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John brings Marlena breakfast in bed but complains about her always being on her computer lately. Marlena responds that she’s just catching up with work e-mails. John shuts her laptop and declares that work can wait. John reminds Marlena that after Orpheus put them through an ordeal, she promised to let him take care of her and spoil her.

Kate brings Roman’s birthday cake to the Brady Pub and tells Eric to hide it behind the counter. Eric jokes with her that it’s late because Roman’s birthday was yesterday. Kate then reveals that she had organized his birthday party yesterday, but that before she was kidnapped and almost killed which shocks Eric.

Stephanie has coffee with Abe and Paulina. Paulina informs her that she owns the coffee brand. Abe thanks Stephanie for coming. Paulina talks about wanting their meeting to be a bit more casual and safe after last time, Steve mistook her for Orpheus and John almost tackled her to the ground. Stephanie admits that her father can be overzealous.

Steve and Kayla bring Jada to where Orpheus was holding Kayla, Marlena, and Kate hostage. Kayla explains that Orpheus had them chained to the three chairs while Steve shows what is left of the bomb that he disarmed with seconds to spare. Jada questions Steve being proud of himself. Jada tells Steve that she respects him, but questions what the hell he was thinking.

Dr. Rolf is in his lab, on the phone with Li. Rolf informs Li that he’s finally having success in suppressing Stefan’s feelings for Gabi and amplifying his love for Chloe. Dr. Rolf says he has a visitor, but he’s sure it’s just Kristen asking him to resurrect her brother but he will put her off. Dr. Rolf says he’ll talk to Li later and hangs up. Dr. Rolf is then surprised to see Orpheus arrive at the lab, asking if he’s not happy to see his old pal. Dr. Rolf calls it a pleasant surprise but says he’s not used to having company. Dr. Rolf questions how he found his secret lab. Orpheus doesn’t think there should be secrets between friends since that can lead to distrust, misunderstandings, and bad blood.

John shows Marlena the massage lotion he got for her. Marlena decides she will choose where the massage begins as they kiss.

Eric questions Kate revealing that Orpheus was going to blow them up and how he’s just now hearing about it. Eric asks how Marlena is. Kate assures that they are fine but they wouldn’t have been if John and Steve hadn’t rescued them. Roman arrives. Kate calls him her personal hero and kisses him.

Kayla argues to Jada that Steve was a hero and saved all of their lives. Jada feels they almost all got blown to bits but got lucky. Jada reminds Steve that they have a bomb squad trained to handle this type of situation. Steve brings up his experience with the ISA but Jada reminds him that he’s no longer in the ISA. Steve argues that doesn’t mean he forgot how to operate. Jada brings up her father telling her stories and asks how many times Steve has almost gotten himself or Kayla killed. Kayla calls that unfair. Jada argues that the second they were kidnapped, Steve should’ve called the police and let them do their job, but he always has to be the one to save the day.

Stephanie tells Paulina that she has plenty of issues with her dad being overprotective. Paulina understands as she can be that way with her daughters too. Paulina then brings up why they brought her over, to talk about the governor’s race. Paulina thinks it’s a waste of time and money because everybody loves Abe and the state would be lucky to have him running it. Stephanie reveals that she’s afraid they have a problem which Paulina questions. Stephanie shows her file which Paulina points out a lot of Abe’s positives. Stephanie confirms that Abe has very few negatives so the majority of voters appreciate what they know about him, but that support shows vulnerability when specific questions are asked. Stephanie reveals the numbers are softer than she expected. Paulina complains that she knows Abe better than anyone. Abe reminds her that they are paying Stephanie to do the research so they have to hear her out. Stephanie then continues that she conducted more focus groups and learned that people like Abe but no matter what, people just didn’t really want to talk about him. Abe asks what they did want to talk about. Stephanie reveals it was Paulina, who then begins to worry that she’s dragging Abe down and says that John and Marlena told her she might be a problem. Paulina starts to panic and declares the only way to fix this mess and restore Abe’s reputation is for them to get a divorce.

John and Marlena lay in bed together. Marlena says while she was held captive by Orpheus, she kept wondering if she’d ever see her family again. John assures that he would never let Orpheus take her away from him. John says they have face down a hundred lifetimes and challenges but have always come out on top and stronger than ever. John doesn’t know what’s coming next but he knows he will always keep her safe.

Eric remarks that if you miss a day, you miss a lot. Roman is sorry that Eric is just hearing about the kidnappings but Orpheus said if they told anyone then they would never see Kate, Kayla, or Marlena again. Eric clarifies he’s talking about them being back together. Kate explains that she finally took responsibility for her part in Lucas kidnapping Sami. Roman then adds that he, Allie, and Marlena all forgave Kate. Kate brings up the last time she saw Eric and how she was pushing hard for him to get back with Nicole which was a mistake. Kate apologizes for that and says she would just like for him to find the happiness that she has found with Roman. Roman then suggests maybe Eric already has.

Steve knows that Jada thinks they put lives at risks because they didn’t follow protocol but Orpheus threatened them to not contact anyone, especially the police. Jada knows all about Orpheus, his past, and his vendetta against him. Kayla feels that Jada should understands why Steve had to act quickly then. Jada complains that if Steve kept them in the loop, they would have Orpheus in custody now but instead, he’s out there and they don’t know what he will do next.

Dr. Rolf asks Orpheus not to touch anything in his lab. Orpheus questions if he’s doing some important work. Dr. Rolf argues that all of his work is important and sensitive. Orpheus reminds him that he is the one who got Dr. Rolf included in the pardons. Dr. Rolf assures that he’s very grateful. Orpheus says that’s good but now their paths have crossed again. Dr. Rolf argues that he is quite busy. Orpheus asks if his current pet project is taking up a lot of his time, revealing that he’s heard about it. Orpheus tells Dr. Rolf to show him what all the buzz is about. Dr. Rolf says he can’t let him back there. Orpheus says it’s okay and he doesn’t have to worry about him seeing what he’s hiding, because he already knows.

Abe tells Paulina that they are not getting a divorce. Paulina says it wouldn’t be permanent, but he would get some distance from her and then when he’s elected Governor, they quietly get remarried. Abe questions when she ever did anything quietly. Paulina asks if Stephanie sees the merit of her plan. Stephanie then clarifies that Paulina’s scores weren’t lower than Abe’s, they were higher which shocks them. Stephanie explains that people described Paulina in the focus groups as strong, fearless, and inspirational. Stephanie states that the qualities people used to describe Paulina strongly correlates to winning candidates over the last six years. Stephanie states that people are looking for someone who will do what it takes to get things done. Paulina questions if she’s suggesting they give up the campaign. Stephanie says she’s not saying that at all and reveals that she is saying Paulina should run for Governor instead of Abe and she thinks that she would win.

Kate asks Eric about a new woman being in the picture. Eric doesn’t want to discuss this. Roman says they don’t need to keep secrets from Kate. Eric argues that there isn’t a secret. Roman tells Kate about Eric getting pretty hot upstairs. Eric stops him and says he was just fixing Jada’s air conditioner. Kate then questions if Eric and the new detective are sleeping together, right as Jada enters the Pub.

Dr. Rolf laughs off Orpheus as bluffing and says he doesn’t know anything but Orpheus responds that he doesn’t bluff. Dr. Rolf asks what he thinks he knows then. Orpheus reveals that he knows Rolf resurrected Stefan DiMera and that he’s lying sedated behind the curtain with a bunch of wires hooked in to him. Orpheus assumes that he is brainwashing Stefan. Dr. Rolf calls that an old fashioned term and says he is conditioning him. Orpheus questions what he is conditioning him to do. Dr. Rolf calls it none of his business. Orpheus points out that Stefan was once dead and now he’s alive. Dr. Rolf questions what his interest is in this project. Orpheus says it’s just curiosity and reveals that he has his own project to keep him occupied. Orpheus declares that his objective is to bring as much pain and suffering as possible to Steve, Roman, and most of all John Black.

Marlena asks John if they can forget the whole nightmare and get back to their lives. John wishes they could but Orpheus is still out there. Marlena points out that he has the whole police department and FBI searching for him to find him, lock him up, and throw away the key. John hopes she’s right. Marlena insists that she is right because when John rescued her, he told her it’s all over. Marlena asks if he doesn’t believe that. John says that challenge was over but they both know Orpheus doesn’t give up that easily. Marlena asks if he thinks Orpheus is planning something. John confirms that he does but he just doesn’t know what the hell it is.

Roman tells Jada that she doesn’t have to answer Kate’s question. Jada admits she wasn’t about to. Roman adds that he doesn’t make it a policy to gossip. Kate takes the blame because she was curious and introduces herself to Jada. Eric explains that Kate is Roman’s girlfriend. Kate says it’s very nice to meet her. Jada recognizes that Kate is one of Orpheus’ victims. Kate prefers to see it as one of his survivors.

Dr. Rolf tells Orpheus that there is no love lost between himself and the objects of his malevolence. Orpheus acknowledges that no one hated John, Roman, and Steve like Stefano. Dr. Rolf wishes Orpheus luck but says he must return to his work. Orpheus brings up that Dr. Rolf’s work means everything to him and that he keeps samples of some of his most extraordinary medical achievements. Dr. Rolf says he’s unsure of what he’s referring to. Orpheus says this isn’t just a lab but practically a museum of his work. Orpheus bets if he searched the drawers and cabinets then he would find all sorts of interesting things like the serum that revived so many people in town, the drug that restored the memories, or perhaps a chip that can save one’s consciousness. Dr. Rolf calls that a theory and speculation. Orpheus believes Dr. Rolf is saving some of those things in this lab, revealing that this isn’t his first visit as he’s been here before and he’s seen everything there is to see.

Steve regrets that he didn’t neutralize Orpheus before he had the chance to hurt Kayla. Kayla tells him to stop beating himself up over all this because he saved her life again and now she’s safe. Kayla adds that Steve can keep talking or he can shut up and kiss her to let her thank him properly for saving his life. Kayla and Steve kiss until Stephanie barges in and questions how Steve could lie to her and not tell her that her mom was kidnapped.

Paulina and Abe talk about this being unexpected. Paulina feels it’s crazy and says Stephanie is sweet, but she’s been in sales her whole life and she’s sold on Abe. Abe asks if they’re just going to ignore the focus groups. Paulina says they are because she knows they can make his case to the voters. Abe suggests they take Stephanie’s advice because he believes the state is ready for a strong woman of color to be in the Governor’s mansion and he would be honored to be her first gentleman.

Jada tells Kate that she will need her to come to the police station to give a full statement when she’s ready. Eric questions Orpheus still being out there. Jada says no thanks to Roman, reminding him that he’s not a cop anymore so he should’ve reported Kate’s kidnapping to the police the minute it happened. Roman argues that he didn’t have a choice because Orpheus threatened to hurt Kate, Kayla, and Marlena if they didn’t keep quiet and play his game. Jade notes that Steve gave the same story but argues that Roman used to be the police commissioner so she would think he’d have more trust in the police department. Roman shouts that he had nothing to do with trusting the police while Jada fires back that it was all about Roman going rogue with John and Steve.

Kayla realizes Stephanie heard about the kidnapping. Stephanie confirms it just came through as an alert on her news app. Steve is sorry she had to hear about it that way. Stephanie complains that Steve told her that Kayla and Marlena were at a medical conference. Kayla intervenes and says that Steve had a very good reason to keep Stephanie in the dark. Stephanie guesses he was trying to protect her. Steve states that he was trying to protect Kayla, Marlena, and Kate because he and John were instructed not to tell the police or anyone. Kayla confirms that’s the truth and adds that Stephanie needs to take away that Orpheus tried to hurt them again but he failed and they are all safe. Kayla then hugs Stephanie.

Dr. Rolf questions Orpheus being in his lab. Orpheus confirms that he gave himself a tour while he was out. Orpheus jokes that he was disappointed not to find a horde of Marlena clones stuffed in his broom closet but he was thrilled by what he found locked in the steel cabinet behind him. Orpheus declares that once he saw that, he knew he had found exactly what he needed to destroy the lives of his enemies…

John tells Marlena that he can’t promise her what’s coming next but he promises to always protect her no matter what Orpheus tries. Marlena responds that she’s not afraid of Orpheus. John complains about Orpheus trying to blow her up again. Marlena points out how many times Orpheus has tried to match wits with them but they always win and always will. Marlena adds that if Orpheus tried to harm John, he’d have her to deal with. John jokes that he loves when she’s tough and angry like that as they kiss.

Paulina tells Abe that she doesn’t know why they are entertaining the idea of her as Governor. Abe says it makes sense to him which she questions. Abe talks about how this quest was her idea from the beginning while he wasn’t sure he even wanted to run but she pressured him and recruited his friends. Paulina says she believes in him. Abe responds that he believes in her too. Paulina insists that this is crazy. Abe tells her that the numbers don’t lie. Abe says Paulina talks about wanting to make up for her mistakes by doing good to help people and she can do a lot of good in the world. Abe tells her that she can make the world a better place like she made his world better. Abe feels the universe is sending her a message and she needs to answer it.

Stephanie tells Kayla and Steve that she had a meeting with Paulina and Abe. Steve hopes they have forgiven him. Stephanie admits they understand the threat Orpheus poses to their family and now, she does too. Steve thanks her for that. Stephanie mentions checking in on Sonny and they say he’s going to make it. Kayla confirms his condition is guarded but he has fought through the worst. Stephanie is relieved but notes that Victor is giving her a hard time about how this may look for Titan. Steve says that’s the Victor they know and love; family first as long as it doesn’t affect the bottom line. Stephanie says she does have to get back to work. Kayla and Steve invite Stephanie to stay for an early dinner.

Roman argues that Jada has been in Salem for five minutes. Jada responds that she’s been a cop a lot longer than that. Roman says that Salem is a different animal. Jada questions what that means. Eric tells her that it means she’ll have to get used to private citizens going rogue. Kate confirms that people in this town do play hero. Roman argues that nobody was playing anything. Kate assures that Roman is a hero and says she’s lucky to have him. Jada feels she’s lucky that Roman and his buddies didn’t get them blown up but they will just have to agree to disagree. Roman says that works for him. Eric asks if he can get Jada something to eat. Jada declines and says she just came to look over some files in her room. Kate invites Jada to stay since she brought a big cake in for Roman’s birthday. Roman doesn’t want to fuss about his birthday but Eric insists that they are going to celebrate right. Jada admits that she does love cake and wishes Roman a happy birthday as they shake hands.

John and Marlena remain in bed together. John brings up her massage. Marlena suggests he start with her neck and see where he heads up as they kiss.

Dr. Rolf tells Orpheus that what he found in the cabinet is not available for him or anyone else’s use. Orpheus clarifies that he has no intention of taking the vial that he locked in the cabinet since he has no need to take it as he reveals he already got it, which shocks Dr. Rolf

Paulina questions if Abe really thinks she could win. Abe responds that he’s learned to never doubt her. They then decide they are doing this. Abe calls her Madam Governor Price which Paulina admits she likes the sound of as they kiss.

Dr. Rolf warns Orpheus to be careful with the vial and asks him to set it down. Orpheus then tosses it to Rolf, revealing the vial is empty because he’s already used it’s contents, leaving Dr. Rolf in shock.

Kate, Jada, and Eric sing Happy Birthday to Roman. Kate tells Roman to make a wish and blow out his candle. Roman says he already got his wish so this is just a formality but before he can, Kate sneezes and accidentally puts out the candle.

Steve, Kayla, and Stephanie prepare to have dinner when Kayla suddenly sneezes.

John massages Marlena until she suddenly sneezes. John asks if she’s not getting sick. Marlena says she feels great but wonders if she’s allergic to the lotion as she sneezes again.

Orpheus informs Dr. Rolf that he knows John, Roman, and Steve are very proud of their heroics but they only delayed the deaths of Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Orpheus is sure now they are celebrating their health but declares that soon, they will wish they let that bomb go off…

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