Days: Beyond Update Friday, July 15, 2022

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

At an undisclosed location, a doctor and a nurse enter a DiMera Enterprises lab. The doctor states that they are almost ready to bring their patient out of his cryogenic state. The nurse asks about his brain tumor. The doctor responds that once Megan Hathaway gathers the three prisms, they will be able to treat him and it won’t be long now…

Megan tells Hope that it’s been a long time. Ben questions Hope knowing her. Hope reveals that Megan Hathaway is Stefano’s daughter and Bo’s high school sweetheart. Megan hates being defined by the men in her life. Ciara thought Megan died back in the 80s. Megan guesses they’re all making a comeback. Hope recalls finding Megan’s body and says she was dead and still should be. Megan argues that Hope should be dead since she set the perfect trap, but Hope somehow skirted death and lived her happily ever after. Megan declares that this time, her story is going to have a very different ending.

Marlena and Kayla struggle with being tied up. Kayla questions if Megan Hathaway could really be behind this. Marlena says she’s clearly alive and wonders if she brainwashed John and Steve. Kayla and Marlena talk about no one being able to hear them if they scream. Kayla wonders what Megan could be planning. Marlena feels they have to warn John and Steve before they get hurt or hurt somebody else.

Li gives a speech about the prism and says it won’t be long before they have the other two and their company will be blazing a new trail. Li announces that it’s all under their incredible CEO, Gabi Hernandez, and calls Gabi up to speak to the investors. Andrew wonders to Paul if Harris Michaels it not showing up as he thought something would’ve happened by now. Gabi talks about how happy she is for everybody being there. Wendy then screams as she is grabbed by Steve and John with their guns drawn. Joey questions what the hell Steve is doing while Li asks what is the meaning of this. John demands Li hand over the prism or his little sister will be a dead woman.

In Heaven, Bo tells Angela that he can’t find the remote. Angela thought he might want a break from the world below. Bo says he just wanted to check in on Hope and Ciara. Angel says he can’t spend eternity watching his family as it’s not healthy and suggests he get some fresh air. Bo asks if she doesn’t want to see what happened with Harris as he wants to see Hope kick his ass. Angel reminds him that this is Heaven and there are rules.

Hope brings up Megan helping Stefano search for the prisms all those years ago because he believed they could save his life but he’s gone now. Megan blames Hope for shooting him in cold blood. Ciara points out that Stefano survived that while Megan argues he was never the same after it. Hope repeats that Stefano is gone, so she questions why Megan needs the prisms. Megan says she doesn’t have time for that and calls on Harris. Harris approaches Hope and takes the prism from her. Ben says that she got what she came for so she can now let them go. Harris hands the prism over to Megan, who tells him good work. Megan declares that she now has just one more assignment for Harris; to kill Hope. Megan hands her gun to Harris.

Paul questions what the hell John is doing. John tells him to stay back. Tripp questions Steve. Li calls for security but John says no one is coming to his rescue. Li questions what he has done. Steve responds that security is out of commission and orders Li to do as he’s told or say goodbye to his sister. Paul tells Andrew that they have to do something. Andrew says they will when the time is right. Wendy tells Li not to do it but complains they are hurting her. Li then hands over the prism to John and says to let his sister go. Steve tells John to go, he holds his gun on everyone as he then runs out. Li orders Steve to let Wendy go, but Steve says there’s been a change of plans as he needs a hostage. Li argues that was not part of the deal. Steve asks who has the gun. Tripp and Joey offer themselves instead but Steve feels he’ll be better off with Wendy. Kayla runs in and calls for Steve. Wendy then hits Steve and runs while Tripp and Joey grab Steve. Marlena stops John on his way out of the gala. Tripp and Joey fight with Steve until they wrestle the gun away and Wendy ends up with the gun. Wendy declares that it’s over. Andrew and Paul rush out while Kayla goes to check on Steve. Steve argues that he doesn’t need her help. Tripp questions what is wrong with him. Kayla explains that they think John and Steve have been brainwashed by Stefano’s daughter, Megan Hathaway. Gabi questions who as Kayla calls it a long story and says it would be a disaster if Megan gets all three prisms, so they just have to pray that John does not escape.

Marlena tries to get through to John, telling him that he’s been brainwashed and needs to let her help him. John tells her to stay away from him. Marlena argues that he’s just confused and she loves him. Marlena says she needs him to come back to her and be the man he was. Marlena reaches her hand out to him. Andrew and Paul rush up but John shoves Marlena to them and runs.

Gabi calls Wendy a badass and says Li is the one who is shaken up. Wendy says that’s because Li is the one who has to face their father after having lost the prism. Li assures the prism is the furthest thing from his mind right now as he’s just so relieved that they are all okay. Li offers to take the gun but Gabi says it looks like Wendy’s got it. Wendy says the police will need to talk to who is in charge which is Li. Li admits he’s underestimated Wendy. Tripp and Joey tie Steve up and hold him down as he complains that he has a mission to complete. Kayla tries to get through to him and tells him that she’s going to fix this and undo the damage that Megan has done. Kayla tells Steve that she loves him. Steve says he doesn’t care about any of them as his only allegiance is to Megan Hathaway. Steve screams to be let go.

Harris holds the gun on Hope. Megan orders him to shoot her now. Ciara tries to stop him while Ben holds her back. Megan warns Ben not to move a muscle or else Ciara will be next. Megan questions what the hell the problem is and demands Harris shoot Hope now. Harris instead collapses and drops the gun. Megan picks up the gun and fires shots as she runs away. Hope checks on Harris and confirms that he’s still breathing. Ben goes after Megan while Hope and Ciara hug.

Angela tells Bo that they both know if she keeps letting him watch his family, he will be tempted to interfere. Bo responds that he can’t interfere because of the rules and he just wants to watch. Angela argues that he’d want to go down if any one in his family got hurt. Bo complains that he’s just worried about them. Angela says it was great that he got to see Hope again. Bo calls that amazing but also a reminder of what he can’t have and what he’s missing. Angela reminds him that they will eventually be reunited. Bo says until then it will seem like an eternity.

Ben checks on Hope and Ciara. Ben says Megan had a driver waiting for her and got away.

Paul checks on Marlena, who says she is okay but confirms John is brainwashed but she doesn’t know why. Paul explains that John and Steve are after the three prisms. Marlena realizes that’s what Megan was up to. Paul decides to try and catch up to Andrew.

Gabi tells Wendy that Li is talking to the police and the guests have returned to their rooms so she’d call the gala a success. Wendy keeps the gun on Steve as Tripp remains with him. Joey comments to Kayla how he’s never seen Steve act that way before and it was so strange and scary. Kayla assures that they have been through this before and they will get him help to fix this. Steve asks Tripp to convince Wendy to put the gun down. Steve mocks Tripp so Kayla tells him to ignore him. Steve repeats that he has a mission to complete. Tripp and Joey decide to take Steve up to one of the rooms upstairs.

Paul and Andrew return to Marlena and reveal that John got away, assuming he got on a bus or in a taxi. Tripp and Joey bring Steve out. Paul demands to know where John is but Steve refuses to talk. Paul asks Marlena to work her magic. Marlena says she will do anything to save John while Steve repeats that he only answers to Megan Hathaway, so he won’t help them no matter what they say. Marlena puts something on Steve, saying it’s something to make him cooperate.

Harris is handcuffed at the police station with his arm in a sling from being shot. Hope enters. Harris says he didn’t think he would see her again. Hope responds that they have unfinished business and hands him annulment papers for him to sign since they were technically married yesterday. Hope says there was never anything between them really and they were just playing each other from the start. Harris tells Hope that when Megan ordered him to kill her, he couldn’t do it to her because deep down he knew it was wrong. Hope tells him to just save it. Hope adds that she spoke to Shane Donovan of the ISA, who gave her a full briefing, so she knows everything he did in kidnapping her friends and allowed Megan to brainwash them. Hope states that Steve is going to be okay but John is still out there under Megan’s control. Hope warns Harris that if anything happens to John, she will personally make him pay.

John presents the prism to Megan. Megan compliments him and says she knew he and Steve were the right men for the job because her father’s training had paid off. Megan then puts all three prisms together and declares now she can finally cure him. John asks if she really thinks she can bring Stefano back. Andrew and Paul then burst in with their guns drawn. John pulls his gun on them. Andrew orders Megan to hand over the prisms.

Bo puts together a model ship as Angela comments that he found something productive to do. Bo mocks this not being as fulfilling as watching his family. Angela says if he wasn’t so grumpy, she’d share her exciting news. Bo asks what that is. Angela says she’ll be in touch and walks away.

Harris signs the annulment papers and tells Hope that he really is sorry. Hope says goodbye and goes to leave but Harris tells her to wait. Harris knows she thinks none of what they had was real but says she’s a smart and perceptive woman, so if he didn’t have any feelings for her at all, she would’ve known. Hope questions if she would have. Harris thinks maybe Megan did something to him, but he can’t put his finger on it as he wasn’t always like this. Harris states that something is off as he feels so hollow outside. Harris brings up Hope saying her friends were brainwashed, so he wonders if Megan could have done the same to him. Hope admits the thought crossed her mind after talking to Shane. Hope adds that she saw Harris’s military records and he was once an honorable man. Harris asks if Hope can help him, if it’s true. Hope agrees to speak to Shane to see if he can run some tests. Harris thanks her. Hope then exits.

Tripp and Joey reunite with Steve, who credits Marlena’s deprogramming skills for breaking Megan’s spell on him. Joey says it’s good to have him back. Steve apologizes to Wendy for holding her hostage. She understands it wasn’t him. Wendy adds that Steve has raised two pretty cool sons, who love him so much. Tripp jokes that she thinks they are cool. Marlena and Kayla enter. Steve asks if there’s any word on John. Marlena says not yet, but thanks Steve for telling everything he knows. Steve hopes it was enough to save John.

Andrew demands Megan hand over the prisms. Megan tells John to handle this as she doesn’t have time for interference. Paul tells John to drop the gun. John asks if Paul’s going to shoot him if not and says he doesn’t think so. Paul knows John wouldn’t shoot his son, no matter how scrambled his brain is. John says that’s where he’s wrong and declares that Paul means nothing to him. Paul says he’ll never believe that as John may not have raised him, but he feels like he’s known him for his entire life. Paul talks about John being there time and time again over the years, like when he lost Will and when he got paralyzed. Paul says John always knew what he needed or what to say. John responds that things have changed because when he looks at him now, all he feels is disdain. Paul knows that’s not true and says John is still the dad who jumped on a plane at the drop of a hat just to show up at his son’s gay pride party and has rescued him more times than he can count. Paul declares now it’s his turn to rescue John and he loves him. Megan says that’s enough and she’s not going to stand around for any more of this. Megan sets off a smoke bomb to knock out John, Paul, and Andrew while she scapes with the prisms.

Steve tells Kayla that Andrew and Paul should have landed in Caracas by now, so he thinks he should head out there. Kayla says that’s how she knows he’s back to his old self because he thinks he’s the only person who can save the day. Steve feels he needs to help. Kayla reminds him that he already has by giving the location of Megan’s compound. Kayla tells Steve to relax and let her treat him because he’s been through a lot. Steve argues that she has too. Steve apologizes for tying her up and scaring her. Kayla says not to worry about her as she’s here to take care of him and whatever he wants. Steve says there is one thing he’s been craving and jokes that he never got his jalapeno and garlic pizza. Kayla asks him to put that on hold for awhile as they kiss.

Wendy comments to Joey that his dad seems like a pretty cool guy. Joey jokes about how he usually makes a better first impressoin. Wendy and Joey play a round at the poker table. Joey talks about this experience jolting him back to life. Joey declares that he’s going to quit his sister’s PR firm and start doing things he’s actually passionate about. Joey then suggests he could come visit Wendy in Alaska some time so they could hang out and get to know each other better. Wendy is not so sure that’s a good idea. Joey says it was just a thought but obviously a dumb one. Wendy calls it really sweet and says she would be interested. Tripp then comes over and guesses Wendy shot Joey down too. Wendy says she thinks they are both great and she’s glad they met, but she doesn’t want to come between brothers so she hopes they understand which they say they do. Wendy adds that they are both totally fun and smoking hot.

Andrew ties up John to a chair then rushes to check on Paul. Andrew helps Paul up. Paul goes to John to check on him and asks if he can hear him. John regains consciousness is back to his old self, telling Paul that he loves him as they hug.

John reunites with Marlena at the hotel and they kiss. Marlena wishes they would find Megan. John assures that Shane and the ISA are on it, so they will get her. Marlena is ready to get back home. John says they’ll be on a flight back home to Salem and hopefully quieter times. Marlena notes it never seems to stay that way. John says that’s why they have each other to get through the rough times. John tells Marlena how impressed and grateful he is that she flew halfway around the world to find him. Marlena responds that she would go all the way around the world just to be with him as they kiss.

Steve and Kayla reunite with Stephanie in the hospital. Kayla suggests they stay until Stephanie is back on her feet but she says she’s getting released tomorrow and tells them they can go home since their lives are in Salem and they need to get back there. Kayla encourages her to get back and visit them which Stephanie promises to do. Stephanie tells them not to miss their flight. Kayla and Steve hug Stephanie goodbye. Steve and Kayla then exit the room. Stephanie picks up her phone and sees something interesting, remarking that she might be going home to Salem sooner than they think…

Tripp asks Joey who he’s texting. Joey claims Andrew and asks Tripp who he was texting. Tripp claims he was just catching up with his friend Chanel.

Wendy gets a text from Joey, telling her to let him know if she wants a visitor and a text from Tripp, saying he always wanted to check out Alaska. She then gets another text from each of them, both saying that she could come to Seattle. Li and Gabi come over to tell Wendy that the car is here if she’s ready. Gabi tells Wendy that she and Li are very impressed by how she handled this whole ordeal, so they agreed that her talents are being wasted in her current role. Li announces that Wendy has earned herself a promotion. Wendy excitedly hugs him.

Andrew goes to see Paul at his apartment. Paul didn’t know he was still in town. Andrew says he wrapped everything up and got an award. Paul says he’s no longer in his father’s shadow. Andrew says he couldn’t leave town without returning Paul’s gym clothes. Paul says he didn’t have to and jokes that they could’ve been a reward for helping save his father. They agree to have drinks next time he’s in town or if Paul’s ever in DC. Andrew mentions that the ISA is always looking for new recruits and Paul has already proven he’d be a terrific agent. Paul thanks him and agrees to think about it. Andrew decides he should get going and says it was nice meeting him as they shake hands and then they kiss.

Megan is in the lab with the three prisms and declares they now have the technology to cure his tumor and all they need is for him to wake up. Megan wonders why it’s taking so long.

Hope promises Ciara that from now on, she’s going to be there for her and her grandson. Ciara says she’ll hold her to that. Hope apologizes for being missing for the last few years. Ciara understands she was working on a case and now she asks what her plans are now. Hope responds that she’s going to keep looking for Megan and she’s not stopping until she finds her and brings her to justice. Ciara asks Hope to just take it easy for a bit for her and let the ISA handle it. Hope tells her that this is personal. Ciara hopes Hope knows that as much as she misses her when she’s not around, she has so much respect for her, her determination, and her courage. Ciara states that she’s so lucky and proud to be her daughter. Hope tells her how much that means as they hug. Hope says no matter what she accomplishes in life, nothing will ever compare to the joy and pride she feels in having raised such an extraordinary young woman. Ciara thanks her and tells her to be careful as they hug. “Tonight I Celebrate My Love” plays as Hope has flashbacks to her final dance with Bo in Heaven. Ciara asks if she’s okay. Hope points out the song which Ciara notes as Hope and Bo’s song. Hope says there’s so many memories as they hug.

Angela excitedly announces to Bo that she has the best damn news ever. Angela says she couldn’t say it earlier but she went to the higher ups and told them everything that happened yesterday and they were as impressed as she is with how Bo sacrificed everything for Hope. Angela reveals that they were so impressed that they decided to do something completely unprecedented. Angela declares that because of Bo giving his second chance away for his profound love of Hope, he is being rewarded for his selfless act by getting a second second chance. Bo calls that amazing and asks what exactly that means.

The doctor tells Megan that the patient’s body has been a cryogenic state for many years so the process is delicate and takes time. He urges her to try to be patient. Megan says that’s easy for him to say. Megan declares that she’s been waiting nearly 40 years to be reunited with the one she loves. Megan says she is patient and exits the lab, so the doctor follows her and shuts out the lights, with the three prisms left in the room.

The cryogenic chamber finally opens, revealing Bo Brady was the patient inside! Bo then opens his eyes.

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