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Shawn brings Jan a bowl of spinach and a vegetable smoothie at home but Jan says she was craving a greasy burger from the Pub. Jan acknowledges that Shawn is just looking out for the health of their baby. Shawn responds that he’s looking out for her health too. Jan questions what Belle would think about that.

Belle sits alone at the Bistro having a drink. She thinks back to EJ inviting her to stay for dinner. Belle then orders another bottle of wine.

Lucas runs in to EJ outside of the Brady Pub. EJ mentions hearing that he was back in town and asks how Allie is. Lucas questions if he really cares. EJ says he does because no matter how he feels about Lucas, he’s always had affection for his children. EJ states that he’s glad that Allie is no longer possessed by The Devil. Lucas says the same about Johnny and guesses that’s one more thing that Allie and Johnny have in common. EJ asks if he means besides being in love with the same woman.

Chanel walks through the town square and runs in to Allie. Allie brings up that the Devil quit her job, so she hoped Chanel would take her back at the Bakery, but not just at the Bakery. Allie tells Chanel that she wants to get back together, right as Johnny walks up. Johnny remarks that it looks like he and Allie are both there for the exact same reason; they both want his wife back. Allie argues that Chanel is nobody’s wife. Johnny complains that the Devil forced him to divorce her, otherwise they would still be married. Johnny declares that is why Allie should bow out gracefully.

Lucas guesses Johnny confided in EJ about his renewed feelings for Chanel. EJ argues that Johnny never stopped loving her. Lucas says that’s too bad because he dumped her, so she went to Allie for comfort. EJ asks if he needs to point out that Allie also broke Chanel’s heart. Lucas acknowledges that she was under supernatural influence at the time. EJ calls the last six months a wash. EJ thinks it would be best for everyone if Allie stepped aside to give Johnny and Chanel a chance to rebuild their relationship. Lucas declares that there is no way in Hell that’s going to happen. Lucas calls EJ delusional and says there’s no way that his daughter is going to roll over for EJ’s son.

Belle continues drinking wine as John arrives. Belle questions what he’s doing here. John mentions getting her message that she wouldn’t be home for dinner, so he thought she might like a little company. Belle asks how he found her and then guesses that he talked to Shawn. John confirms that Shawn said Belle filed for a legal separation. John asks if she is sure she wants to take such a drastic step. Belle feels Jan left her no choice.

Shawn tells Jan not to concern herself with his marriage and just focus on the baby which means eating healthy. Shawn encourages Jan and feeds her some of the spinach as Marlena walks in and says she hopes she’s not interrupting.

Xander and Sarah lay in bed together. Sarah talks about how much she missed this and assures Xander that she remembers everything together including them being happy as they planned their wedding when Kristen stole her life. Xander wishes he knew sooner that Kristen kidnapped her. Sarah can’t imagine what he thought when she disappeared right before the wedding. Xander says he was frantic and then found her in bed with Rex Brady. Sarah reminds him that wasn’t her. Xander says his whole life disappeared at that moment. Sarah is sorry he went through that and hates that he had his heartbroken. Sarah remarks that she was gone and Xander was all alone. Xander then reveals that he was heartbroken but he was not alone the whole time.

Shawn tells Marlena that he and Jan were just having a discussion about her diet as he just wants her to try the food that he made. Marlena knows Jan is on bed rest but she thinks she’s completely capable of feeding herself. Jan asks if Marlena is here because she made a decision about being her therapist. Marlena confirms that she is and declares that she’s afraid she can’t help her.

EJ questions Lucas encouraging his daughter to help herself to her brother’s wife. Lucas responds that he encouraged Allie to follow her heart. EJ remarks that he shouldn’t be surprised since Lucas doesn’t value the sanctity of marriage. Lucas brings up that EJ and Sami were estranged. EJ argues that Sami is still his wife. Lucas points out that Johnny and Chanel aren’t married anymore. EJ asks if it’s may the best twin win. Lucas thinks they both know who that is. EJ warns that he’s on to Lucas and it’s only a matter of time before he proves to Sami and everyone else in town that Lucas kidnapped her. EJ says when he does that, there won’t be a rock big enough for him to hide from his wrath.

Allie doesn’t understand why Johnny thinks she should bow out. Johnny reminds her that Chanel was his wife. Allie argues that was in the past and that she and Chanel had feelings for each other long before Chanel even knew who Johnny was. Johnny remarks that their feelings weren’t strong enough to keep Allie from being with Tripp. Allie tells Johnny not to talk about Tripp as this has nothing to do with him. Chanel shouts that’s enough and asks them to stop talking about her like she’s not there and her opinion doesn’t matter. Johnny agrees and apologizes. Allie says they will stop. Johnny then asks Chanel to tell them which one of them she wants to be with.

Jan guesses there goes her last chance at being a good mother to her baby. Shawn encourages that there are other therapists out there that can help so he’s sure Marlena could recommend someone. Marlena confirms that she can if Jan is sincere about wanting help. Jan insists that nothing is more important to her than her child and turning her life around so that the child can be proud of her. Jan questions Marlena looking at her like a pariah. Marlena responds that she is concerned that Jan is pretending to want her help while she’s concocting a plan to hurt Belle. Jan swears that is not what is happening here and she just wants to be a good mom to her baby. Jan thinks Marlena could really help. Marlena says she’s sorry but her decision stands. Jan calls that bull which Marlena questions. Shawn asks what Jan is doing. Jan responds that Marlena isn’t sorry and tells her to just admit that she thinks she’s irredeemable.

Belle tells John that there’s no way she can live in that house every day watching Shawn take care of Jan Spears. John feels there has to be another solution. Belle says not that she can think of as long as Jan and the baby are in the picture. John asks if the separation is a done deal. Belle says she had EJ file the paper work. John mentions hearing that her and EJ have been spending a lot of time together.

Lucas hopes Johnny is more gracious in defeat than EJ is because he’d hate to see him turn in to a bitter old shell like EJ. EJ responds that Johnny is not going to lose. Lucas insists that Chanel will choose Allie over him. EJ understands Lucas is standing up for his daughter but says there’s no way Chanel will pick a fragile woman-child over his red blooded virile son. Lucas argues that Allie has been through more in her life than they could fathom and tackled every challenge. Lucas thinks Allie is twice as red blooded and virile as Johnny will ever be.

Allie tells Chanel that the ball is in her court. Chanel complains about being put on the spot. Johnny says that’s not their intention. Chanel argues that them fighting over her like she’s an expensive toy is embarrassing. Chanel asks if they are not all grown up. Allie remarks that most of them are. Chanel states that she loves them both and they have been through strange, terrible times. Chanel declares that she’s not going to choose between the two of them. Johnny argues that she’s going to have to eventually. Chanel disagrees and says if she’s forced to make a choice, she chooses herself.

Sarah understands that she was gone out of Xander’s life for a long time and he believed that she had left him and wasn’t coming back. Xander tells her that there was only really one woman but they didn’t just date which Sarah questions. Xander then reveals that they were engaged to be married. Sarah questions him being engaged to someone while she was gone. Xander points out that he thought Sarah didn’t want him anymore and was at an all time low when he met her. Sarah asks who she is. Xander informs her that it was Gwen, who Sarah recognizes as Jack’s daughter. Sarah recalls running in to them when she first got back to town. Xander is surprised she remembers that since that was when Sarah thought she was Renee DuMonde and thought that Gwen as a different Gwen from Renee’s past. Sarah asks if Xander was in love with Gwen. Sarah again questions Xander being engaged to another woman while she was languishing away on an island.

Allie argues that Chanel saying she chooses herself is a line from her favorite TV show, Beverly Hills 90210, which Chanel made her watch 20 episodes of last summer. Chanel admits she quotes Kelly Taylor when she gets stressed out. Johnny says the last thing he wants to do is stress her out. Allie says that’s not what either of them want but Chanel says it’s too late. Allie knows this is hard. Chanel calls it impossible. Chanel says being torn between two people is one thing but this is between a man and a woman who are twins. Johnny feels that shouldn’t have any affect on her decision. Allie agrees and says that being possessed taught her and Johnny that their bond is unbreakable. They joke about competing over everything. Allie calls Johnny the one constant in her life while Johnny calls Allie his ride or die.

Lucas wonders how Sami would feel about EJ belittling Allie like this. EJ claims he’s not doing that and is only stating the obvious differences between their children. EJ remarks that one twin has the blood of kings, conquerors, and captains of industry coursing through his veins. Lucas warns EJ to watch what he says. EJ states that the Hortons are a perfectly lovely family full of doctors, donut makers, drunkards, and grifters. Lucas calls him an elitist jerk and says he’d rather have Horton blood in his veins than DiMera blood any day. Lucas adds that he knows Sami feels the same way. EJ asks where Sami is any way and if Lucas kidnapped her again. Lucas says it’s not his business, but during their romantic ski getaway, she fell and broke her leg so she’s in the hospital. EJ asks if she’s alright. Lucas says she’s fine but the doctors won’t let her leave the Italian alps. EJ says of course not. Lucas asks if EJ thinks he’s lying and making this up. Lucas remarks that he wouldn’t hurt Sami the way EJ did. EJ reminds Lucas that he was exonerated in Sami’s kidnapping because someone framed him. Lucas questions if he was really exonerated or if the Devil dabbled in corporate espionage but that doesn’t make him innocent. Lucas thinks the Devil framed an already guilty man.

Belle tells John that she has been spending time with EJ as he is her friend and he is letting her use office space in his house. John questions how she thinks Sami would react to Belle getting close to her ex. Belle points out that Sami wasn’t too concerned with her feelings when she unleashed Jan Spears on her entire family. John asks if this is payback. Belle calls this unrelated and points out that Sami is with Lucas now so she doesn’t have any claim on EJ. John argues that they both know Sami will always have a claim on EJ.

Jan mentions reading The Intruder articles that say Marlena’s patients are dropping her left and right since the whole possession, so she thought Marlena would welcome new business. Marlena argues that her loyal patients know she wasn’t responsible during that time. Jan asks what about what happened to her and her actions while Marlena was possessed. Shawn says they don’t need to do this but Marlena says it’s alright. Jan reminds Marlena that she woke her up from her coma to go after Belle and Shawn. Marlena says that she doesn’t remember that. Jan says that The Devil made her do it but she’s not the only one with demons. Jan states that from the moment that Paul Mendez raped her, there’s been a battle between good and evil in her head as that violation left her hopeless and angry. Jan adds that it robbed her of her faith in humanity and has affected every decision she’s ever made since. Marlena says she understands that but it still doesn’t give her the right or permission to hurt people. Jan knows she has to live with what she’s done but says she just wants the same chance that Marlena gave to Ben, the opportunity to prove she can be a better person. Shawn acknowledges that Jan has done really horrible things, especially to Belle. Jan says she’s sorry for that but asks if her innocent baby deserves the chance to have a mom who is mentally healthy. Marlena reluctantly admits that it does and then agrees to see Jan in treatment.

Sarah asks Xander to tell her how he fell in love with Gwen. Xander asks why that matters. Sarah says she needs to know. Xander tells her that when he lost her, he lost hope and was a drunken mess close to rock bottom. Xander says Jack was the only person who took pity on him and gave him a place to stay, where Gwen was staying too. Xander talks about how they couldn’t stand each other at first but eventually came to realize they were kindred spirits and fellow pariahs. Xander adds that Jack was the only person that believed in either of them. Sarah guesses his feelings for her must have been strong. Xander says he came to realize in Sarah’s absence and feeling sure that she wanted nothing to do with him, that Gwen was the person he was meant to be with. Sarah questions what happened to their engagement and if one of them called it off. Xander reveals that they made it all the way to the altar but didn’t get married because he found out what she did to Sarah.

Chanel is glad Johnny and Allie are solid but says she still needs time to figure out who and what she wants from her life. Allie says she understands. Johnny tells her to take her time. Chanel mentions needing to get back to the Bakery to close up. Allie asks Chanel if she can have her job back. Chanel confirms that she can start back in the morning as the Bakery is not Sweet Bits without her. Chanel tells Allie that she will see her in the morning and says goodnight to Johnny as she then walks away. Johnny remarks to Allie that it was well played since now she is back at the Bakery, spending all day with the woman that they are both crazy about. Allie argues that she loves her job and she thought they weren’t going to let Chanel get between them. Johnny asks how she supposes they do that. Allie suggests they go to the Pub and split a plate of fries like when they were kids. Johnny agrees to do that.

Jan excitedly thanks Marlena and tells her how much this means to them. Shawn thanks Marlena as well. Marlena clarifies that this therapy will be on a trial basis and the moment she has any suspicion that Jan is up to her old tricks or is not taking it seriously, the sessions will end. Jan says she understands and asks if they can get started. Jan then lays on the couch and says she’s diving in. Jan asks how this works and if she just tells Marlena about her childhood. Marlena thinks they will start tomorrow. Jan says that works. Marlena says she will see her then. Jan assures that she won’t regret this. Marlena hopes not. Shawn thanks Marlena again for doing this as he knows it wasn’t an easy decision for her. Marlena responds that it won’t be easy to tell Belle that she’s doing it either.

Belle tells John that Sami has nothing to do with her connection to EJ. John isn’t so sure about that since EJ and Sami are forever intertwined. Belle asks if John thinks EJ isn’t over Sami. John thinks EJ has a huge ego and that Sami throwing him over for Lucas had to hurt like hell. Belle asks what he’s saying. John asks what better way to get back at Sami than for EJ to start sniffing around her baby sister.

Lucas reminds EJ that one of the guys that held Sami said that EJ was the orchestrator of Sami’s abduction. EJ accuses Lucas of putting him up to it. Lucas says that’s getting old. EJ argues that he obviously paid him off. Lucas declares that he’s about had enough of his mouth for the night. EJ asks what he’s going to do about it and calls him a loser. Lucas says he’ll show him and then attacks EJ. Lucas and EJ fight until Johnny and Allie rush up to separate them. As Johnny holds EJ back, Lucas punches EJ in the face. EJ shouts that he will pay for that cheap shot. Lucas calls him an arrogant bastard and tells Johnny to let him go. Allie and Johnny decide to take a rain check on their fries as Johnny takes EJ away. EJ shouts that this isn’t over while Lucas yells that he knows where to find him anytime. Allie asks if Lucas has lost his mind.

Belle tells John that’s offensive to her that he suggested a man like EJ couldn’t be interested in her unless he was trying to get back at his ex. John says that’s not what he meant. Belle questions what he meant then but Marlena arrives and says it looks like she got there just in time. Belle remarks that Marlena is just in time to tell John he’s being insensitive. John clarifies that he just suggested to Belle that maybe EJ is trying to get close to her as a way to stick it to Sami. Belle complains that John didn’t just suggest it, he proclaimed it as the gospel truth. Marlena agrees with Belle that it is insensitive. John suggsts changing the subject and asks how Marlena’s day was. Marlena admits it’s been slightly stressful but announces she’s come to the opinion that it’s best for everyone, especially Shawn, if she goes ahead and treats Jan Spears.

Xander explains to Sarah that Gwen knew what Kristen did to her and made sure she got a double dose of the same drug and then Abigail exposed her at the wedding. Sarah guesses it was quite a scene and asks where Gwen is now. Xander informs her that she plead guilty and was sent to prison. Sarah jokes that he really knows how to pick them. Xander tells Sarah that he’s so sorry as he didn’t know what Gwen was up to, but all that matters is that they found their way back to each other. Sarah agrees and they kiss. Xander suggests going to see Maggie since she doesn’t know the good news that they are back together. Sarah agrees that would make Maggie really happy. Xander asks if they are okay. Sarah says she’s still trying to wrap her head around that he was engaged to someone while she was gone but assures they are okay. Sarah adds that she’s just grateful that he and Gwen didn’t actually tie the knot as they hug…

Belle questions Marlena treating Jan and asks how she could treat the woman who just pretended to be her and got knocked up by her husband. John tries to calm Belle but she demands an answer. Marlena explains that she’s treating Jan because she feels partly responsible for what Jan did. Belle argues that Marlena didn’t wake Jan up from the coma. John asks Belle to try it and see it from Marlena’s perspective but Belle says no and shouts that she’s sick of being the reasonable one when all he cares about is Sami and now Marlena wants to take on Jan Spears as her new rehab a psycho pet project. Marlena calls that not fair. Belle says screw fair and asks what fair has ever gotten her other than her stalker living in her house, now pregnant by her husband and now she’s going to be all healed by her own mother. Belle tells John and Marlena to just go and adopt Jan Spears since they feel so responsible for her. Belle says Jan can be their new daughter and then they will have their own new grand baby. Belle gets up to leave. John demands her keys. Belle angrily agrees to get a cab and tells them to say hi to Sami and Jan. Belle then storms out while Marlena is left wondering what happened.

EJ and Johnny return to the DiMera Mansion. Johnny notes that he barely said a word on the way home. EJ asks what there is to say. Johnny suggests he explain why he and Lucas were pummeling each other outside the Pub. EJ tells him it’s nothing to concern himself over. Johnny guesses it was about Sami. EJ repeats that it’s not his concern. EJ wants to hear how things went with Johnny and Chanel. EJ asks how soon he’ll be paying for their second wedding.

Xander and Sarah come out of the Salem Inn together and run in to Chanel. Chanel greets them and comments that she sees Xander won Sarah back without her help. Xander tries to say they have to go but Sarah stops and asks if she knows her. Chanel introduces herself and then reveals she is Xander’s ex-wife, but notes that it was very brief and meaningless. Sarah questions this, so Chanel realizes that Xander didn’t tell her. Sarah confirms that Xander didn’t say a word.

Allie brings Lucas an ice pack from the Pub. Lucas is sorry that she and Johnny had to see that. Allie is just glad they got there before they killed each other. Allie asks what it was about anyway. Lucas tells her it was about Sami of course. Allie asks what about her. Lucas explains that EJ thinks he kidnapped Sami and asks if she can believe the nerve of him.

Johnny tells EJ to hold off on the wedding planning for now. EJ asks if Chanel doesn’t want him back. Johnny says that she said she needed time to think. EJ questions what there is to think about since they were both in love before the Devil got involved. Johnny states that Chanel asked he and Allie to give her space, so that’s what he’s going to do. EJ warns him to be careful and not to miss out on the woman he loves out of some misguided sense of loyalty. Belle then walks in to the room.

Shawn sees that Jan finished her food. Jan admits she didn’t like it much but wanted to prove she’s serious about taking care of her baby and her own body and soul. Jan really thinks therapy with Marlena will make her a better person. Shawn says that if anyone can help her it’s Marlena. Shawn adds that he’s heading to bed and tells her to let him know if she needs anything else. Jan thanks him for everything. Shawn says goodnight and exits the room. Jan then tells her baby that she and Shawn are getting closer, so once Marlena gives her a clean bill of health, who knows what could happen.

Marlena tells John that they shouldn’t have let Belle go like that. Marlena wants to call her but John asks what the point is since she’s an inebriated grown woman, who is obviously upset with both of them right now. Marlena declares that she will cancel Jan’s sessions then. John asks her not to do that and to trust her instincts because a sane and healthy Jan is better for all of them. John adds that Belle is tough and strong so she will get through this. Marlena hopes he’s right.

Johnny decides to head upstairs to read a script from a friend. Johnny says goodnight to EJ and Belle as he then exits. EJ asks if Belle is alright. Belle responds that she’s not. EJ asks what happened. Belle says she just had a really big fight with her parents. Belle asks EJ if she can stay in one of the guest rooms tonight. EJ says of course as he’d love to have her

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