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Ben hangs a painting for Ciara at their new apartment. Ben jokes about wanting to be done with this so they can celebrate Valentine’s Day. Ciara tells him that the painting is perfect, just like him as they kiss.

Nicole waits outside of Rafe’s trial. Melinda arrives so Nicole stops her. Melinda guesses she’s going to tell her that Rafe is innocent. Melinda informs her that she just heard the same thing from Abe and Shawn. Nicole says they are right. Melinda questions why three unconnected people accused Rafe of planting evidence then. Nicole responds that those three people are connected by the person who told them to lie; Ava Vitali.

Allie walks through the town square and finds Ava crying. Allie asks her what’s wrong and why she’s crying. Ava responds that she just had a huge fight with Rafe and Nicole, revealing that her boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend.

Tripp is at the hospital, looking at the ring he got for Allie. Tripp thinks back to telling Ava that he planned to propose on Valentine’s Day. Chanel approaches and greets him. Tripp asks if everything is okay. Chanel informs him that she came to see him but guesses that he’s busy. Tripp says he’s actually on his lunch break now. Chanel hoped that he could help her as it’s about Johnny.

Johnny offers Gabi a Valentine’s chocolate to take her mind off it. Johnny guesses that cherry is her favorite as she accepts the candy. Gabi says the candy is still not enough to make her forget that she wants to kill Jake. Johnny assures that they will screw Jake together and then after that, she can kill him. Gabi can’t believe Jake used the DiMera legal department to try to take her shares when she inherited those shares from Stefan. Johnny takes her to the couch and tells her to have another candy and to remember that soon, they will be the ones doing all the screwing…

At the police station, Jake calls Gabi, leaving a message questioning where she is since she said she was coming to the station for Rafe’s trial but Rafe said she was never there. Jake tells her to call him and hangs up, wondering where the hell she is. Jake then thinks back to seeing Johnny’s texts to Gabi about wanting to see her later. Jake then declares that he knows exactly where Gabi is.

Gabi tells Johnny that what he’s saying makes perfect sense but she’s just having a hard time. Johnny reminds Gabi of what she heard “Jake” saying to Maggie about betraying her and seeing his signature on the forms. Gabi doesn’t want to believe it but decides there can be no other explanation.

Ben and Ciara kiss until feeling the baby kick. Ben suggests Ciara get off her feet. Ciara decides they both should as they kiss onto the couch. They kiss until there’s a knock at the door. They try to ignore it but it’s Julie, who says she saw their cars outside so she knows they are in there. Ciara helps Ben get his shirt back on as she then answers the door. Julie asks if it’s a bad time. Ciara claims they were just unpacking boxes. Julie points out that Ben missed a button on his shirt. Julie says she likes the place and it looks much nicer with all their things inside. Julie compliments the painting they hung and looks around the place, noticing that the cross that she sent is not hanging outside, so she thought it would be inside. Julie makes sure that Johnny delivered it and guesses they don’t like it. Ciara assures that it was wonderful but there’s a tiny problem with it.

Melinda tells Nicole that Ava is nothing but pragmatic and self serving but now questions her saying that Ava is setting up her boyfriend, protector, and landlord for a crime he didn’t commit. Nicole suggests she asks Steve and Kayla how Ava reacts when losing at love. Melinda questions if Ava has lost at love. Nicole confirms that Ava and Rafe have broke up. Melinda asks if Ava knows that because she’s been standing by her man. Nicole informs her that it just happened. Melinda guesses it was Nicole that got between them. Nicole responds that her private life is none of her concern. Melinda goes over Nicole suggesting that Ava spent the last few months setting up this scheme. Nicole explains that she and Rafe think that Ava knew about them awhile ago and was just biding her time. Melinda points out that Nicole doesn’t have actual evidence while she has two eye witnesses willing to testify that Rafe is a dirty cop. Melinda tells Nicole to let her know if she comes up with something more but she has a case to prosecute. Melinda then heads in to the court room.

Allie thinks back to Nicole telling her that she slept with Rafe. Allie asks Ava if she’s sure. Ava confirms that they just admitted it and rubbed her nose in it. Allie feels that doesn’t sound like Rafe. Ava adds that they also accused her of framing Rafe and landing him in jail because they got it in their head that she knew all along and is out for revenge. Allie asks if that is the case.

Tripp asks Chanel what Johnny did now. Chanel says it’s what she’s doing as she plans to sue Johnny for divorce and take him for every penny he’s got. Tripp points out that will cause Johnny a great deal of pain so he’s happy to help. Chanel explains that Johnny will claim that he married her on the spur of the moment and instantly regretted it. Chanel reminds Tripp about how happy Johnny was to celebrate on New Year’s Eve, so she asks Tripp if he would be willing to testify. Tripp agrees to do so and recalls Johnny saying he wanted to spend the rest of her life with her. Tripp adds that what’s weird is that he never liked or trusted Johnny, but when he said that, he believed him. Chanel thinks Johnny loved her until out of the blue, he didn’t.

Johnny asks if he’s convinced Gabi not to murder Jake just yet. Gabi still wants to cut his head off but agrees to take him to the cleaners first. Gabi still can’t believe Jake tried to take her to bed this morning. Gabi comments on this Valentine’s Day. Johnny suggests they can rectify it as he goes to kiss Gabi but Jake walks in and says he’s sorry to interrupt. Jake asks Gabi where she’s been. Gabi says she’s obviously right here. Jake reminds her that she said she was going to see Rafe so he questions why she lied to him.

Nicole goes to see one of the men who is accusing Rafe and pretends to be Jennifer, there for an interview. Nicole brings up coming across evidence that Rafe is being framed and that the three men accusing him are lying. Nicole doesn’t think setting up the police commissioner was a bright move. He denies it. Nicole doesn’t know what Ava did to persuade him to do her dirty work, but she knows she put him up to it and she can prove it.

Ava can’t believe Allie asked if she did that and asks if that’s what she thinks of her. Allie says she’s just desperate about Rafe and talks about Rafe being a great stepfather growing up so she cares about him a lot. Allie knows he did not do what he’s accused of. Ava says that doesn’t mean she set him up. Allie apologizes. Ava claims she cares about Rafe too since he pretty much saved her after Charlie and couldn’t have gotten through that without him. Ava says she’s just upset about Rafe and Nicole. Ava blames Nicole because she thinks she had her eyes set on him from the beginning. Allie brings up how much Nicole has done for her, so she can’t listen to Ava trash her. Ava says the wound is just pretty fresh since she just found out. Ava argues that she just found out about it today so there was no reason for her to frame Rafe. Ava thinks to Charlie’s grave and tells Allie that she swears on her son’s life.

Tripp tells Chanel that they are all ticked off about how Johnny treated her but he believed that Johnny felt about her how he feels about Allie. Chanel comments on Tripp and Allie getting pretty serious which Tripp confirms. Tripp brings up Chanel knowing Allie better than anyone so he asks for her opinion. Tripp then reveals the ring and asks if Chanel thinks Allie would like it. Chanel asks if he’s proposing. Tripp admits that he is tonight.

Gabi thinks Jake has a lot of nerve. Jake thinks she owes him answers since she said she was going to the police station to see Rafe but he went there and find out she never went, so she lied to him, while her phone went straight to voicemail and she didn’t call him back. Jake accuses Gabi of being too busy here with Johnny. Johnny claims it’s all his fault as Gabi was on her way to see Rafe but he called her and said it was an emergency about the DiMera takeover. Johnny tells them that Chad and Tony just left on the company jet looking for Abigail, so now is the time to make their move. Johnny proposes calling a board meeting to get Victor on the board and they can install Jake as the new CEO of DiMera. Jake says Gabi as head of Titan too. Johnny and Gabi say that was the deal they all agreed to. Jake appreciates what Johnny has done to install him back as CEO of DiMera, he can’t help but wonder if he doesn’t want the job for himself.

Ciara tells Julie that they loved her cross and Ben hung it outside like she wanted, but once they did, it kept flipping upside down. Ben thought maybe something was wrong with the nail so he tried to fix it, but nothing he did would keep it upright. Ciara says it felt wrong to leave it there upside down. Julie calls that very wrong. Ben asks if she’s alright. Julie says she made that cross their gift to protect their unborn baby but now there’s no way they could get the cross to stay upright. Ciara says they will try again. Julie doesn’t want to alarm them but calls it a very bad sign. Julie declares that an upside down cross is a sign of the Devil himself.

Nicole tells the man that Ava did a good job of covering her tracks but not enough to get past her. Nicole warns that Ava is going down so he can either cut a deal to testify against her or Ava’s going to take him down with her. Nicole asks if he will take advantage of his last chance to save himself and admit that Ava put him up to this.

Ava hopes that Allie believes her. Allie knows she wouldn’t swear on Tripp’s life if she didn’t mean it. Ava agrees and says she loves Tripp with all her heart, like Allie does. Ava says she can’t have Allie thinking badly about her, especially not tonight when Tripp is about to. Allie asks what he’s about to do. Ava says she shouldn’t have said anything. Allie asks if she should be worried about Tripp. Ava assures it’s a good thing, at least she hopes Allie thinks so. Allie realizes and asks Ava if Tripp is going to propose.

Chanel asks Tripp if he’s really proposing tonight. Tripp says he’s been wanting to for awhile but it would take him six years to come up with a decent ring. Tripp explains that Ava gave him his great grandmother’s ring and it seems like Allie’s style but he’s not sure. Chanel assures that Allie will love it. Tripp wants it to be special as Allie deserves it. Tripp says he’s never met anyone like Allie and praises her. Tripp hopes he’s not rubbing it in after all Chanel has been through with Johnny. Chanel knows how much he loves Allie and says it’s not his fault that her brother was an ass. Tripp thinks even Allie underestimated how big of an ass Johnny is. Tripp brings up what happened between Allie and Chanel. Chanel blows it off as she and Allie just kissed a couple of times a long time ago and since then, she’s made it totally clear that Tripp is one that she loves while Johnny is the one that Chanel thought she loved.

Johnny says he may be CEO of DiMera one day but Gabi has convinced him that Jake is the right man for the job in this moment. Johnny remarks that Gabi can be very persuasive. Gabi talks about Jake doing this job before and Mr. Shin has always been on his side. Johnny adds that he’s so busy with his movie that he doesn’t have time for another job. Johnny kind of wishes his producer wasn’t holding him to his contract. Jake thought Johnny was dying to do this movie. Johnny remarks that he feels like he’s in a deal with the Devil to tell the Devil’s story…

Julie comments that it could be a coincidence but the Devil came to Salem to claim Ciara and Ben’s unborn baby. Julie explains that she and Doug got the cross to protect their unborn great grandchild. Ciara assures that they will try again and again to fix it. Julie knows they think she’s being superstitious but the last time she saw an upside down cross, the Devil was standing in her living room. Ben assures that Marlena is no longer possessed by the Devil. Ciara reminds her that the exorcism worked and the entire family was there to witness it. Julie brings up when the Devil passed from Doug to Marlena and now out of Marlena. Julie asks how do they know the Devil has left Salem?

Nicole tells the man that she’s not telling him what to do but advises him to exit while he has the chance. He reminds Nicole that the last time a former associate of Ava crossed her, he wound up dead with a steak knife in his chest. Nicole asks if he’s saying he’s a former associate of Ava. He says he never said that. Melinda then walks in and questions what the hell is going on here.

Ava tells Allie that thinking Tripp is going to propose is quite a leap. Allie asks if it is because she ran in to Tripp the other day with Roman at the Pub and they said they were talking about Steve and Kayla but she bets that Tripp was asking for her hand in marriage because her parents aren’t around. Ava calls that an even bigger leap. Allie asks if it’s true. Ava then admits that it is true but says she can’t say anything because Tripp was so excited and she can’t be the one who ruined it for him. Ava adds that it would just kill her if Allie said no because of her.

Tripp thanks Chanel for being happy for them. Chanel calls Allie her favorite person in the world and jokes that she’ll have to call her Johnson instead of Horton. Tripp says he’s been thinking about putting her ring at the bottom of her champagne glass. Chanel points out that Allie’s not really a big fan of champagne. Chanel decides to write down the recipe for Allie’s favorite drink instead.

Johnny asks if they are all on the same page. Jake agrees to striking while the iron is hot. Johnny says he will call Mr. Shin for a board meeting and steps out. Jake calls Johnny an arrogant son of a bitch. Jake tells Gabi again that he’s sorry for interrupting whatever he walked in on. Gabi claims it was nothing. Gabi argues that they need Johnny’s votes to get what they want and she knows what she’s doing, so she asks Jake to trust her. Devil Johnny stands outside the room with his phone. Jake then gets a text from Maggie, wanting to see him. Gabi sees it and asks what that was about.

Ciara asks Julie if she thinks the Devil possessed Doug again. Julie brings up the fire breaking out on top of the stove a couple nights ago when it wasn’t even on. Ben asks if she thinks it could have been The Devil that did it. Julie points out that it broke out just before she was leaving to bring them the cross. Ciara mentions Johnny bringing it over. Julie talks about Johnny showing up to talk to Doug about this awful movie he plans to make. Ben says that Johnny told them that Julie was busy putting out fires in a joking kind of way. Julie assures it was no joke. Julie cries that this can’t be happening again.

Allie tells Ava that it means so much to her that they have a great relationship because of Henry and Tripp, but even if they didn’t, it would never affect how she answers Tripp. Ava is relieved and decides she should let her go because she has a big night ahead of her. Ava hugs Allie and reminds her to act surprised. Allie assures there will be no worries there.

Chanel gives Tripp her drink recipe. Tripp agrees to whatever he can do to help her in court. Chanel says they might have to rethink that since when she asked him, she didn’t know he was just about to become Johnny’s brother-in-law. Tripp points out that’s only if Allie says yes. Chanel tells him to make sure it’s cool with Allie if he testifies. Tripp assures that it will be as Allie feels the same about Johnny as he does and has even started calling him the evil twin.

Devil Johnny smiles while using his phone as Jake gets another text from Maggie that it’s urgent. Jake says it must have to do with Victor and Titan. Jake says he will let Gabi know what she says but he doesn’t plan on doing much business talk. Jake then kisses Gabi as Devil Johnny watches from the doorway.

Ciara asks Julie if Doug has been okay lately. Julie jokes that he hasn’t locked her in the freezer again. Ciara asks if Doug has been acting out of character. Julie assures that he’s back to being the most wonderful husband in the world again. Julie brings up when the Devil left Doug and went in to Marlena, she was in the room with him. Julie points out that Doug was not at the exorcism so there’s no way the Devil could have gone back to possess him. Ben asks if that’s how these things work. Julie confirms it’s what she is told. Julie apologizes for disturbing them and guesses she is getting crazy. Julie just wants them to be well and safe as she hugs Ciara. Julie jokes that they are lucky they don’t have a gas stove. Julie wishes them a wonderful Happy Valentine’s Day. Ciara sends her love to Doug as Julie then exits. Ben talks about how it doesn’t make any sense because there’s nothing wrong with the nail or the cross. Ciara says it’s scaring her. Ciara asks what Ben is thinking. Ben responds that maybe Julie is right that there is no way The Devil could have gone back in to Doug, but maybe he could have jumped into somebody else.

Melinda tells the man that Nicole is not a reporter and accuses her of witness tampering. Melinda warns her to get out before she gets thrown out. Melinda suggests Nicole call a lawyer unless she wants to join Rafe in prison.

Tripp calls Ava to thank her for helping him get ready for tonight. Ava asks how he’s doing. Tripp wishes he could fast forward to dinner. Tripp asks Ava to pick up cranberry juice and some limes. Tripp comments that Allie is going to be so surprised..

Chanel finds Allie in the town square and remarks that she looks like she’s contemplating the meaning of life. Allie responds that she kind of is as she just found out from Ava that Tripp is going to propose tonight. Chanel reveals that she knows because Tripp told her because he wanted her opinion of the ring. Chanel assures that she will love it. Chanel knows Tripp wanted it to be a surprise but asks what Allie is going to say now that she knows.

Devil Johnny uses his power to cause a shock pain to Jake. Jake tells Gabi that he will see her later and hopes she’s hungry as he has a bit of a surprise for her when he gets back from Maggie’s. Jake exits as Johnny returns to the room. Gabi complains that Jake is still plotting with Maggie out in the open. Johnny reminds Gabi that she has an even bigger surprise for Jake. Johnny declares that pride goes before the fall.

Ciara worries that the Devil is still after the baby. Ben points out the Devil had to possess somebody at the exorcism. Ciara says that Belle told her who was there and goes over the list which included Marlena, John, Eric, Brady, Sami, Allie, and Johnny. Ciara realizes and points out that Johnny was the one who brought them the cross.

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