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In the living room of the DiMera Mansion, EJ is dressed in a black suit. He looks up at the portrait of Stefano and says he feels like Stefano will be smiling down on them today. Tony comes in through the side door and tells EJ that he was overseeing the caretaker in the DiMera Crypt as he finally put up a plaque in Jake’s honor. EJ asks if he wasn’t worried that it might be a waste of time. Tony questions what that means. EJ asks if he didn’t hear that their dearly departed brother is still alive.

Ava is in the DiMera Crypt and thinks back to seeing Stefan, who she believed to be Jake, before fainting. Ava hears the door, so she asks if it’s Jake.

Dr. Rolf watches over Stefan in his lab when he gets a call from Li, who questions Rolf not answering his phone when he’s been calling since last night. Dr. Rolf argues that he’s been preoccupied with keeping Stefan unconscious. Li brings up the close call at the DiMera Mansion and is thankful that Ava answered the door and not someone else. Dr. Rolf calls it a pure stroke of luck that Ava mistook Stefan from Jake or else his escape would’ve been catastrophic. Li warns Dr. Rolf that he’s not cleaning up his mess again as Kristen then enters the lab. Li adds that next time Stefan wakes up, he better be completely over his feelings for Gabi. Gabi then enters the office and asks what about her.

Kristen questions if she just heard Dr. Rolf say that Stefan escaped his custody as Rolf hangs up the phone. Kristen argues that she put her entire future in his hands and he can’t keep tabs on a half dead man. Dr. Rolf points out that Stefan is here now. Kristen complains that he wasn’t and he didn’t tell her. Rolf insists that he and Li had the situation under control. Kristen asks if he’s made progress on getting Stefan to forget his feelings for Gabi and asks if he’s feeling romantic towards Chloe. Dr. Rolf is afraid there might be a small problem on that front.

Gabi asks Li if she just heard her name. Li claims he was speaking to his father, who wanted a status update on everything. Gabi asks what he told him about them. Li says he told him he’s head over heels for her. Gabi hopes he approved. Li says he was worried at first about their relationship getting in the way of business, but he can’t argue with success since the company is doing better than ever. Gabi brings up Basic Black and says nobody there is happy since Kristen forced her to put her in charge. Gabi says Kristen is making Chloe’s life in Hell and she wishes she could do something, but Kristen stood up for her at the shareholders meeting so she has to keep her happy. Gabi adds that they also have the matter of Ava Vitali.

Johnny enters the DiMera Crypt and jokes about Ava being so disappointed. Ava says she just wasn’t expecting him. Johnny says he was just out for a run and saw the door to the crypt open which freaked him out a bit since last time he was in here, Satan was hanging out. Ava notes that she hasn’t seen Satan here today. Johnny asks what she is doing out here. Ava informs him that the family just put up the plaque for Jake and they are waiting on the medical examiner for his ashes but she feels close to him in here. Johnny says he understands and mentions hearing her say Jake’s name when he walked in. Ava guesses he will think she’s crazy but for a second, she thought he was going to be Jake, especially after last night. Johnny asks what happened last night. Ava questions no one telling him when she thought it would be the talk of the house. Johnny says he wasn’t around. Ava informs him that she was meeting with Gabi and someone was at the door then when she opened it, Jake was standing there or at least she thought he was. Ava says Jake was in the hospital gown that he died in and she touched him. Johnny asks how that’s possible. Ava doesn’t know and says she got so overwhelmed that she passed out and when she woke up, Li told her that it was him that he saw. Ava doesn’t believe that though and says she would swear it was Jake.

Tony questions EJ saying Jake is alive. EJ says he is in Ava’s mind anyway and he’s surprised he didn’t hear about the commotion yesterday. EJ informs him that Gabi found Ava passed out in the foyer after she insisted on seeing Jake at the front door. EJ says it wasn’t true unless you believe in ghosts. EJ adds that it was apparently Li at the door, so Ava must be hallucinating. EJ says he’s worried about Ava as she suffered a terrible loss and is clearly not dealing with it well. Tony says he’s saying the right things, but he sees the look in his eye, so he asks what EJ is up to.

Brady and Chloe talk in the park. Chloe argues that Kristen can’t possibly think she would get full custody of Rachel. Brady worries that Kristen feels invincible since her pardon. Chloe says that even if her record was wiped clean, every person in town could testify that Kristen is a dangerous criminal. Brady worries that judges usually side with the biological mother. Chloe says not when the mother is Kristen DiMera. Brady says in the eyes of the law, Kristen is now an upstanding citizen because her crimes don’t exist. Chloe asks what if Kristen’s committed a crime since being pardoned.

Kristen questions Dr. Rolf saying there’s a problem. Dr. Rolf explains that Stefan’s feelings for Gabi are proving more powerful than he anticipated. Dr. Rolf talks about how Stefan leapt out of bed, desperate to get to Gabi, and he couldn’t stop him but thankfully he and Li got to him before he could reveal himself to Gabi. Kristen asks if anybody saw him. Dr. Rolf admits that Ava did see him, but it’s all under control because she believed she was hallucinating Jake. Kristen says they dodged a bullet, unlike Jake. Kristen asks Dr. Rolf to fix this. Dr. Rolf knew this would be a challenge but Stefan has been dead for four years and woke up with one single thought; getting back to his wife. Dr. Rolf calls it a more powerful love than he knew. Dr. Rolf admits that he doesn’t know whether it can be overcome.

Gabi tells Li that she was going to throw Ava a bone and give her a meaningless job title to make her happy while ignoring her outrageous demands, but during their job interview, she answered the door and imagined her dead husband. Li calls that unfortunate and that it was like her brain short-circuited over the trauma. Gabi hopes Ava just takes the job title, the salary, and gets out of the way. Li notes that Gabi seems a little stressed out and asks if she’s doing okay. Gabi says she’s hanging in there but blackmail, secrets, and lies are a lot.

Johnny asks if Ava is saying that she doesn’t think Jake is dead. Ava doesn’t know what she’s saying since she was at the hospital when Jake died, so there’s no doubt that he’s gone, but then she started having waking dreams where Jake would come to her and they’d talk. Johnny asks if last night could have been a dream too but Ava assures that it was too real as she touched him. Ava guesses it could have been a flashback or PTSD or maybe she’s just crazy. Johnny points out that Marlena doesn’t believe in that. Johnny adds that he was possessed by The Devil so nothing sounds crazy to him anymore.

EJ asks what makes Tony think he’s up to something. Tony says ever since EJ found out that Ava was married to Jake, he’s been trying to get his hands on her DiMera shares. EJ claims that she’s family and needed help. EJ admits maybe he did have a plan. Tony asks if he planned to win her over with her many charms. Tony then questions if he’s planning to seduce his brother’s widow. EJ says it doesn’t matter what he was planning as the situation changed, resulting in some tension between he and Ava. Tony asks if he means romantic tension. EJ responds that he has no desire to build a relationship with a lunatic. Tony jokes that it hasn’t stopped him before. EJ states that Ava’s delusions are concerning, so he’s concerned about the family and the company, questioning how they can trust such an unstable shareholder to faithfully uphold her responsibilities. Tony jokes he’d have to oust half the shareholders by that standard. EJ declares that perhaps that’s true but today, he only has to oust one.

Brady says that as far as he knows, Kristen has been on her best behavior since her pardon. Chloe says that’s aside from literally trying to kill her at the office yesterday which Brady questions. Chloe didn’t want to say anything because she didn’t want to worry him. Brady says it’s too late now as he’s worried. Chloe reveals that Kristen threatened to stab her with a letter opener which shocks Brady. Chloe insists that Kristen won’t be satisfied torturing her with power play techniques. Chloe doesn’t want Brady to get worked up but Brady says he already is. Brady declares that Kristen will not get any custody of his daughter.

Kristen reminds Dr. Rolf that he promised that he could get Stefan to fall out of love with and in love with Chloe as she needs Stefan to come between Brady and Chloe, so she can get her family back. Dr. Rolf agrees to do his very best but he cannot promise to make Chloe return Stefan’s feelings. Kristen tells him to do the same procedure on her. Kristen doesn’t care as she needs this to happen. Dr. Rolf notes that Kristen seems more agitated than usual. Kristen asks if he knows how long they kept her from her daughter. Kristen mentions seeing her yesterday and it melted her heart but Brady ripped her away without letting her say goodbye. Kristen says she needs to be with Rachel and she needs them to be a family again. Dr. Rolf wants that too but asks what happens if he can’t come through for her. Kristen insists that he will. Kristen declares that she will be with Brady and Rachel while Stefan will be Chloe, so everyone will live happily ever after. Dr. Rolf points out that’s everyone except for Gabi.

Gabi is sorry that Li got dragged in to this whole Ava thing but notes that he said he wanted to know everything. Li is glad she told him because they are in this together. Gabi admits they make a hell of a team. Li repeats that stock prices are at an all time high and profits are way up. Gabi says this kind of talk is making her hot. Li jokes that he hasn’t even started talking about revenue. Gabi tells him not to stop as Li starts kissing her. Gabi then clears off the desk and begins to undress as they kiss.

Tony goes over EJ wanting to relieve Ava of her shares and then holding another shareholders meeting to remove Gabi and insert himself. EJ confirms he would have 6 votes to 5 since he would have his, Kate’s, Chad’s, Johnny, Theo, and of course Tony’s. EJ says Kristen siding with Gabi broke a tie but without Ava’s vote, it would be in his favor. Tony questions how he plans to disqualify Ava’s vote since Li makes those decisions. EJ notes that Li also has his own vote too. Tony says Li is Gabi’s lover so he’s not likely to disturb the current power structure. EJ agrees which is why he has to go over Li’s head…

Li and Gabi continue kissing on the desk until Li’s father Mr. Shin walks in and angrily questions what is the meaning of this, shocking Li.

Ava thanks Johnny for being so cool about this. Johnny just wants her to be okay. Ava says he’s been so nice to her since she moved in. Johnny calls her his friend and part of the family now, so nobody gives her crap and gets away with it. Ava jokes that he sounded very Vitali-esque there. Johnny says maybe the Vitalis and DiMeras aren’t so different. Ava talks about being so eager to put her past behind her and pretend her old life never happened, and then she ran in to Jake in Salem which was suddenly a comfort to have that shared past and understanding between them. Ava adds that it turned in to something more, so you never know where life is going to take you. Johnny agrees and says he’s sorry for her loss. Johnny didn’t mean to interrupt her private moment. Ava says she appreciates everything he said and thanks him. Johnny decides he will let her be with Jake and exits the crypt.

Tony questions EJ going over Li’s head to his father. EJ confirms that he did and claimed that there were a few matters that required his urgent attention here in Salem, so he’s calling a shareholders meeting shortly. EJ declares that soon, the company will be returned to the DiMera family as it rightfully should’ve been all along. Johnny comes in and asks what’s going on.

Li asks what his father is doing here. He says he wanted to discuss some important matters, such as this workplace relationship. Li argues that he told him that they were involved and he gave his blessing. Mr. Shin argues that was before he found them fornicating on company property. He suggests locking the door. Gabi apologizes and says it’s all her fault. Li says he got carried away and it won’t happen again. Mr. Shin says it certainly won’t and then exits to go freshen up. Li apologizes to Gabi for that happening and he knows that must have been mortifying. Gabi brings up that Li said he just got off the phone with his dad, so she questions why he didn’t tell her that he was in Salem.

Kristen gets a call from Brady. Kristen assumes that he’s calling because he got served. Brady questions her wanting full custody. Kristen argues that she would’ve settled for joint custody if he didn’t yank Rachel away from her but he obviously doesn’t want to play fair. Brady questions emotional blackmail being fair by telling Rachel they are going to be a family again. Kristen says it’s obvious that Brady doesn’t want to be co-parents, so she thinks he’s had full custody long enough and now it’s her turn. Brady responds that it will never be her turn and that Chloe told him how she nearly stabbed her at the office yesterday. Kristen remarks that if she wanted to kill Chloe, she’d be dead. Kristen argues that it would Chloe’s word against hers, so if he puts Chloe on the witness stand, they will make her look like the desperate homewrecker that she is. Brady tells Kristen that he didn’t want to go to war with her, but she’s gone too far once again. Brady says he tried to work it out with her but now she is never getting Rachel back, ever and then hangs up.

Johnny questions EJ talking about the family business and something being restored as it should’ve been all along. EJ claims that he was thinking about having Stefano’s portrait touched up a bit. Johnny says it looks fine to him. Tony calls it a perfect likeness so EJ agrees to leave it as it is. EJ then tells Johnny that Ava isn’t here so there’s no need to parade around half naked. Johnny informs him that he was on a run and it’s hot out. Johnny adds that he knows Ava isn’t in the house because he just ran in to her in the Crypt. EJ questions what Johnny was doing in there. Johnny says he just saw the door open and wanted to make sure everything was okay. EJ asks if she told him that she saw Jake’s ghost or whatever he was. Johnny confirms that she did. EJ asks what exactly she said. Johnny says Ava said that it felt real, she touched his face, and was sure it was him but she couldn’t explain what was happening so maybe she was hallucinating since it was actually Li. Johnny adds that she said EJ was comforting. Johnny is glad that EJ was kind to Ava when she needed a friend since he knows they’ve had their issues.

Ava remains at Jake’s plaque and says she knows he’s not here and he’s not going to walk through the door. Ava guesses that she just wanted it so badly that her brain made it happen. Ava adds that she knows their marriage wasn’t real, but her love for him was and always will be. Ava hopes he doesn’t mind that she’s lying to his family and admits that she became a DiMera partly out of selfishness but she mostly did it for Jake because she’s going to do all the things that he never had the chance to. Ava declares that this is for Jake.

Kristen informs Dr. Rolf that Brady wants to keep her from Rachel but he can’t and he won’t. Kristen orders Dr. Rolf to speed this up. Dr. Rolf says it’s a process. Kristen tells him to do it faster but Dr. Rolf says it doesn’t work that way as it has to program early memories of his days with Chloe and negative memories of Gabi and then his brain will do the rest of the work and he will be in love with Chloe while disgusted by Gabi. Kristen asks him to test it before he lets him out again. Dr. Rolf assures that Stefan will not step foot outside of the room until his heart and mind are fully reprogrammed. Kristen gets a text and says she has to go because she’s been summoned by Mr. Shin for a meeting at DiMera. Kristen wonders what this is about as she exits the lab.

Li tells Gabi that he spoke to Mr. Shin earlier but he never mentioned that he was in Salem. Gabi questions why he would keep that from him. Li knows it sounds strange but it’s how he operates and he’s been doing it since he was a kid. Gabi feels he must have major trust issues. Li states that his father likes to catch him off guard. Gabi hopes there aren’t any consequences from this. Li guesses they will find out. Mr. Shin returns the office. Li apologizes for what he just witnessed. He tells him that it could have been worse and he wants the desk scrubbed which Gabi says she will handle. Mr. Shin announces that he just summoned a meeting of the DiMera shareholders. Gabi asks for what purpose. He responds that she’ll see.

Ava walks in to the living room and asks if she’s interrupting. EJ says no and that they were just talking about her which she questions. EJ says he was going to suggest they hold a small service for Jake when they get his ashes in order to honor his memory, assuming it’s alright with Ava. Ava admits that would be nice and thanks him. EJ then gets a text and says it’s strange but it appears Wei Shin is in town and he’d like them to go to DiMera for a shareholders meeting ASAP. Ava questions a sudden meeting being common and asks if he has any idea what this is about. EJ claims he does not at all.

Li tells Gabi that she’s not going to scrub the desk as she is putting on gloves. Gabi says she doesn’t mind getting her hands a little dirty and she doesn’t want Mr. Shin to have any excuse to remove her from power. Li assures that he can’t even if he wanted to, because he has a vote. Gabi points out his influence but Li says it’s not enough to change things, especially when Gabi is doing so well. Gabi questions why he’s here then and why he’s calling this meeting. Li doesn’t think it has anything to do with them but Jake died and his shares wound up in the hands of a former crime boss, plus Kristen is out of prison and making waves. Gabi worries that’s a lot of uncertainty. Kristen arrives and calls this interesting. Gabi says she’s a hands-on executive. Kristen didn’t know Mr. Shin was in town. Li says he didn’t know either. Kristen assures Gabi that she’s still on her side which Gabi says she appreciates. Kristen understands if she’s terrified that the rug is about to be pulled out from under her. Gabi says she’s not but Kristen says maybe she should be since she only has her shares because Stefan is dead and now Ava has her shares because Stefan’s twin Jake is dead. Kristen remarks that you never know which way the wind is blowing around here…

Brady tells Chloe that he thinks Rachel will be fine. Chloe says she’s sorry but Brady tells her not to be. Brady assures that Rachel adores Chloe but Kristen has gotten in her head and it’s too much to take. Chloe agrees to give her space and follow Brady’s lead. Brady says it’s only until they get this Kristen thing sorted out. Chloe admits that she wasn’t really thrilled that Brady shared the letter opener incident with her. Brady assumed that she would be willing to testify since she brought it up. Chloe says she’d do anything to help Brady and Rachel, but Kristen already wants to get rid of her so she asks what if she’s the person responsible for Kristen never seeing her daughter again.

EJ, Tony, Ava, and Johnny arrive at the DiMera Office. Kristen comments on them all arriving together. Johnny asks when the meeting begins. Li says now as Mr. Shin enters and says the gang is all here.

Dr. Rolf tells Stefan that life as he knew it will never be the same.

Brady tells Chloe that it’s her decision, but before he reaches out to Belle, he needs to know if he can count on her testimony. Chloe questions if the judge would even believer her since it is her word against Kristen’s. Brady assures that Chloe is much more credible than she is so Chloe agrees to tell the judge what Kristen did to her and say that she doesn’t think Kristen should have any custody of Rachel, right as Rachel comes over to them and questions why Chloe doesn’t want her to be with her mom.

Before the meeting begins, Kristen argues that she has places to be and things to do, so she wants to skip the boring stuff and get straight to the point which Gabi and EJ agree with. EJ decides to start by announcing his request that Ava be removed from the meeting and disqualified from voting.

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