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Recap written by Christine

Nick was at Sharon’s house with Faith and Noah. He remarked that it was a beautiful morning, like the universe was trying to make them feel better. It was clear that Faith had been crying. Noah had called Mariah and Tessa and taken on the awful task of telling them Rey died. Nick said the next few days would be difficult, and they’d need to support Sharon. Faith was trying her best to keep it together in front of her mom. Nick told Faith not to hold back her emotions. He meant that they’d need to pick up the slack and do things so that Sharon didn’t have to worry about them. He asked if they’d seen Sharon. They hadn’t, but Faith heard Sharon moving around last night, so she probably didn’t get much sleep. Nick said they’d let her rest as long as she wanted. He’d gone to Crimson Lights and broken the news – one of the baristas was going to open and close for awhile. Faith said she’d take over the cooking and cleaning at home. Nick guessed he’d call Rey’s mom and siblings, Celeste, Arturo and Lola. Noah said he’d take care of the funeral arrangements. Sharon appeared and said no – that was for her to do. She was holding things together well at the moment.

Nick thought Sharon should rest. Sharon said she had things to do, and she was going to be strong, because Rey wouldn’t want her to fall apart. Sharon went to her laptop. Her kids flanked her on either side and offered her food and warm drinks. Sharon said she was fine, and she didn’t need to be babysat. She didn’t want them hiding their feelings around her – they were all in this together. She vowed that they’d get through this together, for Rey. Sharon said she was going to call Celeste. Nick offered to call or have someone from the police department call. Sharon fought back tears. She was going to do it. She’d already practiced the conversation. But how do you tell a mother that her son was dead, she asked. Noah and Faith knelt down by Sharon, who regained control of her emotions.

Sharon made the call. “My wonderful husband and your beloved son is gone.” When the show cut back to Sharon, she was wrapping up a longer call with Celeste. Sharon sent her love to the family and promised to tell them once more was known about the accident. Sharon said she was going to handle the funeral, and she wanted to know if Celeste had requests. Celeste said something that caught Sharon off guard. The call ended. Nick told Sharon she was brave to make that call. Nick wanted to know what Celeste said to upset Sharon at the end of the call. Before Sharon could answer, Mariah and Tessa came in, and they hugged her. Mariah said they needed to call Lola. Tessa said that they should let Lola’s mom tell her the news, then they’d call her later. Sharon knew there were a lot of people who needed to be called. Noah said he already told the immediate family. Sharon said thanks. Sharon wondered if Chelsea and Connor knew. Sharon said that Connor loved Rey. Faith replied that everyone did. Sharon was worried about who’d tell Connor. Nick already told Adam, and he was going to handle it.

Mariah offered to stay at the cottage if Sharon wanted her to. Tessa said they could also take Faith if Sharon wanted to be alone. “We don’t need any more disruptions to our normal routine, okay. This is upsetting enough without more disruptions!” Sharon snapped, tears streaming down her cheeks. Tessa and Mariah said okay. Sharon thought Tessa and Mariah need to be together now to plan their wedding. Mariah said they couldn’t go through with the wedding under these circumstances – they were going to postpone. Sharon said she couldn’t let them do that. Tessa said this wasn’t the time for celebration. Mariah added that it wouldn’t be the same without Rey. Sharon insisted that Rey would want the wedding to go forward without delay. Faith was sure Rey would understand pushing the wedding back. Sharon yelled that the wedding must go on as planned because Rey would hate it if he were responsible for delaying the big day. Nick gently suggested they take a step back and focus on the funeral right now. Sharon became quietly upset, and Mariah asked what was wrong. Celeste wanted to bring Rey home for the funeral and burial.

Nick asked how Sharon felt about Rey being buried in Miami. She didn’t know. She’d just assumed he’d be buried here, but she guessed it made sense for him to be in Miami, where he was born and raised. Sharon recognized that, to Celeste, Miami was Rey’s home. Faith said this was Rey’s home too. Sharon agreed with Faith. “He belongs here with me. With us. We are his family,” Sharon stated. Noah could see the other side – if something happened to him or Sharon’s other kids, she’d move heaven and earth to get them back to Genoa City. As a mother, Sharon understood Celeste, but she still felt that Rey belonged here, with them. She asked if they had suggestions. Nick thought Sharon should think on it. Sharon picked up her wedding photo and said Rey was good at helping her make choices like this.

Sharon made everyone smile with a story about Rey rescuing a duckling. She shifted gears and said she had to go to the morgue to say goodbye to Rey. She accepted when Nick offered to drive her. Sharon picked up Rey’s jacket and hugged it and inhaled his scent. Noah called Sharon, and she said she was fine. She told Nick they could go. Mariah had something to say – something Sharon had told her in the past: “Please let your emotions out. We’re strong enough to handle your grief and we want to help you through it.” Faith, Noah, Nick and Tessa echoed the sentiments. They all wanted to be there for Sharon. Sharon said she needed to be strong, because if she let go, she might not ever recover.

Adam dropped by Chelsea’s hotel suite. She immediately knew something was wrong, since he never showed up unannounced. She asked if it was Connor. Connor was fine. He took a deep breath and said there had been an accident last night. Her face fell, and she knew it was Rey, but she didn’t understand the gravity of the situation. She’d known something wasn’t right when he didn’t return last night, because he’d been so excited to take Connor to the game. She grabbed her phone, intending to call Rey and tease him about going to extremes to avoid this game. Adam clarified that Rey was driving back from the ranch with the tickets when he got into a crash, and he died. Adam was sorry. Chelsea had to sit down. She didn’t understand how this happened. Adam said it was a foggy and there was a three car accident, involving Victoria and Ashland. She asked if they were okay, and he said yes. She asked if Sharon knew, and he said Nick told her. She asked if Connor knew.

Adam thought he and Chelsea should tell Connor together. He kept Connor out of school today, so he wouldn’t hear it from the teachers or kids. Chelsea started to cry, but she pulled herself together, because Connor had to be their focus. She said Connor was a sensitive kid who adored Rey, and his bond with Rey was growing. He said he’d go get Connor while she had some time to process the news. He said this was a horrible accident, and it wasn’t anyone’s fault, and they had to make sure Connor understood that.

Chelsea was alone. She flashed back to convincing Rey to go to the game with her and Connor. She started to cry. Adam brought Connor. He was still in his hockey jersey, and Chelsea hugged him. Connor knew it was never good when his parents wanted to talk to him together. He asked if he was in trouble, and Adam said no. Chelsea said they had some sad news. She couldn’t bring herself to say more, so Adam took over and broke the news. At first, Connor was in denial, then he asked if Rey died because he went home to get the hockey tickets. “He was driving because he was taking me to a game,” Connor said. Adam was emphatic that this was not Connor’s fault; this was an accident, and no one knew what caused it. Connor nodded. Connor felt bad for Chelsea, because she and Rey had become good friends. Chelsea said she’d miss Rey a lot. She and her son hugged. Adam was going to take Connor for ice cream on their way back to the ranch, but he said he was too sad for that. Chelsea said it was okay to be sad. She promised they’d do something to honor Rey’s memory later. He liked that idea. He and Adam left. Chelsea still had her hockey ticket (Rey had his and Connor’s). She ripped the ticket up and screamed.

Ashland sat on his bed in a suite at the Grand Phoenix. He flashed back to rescuing Victoria from the burning car. He started to weep, Just then, there was a knock on the door, so he wiped his face and answered it. It was Victor. Ashland asked how Victor knew where to find him. Victor was keeping tabs on Ashland. Ashland noted that he’d evaded Victor’s men pretty easily last night. “And if you hadn’t, that accident could have been avoided,” Victor said. Victor was furious because he gave Ashland a half a billion dollars to get the hell out of town, and yet he was still here. Ashland said he honored the terms of the deal – he left the company and agreed to have the marriage annulled, so he didn’t know why Victor was so upset. He noted that Victor didn’t say anything to him last night at the hospital. Victor said he went to the hospital to see his daughter, and he was concerned about her welfare, not Ashland’s. Victor didn’t come here today to see how Ashland was doing. Ashland knew that.

Victor demanded to know what happened. Ashland understood the family despised him, and for good reason, but his love for Victoria had always been genuine. Victor told Ashland to save the romantic nonsense for his diary and give him the facts about the accident. Ashland said he left the office last night. Victor clarified that Victoria threw Ashland out. Ashland continued – he’d wanted to make sure Victoria was okay, and he spotted Victor’s guys and assumed they were there to run him out of town, so he’d driven around for awhile until he lost them. He went back to Newman Tower, and it was around the same time Victoria was leaving. He thought she was going home, and there was a lot of fog, so he followed her to make sure she made it safely. It turned out she was going for a much longer drive.

Ashland had kept his distance as he tailed Victoria. He saw another car approaching from the other direction, that turned out to be Rey’s, though Ashland didn’t know that at the time. Rey had been driving erratically for some reason, perhaps trying to avoid something in the road, but it was so foggy that Ashland couldn’t know for sure. He saw Rey’s car veer into Victoria’s lane and come straight at her. She swerved and went off the road and into a tree. Ashland had been watching Victoria’s car, so he didn’t realize at first that Rey’s car was now coming straight for him. Ashland turned sharply and got hit in the side by Rey’s car. He guessed the impact made Rey’s car flip, but he didn’t see that happen. However, when he saw Rey’s car later, it was upside down. Ashland’s car hit something, and he was knocked unconscious for what he assumed was a brief period. When he came to, he saw Victoria’s car, and he struggled to get out of his car, and he rushed to her. The flames got more intense, but he didn’t care. Just after he pulled her out, her car became engulfed in flames.

Victor acknowledged Ashland risked his own life to save Victoria’s. Despite all the disdain Victor had for Ashland, and despite all the damage Ashland caused the family, Victor was grateful. Ashland didn’t need or expect gratitude from Victor or any of the other Newmans. He saved Victoria because she needed saving, and he’d never stop loving her. Victor ordered Ashland to leave town and stay away from Victoria. Ashland thought that should be up to Victoria. Victor pointed out that Victoria never would’ve been on that road if it weren’t for Ashland. “You are responsible for her being on that road and for that accident and for Rey Rosales’ death as much as anyone,” Victor snapped. Ashland refused to leave town, stating that he needed time to heal. Victor headed toward the door. He made it clear that Ashland would have hell to pay if he didn’t leave.

Victoria was at work. She had a bruised face, and she massaged an achy shoulder. She looked up at the spot on the wall where her portrait used to be. Nikki came in. She’d been calling Victoria and went to her house to check on her, earlier. Victoria said she’d turned off her phone. She had a lot to do, and she’d been cleared for work. Nikki heard the doctor tell Victoria how lucky she was to only have a sprained knee. Victoria noted she’d gotten a knee brace and a ridiculous cane to use. Nikki thought Victoria needed to rest mentally, after the shock of the accident and everything with Ashland and… “And Rey’s death,” Victoria said. Nikki thought Victoria was at work too soon. Victoria needed a distraction from the guilt. Nikki didn’t think Victoria should feel guilty. “I know Mom, okay. Everybody says that I shouldn’t feel guilt but I do,” Victoria snapped. Victoria admitted she never should’ve been driving after what happened with Ashland, especially not in the fog. Nikki was adamant that Rey’s death wasn’t Victoria’s fault. Victoria asked how anyone knew that.

Victoria didn’t remember much about the accident. It was all a blur. She just remembered being upset and on the phone with Nikki. Nikki said the police would investigate and they might be able to give Victoria some answers that might alleviate some of her guilt. Victoria said one minute she was driving, and the next she was surrounded by flames being pulled out of the car. “He risked his life to save mine. The very person that I wanted to forget and the reason I was out driving in the first place,” she said. Victoria said Ashland saved her life, and not Rey’s, and that only compounded her grief and guilt. Nikki told Victoria to stop thinking like that. Nikki said what happened to Rey was heartbreaking, but Victoria was alive, and Nikki thanked God, and even Ashland for that. Ashland called Victoria. She acted like it was a business call, and she asked Nikki to leave. Nikki walked out.

Victoria asked what Ashland wanted. He said he looked for her at the hospital after his burns were treated, and he was told she already left. He wanted to know if she was okay. She was fine. She had bruises and a sprained knee. He was glad. He’d been replaying the fire in his mind. It was a like a hellscape and it could’ve been a lot worse. She said he pulled her out. She asked about his burns and his foot. He was in pain, but he could handle it. He added that he probably deserved the pain. She said Rey didn’t deserve what he got last night. He agreed. She couldn’t help feeling responsible. He told her that if she wanted to blame someone, she should blame him. She asked how she could do that, when he saved her. She asked where he was, and he told her. He added that he’d be leaving town soon. Victoria had assumed he would. He apologized for everything. Victor walked in, and Victoria abruptly ended the call.

Victor encouraged Victoria to go home and rest. She said the future of Newman Locke was entirely on her shoulders, and she didn’t want to let anyone down. Victor found Victoria’s determination admirable, but he thought she should rest. He suggested they let Adam continue as temporary CEO until she sorted things out with Ashland. She vehemently disagreed with that idea.
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