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Update written by Barbara

At Crimson Lights, Sharon has a festive holiday time with Mariah and Tessa. Noah comes by after working at the club, where he had served his father and Sally a special drink on their evening out together. Faith won’t be coming home for the holidays because she was invited to join her roommate and her roommate’s family in Switzerland. Although Sharon is sad, she knows that Faith will have a wonderful time there. Tessa declares that she and Mariah are meeting a pregnant woman after New Year’s about a possible adoption. Mariah moves aside with a seemingly upset expression on her face. When Tessa starts to apologize to Mariah for mentioning it, Mariah explains that she isn’t mad – she’s just worried about getting everybody’s hopes up after what happened the last time.

Chloe goes over to Chelsea’s apartment with Esther’s famous Kringle.  Chloe assures Chelsea that she has not come over to check up on her; she just wants to spend time with her bestie. The two women sit on Chelsea’s couch under throws, sipping tea, chatting and laughing. Chelsea tells Chloe that it’s nice to just talk normally instead of talking about things like therapy. Nonetheless, Chelsea says that she wants to make amends with Chloe.  She says that she’s sorry for blaming her when she saw warning signs and pointed them out to her. Chloe accepts Chelsea’s apology. Chelsea mentions that she needs a complete personal and professional make over and that she plans to get it right this time.

Adam shows up at the Newman ranch with a couple of favors to ask his father. Victor is quick to agree with Adam bringing Connor to the ranch for the family’s holiday celebration, but he is against the second favor Adam asks: bringing Chelsea to the ranch for the festivities. Victor tells him that he does not want Chelsea there. He points out that Chelsea threw a wrench into Victoria’s life by insisting on telling Johnny that she’s his biological mother. However, Adam says that Connor should be with both his parents and mentions that Chelsea had no idea how Johnny would react to finding out that she’s his bio mom. He also lets Victor know that as far as Johnny is concerned, he and Connor have been growing closer since they learned they were brothers.  Adam also jogs Victor’s memory about how he forced Chelsea to fake a breakdown and get institutionalized. Victor replies that it benefited Chelsea since he helped her avoid criminal prosecution. After talking back and forth, Victor finally agrees to let Chelsea visit. Adam expresses his appreciation;  Victor agrees firmly that he should appreciate this.

Later on, Victor tells Nikki about what transpired. Nikki says that Victoria mentioned that Chelsea had been in a bad place, so she’s in favor of Adam spending time at the ranch for the holidays. She says that she knows that Victor wants to bring him “back into the family fold”. Victor says that since Adam was the one who left, he would have to make the first move if he wants back in. Nikki points out that by choosing to be with the family on Christmas, Adam may be taking the first step.

Over at the Glam Club, Sally invites Nick to come to her suite for a nightcap, and he takes her up on her invitation.  In her suite, they talk about Christmas plans, and Sally tells him that she doesn’t want him to feel obligated to include her in the Newman Christmas celebration.  Nick mentions that his family has trust issues regarding Sally and lets her know that Victor had a dossier on her compiled of her time in LA. He also mentions that he did not read it, although she says that she wishes that he had because then she would know if anything from her past is a “dealbreaker”. Nick assures her that he doesn’t want to know about her misdeeds from the past, just some good things.  They sit down on the sofa, and she mentions a few, such as her first pet being a little beagle and how she excelled in acrobatics. Afterward, as they lie in bed, grinning, Nick tells her that he’d be fine with changing his holiday plans for her. Then he tells her that he’ll spend some time with his family and then do something special with her later. Sally thinks that sounds perfect.

Chloe and Chelsea go downstairs to Crimson Lights to join in with the festivities. Chelsea gets a call from Adam, who tells her that Connor begged to spend the night at the ranch and help decorate the barn.  She lets him know that she was looking forward to spending time with Connor, but she’ll be fine alone.  Chelsea turns down Sharon’s offer to include her in putting up holiday decorations at Crimson Lights, saying that she wants to go out and get a little air. Sharon and Chloe exchange worried glances.

Outside, Chelsea is enjoying listening to Christmas carolers when Adam comes by. He lets her know that he spotted her leaving the coffeehouse and wants to join her. When Adam mentions Christmas at the ranch, Chelsea assures him that she still wants to go.  When she mentions how Billy has been spending a lot of time helping her, Adam says all that matters is her recovery – if Billy Abbott can help facilitate that, then he has no problems with it. When she asks how he’s doing in light of his break up with Sally, he tells her that he has moments of self-pity and loneliness but wants to concentrate on what he’s got – a wonderful son with a caring mother.Chelsea takes his   arm and smiles while they listen to the carolers together.

Over at the ranch, Nikki and Victor have a slow, romantic dance.

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