarah is not better but says at least that makes his decision easier which he questions. Gwen reminds Xander that he said if the drug didn’t work and Sarah didn’t remember their life together, that he would let her go and he would continue forward with their marriage. Xander says he knows what he said. Gwen guesses he doesn’t want to let Sarah go. Xander says he has to see her. Gwen remarks that she’s a tad young for him now. Xander questions her making jokes about a woman who’s life was stolen from her. Gwen apologizes. Xander knows Gwen is in a tough spot but he thought she was on board with helping Sarah and even agreed to go see Dr. Rolf if Chad couldn’t. Xander says he just needs to know if this situation with Sarah is temporary, so he has to see her and talk to Maggie. Gwen says she understands and tells him to go, adding that she hopes he and Maggie get some good news. Xander thanks her and says he’ll see her later as he then walks away. Gwen mutters for Xander not to hold his breath.

Tony questions Maggie about Sarah calling him Mickey. Sarah calls for Maggie to come color with her. Tony talks about thinking Sarah would be cured, but then this. Maggie says she was more than ready to wait for the drug to be vetted, but Anna injected Sarah before they even knew what was in it and now they don’t know if Sarah will ever come out of it. Maggie knows it’s difficult for Tony but declares that it’s all his wife’s fault.

Anna tells Gabi that they are in the middle of something. Gabi responds that they are too and Anna obviously isn’t going anywhere. Gabi then takes Rafe out of the room. Rafe tells her this better be important as he’s about to have a prisoner arraigned. Gabi remarks that the DiMeras will have Anna out before dinner. Gabi says she’s here to talk about another criminal, Ava. Rafe tells her that she already got what she wanted as Ava has moved out. Gabi then informs him then Gabi has moved out from Rafe and in with Jake.

Ava tells Jake that she told him he should’ve slept in the bed. Jake admits he regrets it because he just spent 45 minutes in the shower, hoping the hot water would relieve his spasm. Jake brings up a masseuse in the Salem Inn that DiMera pays but Ava tells him to just get on the bed and she will give him a massage.

Sonny questions Victor making him CEO of Titan. Victor explains that Philip missing and being presumed dead has really hurt the company, so he needs Sonny to get it back on track. Sonny reminds Victor that he has a husband, a home, a family, and a life back in Phoenix. Victor says he can bring them here as they have plenty of room. Sonny remarks that Victor hasn’t changed a bit. Victor declares that it will be great to have a kid in the house again and tells Sonny to go on as he has a lot to do. Sonny responds that he’s sorry but his bulldozer technique didn’t work. Sonny declares that if he’s going to do this, Victor is going to have to talk to him and listen to him. Victor calls that a waste of time. Sonny says he’s going to go then. Victor then tells him to sit down and he will listen. Sonny reminds Victor that he’s in business with his brothers, so he can’t just walk out on them. Victor argues against that. Sonny says he has to talk to them and Will too. Victor suggests telling Will that his daughter would be much better off closer to her mother. Sonny points out that Victor hates Gabi. Victor calls the mother-daughter relationship still sacred. Victor declares that he listened and now Sonny has to make this move for the sake of his daughter.

Rafe asks Gabi how Ava moved in with Jake. Gabi argues that Ava manipulated Jake by claiming she had nowhere else to go since Rafe threw her out. Gabi complains that Ava did this to torture her by using Jake. Rafe calls that self-absorbed. Gabi points out how Ava made her think that she was having sex with Jake and that screwing with her is a perk for Ava. Rafe asks what this has to do with him. Gabi explains that she’s trying to work things out with Jake but she can’t if Ava is in the way. Rafe asks again what this has to do with him. Gabi declares that Rafe is the one person who can put Ava in her place once and for all and all he has to do is arrest her.

Ava gives Jake a massage. Gwen approaches the door and hears them inside, so she decides to wait.

Tony goes to see Anna in the interrogation room. Anna says it’s about time. Tony tells her that he was at the hospital. Anna asks if the drug worked yet. Tony explains that Sarah doesn’t think she’s Renee anymore. Anna guesses that means Sarah has been cured but Tony reveals that she has not been cured.

Xander goes to the hospital, where Maggie tells him that there’s been no change and if anything, she’s gotten worse. Maggie cries about Sarah calling Tony daddy. Maggie says she talked to the doctors and they say she’s shown no sign of improvement. Xander suggests it could just be temporary and an initial reaction. Maggie reveals that they ran more brain scans and her brain appears to be even more damaged than it was before.

Rafe asks Gabi what he would arrest Ava for since staying at Jake’s is not a crime. Gabi argues that what Ava did to Rafe was a crime. Rafe reminds her that he has no proof. Gabi assures that there has to be proof in a trail that leads to her. Rafe says they haven’t found it yet. Gabi argues that he doesn’t know where to look. Gabi tells him to give her the keys and then guarantees Ava will end up behind bars.

Jake thanks Ava and assures he’s feeling better after the massage. Jake says he will now go out and get an air mattress. Ava tells him to be careful as Jake exits. Gwen then enters and tells Ava that this has turned out to be a very interesting morning. Ava questions what the hell she’s doing here. Gwen responds that she knows what Ava is doing as she could hear her and Jake going at it all the way in the corridor. Ava explains that she was giving Jake a massage. Gwen says she doesn’t need a cover story but Ava says it’s the truth. Gwen doesn’t care as she’s not here to talk about Jake. Gwen tells Ava that she needs to talk to her about Xander right now.

Xander tells Maggie that he’s just so sorry. Xander asks if he can see Sarah. Maggie decides it can’t hurt. Maggie mentions that she was going home to shower and change clothes. Maggie tells Xander to let Sarah know if she asks where she went. Xander tells her to take her time and get some rest. Maggie brings up the night of their wedding and how she told Victor that Sarah was going to live happily ever after, but since then, her life has become a nightmare. Maggie then exits the hospital while Xander heads to Sarah’s room. Sarah asks who he is and says that she’s not supposed to talk to strangers. Xander responds that they actually know each other. Sarah asks what his name is. Xander tells her that he is Xander and that they loved each other so much that they were going to get married. Xander asks Sarah to try to remember.

Sonny questions Victor moving his family in and making him CEO of Titan being for Arianna’s sake. Victor says it is if it works. Sonny says he misses him in Phoenix like he misses poison ivy. Victor tells him to come home and all will be forgiven. Sonny argues that there is nothing for him to forgive and that this conversation is an example of what it would be like if he did come back, as Victor would be manipulating him and demanding him be at his call 24/7. Victor thinks Justin needs him and he’s really worried about him. Sonny declares that he would be a fool to say yes. Victor believes Sonny is tempted though. Sonny says he has to talk to Will about it and if he has any objection to it, then the answer is no. Victor argues that Will’s parents need him too. Sonny points out that they aren’t even here. Victor assures that they always come back. Maggie walks in so Victor asks how she is and how Sarah is. Maggie responds that she’s not good as the doctors told her that Sarah is worse. Maggie declares that Anna did this and she’s going to pay.

Tony informs Anna that Sarah thinks she’s a child. Anna argues that the drug was supposed to cure her. Tony reminds her that the doctors recommended the drug be tested before using it. Anna points out that Sarah is not Renee DuMonde anymore, so Rafe can release her. Tony is not sure. Anna insists that if Sarah is now a child, then she’s in no position to press charges. Tony points out that Maggie is because she’s furious and wants Anna prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Rafe tells Gabi that he can’t give her his case file since it’s police property. Gabi argues that the case is closed and no one will notice. Gabi questions Rafe just letting Ava get away with it and warns that she will try again. Rafe argues that Melinda would have his head and his badge because she would notice if one case file was missing. Rafe then adds that there might be a way. Rafe explains that the district attorney’s office had to give his lawyer a copy of everything the police had, so if here to waive his attorney-client privilege then he could give her a copy. Gabi excitedly hugs him while Rafe worries about things not going great when she’s in charge. Gabi vows to make Ava pay for what she did to him. Rafe warns Gabi to be careful because she does not know what Ava is capable of.

Gwen reveals to Ava that she switched out the antidote because she still had some of the drug left from when she used it on Abigail. Ava questions her just having that tucked away. Gwen says thank God she did because they both know that if Dr. Rolf’s antidote could bring back Sarah, then Xander would go back to her in a heartbeat. Ava mocks the comparison of a doctor losing her mind and Gwen losing her boyfriend. Gwen thought Ava would understand. Ava says she does but she’s a little taken aback because she ran a crime family and even she thinks this is cold. Gwen tells her to can the sermon because it’s already done, she did what she did and now Sarah thinks she’s a child so nothing can be done to change that.

Sarah tells Xander that she can’t marry him because when she grows up, she’s going to marry Eric because she has a crush on him. Xander tells her that she’s not going to marry Eric. Sarah argues that she will. Xander brings up Sarah marrying Eric’s brother, Rex. Sarah continues to insist on wanting to marry Eric. Xander claims he’s just making up silly stories, so she doesn’t have to marry him. Xander looks on with his tears in his eyes as Sarah continues coloring.

Sonny brings Maggie some coffee and asks if there’s anything he can do but Maggie says no. Sonny offers to go see Sarah but Maggie tells him that Xander is there and she probably wouldn’t know who he was. Sonny decides to leave them alone then, but says to call if there’s anything he can do. Sonny then exits. Victor tells Maggie that he’s so sorry but if anyone can get Sarah through this, it’s her.

Anna questions Maggie wanting to press charges against her and calls it outrageous. Tony disagrees and says playing God with Sarah’s mental health because of her illusion that she was Renee was outrageous. Anna complains that Tony is always mad at her lately and starts to cry. Anna brings up that Chad said Dr. Rolf said that was the antidote. Tony argues that the doctors wanted to test it to make sure it didn’t make things worse but Anna didn’t allow that to happen. Anna argues that she was sincerely trying to help and it’s not like she killed Sarah. Anna says Sarah is just a different kind of off. Tony tells her that it’s worse and that Sarah might spend the rest of her life thinking she’s a 5 year old. Tony declares that there is no one to blame except Anna.

Gwen informs Ava that instead of the antidote, Sarah got another dose of what screwed her up in the first place. Ava questions why in God’s name Gwen is sharing this with her. Gwen says she needed someone to talk to, who understands why she did what she did. Gwen compares it to what Ava did to Rafe. Ava argues that Rafe had sex with Nicole, lied about it, and was guilty while Sarah never did anything to anybody. Gwen asks who’s side Ava is on. Ava asks if she even cares. Ava admits that she’s probably the only person who understands Gwen and she understands that Gwen will do whatever it takes to get whatever she wants. Ava declares that Gwen hasn’t changed at all since landing in Salem. Gwen responds that a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

Victor brings up how Maggie always talked about Sarah a a sweet and happy child, so he asks what she’s like now. Maggie confirms she’s sweet and happy despite being at the hospital. Victor says if they can’t pull her out of this, he will do everything in his power to see that she stays that way. Victor adds that he can’t help the Hell that this is putting Maggie through, but he can take care of Sarah to make sure that she stays happy. Maggie thanks God that Victor showed up at her back door that day.

Sarah continues coloring and turns the page to a wedding couple, which she labels as herself and Eric.

Rafe returns to the interrogation room and informs Anna that her lawyer just called and should be there any minute. Anna asks Rafe what is going to happen to her and if she’s going to prison.

Gabi walks through the town square with Ava’s case file and remarks that Rafe’s lawyer doesn’t want Ava to get away with this either. Gabi declares that she’s coming for Ava.

Gwen returns home to her and Xander’s room. Gwne asks how it went at the hospital and if Sarah is any better. Xander responds that she’s worse as the latest brain scan shows the antidote damaged her brain even more and now she thinks she’s a little girl, who is going to grow up and marry Eric. Gwen says she’s sorry as that must have been hard for him to know that she’s hung up on Eric. Xander says he doesn’t really care about any of that anymore. Gwen repeats that she’s sorry. Xander tells Gwen that she was right as he got his answer and it doesn’t look like Sarah is going to recover from this since she had no idea who he was. Xander declares that part of his life is truly over but theirs is just beginning. Xander tells Gwen they will get married.

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