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Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

An apologetic Billy was at home on a business call. He’d overslept. He explained to the caller that he and Lily were working from home while the offices were being renovated.

Amanda ran into Jack at Crimson Lights, and he invited her to join him. She accepted and asked if he’d spoken to Phyllis. He hadn’t yet, but he assumed Summer was keeping her busy. Amanda thought Jack and Phyllis deserved happiness, and Amanda thought it would be together. He did too once, but life was unpredictable, and so was Phyllis. Billy joined them, and it was clear that he was exhausted. He explained he was having trouble sleeping. Jack thought it was because Billy’s life had been turned upside down over the last few weeks – he lost his job and company. Billy said his new job was just as great. Jack wondered if Billy was really happy being second in command at work. Billy said that was fine, and he and Lily were happy at home and at Chancellor. Billy said everything at ChancComm in the past, including Victor and his minions. Billy asked Amanda to confirm that he didn’t care who was in charge back when he was at ChancComm. Amanda supported Billy’s contention and said he’d always been Lily’s biggest cheerleader. Jack still wondered why Billy was so tired. Billy said that his brain was revved up, but that didn’t mean anything nefarious was going on. It was clear from Billy’s tone that he was getting annoyed with Jack.

How dare I impugn your character by showing a little brotherly concern,” Jack said. Billy apologized for being testy, and Jack accepted. Jack wanted to help Billy with his insomnia and asked if he was having bad dreams or trouble falling asleep. Billy was having trouble staying asleep. His mind wouldn’t let his body rest. Jack suggested that Billy’s subconscious was having a hard time with everything he’d gone through. Amanda chimed in that Billy had been through a lot recently, and that kind of stress could stay with you. He asked if she suggested he climb to the rooftop and scream again. Amanda didn’t think his neighbors would appreciate that. Amanda and Billy grinned at each other, prompting Jack to wonder what he was missing. Billy said when he and Amanda were getting to know each other, his favorite release was going to the rooftop of The Grand Phoenix and screaming. He convinced Amanda to try it too. Amanda said she and Billy had grown and moved on from that phase in their lives. Billy agreed and said they were happy, healthy and healed. In Jack’s experience, some wounds appeared to heal, only to open later when you least expected it. He suggested that Billy had some issues he needed to confront.

Jack and Lauren were at Society. He learned that Michael went back to work for Victor. Michael had said the job wouldn’t take up all his time, but the second Victor could, he sent Michael to South America on a secret mission. Jack said that was classic Mustache. Lauren was starting to feel like taking the job was a mistake. Jack said Michael worked for Victor before, and he’d always gotten through it standing tall. Lauren was just aggravated that Victor was dominating Michael’s time. Lauren asked if Jack had any sage advice. He suggested kickboxing, and she laughed and asked if she should picture Victor on the bag. He said there was a time he pictured Victor’s face on every tennis ball he smashed, and it was therapeutic.

Lauren asked how Jack was. He had no complaints. She kept questioning him, and he assumed this was about Phyllis. He said he and Phyllis were going to have dinner when she got back. Lauren wondered if it would be a dinner between friends or if Jack and Phyllis would admit it was time to stop fighting their feelings. He thought it’d just be a dinner. Lauren asked what Jack wanted Phyllis to decide about her future. He kept trying to change the subject, and she wouldn’t let him. He knew she was with him through the whole teardrop of love saga. He’d now decided not to chase romance – if it came to him, then it did, and if it didn’t, he still had an amazing life. After Lauren left, Jack thought about calling Phyllis, but he didn’t.

Abby and Chance were at home looking in on Dominic. She was worried for their son because he was pale and all he did was sleep. Chance reassured Abby, noting that Dominic was awake at the doctor’s office, and he didn’t have any serious symptoms. The doctor was running tests, and Chance was sure they’d come back normal. He brought her coffee, and she said she was grateful he was there with her. He said there was nowhere he’d rather be. She realized he was late for work and told him to go, but he said he’d already called out. He said this was much more important. Abby said that Dominic got the sniffles and a fever right after he was born, and she, Mariah and Devon were so panicked. They called the doctor, who reassured them. Abby said she read every baby book she could, but when there was a crisis, all that information went out of her head. She almost wished the baby had a fever this time because they’d been through that together, and they knew what to do. Chance was glad Abby had Mariah and Devon to lean on back then, but he wished he’d been there too. Abby suggested they should alert Devon.

Lily visited Devon’s hoping to talk CEO to CEO. She’d been learning about Chancellor’s divisions, and when she got to the entertainment division, she stared thinking about Neil and wondering if he’d be proud of her and Devon. Devon was sure he would be. He thought Neil would be especially proud of Lily and what she’d accomplished after getting out of prison. Lily said that their dad died shortly after her release, so he never got to see her rebuild her life. She always felt partially responsible for Neil dying so young. Devon said Neil’s death wasn’t anyone’s fault. Devon felt that Lily had emulated Neil and he’d be beyond proud of her. She appreciated hearing that. She was suggesting a joint venture between Chancellor Industries and Hamilton Winters to honor Neil and Katherine. Chance called Devon and brought him up to speed. Devon asked to come over, and Chance said okay. Devon told Lily what was happening,

Devon went to the Chancellor house, and he was full of questions about what the doctor thought. Abby and Chance said the doctor didn’t want to speculate. Abby couldn’t stop reading about the baby’s symptoms online. She thought there was a chance the baby was anemic. Devon got in on the research too, and Chance said he didn’t think they should be second guessing the doctor. Devon asked if he should call Nate. Chance said Devon could, but Dr. Bradley was world-class, and she came recommended by Nate. Chance thought they were in good hands. Devon trusted Chance’s judgment. Abby wondered if she did something wrong, like taking the baby off breast milk too soon or not keeping him active enough. Chance said Abby was an excellent mother, and he said that they could make adjustments with the baby if the doctor told them to. Devon said Chance was right. “What’s going on with Dominic has nothing to do with you or anything you’ve done,” Devon added. “I’m sorry are you accusing me of overreacting, Devon? Because that really isn’t helpful,” Abby replied. Devon looked puzzled. She said she was the mother, and she was supposed to protect Dominic. Abby said telling her to calm down was making her more anxious.

Chance rubbed Abby’s shoulders and told her that no one was accusing her of overreacting. She said she couldn’t keep her worries in check – she wasn’t built that way. He said if Dr. Bradley was concerned, she would’ve admitted the baby for observation. Abby knew that made sense, but it didn’t make it any easier. They hugged. Devon was over by the bassinet talking to the baby. Devon said he was studying the dad thing a lot so he could be prepared for anything Dominic needed. He added that Dominic’s mommy and daddy were also here for him.

Later, the baby was upstairs, because Abby thought he’d rest more comfortably without everyone hovering. She and Devon thought Dom’s cry sounded weak, but they had the baby monitor downstairs. The doctor called. Dominic’s red blood count was low enough to be concerning. Dominic needed a bone marrow aspiration, and he needed to get to the hospital as soon as possible.

When Billy got home, Lily was there on the phone. She learned that construction would be ongoing for awhile, so they would have to continue work from home or go to the office and deal with the drilling in the background. Lily told Billy about the meeting with Devon and the baby going to the doctor. She thought the baby thing was just new-parent jitters. He yawned, and he blamed the lack of coffee. She’d heard him getting up at night the last three nights in a row. She asked what was going on. He didn’t think it was anything serious. She suggested that he hadn’t gotten over everything that happened. He thought she sounded like Jack. He just felt like he was searching for something, and he didn’t know what it was. She thought she knew.

Lily said that Billy’s title was COO, but until she figured out what direction she was taking the company in, his title was a bit vague. “And that’s why you’re restless, because you don’t do vague. You need specifics,” she said. He agreed with her, but he said it wasn’t her responsibility to find him things to do. She said it actually was her job. She asked him to flesh out a pitch for Hamilton Winters. She wanted to create podcasts that were educational and inspirational. Her dad wanted to empower people, and she thought this was the way to do it. Billy liked this idea, and he thought he could sink his teeth into it. He said it was sexy like her, and he pulled her onto his lap. She thought that this project would be meaningful and fun. They kissed. Later, they basked in the afterglow, and he said working from home had its benefits. She was thinking the opposite because of all the distractions. He said he wasn’t tired anymore. She noticed. They kissed

Rey and Sharon were at Crimson Lights. He asked what she was doing today. She was seeing patients and working at Crimson Lights. Chance was coming back to work today, and Sharon asked Rey how he felt about that. Rey noticed how happy Chance and Abby were at the party. It made him think he may have been wrong when he worried that Chance wasn’t ready to come back to work. Rey got a text from Chance – he wasn’t coming to work today after all. Sharon was relieved, because she wasn’t sure Chance was ready to be the stable partner Rey needed on the job. She knew Abby would be glad Chance was spending more time as a family. Rey explained that Dominic was sick. He didn’t have any details. Sharon wondered if she should check on Abby or let Mariah know. Rey didn’t think they should get involved right now.

Rey and Sharon said goodbye and kissed, then he left.

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