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Update written by Barbara

At Chelsea’s apartment, she and Connor are working on the egg drop device for his school project. The device is supposed to protect an egg from dropping and breaking. While they’re working on the device, Connor lets it slip that he knows there’s a completed one in the closet because he saw it when he went to get his bubble wrap. Connor turns to Chelsea and says, “Billy’s cool, isn’t he?” She smiles and answers that he can be.

Adam comes by the apartment and Chelsea tells him that she and Connor are working on a school project. Connor explains the egg drop device to Adam, and tells him that Billy and Chelsea already built a device that works and now it’s his turn.¬† He tells Adam that Billy made Chelsea smile and says “so that’s a good sign, right”?

Adam sits down on the couch next to Connor and suggests that Connor make the device especially creative, really wow the teacher, and probably get a higher grade. Connor protests that Adam is making it harder. Adam says that he doesn’t want to overstay his welcome, and he just wanted to wish them a Happy New Year and says that 2023 is going to be great for all of them. Chelsea agrees.

Meanwhile, Billy is at the park talking with Lily about the sad state of their relationship. As they stand in the freezing cold, and Billy tells Lily that he’s worried about the two of them. Lily mentions that she is, too. He reminds her that they will be going to couple’s therapy in the New Year, but she is crying, and tells him that the spark they felt when they first found each other again is gone.

She says that they have always had work in common but now that this is gone, they’re just “two different people with two different goals”. She mentions that she doesn’t know if they have anything in common anymore and she thinks they should take some time apart. She emphasizes that this is not the end, but they have to figure out if there’s anything left between them.

Nick arrives at Sally’s suite with soup, herbal tea, ginger ale and a heating pad. Sally mentions that he didn’t have to do this for her and he replies that he likes taking care of her. She also pushes him to celebrate New Year’s Eve without her.

At Society, Diane meets up with Jeremy. He turns down her offer and says that he wants her to pay all the money she took from him.¬† He asks her about the FBI and if she turned state’s evidence to put him away. She says no, but Jeremy is leery.

Diane goes into flirting mode, telling Jeremy that after he was arrested, she missed the excitement he brings into her life, and that she misses that spark in her life. Jeremy lets her know that he has had angry thoughts about her, but good ones, too. He mentions that there were good times they shared together before she figured out what he had tricked her into doing.

Jeremy is caught off guard by her suggestion that they reconcile. She says that they got along rather famously and she misses that spark in her life. She adds that she thinks they can find a creative, risky way to score back the money she owes him.

When Jeremy mentions Jack’s offer, Diane pretends to be surprised about it and says it’s news to her. Jack is lurking nearby, watching Diane and Jeremy from the hallway leading to the restaurant’s kitchen. Once Jeremy has left Society, Jack goes over to Diane, telling her that she put on a masterful performance and that Jeremy appeared to have bought it.

Shortly after Nick leaves Sally’s suite, Chloe comes there to check on her. Chloe sees the things by the couch and asks where they came from. Sally tells her that Nick came by with a care package. Chloe waxes on about how great Nick is.

Sally tells Chloe that she thinks Chloe’s right and she could be pregnant. She mentions that she checked the calendar and being pregnant is a “definite possiblity”. She also lets Chloe know that she forgot to take the pill a few days that month, and it was not on purpose.

Chloe urges Sally to relax and calm down because she may not be pregnant, adding that she thinks it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if she has Nick’s “kid”. Sally lets her know that it could be Adam’s child and Chloe says that this is impossible because she hasn’t been with him in months. Sally admits that she and Adam were together recently for closure, and Chloe refers to it as “good bye sex”.¬† Sally asks Chloe to get her a home pregnancy test kit.

At Crimson Lights, Billy sits in the patio, clearly miserable. Adam runs into him there and greets him with sarcasm, asking him what’s going on with his endless his fixation on Chelsea. Billy says that if Adam wants to start something, he’s not in the mood. Adam strongly suggests that Billy back off and leave Chelsea alone.

Connor and Chelsea come to the patio at Crimson Lights and she mentions that they are there for hot chocolate. Chelsea says that Connor is hoping to stay up until midnight this year. Connor asks Billy to come upstairs and help him convince Chelsea¬† that he can turn in the egg drop device that she and Billy made. Chelsea invites Billy to join them for hot chocolate and Billy accepts. Connor says “Yay! I’ll go order.”

Sharon and Nick get together at the coffeehouse and he is supportive when she reflects on how it would have been her and Rey’s first anniversary that day. It’s also Nick’s birthday, so Sharon gets him a birthday brownie. He tells her that he didn’t mention his birthday to Sally because he didn’t want her to try to rally when she’s feeling sick.

At the Abbott house, Jack offers to get Diane some tea to calm her nerves after her meeting with Jeremy. She tells him that it wasn’t so much that Jeremy rattled her, it was her feeling¬† ashamed at how weak she was, the way she compromised herself and stayed with Jeremy as long as she did under his thumb. As they talk, she says that she likes who she is when she’s with Jack¬† He says that he happens to like who he is when he’s with her, too.

Traci is sitting by herself at the bar in The Grand Phoenix lounge when Danny comes in. Traci is thrilled to see him.¬† He tells her that she looks fabulous and to let him know what’s been going on and to not hold back. Moments later, Michael comes in, clearly overjoyed to have Danny there for the New Year’s Eve celebration.

Lauren and Danny fill each other in on their business lives. Lauren tells him that the new spokesmodel for Marchetti is a musician named Tessa Porter, maybe he has heard of her. Danny says that he has, and she’s a real talent. Lauren suggests that maybe Tessa could open for him one or she could record a duet with him once her voice recovers. Traci pipes up and kids around with Lauren about her trying to¬† get some free publicity. Traci says there should be one day out of the year when Danny can relax and he doesn’t have to think about or talk about business.

After ringing in the New Year with Lauren and Michael, Danny and Traci sing Auld Lang Syne and Lauren joins them. Meanwhile, Lily is alone sitting on the park bench, crying and shivering in the freezing cold. When she gets a Happy New Year text from Daniel, she does not respond … Chelsea wishes Billy Happy New Year as he leaves her apartment … Sally stands in her suite looking out the window pensively …¬† Adam nurses a drink at the bar in an otherwise empty Society … Sharon and Nick are seated at a booth in Crimson Lights, having pastries and enjoying themselves, chatting, laughing, and toasting the New Year with mugs of coffee … at the Abbott house, Jack takes Diane’s hand and wishes her a Happy New Year. They lean in to kiss and the kiss becomes passionate.

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