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Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

At Newman Media, sparks flew between Sally and Adam as they toasted two “two wrongs making something very right.” After Adam said this toast, he broke away from Sally’s gaze. He said they had to hit the ground running and come up with a specific plan. Sally said Adam would have to show the world that hiring her was the smart choice. He wasn’t worried about what the world thought. He was sure that everyone would soon see her as he did. She said that soon, Victor and Victoria would forget their doubt and accept him as the phenomenal CEO he was. They laughed about how they both thought that the other was responsible for the delivery of champagne and strawberries to the office. He noted that they agreed that they would make the partnership work by making sure things were uncomplicated. He asked if it would’ve been that bad if one of them sent the champagne and fruit. He thought that they may have overreacted earlier before they realized the champagne was from an advertiser, and he suggested they’d been overcompensating a bit.

Adam said there was something going on between him and Sally, but they were able to compartmentalize those feelings so it didn’t get in the way of what hey were trying to accomplish. “Are we?,” Sally asked. They decided to stop fighting things. He closed the door, and she locked it. Then they kissed. They moved throughout the room, pushing each other against things, sending objects flying to the floor, while kissing deeply. Things concluded with them under a blanket on the couch laughing about the intensity of it all. “I’ve waited a long time for this moment and I – I still wasn’t prepared for it,” she said. As they dressed, she wondered if things were going to get weird between them. “Did we make a mistake?,” she asked. He admitted he’d thought about this moment a long time too, and what he imagined didn’t come close to reality. He didn’t think it was a mistake. He asked if she did. “Are you kidding? I mean that was….” Sally began. She didn’t finish her sentence because she kissed him instead. She asked what now, and he said they didn’t have to figure it out right now.

At Crimson Lights, Rey told Sharon he’d have to work late. He felt bad because it was Valentine’s day. She knew that came with the territory of being married to a cop, and she liked the idea of him making it up to her later. She asked how Chance was on the stakeout. He was sorry to say Chance wasn’t ready to return. She hoped Chance got the help he needed. Since they were together right now, he wanted to show her how much he loved her. He asked what he could do, and she said he could clean out the walk in refrigerator. He was willing to do it, but he was kidding. She said she could close down the coffeehouse for a bit, so they’d have privacy. They kissed. Faith ran in and she was upset because the day was half-over, and she didn’t know what to get Moses. She said she wasn’t going to get him a mug with a soccer ball on it, like Sharon got Rey, because that would be lame. Sharon said that wasn’t even close to what she got Rey. Rey and Sharon made some suggestions, but none of them sounded right to Faith.

Sharon and Faith continued their talk on the patio. Faith said this was a crisis, and Sharon said to calm down because this wasn’t a problem. She said finding a gift for a person you cared about could be fun. Sharon told Faith to just think about who Moses was and what made him happy. Faith smiled when she thought about how Moses’s smile lit up the world. Faith appreciated Sharon’s advice, and she hugged her mom. Rey saw them from inside and smiled.

Nick and Noah talked about work at Society. Noah asked if they could speed up the project because it was going to help people. Nick said it took time. The Valentine’s decorations didn’t help Noah’s mood. Nick said the holiday was a shame made to part suckers from their money. Noah knew Nick didn’t really feel that way, because Noah had seen Nick go all out for Valentine’s day. Noah asked if they could hang out tonight, since they were dateless and Nick said yes. Noah left. Moses tracked Nick down, and he looked worried. Moses hadn’t figured out what to get Faith for Valentine’s. He came to Nick because Devon was busy with Amanda, and Nate was working. Nick asked Moses what he was trying to say with this gift.

Moses really liked Faith, and he wanted to get her something that showed how special she was to him. He thought an idea would just come to him, but it never happened. Nick thought it was clear Moses cared about Faith, and it said a lot that he was willing to come to her father about it. He thought Moses was brave to come to him. Moses appreciated Nick talking this out with him. He called Nick pretty cool. Nick said even Faith never said that to him. He was glad to help.

Moses met Faith at Crimson Lights. Sharon watched them with a smile until Rey came up. He told Sharon she was amazing, but perhaps the kids needed space. The adults decided to do chores in the back.

Faith thought it was nice that someone made this Love Day. Moses said it had to suck for people who didn’t have someone to love. Moses had a heart shaped box for Nick. He told Faith it was a joke he’d explain later. Faith hoped Moses didn’t feel forced to get her something. He didn’t. He just wanted to get the right thing. They both got each other tickets to Coltrane. She remembered that he liked Coltrane and that he listened to it with his dad. She recalled the first time he played Coltrane for her,he’d had her close her eyes so she could see the music. It was like magic. He’d felt that same magic the first time Neil played Coltrane for him, and he felt it again when he introduced Faith to the music.

Nick arrived and commented to Sharon on the young love. She brought up their teen years. He remembered the first gift she gave him – a friendship bracelet she made herself. He said it worked because they were still friends. He looked over at Faith and Moses holding hands. He said Moses came to him in a panic because he couldn’t come up with a gift for Valentine’s day. Sharon said that Faith did the same thing with her. Nick mentioned his advice to Moses. He said that apparently, Moses and Faith had recently listened to a jazz record together and shared a special moment. Sharon grinned because there was a Salute to Coltrane concert flier that was pinned up outside. They high fived when they realized they’d helped Faith and Moses choose the same gift. Nick put his arm around Sharon, just as Rey returned and saw them.

Tessa and Mariah were at home. Tessa had a Valentine’s day song for Mariah. Tessa serenaded with with a song about their life and love, but she was less than a minute into it when someone knocked on the door. Tessa looked disappointed. Mariah said they could ignore the person until they left. Tessa said they couldn’t do that, because maybe it was Sharon. Mariah said her mom would know better than to interrupt them on Valentine’s day. Tessa promised to start the song again once the person was gone. Mariah opened the door. It was Noah with a housewarming/engagement/soon-to-be-parents gift. Mariah said that they’d learned from the adoption class that this would be a long challenging process. Noah saw the candles and realized he was interrupting, so he decided to leave. He’d tried to come over early, assuming that they wouldn’t be celebrating yet. Mariah said it was fine and asked him to stay. Tessa echoed the sentiment.

Noah’s gift was a painting of Mariah and Tessa. He wanted them to know how much he was rooting for them and for their adoption plans. Mariah and Tessa put the picture on the shelf and told him how much they loved it. Noah decided to leave, and Mariah hugged him. After Noah was gone, Tessa sang to Mariah. “This isn’t perfect. Neither are you. Neither am I. But I choose this, every time,” was the hook. Mariah’s eyes filled with tears as she listened. At the end, they kissed.

Noah went downstairs and moped when he saw Faith kiss Moses on the cheek.

Rey was still in the doorway watching Nick and Sharon. Nick had the box of candy from Moses. Rey went over and joined Sharon and Nick, and they all grabbed candy from the box.

Chelsea and Chloe met at Chelsea’s hotel suite. Chloe was sorry she couldn’t come over last night, but Bella was fine after her nightmare. Chelsea said she had trouble sleeping last night too, and she ran into Rey and had a normal conversation. He didn’t judge her. Chloe thought a lot less people would judge Chelsea now that she wasn’t with Adam. Chloe told Chelsea to keep looking forward and focus on the upcoming pitch from Lauren. Chelsea didn’t think they should get their hopes up. The last time Chelsea worked for Lauren, she basically stole from her, and when they recently talked, Lauren made it clear she wasn’t willing to ignore that. Chloe thought Lauren saw how hard Chelsea was trying to get her life back on track, and making a break from Adam was proof Chelsea was serious about starting fresh. Chelsea wasn’t convinced, but Chloe said Chelsea had to start dreaming big, because no one was going to hand them anything, and they had to get things for themselves.

Chelsea and Chloe went to Society and they were in a good mood about their plans for their career. Sally and Adam walked in, and they saw Chelsea and Chloe. Sally and Adam checked in with each other and realized they were both okay with staying, so they did. Sally said there was a lot they needed to figure out, but this wasn’t the time or place. He said they didn’t have to figure it out now, and they could play it by ear. She noted that it was normal for CEOs and COOs to have a business lunch.

Sally and Adam went over to say hello to Chelsea and Chloe. Chelsea noted that Adam and Sally had been spending a lot of time together lately. He said Sally was his new COO. Chelsea was surprised that was the job Adam gave her. He said Sally would be amazing. Sally said it was nice working with someone who appreciated her skills. “I’ll bet he does,” Chelsea replied. Chloe congratulated Sally. Chelsea thought Adam would have his hands full with on the job training. Adam thought Sally had already shown how capable she was. Sally said they couldn’t spend all their time at the office, as much as she loved the energy and sparks that were flying there. He asked how things were going with Chloe and Chelsea. Chloe said they were putting together their final pitch for Lauren. Sally knew from experience that Lauren could be a stickler, so she advised them to cross their Ts. Chelsea said she’d worked with Lauren before too, so she knew what Lauren wanted and needed. Sally emphasized that her experience with Fenmore’s was recent, and she offered to take a look at their pitch. Sally then stopped making her offer and said that Chelsea and Chloe would be great. Sally thought it was fortunate that Lauren was willing to give Chelsea a second chance – an opportunity that not everyone got. Chelsea said it was a good thing they didn’t tie Sally up with a contract, since there was an amazing opportunity just waiting for Sally with Adam. “It’s almost like we did you a favor,” Chelsea said. “You have no idea,” Sally replied.

Adam said it looked like things worked out well for everyone. He knew Sally would be an incredible COO, and he knew Chelsea, Chloe and Lauren would be great business partners. He excused himself and Sally. Chelsea said that the presentation was going to blow Lauren away.

At their table, Adam asked Sally if she was good, and she called this the best Valentine’s day ever.

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