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Recap written by Christine

Devon sat on his couch looking troubled. He flashed back to helping deliver Dominic. Then he remembered having to help Chance with Dominic because Chance couldn’t get him to stop crying. Devon also flashed back to Chance saying he wasn’t sure he could live up to the commitments he’d made to Abby and Dominic. After the memories ended, Devon looked at a picture of himself with Neil. He wished he could get Neil’s guidance now. Devon had tears in his eyes. He wished he could hear Neil say that he understood what Devon was doing, even though it wouldn’t be easy. Devon was just trying to do what was right for his son.

Abby and Chance were home. She just didn’t understand; Deon was ready to take legal action to get shared custody of Dominic, and Chance didn’t want to fight. Abby said Devon had Chance questioning his ability to be a father, which was wrong, and frankly disgusting. Abby said Devon wanted Chance to bounce back, but it took time to heal from trauma and learn to parent. Chance noted that Devon’s point was that Dominic didn’t have time. Abby said their son was thriving, and it’d take time for them to get established as a family. She felt like that was unraveling. Chance thought their best bet was to compromise, because he didn’t think Devon would back down, and this could get really ugly. “Fine. Then let it get ugly because I’m not gonna agree to something that could profoundly disrupt our son’s life,” she said. She pointed out that they drew up documents and had an agreement, and now Devon wanted to change it. It broke her heart, but she was going to fight for her son. She needed to know Chance was with her and by her side. He promised he always was, and they hugged.

Abby needed air. Chance was sorry he upset her. She wasn’t angry at him; she was mad at Devon insinuating that she and Chance were failing their son. Chance said that didn’t reflect on Abby at all – Devon had a problem with Chance. Abby thought it was clear that Amanda was willing to do whatever it took to get Devon everything he wanted, including using everything Chance said as a weapon. Chance said he never should’ve opened up to Devon. Abby didn’t think Chance should be blaming himself. She loved Chance for not wanting things to turn adversarial, but she said Devon went too far.

Lily and Billy went to Crimson Lights and he told Sharon that it was Lily’s first day as CEO of Chancellor Industries. Lily added that it was Billy’s first day as COO. Sharon thought it was clear that the couple made a great team. He was looking forward to a great future and putting everything that happened at ChancComm behind them. Adam arrived, and Lily was ready to leave, but Billy didn’t think rushing away from Adam sent a good message. Billy approached Adam and thanked him for the text he sent Lily congratulating her on her new job at Chancellor Industries. Adam heard more congratulations were in order, now that Billy was named COO. Billy noted that he didn’t get a text. Billy said he was so surprised about Adam’s text to Lily. Sharon interrupted and asked if she could get Adam anything. Adam wanted to pay for the leaders of Chancellor Industries’ orders. Billy wanted to make sure any lingering animosity that the Newmans might have would be aimed at him and that Adam and Victor would let Lily thrive without interference. Adam said absolutely. Billy was glad to hear that. Sharon served everyone, and Lily thanked Adam for the coffee. Billy and Lily left.

Sharon told Adam she hoped at least some of that little performance was sincere. Adam knew Sharon wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, but as with anything involving him and Billy, it was complicated. He did genuinely wish Lily the best. Sharon thought that was nice, and she was glad. Sharon was going to go back to the counter. Adam shifted gears and said Connor had been texting Faith whenever he wanted to spend time at the stables or go riding. Adam hoped that Connor wasn’t imposing on Faith. Sharon said of course not. Adam said living at the tack house had its drawbacks, but he was grateful to have extended family around for his son. Sharon smiled because she could see how important Connor was to Adam. He said Connor and Newman Media were his focus. Sharon was glad Adam and Victor were able to build something. No matter what happened to the company, she hoped he and Victor could maintain this level of trust. He agreed. She hoped he could let go of this thing with Billy, because it’d improve their lives. He admitted it would make his life a lot simpler. She urged him to walk away and use the battle as a gauge to see how far he’d come instead of using it as an excuse to behave badly. He asked if she was going to give Billy the same advice, and she said she was. Sharon thought Billy and Adam were more alike than they wanted to admit. Adam said Sharon wasn’t the first to say that. Being compared to Billy made Adam want to go all in on changing his ways. Sharon thought Adam and Billy had both come a long way, and it was inspiring to her. Adam said he only inspired people to do terrible things. Sharon saw Abby come in, and she excused herself to check on her. Adam said hi to Abby, then he went back to the office. Sharon asked if Abby wanted to talk. Abby didn’t want to get into it. Sharon said she’d get Abby some food, then.

Sharon heard from Rey that Chance was taking an indefinite leave of absence. Abby said that Chance wanted to spend more time with Dominic. Abby confided that she felt like she had to protect her family, and she felt like holding everything together was her primary job. Sharon surmised that Abby felt this way because Chance was still struggling, and she had to take care of him too. Abby was adamant that her husband was fine – he loved their son and he’d do anything for their family. She didn’t know why people kept treating him like he was going to fall apart. Sharon said okay. She only asked because she knew how difficult it could be to get over a traumatic experience. Abby said it hadn’t been easy, but Chance was handling it. Sharon knew it wasn’t easy for Abby either. Abby said her husband was home and safe, so she couldn’t complain. Sharon said Abby could and should, because acknowledging her feelings would only help her family. Abby appreciated the advice, but she didn’t need a therapist. Sharon said she’d back off, but it took a village, so she advised Abby to find someone trusted to reach out to. Sharon thought Abby should open up her world, and Dominic’s. “Chance and I need to be enough. We are Dominic’s parents,” Abby insisted. “If we can’t do this,” Abby started. Sharon said Abby and Chance could do it, but that didn’t mean they couldn’t reach out to everyone who loved their son. Abby abruptly got up and said thanks and left.

Billy showed Lily into her new office, which happened to be the same office she had when she was running ChancComm. Billy noted that it was a little different now, because, thanks to a deal between Jill and Nick, Lily now had the entire building, not just one floor. Lily was glad to be back here, because it was nice to have something that was the same. Lily found flowers and scotch on her desk – a gift to her and Billy from Jill. The letter said that she believed in Billy and Lily and knew they’d accomplish great things. Lily said it was weird coming back to an old office to start a new job. He said that this was walls and furniture, and she was the CEO of Chancellor Industries, and she’d do amazing things no matter where she was. Devon came by with a gift for Lily. He wished her luck and welcomed her to the CEO club.

Lily noted that Billy was COO, so Devon congratulated him too. Billy said it was Lily’s show, and he was there to help her fulfill her vision. Billy said he’d go back to his office and get to work, and he called Lily boss. He left. Lily told Devon not to say anything. He didn’t think he should be blamed for having reservations about Billy, after everything that happened at ChancComm. Lily asked her brother to keep it to himself, so he dropped the subject. She asked what was going on with him and the baby. He’d officially started the legal process for getting shared custody of Dominic. Abby didn’t react well at all, and Devon wasn’t sure how Chance felt about it. Devon said Chance had been through so much overseas and he was keeping it all inside, which was one of the reasons Devon felt he was doing the right thing for Dominic. He said it’d be up to a judge to make the decision. Chance texted Devon asking to talk in private.

Billy and Lily talked after Devon left. She was going to be meeting with her employees soon. He said she was glowing, and he loved it. He thought the best thing to come out of the ChancComm debacle was Jill’s brilliant idea to put Lily in charge at Chancellor. Lily thought it was also a good litmus test of the love strength and loyalty of their relationship. She thanked him for joining her on this adventure. He said today was about her, but she said it was about them both. Later, Lily finished her introductory meeting, and Billy thought it went amazingly well. They kissed.

Chance met Devon at the penthouse. “If I didn’t make it back or I was in a better headspace right now, would you still be making all these legal demands?,” Chance asked. Devon didn’t think they should be dealing in hypotheticals, but Chance wanted an answer before they got the lawyers involved. He asked how they could handle this without it turning into a war. Devon didn’t want a war either. Chance didn’t like what this was doing to Abby, who hadn’t had a moment’s peace since Devon brought this up. Devon was sorry to hear that. It wasn’t his intention. He said Abby felt like him spending more time with Dominic would confuse and upset him. He wanted to know how Chance felt. Chance loved Abby and Dominic and he wanted what was best for everyone. Devon wanted that too. He didn’t understand why Chance and Abby felt so threatened by his request. He thought it was reasonable, given the circumstances. Devon respected Chance for his service to the country, but he asked if Chance could really say that he was in a solid place and ready to give Dominic everything he needed without being affected by the trauma he’d gone through. Abby showed up, and she was surprised to see Chance. Chance said he had to do what was best for Dominic. Abby felt like they were trying to hash things out away from the overprotective mom. Devon said that wasn’t what was happening. Abby said if something needed to be discussed, it needed to be between her and Chance. Chance just wanted to talk to Devon, father to father. He said Devon asked him a question that deserved an answer. Devon repeated his question. Chance’s answer was that he wasn’t sure he could provide that. And Abby was stunned.

Chloe and Chelsea met at Society, and Chloe reported that Sally’s NY business trip was going well. Chelsea was sullen, and Chloe knew it was about Adam. Chloe grumbled because Chelsea hadn’t heeded her advice to avoid Adam. Exasperated, Chelsea said she knew how Chloe felt about Adam, since she harped about it every chance she got. Chloe said she’d do and had already done anything for Chelsea. Now Chloe wanted Chelsea to do this one simple thing for her. Chelsea admitted Chloe was right about everything. “I was holding out hope that Adam and I could find our way back to each other for a reason. . .And no matter what, something in the past has always brought us back together so why should this time be any different?,” Chelsea said. “I thought it was our destiny. And even though Adam made it clear I shouldn’t think that way, I still felt like he was connected to me too, and he felt that but he was fighting it because responsible for driving me to do all the terrible things I did,” Chelsea said. Chloe noted that Adam was responsible, then she apologized and asked what happened last night. Chelsea said she and Adam went to get drinks, and she’d thought it was a good sign, but then Adam bluntly and coldly told her that there was no future for them. Adam also said they couldn’t work together professionally if she couldn’t let go of the past. Chelsea said when she was battling Sharon for first place in Adam’s heart or when he was prioritizing his feud with Victor and Billy over his relationship with Chelsea, she still felt like they had an unbreakable bond. Now she knew she was wrong – Adam made it clear it was broken for good.

Chloe said she and Chelsea were each other’s ride or die, and Chloe wanted Chelsea to be happy. “And free of Adam,” Chelsea added. Chloe wanted Chelsea to be free of the rose-colored version of her past where Adam was a misunderstood loner with a heart of gold. Chloe wanted Chelsea to stop making excuses for Adam’s dangerous behavior and blaming everything on his childhood or his father. Chloe said that at some point, you had to make the choice to break free, like Chelsea did when she left her grifter life behind and focused on building a better life for her son. Chelsea said Adam did the same thing. Chloe thought Adam just wanted people to believe that was what he was doing. Chloe told Adam that in order for the company to be successful, they couldn’t be distracted by personal baggage or vendettas, but Adam was going to be Adam. Chelsea asked if Chloe was telling her to give up and leave the company. Chloe didn’t want that at all. She thought they needed to focus on work, expand it to include Chelsea’s incredible designs and making Newman Fashion an entity that could survive on its own if Adam screwed everything up. Chloe’s heart was broken for Chelsea, but this wasn’t the end, it was just the beginning. Chloe said Chelsea had their power back, and now they were in control of their own destiny.

Chelsea went to Adam’s office. She said he’d made it clear last night that there was no chance in hell that they’d ever be together. He said those weren’t his words. The last thing he wanted to do was hurt her. She said that was a crock. She thought he was being cruel to be kind to make sure she got the message. She said they knew each other pretty well, and that was a blessing a curse. He thought they’d said all that needed to be said about this. She still thought they could have a future, but she wasn’t going to humiliate herself by trying to convince him of that. She wanted to discuss moving forward professionally. Given their discussion last night, she wanted to make sure he wasn’t having second thoughts about letting her run Newman Fashion with Chloe. He hadn’t changed his mind about his decision. He said that discussion was about their personal lives. He hoped she knew he wanted her to continue working with Chloe. He thought her second act would be phenomenal and that she was an incredible talent. He’d be honored to help her achieve the success she deserved. She was glad because she was really excited about the plans for the platform. She said that in order to achieve her goals, she needed total freedom without drama. She thought that it would be best for Newman Fashion to relocate to a new workspace so that she didn’t keep running into him.

Adam thought that was a little extreme. He felt that they could handle this like adults. She thought it was a reasonable request. She left.

Elena and Nate went to Society after buying some lamps to replace the purple ones she hated. He was glad she was happy, because he wanted her to love everything about her new home. She said she already did – living with him changed her life for the better. He heard Jill found a new buyer for ChancComm. Elena was concerned that the new owner wouldn’t want to continue with AskMDNow or retain her as the face of the brand. Nate said it was Newman/Locke. He joked that he could pull some best man strings to make sure Elena kept her job. In seriousness, Nate said that Ashland had been a big supporter of the hospital, so he surely believed in AskMDNow. Elena wasn’t that confident. Nate asked Elena if she was sure she didn’t want the site to fold.

Elena asked why she’d want AskMDNow to fold. Nate said she was working at the hospital, volunteering at the clinic and squeezing him in too. Sometimes she felt over-committed, but she thought he knew how that felt. She loved all her work, and the time she spent with him was her favorite part of the day. He said ChancComm had been on hiatus, and he asked if she was ready to give up that free time. She’d enjoyed the extra hours free, but she was committed to AskMDNow. She assured him that she wasn’t going to start neglecting him. He said he’d have to pamper her now.

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