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The DiMera Board Meeting is interrupted by a video call from Kristen DiMera, shocking EJ and Chad. Gabi asks what the hell she’s doing here. Kristen responds that she heard there was going to be a meeting of the DiMera Shareholders and they should know they can’t have a vote without Kristen DiMera.

Belle calls Jan a sick and twisted human. Jan tells her to back off because she’s upsetting the baby. Belle yells at Jan that her insane plan is never going to work. Shawn comes home and questions what is going on. Jan claims that Belle just came in out of nowhere and started screaming at her. Belle explains to Shawn that Jan asked her to come over because she wants to turn her office into a nursery. Shawn questions that being true. Jan argues that the baby is going to need somewhere to sleep so she was being practical. Belle calls it evil and argues that she is just trying to drive her and Shawn further apart which has always been her goal in life. Jan asks why she would bother when she’s already doing a fine job of that herself.

Tripp wants to go back to what he asked Allie about whether she loves Chanel. Allie doesn’t respond so Tripp thinks he just got his answer which Allie questions. Tripp explains that he asked her if she loved Chanel and then he saw how she jumped in to her arms before. Allie argues that she was just emotional and relieved. Tripp asks if Allie’s feelings for Chanel are not in the past.

Johnny tells Chanel that he hasn’t stopped thinking about her for one minute. Chanel feels they shouldn’t get in to this. Johnny just wanted to remind her that what he said to his family after they got married about being totally committed to her hasn’t changed. Johnny wants to be here for her and support her through everything. Johnny declares that he still loves her and then kisses Chanel. They say they missed each other. Johnny asks if she has any plans tonight. Chanel says no, so Johnny suggests they get married again. Chanel questions him wanting to get married tonight. Johnny knows it seems sudden and he gets it, but says the Devil made him sign their divorce papers and he doesn’t remember anything until the Devil jumped out of him. Johnny brings up that they were newlyweds in love before that. Johnny remembers being so happy and wanting to tell the world, so he wants them to be that way again.

Jan worries that this tension is not good for the baby. Belle blames Jan for calling her over just to provoke her. Shawn asks Jan for a moment alone with Belle. Jan argues that she’s the one on bed rest. Belle decides that she wants Jan to hear the answer as she asks Shawn if he wants to turn her office in to a nursery. Shawn assures he would never ask her to do that as that space is hers. Jan guesses their baby will have to sleep in Claire’s room and since she will have nowhere to go, she will move in to theirs and asks if they are all cool with that.

Kristen says she’s trying not to be offended that no one bothered to tell her about this meeting. EJ points out that they didn’t know where to find her. Chad questions how she even heard about it since they scheduled it like two hours ago. Kristen responds that she has her ways and what’s important is that she is here. Gabi tells her that she’s a little late to the party. Chad explains that the votes are already in, so another vote for them won’t change anything. Gabi adds that she is already out of the company. Jake clarifies that the vote is 6-5 so Kristen’s vote would just make it 7 but Kristen says not if she votes against the motion.

Chanel tells Johnny that part of her wants to go running in to his arms and pretend the last couple months didn’t happen, but it did and she can’t just let go of what happened. Johnny argues that it wasn’t even him and asks if they could turn back time to when they were happy and hopeful and Allie and Tripp were too. Chanel asks how they could do that. Johnny feels nothing has really changed since then but Chanel argues that it has and the world didn’t stop just because he doesn’t remember it. Chanel says things change and people changed. Chanel informs Johnny that one thing that happened was Allie realizing that she was bisexual, so when she thought Johnny didn’t want her and Tripp broke up with Allie, they decided to see if they could make things work but then she thought Allie broke up with her and now she knows that she didn’t any more than Johnny did. Chanel admits she still loves Johnny, but she also loves his sister.

Allie tells Tripp that she and Chanel hadn’t seen each other since she almost died and since Chanel realized that everything she had been doing and saying the past few weeks hasn’t really been her. Tripp asks if she means how Chanel thought she dumped her and told her that she didn’t love her which Allie confirms. Tripp points out that Chanel still loves her and it was pretty clear to him, so he asks if Allie loves her too. Allie then admits that she does.

Belle tells Jan that there is no way in hell that she’s going to sleep in her bedroom and asks why she wouldn’t sleep in the same room as her baby. Jan explains that she read it’s better for the child to have their own room. Belle argues that the baby will need to be fed and changed so it makes sense for the first few months. Jan says the baby is kicking and asks if Shawn wants to feel. Jan then brings up Shawn not getting to with Claire since he thought she was Philip’s baby. Belle calls her a hateful bitch and asks if she wants to start this. Jan asks if Shawn is going to let Belle threaten her. Shawn asks if they can just be civil. Jan says she can and asks Shawn if Ciara said she could babysit baby Bo. Shawn responds that Ciara was sleeping, so he didn’t get a chance to ask her. Belle questions him being serious as she thought Jan was joking about a homicidal maniac looking after her baby. Jan argues that Ciara is married to Ben and that she wouldn’t be alone with the baby since Shawn would be with her. Jan thinks it would help prepare her for raising their child. Belle argues that Jan won’t be raising her child because her baby will be a teenager by the time that Jan gets out of prison. Jan says she’s not sure about that as she thought about her sentence being suspended. Belle says there’s no chance. Jan asks if Belle thinks she’s going to raise her kid and declares that will never happen. Belle warns that she will make sure Jan doesn’t raise her baby.

EJ and Chad question Kristen voting against them when they are her brothers. Kristen asks if no one in the family has ever gone against their siblings before. EJ and Chad wonder what Kristen is doing. Kristen acknowledges that her vote would make it a tie which Mr. Shin confirms the motion would not pass and then Gabi would retain control of DiMera and Jake would keep his job. Mr. Shin tells Kristen to vote whenever she’s ready. Kristen then confirms her vote for no and congratulates Gabi and Jake, leaving EJ and Chad in shock.

Allie talks to Tripp about growing up in a crazy family and always having her mom with a revolving door of husbands and boyfriends, so she just cared about not being like her and wanting to settle down with a stable family with someone kind. Tripp acknowledges that he didn’t grow up in a stable home either and had to work hard to be the kind of guy to depend on. Allie calls him the best person she knows and says she really thought her, him and Henry could be a family. Tripp questions being a normal family.

Johnny asks if Chanel is saying she only married him because she thought she couldn’t have his sister. Chanel clarifies that in the last couple of months, she got dumped by Johnny, dumped by Allie, then got drunk and almost jumped in to bed with Tripp. Johnny complains that it was all based on lies told by The Devil. Chanel says she still hasn’t been able to process that and adds that now her mom is in jail for killing Lani’s dad. Johnny encourages that Chanel loves him, which she admits. Chanel feels she’s not ready to make any major decisions right now and asks if he understands that.

EJ asks if they are really going to allow Kristen to hijack this meeting. Gabi says that’s what he did. Chad argues that this can’t be valid. Mr. Shin states that a vote is a vote. EJ argues that Kristen is a fugitive from justice and is wanted for a myriad of crimes. Mr. Shin points out that Stefano made sure that wouldn’t be an issue. EJ questions what Kristen is thinking when she is their sister. Kristen points out that she is also Jake’s sister. Chad argues that she doesn’t even know him which Kristen admits. EJ asks why the hell she’s doing this then. Kristen calls it just so much fun.

Jan questions if Belle is saying that she would stop her from seeing her baby just to keep her away from Shawn. Belle threatens to petition the court that Jan is unfit to be a mother. Jan asks if Shawn will let that happen. Shawn complains that it’s months away. Jan cries that Belle hates her baby so she doesn’t want her anywhere near it. Belle clarfiies that she doesn’t hate her baby, she hates her. Jan tells Belle it’s too bad because she is having her husband’s baby and they are going to be parents together forever. Belle yells at Jan to stay out of her marriage and calls her a vindictive psycho. Jan then grabs her stomach in pain and complains that something is wrong with the baby. Jan says that it started when Belle started yelling at her. Shawn asks Belle to get some water but Jan says no and that she needs to go to the hospital. Shawn then helps Jan out of the house as she cries for him to not let anything happen to their baby, leaving Belle looking worried.

Allie asks Tripp what he means by saying a normal family. Tripp wonders if part of the reason life with him was so appealing to her was because she didn’t have to deal with her feelings of being bi. Allie assures she doesn’t have a problem with being bi. Tripp points out that she kept saying she was straight until he was out of the picture. Allie states that she was figuring things out. Tripp tells her to face that being with Chanel is a lot more complicated than being with him. Allie agrees but says being gay is not one of the reasons. Allie brings up that they work together and she’s not stable or dependable. Tripp thinks Allie finds Chanel unpredictable and exciting, like herself.

Johnny tells Chanel that his head has been spinning too. Chanel asks why rush in to anything. Johnny knows nothing is guaranteed and talks about fighting in the Crypt to get back to her, only to find out that he divorced her and she moved on with his sister. Chanel asks if now he’s saying he wants a do over. Johnny asks if that’s crazy. Chanel admits that it’s sweet. Johnny asks if she’s not saying no then. Chanel confirms that it’s just a wait and see.

Kristen asks if EJ really has to ask why she’s not on his side. Kristen reminds EJ that he refused to represent her the last time she was in police custody. EJ argues that he sent her an attorney. Kristen complains that was a stranger and he wouldn’t even come to the police station to check on her. Chad understands Kristen wanting to punish EJ but thinks she punished him enough since his wife could’ve died. Kristen claims she took excellent care of Abigail while Chad argues that she drugged and abducted her. Kristen complains that Abigail was sticking her nose in other people’s business. Kristen claims she’s protecting Chad from being a hypocrite by accepting her help with this vote. Kristen adds that Chad would have had her arrested if she didn’t elude him on the island which Gabi agrees with. Kristen thanks Gabi and remarks that she knows who her real friends are. EJ argues that Gabi is not Kristen’s friend. Gabi declares that she is now. Kristen points out that Gabi also brought in Jake, so the company still has a DiMera presence, which Chad and EJ laugh at. Jake argues that he’s just as much of a DiMera as they are and they weren’t raised in the family. Gabi points out that she is also a DiMera as Stefan’s widow. Kristen remarks that she is the most DiMera of all of them even if she’s not blood related because her father raised her right. Kristen then hangs up the video call, leaving Gabi, Jake, and Mr. Shin pleased while EJ and Chad are distraught.

Belle arrives at the hospital and sees Johnny with Chanel. Belle asks what Johnny is doing at the hospital. Johnny responds that they just came to check on Tripp. Belle asks if he’s okay. Johnny says he thinks so and that Allie is in with him now. Chanel remarks that she’s sure Tripp is probably feeling better already because she’s sure he and Allie are probably getting back together as they speak…

Allie tells Tripp that she has no idea what Chanel is going to do. Tripp says it doesn’t really matter to him as he wants to be with someone who loves him with their whole heart. Allie understands and says he deserves that. Allie cries that she can’t stop thinking about what he did for her as he risked his life so she could keep her life. Tripp responds that he’d do it again because he thinks the world is a much better place with her in it. Tripp adds that it doesn’t mean she owes him anything. Allie asks if he thinks she is here out of obligation. Tripp thinks that she is grateful and that she cares about him, but he doesn’t think she is in love with him. Allie starts to cry but Tripp tells her that it’s okay to let him go. Tripp states that would be the nicest thing she could do for him. Allie asks if this is goodbye then.

Shawn gets Jan in a hospital room. Jan says she’s so scared. Shawn encourages that cramping is normal which is why bed rest is so important. Jan blames Belle for attacking her and trying to take away her baby. Shawn tells her not to get worked up and assures everything will be fine. Jan can’t help but worry about losing their baby and cries that she already loves the child so much. Shawn tells her that everything is going to be okay as Belle listens in from outside the room.

Gabi declares that the motion to install EJ and Chad as CEOs instead of her has been defeated. Mr. Shin congratulates Gabi and Jake. EJ calls it insane. Gabi asks EJ to leave her office. Jake offers to escort him out. EJ warns Jake not to enjoy this so much. Jake points out that EJ enjoyed ousting him. EJ responds that he did and he will again. Jake says until then, he’ll walk him out personally. Chad assures they are leaving. EJ warns that they haven’t seen the last of them. EJ and Chad then exit. Mr. Shin steps out to make phone calls. Gabi tells Jake that she didn’t think Kristen would come through. Jake encourages that Gabi did it as they hug.

Belle enters Jan’s hospital room and says she came to see how she was doing. Jan doesn’t think she cares. Belle asks what the doctor said. Shawn says that Jan is fine and it was just cramping and dehydration. Jan insists that it was stress caused by Belle. Jan tells Shawn that she doesn’t want Belle here because she will start attacking her and trying to take her baby. Jan asks Shawn to make Belle leave. Shawn asks Belle if they can go grab a cup of coffee so they can talk, but Belle says no because he needs to be here for his child and she needs to be anywhere else. Belle then exits the room.

Chad and EJ go home to the DiMera Mansion, complaining about Kristen. Chad looks to Stefano’s portrait and asks if he’s happy now because they are doing exactly what he taught them and tearing each other apart. EJ guesses this explains Peter switching sides as Kristen must have gotten to him. Chad asks what to do now. EJ declares that he’s not stopping until DiMera is theirs.

Jake and Gabi get close until Mr. Shin comes back in. Gabi says they can’t leave him out of the celebration and hugs Shin, who says he’s happy for her. Gabi says she was so certain that she was out. Shin says there’s never a dull moment with the DiMeras. Gabi doesn’t even know why Kristen did it. Jake encourages that she knows Gabi is the best person for the job. Gabi tells Mr. Shin that now they have even more reason to celebrate. Gabi suggests they get drinks first. Jake says that sounds good to him but Gabi says she meant her and Mr. Shin. Jake questions Gabi not wanting him there. Gabi says she’s grateful for him closing the deal but they have to get him up to speed on a project and he has to start running numbers. Jake asks what’s with Gabi and argues that one minute she’s trying to start things up with them again and the next, she’s freezing him out. Gabi says that was before the vote and now that they are working together again, they should keep things professional like Jake said he wanted. Gabi remarks that she’s just keeping it the way Jake wanted. Gabi then exits the office with Mr. Shin.

Tripp assures Allie that this isn’t goodbye as he will always be apart of Henry’s life and her life as a friend. Allie cries that she doesn’t want to lose him. Tripp insists that she won’t ever as they are bonded for life. Tripp promises they will figure things out together going forward. Allie thanks him for everything and says she will never forget any part of it.

Johnny asks if Chanel thinks Allie and Tripp are in there getting back together. Chanel responds that she knows Allie better than anyone but Johnny says not better than him. Johnny then gets a text about the DiMera Shareholders meeting. Johnny tells Chanel that EJ had promised him a job but it sounds like the whole thing just went up in flames. Chanel asks if he really wanted that job. Johnny asks what else he has since his producer was murdered, his movie is in the scrap heap, and his life is basically imploding. Chanel tells him that she’s really sorry. Johnny says he didn’t mean to lay all of that on her and that this is all kind of new to him. Johnny talks about girls coming easy to him and he’s never had to be patient before. Chanel asks if he’s saying he’s willing to wait. Johnny responds that if they have any chance at all, she is more than worth the wait. Chanel assures that there is a chance. Chanel confirms that she does love Allie, but she still loves Johnny too, right as Allie comes out in tears from Tripp’s room. Chanel and Johnny ask if she’s okay and what happened. Allie responds that she will be okay, but her and Tripp just ended things. Allie cries that it’s not like they weren’t already over, but they are done. Chanel brings up that she has to get back to the Bakery so she exits the hospital.

Shawn brings Jan home and asks if she needs anything else. Jan says she just needs him because she’s still kind of shaken up. Jan apologizes for making him send Belle away. Shawn doesn’t want to discuss Belle with her. Jan claims she didn’t do it to hurt him, but to protect their baby. Jan declares that as long as Shawn keeps Belle away from her and their child, they will be fine.

Belle goes to the DiMera Mansion and asks EJ how the meeting went. EJ responds that he’s drowning his sorrows as they lost. Belle is shocked and asks how that happened. EJ reveals that Kristen showed up virtually and ruined their plans. Belle questions why Kristen voted for Gabi. EJ says it was just to spite he and Chad. Belle says she’s sorry as she knows how much he wanted it. Belle adds that Jan Spears just did the same thing to her marriage which EJ calls terrible. EJ offers Belle a drink. Belle tells him to make it strong. EJ asks if she wants to talk about it. Belle responds that she really doesn’t. EJ asks what she would like to talk about. Belle was hoping they could just sit here and wallow in their mutual misery. EJ agrees and declares they will hope tomorrow is a better day as they toast their drinks.

Gabi and Mr. Shin have drinks at the Bistro. He brings up the dynamics between Gabi and Jake and questions if he’s just here to make Jake jealous. Gabi assures that this is not what this is and she wants him here. Shin asks if she’s sure. Gabi says that Jake ended their relationship and has made it clear multiple times that they are through. Mr. Shin points out that Jake seemed to be second guessing that choice just now. Gabi says Jake just doesn’t like to lose and if he really cared, he wouldn’t be wasting his time with Ava Vitali. Mr. Shin recognizes Ava’s name from the Vitali mafia family and calls that an interesting choice. Gabi remarks that Jake’s taste in women leaves a lot to be desired. Mr. Shin says not always which Gabi takes as a compliment. Mr. Shin asks Gabi what she would call this in terms of mixing business and pleasure. Gabi responds that she doesn’t work with him on a daily basis and she doesn’t hate him so it’s all good in her book. He asks if she’s saying she’s available. Gabi responds that she could be and then they toast to them.

Jake remains the DiMera office and gets a video call from Kristen. Jake tells her that the rest of the gang have left. Kristen says she’s aware which Jake questions. Kristen says it’s best not to ask and she wanted to talk to him as she thought they could have a little chat as brother and sister. Jake asks if she’s looking for sibling bonding. Kristen says something like that. Jake asks what she has in mind. Kristen responds that she’s a practical type and something tells her that he is too. Jake asks what she wants. Kristen states that she just did him a big favor because if Gabi was ousted, EJ and Chad would have thrown him out on his ass. Jake asks if she wants him to thank her. Kristen only cares about his actions. Kristen declares that Gabi is CEO for now, but she’s not a DiMera and they are. Kristen has a feeling that they are going to do great things together…

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