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Eric and Sloan have dinner together in her apartment. Sloan thanks him for cooking. Eric apologizes since he came over to settle his attorney fees and ended up talking her ear off about Nicole. Sloan promises she doesn’t mind and says break ups are rough. Sloan comments that it sounds like Eric really loved her. Eric confirms that he did but remarks that she moved on quickly as she’s now shacking up with her other ex-husband..

EJ enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and questions who left the side doors open as he shuts them. Nicole comes in and tells him about finally getting Holly to sleep. EJ hopes she doesn’t have trouble sleeping in an unfamiliar house. Nicole says Holly has fond memories from when she lived here with Chloe and Stefan, so she thinks it will be an easy transition. Nicole thanks EJ again for doing this. EJ then pours them drinks as they sit together. Nicole asks how his day was but they are interrupted by Sister Mary Moira walking in and questioning what is going on here. She declares that she got there just in time.

Gwen reveals to Leo that it was Xander who kidnapped Bonnie and Susan. Leo is shocked as Gwen reminds him that this has to remain top secret. Leo questions why she’s telling him then. Gwen explains that she had no choice because Bonnie found out that Xander was the culprit, so she needs Leo to help get Bonnie off of Xander’s scent.

Bonnie wakes up tied up in a chair and looks over to see Xander knocked out and tied up as well. Bonnie calls out to him to wake him up. Xander asks where they are and what’s going on. Bonnie says for Xander to tell her because she knows he’s the clown who kidnapped her, so she questions what he’s trying to pull.

Justin calls Rafe and says it’s not like Bonnie to disappear without telling him where she is. Justin thanks him and says he’ll see him soon as he hangs up. Justin then tells Alex that Rafe is on his way. Alex informs Justin that Maggie and Sonny went down to the gardening shed, but he highly doubts Bonnie would return to the crime scene. Alex adds that he called Mimi but she hasn’t heard from her either. Justin remarks that he’s getting a sickening feeling of deja vu.

Xander insists to Bonnie that he’s not the one who kidnapped her and Susan. Bonnie argues that she had him dead to rights and was going to tell Justin when someone knocked her out from behind. Bonnie asks if it was one of his co-conspirators which he denies. Bonnie adds that it can’t be Ava, so she questions who Xander is in cahoots with now.

Leo goes to see Gwen at the Horton house and asks what she needs him to do. Gwen explains that knocking out Bonnie was only a temporary fix so she came up with the brilliant solution of making it look like Xander was kidnapped as well, so they are both currently tied up in a warehouse. Leo calls that truly inspired and asks how he fits in to this. Gwen explains that Bonnie needs to see that Xander and the Clown are two different people, so she needs Leo to wear the clown mask.

Sloan goes over to Eric how in a matter of weeks, Nicole was married to Rafe, got back with Eric, and is now possibly hooking up with EJ. Sloan asks if this is typical of Nicole and says it seems so fickle. Eric explains that when they were married, Nicole was fighting her attraction for Rafe and then had a one night stand with Xander, so he says it’s about par for the course.

EJ tells Sister Mary Moira that he and Nicole were merely sharing a nightcap and he doesn’t think that’s a problem. She argues that they are laying Susan to rest tomorrow while EJ is here with a woman that’s not his wife. EJ points out that she used to be. Nicole offers to go but EJ stops her and introduces Nicole to Sister Mary Moira. Mary responds that she knows exactly who Nicole is and comments on her sleeping in Susan’s bed. EJ argues that they are both his invited guests and warns Sister Mary Moira to apologize to Nicole, so she does, but then she calls her a jezebel who lured Eric out of the priesthood and then cheated on him, causing their sacred union to end in divorce.

Eric finishes his drink and says he should probably head home. Sloan points out that he seems kind of reluctant. Eric admits he’s not looking forward to going home since Jada lives right down the hall from him, so it’s not exactly running in to her without being reminded of what she has done. Eric knows that’s not fair and he should respect her choice. Sloan urges him to stop denying his feelings because he’s entitled to be angry or sad about the abortion, especially if she told him that she was keeping the baby. Eric just wishes Jada told him and knows it’s her choice. Eric then admits he’s not mad at Jada, but at Nicole, and questions why Nicole couldn’t just keep her mouth shut. Eric doesn’t want to take his anger out on Jada and he’s afraid if he goes home tonight, he might do that. Sloan then suggests Eric stay here instead.

Rafe goes to the Kiriakis Mansion. Justin explains to him that Bonnie still hasn’t come home and he found her scarf in the park. Justin says he knows Ava is dead, but her minion in the clown mask is still on the loose. Rafe understands his concern but says Bonnie has only been missing for a couple hours so he can’t declare her a missing person, but he will let his officers know and put out an alert. Rafe then steps outside to make the call. Alex comes back in and informs Justin that Sonny and Maggie didn’t find anything in the shed, so they decided to go take a drive to check some of Bonnie’s favorite spots. Justin calls that a good idea and decides he can’t just sit here and wait, so he’s going to do the same thing.

Xander tells Bonnie that he’s not in cahoots with anyone. Bonnie questions who knocked her out then. Xander says it was the kidnapper. Bonnie calls that impossible since he’s the kidnapper. Xander points out that he’s also tied up. Bonnie suggests he’s working with them or he did it himself. Xander calls that nonsense and claims that Bonnie was about to answer Justin’s call when a muscle bound clown in a blue suit knocked them both out. Xander says he put up a fight but they were too strong. Bonnie acknowledges that Xander does look beat up. Xander says the next thing he knew, he woke up tied to the chair. Xander argues that Bonnie has to believe him.

Leo questions Gwen wanting him to pretend to be the clown who kidnapped Bonnie. Gwen insists he would be brilliant and praises him as an impersonator. Leo points out that he hates clowns after his experience in clown school. Gwen notes that she will pay him. Leo acknowledges that he is financially challenged at the moment, so he wants $300 which Gwen agrees to. Gwen tells Leo to hurry to make his grand entrance. Leo points out that he’s not as muscled as Xander and he’s a few inches shorter, so there’s no way that Bonnie will believe he was the original clown. Gwen tells him not to worry as she’s already thought of that.

Justin goes to see Sarah and asks if she’s heard from Bonnie. Sarah questions her not being home yet. Justin says that Maggie told him about what happened at the Pub, so he thought maybe Sarah would have an idea of where she went but she does not. Sarah says that Bonnie said she needed air and suggests maybe she wanted to be alone for a little while. Justin says he thought so but then he found her scarf in the park and called Rafe to look in to it. Justin adds that he may be overreacting but he remembers what happened last time. Sarah tells him that she’s so sorry. Sarah relates because Xander went for a run a really long time ago and now he’s not answering his phone. Sarah is sure it’s probably just a coincidence. Sarah then says she doesn’t want to be disloyal to her husband. Justin urges her to say whatever it is if it could help them find Bonnie. Sarah then reveals that there was a moment where she thought Xander might have been the clown who kidnapped Bonnie.

Bonnie argues that Xander and the Clown are the same height and build. Xander argues that the shed is pretty dark and Bonnie has admitted to being terrible at describing people. Bonnie brings up Xander saying two phrases that the clown said. Xander calls it just a coincidence. Bonnie questions the clown showing up out of nowhere as soon as she accused him. Xander suggests the clown could have been following her and worried that she could identify him since Ava and Susan are both gone. Bonnie admits he talks a good game but she’s not buying it. Bonnie says her gut is telling her that he is the creepy clown. Leo then comes in wearing the clown mask and asks who she’s calling creepy.

Rafe comes back in to the Kiriakis Mansion where Alex asks if there’s any update on Bonnie. Rafe says he’s afraid not but asks where Justin is. Alex informs him that Justin went to go look for Bonnie while he’s staying there in case he hears anything. Rafe decides to head back to the station and tells Alex to let him know if there’s any news. Alex stops Rafe and says he wanted to apologize because it was his idea to put Eric and Nicole on the cover of Bella and they were resistant to it at first, but he practically forced it on them. Alex adds that he heard about Rafe and Nicole splitting up, so he’s truly sorry if he caused problems for their marriage. Rafe responds that there’s nothing to be sorry for and admits that it’s been painful, but it’s for the best. Alex thanks Rafe for being so cool about it and they shake hands. Alex adds that Eric has been the opposite as he blew up at him for even suggesting that he and Nicole do another cover. Rafe mentions that he did hear Eric and Nicole had a pretty major fight. Alex says that explains it and asks if they are good now. Rafe doesn’t know and says he couldn’t care less.

EJ tells Sister Mary Moira that he’s not kicking Nicole out as she’s a friend and she’s in a bind. Sister Mary Moira calls Nicole a corruptor of souls. EJ points out that he’s not a saint. Nicole tells him it’s okay and he doesn’t have to defend her. Nicole admits that she is a sinful person and she did commit adultery. Nicole adds that she’s been divorced and now she’s getting another divorce because she was lusting after another man. Sister Mary Moira gets upset and comments that the devil is strong in her. Nicole goes along with it and talks about leaving her marriage to get back with Eric, but he ended things because she talked his girlfriend in to getting an abortion. Nicole declares that thanks to her, Eric will no longer be a father in any sense of the word. Sister Mary Moira is shocked and thinks she’s going to faint.

Eric thanks Sloan for the offer but says he can’t impose as they just met this morning. Sloan feels like they’ve known each other a lot longer and says she would welcome the company, especially from a charming guy. Eric doesn’t know charming he’s been since he’s been complaining about his life all day. Eric jokingly asks how she knows he’s not a serial killer. Sloan points out that he’s a Brady and the family’s reputation precedes him. Eric jokes that she obviously hasn’t met Sami or Theresa. Eric reminds Sloan that they also met because he was in jail for assault. Sloan responds that she’s been around her share of dangerous men and she doesn’t feel like her life is in danger in a bad way around him. Sloan tells Eric to do what he wants but the place is his if he wants. Sloan jokes that it’s not exactly the DiMera Mansion but promises he won’t run in to any of his exes here which Eric calls a big plus. Sloan then adds that they would have to share the bed and notes that nothing sexual has to happen, though she certainly wouldn’t mind it.

Bonnie can’t believe it’s true that someone else is the clown and demands to know his name. He says he could tell her but then he’d have to kill her and then says he’s going to kill her anyway. Bonnie screams at him not to touch her. Xander warns that if he touches Bonnie, he’ll have to answer to him. He reminds Xander that he’s tied up and says he’s going to finish what he started with Bonnie and nothing can be done about it. Xander then breaks free and starts fighting with the clown as Bonnie screams.

Gwen waits to hear back from Leo and hopes he can pull this off. Gwen thinks back to dressing Leo up in a body suit and platform shoes to increase his build and height. Gwen repeats that she hopes this works.

Bonnie screams for Xander to be careful. Xander tells her the clown is going down as they struggle on out of the room. Xander then asks if it’s really Leo. Leo lifts the mask and confirms that it is. Xander can’t believe they pulled this off and says it seems like it’s really working. Xander says it’s time for the grand finale and asks if Leo knows what to do. Bonnie screams out asking if Xander is okay. Xander then brings Leo in the clown mask back in to the room and says he messed with the wrong family, so now he’s going to pay for what he did to Bonnie. Bonnie screams for Xander to knock him out. Leo says he’s not too strong for him and fights Xander off, then runs out of the warehouse. Bonnie screams for Xander to go get him and not let him get away, so Xander follows out after him.

Sarah tells Justin about all the little coincidences like the blue suit that made her suspicious, but then she looked up Xander’s company, Rednax, and it’s legit with a website and everything, so she realized he couldn’t have been working for Ava after all. Justin calls that interesting because he offered to represent Xander and sue Rednax for wrongful termination, but he was adamant about not doing it. Sarah suggests maybe he didn’t want to get tangled up in a legal battle. Justin points out that Xander wouldn’t even give him his boss’s name and maybe that’s because he was working for Ava Vitali. Sarah argues that they are jumping to conclusions. Justin calls it just another strange coincidence that both Bonnie and Xander are missing. Sarah regrets saying anything. Justin asks Sarah to come with him and tell her theory to Rafe just to be safe. Sarah says no because she could be wrong and doesn’t want to get Xander in trouble. Justin argues that if she’s right, she could be saving Bonnie’s life. Sarah says even if it was Xander, he would never hurt Bonnie. Justin argues that if Xander is really behind this, then they don’t know what he’s capable of. Justin begs Sarah, so she agrees to go with him and hopes it will prove Xander’s innocence.

Xander returns to the warehouse and tells Bonnie that he’s so sorry but the clown got away from him. Bonnie tells him not to be sorry as he saved her life. Xander says they will get her back home to Justin as he begins untying her. Bonnie apologizes for accusing him of being her kidnapper when he was telling the truth along and she was totally wrong about him. Xander smiles behind her.

Rafe finishes a call and tells Alex that there’s still nothing. Justin comes home with Sarah and asks if there’s any sign of Bonnie. Rafe says no but they are still looking. Justin then informs him that Sarah has some information that might be useful so Rafe asks her what’s up. Sarah calls it a longshot and might be totally off base. Rafe says they are open to anything at this point, so he asks what it is.

Eric gets in bed with Sloan. Sloan jokes about Eric being a lightweight at drinking beer. Eric responds that he hasn’t been a drinker for years now. Sloan says he’s been through a lot lately so she thinks a drink or two was in order. Eric says enough about him and asks what’s going on with her. Sloan thinks he heard most of everything with Paulina and Chanel. Eric knows it must be hard for her to carry around the resentment and anger over her parents’ death. Sloan knows Eric said before that their situations were different, but she thinks they are quite similar since they have both been wronged by people who keep justifying their actions like they aren’t supposed to be upset. Eric knows it’s hard to let go sometimes. Sloan asks why they should need to. Sloan declares they are entitled to be angry.

EJ returns to the living room and tells Nicole that Sister Mary Moira has gone to bed and jokes that Nicole really rattled her. Nicole apologizes for going off on her like that but EJ says she treated her terribly and that grief is no excuse for bad behavior. EJ comments on how Nicole handled it and says it was nice seeing that side of her again. EJ enjoys seeing Nicole fight back and stand up for herself as it reminded him of the Nicole that he first fell in love with. EJ welcomes her back as they take a drink.

Rafe asks Sarah what her theory is. Sarah responds that she and Justin were comparing notes, but then they are interrupted by Bonnie and Xander arriving. Bonnie runs in and hugs Justin. Bonnie cries that the clown kidnapped her again. Alex asks if she’s alright. Bonnie responds that she is now that she’s home. Sarah asks Xander if he had anything to do with this. Bonnie responds that Xander happened to be there when the clown attacked her. Bonnie declares that Xander saved her life.

Gwen questions what is taking Leo so long. Leo then comes in with the clown mask and startles her. Gwen asks how it went. Leo calls it so much more exhilarating than he imagined. Gwen asks if Bonnie bought it. Leo confirms that she did and their plan worked like a charm which makes Gwen happy.

Bonnie tells Justin, Alex, Rafe, and Sarah about how Xander used his superhuman strength to break free and wrestled with the clown. Bonnie says the clown was no match for Xander and compares it to a UFC fight. Alex says they are happy she’s home safe. Bonnie continues to praise Xander for saving her. Rafe then asks where the clown is now. Xander says he managed to get away. Rafe asks if the clown had any distinguishable features to identify him. Bonnie says nothing she can think of. Justin points out that they still don’t know who this is. Rafe says he’ll get the whole squad on it to look out. Xander comments that he thinks it was just one of Ava’s old mob contacts as he seemed like a typical low level henchman. Bonnie points out that whoever it was, was determined to kill her. Bonnie declares that Xander saved her life and calls him a real hero as she hugs him.

EJ tells Nicole that Sister Mary Moira will be going to her own place after the funeral. Nicole says he doesn’t have to kick her out on her account. EJ assures that it’s not just her as he would send her away sooner but she is his mother’s sister. EJ is just so sorry about how she treated Nicole. Nicole calls it not that big of a deal but says it was the last straw after the day she had. EJ is sorry she had a bad day and asks if she cares to share. Nicole responds that it’s just that she and Eric ran in to each other and went at it again. Nicole says she’ll spare him the details, but their relationship is over once and for all. EJ jokes that he’s heard that before. Nicole assures there is no going back for them and declares that she and Eric are done for good.

Eric tells Sloan that allowing himself to be angry is not something he’s used to as he was taking the high road to forgiving. Sloan jokes about his good guy vibe and asks if he was always like this. Eric reminds her about his twin sister Sami always being the troublemaker, so that navigated him in the opposite direction. Eric adds that he went as far as becoming a priest which surprises Sloan. Eric says that didn’t work out and despite his efforts, his life has been in shambles. Sloan asks if he ever thought about not trying to be perfect and giving in to his impulses. Eric points out that he started by helping her finish off the six pack of beer earlier. Eric appreciates her encouragement but he’s not sure it’s in his danger. Sloan suggests he give it a try by just forgetting about everyone else and doing what he wants. Eric then kisses Sloan.

Nicole tells EJ that she should get going, so she’ll see him soon. EJ stops her and says he would say he’s sorry about her and Eric, but he’s not as he never thought they were a good match anyway. EJ argues that instead of appreciating who she is, Eric just stifled her fire and spirit, so she’s better off without him and being herself.

Eric and Sloan continue kissing in bed. Sloan stops and asks if she’s not taking advantage of him in an inebriated state. Eric assures that he’s thinking very clearly and this is what he wants and needs as they continue kissing.

Justin apologizes to Rafe for wasting his time. Rafe says it wasn’t a waste of time at all, especially if leads to them finding the clown. Rafe decides he will head to the warehouse to look for clues, so he’ll be in touch. Alex walks Rafe out. Justin tells Bonnie that he’s so sorry that she had to go through this again. Justin says he’s not letting her out of his sight from now on. Bonnie responds that it won’t be a problem because she doesn’t plan on stepping foot out of the house ever again until the evil clown is caught.

Gwen pays Leo $300. Leo jokes that next time she needs to stage a fake kidnapping, she knows who to call. Leo asks if he can keep the muscle suit. She tells him to go ahead and consider it a bonus. Leo remarks that Gwen really went above and beyond for her ex tonight, so he hopes that Xander appreciates it. Gwen is just glad he’s not behind bars. Leo points out that Xander went from being the #1 suspect to the town hero overnight. Leo adds that Xander really owes her, so he hopes Gwen finds some way to collect.

Xander and Sarah go home and start kissing. Xander asks what that was for. Sarah says it’s like Bonnie said, he was a real hero tonight which makes her feel even more terrible about her unfair accusation. Sarah brings up not knowing where he was and admits that she and Justin thought maybe Xander kidnapped Bonnie and they almost told Rafe. Sarah knows it was stupid and disloyal, so she feels bad and is so sorry. Sarah hopes he can forgive her. Xander says they all make mistakes. Sarah says she loves him so much and hugs him. Sarah suggests a warm bath so Xander can relax after the night that he had.

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