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Will and Sonny are working out in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion when Chad arrives and greets them. Chad mentions he’s sorry that they couldn’t get together sooner as he was out of town. Sonny mentions hearing that he found Sarah Horton. Chad confirms that Kristen had her the whole time and grabbed Abigail too but they are home safe. Sonny asks if it was scary on the DiMera private island. Chad remarks that it wasn’t quite dealing with Leo Stark.

Leo and Craig wake up in bed together. Craig suggests buying dinner while Leo says he will have him for dessert as they kiss.

Marlena enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and looks up at the portrait of Stefano. Marlena guesses Stefano is loving that the Devil has her daughter. Marlena declares that John is on his way over and they will defeat him again. John arrives and hugs Marlena. John says her message just said emergency so he’s been going out of his mind. Marlena didn’t want to leave it on voicemail. John asks what’s going on. Marlena suggests he brace himself.

Devil Johnny enters the bedroom where Belle is tied to the bed. He remarks that she seems to be in a bind and jokes that she’s going to be here for awhile.

Chloe goes to see Brady, who comments that she looks tired. Chloe confirms that she hasn’t been sleeping well lately and doesn’t think she will until she can get Craig out of Leo’s clutches. Chloe mentions that Craig called her today and they spoke for over an hour but he’s furious about them trying to grill Leo and sending Will and Sonny to warn him. Chloe says it’s so crazy as she feels like she doesn’t know her own father anymore. Brady encourages that Craig will realize she has his best interest at heart and that Will and Sonny aren’t giving up. Chloe wishes she knew what Will and Sonny’s secret plan is and hopes it doesn’t blow up in their faces or Craig’s.

Chad jokes with Will and Sonny about Leo and wonders what his latest caper is. Will and Sonny then reveal that Leo is back in town.

Marlena explains to John that on the night of the exorcism, she thought John freed her from the hell that she was going through and that they would return to their normal lives but it hasn’t happened. John questions what they are doing here. Marlena informs him that this is where it happened. Marlena explains that she came here looking for Belle which John questions. Marlena reveals that she came in and was attacked. John tells her to start from the beginning and tell him what happened. Marlena declares that he didn’t vanquish the Devil that night, he just left her soul and went in to somebody else’s. Marlena then reveals to John that it went in to their daughter, Belle. John can’t believe it.

The Devil says he knew he wouldn’t have any problem conning Susan in to believing the Devil had Belle, but what really impressed him is that he did the same thing to Marlena. The Devil remarks that as long as Belle remains sleeping, no one will ever be wiser. The Devil declares that now he has to work on what to do when she wakes up, if she wakes up.

Kayla meets Steve for drinks in the town square. Steve asks her about Eli is doing. Kayla says they thought surgery was a success but now he’s slipped into a coma. Kayla worries about the wins. Steve asks about Lani. Kayla informs him that she is at the hospital with Paulina, Valerie, and Julie. Steve can’t believe a drug dealer would shoot a cop in broad daylight. Steve feels Kayla needs to eat but Kayla says not yet. Kayla then reveals that the board is pressuring her to fire Marlena.

John questions Marlena being attacked by Belle. Marlena confirms she attacked Johnny too. Marlena brings up Belle’s eyes glowing. John asks where she is now. Marlena informs him that she’s upstairs, tied up like she was. Marlena blames herself because the Devil came after her and when he couldn’t control her, he went after Belle. John says something about this doesn’t make any sense here as he spent far too much time with Belle the night after the exorcism, so he would’ve seen the signs. Marlena thinks the Devil knew that and stayed away from him. John asks why he’d show himself now. Marlena explains that Susan came back to town to warn her about him and found Belle wearing a coat with “666” on it. John can’t buy it and needs to see Belle himself. Marlena says he can’t talk to her as she’s sedated him. John asks if she’s alone. Marlena informs him that Johnny is with her and is the one that stopped Belle from hurting her by knocking her unconscious. Marlena doesn’t know what would’ve happened if Johnny hadn’t been there.

The Devil says things would go more smoothly if Belle never woke up and the people of Salem would believe the Devil died with her. He then begins choking Belle until John walks in with Marlena and questions what the hell Johnny is doing. John points out that he had his hands around Belle’s neck. Johnny claims that he was checking her pulse. John tells him to stay away from her. John checks on Belle and asks if Shawn knows about this. Marlena says not yet as she wanted to talk to John before telling him. John says now he knows and Belle is going to need Shawn. Marlena informs John that Eli was shot by a drug dealer and it’s critical, so Shawn is in charge of that case and he has to be there for Julie. John insists that he needs to know. Johnny claims that they thought the fewer people that know, the better. John argues that Johnny doesn’t call the shots and they don’t even know that she’s possessed. Johnny brings up what Belle did. John says before he accepts that they are dealing with the Devil again, he’s going to make damn sure that Belle’s behavior wasn’t caused by something else…

Steve tells Kayla that it’s bad enough that the board want Marlena gone but now they want Kayla to fire her. Craig comes over and questions why they would fire Marlena. Steve calls it a private conversation. Kayla recognizes Craig and reminds Steve who he is. Steve apologizes and says it’s been awhile. Kayla assumes that Craig and Nancy came in to see Chloe. Craig reveals they are no longer together. Kayla says she’s sorry. Leo Stark then appears and announces he is Craig’s new boyfriend.

Chad can’t believe that Chloe’s dad is suddenly gay and dating Leo Stark. Will and Sonny confirm it and explain that they tried to get through to Craig but it didn’t work. Sonny feels they have to do something but it won’t be easy because Craig hasn’t been out that long and Leo is very attentive. Will tells Chad that they need his help. Chad questions what he can do.

Brady tells Chloe that Sonny and Will know Leo better than anyone so if Sonny says he has a way get Craig to see Leo’s true colors, he believes him. Chloe wants to but brings up how Craig was on the phone today and said he’s never been happier in his life than with Leo. Brady comments on knowing about the illusion of happiness and brings up his relationships with Theresa and Kristen. They relate about wanting to believe things are true. Brady remarks that sometimes the worst part is that the real thing is staring at you right in the face.

Kayla questions Craig and Leo dating. Leo says it’s more than that, they’re in love which Craig confirms. Steve says he’s sorry if he doesn’t say congratulations but they still remember what Leo did to Sonny and Will. Craig gives his word that Leo is a changed man. Kayla tells Craig that it was nice running in to him. Craig asks again why the board would fire Marlena. Leo points out that being possessed by the Devil had to be a game changer.

Marlena knows John hates this but says Belle is definitely possessed. Johnny talks about seeing Belle’s eyes and says if that’s not proof, he doesn’t know what is. John wants to see it for himself. Devil Johnny touches Belle’s hand as John opens her eyes and sees the yellow eyes. Marlena asks what they are going to do. John says he’s tried to get a hold of Eric but he’s not getting back to him, so if there’s going to be another exorcism, he’s going to have to do it himself. Johnny argues that he’s not really a priest. John argues that the priesthood didn’t save Marlena all those years ago, it was their love for one another and now that same love has to save their child.

Kayla tells Leo not to believe everything he reads. Leo asks if Marlena didn’t get possessed then. Kayla argues that she didn’t say that. Steve says Marlena and John are their close friends so they are not going to discuss something Leo read about them. Leo says he’s sorry if he hit a nerve. Craig admires Kayla sticking by her friend and colleague, but he remembers how tough the board can be from when he was chief of staff. Leo thanks Craig for smoothing over the situation. Leo says they have to get going to the Brady Pub. Craig suggests they all get together sometime. Leo promises the topic of the Devil won’t come up. Leo suggests a double date this weekend. Kayla says they are so busy so they’ll have to check their calendars. Craig says some other time then as he and Leo walk away. Kayla guesses what her mom used to say is true, that there is a lid for every pot.

Sonny tells Chad that Craig won’t believe a word they or Chloe say about Leo, so they have to show him to his own eyes what a degenerate this guy is. Chad asks how he fits in. Sonny says if there’s one thing Leo likes as much as money or more, it’s sex. Will believes Leo is a sex addict. Chad questions why they care. Sonny says they have to understand Leo’s weaknesses to exploit them. Chad asks how they propose they do that. Sonny suggests offering Leo his two biggest temptations, sex and money, in one great looking package..

Steve can’t believe that a man at Craig’s age would fall for a creep like Leo Stark. Steve thinks Craig is brave for coming out at this point in life but questions him choosing a guy like Leo. Kayla agrees that it’s not a great match. Kayla asks Steve to tell her to keep her voice next time when talking about work. Steve feels it’s no big deal that Craig overheard them. Kayla brings up hearing how Craig pulled every dirty trick in the book to steal the Chief of Staff job away from Mike Horton. Steve asks if she’s worried that Craig would come after her job. Kayla says no but she wouldn’t put anything past him, especially now that he’s hooked up with a con man like Leo Stark.

Craig and Leo go to the Brady Pub. Craig can’t stop thinking about the board wanting to fire Marlena. Leo talks about Marlena becoming possessed. Craig points out that Marlena is still highly respected. Craig tells Leo that he loves him but he just wishes Chloe would find a way to accept them. Leo assures that she will come around.

Chloe thanks Brady for being her friend and sounding board through all of this when none of this mess is his problem. Chloe tells Brady that he can bail anytime he wants. Brady assures he will never do that and brings up the personal drama that she has seen him through. Brady talks about Chloe running the office and taking care of him when he got out of the hospital last year. Brady mentions that his daughter Rachel is crazy about her. Chloe assures that she will always be here for him. Brady doesn’t know what he did to deserve Chloe coming back in to his life like she has, but he’s so grateful that she has. They get close but John comes home, interrupting them. Brady asks how San Francisco was. John says he’s sorry but he can’t talk about it right now.

Johnny returns to the bedroom where Marlena informs him that John went to get the stuff he needs for the exorcism. Johnny says he still can’t get over seeing Belle that way and what she was capable of with the Devil inside of her. Marlena says they have to get her back. Johnny hopes John is able to save her soul before it’s too late…

John gathers his things while Brady asks if everything is okay. John claims he’s just working on a case and had to pick up some stuff. John says goodnight and exits. Brady is pretty sure John wasn’t telling him the truth and wonders what it is now. Brady brings up that he hopes Chloe didn’t think he was coming onto her before John came in. Brady says she knows how he feels about her but he knows she’s hung up on Philip. Chloe reveals that maybe she’s not. Chloe hopes that Philip is okay where ever he is but thinks it might be time to let him go.

Craig finishes a martini as Leo comments on him being quiet. Leo guesses he’s thinking about Chloe which he confirms. Leo wishes he would give him a chance to prove how much he loves him. Craig then gets a text from one of his friends at the hospital, informing him that Nancy has been informed them of their divorce and the reason. Leo questions why she would do that. Craig understands she’s hurt and angry. Craig says it wouldn’t be a problem but Nancy is beloved at the hospital, so if anyone thinks he treated her poorly, his career could take a hit and they could fire him for this. Craig adds that it could freeze him out of important social circles which would end his career. Leo asks who says they have to go back to New York. Craig says that’s where his career is. Leo reminds him that he said he started his career in Salem so he asks what if he comes back to pick up where he left off.

Chad questions Sonny and Will wanting to offer Leo better sex and money than he’s getting from Craig. Chad asks if they want to hire someone to pretend to be a rich guy hot for Leo. Will and Sonny say Leo would be on to that and recognize a fellow con man so it has to be the real deal. Chad says that will be pretty hard to find but Sonny says maybe not as they look to Chad.

Johnny advises Marlena to take care of herself. Marlena claims she’s fine. Johnny suggests she go get something to eat but Marlena says she’s not hungry and she’s not leaving Belle until John gets back. The Devil wonders to himself if he should get rid of Marlena right now since she’s starting to bore him and he could blame it on Belle and tell John that she broke free of the restraints. Johnny prepares to grab Marlena from behind but John returns. Johnny offers to do anything he can to help. John responds that the best thing he can do right now is leave them alone. Johnny shouts that he just said that Belle needs people around who love her. John explains that he’s telling him that he has to leave because he doesn’t want the Devil making him his next host. Johnny claims he’s not afraid and that he loves Belle. Marlena tells him that John is right that the fewer people in the room, the better. Johnny offers to stand far away but John tells him to just go downstairs and wait. Johnny realizes he can’t change their minds so he leaves the room. Marlena says she’s never actually seen this done before and has only been on the receiving end. Marlena asks what John wants her to do. John responds that he wants her to leave the room too.

Devil Johnny walks in to the living room and complains that if he’s not there when the ritual starts, John is going to find out that Belle is not possessed and they are going to figure out the truth. The Devil declares that he has to do something to get back in to the room. He then gets an idea and calls Shawn to ask him to come over right away because something has happened to Belle.

Brady questions Chloe being ready to give up on Philip. Chloe says sometimes you just have to face the reality and the reality is that she doesn’t know where he is or if he’s coming back. Chloe thinks she just has to accept that maybe Philip is dead and she doesn’t know who got to him or why. Chloe says maybe it was Kristen since she escaped around that time, but she knows it wasn’t Brady. Brady is relieved. Chloe is tired of living her life in limbo. Brady understands she’s had so much to deal with lately. Chloe says that’s what made her think about this. Chloe talks about how Craig lived his entire life in denial and she doesn’t want to live like that, denying what she feels for Brady. Brady tells her how long he’s waited to hear that and asks if she’s sure. Chloe talks about him being so patient and gentle with her. Chloe thinks it’s always been Brady as they then kiss.

Craig tells Leo that he loves New York and asks why he would want to leave that to come back here. Leo encourages that he’d be a big fish in a small pond. Leo brings up the board wanting Kayla to fire Marlena but if Kayla stands her ground, her job could be in trouble. Leo tells Craig that if they play their cards right, Craig could once again become Chief of Staff at Salem University Hospital.

Chad questions Will and Sonny how they plan to get a guy to come on to Leo. Sonny explains that it would have to be someone who Leo has already come on to, who wouldn’t have to sell himself. Chad questions why they are looking at him like that and what they want him to do. Will and Sonny want Chad to make Leo’s wildest dreams come true, by going to bed with him.

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