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Recap written by Christine

At Newman Media, Ashland, donned a pair of rubber gloves and began to type something into Adam’s laptop.

At Newman Locke, Victoria had a new plan to deal with Ashland in the way he needed to be dealt with. She told Victor, Nikki, Adam and Nick that they all had a role to play, and they had to make it look real. Victoria convinced Ashland that she believed he’d been set up. She said that Adam had the naked ambition, the animosity toward Ashland, the history of deception, and he’d even lied about his own health crisis, and that made him the perfect suspect. Adam didn’t like the idea of being thrown under the bus. Victoria said it was for the good of the company. Adam thought it was clear that Victoria would benefit from this too. Victoria asked Adam to put aside their differences and look at the whole picture. She said this would stay in the family, and he wouldn’t take the fall for anything, the way she did when he framed her for tampering with Victor’s medication. He assumed she thought he owed her one. Nick thought that Adam did owe Victoria. Adam snapped that no one asked Nick. Victoria said that Adam’s role in this was crucial. A triumphant Michael walked in and said he’d found an obscure morals clause, of sorts, that would give them grounds to nullify Ashland’s contract. Adam guessed that the plan was to catch Ashland in the act of planting evidence against Adam, then use that to fire him. “You’re using the same aborted plan as Billy did on your own husband,” Adam said. Victoria realized that they were similar plans. Adam it was a good parallel. Adam said that in order for this to play out correctly, he’d need to stay on as temporary CEO. Victor said there was no reason for Adam to stay on now that Victoria and Ashland weren’t going to Italy. Nick asked how Victoria was supposed to get Ashland to buy this – Ashland was a lot of things but he wasn’t stupid. Adam said that, in order to fall from grace, he needed somewhere to fall from. Adam said Victoria could tell Ashland that Victor kept Adam in charge because she kept siding with Ashland. Adam said that once the fake truth about him framing Ashland came out, Victoria could have Victor fire him. He thought that would significantly improve Victoria’s plan. Adam got an alert that someone was trying to get into his computer. They all knew it was Ashland. Victor told Adam to remotely change the firewall setting so that Ashland could access the system.

Adam said he’d lock Ashland back out of the laptop unless he was allowed to stay on as interim CEO. Victoria said Adam’s idea was sound, so they’d run with it. She’d tell Ashland that Victor insisted Adam stay in the role and that she didn’t fight it hard because it was a way to keep an eye on Adam. Adam said he’d be the sacrificial lamb, and Victoria said she’d be the cheerleader. Nick had a lot of concerns, but he didn’t voice them. Nikki was worried for Victoria. Victoria was sure she could handle it. Victor said Ashland was a desperate man, and Victoria’s plan played into his delusions. Michael and Victoria spoke, and it was revealed that, like Victor, she’d approached Michael and asked him to find a loophole in the contract that they could use to push Ashland out. Victoria was glad they were all on the same page. Nick was just glad Victoria understood Ashland for who he was. Adam said they were going up against a shrewd clever man, who’d escaped accountability for his whole life, so they had to be careful and vigilant, which meant never underestimating their opponent.

After Adam left, Victor congratulated Michael on doing good work. Michael was eager to see Ashland, the man who had him locked up, go down. Michael left. Victor said they’d all follow Victoria’s lead. Victoria wasn’t sure they could count on Adam, whose first concern was hanging onto his shiny new title. She said he only cared about what was best for him, not the family. Victor geared up to defend Adam. “Do you really not see what’s going on here? By putting him in charge, even if it’s temporary, you gave him a taste of that power again. Worst yet, you gave him hope,” she said. Victor was sorry Victoria saw it that way. Nick thought Victoria was right. Victoria said she and Adam had been adversaries from the beginning, and now he had a vested interest in seeing her fail. Nick left. Victor promised Victoria he’d keep Adam in line. Victoria knew Victor would try, and she said she couldn’t ask for more. Nikki vowed to make the plan work because Ashland didn’t deserve Victoria, or a place in the family or the company. Victor adored and supported Victoria. Victoria said she’d been devastated when she accepted what Ashland did, but she knew that she had to be the one to fix it. Victoria had felt shame, hurt and anger. Nikki comforted Victoria when she started to cry.

Back at Newman Media, Ashland was pleased when Adam’s computer unlocked. He typed some things and took a few pictures of the laptop screen. Sally came up and found the office door locked. She called for Adam. Adam came up, and Sally asked why the door was locked. He signaled her that something more was going on, then he said – loudly enough for Ashland to hear – that it had been a long day, so they should go somewhere else.

Sally and Adam went to Society, and he brought her up to speed on Victoria’s plan. He admitted it was a decent plan that had already been put in motion. Sally said this plan gave Adam leverage. Adam agreed. “I made it clear that before I let Ashland past the firewall, if I agreed to be this pretend-patsy that they have to keep me on as temporary CEO,” he crowed. He said he pitched it as if he was trying to be the ultimate team player and improve Victoria’s plan. “Well played,” Sally said. Sally thought Adam should get to be co-CEO for the pivotal role he was playing in ousting Ashland. Adam doubted that would happen. “If they aren’t prepared to show you the respect that you deserve, well it seems to that there were plenty of ways Victoria’s plan could go south,” Sally said. Nick showed up wanting to talk to Adam. Adam said that Sally knew everything, so Nick could speak freely. Nick was there to make sure Adam could be trusted.

Adam asked what he could say to convince Nick. Nick needed to know Adam would play his part. “My assigned role, you mean?” Adam replied. Nick said this wasn’t a game, and there was more at stake than Adam’s future. “You mean Victoria’s future,” Sally replied. Adam thought Sally summed it up well. Adam was sorry for Victoria, but she made her bed when she chose to trust Ashland, and the consequences could affect all the Newmans and on Victor’s legacy. Nick felt concerned Adam was willing to jeopardize everything Victor worked for for his (Adam’s) on personal gain. “Do you really think that I’m capable of screwing over the whole family to take what isn’t mine?” Adam asked. “Absolutely,” Nick replied. Nick conceded that Adam had changed, though.

You admit that I have changed, but you still don’t trust me,” Adam stated. Nick had seen Adam make an effort to change, and he’d seen Adam be selfless, but he knew this was the kind of situation that brought out the worst in Adam. Nick contended that Adam struggled in situations that related to which child was Victor’s favorite and whether Adam would ever be able to prove himself to the old man. Nick said Ashland represented a different threat to the family, and no matter how messed up they were at times, the family always showed up for each other. Always. Nick acknowledged that Adam saved Faith’s life and risked his own to make sure she made it to the hospital, and then he gave her a kidney. Nick hoped that was the Adam who showed up to bring Ashland down. He also hoped Adam would be willing to take a look at the bigger picture for the family – for Adam’s family.

At Crimson Lights, Ashland ran into Michael and welcomed him home. He assumed Michael’s trip was productive, since Victor had bought into the stories about Ashland faking his illness. Michael stated that he’d had a productive trip, until he’d been thrown in jail. Ashland said Michael must’ve pissed off the locals. Ashland noted that Michael didn’t look worse for wear. Ashland said he was going to prove he was set up, and Michael and the others would realize they were wrong about him. Michael was dying to see how this turned out. Victoria met Ashland after Michael left. She told him she let her family know they were close to discovering who was behind the smear campaign. Victoria said there was bad news – Victor was keeping Adam on as CEO, even though the flight to Tuscany was canceled. Ashland was frustrated, and he asked what Victoria said. She said first she pushed back hard, then she figured they could use it to their advantage – they could keep tabs on Adam while they proved he was the one targeting Ashland. She said she wouldn’t back down and let her family drive him away from her. He thanked her for believing in him. He had some ideas to prove his innocence, but he didn’t want to talk about them right now. She urged him to tell her so she could help. He said he trusted her, but sometimes he had to work through things on his own.

Back at Newman Locke, Nikki worried about Victoria’s physical safety and emotional well being because she had to swallow her true feelings and endure spending time with Ashland. Victor promised he wouldn’t let Victoria get hurt. He respected and admired Victoria for wanting to take the lead, and he was going to let her do it.

At his place, Billy did a recording on the blindness of love. He said when we loved someone, we tended to overlook their flaws. He said maybe it wasn’t love – it could be infatuation, lust, daddy or mommy issues. He said no one was immune to this. He wondered how love cloud the judgment of an otherwise rational intelligent person. He asked what people should do when they saw someone in love with an illusion. Lily came downstairs and heard Billy. She asked if this was for the podcast. He wasn’t sure. She knew that he’d been talking about Victoria. He said if she could tell, the Newmans would know too, so this wasn’t the best subject for a podcast. Billy wasn’t sure if he should stick his nose in Victoria’s issue or stay out. He and Lily were sickened that Ashland faked cancer. “Victoria needed to confide in someone, right, and she didn’t want to go to her family because the Newmans are who they are so she came to me,” Billy said. Lily was glad Billy was there to listen. Billy had been sure Victoria would kick Ashland to the curb, and she didn’t. Nick had asked Billy to talk to Victoria again, and Billy said he didn’t think it would do any good since Victoria would handle this the way she wanted to. Lily said Billy was right – this was Victoria’s problem, and she needed to figure out how to handle it.

In spite of everything that’s happened between [you and Victoria] in the past,” Lily began. Billy interjected that this was a polite way of saying all the hell he put Victoria through. That wasn’t what Lily meant. She said Victoria trusted that Billy had her best interests at heart. Lily knew Billy didn’t seek this out, and Victoria laid this on him out of the blue, but she said he didn’t have to rush in and be Victoria’s protector. Billy said it wasn’t just that – he didn’t want Ashland around the kids. Lily said Victoria would never put the kids in danger. Lily thought part of Billy felt responsible for Victoria’s safety, but she said he wasn’t, and she thought he needed to work that out. Lily knew Victoria was in a terrible situation, and it was stirring up protective feelings in Billy. However, she suggested that instead of getting drawn into it, he find a way to contain those feelings. He told her he didn’t have romantic feelings for Victoria. Lily knew that, she wasn’t saying this out of jealousy, she loved Billy, and she was proud of the progress he made, and she was here for him while he dealt with all this. He said she was the smartest, most amazing, most supportive woman he knew, and he was grateful they found each other. They kissed.

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