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Marlena calls Belle from her office and leaves a message, saying she’s just checking on her as no one knows what she’s been through better than she does and she hopes she’s alright. Ben arrives and informs Marlena that he and Ciara are having a party and they both thought they invited her so it’s a little last minute but the party is today. Ben knows Marlena is busy but says it would mean the world to him if she could be there because it’s their gender reveal party and they wouldn’t be having the baby if not for her.

Shawn goes to the Horton house to help Doug and Julie decorate for Ben and Ciara’s gender reveal party. Doug asks about Belle but Shawn reveals that she didn’t come with him and he doesn’t know if she’s coming at all.

John is at home, finishing a call with Steve. Belle comes in, stumbling drunk. John questions her being drunk. Belle jokes that the Devil made her do it as John hugs her.

Chanel greets Paulina at home and says she didn’t hear her come in. Paulina says she just got in. Chanel asks about Lani. Paulina says she’s being brave and she’s texting Lani that she will come back to the hospital any time she wants company. Paulina asks how Chanel is doing. Chanel claims she’s okay but Paulina can see in her eyes that she’s not. Paulina questions Chanel not going to a party with Allie today. Paulina asks her if something happened. Chanel responds that Allie broke up with her.

Devil Allie goes to Ben and Ciara’s with the gender reveal cake from the bakery. She comments on them having a new cross outside their door and says she must stay focused. Allie knocks on the door so Ciara answers it. Allie asks if she’s ready for her big day. Ciara says she can’t wait. Devil Allie says neither can she as she walks in to the apartment. Allie and Ciara sit together with the cake. Allie mentions that she’s sorry that the bakery was closed when she came by. Ciara understands and figured that Allie and Chanel needed a break. Allie responds that they are taking a break, from each other.

Paulina says that Chanel just told her the other day that her and Allie were officially a thing and she was happy so she questions what happened. Chanel says one minute they were making weekend plans and the next, Allie said she wanted nothing to do with her after going to see Johnny. Paulina declares that she’s not letting this happen, so she is calling a taxi to give Allie a piece of her mind because nobody messes with her baby and gets away with it.

John gives Belle water to drink and tells her to talk. Belle claims there’s nothing to talk about but John brings up Marlena saying that she stayed overnight because she had a fight with Shawn. John says he doesn’t know the details but it’s not like her to get smashed in the middle of the day. Belle responds that it’s not every day that you find out Jan Spears is going to have your husband’s baby.

Shawn explains to Doug and Julie how the Devil morphed Jan in to looking exactly like Belle and now Jan is having his baby. Julie talks about how Doug being possessed last year so if he needs to talk to someone who understands, she’s here.

Kayla goes to the Brady Pub where Roman jokes that she’s early for the first time in years. Kayla remarks that she does have nothing but time on her hands now. Roman still can’t believe Seth Burns fired her after all her years at the hospital, just to have Craig Wesley take her job. Kayla says she didn’t see it coming but she will take the opportunity to do things that she hasn’t done in years, like attending Ciara and Ben’s gender reveal party. Kayla asks Roman if he’s ready to go. Roman says he just has to go get the party tray. Clyde comes out from the back with the party tray and says he’s a step ahead of him. Clyde asks if they can give him a ride to the party.

Marlena asks Ben how he’s feeling about the baby since she knows it was a difficult decision for him. Ben says every parent worries about their kid. Marlena asks how Ciara is handling it. Ben says she’s doing a lot of research. Marlena comments that so much goes in to having a baby. Ben says he’s fine with all of it but admits he does have his own concerns at the moment because Clyde is staying with them. Marlena questions how that happened. Ben explains that they let Clyde out and he had nobody and nowhere to go, so he felt like he owed him after everything Clyde did for him when he was in prison. Marlena asks how Ciara feels about it. Ben says she agreed but then Clyde started getting overly involved with everything about their baby. Marlena imagines that Clyde sees this as a second chance to be to this child what he never was to Ben. Ben gets that and admits Clyde has been on his best behavior, but he doesn’t know if he will feel comfortable with Clyde spending time like that with their kid.

Ciara asks Allie what happened with her and Chanel since last time they saw them in the town square, they seemed so happy together. Allie claims they just jumped in to a relationship too quickly. Ciara points out that they had feelings for each other for a long time. Allie guesses they just need more time to focus on themselves. Ciara asks if they will still be working at the bakery together. Allie reveals delivering her cake was her last duty at the bakery so now she will have more tim to focus on other interests. Ciara thanks her and asks what she owes her. Allie looks at the receipt and sees the total is “66.60” then tells Ciara that it’s on the house. Devil Allie remarks that Ciara has no idea how excited she is to meet her baby…

John is shocked to learn that Jan is pregnant with Shawn’s baby. Belle confirms that Jan was so happy to show her baby bump to her. John says he was just starting to think the Devil couldn’t hurt his family anymore. Belle remarks that Satan sure had it in for her.

Julie tells Shawn that this is what Satan does for his pleasure, he turns them against the people they love most in the world so they lose faith and destroy their family. Shawn points out that it didn’t work on Julie and Doug. Julie explains that it almost did but the point is that it’s not Shawn’s fault and she hopes Belle understands that. Shawn says Belle says she does and she doesn’t blame her for what happened but what happened afterwards is the problem. Shawn explains that Belle walked in on them and he was ashamed, so he let her believe that nothing happened between he and Jan because he didn’t want to hurt her and figured there was no reason for her to know. Doug points out that now that Jan is pregnant, there’s no denying it.

Clyde informs Kayla that Roman offered him a job as he’s a very generous guy. Clyde points out that he’s not a total burden and he does make a mean steak and eggs which Roman confirms. Clyde says if they don’t have room in their car, he can take the bus. Kayla tells him that there is room. Clyde asks if she’s sure as he imagines she might feel uncomfortable associating with an unsavory character like him. Roman says they don’t have to get in to all that now but Clyde says he’d like to as he imagines Kayla has strong feelings about his friend Orpheus. Kayla responds that Orpheus is no friend of hers. Clyde gets that he has a lot to prove to the whole town, especially Ben. Clyde says he wasn’t around when Ben was growing up, but he really wants to be there for his grandkid.

Marlena understands that Ben would have mixed feelings about Clyde being involved in his baby’s life. Marlena says they can talk about it when the event gets closer. Marlena asks what Clyde’s plans are now that he’s back in town. Ben explains that his parole says he has to live a productive life and he got a job at the Brady Pub. Marlena laughs, surprised that Roman hired him. Ben tells her that he’s doing it as a favor to Ciara. Ben adds that EJ DiMera also offered Clyde a job which Marlena questions why he would do that. Ben says they were cellmates and Clyde claimed they developed a bond. Marlena asks if Clyde will take the job with EJ but Ben explains that he can’t because the job requires him to leave town and his parole says he can’t leave, plus he wants to be around the baby. Ben hopes Clyde saves up enough money to move out before the baby is born. Marlena points out that it’s happening very soon. Ben says there’s already enough stress now with Ciara being pregnant, the Devil being after their baby, and then Clyde showing up at their door. Marlena remarks that the good news is that the Devil is gone from Salem for good…

Allie asks Ciara about buying things for the baby but Ciara is superstitious and feels it’s tempting fate. Ciara talks about the baby kicking and asks about calming it down. Allie says talking to the baby helped with Henry so she offers to talk to Ciara’s baby. Devil Allie says to the baby that they don’t know her yet, but they will soon…

Julie asks Shawn what he’s going to do about Jan’s baby. They are interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Doug and Julie talk about how complicated it is while Shawn answers the door. Julie tells Doug that Shawn and Belle have been through terrible times before, so they have to have faith that they will rise above it. Shawn comes back in with Kayla, Roman, and Clyde. Roman guesses they are early but Shawn says they are right on time to help decorate. Kayla asks where Belle is. Shawn responds that it’s a long story.

John can’t imagine what Belle is going through but he can understand why Shawn didn’t tell her that he and Jan slept together. Belle responds that she doesn’t understand because they are married and tell each other everything. John says there are certain circumstances where choices have to be made. Belle complains that this choice was selfish and destructive. John asks what difference it makes now that she knows. Belle argues that if she knew sooner, she could have prepared for this instead of being ambushed at the prison. John tells her that hiding out here and not talking to Shawn is not going to help her find any kind of solution. Belle responds that there is no solution and that’s exactly the way the Devil wanted it.

Chanel takes Paulina’s phone and cancels the taxi. Paulina questions why she did that. Chanel says she can’t have her fighting her battles for her. Paulina argues that she’s fighting with her and she can’t let Allie get away with this. Paulina asks if Chanel is angry. Chanel responds that she’s just really really sad. Chanel says it’s not Allie’s fault that she doesn’t want her and it wasn’t Johnny’s fault either. Paulina feels they disrespected her and led her on, making her think they cared about her and then just drop her. Paulina asks what excuse Allie gave. Chanel cries that Allie said almost exactly the same thing that Johnny did. Chanel asks if something is wrong with her. Chanel breaks down crying as Paulina hugs her.

Ciara tells Allie that the baby stopped kicking. Allie guesses she and the baby have a special connection already. Ben comes home and greets them. Ciara informs Ben that Allie just brought over the cake. Allie talks about it meaning so much that they trusted her to be the first person to know the gender of the baby. Ciara points out that her and the Devil know. Allie asks if the Devil really counts since he’s much more than a person. Ben doesn’t want to talk about that. Allie asks if they are finally ready to know if their baby is a boy or a girl. Ciara says she can’t wait. Allie remarks that it’s going to be a party for the ages…

Paulina assures Chanel that there is nothing wrong with her and she’s perfect. Chanel argues that isn’t what she said when she came to town and married Xander. Paulina acknowledges that nobody is perfect but calls her beautiful, intelligent, and special. Chanel argues that she’s spoiled and selfish. Paulina says she’s grown a lot in the past year and she sees big plans for her. Paulina adds that Johnny and Allie are the ones who have something wrong with them. Chanel cries that she really thought it was going to work with Allie as she felt so good around her. Paulina says it’s her loss and that Chanel can do so much better than Allie or Johnny. Chanel thanks her. Paulina assures that she’s better off without both of them.

Ben and Ciara arrive at the Horton House with Allie as everyone applauds. Ciara announces that Allie’s cake has a very big surprise in it. Allie apologizes for the delay and says they had a personnel issue. Roman asks what kind of issue. Allie then reveals that she quit the Bakery. Kayla questions why. Allie says that’s a story for another day but she promises the cake is worth the wait.

John asks if Belle is really going to give up on her marriage that easily. Belle assures that she’s not going to give up but Jan and all of her schemes felt comical after awhile since she was never smart enough to finish something she set out to do but the Devil saw her as a willing partner. Belle says when someone like Jan teams up with the ultimate evil, that makes her extremely dangerous.

Marlena tells Shawn that she will call Belle to see if she wants to join them. Shawn thanks her but says he’s not holding out much hope. Marlena says she’ll hold out enough hope for the both of them. Clyde talks about the baby being a boy or a girl. Ben goes to get Ciara a drink. Roman asks Allie if everything is okay. Allie claims that she’s fine and happy to be around everyone. Roman says he was just surprised to hear she quit the bakery and she just seems a little not herself. Allie says it’s been a rough couple days but assures she’s good and the best she’s ever been. Marlena informs Shawn that Belle said she’s not up to coming. Shawn gets that Belle doesn’t want to celebrate someone’s baby. Doug jokes that there were no gender reveal parties in his day. Julie thinks it’s fun while Kayla calls it another excuse to have a party. Ciara thanks everyone for coming. Roman jokes that he’s heard horror stories about gender reveals with fires and explosions. Ben assures there’s nothing to worry about as all they have is just a delicious dessert. Doug wants no fireworks. Julie says she wanted something exciting but was told it would all be very conservative as Devil Allie watches on. Shawn asks Ben and Ciara if they have any feeling on the baby being a boy or a girl. Ben says it doesn’t matter to them. Ciara says all that matters is the baby being healthy and assures they will love the baby no matter what. Doug and Julie assure Marlena that she has nothing to apologize for since she knows it was the Devil, not her, doing those things. Julie acknowledges that Marlena saved Doug’s life, so she’s a hero. Allie says she agrees. Allie says they haven’t been spending a lot of time together lately but she really misses her as she hugs Marlena.

Chanel tells Paulina that it’s not just that Allie broke up with her and she lost her girlfriend, but she lost her best friend and business partner. Chanel says she’d just leave Salem and start over if not for the Bakery. Paulina asks if it doesn’t have anything to do with staying close to her. Chanel admits she’s more important than the Bakery as well as Lani and her niece and nephew. Paulina assures that she knows how much they all mean to her. Paulina tells Chanel not to think about letting Johnny and Allie run her off. Paulina encourages her to be proud of who she is as they hug.

Allie talks to Doug and Julie about the gender reveal cake being really special. Allie says liquid icing will flow out when they cut in to the cake and it will be either blue or pink. Julie asks for a hint but Doug says she has to wait like the rest of them. Allie promises she will be glad she did. Kayla tells Marlena that she’s relieved that she got to keep her job at the hospital. Marlena points out that Kayla sacrificed her job to save hers. Kayla says they need her there, but asks how Marlena was able to convince Craig to let her stay. Marlena informs her it was blackmail, but not by her. Ciara announces the time has arrived. Ciara asks how to do this. Allie picks up the knife and asks which one wants to do the honors. Marlena suggests they do it together so Devil Allie hands over the knife.

John talks to Belle about overcoming obstacles and coming out stronger. John has faith that she and Shawn will too. Belle complains that it’s always been her and Shawn against Jan together, but this time, no matter how Shawn feels about Jan, he will never turn his back on his child. Belle cries that a baby changes everything.

Clyde declares that he’s feeling it’s a boy. Shawn thinks it’s a girl. Everyone says they are ready. Ben and Ciara then cut in to the cake but instead of blue or pink liquid, a red liquid comes out of the cake. Julie exclaims that it’s blood, shocking everyone, while Devil Allie turns away with a smile. Julie goes to Allie and questions what’s going on. Allie asks what the problem is and goes to the cake, then tastes the liquid. Allie declares that it’s cherry and says she thinks she knows what happened.

Paulina tells Chanel that something is wrong with that family since first Marlena was possessed by the Devil and then her daughter. Chanel says it’s not their fault. Paulina knows she can’t blame Allie or Johnny’s behavior on Satan, but she insists something evil is running through their genes.

Allie apologizes for the mishap but blames Chanel since she baked the cake and must have grabbed the wrong tube for the filling. Julie questions this just being a baker’s mistake. Allie reveals that Chanel was distracted because she broke her heart and quit the Bakery. Ben doesn’t understand how she can make a mistake like this when the filling was all that was important. Allie doesn’t know what to say. Ciara asks what it was supposed to be since Allie saw the sonogram.

Belle cries to John about destroying Marlena’s family when she was born. John calls her a gift and says he and Marlena loved each other for so long, while Shawn doesn’t love Jan and Jan’s just obsessed with him. John doesn’t give a damn about Jan but assures that Belle and Shawn will survive this because love always prevails over evil, whether it’s Jan Spears or the damn Devil himself. John hugs Belle as she cries.

Allie asks if this is really how Ben and Ciara want to find out. Ciara says obviously not but they can’t just wait for her to make a whole other cake. Ben asks Allie to just tell them what they are having. Allie then announces it’s a boy. Clyde says he knew it. Shawn claps as Julie congratulates them. Shawn says he can’t wait to meet his nephew. Devil Allie turns away and says to herself that it’s a boy, just like she always wanted.

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