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Gabi goes to the Kiriakis Mansion where Devil Johnny has transformed himself in to Jake. “Jake” asks Maggie for a guarantee in writing that he will be elected CEO of DiMera after they take over. Maggie agrees to talk to Victor about that. “Jake” then brings up Titan. Maggie says that Victor has very strong reservations about putting someone outside of the family in charge of his company. Maggie is afraid that making Gabi CEO of Titan may be off the table. Maggie asks if that’s a dealbreaker. Gabi says to herself that it sure as hell is, but hears “Jake” say that it absolutely isn’t, which angers her. Maggie thought making Gabi CEO of Titan was one of their conditions. “Jake” says it was, but he wouldn’t want something like that to sour the deal. “Jake” declares that as long as he’s made CEO of DiMera Enterprises then he’s got everything he wants. Gabi remains listening in from outside.

Ava sits at home, reading an article about Melinda fast-tracking Rafe’s trial. Ava remarks that it’s not fast enough but it will do. Jake then comes home and asks what she’s so happy about.

Nicole walks past the Brady Pub while on the phone with Rafe, hoping his lawyer has a strategy to get the charges thrown out. Nicole says in the meantime, she will try to find a way to prove Ava is the one setting him up. Nicole assures they will clear his name one way or another. Nicole tells Rafe to call her after talking to his lawyer. Nicole hangs up as Allie approaches. Nicole thought she was working today. Allie says she is and is just grabbing an early lunch. Allie asks how Rafe is doing. Nicole says he’s not great and talks about how they never thought Rafe would actually get arrested. Nicole calls it a nightmare. Allie says she’s so sorry and asks if the cops will figure out that he’s not guilty. Nicole responds that she’s not so sure about that.

Paulina goes to the Bakery to tell Chanel to go pack a suitcase because they are all getting out of town today. Chanel questions what’s going on. Paulina claims she just thought it would be nice to take a family trip to Miami and get out of the cold weather. Paulina tells her to go pack but Chanel declares that she’s not going anywhere because now that she served Johnny with divorce papers, it’s finally heating up around here…

Lani packs her bags at home. TR then shows up at her door. Lani asks what he’s doing here. TR thinks back to Chanel informing him that Lani is her sister. TR tells Lani that he’s sorry to show up unannounced but there is something important he has to discuss with her and it can’t wait. Lani knows he’s in business with Johnny but TR says that’s not why he came to see her. Lani assures that she has nothing to do with Chanel’s marriage or her divorce. TR can’t imagine she wouldn’t value her opinion. Lani responds that Chanel only values her own opinion. Lani guarantees she would have no effect. TR asks for confirmation that Chanel is Lani’s sister. Lani questions who told him that. TR responds that Chanel told him, herself.

Allie argues that everyone in the Salem Police Department know that Rafe is a good cop, so they have to realize they made a mistake. Nicole says not just a mistake, but someone is framing him. Allie asks who would do that to him. Nicole says she can’t say for sure yet but she’s working on finding proof. Allie encourages that she doesn’t have to do it alone since so many people care about Rafe and help clear his name. Allie tells Nicole that she has her and Ava. Nicole tells her that she honestly doesn’t think Ava will be much help..

Ava claims to Jake that she was just reading a funny article in the health section about 10 ways to drive your lover crazy. Ava asks Jake what he’s doing home in the middle of the afternoon. Jake reminds her that he’s unemployed. Ava suggests he should be out looking for a job so he and Gabi can move out. Jake responds that it might happen sooner than she thinks. Ava calls that music to her ears. Jake informs her that he and Gabi have a plan, so she probably won’t see them around here much longer.

Gabi continues listening to “Jake” talking to Maggie. Maggie says she’s sure Victor will be happy to learn that he doesn’t have to hand over Titan to an outsider. “Jake” says he aims to keep everyone happy. Maggie asks if he’s forgetting someone as she thought Gabi helped engineer this deal. Maggie thinks Gabi will be upset when she learns that she’s not getting the Titan job. “Jake” tells her not to worry as he can handle Gabi. Gabi gets increasingly more upset as she listens.

Allie points out that Ava is Rafe’s girlfriend, so she questions why she wouldn’t help in figuring out who is framing him. Nicole responds that Ava and Rafe’s relationship is complicated. Allie questions if she’s suggesting that Ava could be the one framing Rafe. Nicole repeats that she doesn’t have proof. Allie questions why would Rafe’s own girlfriend would want to frame him for a crime. Nicole explains that lately, she’s been getting the sense that Ava is having some anger issues at Rafe and her. Allie asks why Ava would be mad at Nicole and then realizes there is something going on between her and Rafe.

Jake goes to get coffee but there is none left as Ava says Rafe was the one who would usually put on a second pot. Jake mentions that he’s sorry for everything going on with him as he didn’t see that coming. Ava responds that neither did he. Jake remarks that if anyone was going to get nailed for corruption, he would’ve thought it would be her. Ava says he makes a fair point but notes that Jake and Gabi aren’t as pure as snow either. Ava reminds Jake that they were in the same business, while Gabi may not have been convicted of most of her crimes but her rap sheet is almost as long as hers. Ava calls Gabi a killer with a nice wardrobe.

Gabi continues listening in as Maggie says she thought Jake and Gabi were equal partners. “Jake” says some partners are more equal than others as he assures that he has Gabi under control. Gabi then storms off after hearing that. Maggie asks if they have anything else to discuss. “Jake” thinks that covers it all. Maggie offers to walk him out but he says he knows his own way. Maggie says she will let Victor know what they discussed. “Jake” says it was a pleasure doing business with her as Maggie then exits. The Devil as “Jake” then transforms back in to Johnny. Johnny declares that if that doesn’t drive Gabi and Jake apart, he doesn’t know what will.

Paulina questions what Chanel means by things are just starting to heat up. Paulina questions if she actually wants to deal with the fallout of serving Johnny divorce papers. Chanel says she’d rather not, but she’s not going to run from it either as she needs to be able to keep an eye on him. Paulina argues that’s what lawyers are for. Paulina thinks Chanel needs something to take her mind off of Johnny like fun in the sun with her family. Chanel feels it’s wrong to leave. Paulina guesses she just needs to be in control like her mom. Paulina says she’d only be a phone call away. Chanel adds that even if she wanted to leave town, she’s contractually obligated to stay…

TR asks Lani if he can come in because he’d rather not have this conversation in the hallway, so Lani allows him in. TR adds that she doesn’t have to be wary of him. Lani says she’s heard otherwise. TR brings up Paulina not mentioning that Chanel was her sister. Lani doesn’t see what her relationship with Chanel has to do with TR and Johnny. TR says it doesn’t, it has to do with their relationship. Lani argues that they don’t have a relationship and asks what she’s missing here. TR explains that when he bumped in to Paulina, she told him that Chanel was her only child which obviously isn’t true. Lani guesses he has financial interest in Chanel’s lawsuit because of his stake in Johnny’s movie and says Paulina probably didn’t want him to get to Chanel through her. TR declares that’s not why she lied..

Gabi walks outside, questioning how Jake could betray her like this after everything they’ve been through and he just sells her out like she doesn’t matter. Gabi’s phone rings and she says she thought her phone was dead. She answers a call from Johnny, who claims he’s calling to see how her visit with Maggie went. Gabi says it didn’t. Johnny thought she was going to talk to her. Gabi responds that she did go to see her but that two faced son of a bitch beat her to the punch. Johnny asks if something happened. Gabi responds that somebody stabbed her in the back. Johnny smiles and asks where she is as he tells her that he will be right there.

Allie questions Nicole about her and Rafe. Nicole tells her that it was just one time and they are not having an affair. Nicole explains that she was scared, Rafe was there to comfort her and one thing led to another. Allie understands but asks if she’s sure it’s just a one time thing. Nicole says they were just discussing that right before he was arrested. Nicole insists that they are not going to have an affair behind Ava’s back and adds that they don’t even know if Ava knows what happened between them. Nicole worries that if Ava does know, then she’s lashing out at Rafe for betraying her, so she feels responsible to help. Allie calls her a good person. Nicole doesn’t feel like it but thanks her. Nicole reminds Allie that this is just a theory, so she asks her not to say anything to anyone about this. Allie asks if she means not even Tripp.

Tripp goes to see Ava which makes her happy. Tripp figured Ava would be at the police station with Rafe. Ava mentions that he is meeting his lawyer today. Tripp hopes that goes well. Ava asks what his visit is for. Tripp informs her that he kind of made a really big life decision, so he wanted her to be among the first to know. Tripp reveals that he’s going to ask Allie to marry him. Ava calls it wonderful and hugs him, saying she’s so happy for him. Tripp asks if she really means that.

Paulina questions Chanel saying she’s contractually obligated to stay in Salem. Chanel says that’s what they tell her. Paulina argues that Allie can’t make her run the Bakery against her will. Chanel explains that it’s not the Bakery, but the movie. Paulina thought that was in turn around. Chanel says now it’s out and he’s making it again. Paulina remarks that Johnny just threw away the best thing to ever happen to him and questions him still wanting her in the movie. Chanel doesn’t know if Johnny does, but the studio definitely does as the guy who came to talk to her made that very clear. Paulina asks what guy. Chanel informs her that he actually said he and Paulina go way back and his name was TR Coates.

Lani questions TR knowing why Paulina lied to him. TR explains that he knew Paulina over 30 years ago and they had a relationship, so when Chanel told him that Lani was Paulina’s daughter, he did the math. TR reveals that he realized that he could be Lani’s father. Lani laughs it off and thinks he’s confused because his father was some guy named Ray. TR then confirms that’s Terrell Raymond Coates.

Nicole tells Allie that she knows it’s a lot to ask but Ava is Tripp’s mother. Nicole is sure Allie doesn’t like hiding things from Tripp. Allie admits she hates it. Nicole apologizes as the last thing she wants to do is make her lie to her boyfriend. Nicole pleads with Allie to do this for her.

Ava asks Tripp why she wouldn’t be happy that his son is proposing to his girlfriend. Tripp brings up that a few weeks ago, Ava thought Allie and Chanel had more than friendship and she thought Allie was going to break his heart. Ava admits she suspected they might be more than friends. Tripp then says the way she went on about it, he wasn’t sure if she was talking about him and Allie or her and Rafe. Ava knows he asked her that and admits he was probably right because she and Rafe were going through some stuff and she shouldn’t have projected it on to him. Tripp asks what kind of stuff and if she was afraid that Rafe had feelings for someone else. Ava declares it doesn’t matter as she figured out a way to work through it. Ava thinks Allie is a great girl. Ava adds that she will always be an overprotective mom, but she sees Allie makes him happy and that’s all she can ever hope for as she wants nothing but the best for him. Tripp tells her the same as they hug.

Jake goes to the DiMera Mansion looking for Gabi and Johnny but they aren’t there so he wonders where they are.

Johnny finds Gabi outside and asks if she’s okay, noting that she looks upset. Gabi complains that the man she’s been with just threw her under the bus and stabbed her in the back. Johnny asks her to tell him everything that happened. Gabi explains that she went to see Maggie but “Jake” was already there so she listened in and heard him say it would be no problem if Victor didn’t make her CEO of Titan as long as he got what he wanted. Johnny calls him a double dealing bastard.

Paulina questions Chanel talking to TR Coates. Chanel explains that he stopped by the bakery to inform her and Allie that he was holding them to their contracts. Paulina asks about her name coming up. Chanel says that he said he knew her from back in the day and that he bumped into her yesterday and met Lani too. Chanel mentions that TR thought Lani was her cousin, so she told him that he was mixed up because Lani is her sister which causes Paulina to worry.

Lani tells TR that Paulina has told her all about him and tells him to get away from her. TR tries to explain but Lani yells at him to get out. Lani threatens to get her gun. TR insists that he’s not the same man that he was when he was with Paulina as he gave up the drugs and got sober. TR talks about all the therapy he’s been through. TR promises that he’s a different man now, one that she could be proud to call her father.

Nicole apologizes for putting Allie in this position with Tripp. Nicole adds that if she could just find some proof, they wouldn’t have to keep it a secret. Allie says there has to be a way to figure it out. Nicole assures that she’s trying but she can’t just go to Rafe’s to start looking through Ava’s things, because if she shows up there then Ava will know she’s on to her and she’s already suspicious of her. Allie then asks what about her. Nicole says no, Allie can’t get go through Ava’s things because she can’t betray Tripp like that.

Tripp tells Ava that he was going to ask Allie’s parents in person for their blessing but they are out of town and he can’t get a hold of them, so he figured asking her grandfather was the next best thing. Ava asks what Roman said. Tripp confirms that he gave their blessing. Ava jokes that he knows he couldn’t ask for a better grandson in law. Ava encourages that Tripp is a great man, a doctor, and will be a wonderful father to Henry. Tripp hopes so as he loves him so much. Ava knows Henry will grow up to be an incredible man with Tripp in his life. Ava asks when Tripp is going to pop the question. Tripp says he was thinking about Valentine’s Day but he has to find the right ring and is trying to figure out what he can afford. Ava tells him to hold that thought and steps out of the room.

Johnny says it’s no wonder Gabi is upset. Gabi cries about Jake saying he loved her so she never thought he could do something like this. Johnny remarks that he never fully trusted Jake. Gabi brings up that Jake told her this morning that he was worried about Johnny. Johnny tells Gabi that he’s sorry that Jake hurt her like this, but at least now, she can see him for what he really is. Johnny calls Jake a second-rate DiMera trying to prove himself so he can’t appreciate what she brings to the table. Johnny praises Gabi and says that Jake is lucky to have her as a business partner, so if he can’t see that then he doesn’t deserve it. Gabi agrees and calls Jake a backstabbing creep. Gabi wants to go confront him but Johnny stops her and says maybe she shouldn’t.

Paulina questions Chanel telling TR Coates that Lani is her sister which she confirms. Chanel asks what the big deal is since it’s all out in the open now. Chanel questions why it matters if some random stranger knows the truth. Paulina orders Chanel to go home right now and pack her bag. Chanel questions the hurry. Paulina tells her to just do it and be ready to go to the airport as soon as she gets back from picking up Lani. Paulina then rushes off, leaving Chanel confused.

Lani questions why she would want anything to do with TR. Lani talks about not knowing Paulina was her mother for all these years because they told her that she was her aunt while her sister raised her as her own. TR says he didn’t know that. Lani complains that her own mother gave her child away because she was so afraid of TR finding out she existed. Lani questions TR just expecting her to run in to his arms and call him daddy. TR realizes he’s a stranger to her but swears he’s a changed man and he just wants to get to know his daughter.

Jake continues calling out for Gabi and Johnny, wondering where they are.

Gabi asks Johnny why she shouldn’t confront Jake right now. Johnny says she can do what she wants, but suggests not being so quick to throw away her advantage. Johnny can’t imagine how much it must have hurt to hear what “Jake” said but maybe it’s good that she did, because now she has the upper hand. Gabi questions him wanting her to act as dumb as Jake thinks she is. Johnny says to let Jake think he’s the only one playing both sides since he still has his shares. Johnny suggests working behind Jake’s back to relieve him of his shares. Gabi agrees that turnaround is fair play. Johnny points out that she has the element of surprise and he thinks they can do great things together. Johnny declares they can run this town and maybe even shake up the whole world. Gabi agrees and says for them to take everything. Gabi says she’ll be in touch and walks away as Devil Johnny laughs.

Ava presents Tripp with her grandmother’s wedding ring. Tripp calls it amazing but says he can’t take it. Ava calls it a family heirloom. Ava adds that it’s not like she has a daughter to pass it down to. Tripp asks if she’s sure. Ava assures that nothing would make her happier than to see her future daughter in law with that ring on her finger. Tripp can’t wait to give it to her and thanks Ava. Ava responds that she’s just so happy that he’s found someone who loves him as much as she does.

Allie joins Chanel at the bakery and says she brought extra chowder. Chanel thanks her but says she’s not hungry. Allie asks if she’s okay. Chanel says she doesn’t know and asks if they can talk so they sit on the bench. Allie asks what’s going on. Chanel might need her to cover for her at the Bakery for awhile because Paulina wants her to go to Miami with her right now. Allie asks if she’s going to go. Chanel says at first, she didn’t want to but now she is thinking it might be a good idea to get away and put some distance between her and the terrible situation with Johnny, the divorce, and other things. Allie asks if by other things, she means sleeping with her.

TR tells Lani that he knows how complicated this situation is. Lani argues that it’s not complicated because he is not her father. Lani says she already has a father and he is the best man she knows. TR is happy to hear that but says that doesn’t mean they can’t get to know each other. TR suggests taking the first steps today. Paulina arrives and yells for TR to get the hell away from Lani. TR questions Paulina admitting that Lani is her daughter. Paulina continues to yell at him to get out. TR warns that she can kick her out but that doesn’t change the fact that Lani is his daughter too. Paulina argues that Lani is nothing to him and never will be. TR knows he missed a lot of years and he’ll never be able to get those back, but promises he will do whatever he has to do to be a father to Lani now. TR then walks out as Paulina hugs Lani.

Gabi walks outside and runs in to Jake, who says he’s been looking everywhere for her. Jake mentions stopping by the DiMera Mansion but she and Johnny weren’t there. Gabi guesses he just missed them and asks what he’s been up to. Jake says he stopped by Ben’s new place to see him and then stopped at home where he ran in to Ava, but Gabi wasn’t there, as he’s been looking for her. Gabi asks if that’s it. Jake says he’s here now. Gabi calls it a busy day.

Tripp asks Ava if she’s sure she’s fine with him taking the ring instead of wanting it for herself. Tripp brings up Rafe but Ava assures that he won’t have to worry about that. Tripp asks if Ava is okay. Ava says her love life has been spotty and she’s been hurt more times than she can count, but she still believes in happily ever after. Ava tells Tripp that she loves him as they hug. Tripp then exits the house. Ava sits back down and opens her tablet to a photo of her and Rafe. Ava declares that they could’ve had their happily ever after but Rafe threw it all away and now he’ll have to pay for that.

Chanel tells Allie that she wasn’t talking about what happened between them. Allie asks if she’s sure. Chanel says she is and she just meant her divorce, the movie, and needing to get away from Johnny. Chanel promises Allie that this isn’t about them sleeping together right as Johnny appears behind them.

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