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Jennifer asks Abigail if she was able to make the deal with Melinda for Ava but Abigail says she wasn’t able to get a hold of her, so she assumes she’s still thinking it over. Jennifer complains about Gwen knocking Abigail out. Abigail hopes Melinda will grant Ava immunity but reminds Jennifer that they have to keep quiet as they can’t tip Gwen off. Gwen then comes back in to the room in her wedding dress. Abigail and Jennifer remark that she looks beautiful while Gwen talks about marrying the man of her dreams.

Xander and Jack talk about the wedding in the town square. Xander jokes with Jack about calling him dad. Xander then gets a call from Maggie, so he assumes it’s about Sarah as he answers the phone.

Bonnie joins Justin in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Justin mentions officiating the wedding. Bonnie talks about wanting to be at the wedding for Nancy because she knows it will be difficult for her to see Craig marry someone else, especially Leo Stark. Justin mentions not being a big fan of Leo either, especially after what he did to Sonny. Bonnie says it’s a shame that Sonny couldn’t change Craig’s mind. Justin agrees and guesses there is nothing anyone can say or do to change Craig’s mind about Leo.

Craig and Leo talk about getting ready for their wedding in their room. Leo tells Craig to head to the town square and he will see him at the altar, so Craig exits. Leo then makes a phone call, wondering why they are not picking up as the wedding is about to start and he really needs to talk to them.

Xander thanks Maggie and says he’ll see her soon as he then hangs up. Jack asks what she said. Xander says she just wanted to wish him well. Jack asks about Sarah. Xander says there’s no change in her condition which Jack is sorry to hear. Jennifer joins them. Jack asks about Abigail and Gwen. Jennifer says they are in the lobby getting ready. Xander remarks that his bride always has a trick up her sleeve.

Gwen thanks Abigail, who says she is just doing her job. Gwen thanks Abigail for being there for her as her matron of honor. Abigail responds that they are both exactly where they need to be. Gwen asks where Chad is. Abigail informs her that Chad and Sonny had to make a quick trip out of town. Gwen guesses he won’t be coming tonight. Abigail says they were hoping he’d get back in time for the wedding, but that doesn’t look like it will be happening.

In the town square, Brady asks Justin to stall the wedding for as long as he can and to not let Craig and Leo get married. Justin asks why. Brady tells him that he and Chloe hope this match made in Hell goes up in flames. Chloe hugs Craig and tells him that she’s sorry Parker couldn’t make it. Craig understands it’s last minute and mentions inviting Nancy, but he thinks it might have been too much. Chloe agrees but then Nancy arrives which makes Craig smile. Nancy joins Bonnie, who questions her not bringing her new man and asks if the date didn’t go well. Nancy reveals it went great and they are having dinner tomorrow night which excites Bonnie. Bonnie asks why he didn’t escort her to the wedding. Nancy says she decided to go solo and stand on her own two feet. Bonnie encourages that she will be there to hold her up. Craig tells Justin that it’s time to get this show on the road which Xander agrees with. Justin states that they have two weddings coming right up as Brady watches on.

Gwen asks Abigail if there’s something she’s not telling her about Chad not being there. Abigail promises it has nothing to do with her. Gwen says she is glad. Gwen adds that Abigail may not believe it, but she’s really glad she is there for her today. Gwen acknowledges that they have had ups and downs, but she is her sister and she wants today to be a fresh start for both of them. Jack and Chloe enter the room. Chloe tells them that they are about to start and asks Gwen if she is ready. Gwen confirms that she is. Jack tells her that she looks radiant. Gwen thanks him and talks about wanting a father for so long and now he’s going to walk her down the aisle. Jack encourages that she is marrying the man she loves while surrounded by family. Gwen responds that she’s just not used to being happy. Jack tells her to get used to it and that he loves her as they hug. Chloe asks Abigail if she’s seen Leo. Abigail says she hasn’t, so Chloe hopes he got cold feet.

Brady texts Chad, asking where he is because the wedding is about to start. The music then begins as Xander and Craig stand with Justin at the altar. Abigail then comes out from the Salem Inn and walks down the aisle, then takes her seat next to Jennifer. Jack then walks Gwen down the aisle to Xander. Jack then sits next to Jennifer. Chloe then walks down the aisle and hugs Craig, before taking her seat next to Brady. Leo then makes a grand entrance down the aisle, causing laughter from the audience. Gwen and Leo compliment each other. Leo comments on Justin drawing up the pre-nup so fast. Justin then begins the ceremony of the double wedding and thanks everyone for being there. Justin speaks about marriage and asks if anyone objects to the wedding. Justin then goes to continue, but Nancy stands up and announces that she has something to say. Bonnie questions what she’s doing. Craig and Leo wonder what she’s doing. Chloe tells Nancy that it’s not the right time but Nancy says she needs to say this. Nancy tells Craig that they may no longer be married, but they will always be family and nothing will ever change that, so she just wanted to wish him all the happiness in the world. Craig thanks her and tells her how much that means to him. Leo thanks Nancy for saying that, even though it’s in the middle of his wedding. Nancy adds that she just wants to say that she has a date tomorrow night. Craig turns to Justin to continue the wedding. Justin comments that Nancy’s speech highlights that they are all here to support the two couples. Justin acknowledges Jack being Xander’s best man and also walking Gwen down the aisle while Abigail is standing up for her sister. Justin points out Chloe being here for her father. Leo questions if they are doing roll call. Justin asks if Leo doesn’t have anyone there for him tonight. Leo claims that they had scheduling snafus, but now he thinks he should have a best man of his own. Leo then pronounces Brady as his best man and tells him to give a nice speech at the reception. Justin then decides on a prayer but Leo argues that they are here to get married. Leo suggests they can do the prayer after he marries them. Justin then reluctantly guesses it’s time to continue the vows. Justin picks Gwen and Xander to go first but Gwen thinks Leo and Craig should go first since they were so generous to share their wedding with them and they are so grateful. Leo responds that he would do anything for Gwen. Justin asks if there’s anything Leo and Craig want to say before they start their vows. Leo thanks everyone for coming and calls it the happiest day of his life. Leo jokes that he would be jealous of Gwen if his situation was different and remarks that she’s a very lucky lady but Craig is the only man for him. Leo talks about being aimless and lost before he met Craig. Leo says he’s now happy and eager to share the rest of his life with Craig. Leo calls Craig his everything and vows to love him forever. Justin asks if Craig has anything to say. Craig says he wouldn’t be able to get it out as he wipes tears from his eyes and then motions for Justin to continue. Justin guesses there is nothing more to do but move on to the official vows. Justin goes to start but pretends to start sneezing. Justin then asks Leo if he takes Craig to be his lawfully wedded husband. Leo says hell yeah. Justin then asks Craig if he takes Leo to be his lawfully wedded husband. Craig says “I do”. Chloe complains to Brady that it’s really happening. Justin asks for the rings which Chloe hands over to Craig. Leo and Craig place the rings on each others’ fingers. Justin starts to make it official but Chad runs in, yelling for them to stop. Chad declares that this wedding cannot happen. Gwen asks Chad not to do this. Chad tells Gwen that this is not about her, but about Leo which Craig questions. Chad tells Craig that there is something he needs to know. Leo tells Chad to sit down as there is nothing he can do to stop this marriage from happening. Chad then asks about the fact that Leo is already married, shocking everyone in attendance!

Craig questions Leo, who denies it and calls this completely ridiculous. Leo tells him not to listen to anything Chad has to say as it’s just another attempt to break them up. Leo complains that Chad refuses to believe that somebody can change for the better and declares that every word out of Chad’s mouth is a lie. Chad knows they have every reason to doubt him, so they can instead listen to world renowned drag queen Jackie Cox, who then arrives. Jackie is sorry to crash the wedding but loves some wedding drama. Craig questions who the hell this is. Chad introduces Jackie as Leo’s BFF, who they met in Arizona last year. Leo questions what Jackie is doing here. Jackie talks about performing in New York when Chad and Sonny showed up backstage. Chad notes that Sonny got a work call on the way here, otherwise he would have had a front row seat. Jackie explains that Chad and Sonny offered a private jet to come reveal the truth, which is that Leo is already married. Leo questions how that would even be possible as he wouldn’t have been able to get a marriage license. Jackie says they both know it’s because Leo married Jackie, using his birth name of Matthew Cooper. Leo asks if they can go somewhere and talk but Jackie thinks this is the perfect setting. Chloe tells Brady that this is more than she hoped for. Craig asks Leo what the hell is going on. Leo argues that Chad must have paid Jackie off to spread these terrible lies. Jackie tells Leo to save it and reveals their marriage certificate. Jennifer and Jack whisper about what is going on. Craig reads the marriage certificate which says that Matthew Cooper is wedded to Darius Rose. Craig asks who the hell is Darius Rose. Leo claims that there is no Darius Rose because this is all made up. Jackie then declares that they need to set the record straight.

Jackie Cox removes the drag queen makeup, revealing himself to be Darius Rose, husband of Matthew Cooper. Craig questions Leo being married to him. Leo then admits that he and Darius were married while Darius quickly clarifies that they are married. Leo says it’s not what it looks like so Craig questions him. Leo explains that Darius needed a green card because he’s from Canada, so they had to get married and he did it as a favor to a friend. Craig asks if they are just friends then. Leo admits they hooked up a few times but realized they were better off as sisters. Craig asks Darius if that’s true. Darius confirms that these days, their relationship is strictly platonic. Chloe argues that it doesn’t change the fact that Leo just tried to commit bigamy if Chad and Jackie hadn’t shown up, then Craig would be roped into a fraudulent marriage. Leo apologizes to Craig and claims that he tried to tell him, but he proposed out of the blue and it was so sweet and then the wedding got moved up, so he got caught up in everything. Leo argues that it was not a real marriage. Brady argues that Leo still lied to Craig. Leo complains that it was to protect a friend since if he divorced Darius, he’d lose his green card and get sent back to Canada. Craig calls this a very complicated situation. Chloe feels it’s not that complicated. Craig tells Leo that he’s not happy that he lied to him, but he gets it. Chloe can’t believe it while Leo thanks Craig. Brady argues that it doesn’t matter whether Craig forgives him or not, because Leo is still married so they can’t go through with this wedding. Craig asks Justin if there’s anything he can do to help figure this out. Justin says he can look at options but it will take some time. Craig asks if it can happen today but Justin declares that he cannot sanction this marriage. Leo decides it’s disappointing but maybe for the best. Leo points out all the angry, judgmental faces and says when they do get married, it should be around people who support and love them, not haters. Chad questions Leo blaming them. Leo tells Craig they should get out of here and let Xander and Gwen get married which Craig agrees with. Bonnie starts to argue that Leo is taking Craig for a ride. Leo explains that he married Darius because he would go to the ends of the earth to help a friend but when he marries Craig, it will be for love only. Chad responds that he’s not buying that and instructs Darius to tell them. Craig questions there being more. Chad reminds Darius that he said he would tell the whole truth. Darius then agrees to tell the truth because he’s a big fan of honesty in certain situations. Darius then announces that Leo doesn’t love Craig because he really cares that he’s a doctor, who rakes in the big bucks. Craig asks Leo how Darius knows this. Darius reveals that he is Leo’s confidant and Leo has told him that their entire relationship has been one big flim flam. Craig disagrees but Darius insists that to Leo, Craig is just a mark. Leo swears it’s not true. Darius argues that Leo has been targeting Craig since the moment he met him at the medical convention. Craig questions Darius knowing about that. Darius repeats that he’s Leo’s confidant and says when Leo came home that night, talking about a rich, hot doctor, they discussed how Craig would be easily susceptible to Leo’s charms. Chad adds that they concocted a plan to get Craig to marry Leo illegally, then divorce him and take him to the cleaners. Leo shouts that they are lying and he would never do that to him, reminding that he signed the pre-nup. Darius offers to show the text messages. Gwen interrupts to ask why Darius would blow up his own plan and stab Leo in the back before getting his pay off. Darius argues that Leo stabbed him in the back first by signing the pre-nup, giving up his right to Craig’s money, when half of that was supposed to be his. Darius yells that Leo screwed him over. Leo argues that he tried to call and tell him but his mailbox was full. Craig asks if it’s true then that this was all a scam. Leo says no, but then admits it was in the beginning until he really fell for him along the way. Leo insists that it’s not a lie which is why he signed the pre-nup, because he didn’t care about the money and only wanted Craig. Leo tells Craig that he’s telling him the truth. Craig asks when Leo fell in love with him. Leo admits he’s not sure but it might have been when he was defending him to Chloe or when they were in bed talking about their future or maybe when he proposed, but somewhere along the way, he stopped being the mark and started being the man he loves. Leo asks Craig if he can forgive him and if they can move past this. Craig instead walks away back down the aisle.

Chad thanks Darius for coming and says he really helped them out. Darius thanks Chad but admits he feels guilty for wrecking Leo like that. Abigail says telling Craig the truth was the right thing to do. Chad tells Darius that his driver will take him back to get back to New York whenever he’s ready. Darius tells Chad that he likes his style as they shake hands. Abigail tells Darius that they want to come see his show sometime. Darius says they will be his guests. Abigail then gets a call and steps away to answer.

Brady stops Leo and tells him he’s not going anywhere near Craig again because it’s over.

Chloe goes to see Craig in his room. Chloe cries that she’s so sorry. Craig asks why that is since she got what she wanted as they stopped him from marrying Leo and made a fool out of him. Chloe says it wasn’t about that and he’s not a fool for falling in love. Craig breaks down crying as Chloe hugs him.

Nancy tells Bonnie that she wants to go comfort Craig, but that’s not her job anymore. Bonnie assures that Chloe’s doing a good job and suggests they go get a drink, so they walk off together. Chad comments to Jack and Jennifer that Abigail has been on the phone for awhile, so he asks if they know who she is talking to. Jack suggests it could be Spectator business. Jennifer says there is something they should probably know. Jennifer adds that she wasn’t going to say anything but they should be prepared. Xander and Gwen interrupt. Xander talks about Salem weddings being notorious for drama but he didn’t see bigamy and a drag queen wedding crasher coming. Gwen asks if Chad really had to humiliate Leo so publicly. Chad says his intention was to tell Craig the truth that he was about to make the mistake of his life. Justin declares that it’s clear that Leo and Craig are out of the wedding, so he asks what Xander and Gwen want to do. Gwen supposes there’s no reason they can’t still get married but Abigail returns and reveals that actually there is.

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