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Recap written by Christine

Devon and Lily were in the ballroom preparing for their speeches. They were happy about how well the party went and excited for the rest of the night.

Out in the lounge, Jack and Jill talked about Chancellor Winters. She spoke approvingly of the merger and told him to imagine if all business deals were done this way – with respect, equality and admiration. He grinned and said it sounded boring. They reminisced about the way they did business in the old days, knocking their foes down and having fun doing it. Jill said Devon and Lily were much nicer people than she and Jack were. She shifted gears and said she heard Diane rose from the grave. He guessed one of his siblings told Jill. Jill said you couldn’t keep something like that secret – besides, she saw Diane here tonight, and she noticed that Nikki was horrified. Jill didn’t understand why Jack had been so civil with Diane tonight. He said this wasn’t the time or the place. She’d heard the craziness with Diane brought him to the granddaughter he never knew he had. Her heart was with Jack over the loss of his son, but what a gift the granddaughter must be. Jack beamed and said getting to know Allie had been a godsend. Amanda came up to talk to Jack, so Jill drifted off.

Jack congratulated Amanda on tonight. He was sure that it was nice to work with Devon. She said it made the right difference having the right person in your corner. She brought up Phyllis. Amanda wasn’t taking sides, and she hoped Jack was okay, but it sounded like Phyllis made a mistake, and she was very sorry about it. Jack was sorry too.

Abby asked everyone to join her in the ballroom. Imani wished Nate luck, adding that he didn’t need it. As Nikki and Victor exited the lounge, he wondered where Adam was. She was sure he’d be there, since he must be curious about what Victor had to say to him.

Adam fixed his tie, at his office, while Sally was on the phone trying to fix a server issue. He offered to stay and help, but she figured he shouldn’t keep his dad waiting. He didn’t see why it was so important for him to go to this party. Victor’s text had been so vague. He supposed it would be a good idea to find out what Lily and Devon were planning. She kissed him goodbye, and he said he’d be back later with a full report.

Chance called Abby to tell her he was finished with the case. It went really well, and he was going to meet her at the hotel for the rest of the party. After the call ended, Abby spotted Diane and yelled at her for crashing the event. Jack overheard. Diane asked if Phyllis hired Abby as a personal bouncer. Abby said she was running a party that Diane wasn’t welcome at. Diane said she wasn’t here for the party, but she’d be staying in town for a while, so Abby had better get used to it. Diane said that dealing with hateful people like Abby made her stronger. “We’ll see,” Abby said. She walked off. Jack approached and told Diane things wouldn’t get easier any time soon. She said she could take it because she only cared about Kyle. Diane asked if Jack thought Kyle would eventually turn his back on her the way she did to him. She worried that the haters were going to get to Kyle. Jack didn’t want to discuss this now. He said he was missing the presentation. She apologized. He told her he’d meet her for dinner later tonight.

Chance was startled to see Diane leaving the hotel as he entered. He asked Abby about it. Abby didn’t know why Diane came, but she was gone now. Abby didn’t want to jinx it, but this could be the first event at The Grand Phoenix where nothing went wrong. He said it was because Abby was running things.

In her speech, Lily promised that tonight was the beginning of exciting things to come that would change the business landscape forever. Lily said tonight was a personal dream because she was getting to carry on the legacies of Katherine and her father, Neil. She acknowledged the owner and former CEO of Chancellor, Jill Abbott. Everyone clapped. Lily said Jill was an amazing businesswoman who understood her vision and got behind it. Lily introduced her fellow CEO, and brother, Devon. She felt lucky and grateful to have a brother who was such a creative executive and one of the sharpest business minds she knew. She introduced their COOs, Billy and Nate. She said this merger was more than a business venture – it was a family. They were a team and they were united in their vision.

Devon gave his speech. He thanked Lily for convincing him to do this merger. He said she realized immediately what he now saw – that this company was going to achieve great things. He likened this event to the christening of a ship – the team knew where they were going, but they weren’t ready to hand over the map just yet. Nate looked disappointed. The reporters asked for some specifics, but Devon would only give vague assurances that they had exciting things in store. A reporter asked Devon why he dropped his name and his mother’s from the company. Devon said that they were rebranding LP as Hamilton Streaming, so the name wasn’t dropped.

Devon handed the floor to Nate. Imani was in the crowd watching expectantly. She smiled in approval when Nate said he was going to go off script and answer the reporter’s questions about some of their future plans. Nate revealed that Chancellor Winters would be launching fifty new podcasts, each one with a unique take on a specific topic. Lily, Devon and Billy all looked tense as Nate did his own thing.

After the event, Nikki and Victor told Lily and Devon that they were impressive tonight. Nikki recalled that, awhile ago, Lily had asked her for insight on how Katherine would handle things in Lily’s shoes. Nikki thought that Lily really embraced the way Katherine lived her life with this merger – blazing a bold new trail. Devon appreciated the sentiments, especially because Newman Enterprises would be one of their biggest competitors.

Abby was glad the party went well. Chance was sorry – his mind was still on the arrest. Abby asked him to tell her about it. He said it went down in classic style – blood was pumping and danger was in the air. She didn’t like the sound of danger, but he said it was all fine. He wished he could tell Rey about it. He felt like he was getting his groove back. He felt like he was meant to do this, tonight, and he hadn’t felt like that in a long time. She asked again about the danger in the air. He reiterated that there was nothing to worry about.

Nate was surrounded by a gaggle of reporters hoping for more details, but he said he wasn’t going to spill everything tonight. Imani was with her date, Giancarlo, but she was looking at Nate. Nate cut things short and approached Devon. Nate defended his speech. He went with his gut, and he thought it paid off. People were more curious before the speech, and now they were even more interested after getting a taste of what was to come. He apologized for going off script, but he was convinced it was the right move. Nate said he’d only shared a quarter of what he’d wanted to say. Lily and Billy came up. Lily hated to admit it, but she thought Nate was right. She and Billy had heard from some other people who reacted positively to Nate’s decision to share some specifics. Billy said that executive, Gwen, that Devon and Nate met with a few days ago, was now 100% on board.

Lily, Billy and Nate seemed pleased, but Devon was more subdued. Everyone toasted to Nate, with Devon grudgingly stating that he guessed it all worked out for the best, this time. Imani found Nate alone later, and told him he did the right thing taking her advice. He admitted he was nervous, which he always was when giving speeches. She said that it didn’t show. She thought he was being too humble, and she didn’t understand it because she thought he was an engaging speaker who made a few women swoon with his speech. Amanda came up and saw Nate and Imani.

Adam showed up at the hotel and met with Nikki and Victor. Victor hoped Adam put out whatever fire at Newman Media that kept him from coming earlier. Adam said that Sally was finishing up the last of it. He stated that she’d really stepped up. Victor said that tomorrow, he’d make an announcement that Adam was the new CEO of Newman Enterprises. Adam beamed. He said he was a little caught off guard, but he had a lot of ideas. He looked forward to being co-CEO with Nikki. Nikki said she and Victoria were a team, and she couldn’t imagine having the same working relationship with Adam, so she’d be stepping back to her COO position. Adam accepted that. Victor said it was a good thing, because this way the CEO title would be entirely Adam’s. Adam smiled and said he appreciated the vote of confidence.

Adam asked if this meant Sally would be running Newman Media, and Victor said yes. Nikki and Victor left. Billy walked up to Adam and said he was surprised to see him there. Adam noted that he’d been invited. Billy said he and Lily thought it fair to invite Adam, since he invited them to Newman Media’s launch. Adam thought the launch parties had a similar vibe – same venue and a lot of the same people. Billy said that they were going to skip the ice bucket shenanigans. Billy bragged about Chancellor Winters posing a challenge for Newman Media. Adam said that Newman Media would no longer be a stifled division under Victoria’s thumb – it would have the power of Newman Enterprises behind it. He said that tomorrow, he’d become CEO of Newman Enterprises. Adam said while Chancellor Winters would be busy selling off divisions, he might be buying them to become bigger, better and stronger.

Imani introduced herself to Jill and sang Nate’s praises. Jill said she knew Nate – he operated on her grandson years ago. Imani said Nat excelled at everything he tried. Amanda strolled over with Chance. She said she needed to borrow her sister, but she brought Jill company. Amanda and Imani left. Jill asked Chance if Nate lived with Elena. Chance said yes. “Elena better watch out for that one,” Jill said of Imani.

Imani wanted to know why Amanda stopped her from networking with Jill. Amanda said that she noticed Giancarlo was alone. Amanda also felt that Nate didn’t need Imani praising him to Jill. She suspected that if Imani had known Nate would be here alone, she would’ve turned Giancarlo down. Amanda ordered Imani to keep her distance from Nate for the rest of the night. Imani loved Amanda, but she was tired of the orders. She told Amanda to back off.

Imani apologized to Giancarlo for not spending a lot of time with him tonight. She said she’d tried to work the room a bit. He understood, since this was a business function. She said she saw him networking too, but she thought he spent a fair bit of time with Claire from accounting for her liking. He asekd if she was jealous, and she said she didn’t get jealous. He inited her to get a nightcap, but she said she was tired, so she was going to bed. He asked if she’d be thinking of him. “If you’re lucky,” she said. He smiled and left.

When Nate got home, Elena was sleeping on the couch. She woke up and asked about the party. He said it surpassed his wildest expectations. He said he went a little rogue with his speech, and it paid off, and even Lily had to admit he was right. Elena asked how Devon was. Nate thought his couin seemed good with things. Nate felt like he was in the exact right place at the exact right time. Things would’ve been perfect if Elena had been there.

Devon and Amanda went home. He was happy about their evening, except he thought Nate was potentially proving to be a handful. Amanda was sure that this was just Nate finding his footing in the business world. Devon hoped that was all it was. Amanda told him to stop looking for trouble. She was sure everything would be fine. She told him the night wasn’t over yet, and they kissed.

Lily and Billy were still at the hotel. He told her to hell with Adam, and the company he snagged by default. She said she hadn’t given Adam a second thought. He thought she did good tonight. He was going to show her how he felt about an hour from now. She said she couldn’t have done this without him. He told her that this success was all hers. They hugged, and he looked troubled.

At Society, Diane fixed her hair when she saw Jack heading inside. Jack assured Diane that Kyle indicated that he was warming to her and wanted her in his life. Diane wept tears of joy. She said that made dealing with the rest of the town more manageable. She suggested that eventually, Jack would find a way to tolerate her too. He told her again that he was staying neutral, but he said if this was a facade, she’d regret it. She wasn’t sure what to do to get him to believe her. She was exhausted trying to hold her head up high while the townspeople were lobbing grenades at her. He didn’t feel sorry for her. She wasn’t asking for pity. She said she’d get through this, especially after he confirmed that there was still hope. Diane was sorry because it seemed that her presence in this town caused Phyllis to leave at a time when she and Jack were getting closer. Jack refused to discuss Phyllis with Diane.

Diane told Jack that tonight wasn’t so bad – a meal and a non-combative conversation. He thought her definition of non-combative might be skewed. She laughed. Diane was annoyed when she saw Nikki and Victor walk in. Nikki was also dismayed. Diane and Jack were done, so they left. Nikki didn’t understand why Jack was spending time with Diane or why people like Diane and Ashland were so easily forgiven.

Sally was delighted when Adam returned with champagne. She thought he stole it from the party for her. He said he bought it for a special occasion and he wanted something better than the cheap stuff Devon and Lily sprung for. He told her she was looking at the CEO of Newman Enterprises, and he was looking at the beautiful CEO of Newman Media. She was thrilled. He said this didn’t go exactly as expected, but they pulled it off. She suggested they commemorate this moment, and they shared a kiss.

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