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Recap written by Christine

At Top of the Tower, Kyle stated that weddings were usually solemn occasions; they had to be when two people were declaring their love in front of everyone. While Mariah and Tessa were serious about their love, Kyle promised the guests that this wedding would be the funkiest grooviest most bad-ass wedding the guests ever attended. Everyone clapped and cheered. Tessa and Mariah wrote their own vows. Tessa had given up on love, but Mariah broke down all her walls and embraced every side of her. Their connection filled Mariah’s soul and inspired her. Every song she wrote was about Mariah and the love they shared. “Everything that I’ve learned about love is because of you.” Tessa couldn’t wait for their future. She promised to be a partner, best friend, champion and shoulder to lean on, now and always. Tessa and Mariah were both in tears. Diane stood in the shadows and watched Kyle officiate the ceremony. The brides exchanged rings, and Kyle announced them officially married. Mariah and Tessa stared into each other’s eyes, then they shared their first kiss as wives. Everyone applauded.

Mariah had wanted this for so long, but she couldn’t believe she was here. Growing up, wishes like this didn’t come true for Mariah. Two miracles happened for Mariah – she met her mom and learned to love, so she was ready when Tessa came along. At the time, Mariah just thought she’d met an amazing person who’d become her friend. Jack looked at Phyllis. Mariah recalled their first date – the one Kyle set up. When Tessa held Mariah’s hand, it felt right. Mariah was grateful for Tessa. She thought Tessa was magic, and everything she touched turned to gold. Mariah said they were going to start their own family, and that would be golden too. Mariah took Tessa’s hand and promised to be with her, through good times and bad. “I love you and I am yours. Today, tomorrow and forever.”

Allie was at the Abbott house when Summer came in. The role of Summer is now being played by Allison Lanier. Summer introduced herself to Allie, who helped her with her bags. Summer laughed about her inability to pack light for this trip and said she was her mother’s daughter. Allie mentioned that Phyllis was one of the big reasons she was here. Phyllis supported Allie and Jack spending time together. Summer said Allie must’ve passed the test, because Phyllis was super-protective of Jack and of everyone she loved. Allie saw that side of Phyllis when she found out Kyle’s mom was alive. Summer said this whole thing had been hard on Kyle. Summer said her flight was delayed, so she was late, but they’d better get dressed and get to the wedding. Allie wasn’t planning to go.

Summer said that she was sure Allie was invited. Allie said Jack asked her to attend, but she wasn’t comfortable going. She’d never even met the happy couple. Summer said that they were the more-the-merrier types, and if Mariah wanted Summer there, she’d surely welcome Allie. Summer said as big of a pain as Mariah was, she was Kyle’s best friend, and Tessa was pretty cool. Allie was a big fan of Tessa’s music. Summer was sure they’d missed the boring parts of the wedding, and by the time they got there, the party would be started. Allie wasn’t a party person. Summer teased that Allie shouldn’t stay in this probably haunted house by herself. Allie agreed to go, but she didn’t have any clothes, but Summer had plenty of stuff in her suitcase.

Faith announced Mariah and Tessa on the dance floor, and they shared their first dance as a married couple. They marveled that they did it. As they watched, Nick told Sharon he knew she was thinking Rey would’ve loved this. That was exactly what she was thinking. She knew he would’ve declared this the most beautiful wedding he’d ever seen since theirs. Nick said Rey and Cassie were here. Kevin and Chloe talked. He told her there was a time he thought Mariah and Tessa wouldn’t make it, but they taught him that the power of love could conquer all. Chloe lightly smacked Kevin and his and her love should’ve taught him that. Everything they’d been through should’ve proved that if two people were meant to be, they were meant to be, she said. He said he and Chloe were written in the stars, and there was never any doubting their love. Chloe said a few years ago, this wedding wouldn’t have happened because it wasn’t legal. She felt that two people should be able to marry whoever they wanted – that was the true power of love. He agreed, then he lead her out to the dance floor. Tessa and Mariah were deliriously happy. They kissed. Many of the guests were on the dance floor. Tessa needed a break. Mariah protested because this was a dance competition, and she wanted them to get the grand prize. Tessa said she already had the grand prize. Amanda, Abby and Chance came up to congratulate the couple. Mariah wanted to dance with all of them before the night was over.

Noah and Crystal caught up, and she accepted his offer to dance. Summer and Allie walked in, and Kyle rushed to his wife and hugged her. Summer told Kyle they had a lot to talk about. Kyle apologized because he didn’t notice Allie at first. She told him he didn’t need to apologize for being happy to see his wife. Jack and Phyllis went over to hug Summer. Jack told Allie she looked beautiful. He accurately guessed that Summer dragged Allie here, and alluded to Summer inheriting her persuasiveness from Phyllis. Allie was uncomfortable in the crowd, but she consented when Jack offered to show her around. Summer told Allie she was doing great. Phyllis saw that Summer and Kyle wanted time alone, so she walked off. Diane watched Summer and Kyle kiss.

Amanda was curious when she learned Mariah and Tessa were going on a honeymoon to a confidential locale. Tessa and Amanda went off to chat. Devon was so happy for Mariah. She was happy he was here to celebrate. He said they’d been through friendship, business, dating, friendship again, and she’d helped bring an amazing new life into the world. He said she was glowing today. She said marriage was turning her into a sap. She said she wouldn’t be here or with Tessa without Devon. She started crying, and they hugged, while Tessa and Amanda smiled at them.

Abby loved Allie’s dress. Allie said Summer helped her. Abby adopted a strained smile. Jack wanted Allie to meet Chance, but Chance said they met briefly earlier. He welcomed her to Genoa City. Jack excused himself and Allie, so they could greet the happy couple. Allie met Mariah and Tessa, and they welcomed her warmly. Allie said Summer told her they’d react this way. Mariah said Summer was a lot to take, but she and Kyle were perfect together.

Amanda ended up with Phyllis. She thought it was significant that Jack invited Phyllis to the wedding. Amanda noted that Phyllis said she and Jack were just friends, but people didn’t just attend weddings together as buddies. Phyllis said Jack just invited her because Summer would be here, but Amanda didn’t buy it.

Summer reunited with Faith and Nick. Faith was brimming with questions about Milan, but Nick guided her away so Kyle and Summer could talk. Kyle was glad Summer was here. He needed her, and he wanted to talk in person, not just in video chat. Diane grew more bold, and she entered the room and looked around. She tensed up when she saw Phyllis glaring at her. Phyllis was going to confront Diane when Jack walked up and expressed relief to get one night where he didn’t have to think about Diane. Diane resumed hiding, and Phyllis distracted Jack by pulling him out to the dance floor.

Jack was enjoying himself on the dance floor, and that made Phyllis happy because she had something to tell him. She told him not to worry, because she had it under control, but Diane was here. Jack was angry, but not surprised. Phyllis said her first instinct was to rush Diane, but she didn’t want to ruin Mariah and Tessa’s night. Phyllis thought Diane just wanted to watch Kyle. Jack said she’d better not make a scene. Phyllis said she wouldn’t let that happen.

Noah and Crystal were talking about his life in London when Abby came up to welcome Crystal back and speak highly of Rey for what he’d done. Abby couldn’t imagine what Crystal had been through. Crystal had put it all behind her. Abby said to let her know if she needed anything. Crystal heard from Tessa that Abby was doing well and had a husband and baby. Abby had never been happier.

Chance approached Sharon and noted that she’d been by herself most of the night. He correctly concluded that she was thinking about Rey. She said someone told her Rey was here tonight, probably on the dance floor. Chance was sure that was true. He encouraged Sharon to get out there and have some joy too.

Summer congratulated Mariah and Tessa. Mariah was skeptical of the sentiment. Summer thought everyone deserved a chance at love and happiness, even Mariah. Summer hugged Tessa, but she got rebuffed when she went to hug Mariah. Summer thought the dresses were perfect, so much nicer than what Mariah usually wore. Mariah said Summer hadn’t changed. Summer was just joking. Motherhood and marriage changed Summer a lot, and she knew that Mariah and Tessa would have that experience too. Summer thought it would be awesome for them, and they deserved it. Mariah was waiting for the jab, but Summer sincerely wished them nothing but happiness. Tessa and Kyle encouraged Mariah to say thanks, and she grudgingly did. Kyle spotted his mother and excused himself to confront her.

Kyle noted that Diane had showed up at the house unannounced and now she was here. He wanted to know what she was doing. She said she wanted to watch him officiate. He wasn’t happy she came at all, but he stated that the wedding had been over for awhile, and she was still here. She wasn’t planning to make a grand announcement or anything. He didn’t care. He didn’t want the event to become about her, so he wanted her to leave. She asked if she could say hi to Summer before she left. He thought that could wait. She said that Summer was his wife and her daughter in law so it would mean a lot to her. Before anything could happen, Kevin took center stage.

Kevin gave his man of honor speech. He said it had been a long road full of twists and turn, but he was so happy Tessa and Mariah made it. He told them that everyone in the room was crazy about them, and they’d all been rooting for this couple for years. “Your happiness is our happiness. Your joy is our joy and your love is our love.” Everyone raised a glass. Tessa and Mariah thanked everyone for coming. “Even Summer,” Mariah said. Tessa teased Mariah about being weepy. They said the party had been a little tame, but now it was time for the real party to begin. Everyone got back on the dance floor.

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