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Recap written by Christine

Ashland visited Victoria at her office, and she was in a great mood because Jill called and wanted to hammer out the details for selling ChancComm to Newman/Locke. He asked if she was smiling because she got ChancComm or because she beat Victor and Adam. It was a little of both, and she was glad to have Newman’s old division back. He assumed her father and brother were seething. She’d talked to Victor, and she got the feeling that he was okay with this, but she knew Adam wouldn’t be. If she got her way, ChancComm wasn’t the only company Adam would lose. While Ashland thought consolidating media companies was a smart move, he wanted Victoria to be sure this was a battle she wanted to fight. He was still an outsider when it came to the constant one-upmanship in this family. He said Victor defended him when everyone else turned their back, so he was wondering if Victoria was going to unnecessarily poke the bear by going after Newman Media. Victoria agreed that Ashland was still an outsider in the family. She said he didn’t understand that a good business battle earned Victor’s respect, not his ire. She said if they acquired these companies, they’d dominate in the field. He loved it when she dominated like this, and he knew what it was like to want more and more and more. They kissed, and she said they made a great team. He recognized that she knew how to play things with her father, but Adam was a wild card. She said she knew how to handle Adam.

Lily went to Adam’s office to ask what he meant by that cryptic text. He asked her to remind her what it said. It said best of luck at Chancellor. Adam didn’t think that seemed cryptic. Lily didn’t believe Adam was sincerely wishing her well. She said that he’d known for some time that she got was promoted at CEO, but he didn’t send her the text until after Billy declared a truce with him. Adam asked if it was that hard to believe that, regardless of what was going on with him and Billy, he respected her and wanted her to do well. Lily didn’t trust Adam. She thought the text was a veiled threat. She wanted to believe the feud with him and Billy was over, but she knew how Adam liked having the last word. He said Billy had a lot of last words yesterday. She thought that he sent the text as a counter-punch because Billy got the best of him. He said he didn’t lose sleep over Billy’s tantrum, and his text was sincere. Lily reiterated that a truce had been declared – Billy left ChancComm even though he did nothing wrong, and he set his ego aside about clearing his name, so he proved he was the bigger man. Adam asked what Lily wanted, because he was sick of hearing about how Billy’s growth was better than anyone else’s. “Ah, there it is. You still haven’t let it go, have you?” Lily replied.

Adam truly wished Lily good luck. He asked why he’d alienate the CEO of Chancellor while he was still trying to acquire ChancComm. He asked if Jill made a decision, and Lily said he knew she couldn’t give him that information. He wanted to be on her good side, since she had influence over Jill. She said best of luck to him. He asked what that meant. And she pointedly said her intentions were sincere and asked if he couldn’t trust her. “I see what you did there,” Adam acknowledged. She said they’d just have to trust what the other said. She added that, in spite of his attempts to destroy Billy’s career, he was coming to work for her as COO. Victor walked in as Lily asked Adam to put the animosity toward Billy behind him, so they could all move on with their lives.

After Lily left, Adam revealed that Billy had only pretended to spiral out of control as a revenge plot. Adam said Billy had been planning to threaten to sue them, just like they threatened to sue him over Ashland. Victor thought it was pathetic that Billy couldn’t come up with his own plot and had just borrowed theirs. Adam said Billy came clean, and according to Lily, he was trying to be a better person. Victor didn’t think Billy would ever be a better person, but he told Adam to leave Billy alone. Victor reasoned that they’d knocked Billy down, and he wouldn’t get back up. Adam thought that was unusually merciful on Victor’s part. Victor said they had more important things to worry about. Jill called and said she was selling ChancComm to Newman/Locke. Adam was shocked and upset. He thought that Lily and Billy must’ve persuaded Jill to do this. Adam wanted to call Jill, but Victor told him to accept the loss. Victor was going to go congratulate Victoria, and he wanted Adam to do the same.

Victoria and Victor met at the main house. Victor assumed Victoria was here to gloat. She said she wasn’t, but he told her that getting Jill to sell her ChancComm was a hell of an accomplishment, and it was fine to gloat. He saw nothing wrong with doing a happy-dance in front of a defeated foe. She said she’d never do that to him, but maybe she would to Adam. Victor always disagreed with Victoria selling Newman’s media division to Billy and Chancellor. She felt it was the right decision at the time. He thought that ChancComm was back where it belonged. He was happy for her, but a little disappointed for Adam. She said that Ashland would be glad because he was a little concerned about Victor’s reaction. Victoria had told Ashland that Victor appreciated a bold business move. He confirmed that he did. She hoped he’d like this then – she offered to buy Newman Media.

Victor asked why Victoria didn’t come to both him and Adam with this proposal. She doubted Adam would entertain the offer. She thought Adam was probably spinning out after losing ChancComm to her, even though he’d done everything he could to weaken the company. Victor asked if this was a business move or if Victoria was trying to avenge Billy. Victoria said it was a business strategy, not a personal vendetta. Victor asked if it was personal for Ashland. Victoria said that Newman Media used to be Ashland’s and there would be some poetic justice in it coming back to him, but that wasn’t why she made her decision. She wanted to have a real stake in the media world, and if she had both these companies, Newman/Locke would be a powerhouse. She asked if he’d sell. “You’re my daughter. You’re Victor Newman’s daughter,” Victor proudly stated.

Victor didn’t see how it was in his and Adam’s advantage to sell Newman Media. He felt that Adam had been doing good things with the business. Victoria asked if Victor was sure about that. Victor thought Newman Media was a powerhouse, and Victoria said that was because Ashland made it that way. She hadn’t seen any innovation since the acquisition. He said that the fashion platform was a success, but she thought that was Sally and Chloe’s doing. Victoria said Adam was just writing the checks, while Victoria had proven her business acumen. Victor refused to compare his kids’ business skills. She thought he should sell Newman Media to her and Ashland before Adam did irreparable damage. He thought she was exaggerating. She said that Adam almost let Billy destroy the company.

At Crimson Lights on the patio, Nate asked Devon what happened with his request for shared custody of Dominic. Devon revealed that Abby and Chance said no. Nate felt bad for pushing Devon to ask. Devon said not to. He noted that Nate gave him the same advice Amanda did. Devon valued Nate’s opinion. He mentioned that Nate coached him through bringing Dominic into the world. Devon felt that the conversation with Abby and Chance was necessary, and it had pushed him to take action.

Devon had decided to file for shared custody. He never expected or wanted this to happen, but Abby and Chance made it clear they were against him having a bigger role in Dom’s life, and Devon was still concerned about Chance’s ability to parent. He knew he was a positive influence in Dom’s life, and he wanted to fight to protect it. Nate asked if this was the best way to handle it. Devon thought it was his only option. Nate worried about what happened when lawyers got involved. Devon didn’t want things to get messy, and he hoped they could get through it as painlessly as possible. Nate wished Devon luck.

Devon asked how living with Elena was. Nate said it was pretty great. He and Elena were concerned initially, because they worked together, but they rarely saw each other at the hospital, now that he was in an administrative role, so it was nice to see her when he got home. Devon was glad to hear it. He said ever since Nate and Elena got back from Victoria’s wedding, they’d been acting like newlyweds. Lily happened to come by, and Nate said he was just about to leave. He said he and Elena were going shopping for the house. Devon asked if they were lamp shopping because Elena threw away his ugly ones. Nate joked that he didn’t want to discuss it. He went inside to grab a drink for Elena.

Nate ran into Ashland, who said his cancer treatment was still doing well. The cancer wasn’t in remission, but it was abating. He hadn’t felt this good in ages. He hoped he’d get more years to build a life and business with Victoria.

Devon told Lily that he was pursuing full custody. Lily shared that Billy was going to be her COO. Deon asked if that meant Billy’s feud with Victor and Adam was over. Devon accepted that Billy made Lily happy, but he still had some concerns. Devon acknowledged Billy came a long way in his personal life, and Devon gave Lily a lot of credit for influencing Billy. However, Devon thought Billy was struggling professionally – look what happened at ChancComm. Lily said that wasn’t Billy’s fault. Devon said that Billy struggled so much to control himself that Victor and Adam were able to exploit that. Devon was worried Billy would be a professional liability for Lily.

Lily finished a call with Billy, then she went inside. She was surprised to see Nate was still there. Ashland said he intercepted Nate for a talk. Nate left. Ashland told Lily that Newman/Locke was officially in talks to buy ChancComm. She knew, and she’d be involved in those talks, as the new CEO. He hoped the negotiations would be pleasant and productive. He started to leave, but she had something to say. Lily had no interest in making excuses for Billy, and she had no interest in whether Ashland was part of the conspiracy to knock Billy off his perch. She also didn’t care if Ashland was actually guilty. She said that it was in the past, and Billy was walking away. Lily asked if Ashland could do the same.

Sally was at Society. She flashed back to Chloe ordering her to smooth things over with Chelsea so that they could work together as a team. Sally then flashed back to Adam brusquely telling her to stop spying on Billy and trying to score points with the boss. Sally called Chelsea and said they needed to figure out this working relationship. Chelsea arrived, but she said she didn’t know what this was all about since Sally already apologized and said she respected Chelsea and wanted to learn from her. “Let’s be real – you didn’t buy any of that. In fact, I didn’t even believe it as it was coming out of my mouth,” Sally replied. Sally had decided to stop spouting platitudes and really try to work together. Sally had some ideas, and she was prepared for Chelsea to reject them all, but Sally wanted Chelsea to provide constructive criticism instead of just saying her ideas were bad. Chloe arrived for the meeting. Sally said she wanted to figure this out, right here and right now.

Sally listed twenty ideas. Chelsea approved of two of them, and there was one she didn’t hate. Sally was dissappointed that so many of her ideas got shot down, but Chelsea said that she accepted 10%. Chloe thought those were pretty good numbers. Sally admitted she’d learned why some of her ideas weren’t as good as she thought, but she also thought Chelsea was biased against her. Chelsea said she was biased against bad ideas. Chelsea thought Sally should do some editing, because when she heard a bad idea from someone, she assumed their next idea would be bad too. She also thought that Sally should’ve picked her top five ideas instead of making them sit through a list of twenty suggestions. “Is that constructive enough for you?,” Chelsea asked. Sally said it was helpful. Chloe thought they’d made a great start. Adam came in and glowered as he looked around. He headed to the bar, and Chelsea rushed to him.

Adam wasn’t in the mood. Chelsea just wanted to say thanks for the talk they had with Connor. She said Connor was becoming okay with the sale of the penthouse, but he wanted her to move into the ranch. He hoped she was working hard to convince Connor that wasn’t the way to go. She said she was. She didn’t want to live that close to Victor. He said he was trying to give his father a wide berth right now too.

Adam was going to look for his own place to live eventually. He left the penthouse for the same reason as Chelsea. Being at the ranch was convenient because Connor could be around family. Chelsea said Connor didn’t need to be at the ranch now that she was back. Adam agreed. Chelsea asked Adam to coffee so they could discuss something important. He said they could grab a drink after work. Chelsea was here to listen to what happened with Victor. Adam said it was just business, and he was learning to rise above Victor pushing his buttons. Chelsea said Adam had really changed.

Back at the table, Chloe thought they should go back to the office because this wasn’t a productive work environment. Sally didn’t agree. She also thought she deserved an Oscar for sitting there with a smile on her face as Chelsea shut down all her ideas. Chloe thought Sally said she was learning a lot. Sally said she was learning to swallow her pride and fake a pleasant demeanor. Chloe sighed, but Sally said she was kidding. Sally said the other part of gaining Chelsea’s trust involved convincing her that she wasn’t interested in Adam, so running out of her would be the wrong move. Sally thought she needed to stay and maintain an air of calm and disinterest.

Chloe thought Sally was interested in Adam, and she said not to try and deny it. If Chloe could see it, she was sure Chelsea would too. Sally thought it sounded like Chloe was taking Chelsea’s side. Chloe said they were all on the same team. Chloe said Chelsea was her best friend, and she brought Sally on because she had a lot to offer. “But we’re not friends, so too bad for me,” Sally said. Chloe insisted that they were friends too, in their own way. Chloe was disappointed in Sally and Chelsea. Sally wanted to prove she was a team player. Chloe wanted Sally to take care of some business in NY. Sally thought the timing was off, and she asked if this was Chloe’s idea or Chelsea’s. Chloe said Sally didn’t get to question her assignments. Chloe thought it was best for Sally and Chelsea to separate for awhile. Chloe said Sally was the face of the brand, so she should go and completing these assignments would show Chelsea how valuable Sally was.

Chelsea returned to the table and said she and Adam were discussing Connor. With a smirk, Chelsea turned to Sally and added that Chelsea and Adam were really in sync as parents. Sally said that was good, since Connor was great and he deserved the best. Adam came over and said “Do you have a minute.” Chelsea leapt up, but Adam was talking to Sally. Adam and Sally went outside. Chloe let Chelsea know that Sally was going to NY. Chelsea thought Sally should get fired, but sending her out of town was the next best thing. Chloe was dismayed because she thought that Chelsea was glad she’d have Adam’s full attention while Sally was gone. Chloe was sure this was going to end in disaster. Chelsea said that she accept it if Adam didn’t see a future for them, but she at least had to try, even Connor said she and Adam had to put in a little effort. Chelsea said Chloe was only working with Adam because he changed. Chelsea also saw the change, and she thought things could be different this time. “The only thing in my way was Sally, and you just took care of that so thank you,” Chelsea said. Chloe groaned.

Outside, Adam apologized for being dismissive yesterday. He said he wasn’t on his best behavior after his run in with Billy. Sally didn’t take it personally. Sally was shivering, so Adam gave her his coat. Sally asked if Adam had business in NY. She had to go there, and it’d be great to have some company.

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