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Young & The Restless Update

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Recap written by Christine

Noah and Nick were at Crimson Lights on the patio. Noah said he’d wanted to postpone this conversation until Nick was more settled at Newman, but Sharon and Allie encouraged him to do this now. Nick started to worry. Noah started explaining how he’d been trying to find the right career path, and Nick caught on that he wanted to leave New Hope. Noah loved the work the charity did, and he’d been proud to work alongside Nick, but New Hope was Nick’s vision, not Noah’s. His heart wasn’t in running New Hope full time. Nick asked how long Noah had thought about making a change. Noah said putting together the unique experience for Mariah and Tessa’s wedding, like an art director felt good and right.

Noah wanted to turn Top of the Tower into an art-inspired nightclub. Nick was interested in hearing more. Noah wanted to make a place where people could have fun and relax. He wanted to incorporate the stuff he learned working at the Underground and managing the Top of the Tower with the stuff he learned in London art culture and make something new and inspiring. Nick asked what Victor said. Noah wanted to talk to Nick first, and he also had to put together a solid proposal to show Victor that a nightclub would be more profitable than the restaurant. Noah promised to stay on at New Hope until they found a replacement Nick was satisfied with. Noah hated letting Nick down, though. Nick said Noah could never disappoint him. He was also really happy to see Noah so excited about something, and he was fully supportive of this idea. They hugged.

Noah felt relieved at how Nick took the news. Nick said he’d made a lot of career changes, so it’d be hypocritical of him to judge. Nick had been excited about the possibility of Noah continuing his work at New Hope, but the most important thing was that Noah was happy. Noah said Allie told him this was probably how Nick would react, and that’s what gave him the guts to have this conversation. Noah mentioned he and Allie had a date tonight. Nick said he’d be there if Noah ever needed advice. He said to have fun tonight.

Victoria was shaken up when she got home. She made sure to lock the door immediately after she stepped inside, and she jumped when she heard knocking. Billy called out, and Victoria relaxed and let him in, relocking the door behind him. He wanted to let her know that he and Lily were going on a business trip to LA, so he wouldn’t be able to pick up the kids at camp. He noticed she seemed tense. There was a through-the-window shot of Billy and Victoria talking inside. Someone was watching them.

Victoria said she had a lot on her mind. Billy was sure she did. He heard Ashland was back. She said Ashland was the least of her worries. Billy asked why Ashland was back, and Victoria said she imagined it had to do with Harrison. Billy noted that Ashland lied to Harrison about having cancer and let Kyle take him to Milan. Victoria said Ashland got arrested for violating the restraining order against Harrison, and he’d already made bail. It was windy out, and something blew over, scaring Victoria.

Billy asked Victoria if she was okay, and he lightened the mood by reminding her that the house made so much noise when it was windy that the kids made up a game about it called the grumpy goblin. Victoria said that now that Katie was in her sci-fi phase, she theorized that an alien lived in the attic. He marveled that it seemed like yesterday they were teaching Katie the alphabet. Victoria wished they could stop time and freeze the kids at this stage where they were old enough to be independent, but young enough to be innocent and get excited about everything. He agreed that it was nice to see the world through innocent eyes. That was one of the things she was looking forward to about the kids coming home again. He was a little concerned about Ashland being in town. He thought they had to wonder about Ashland’s headspace. Victoria didn’t know or care what was going on in Ashland’s head. He was worried about her being home alone especially with the kids coming back. Victoria said if Ashland was mad at anyone, it’d be the Abbotts, because they had him arrested. She was sure she could handle things, and she said Victor had a security team on her. She said she could pick up the kids, and she looked forward to having them on her own. He asked about work, and she said that Nikki and Nick made it easier for her to step away from the office. She told him she’d be fine, and she asked him to go so she could get some work done. He left.

Billy caught Nick at Crimson Lights and told him that Victoria was on edge. Nick said he hadn’t seen anything like that. He told Billy not to worry about Victoria and to stay out of it. Billy commented that Nick had been back at Newman for five minutes, and he already sounded like Victor. Billy said Victoria was the mother of his kids, and he had good reason to worry. Nick said Billy felt compelled to play white knight to a woman who got over him years ago. Billy said he was just with Victoria, and he saw that she was covering up how upset she was that Ashland was still around, and Ashland was reckless enough to disobey a court order. Nick said Ashland was an entitled jerk who thought rules were for other people. Billy thought Ashland would want to retaliate. Nick said he might retaliate against Kyle, since he was the one who got the restraining order. Billy thought that was logical, but Ashland didn’t think logically. Nick appreciated the concern, but they were done with this. Billy reminded Nick that they were recently on the same side, trying to show Victoria what kind of man she married. Billy said he’d cancel his work trip to keep an eye on Victoria. Nick said there was nothing for Billy to do. He promised he wouldn’t let Ashland hurt Victoria, and he told Billy to go on his trip. Billy told Nick to go check on his sister. Nick called Victoria.

The wind whipped around outside while Victoria worked. She heard rapping on the patio door and opened the curtains to see Ashland glowering at her. Victoria opened the door and demanded to know what Ashland was doing spying on her. He said he’d been debating on whether to make his presence known. He wanted to see her one last time. She said he shouldn’t be here, and she wondered if she needed to get a restraining order. He wasn’t sure how to say goodbye after all they’d been through. Victoria agreed to hear Ashland out if he promised to leave her alone after this. She let him inside. He said it was so hard to see her so wary, but it was hard to stay away too. He asked if she felt the same way. He said their time together were the happiest days of his life. He knew she felt the same way, because she’d told him as much in the past. He asked if she really looked at him right now and felt that it was all over between them. Nick’s call came in, but Victoria didn’t answer it. She told Ashland that they were over. He said her family turned her against him. She strongly told him that these were her words – there was nothing between them. She thought he’d accept that after NY. She told him he didn’t like to lose. “I will not be dismissed!,” he snapped.

Ashland yelled about how he’d never felt remorse a day in his life until Victoria’s love changed him. He said her love and their marriage made him want to be a better person, then she just took all that away from him, and now he really was that lost man she and her father accused him of being all along. “You were my whole heart and my soul and now they’ve both been ripped away from me,” he said. She refused to take the blame for something he brought it on himself. He screamed at her that he felt pain because of her – because she made him feel again. He said he’d believed her when she said she’d always love him no matter what. She said he wanted to believe she’d forgive and forget all his monumental lies. He said she just couldn’t accept that something changed in him, or maybe she saw the change and she didn’t care. She yelled that there was nothing left for him to fight for.

Victoria asked Ashland to leave. He refused because he wasn’t finished. She said whatever fantasy he had about how this meeting would go, it wasn’t going to happen. Her voice shook as she told him to leave her home and leave town. She headed toward the door, but he jumped in front of her and walked toward her, causing her to back away. He yelled that she wanted him gone because she couldn’t face up to what she’d done and the sacrifices she’d made when she gave up on them. She told him he couldn’t manipulate her anymore. She said she stopped giving a damn about him when she realized who he really was. He felt that she thought she could throw him away like a piece of trash. He was just a few inches away from her now. “There’s only one way that you’re gonna be done with me. I see that now. Only one way to end this,” Ashland stated, ominously. Since Victoria didn’t answer the phone earlier, Nick showed up and knocked on the door and yelled out to Victoria.

Allie and Noah went to Dive Bar and commented on the wind. He pointed out the wind barriers around the deck. He told her about the talk with Nick, and she was really happy for him. He admitted she was right, and she had him repeat that a couple times, then she said it was time to celebrate. Allie said Noah was right that the GCAC rooftop was pretty chill at night. She accepted his offer to dance, and as they swayed, he said he couldn’t stop thinking about their kiss. She kissed him again.

At Society, Sally told Chloe that Nick and Victoria were giving her a three month trial period at work, which meant Chloe would also be coming in on a trial basis. Sally understood if Chloe didn’t want to take an offer that might not be permanent. Chloe wondered if Sally didn’t want her to accept the offer, so she could hire someone with more experience. Sally said she and Chloe worked really well together, and she trusted her implicitly. Sally had faith in Chloe’s ability to learn the job in record time. Chloe took the job, and Sally was glad. Chloe wanted to make it clear that she wasn’t just taking the job because Chelsea ended their partnership. Chloe said she had to live up to the standard Sally set. Chloe thought Victoria must be impressed with Sally to keep her on, despite her involvement with Adam, one of Victoria’s least favorite humans. At that moment, Adam walked through. He and Sally locked eyes, then he went and got his takeout and started to leave. Sally excused herself from the table.

Sally went after Adam, and she told him not to be a coward and run away from her. She asked if he got her voicemail. He didn’t want to do this again, because he got no pleasure out of being cruel to her. She asked if he destroyed what they had so she could keep her job at Newman Media. She said in spite of his past and who he used to be, she refused to believe he could so easily shut off his feelings for her and throw it all away. He thought he already made it clear that was a liability who was standing between him and a chance to prove himself to his father. He thought she should focus on her job instead of chasing a man who didn’t love her. He was surprised Victoria let her stay, even though she deserved the job. He told her to make the most of her opportunity and stop wasting her time and his. Chelsea walked up and saw Sally crying. She asked if everything was okay, and Adam left.

Sally went back to her table. Chloe wondered what was going on, and Sally said she and Adam weren’t together. Sally didn’t want to hear that Chloe was relieved. Sally said she was going to focus on work, and she raised a toast to the job. Chloe asked if Adam expected Sally to quit in solidarity to him. Sally changed the subject back to work. Chloe knew this was harder for Sally than she was letting on. Sally said she refused to let her personal problems let her lose this job. Chloe told Sally to hold onto that sentiment, because Adam had a bad habit of keeping women in his orbit and making them feel like they had something special and like the woman was the only one who truly understood him. In a sad tone, Sally said thanks. Chloe said she knew this relationship would end badly, because she’d seen it happen multiple times, and it was irritating to watch him treat people this way. Chloe said if Sally stayed mired in this toxic mix, Adam would cost her everything, and she shouldn’t let him. Chloe said Sally had this job on merit, so she shouldn’t worry about Adam.

Chelsea walked up and said she couldn’t believe how Adam just treated Sally and that she felt terrible for Sally. Sally brusquely said she appreciated the concern, but she and Chloe were in a meeting. Chelsea came to the wrong conclusion, and she was annoyed that Chloe asked Sally to work with her at Fenmore’s and confused that Lauren allowed it. Sally clarified that she was still CEO of Newman Media, and Chloe was her COO. Chelsea thought Adam was CEO of Newman Media now that Victoria was in charge again. Sally said Adam wasn’t interested and he was moving on from everything. “Including you, apparently. Wow. That lasted about as long as I expected it to,” Chelsea replied.

Sally said Chelsea dumped Chloe with no warning for her own bizarre reasons. Chelsea said that Chloe made it very clear the partnership wasn’t working for her either. Sally said in other words, Chelsea screwed up, and Chloe called her out on it. Chloe said she understood Chelsea needed to end the partnership, for herself. Sally thought that Chelsea should show Chloe the same grace and understanding and be happy for her. Chloe said she was in a good place. “You replace me with her of all people?,” Chelsea griped. Chelsea was mad that Chloe hired Sally at Newman Fashion without even asking Chelsea first. Chloe pointed out that Chelsea didn’t even work there then, and she wasn’t even in town when Sally got hired.

Chelsea noted that Sally had gone from Chloe’s subordinate to her boss. “Do you see how manipulative [Sally] is?,” Chelsea told Chloe. Sally said she was sorry Chelsea’s life was so empty and miserable that she had nothing better to do than spew poison, but no one at this table cared. Billy walked in. Chelsea said she was embarking on a new partnership too. She wished Sally luck with the job Adam gave her because he was sleeping with her at the time. Chelsea went with Billy.

Sally called Chelsea a witch. Chloe said Chelsea had her moments. Sally wondered what was going on with Chelsea and Billy, and Chloe told her about the podcast. Sally thought that was weird. Chloe wished Chelsea the best if the podcast was what she needed to finish healing. Sally thought Chloe was generous with Chelsea. Chloe said they were still on the outs, but she still cared about Chelsea. Chloe changed the subject to work and proving themselves to Victoria. They could hear Chelsea laughing.

Chelsea called Billy boss, and he said they were partners. He told her he was going out of town for a few days, and he’d emailed her some ideas for the podcast.

Sally wondered what Lily thought of this partnership between Billy and Lily. Chloe didn’t know, and she said it was none of her business. Chelsea laughed again, and Sally stared at her.

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