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At the hospital, John slams down the orchid that Orpheus sent in frustration as Stephanie arrives, thinking it’s the Orchid they have been looking for, and asks if John is out of his mind.

Steve sits with Kayla in the hospital and worries about her having a fever. Steve tells her that he’s here and not going anywhere. Tripp and Joey arrive to tell Kayla they are here too. Steve assures them that she’s not contagious. Joey hugs Kayla and tells her that he missed her.

Brady questions if Kristen is trying to say that she can cure Marlena when her doctors can’t. Kristen says she can cure Kayla and Kate too. Brady argues that the only treatment that can cure them is an Orchid that no longer exists. Kristen remarks that maybe the Orchid is closer than anyone knows. Brady asks if she’s trying to tell him that she has it. Kristen asks what if she is.

Stephanie panics over the Orchid, asking how the hell John could do this until John clarifies that it’s not that Orchid and was just one that could be found in any flower shop as it was sent from Orpheus. Stephanie calls Orpheus a son of a bitch for twisting the knife. John says that Orpheus is enjoying this and wrote that Marlena is going to die just like the flower. John is sorry she had to see that while Stephanie apologizes for yelling at him. John assures that he is just as scared as she is. Stephanie worries about what Kayla is going to do. John hugs her as she cries.

Steve tells Tripp and Joey that it’s so good to see them. Kayla asks why they are here and why they didn’t call. Joey says they couldn’t stay in Seattle. Tripp adds that they didn’t want them to try to talk them out of coming. Joey mentions Stephanie being vague. Tripp asks to be told what’s going on. Steve decides it’s time they knew. Kayla reveals that her, Marlena, and Kate have been poisoned. Steve says he’ll explain how it happened later. Tripp asks about an antidote but Kayla says there isn’t one which Steve confirms. Tripp wants to see her lab work and talk to her doctor. Steve praises Dr. Patel’s work. Joey asks if Kayla is in pain. Kayla says no and that she’s just sleepy and weak. Kayla adds that she’s not getting better. Tripp wishes they knew it was this serious. Kayla feels it was better this way as she didn’t want them to know, but she’s very glad they are here. Joey declares that they are not leaving until she gets better and he knows she will.

Brady accuses Kristen of lying. Kristen brings up Dr. Rolf brewing up the Orchid for Roman 25 years ago. Brady brings up that Dr. Rolf said it’s extinct and it can’t be duplicated. Brady adds that the police searched his lab and found nothing. Kristen suggests she moved the Orchid before they showed up. Brady warns her not to play with him. Kristen informs him that Dr. Rolf saved seedlings from the Orchid and secretly grew a new plant. Brady doubts her but asks where the orchid is if she has it.

Eric is at the Brady Pub, finishing a call with Billie as Jada enters. Jada tells Eric that she just got back from searching Dr. Rolf’s lab with Shawn and forensics but they found nothing. Jada says she’s sorry and asks how Marlena is. Eric admits she’s not good. Jada wonders if Dr. Rolf is telling the truth. Eric shouts that he doesn’t care what Dr. Rolf says because Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are running out of time. Jada assures that they are not giving up and that Shawn’s at the lab right now and called Rex to help him. Eric realizes that’s why Rex tore out of Roman and Kate’s wedding. Eric explains to Jada how he and Rex decided to check on Kate, then she and Roman decided to get married. Eric says it was hard to get through but they were so happy to get married. Eric notes that they have quite the history of being on and off, married and divorced, with two kids together. Jada encourages that Eric was able to marry them and they’ll always have that happiness no matter what now.

Kristen tells Brady not to worry as she has the Orchid stashed somewhere safe. Brady says he can see she’s loving this since she couldn’t break up he and Chloe or get custody of Rachel, so this is her new game. Brady doesn’t believe the Orchid exists so Kristen says she’ll prove she’s not bluffing. Kristen then shows her a photo on her phone of herself with the Orchid. Brady refuses to take her word for it. Kristen says it may be the miracle that Marlena needs. Kristen adds that the serum is being formulated as they speak while Marlena, Kayla, and Kate are fading fast. Kristen says she is doing everything in her power to help them while Brady is wasting time that they don’t have. Brady questions what she wants in return for providing the formula.

Joey asks Kayla what they can do or bring her. Kayla says having them here is all she needs. Steve decides to give her time alone with Tripp and Joey while he goes to check on Marlena. Steve notes that he won’t be gone long as he then exits. Joey questions Orpheus doing this to Kayla to get back at Steve. Joey then apologizes if she doesn’t want to talk about it. Kayla says it’s okay and adds that Orpheus also did it to get back at John and Roman. Tripp encourages that Kayla is the strongest woman he knows so if anyone can get through this, it’s her. Tripp talks about all the time he wasted being angry at Kayla and blaming her for what happened to Ava. Kayla says that’s all in the past. Kayla says she’s so proud of the men that they have become. Tripp mentions that he wouldn’t have tried to become a doctor if not for her. Joey says that Kayla and Steve saw him through the toughest time of his life, so he wishes he could do more for her now.

Stephanie tells John that she’s still kicking herself for jumping all over him and Steve for trying to protect her from Orpheus. John admits he was hopeful too that Orpheus had mellowed but Steve knew better. Steve then approaches so Stephanie gets up and hugs him. Stephanie asks how Kayla is. Steve says Joey and Tripp are in with her now. Stephanie is glad they could make it even though Kayla didn’t want them to see her like this. Steve notes that she changed her mind about that. Steve tells John that he just saw Marlena and talked to Belle. John worries that Marlena is getting weaker and weaker. Stephanie feels Tripp and Joey are probably mad at her for trying to keep them from coming so she goes to join them in Kayla’s room. Steve sits with John. John says that Steve was so right about Orpheus. John brings up Steve saying they needed to end Orpheus, but he talked him out of it. John swears that if their girls don’t make it, he will hunt Orpheus down himself and end him.

Kristen asks Brady what makes him think that she wants something which Brady laughs at. Brady guesses that if she gives him the Orchid, she gets shared custody of Rachel. Kristen asks what if that was the deal. Brady doesn’t want Marlena, Kate, and Kayla to die. Kristen remarks that it’s different from what he said in court. Brady tells her to stop wasting time and give him the Orchid, then he will give her what she wants. Kristen responds that she loves her little girl but shared custody isn’t what she wants. Kristen says she wants Brady to break it off with Chloe. Brady says no way in hell. Kristen declares that if Brady wants to save Marlena’s life, he must dump Chloe and get back together with her. Brady tells Kristen that he’ll get back with her when Hell freezes over and calls this insane, saying it won’t work. Brady argues that everyone would know she used the Orchid to blackmail him in to it. Kristen says if he says anything about it, the whole deal is off. Brady argues that nobody in town would believe it. Kristen argues that everyone will see he made the decision that’s best for Rachel and that Rachel hates Chloe which Brady blames Kristen for. Kristen argues that Rachel is miserable without her and says this would be the opportunity for her to grow up with both of her parents. Kristen adds that even Chloe will understand that. Brady calls her a monster. Kristen argues that she’s a mother who loves her child. Kristen states that there is no hope for Brady and Chloe, so he should end it with her now. Kristen remarks that Chloe is used to rejection and can handle it.

Chloe sits in the town square with Nicole, saying it’s taking everything in her to put distance between her and Brady but she knows she has to because Rachel can’t stand the sight of her right now. Nicole asks if Rachel needs to know they are together. Chloe doesn’t want to sneak around or do that to Brady when he’s in enough pain. Chloe complains that she doesn’t know what to do as she doesn’t know how to make this situation any less horrible. Nicole assures that she gets it more than she knows because she’d do anything to be there for Eric right now.

Eric tells Jada more about Roman and Kate’s wedding. Eric says he could see how scared Roman was that he could lose Kate, Kayla, and Marlena. Eric talks about Orpheus’ rage completely being at Roman. Jada mentions reading that in the case file and wishes she could do more to help. Eric encourages that she is helping. Jada talks about going over Dr. Rolf’s lab and wanting to be the hero who found something to give hope to Kayla, Marlena, and Kate. Jada adds that she wanted to be able to come to Eric and tell him that she did it for him.

Stephanie joins Tripp and Joey in Kayla’s hospital room. Stephanie asks if they can go talk out in the hall but they say they just got there so they aren’t leaving her. Stephanie apologizes for making it seem like it wasn’t as bad as it is. Joey questions why she did that while Tripp argues that they could’ve been here all this time. Kayla then informs them that it was her idea to keep them away.

John shows Steve the orchid he smashed on the floor and asks if Steve got one but he didn’t. John informs him that Orpheus sent it to Marlena to screw with their minds. Steve gets furious and declares he’s going to find Orpheus but John reminds him that they can’t leave the hospital with their girls like this. John convince Steve to sit back down. Steve brings up that Orpheus said he wants them to watch them die. John declares that they won’t let that happen. Steve talks about wanting to find a way to save them but this is science. John refuses to give up, so Steve asks what they can do. John tells Steve that they’ve faced impossible odds before and all the times they rescued each other. John admits he’s never felt as helpful as he does right now. Steve says it forces them to think of the possibility of life without their wives. Steve feels like a fool for all the years he spent away from Kayla. John knows what he means. Steve cries that he can’t do it again but they are running out of time and the odds are stacked against them. Steve notes that at least his whole family is together now since nothing makes Kayla happier than that. John declares that they are going to live for today and treasure every second they can. Steve agrees and heads back to Kayla’s room.

Kayla tells Tripp and Joey that she didn’t want them to come as she wanted to be able to call them and tell them that she was better. Joey points out that they aren’t kids. Kayla says Stephanie wanted them there and she was right. Kayla admits she’s so happy they are there. Steve comes back in and says he is too. Kayla points out that the five of them are all together. Joey doesn’t want to see her upset or crying. Kayla wishes she was at home, cooking for them. Steve encourages that she will do that when she gets better. Tripp suggests they have a family dinner right here. Joey agrees and offers to go get food with Tripp.

Nicole tells Chloe that Eric is the one who told her about Marlena, Kate, and Kayla and he was so broken up that she wasn’t even thinking when she hugged him and then Rafe and Jada walked in. Chloe asks how they reacted. Nicole says they were okay once they found out what was going on. Nicole adds that Rafe was great but Jada kind of staked her claim without saying a word that she is Eric’s girlfriend and it is her job to comfort him. Chloe asks if Nicole got that message. Nicole assures that she did. Nicole agrees that she’s married to Rafe and should back off from Eric, so she did. Nicole adds that Marlena is sick and when Eric is hurting, she feels like she wants to be there for him and admits she still feels that old pull.

Jada asks Eric if it sounds bad to want to be the hero during a time like this. Eric assures that he knows she’s not in it for the glory and is trying to help three women who need a miracle. Jada notes that she hasn’t heard from Shawn since leaving the lab so she decides to get back to the police station. Jada tells Eric that she’ll let him know if there’s any new developments. Eric says he’ll be here at the Pub in case Roman needs him. Eric tells Jada that she has been a person he can count on and kisses her as she then exits.

Brady goes over Kristen’s plan to have him break up with Chloe and then she will provide the serum to Marlena, Kate, and Kayla. Kristen reminds him that after breaking up with Chloe, he must reconcile with her and then they become a loving family with Rachel. Kristen adds that Brady can’t turn around and dump her after they are cured because Dr. Rolf said they will need a second dose a few months later and maybe a booster after that, while she is the only one who can see to it that they get it. Kristen declares that they are in it for the long haul. Brady warns her that the serum better work. Kristen points out that it did before but warns Brady not to take too much time thinking about it because the ladies don’t have any time left. Brady says if he walks away, three women die, so he’s in.

Stephanie tells Steve that she’s really glad Tripp and Joey are there since the three of them need each other. Steve talks about how happy Kayla’s been since Stephanie came home. Stephanie wants more time with her. Steve encourages her not to give up hope and says they just have to make every second with her as filled with joy as they can. Joey and Tripp then return with pizza.

Chloe questions Nicole saying she still has a pull towards Eric. Nicole comments on her looking disapproving. Nicole argues that Eric’s mother may be dying, so it makes sense that she wants to be with him. Chloe reminds her that she’s with him all the time since she hired him at Basic Black. Nicole argues that he’s a great photographer and asks Chloe to give her a break. Chloe says she’s only hard on her because she’s her friend, she loves her, and wants her to be happy. Nicole guesses Chloe is telling her not to do anything stupid again. Chloe tells her that she understands. Nicole admits it’s nice to talk about this with someone she trusts and calls Chloe a good friend. Chloe jokes that Nicole has heard enough of her troubles and feels she’s going to need her as they hug. They then walk off together.

Brady tells Kristen that he’s not sure she will hold up her end of the bargain, so he’s not going to say a damn word to Chloe until the first dose is administered and he has proof that it’s working. Kristen agrees but says as soon as they start recovering, he needs to go straight to Chloe to deliver the news. Brady remarks that unlike her, he keeps his promises, so he will break up with Chloe and then he, Kristen, and Rachel will all live as a family under one roof. Brady reminds Kristen that she may have succeeded in using their little girl and three innocent women to get what she wants, but there is no way on earth that she will make him love her. Brady declares that she will be a lot more lonely in a loveless relationship than she was on her own. Kristen says time will tell. Brady asks for details, so Kristen says the serum should be delivered to the hospital soon and it won’t be long before the miracle cure is John’s hands. Brady hates Kristen for doing this. Kristen remarks that there’s a thin line between love and hate. Brady warns her to be careful what she wishes for as he then exits.

Kayla cries that she’s never been happier than this moment and encourages her family to eat the pizza.

Eric leaves the Pub while on the phone with Sami. Eric knows she’s scared and that she wants to be there. Eric understands she needs to be there for Sydney. Eric remarks that in times like this, you got to get the strength from the people you love as he turns around and sees Nicole heading towards the Pub.

Kristen tells herself that she’s not a horrible person and is doing a good thing by saving lives and all sorts of people will be grateful to her. Kristen asks why she should be the one to end up alone. Kristen declares that she will have her family together again and no matter what Brady thinks now, he’ll learn to love her again. Kristen says she can’t just sit back and let Chloe steal everything she loves, so now she’ll be out of the picture for good. Chloe then shows up at Kristen’s door. Kristen laughs and calls it a coincidence as she was just thinking about her..

Jada goes to the hospital and introduces herself to John as she reveals that a vial full of serum from the Orchid was just delivered to the police station. Jada shows John the note that it came with. John reads that it says it can save the lives of Marlena, Kayla, and Kate. John worries that it’s another one of Orpheus’ tricks and goes to smash the vial when Brady arrives to stop him.

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