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Update written by Barbara

Sally is about to go into Society and when she notices Nick outside, she almost leaves.

Sally tells Nick she can get her own table but Nick says he’s still working through something regarding them but he could use company while he “crushes some pancakes.”

Michael and Lauren are at Society and make small talk with Sally and Nick. When Sally and Nick head to their table, Lauren speculates about their bond. Michael is busy reading the breakfast menu and deciding if he wants a frittata or crabcakes benedict.  He has zero interest in Sally and Nick.  The only thing on his mind is food. Lauren continues to wonder what’s going on between Sally and Nick.

At their table, Sally mentions that she can feel Lauren staring  and Nick tells her that as a Newman, he has learned not to care about the scrutiny. She asks if he’s read everything that Victor’s people found about her. He says that he has. She tells him that she has been involved shady dealings, some of which he may not know about, and offers to tell him about everything if he wants.

Summer arrives and grimaces at seeing her dad with Sally.  Summer goes over to their table and asks to speak with her dad alone. Sally excuses herself and says she has to call Chloe.  Sally goes to the front of the restaurant holding her phone as if she’s talking to Chloe, all the while watching Nick and Summer like a hawk.

As Summer sits down, Nick talks to her about Sally turning her life around and reminds Summer that she has done some nasty things, such as making Kyle marry her the first time so she would give part of her liver to Lola, who he was in love with at the time.  Nick says that Sally deserves a shot at redemption as did Summer.

Summer is leery, although Nick insists that Sally regrets her past entanglemen with Summer. She tells her dad she thinks Sally’s after his money but he explains that he offered Sally a lot of money to start her new business endeavor but she turned him down and wouldn’t even take a loan.

Sally goes over to Lauren and Michael’s table, where Lauren says she’s sorry about Sally having lost the job at Newman Media.  Michael agrees with Lauren’s decision to give Sally a second chance after her misdeeds.  Sally is appreciative and tells her that she’s not going back into designing. Lauren asks her about it and she tells her that she’s got “something percolating.”

After Sally leaves, Michael gets a ping from his phone that there’s a text. Before he even opens it, Lauren knows who it is and tells him to say hello to Victor for her. Victor’s text says that he needs to talk to Michael and it’s urgent. Lauren is not happy about the situation, but understands that Michael takes his business with Victor very seriously.

At the Abbott house, Jack and Diane talk about the weather. She’s upbeat and thanks him for letting her stay over. When he comments about how early she must have gotten up, she tells him she did to avoid giving a wrong impression.

Ashley comes into the living room and angrily demands to know what’s going on.

Diane leaves for the office while Ashley fumes. Jack asks her if she had anything to do with Jeremy Stark showing up at their house and she throws a question back at him about whether DIane’s staying there just to get into his bed. She also tells him that she had nothing to do with Stark being in town. Next, Kyle comes into the living room and reveals that he confronted Stark the night before in his hotel room at The Grand Phoenix.

Jack worries because that’s where Diane lives. He gets on the phone to have someone bring Diane home from work.  For his part, Kyle is furious that his mom has been put in danger.

Ashley gets a text from Tucker asking her to meet and she texts back “yes”.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria and Nikki talk about Nick and how distracted he is about Sally having been fired.   Nikki looks past Victoria and gasps at seeing Jeremy Stark. When Nikki tells her who she sees, Victoria knows that he’s a money launderer.  Nikki tells Victoria that he just got out of prison and her involvement in his arrival in Genoa City is “complicated”. Stark looks at them, Nikki becomes uncomfortable, suggests to Victoria that they discuss  the matter elsewhere and the two women beat a hasty retreat out of the coffee house, scurrying past Stark.

At Jabot, Diane finds Phyllis knocking at Jack’s office door. Phyllis tells her that Jack’s not there and Phyllis will wait for him so she can clear some things up with him. She starts mocking Diane’s sobbing from the previous day and Diane relishes telling Phyllis that she spent the night at Jack’s home.

Phyllis asks Diane if she had sex with Jack. Diane puts on a demure show before admitting that she slept in a guest room. When Phyllis asks why, Diane tells her that Jack has become concerned about the threat of Jeremy Stark. The elevator door opens and who gets off, but Stark.

When introduced to Phyllis and Diane, Stark asks the women if they’re friends. In unison, they say a resounding “no”.

Stark says Phyllis’ voice seems familiar, to which she responds that she just has “one of those voices.”

Phyllis turns to go and a scared Diane asks her to stay, saying that she has something to talk to her about.  Phyllis refuses to stick around, leaving Diane alone with Stark.

At the Newman office, Nikki fills Victoria in on everything that happened, culminating in  Phyllis letting Stark know where he could find Diane.  They continue talking about the situation when Victor arrives.

He tells them that he heard Jeremy Stark is in town, informs them that he is dangerous and “the threat is real”.  He says that Stark will not be allowed in Newman Tower or at the ranch. He also tells them to cut ties with Phyllis.

The elevator door opens and Michael rushes out, asking Victor what’s going on.  Victor says that he wants him to find out everything he can about Jeremy Stark.

Over at Jabot, Diane tries to get Stark to leave and when he won’t, she rushes him into Jack’s office.  He starts issuing threatening remarks to Diane and ultimately reveals that all he wants is for her to give him his money back. He tells her that it is all the money he has, that it was his last shipment and that he knows it was not confiscated by the feds and remained in Diane’s possession.

Diane tells Stark that she does not have his money anymore because she used it to rebuild her life after he left her “high and dry.”  She says that she kept waiting for the feds to come and lock her up for crimes that he made her do. Stark yells that the money was not hers to spend.  Jack arrives and looks horrified seeing Stark in the office with Diane.

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