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Recap written by Christine

Jack looked at a picture of Keemo with some other women. He commented that his son looked so happy. Jack recognized Mai, Keemo’s half sister, but he didn’t know who the other two people were. Jack was frustrated because he wasn’t sure what to make of all this – lured here by an anonymous person, who had now gone radio silent. Phyllis suggested that this person just wanted to point Jack in the right direction.

Jack and Phyllis decided to go through Keemo’s box again and look for clues. Phyllis pulled out a silk scarf, and Jack took it from her. She asked if he recognized it. He didn’t, and that was the issue. He didn’t know anything about Keemo. To Jack, it was one thing to read letters Keemo addressed to him, but it was another to be rifling through through Keemo’s most prized possessions. Phyllis noted that Jack was going back and forth between being curious and feeling like he was violating Keemo’s memory. She bluntly told him that Keemo was gone. She said this box wasn’t left here by accident – the person who sent the texts wanted him to go through it. She understood if he didn’t want her to go through this with him. She was trying to be supportive. She told him he couldn’t give up. She thought the answers he was looking for were here.

Phyllis thought they should go rest and get some food. Jack said that was a good idea, but he went back to the box. He found tickets to a Broadway show and wondered who Keemo took with him. He found more postcards from Vietnam, a decoration from a wedding, and a necklace. Jack flashed back to giving that necklace to Luan on Christmas 1995. She wished she’d found something good to give him. He said she already gave him the greatest gift of all – the son he’d always wanted.

Jack told Phyllis about giving the gift to Luan. After she died, Jack sent it to Keemo, along with some other keepsakes. Jack found a picture of himself and Luan at their wedding in the box. He cried because it was a sign that Keemo never completely erased Jack from his life.

Jack thought he’d lost Luan forever, but the stars aligned and they found each other. Keemo had been hurt when they tracked him down at first – he felt abandoned. Jack won Keemo over, and he’d been the best man at the wedding. That was why it hurt more when Keemo cut Jack out. The wedding had been a mix of American and Vietnamese traditions. Luan wore red. There was a flashback to the wedding. In the present, Jack said that it was a miracle that he found Luan. Again. “We were supposed to spend the rest of our lives together as a family.

Jack found a statement of paternity in Keemo’s things. It was something Jack had drawn up and gave to Keemo after the wedding. Phyllis said it must’ve meant something to Keemo. It made Jack wonder if he and Keemo could’ve reconciled if they’d seen each other face to face. Phyllis saw no need for Jack to torture himself with what-ifs. Jack still wondered what if he’d disregarded all those angry emails and stood firm. He said it was a parent’s job to know when your child needed you to push back and see that there were needs underneath all that anger. Phyllis didn’t think Jack should go down that path. It was also hard for her to watch him struggle with this when there was no solution. He wasn’t sure he could get closure without asking the tough questions. She understood, but she didn’t think this was the time. She thought they should deal with the real reason they came here – figuring out who was sending the texts. He agreed that they should focus. He picked up the photo again, and she wondered if one of the women in it was sending the text messages.

Found another doctor who gave info to Baldwin. Took care of all three of them,” the text Ashland received said. Victoria was waiting for Ashland when he walked into the office. She wondered what took him so long, since they both left Crimson Lights at the same time. He said he got caught up by a traffic light. Earlier, he’d told her that there was something he needed to tell her about her father. Victoria wanted to know what was going on. She asked what Victor said to him in private.

Ashland was hesitant because Victoria was close to her dad. She said he knew she had a complicated relationship with her father, and she didn’t need to be protected from his latest machinations. Ashland told Victoria that some quack was saying he’d lied about his treatment and falsified medical records and faked cancer. Ashland said that, for some reason, Victor trusted this person. Victoria thought that was insane. Ashland said it got worse – Victor was threatening to tell Victoria all this if Ashland didn’t disappear from her life. Ashland was adamant that he did not fake his cancer. Victoria said this was outrageous. Ashland agreed, and that was why he was telling her this. He didn’t trust her father. Ashland didn’t want Victoria to hear this news from anyone else. Victoria asked why Victor suddenly turned on Ashland. Ashland didn’t know, unless Victor honestly believed the lies from this horrible doctor. Victoria said she met with Ashland’s oncologist in NY, and she’d seen his medical records – there was no doubt he had cancer. Victoria was sure her father would come to her if he really believed this, so she couldn’t imagine what Victor was thinking.

Ashland said Victor was a protective father and protective mogul, and maybe he didn’t want someone without Newman blood running the company. Victoria said people outside the family had been the CEO of Newman Enterprises. Ashland said Victor might want him out of the company. Victoria couldn’t believe her father would think she would find Ashland capable of doing something like this. He said that he’d been called the Locke Ness Monster. She hated the name – it bore no resemblance to the man she loved. He said the name fit like a glove once, but he changed because of her.

Victoria said Ashland was self-made, and she had nothing to do with the man he’d become. He thought she underestimated the effect she’d had on him. She said he’d gone through a lot, and it gave him a new perspective. He agreed, but he said their love made him a better man. He was eternally grateful she’d banished that other side of him forever. She’d learned that you couldn’t change a person unless they wanted to be changed. She knew he’d made bad choices, but so had her family, her father chief among them. That was why she couldn’t believe and accept that Victor turned on her and Ashland.

At Newman Media, Sally had been hesitant about leaving fashion for the business world, but she found this invigorating. Sally shifted gears and asked Adam how he thought Victoria was doing. She noted that he’d said Victoria might be headed for heartbreak. At that point, Victor showed up wanting a private word with his son. Sally said she’d go to Society, and Adam said he’d join her when he was finished. She left. Victor hoped Adam kept the details of Ashland’s latest deception to himself. Adam saw that Sally and Adam were close, and she wasn’t known for her deception. Adam hadn’t said a word about Ashland faking his illness. Victor told Ashland to get out of town and leave Victoria, or else Victor would tell her everything.

Victor said that if Victoria found out Ashland used her for the merger, she’d be devastated. Adam said that she’d be devastated either way, unless Nick was right and Victoria forgave Ashland for this, just as she forgave him for everything else. Victor didn’t think that would happen, but he was trying to protect the family by insisting that Ashland get out of town. Victor thought that it would be easier for Victoria to get over being left than to learn that Ashland used her and that the wedding was all a ruse.

Victor said he hadn’t been able to contact Michael since he confronted Ashland. Michael had assured Victor that he was sending all the pertinent information by courier. Victor got a call from an investigator. Michael and the two Peruvian doctors had disappeared. Adam wondered if Ashland got to them. Victor said he was going to deal with it.

Lauren and Chloe were at Society. Lauren was missing Michael. She’d been hesitant about him taking this job for Victor, because she knew it would take a lot of time, but now he was in Peru, and he kept saying he was coming home soon, but that clearly wasn’t true. She’d been trying to contact him since last night, but he wasn’t responding. Chloe said, if Michael was anything like Kevin, he didn’t like texting at work. Lauren sent another text. Lauren needed a distraction, so she asked how Chloe and Chelsea were coming along with the Sally-free fashion label. Chloe said that she and Chelsea were a little behind for the summer deadline, but Chelsea had pulled strings, and she thought they’d meet their goals. Sally walked in and asked how Chloe’s new line was going. Chloe said it was in the beginning stages, but it was going great. Chloe asked about Sally’s job. Sally found her new niche – she was good at business, and she and Adam made a great team.

Lauren excused herself. Sally wondered if it was something she said. “No doubt,” Chloe said. Chloe was happy Lauren stepped away though, because she wanted to talk to Sally. Chloe loved working with Sally, and she was proud of what they created at Newman Fashion. Sally said things had been great until Chelsea got involved. Sally really enjoyed working with Chloe too, and she was sorry it didn’t last, but it seemed like everyone landed where they were supposed to. Chloe hoped Sally hadn’t given up on her dreams. Sally saw Adam walking in and said she hadn’t given up on them at all.

Adam asked if Lauren heard from Michael. Lauren said that, since Michael was on business for Adam’s father, it seemed like they’d know more about what Michael was doing than she did. Adam was sure Lauren talked to Michael more often than Victor did. Adam and Sally went to their table. Lauren was feeling even more worried after Adam’s fake nonchalance. She called Victor and asked if he’d talked to Michael. He said he had been in regular contact with him. She asked him to tell Michael to call her the next time they talked. The call ended. Lauren told Chloe that she didn’t feel any better.

Sally thought she should be included on what was going on with the Newmans, since she worked at the family business. Adam told Sally not to push it. He told her that, for her own protection, she didn’t want to be anywhere near this, because it might not turn out how Victor hoped. She asked if Adam would be affected if Victor’s plan failed. Adam doubted it would effect him in a bad way. He said that if Victor miscalculated and it created a rift with Victoria, the dynamic might change at Newman Locke, which might work in Adam’s favor.

Victor called Ashland. “No more stalling. You have one hour or I take everything I know straight to Victoria,” Victor threatened. “Do it. I’m not going anywhere,” Ashland replied.

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