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EJ goes to his prison cell and finds out his cellmate is Clyde Weston!

Xander and Gwen kiss in their room. Gwen tells him that the ring is perfect and she can’t wait to show it off. Jack then shows up at their door, surprising Gwen. Jack tells Gwen to be straight with him as he asks what she knows about Abigail’s disappearance.

Chad asks Shawn about his lead. Chad tells him that he thinks he’s right that this is the key to finding his wife.

Abigail searches the bedroom. Kristen recovers and finds her in the room, warning that Abigail has been very naughty. Abigail guesses this was Sarah’s room and asks Kristen where she is. Kristen responds that it’s what she would like to know.

Steve and Kayla kiss until Sarah walks in, shocked to find them. Sarah says she didn’t know anyone was in here. Sarah can’t believe it’s Kayla as they hug. Sarah calls it a dream and asks how she even got here. Kayla calls it a long story and assures that they are going to help her.

Chad thanks Shawn and tells him to keep him posted. Kate walks in and asks Chad if there’s good news about Abigail. Chad confirms that Shawn has a lead and tells her about Abigail tracking down the DiMera pilot who flew Sarah out of Salem last year. Chad thinks that the pilot must have been involved. Kate wonders where he would have gone.

Kristen remarks that where ever Sarah is, she could not have gone far. Abigail asks if that means Kristen is admitting that she’s been holding Sarah prisoner on this island the whole time. Kristen can’t believe Abigail drugged her. Abigail asks what she expected and if she was supposed to forget that she’s a prisoner. Kristen points out that Sarah never tried to drug her. Abigail argues that Kristen brought Sarah here against her will. Kristen tells her that Sarah came willingly and climbed in to the suitcase. Abigail questions why she would do that.

Kayla assures Sarah that she’s not dreaming. Sarah says she’s been so lonely. Kayla can’t imagine what she has been through and asks if she’s alright. Sarah confirms that Kristen didn’t hurt her. Kayla says she’s relieved to see her. Steve thinks they need to get out of here before Kristen gets back. Sarah then asks who Steve is. Steve questions her not knowing who he is. Sarah asks if she should. Steve informs her that he’s Steve Johnson, Kayla’s husband. Sarah is surprised that they are married and congratulates them, asking when this happened. Steve explains that they have been married a few times, most recently last year. Kayla reminds Sarah that she was her maid of honor. Sarah says she wasn’t but Steve assures that it’s true. Sarah remarks that if she was in their wedding, she would definitely remember that…

Abigail questions Kristen as to why Sarah would willingly leave Salem with her and if she tried to blackmail or trick her. Kristen asks why it matters. Abigail decides she’ll go find Sarah and see what she has to say but Kristen stops her and says she’ll give her the scoop.

Gwen questions Jack about Abigail’s disappearance. Xander is surprised she’s still missing since Chad came by looking for her the other day. Gwen says this is the first that she is hearing about it and claims she had no idea that Abigail was missing. Jack asks if she’s sure about that.

Chad informs Kate that the pilot didn’t file a flight plan so they have no record of where he could have gone and there’s no security footage. Chad is positive that the pilot is the key to finding Abigail. Kate assumes Shawn is trying to track him down now. Kate knows Chad is horribly worried about Abigail and it’s not the greatest time to bring up EJ. Chad tells her not to. Kate questions Chad not giving a damn about letting his brother go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

Clyde says he was wondering when EJ might show up. EJ questions him keeping tabs on him. Clyde says EJ’s trial was big news around here, so he heard all about how he kidnapped his wife and held her prisoner for months. Clyde remarks that it’s twisted even by his standards. EJ says he’s innocent. Clyde points out that the judge didn’t think so. EJ insists that he was set up. Clyde assures that he’s no snitch, so EJ can level with him, especially since they are one time business associates. EJ argues that he was his boss and that was a long time ago as he never should’ve gotten mixed up with drugs. EJ points out that led to his supposed death but now he’s alive and well. EJ declares that one of his biggest regrets was never getting to confront the son of a bitch who shot him. Clyde comments that it sounds like EJ still holds a grudge. EJ asks why he wouldn’t since he lost everything that night. Clyde flashes back to that night and asks exactly how much EJ remembers about his shooting.

Chad complains that one moment Kate is trying to talk him out of exonerating EJ and the next, she’s feeling guilty about letting him take the fall. Kate says she feels guilty now that EJ is facing a ten year sentence. Chad tells Kate that she can go tell the police that the real kidnapper was her son, Lucas. Kate argues that Chad has a son so he should understand her wanting to protect her son. Chad says up to a point. Kate asks at what point would he throw his son Thomas under the bus and ruin his life. Chad doesn’t see himself ever having to make that decision. Kate asks if his children are going to be perfect citizens. Chad says he hopes so. Kate argues that they can still find a way to screw up their life. Kate says some day Chad will get it as his kids will be adults and make horrific mistakes. Chad says when that happens, Kate will be there to advise them and let their children get away with all these horrible mistakes. Chad then apologizes and admits that was uncalled for as he’s just a little bit on edge with his wife missing. Kate apologizes for going on about this when he’s clearly worried. Kate tells Chad that he can continue with his plan of claiming he planted the evidence against EJ and just leave Lucas out of it. Chad argues that he would then be charged with perjury and there’s no way he’s going to implicate himself to save EJ after he forced himself on his wife. Kate thinks it’s wrong to make EJ suffer that much. Chad suggests thinking about the positive that her guilty as hell son gets to galivant around the world with the woman he loves. Chad apologizes and says he won’t do it again. Chad then admits that if it was his son, he’d protect him the same way that Kate is protecting her son. Kate thanks him and appreciates that. Kate wishes that Roman would but if he knew that she let Sami go around the world with her kidnapper, he’d never forgive her. Chad gets that Kate doesn’t want her son to go to prison so she’s going to have to learn to live with it. Tony then walks in and questions live with what?

Xander asks Jack why he’s suspicious of Gwen when she just told him that she knows nothing about this. Jack explains that he spoke to Chad, who said Abigail was investigating Sarah’s disappearance and now she’s missing as well so he thinks those two things are connected. Xander asks what it has to do with Gwen. Jack brings up that Chad said Abigail suspected Gwen of pretending to be Sarah. Xander points out that was proven untrue when Gwen ran in to Abigail and “Sarah” while they were talking in the town square. Gwen recalls Abigail having a strong grip and trying to rip off a mask, thinking she was going to expose her until she saw her there. Xander adds that Abigail clearly had it wrong. Xander is sorry that Abigail is missing but says whatever happened to her had nothing to do with Gwen.

Abigail questions if Kristen is going to tell her what happened with Sarah just like that. Kristen asks why not since Abigail isn’t going anywhere and can’t tell anyone. Kristen adds that first she wants her keys back. Kristen then pulls her gun out, so Abigail hands over the keys and tells her to start at the beginning. Kristen informs Abigail that the day before Sarah was going to be a bride, she came to Basic Black to pick up her wedding dress and caught her without her “Susan” disguise and realized it was her, so she was about to call Brady. Kristen says she had no choice but to knock her out and stick her in the secret room of the DiMera Tunnels. Abigail realizes Kristen had to make Sarah disappear to protect her secret. Kristen brings up having the technology to make a Sarah mask to lure Rex in to bed and arranged for Xander to catch them in the act. Kristen admits that breaking Xander’s heart was immensely satisfying. Abigail asks then what happened. Kristen says she went back to the secret room and Sarah attacked her with a syringe.

Kayla continues telling Sarah about their wedding day last Valentine’s Day and that Abe officiated it. Sarah recognizes Abe’s name and asks if it was a big wedding. Kayla says it was a small ceremony at the Brady Pub with just Abe, Sarah, and Tripp. Sarah questions what Pub and who Tripp is. Kayla wonders if Sarah suffered head trauma recently. Sarah says no and asks why. Kayla says it seems like she’s suffering from partial memory loss. Sarah assures that her memory is just fine. Kayla tries to continue but Sarah stops her and questions who Sarah is.

EJ tells Clyde that he doesn’t remember anything about the night he was shot or why he was in the park but assumes it was on drug business. EJ asks Clyde if he knows why he was there. Clyde claims that he doesn’t and questions EJ really not remembering anything. EJ calls it a side effect of the drugs that saved his life as it erased some memory but Sami informed him that a random addict mugged him. Clyde says he remembers hearing something about that. EJ says he was taken from his wife and children and lost years of his life because of that bastard. EJ swears if the guy wasn’t already dead, he’d kill him, himself.

Chad and Kate inform Tony that they were talking about EJ. Chad says there’s nothing they can do about EJ being in prison but he’s getting what he deserves. Tony points out that EJ claims he’s innocent. Chad argues that EJ also claims he didn’t force himself on his wife but he saw it with his own eyes. Tony doesn’t understand why EJ would pull such a stunt, especially knowing that Chad held his life in his hands. Chad argues that it’s because EJ is an arrogant jerk who can do what he wants and take what he wants and get away with it. Chad declares they are better off without him. Tony notes that he’s still their brother. Chad decides he’s not in the mood to talk about EJ when Abigail is missing and needs his help. Tony asks how he’s holding up. Chad admits he’s not well and it’s hard to keep it together in front of the kids. Chad says he begged whoever is sending messages from Abigail’s phone to send her back but they said they can’t help so whoever is behind this is completely heartless.

Gwen asks Jack if he has any idea or clues as to who might be behind Abigail’s disappearance. Jack says all he knows is that whoever is responsible has her phone because Chad texted the monster to release Abigail but they blew him off and he hasn’t heard a word since. Gwen calls that awful as she thinks back to having Abigail’s phone and texting Chad. Jack apologizes if he’s upset her and says he shouldn’t have come at Gwen that way, he’s just out of his mind with worry. Gwen says she understands because of her history with Abigail so she doesn’t blame him. Gwen claims that she has no idea where Abigail might be.

Kristen tells Abigail that she and Sarah struggled over the syringe and she ended up with the wrong end of the needle. Abigail questions how Sarah got a syringe. Kristen says she doesn’t know as she said it was lying there but she doesn’t know what was in it or how it got there. Kristen reveals that it completely warped Sarah’s mind and she hasn’t been the same since. Abigail comes to a realization and remembers threatening Gwen in that room with the syringe that Gwen used to drug her before. Abigail then declares that what happened to Sarah is her fault.

Kayla tells Sarah that she is Sarah. Sarah says she’s not. Steve insists that she is Sarah Horton. Kayla talks about Tom and Alice being Sarah’s grandparents and Maggie being her mother. Sarah laughs at that and says it’s ridiculous as she hardly knows Maggie. Steve asks who Sarah thinks she is then.

Tony encourages Chad not to lose hope because Abigail always finds her way back to him. Tony asks about a lead. Chad says there might be one but it all depends on finding the pilot, Ned Grainger. Tony reveals he might be able to help with that.

Xander tells Jack that he’s sure Abigail will turn up any time now. Jack thanks him and says he’s covered a lot of missing persons stories over the years. Gwen stops him and encourages that Abigail is tough, so she has no doubt that she will come back to them. Jack thanks her but he just doesn’t know what to do as he feels helpless. Gwen is sure that the police are doing everything they can, so he just has to have faith. Gwen adds that if Jack ever needs someone to lean on, he’s always got her. Jack thanks Gwen and hugs her.

Kristen questions how Sarah’s condition could be Abigail’s fault. Abigail reveals that she’s the one who left the syringe in the secret room as she was trying to scare Gwen. Kristen laughs at that and questions doing that in the secret room. Kristen guesses that Abigail kidnapped Gwen. Abigail explains that she had to find out if she killed her grandmother and threatening her felt like the only way to get to the truth. Kristen is impressed as she didn’t think Abigail was capable of playing hard ball. Kristen asks about Abigail not going through with it. Abigail explains that Gabi stopped her. Kristen remarks that whatever was in the syringe packs a punch and asks what’s in it. Abigail explains that Dr. Rolf gave it to Gwen, who had drugged her and it fried her brain. Kristen says that explains why Sarah is the way she is. Abigail asks how bad she is.

Sarah says that Kayla knows who she is and she’s just being silly. Sarah tells Kayla to fill Steve in while she goes to get the paddles for the kayak. Steve encourages that they can find a nearby island. Sarah says she used to think that too but the only thing around here is water. Steve suggests flagging down a passing ship. Sarah says she’s always wanted to but was afraid of going too far. Steve informs her that he used to be a merchant at sea so he has experience. Sarah talks about wanting to rescue herself today and now they are here. Sarah goes to find paddles and a life vest. Steve questions what the hell is going on. Kayla says Sarah has obviously had a mental break and is suffering some sort of selective amnesia. Steve goes over Sarah remembering Kayla and the Hortons but not him or who she is. Kayla wonders what Kristen did to her. Steve hopes that getting her back to Salem will trigger the rest of her memories. Kayla says it’s possible but they need to get off this island first.

EJ asks how long Clyde has been in prison. Clyde says it’s been 8 long years though he has managed to sneak in a few unofficial breaks. EJ guesses Clyde must been keen to the inner workings of the place. EJ asks if he can rely on Clyde to show him the works. Clyde responds that it’s the least he could do for his old boss. EJ says who would have thought that after all these years, they would be sharing a cell. EJ takes his spot on the bunk bed. Clyde thinks to himself that EJ really doesn’t remember how he double crossed him when he got shot. Clyde hopes that it stays that way.

Jack thanks Gwen and says it means a lot to him. Jack then notices the ring on Gwen’s finger and asks if there is something they aren’t telling him. Gwen then confirms they are engaged as Xander just proposed before he arrived. Jack apologizes for putting a damper on the celebration. Jack tells them that he’s so happy for them as it’s clear they are very much in love and he’s glad that his daughter has Xander to look after her. Xander thanks him and they hug. Xander asks if this means he gets to call Jack dad but Jack says no.

Chad asks Tony what he knows about Ned Grainger. Tony says he and Anna always requested him when they used the jet because he was a professional and they got to know each other well. Chad asks if he has the address to find him. Tony says he’s familiar with the area so he would recognize the house if he saw it as they had dinner there one night. Chad declares that they need to go down to Key West as soon as possible. Kate suggests calling Shawn first. Chad says he’ll give him a heads up but he’s not leaving this up to the cops when Abigail’s life depends on it.

Kristen tells Abigail that Sarah was high enough after being injected that she thought she was Xander. Abigail recalls the same and thinking that Chad was Ben. Kristen says it worked to her advantage as she pretended to be Xander to get Sarah in to the suitcase and convince her to get to the deserted island. Abigail realizes that’s what she meant by saying Sarah went willingly. Abigail says she would not be okay without intensive therapy and medication so if Sarah hasn’t seen a professional, she has to be a mess. Kristen responds that Sarah is actually doing quite well now.

Sarah returns to Steve and Kayla with paddles and a life vests. Sarah talks about dreaming of this for so long and it could really be happening. Sarah says if they could flag down a ship, she could finally get back to the man she loves as she has missed him beyond all reason. Kayla comments that he’s been so worried about her too. Sarah asks if they have seen him. Steve says before they left Salem, he tried to hire his agency to come search for her. Steve assures that he hasn’t forgotten her. Sarah says not a day has gone by that she doesn’t think of him. Sarah describes him so Kayla remarks that she’s clearly still in love with Xander, but Sarah asks who Xander is.

Clyde advises EJ not to talk about his extravagant lifestyle around the prison. EJ hopes that he can trust Clyde because he’s going to need someone to have his back around here. Clyde tells him that he has no idea.

Kayla questions Sarah not remembering Xander either. Sarah says she doesn’t think so. Steve informs her that they were engaged and she almost married Xander.

Jack asks if Gwen and Xander have set a date for the wedding. Gwen jokes that she’ll have to catch her breath first. Xander hopes it will be soon as they are counting on Jack, Jennifer, and Abigail being there. Xander has no doubt Abigail will be found by then. Jack decides he should call Jennifer to update her. Jack hugs Gwen and Xander and congratulates them again. Gwen hopes Jack finds Abigail soon. Jack assures they will and swears to God that when they find who did this, he will make them pay…

Abigail asks Kristen if Sarah still thinks she’s married to Xander on this island. Kristen responds that Sarah has moved past that phase. Abigail asks what she means. Kristen states that Sarah is not hung up on Xander anymore.

Sarah doesn’t know what’s going on here but assures that she’s never been engaged to a Xander. They ask her about the man she loves that she described. Sarah reveals that she was talking about Tony. Steve and Kayla question her being in love with Tony DiMera.

Tony tells Chad that he didn’t imagine seeing Ned again under these circumstances. Chad wants to get to the airfield. Kate worries that he could be dangerous. Chad refuses to wait for the cops. Tony thinks he can get Ned to cooperate since they are friends. Chad warns that if Tony can’t convince him, he will. Chad says he will call the jet to have it fueled up. Tony assures that they will find Abigail and bring her home to Chad and their children.

Steve questions Sarah being in love with Tony DiMera. Sarah says they have had their ups and downs but Tony is the love of her life. Steve wonders if she thinks she’s Anna but Sarah questions how he could confuse her with that scheming bitch. Kayla asks who Sarah is then. Sarah responds that she is the one and only, Renee DuMonde.

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