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Recap written by Christine

Victoria, Nikki and Victor were at the main house, and they were meeting about Newman Media. Victor asked if Victoria didn’t want to wait for Ashland. She said he wouldn’t be joining them because he had an appointment to monitor his cancer treatment, but she’d fill him in later. Nikki thought it was wonderful how well the treatment was working. Victor mused that it almost seemed miraculous. Victoria called Ashland’s new treatment a godsend. Victor wondered if there was another reason Ashland wasn’t here today. Victoria reiterated that Ashland had an appointment; he wasn’t skipping out on the meeting. She said that when Ashland was getting chemotherapy, the side effects were awful, and it was hard for him to put on a good face. Now he was on a new treatment and getting stronger every day. Victor wondered why Ashland went all the way to Peru for treatment, when the best institutions were here in the USA. Victoria asked what Victor really wanted to say. Nikki thought Victor just wanted to know if Ashland was as well as he seemed to be. Victor wanted to know what the future held – Ashland had said he wanted to be more involved in the business, and Victor asked if Ashland would be able to withstand the stress. Victoria said that Ashland would do as much work as his health would allow. Victor commented again that Ashland seemed to have made a miraculous recovery.

Ashland was with Nate at Society. Ashland said he’d never believed in miracles until now. Nate replied that advances in medicine could feel miraculous. Nate admitted he’d had grave doubts about this protocol, given the unproven nature of the treatment, and how advanced Ashland’s cancer was. He said the results spoke for themselves – Ashland’s disease had stopped progressing. Ashland said the universe cut him a break. In the beginning, he had no intention of seeking treatment, but Victoria refused to accept it, and he fought his cancer for her. He knew he wasn’t out of the woods, but he was pleased he’d come so far. The treatment exceeded Nate’s expectations, and he’d never been happier to be wrong.

Lauren and Michael were at a table across from Ashland and Nate’s. Michael wasn’t listening to Lauren’s story about work, because he was focused on the next table. Lauren asked why Michael was fixated on Nate and Ashland. After swearing Lauren to secrecy, he revealed that there were some issues surrounding the clinic behind Ashland’s new protocol. The clinic was registered as a non-profit, but nobody knew where the funding was coming from. Michael explained that Ashland had been flexing his muscles around Newman/Locke since he began to recover, and that had Victor concerned about how it’d affect Victoria. When Victor heard about the clinic’s curious accounting, he became very suspicious.

Lauren suggested that non-profits in Peru didn’t have to be as transparent as they would in the US. She pointed out that a few months ago, Victor and Nikki welcomed Ashland into the family with an elaborate wedding, and now Victor was trying to undermine it. Michael said Victor was always ten moves ahead, and that made working for him so interesting. Lauren didn’t see why Ashland going back into the workforce was cause for suspicion. Michael thought it was probably good to be cautious of Ashland, given his history and reputation. “It is one thing to make allowances for a man who is about to die, but it is another thing now that it looks like he’s going to live,” Michael said.

Chelsea and Chloe packed up the penthouse for Chelsea’s move. Growing up in crummy hotels with Anita, Chelsea could’ve never imagined a place like the penthouse, and now she was about to walk out the door for the last time. She worked so hard to build a life here, and now there were just memories. She felt like a failure. Adamant that Chelsea was not a failure, Chloe made some optimistic comments about starting over. Chloe said Chelsea was taking control and reinventing herself, and once she closed this chapter, she could move forward to the future. Chelsea thought Chloe meant a future without Adam. “I am not gonna lecture you about what’s-his-name,” Chloe promised. Chloe said it sucked when life didn’t go as planned. She thought it was a good thing that Chelsea made the choice to take care of herself by moving out of the penthouse. Chloe said Chelsea was taking her power back. Chloe promised she’d always be there for Chelsea. They acknowledged they’d been through a lot together. There was a flashback to years ago. It was Christmas, and Chelsea had made it clear that she wanted Chloe to respect her decision to be with Adam. Chelsea then asked Chloe to be Connor’s godmother and raise him if anything happened to her and Adam. Chloe accepted, and they hugged. In the present, Chelsea called Chloe her rock. Chloe had a feeling things were going to turn around for them again.

Sally ran into Adam at Crimson Lights. He asked how she was doing, and she joked that she was going to become a professional snowboarder now that she was out of a job. He wanted to know how she was really doing. She admitted she was freaked out about her future. Sally came to this town to start over. She left Beverly Hills, one of the most glamorous places on earth, and came to Genoa City. She became Lauren’s gofer even though she’d run her own fashion house. And it was all for nothing. Adam pointed out that Sally played a role in the troubles she’d experienced. She conceded that she was responsible for a few of those roadblocks, but not this one. She put Newman Media on the map with the wedding dress. She felt she was a genius, but she was out of a job and out in the cold – she couldn’t even go to the beach to make herself feel better. He invited her to Society with him. She called it the best offer she had all day, then she admitted it was her only offer. He replied that the day wasn’t over.

Chloe and Chelsea met with Lauren at Society and Michael left. Lauren thought it was nice seeing the pair together again, and she said Chloe and Chelsea sparked off each other. Lauren said she and Chloe got over their issues surrounding Victoria’s dress. Lauren alluded the things Chelsea did when she worked for Lauren. Chelsea admitted that she’d behaved abominably. Lauren said they were putting that behind them, but it’d factor into her thinking. Chelsea said she’d changed and was focused on making a stable environment for her son. Chloe and Chelsea told Lauren that working together could be beneficial for them all. Sally arrived just in time to overhear Lauren say she’d entertain any proposal as long as it didn’t include Sally.

Sally walked over and said there was so much talent at one table. Lauren thought it was too bad Sally didn’t trust her own talent, because it was enough to make her a star. Sally was grateful Chloe gave her a chance after the mistake she made, and she was proud of everything they did together. Chloe was sorry it didn’t work out. Chelsea let Sally know she was interrupting a meeting. Adam arrived. Chloe wished Sally luck. Lauren coolly said Sally would land somewhere eventually. Adam put his arm around Sally and announced that she was coming to work with him at Newman Media. He offered her his arm, she took it, and they walked to the bar. Just as they were about to sit down, Adam got a call and had to step away from the table.

Ashland asked if Nate had given more thought to the job offer. Nate wondered if Ashland only wanted to hire him because of their friendship. Ashland made the offer because he trusted his gut. He said Nate would need mentoring and guidance, but he had all the tools he needed, and he had an invaluable worldview because he’d worked with people facing life and death problems. Nate was flattered, but he wasn’t ready to turn his back on medicine. Ashland understood, but he said the offer still stood. He wanted someone with Nate’s integrity and intellect to be on his team. Michael was outside on the phone. He thanked someone for the information, as he watched Ashland leave the table.

Michael went inside after Ashland left and approached Nate to dig for information. Michael was relieved to see Ashland was improving. He brought up the experimental protocol. Michael had his own bout with cancer, so he knew that at a certain point, people were willing to try any treatment. He asked if Nate thought this treatment was the breakthrough the world had been waiting for. Nate only had Ashland’s case to go on, but the evidence was compelling. He made an offhand remark that the results were almost too good to be true. Nate left, and Adam walked up and asked what Michael was doing for Victor. Michael said they hadn’t finalized that, but he thought Victor was a restless man who saw Michael as a kindred spirit. Michael left.

Adam joined Sally. She thanked him for the save, which she assumed he did to make her look less pathetic. She said she’d tell people later that they couldn’t come to terms on the job offer. “As much as I enjoyed that mic-drop moment, I actually have been considering offering you a job. For real,” he told her. He knew her goal was to turn the platform into an actual fashion house, because design was her passion. Sally said Victoria pulled the plug on all of it. Adam said Sally was business savvy, and she had drive, and Victoria liked her, which was half the battle. Adam knew this wasn’t a dream scenario, and he didn’t even know what she’d do or what her title would be. “A job is yours if you want it,” he said. She took his hand, which caught Chelsea’s eye. Sally wanted the job.

Chloe said they’d be willing to do an exclusive line for Fenmore’s. Chelsea wasn’t participating in the discussion, because she was watching Sally and Adam. Chloe touched Chelsea’s arm, and Chelsea began to take part in the pitch. When Chelsea faltered, Chloe was there to keep the talk going. Lauren loved what she heard, and she wanted to meet again after Chloe and Chelsea put together a business plan. Chelsea said she was thrilled, but she looked depressed as she watched Adam and Sally toasting.

After Lauren left, Chelsea told Chloe her speech was brilliant. Chelsea apologized for getting too distracted to fully contribute. Chloe understood this was an emotional day for Chelsea. Chelsea said it was no excuse – this was important. Chloe was glad Chelsea recognized that. Chelsea wanted to know why Adam came to Sally’s rescue and pretended to offer her a job. Chelsea could tell Sally was shocked, which meant this position didn’t exist. Chelsea was sick of the games. Chloe told her not to engage, and Chelsea said it wasn’t that easy. Chloe said Adam had his company sold out from under him, and Sally got cut loose, but Chloe and Chelsea were on to bigger and better things. As they were leaving, Sally approached and said it was exciting that they were all taking on new challenges, or hoping to in Chelsea and Chloe’s case. Sally wished them luck with Lauren, who could be a stickler. Adam returned with Sally’s coat and put it over her shoulders. Sally said she was headed to the office to discuss the details of her new job. Chloe gave Chelsea’s arm a squeeze. Adam and Sally left, and Chelsea reminded herself to keep her eyes on the prize.

Sally and Adam went to his office. Earlier, she’d felt rotten and sick of all the backstabbing and maneuvering that was directed at her, but now… She hugged him and thanked him for the chance. They stared into each other’s eyes.

Ashland went to Victoria’s office, and she was glad when he said that the cancer was in check. He said he’d been bracing for the worst, but she told him to only think positive thoughts. He felt impossibly lucky, and they kissed. He wanted to hear about her meeting. She said her father was curious why he wasn’t there. Ashland thought that was funny, because he sensed Victor would rather deal with Victoria alone, then when Ashland wasn’t there, Victor questioned it. Victoria said her father was always looking for a reason to be disappointed. Victoria said Victor kept wondering about Ashland’s treatment and his overall health.

Victoria said Victor claimed he wanted to know what things would look like moving forward. Ashland said he didn’t know, because the treatment was new. All he knew was that he was happy to have today. Victoria thought that Victor had also been trying to shake her up a little bit. “I’m sure my dad wants me to act like a proper Newman and see you as a threat,” she said. He noted that Victor liked him well enough when it looked like he’d be dying soon, but now it looked like Ashland might get well enough to help run Victor’s empire. “What was he thinking? That I would use these gifts that I’ve gotten to undermine my wife?,” he asked. Victoria said this was all coming from her dad, and her mom was trying to keep the peace. Ashland wished Victor would stop trying to plant doubts into Victoria’s head. Victoria loved how cool and calm Ashland was about this. He said he wasn’t like the other men in her life. He was used to squaring off with his fellow masters of the universe and besting them. Ashland said Victor expected unconditional loyalty from his children, but he reserved the right to shift his own loyalties as he saw fit. Ashland had observed that Victor’s go-to move was to keep all his kids off balance. Ashland said Victor was trying to subvert Victoria’s trust in Ashland. “He realizes that you and I are much more formidable as a team. And I think that he was hoping that my illness would keep me from being a force at Newman/Locke,” Ashland said. Ashland stated that Victor would have to contend with the fact that Ashland would be a full partner in this business with Victoria. “I’m back. And whatever Victor may be planning, I will stand with you,” Ashland stated.

Michael went to Victor’s and reported that he saw Ashland and Nate. Michael thought it was strange that the pair were so chummy. Victor knew that Nate offered Ashland some treatment suggestions. Michael still didn’t think it made sense for Nate and Ashland to be friends. Michael said Nate was a genuinely good person who dedicated his life to healing people, while the Locke Ness monster apparently liked to crush his enemies before breakfast. Victor conceded that people could change after confronting their mortality, but he also found it odd that Ashland asked Nate to be his best man without really knowing him. “Decency by association,” Michael suggested. Michael said he asked Nate about the cancer protocol Nate was on. Michael repeated Nate’s offhand remark that it was almost too good to be true. Michael wondered if Ashland was lying and this treatment wasn’t really stopping the spread of the cancer, and if so, what would be the motive for that?

Victor wasn’t sure what Ashland’s motives were, but something didn’t seem right. Michael did some digging earlier and learned that there was a shell company financing the clinic in Peru. “Guess who the trail leads back to,” Michael said. It was Ashland. Victor wondered why Ashland would conceal the fact that he was funding a clinic in Peru, a clinic that had a therapy that saved his life.

Victor wanted Michael to travel to Peru and stay there as long as it took to figure out what was going on. Victor was unfazed when Michael pointed out that he’d set boundaries for this job and said Lauren was his priority. Michael knew Lauren would not be happy about him taking off to South America. He groaned in frustration, but he accepted the assignment, because he was eager to unravel this mystery. Victor smiled, and said he knew this would pique Michael’s interest. Victor raised his glass. Michael glared, but he did the same, and they clinked drinks.

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