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Recap written by Christine

Victoria found her office filled with pink red and white roses, courtesy of Ashland. He loved her and was grateful to have her in his life. She gave him a ring. The symbol on the ring was the crest of a Scottish lord called Roger Loch. She knew that wasn’t Ashland’s given name, but she thought it represented who he was now. He was touched that she researched the name and tracked it down. He said he’d cherish the ring forever. They hugged, and he said there were a dozen reasons he didn’t deserve her love, but he thanked God she came into her life. He bought her a Necklace with a V shape design. She loved it. He said his illness and getting better showed him that he should never miss an opportunity to celebrate the good days in life. He proposed they cancel the rest of the work day and celebrate. She accepted.

Victor wrapped up a call with Michael as Nikki entered the living room. Victor revealed that Michael had unearthed something. The cash flow from Ashland’s shell company to the clinic in Peru doubled just before he and Victoria went there for the experimental treatment. Nikki didn’t see why that was suspicious – company cash flow increased and decreased all the time. Victor would normally agree, but in this case, he smelled a rat. Something about Ashland’s story didn’t add up. Nikki didn’t understand why Victor was stirring things up with Ashland and Victoria today of all days. She wondered if he even remembered what today was. He asked if she thought she’d forget Valentine’s day, the day in which he could show her his love again. She wanted him to put aside the cloak and dagger maneuvering and take her to lunch. First he wanted to take her to the stables. She wondered what he’d done, and he smiled.

Nikki and Victor went to Society, and Victor and Ashland arrived. Victor insisted that his daughter and son in law join them. Victoria and Ashland showed off their gifts to each other. Victor noted that Ashland had no ties to the Lochs in Scotland. Victoria said the ring was about who Ashland was now and their marriage and partnership at Newman Locke. Victor toasted to Ashland’s miraculous recovery. Victoria said she couldn’t have asked for a better gift. Victor and Ashland locked eyes.

Nikki said Victor got her a five year old thoroughbred named Sparks. She put her hand in his and said he continued to spoil her with spectacular horses. Ashland said Victor knew the way to Nikki’s heart. Victoria put her hand in Ashland’s and said Victor wasn’t the only one who understood and appreciated his wife. Victor said it was wonderful to see how in love Victoria and Ashland seemed. Victoria questioned the word “seemed.” She said of course they were in love. Victor claimed he just meant it warmed his heart, because Victoria’s happiness meant everything to him.

Nikki and Victor went home, and she noted that she didn’t have his undivided attention during their romantic lunch. He said he wasn’t going to ignore their daughter. She thought he’d been more focused on Ashland. She worried he was looking for something that wasn’t there or something that should remain in the past, like Ashland’s other secrets. He said whatever was happening at the clinic was in the present. She reminded him how destructive it was for the family the first time he dug into Ashland’s past. She noted that he then welcomed Ashland into the family. He said he was a chess player, and he thought many moves ahead everyone else. She just didn’t understand what he hoped to accomplish by digging into Ashland’s treatment. She said Victoria was finally happy, and she asked if he doubted Ashland’s love for their daughter. He said that if something was going on regarding Ashland and that treatment, he was going to find out about it. Later, they danced, and he kissed her cheek.

Ashland and Victoria were back at her office. He stared out the window, and she noted that he’d been very quiet. He was sure she must’ve noticed Victor’s eagle eye had been trained on him. She thought that her father was just glad to see that Ashland was doing well. Ashland thought it was more than that. He said Victor called him to the ranch and questioned him about his experimental treatment. Ashland said he knew about the protocol because he had a colleague who was treated at the clinic in Peru a few years ago for cancer. Victoria was shocked Ashland knew about the clinic before. He said he gave the clinic funding. She reminded him that they’d researched options together. She asked if he pretended to learn about the protocol for the first time when he knew about it all along. When they were looking into the treatment, she’d checked the funding sources for the clinic, and his name never came up. He said he set up the funding through a shell corporation.

You promised me in Tuscany that there would be no more secrets between us. And now you’re saying that you kept this from me? How could you,” Victoria demanded. Ashland said he was trying to protect her. He was concerned about the legal ramifications, and he was trying to shield her from any potential tax violation fall out. He didn’t even know the treatment was going to work, but she’d been encouraging him to try anything and everything to beat the cancer. She said of course she did, and she was glad she did. He asked if she would’ve told him not to pursue treatment at the clinic if she’d known about his involvement in it. It was hard for her to answer that, because, once again, he didn’t give her the option. He said if it weren’t for Victor, he wouldn’t tell her about this. She felt like all his promises that there would be no more secrets were meaningless. He insisted he was trying to protect her. She thought that was a weak excuse, and she expected better from him. He said he loved her more than anything, and he owed her his life. He begged her forgiveness. She didn’t think it was fair that he withheld this from her, but she thought what mattered the most was that he was doing better. He said he had something to live for now – her. They sat together, and she took his hand.

Amanda wished Devon a happy Valentine’s day and gave him a card. He felt bad because he forgot, with all he had going on. She understood, because she knew he was worried about the baby. He kept thinking about the way Dominic cried when he got the test and looked up at them like he didn’t understand why they were letting this happen to him. Amanda comforted Devon and told him he was doing right by Dom. She suggested he take the day off, but he thought if he did that, he’d obsess over the results. He revealed that he did order her something for Valentine’s Day, but he didn’t order it in time. She said she didn’t need a grand romantic gesture to know he loved her, because she felt it every day in every way.

Billy was sleeping on his couch when Lily tickled his nose with a rose to wake him up. Then she hopped on top of him and they shared a kiss. When he began to unbutton her shirt, she pulled away, reminding him that it was a work day. He pulled her into another kiss. He said that they worked from home, so they could do things no one else had to know about. There was a knock on the door, and she panicked because she remembered she was meeting Devon. Billy was more calm about it all, saying that her brother would understand, but Lily said there were things a brother shouldn’t know. She hastily threw the blanket off the couch while he readjusted his clothes. Billy opened the door, and Devon came in and saw Lily smoothing her shirt. He offered to come back later, but she said this was a good time. Lily assumed that things were okay with the baby, but Devon clarified that Dom had to get a bone marrow aspiration. She offered to cancel, but he said that he’d rather have the company.

Devon and Lily discussed a joint venture between their companies to honor Katherine and Neil. She wanted to use his streaming service to air Chancellor Industries’ podcast. She wanted the podcasts to be educational, inspirational and some inspired by music. Devon was intrigued, but he wanted specifics. Billy said he’d been having trouble sleeping, and he had a bunch of ideas bouncing around his head. He thought he came up with the perfect idea.

Billy said Lily was amazing and she made him want to be better. He had it good, but he still had these thoughts running around in his head. He said life wasn’t easy – people lost their jobs and their loved ones. He knew he wasn’t the only one going through this. He had an idea for a platform of self-help podcasts centered around physical and mental health. He thought Neil and Katherine would appreciate that and love seeing them work together. Devon loved the idea that Billy had taken something personal and applied it to people’s lives. Devon couldn’t wait to get started on this. He wanted to get Moses working on it as part of his internship too. Devon got a call that was apparently about a Valentine’s gift for Amanda. He told Lily and Billy that he dropped the ball on Valentine’s day and was trying to salvage it. He left. Lily and Billy were excited about how things went with Devon. He said maybe the restless nights had paid off. She loved the creativity that came out of his insomnia. She’d been worried. He knew she and Jack thought his sleeping issues were about ChanComm and Adam and Victor, and it wasn’t. She was sorry her mind went there. He shifted gears and said he wanted to get back to where they were before her brother came, and they kissed. Later, they cuddled on the couch.

Devon went home with flowers and balloons and a gift bag. Amanda was there cooking him a surprise dinner so that he could relax. She didn’t want him to come in the kitchen, because she’d made a huge mess. He said he’d help her clean up. He kissed a smudge on her face, then he began to kiss her neck. They danced.

Sally entered Adam’s office and saw a big bouquet of roses champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. She told him it was inappropriate. He was just about to say the same thing to her. She said she wasn’t there to ask him to be her valentine, and if she was, she wouldn’t do it in such a traditional way. She reminded him how she handled the not-New Year’s Eve celebration. He wondered who sent this stuff. She suggested Chelsea. He didn’t think so. He read the card, and it was from an advertiser. She bit into a strawberry, and the sight captivated him. She noticed that he was transfixed on her, and she apologized and stopped eating the berry. He had a work gift for her – the PR team was putting together a press release about her new title. She said that if he thought her new role was a gift, they needed to talk. He was talking about the press release, not the title. He said it was a bad choice of words. She laughed and admitted she was just giving him a hard time. She wanted him to specify what he expected from her. She asked if she’d have agency and autonomy in this role, or if he just wanted a yes-woman.

Adam wasn’t looking for a yes-woman. He valued Sally’s point of view. He wanted to be challenged, and he was excited about the partnership because he knew she wouldn’t hold back. She noted that she never ran a media company before. He saw similarities between the media business and the fashion world. He said media companies needed people to watch their content, and designers wanted people to wear their clothes. He thought part of the reason she was successful at building the fashion platform was that she knew how to attract people – it was about enticement and seduction, and he knew she could shine. She said she could also crunch numbers well and do spreadsheets, but she agreed that convincing people that they wanted something was her super-power.

Adam admired Sally’s confidence, but he didn’t want her to think this would be easy. He said they had to answer to Victoria and Ashland, and they’d be under Victor’s watchful eye. He said they had to be at the top of their game, because Victoria would use any misstep as an excuse to kick them to the curb. He said getting people to actually read or watch a story would be harder than getting them to listen to fashion gossip, because there were a lot of news outlets out there, and Newman Media had to be the best. She said they’d hire the best storytellers. She said a good story was a good story, and that was what hooked people. He said she had good instincts and a lot of passion.

Sally was excited about the challenge of the obstacles. This morning, when she woke up, she’d worried she was in over her head, but she gave herself a pep talk. She said she’d rather try and fail than not try at all. He told her not to worry about failing, because they could do this. He poured champagne, and she said she’d sip it as long as they agreed they were toasting to work and not Valentine’s day. He said he’d never insult her by celebrating a major holiday. He toasted to her growing success. She thanked him for taking a risk on her. She knew she wasn’t the logical choice. He said it went both ways, because God knows how many people warned her off him. “To two wrongs making something very right,” she said, and they toasted again.

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