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Paulina visits Lani at the police station and asks how she’s doing. Lani says she’s hanging on. Lani mentions that Justin told her how Paulina put the screws to Melinda to get this plea deal and thanks her. Paulina tells her she doesn’t need to ever thank her. Paulina says she spent 30 years pretending that Lani wasn’t her daughter so she’s not letting anyone take her away from her.

Eli is at home with Julie, staring at a photo of he and Lani. Julie tells Eli that it’s time and she’s going to dress the twins. Julie encourages that prison is just a short drive away and that they will take the twins to visit Lani every chance they get. Julie goes to get the twins while Rafe arrives at the door. Rafe tells Eli that he’s sorry to do this, but there’s a problem with Lani’s deal.

Brady goes to visit Kristen in her holding cell.

Eli asks Rafe if Melinda is backing out of the deal. Rafe explains that Lani’s problem isn’t with Melinda or the deal. Eli asks what’s going on. Rafe reveals the problem is with the prisoner they already have in custody.

Kristen tells Brady that she’s surprised to see him. Brady points out that she used her only phone call to reach out to him. Kristen hoped he would bring their daughter Rachel to see her but he didn’t. Brady says he’s just trying to protect Rachel since it’s getting harder to keep the truth that her mother is a criminal from her as she gets older.

Xander eats alone in the town square as Chanel walks by. Xander calls her his favorite ex-wife. Chanel apologizes about the other day as she thought Sarah knew they had been married. Xander tells her not to worry as Sarah is fine with it and has no problem with it all. Sarah then appears and yells at Chanel to get the hell away from him. Chanel thought Xander said Sarah didn’t have a problem with her. Sarah grabs a knife and says she warned her to stay away. Xander and Chanel question what the hell she’s doing. Sarah responds that she’s saving Xander’s life from Kristen DiMera.

Kristen questions if Brady came down to insult her because he didn’t think she was suffering enough. Brady clarifies that he came to ask if she framed him for what happened to Philip and if she knows if Philip is dead or alive. Kristen assures that she had nothing to do with Philip’s disappearance and asks why he even cares. Brady questions why she would even ask him that. Kristen argues that it’s obvious Brady cares because if Philip is alive then he might just come between Brady and Chloe.

Lani knows Paulina risked everything for her, so she will tell them that she asked her to lie. Paulina insists that she’ll be fine. Lani worries that Melinda won’t let this go. Paulina says she’s not afraid of Melinda. Lani talks about trying to keep quiet but being haunted by TR and seeing him everywhere she went, so she knew it would not stop unless she did something about it.

Theo and Abe sit together at the Brady Pub. Theo says maybe he shouldn’t leave today but Abe encourages that he has to live his life and that Lani understands. Theo says when they found out Lani was not really his sister, he thought things might change but if anything, they grew closer and he knows it’s the same for Abe. Abe states that he’s blessed to have two wonderful children in Theo and Lani. Abe adds that he could not love them more.

Rafe tells Eli that it’s no secret that there’s bad blood between Lani and Vivian Alamain. Eli questions what Vivian has to do with Lani’s plea deal. Rafe informs him that he just got word that Vivian knows Lani is set to enter the prison and she has made it clear that Lani is on her hit list. Rafe mentions that Vivian has been thrown in solitary but she has dangerous allies on the inside, who would not hesitate to hurt Lani, so it’s not safe for her there. Eli asks what the alternative is. Rafe says the alternative is that Lani serve her sentence in another facility out of state. Eli questions how they would visit and worries that Lani would go crazy without her kids. Rafe says he just doesn’t see any other way. Eli thinks he has an idea as to how this will work.

Xander takes the knife away from Sarah and tells her that Chanel is not Kristen. Chanel questions what is going on. Sarah realizes her mistake and apologizes to Chanel. Chanel says she has some place to be and rushes off. Sarah asks Xander what she did. Xander tells her it’s okay. Sarah can’t believe this is still happening and that she can’t get away from Kristen DiMera.

Kristen asks Brady if he and Chloe are together. Brady questions how she knew that. Kristen says she makes it her business to know what or who the father of her child is doing. Brady responds that he won’t deny it and confirms that he and Chloe are together despite Kristen’s best efforts to try to keep them apart. Kristen guesses she was right then that Brady just wanted to be with Chloe while claiming to be in love with her. Kristen insists that she’s not giving up on Rachel or him. Kristen declares that Chloe may have won this battle but she will win the next. Brady argues that this is not war or a battle, it’s his life. Brady asks how many people she wants to make collateral damage and declares that her inserting herself in he and Rachel’s life will never happen.

Theo tells Abe that his mom’s side of the family is far from traditional but he saw how Stefano loved Kristen and Peter just as much as his biological children. Abe agrees that family is what you make of it. Theo says they better get to the police station to see Lani. Abe says he needs to make one stop on the way.

Lani tells Paulina that she watched her and Abe be so happy and hopeful about their future when she realized she couldn’t live with this lie any longer. Lani asks if Paulina understands why she had to take responsibility for TR’s murder. Paulina knows all too well what it’s like having TR haunt her. Paulina adds that because of Lani, TR won’t be able to hurt anyone anymore so she saved them and she will be forever grateful. Paulina adds that she’ll be the first in line on her visiting days as they hug.

Eli asks Rafe what he thinks of his idea. Rafe responds that he thinks he hates it, but he’ll make some calls and see if he can make it happen. Eli thanks him. Rafe tells him to hang in and that it will all work out. Rafe then exits. Julie comes back out and Eli claims he was just talking to Rafe about some stuff from today. Eli then tells Julie that he needs to talk to her and suggests she have a seat. Julie asks if Lani is okay. Eli says Lani is fine and then sits with Julie. Eli reveals that it looks like Lani will have to spend her time a bit further away from home than they expected. Julie calls that terrible and says her heart would break in two if Eli and the twins had to move far away. Eli hopes she doesn’t mean that because they can’t be far away from Lani, so they may have to leave Salem.

Kristen asks Brady what collateral damage he’s talking about. Brady asks if she wants a list of the people who have gotten hurt in her crossfire. Brady brings up Sarah. Kristen asks what about her. Brady argues that Kristen stole Sarah’s life so she’s an innocent victim in one of her schemes. Kristen argues that Sarah and Xander are back together so there’s no harm, no foul. Brady says that’s wrong as even from in here, Kristen is still torturing Sarah.

Sarah complains that she’s been on the adjusted dose for two weeks and she thought this was going to stop. Xander reminds her that Marlena said it might take some time and encourages her to breathe. Sarah remarks that Kristen’s probably thousands of miles from Salem now. Rafe then walks up and reveals that’s not true as Kristen is down at the police station in custody which surprises Xander. Rafe adds that Kristen is waiting to be sent back to prison where he hopes they lock her up and throw away the key. Rafe then walks away.

Eli tells Julie that if Rafe can make it happen, there’s a minimum security facility in Maryland that’s a 30 minute drive from Valerie’s house in Washington DC. Julie asks what about his job. Eli responds that a good cop can always find work and that his old FBI mentor Billy is always asking him to rejoin so he’s sure he can find him a job in the office in DC. Julie says it sounds like a plan then. Eli hopes so. Julie hopes it all works out. Julie says she will get the twins. Julie stops and states that she knew she would be saying goodbye to Lani today but she didn’t expect to be losing Eli and the twins too.

Abe joins Paulina and Lani at the police station. They tell him not to cry. Abe asks Lani to sign papers before she goes as Abe wants to officially adopt her. Abe calls her his daughter in every way that counts, so he just wants to make it legal.

Brady informs Kristen that thanks to the drug she injected Sarah with and the extra dose that Gwen gave her, Sarah is having hallucinations and almost attacked Victor. Kristen remarks that Victor’s always had a way of bringing out violent impulses. Brady argues that Kristen can’t take responsibility for her actions. Kristen points out that she is in here. Brady feels she has zero empathy for the people she’s hurt. Brady warns that he has to think long and hard about whether it’s a good idea for her to see Rachel ever again. Kristen argues that he doesn’t get to decide that as she is her mother. Brady shows her the Valentine that her daughter made for her mother. Kristen points out that he’s 4 months late. Brady explains that he didn’t know where to send it, but he held on to it so he could give it to her. Brady tells her that after they transfer her to prison, they will talk again. Brady then exits.

Sarah tells Xander that she’s going to see Kristen. Xander doesn’t think that’s a good idea. Sarah argues that Kristen and Gwen are the reason she’s like this. Xander wants to at least go with her but Sarah feels she needs to do this alone. Xander warns her about how dangerous Kristen can be. Sarah argues that she’s locked up and there are guards and iron bars between them so there’s nothing Kristen can do to hurt her anymore. Sarah then walks away while Xander worries about what Sarah could do to Kristen.

Julie tells Eli that she sees traits of his father in him. Julie talks about how her son David was so young when his life was cut short, but then Eli came to Salem and was a wonderful gift. Julie calls it almost like having another son even though she didn’t raise him, but they really bonded. Julie says they are completely different but they are kindred spirits. Julie knows that Eli knows they are always on each others’ team, like right now. Julie cries that she wants to keep him in Salem forever but she won’t because him leaving is what’s right for his family. Julie admits he’s going to hurt like hell to let him go. Eli hugs Julie as she cries.

Chanel joins Theo at the police station and asks what’s going on in the interrogation room. Theo reveals that Abe is officially adopting Lani. Chanel and Theo acknowledge that this makes them family too.

Lani tells Abe that she had no idea he was doing this. Abe calls it a last minute thing and says he will file it with the county clerk so they’ll be good to go. Lani calls it already a done deal in her heart as she signs the papers. Lani then declares that the records can show she is his daughter. Lani says there is one other thing that needs to be made right before she goes. Lani tells Paulina that she’s always made it a point to let her know that Tamara would always be her mother and Paulina would be her Aunty P, but now she sees all Paulina has done for her and the sacrifices she made so she can say for sure that Paulina is her mother too.

Julie tells Eli that it’s time to get him and the twins ready to go to the police station to be with Lani. Eli responds that he’s not ready yet as he’d like to spend a few more moments with her. Eli turns on the record player and asks Julie for one last dance before he goes, so they dance together. Julie recognizes the song as one of David’s favorites. Eli admits he picked it out of the collection she gave him when he first came to Salem. Julie says she will miss him a lot. Eli says he’ll be back before she knows it and that Doug and Julie better visit. Julie jokes that they’ll never leave. Eli looks forward to it because he wants them to be part of Jules and Carver’s lives.

Paulina hugs Lani and asks if she really looks at her as her mother now. Lani talks about how Paulina has tried to protect her from the day she was born, even when she didn’t know it, and that’s what a mother does. Lani acknowledges that Paulina sacrificed her own happiness for her and fought for her, so she’s so thankful to have her in her life. Lani and Paulina say they love each other as they hug.

Kristen remains in her cell, holding Rachel’s Valentine, as Sarah arrives and remarks that it looks like someone finally has a heart.

Lani thanks Chanel and Theo for being there and says she loves them so much. Chanel congratulates them all on Abe adopting Lani. Lani comments that the day isn’t all that bad. Eli arrives with Julie and asks if he missed some good news. Lani announces that Abe surprised her by adopting her. Abe states that she’s already his daughter so they’re going to make it official again. Eli calls that great news but announces that he has some news as well. Eli informs them of the situation causing Paulina to complain about Vivian. Eli declares that he’s afraid Lani going to Statesville is not an option, so Lani asks where she is going. Eli explains that there is a minimum security facility in Maryland so Rafe is trying to work out a transfer. Abe questions it being in Maryland. Eli notes that it’s a short drive from his mom’s house in DC, so if Rafe can make this happen then he and the twins are going with Lani. Lani questions Eli moving to DC. Paulina questions the twins moving. Lani thinks they should talk about this before Eli decides anything. Rafe comes over and announces that it’s done and he got the approval, so Lani can serve out her sentence in Maryland and as far as prisons go, it’s a nice, safe place. Lani can’t believe Eli is doing this for her. Eli responds that everything he does is for her. Rafe is glad it worked out for Lani but admits it’s a drag to be losing two of his best cops and best friends. Lani thanks Rafe and hugs him as he tells her to take care of herself. Eli hugs Rafe and says he will miss him.

Sarah tells Kristen that thanks to her and her partner in crime, she’s been seeing her face all over town. Kristen responds that she heard about her hallucinations. Sarah complains that Kristen destroyed her life and she’s doing everything she can to get it back. Kristen wishes her luck with that. Sarah says at least she knows the real Kristen is in here so she can’t hurt anyone else. Sarah hopes they never let her out. Sarah then exits.

Rafe decides he will let them all say their goodbyes and then he will have Eli take Lani to transport. Rafe then exits the station. Julie encourages Lani to be strong for Eli and their babies. Lani agrees to do her best and she’ll ask herself what would Julie do as they hug. Chanel and Theo tell Lani that they just got used to having a big sister around. Lani assures that they still will and she will be calling to ask about their love life. Lani tells them to make her proud as she hugs them. Lani tells Abe that she knows they just made it official, but she doesn’t know what she would’ve done without him the last few years. Abe encourages that she would’ve done alright. Abe declares that his world is a better place because she’s in it and he loves her forever and a day. Lani tells him the same as they hug. Abe tells Eli to take care of Lani. Eli responds that there’s nothing more he’d rather do. Paulina jokes that if he doesn’t, he’ll have to answer to her too. Eli hugs Paulina. Lani jokes about Paulina being speechless. Paulina says she has plenty of words but none of them change the fact that this all ends in them saying goodbye. Paulina has Lani call her mom one more time as they hug. Paulina tells her how much she loves her and how proud she is of her. Paulina promises to see her soon. Abe adds that they will all get through this together. Eli and Chanel hold baby Jules and Carver. Lani tells them that she’s going on a little trip but Eli will bring them to see her as soon as he can and she will never stop thinking of them. Lani tells her twins that she loves them so much. Eli and Lani then exit the station together for the final time.

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