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Recap written by Christine

At the Abbott house, Kyle and Summer waited for Jack to come home. Kyle hoped Jack would understand his decision. When Jack arrived, Kyle announced that he’d be leaving his job as co-CEO of Jabot and becoming the CEO of Marchetti. Jack understood that this plan made a lot of sense, but he’d enjoyed working with Kyle, and he’d miss it. Kyle felt the same way. He assured Jack that they’d still spend a lot of time together. Jack knew this was the beginning of a thrilling new chapter for Kyle and Summer. He couldn’t wait to watch Kyle spread his wings and soar.

Jack was curious when Phyllis would get back from Savannah and what she thought of the Marchetti news. Summer was waiting to tell her mom in person, and Phyllis was supposed to be back soon. Phyllis claimed she was willing to let go of her past hatred of Diane. Summer wasn’t sure she believed it. Jack hoped it was true, but he had his doubts. Summer wished Jack trusted her to tell her what happened between him and her mom. He said that it wasn’t about trust. He felt that Summer knew all she needed to know, and he didn’t think she should be worried about this. He stated that he, Phyllis and Diane all wanted Summer and Kyle to be happy. Jack had somewhere to be, so he left. Summer told Kyle that she thought Jack was being evasive. Kyle said that their parents weren’t obligated to share all the details of their lives. He wanted Summer to focus on the good things in her and Kyle’s life instead of tying herself up over this. Summer didn’t believe Phyllis had let go of her anger. She was worried that Phyllis was laying low and that she was going to come back with a plan of attack.

Diane met Michael for a stroll in the park, which he’d arranged. She brought him lemonade, because she was delighted that someone besides her son wanted to spend time with her. She was glad they were friends again. He agreed, which was why he felt he should warn her that Nikki asked him to dig up any dirt from Diane’s time in LA. Michael said he told Nikki he’d do a deep dive, only to prove there was nothing incriminating. He said he was rooting for Diane. He asked if she broke any laws while she was out west, supposedly rehabilitating herself. Diane said she walked a straight line in LA. Michael wanted to know if Diane was saying she’d lived a life comparable to regular people, or if she’d just been better than she used to be. Diane commented that Michael had a checkered past too. Michael said that was why he knew how easy it was to cross the line and justify your actions later.

Diane said Michael knew from personal experience that people could change, since he went from lawyer, to prisoner then back again. Michael revealed that he spent a few weeks wrongfully imprisoned in Peru because he upset the wrong people while working on a case for Victor. She wanted to hear all about it, but he said they’d need stronger drinks for that. He brought this up because he wanted her to know that when he investigated someone, he was extremely thorough. Diane was aware, and she said he could dig around her personal, professional and financial history as Taylor Jensen, because she had nothing to hide. She said it was the quietest time of her life because she was on the run and couldn’t risk negative attention, plus her soul couldn’t bear more bad behavior. She’d had to turn herself around and prove she was worthy of being in Kyle’s life. At some point, Phyllis, in her floppy hat and shades, came up and listened in.

Michael said that Diane should be patient. He told her that she coudln’t convince everyone to come around, but if she continued to be the best version of herself, people would have to admit she changed, even if they didn’t say it to her face. She asked how long it took him to convince everyone he wronged. He said that was beside the point. He said he re-invented himself, and it was a long and hard journey, but it was worth it and he had the life of his dreams. He loved Lauren more today than he did the day they married. Diane said that was disturbingly sweet and aspirational. She said she might not give up on the happily-ever-after thing. He asked if there were relationships in LA. She said she’d been working on herself, and she didn’t have time or energy for romance. Phyllis overheard Michael encourage Diane to put herself on the dating market. Jack walked up and noted that Michael and Diane’s friendship had picked up where it left off. Mcihael said he enjoyed Diane’s friendship more than ever, and he thought that if people really listened to Diane, they’d feel the same way.

Jack mentioned that Diane might want to visit the house because Kyle and Summer had exciting news. She appreciated him sharing that with her. He was sure Kyle was going to tell her eventually anyway. She left. Michael enjoyed seeing Jack be so polite to Diane and not shutting her out of Kyle’s life. Jack wasn’t planning to interfere in Kyle and Diane’s relationship. Michael asked if there was a chance Jack would come around to the idea that Diane had changed. Jack admitted it could be possible, and he hoped Diane had changed, for Kyle’s sake. Jack left. Michael told Phyllis she could come out of hiding, and she looked shocked he knew she was there.

Phyllis slipped out of the shadows. Michael asked if Phyllis was really spying on Diane. Phyllis was annoyed that some of her close person friends had forgiven Diane. Michael told Phyllis to stop lurking around in the shrubbery and acting like a crazed stalker from I Love Lucy and face the fact that Diane had changed. He pointed out that Phyllis claimed she’d changed more than once. Phyllis was adamant that Diane hadn’t changed. She said she’d never forgive Diane. Michael wondered if Phyllis had looked in the mirror sometime. Phyllis said she didn’t fake her death and come back to life in a manipulative way like Diane did. Phyllis thought it was right to be skeptical. Michael had no problem with Phyllis being skeptical. He said Jack was skeptical, but he wasn’t letting himself be consumed with anger. Michael asked if Phyllis had really thought about what was at risk, in this cyclone of fury she was in the eye of. She was near tears, and she said she knew exactly what she stood to lose because of Diane. Michael said Phyllis’s daughter was married to Diane’s son, so Summer and Diane would be in constant contact. He asked if she wanted to put her daughter in the horrible position of having to choose between her husband and Phyllis.

Back at the Abbott house, Kyle hoped Summer was wrong about her mother plotting against his. She did too. Diane showed up and explained what Jack said. Kyle told her about his new job. Diane was happy. Phyllis texted Summer and summoned her to the hotel, and she asked Summer not to mention she’d returned. Summer lied and told Kyle and Diane that she had a work matter to deal with. She left.

Diane was sure Kyle would be sensational at this job. It meant so much to her to share this time with him. She didn’t want to ever miss another meaningful moment in Kyle’s life.

Summer met Phyllis in the suite and asked when she got home. Phyllis claimed she arrived right before she sent Summer the text. Summer asked why Phyllis didn’t want anyone to know she was in town. Phyllis said she just wanted alone time with Summer. Summer announced that the Marchetti deal went through so they’d be coming home for good. Summer said Kyle would be running Marchetti, so they’d be working together again. Phyllis asked what Jack said. Summer said he was generous and gracious. Phyllis how Harrison, Jack and Diane were. Summer said everyone was great and the Abbott family was in harmony. Phyllis said she wanted nothing more than that. Summer said she was afraid Phyllis was going to try and wreck that peace. Summer warned Phyllis not to do that.

Phyllis claimed she meant everything she said on the phone – there was nothing she wanted more than to put the hostility with Diane behind her. She knew it would be hard, but she was willing to do it because she realized the anger wasn’t healthy for her. Phyllis asked if Jack was putting his anger behind him. Summer said it was a struggle for Jack, but he was doing this for Kyle. Summer asked what happened between Phyllis and Jack. Phyllis said Summer was digging where there was nothing to be found. Phyllis said they were all going to hit the reset button. Summer asked Phyllis to go with her so Phyllis could tell Diane that she wanted to move forward.

Devon ran into Elena in the hallway outside their homes. He suddenly stepped back into his place and invited her in. He’d realized he didn’t have his tablet. She helped him look, and he asked how thing were going at the hospital. She said it was hectic, but she loved her job and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. She found his tablet, then she took a phone call that put her in a good mood. Later, she thanked Devon for something and said she was sure Nate would be happy too.

When Elena got home, Nate was there hoping to surprise her with a lunch date. Elena had news. She’d been invited to speak at a medical convention in Hawaii, and she asked him to come with her. She said they could work during the day, and the nights would be theirs. He was tempted, but the timing was rough, due to the launch. She said she talked to Devon, and he didn’t have a problem with it. Nate tensed about Elena already running this by Devon. She didn’t plan it that way, but she got the call while she was with Devon’s, so she didn’t think it would be a problem to ask him about it.

Nate thought Elena should’ve talked to him first. He said he was in a new role, in a new company and in a new field trying to prove himself. He felt a lot of people were watching to see if he was up to the task. She asked if he really thought working remotely for a few days would make him look bad. He said yes – he was trying to be as professional as possible, and even though he and Elena were close to his cousin, it wasn’t exactly cool for Nate to have his girlfriend ask the CEO if he could go on a trip. Elena was sorry. Nate softened and apologized too. He said he didn’t feel comfortable leaving the company right now but that didn’t mean he wasn’t proud of her for the opportunity. She hated that their jobs were keeping them from being there for each others’ big events – she missed the launch, and he was going to miss this trip. He looked forward to them getting away for a vacation, with no work and all indulgence when the time was right. They hugged and kissed.

Imani met Amanda at Crimson Lights with bad news. Her father had informed her that their mother had a stroke. Naya was in the hospital and she was in stable condition. Amanda was ready to go to the hospital, but Imani said that Naya wasn’t allowed to have visitors besides her husband right now, but he was keeping Imani posted. Imani said her father assured her that Naya was in excellent hands. Amanda was grateful for that, but she was feeling shocked. Imani was shaken up too. She remembered that she couldn’t stop worrying after her mother’s last health incident. Amanda remembered that she’d told Imani to stop jumping to the worst possible conclusion. Amanda said her default was to keep pushing forward and focus on the positive. She was sorry if she dismissed Imani’s feelings. Imani didn’t blame Amanda. Imani thought that Amanda’s positive attitude was a good way to handle bad news.

Imani said that her dad was going to put them on speaker so they could talk to their mom once she was feeling up to it. A tearful Amanda asked about Naya’s medical care. Imani said that Naya had to spend a few days on the hospital, then she’d be able to come home. Imani said they were lucky to be able to afford in home care. Imani said they’d visit when they could because Naya would need all the love and support she could get. Amanda continued to weep, and Imani comforted her. Amanda said she waited so long to find her mom, and now that she had, her medical condition kept getting worse. Imani suggested Amanda could go spend some quality time with Naya.

Imani said their mom needed them both, but if someone needed stay longer, it should be Amanda. Amanda was caught off guard because Naya had been part of Imani’s entire life. Imani said that was her point – she’d had all these years with Naya, but Amanda was trying to make up for lost time. Amanda wanted to go and stay as long as she could, but she was worried about leaving town right after the merger. She said she’d do day visits. Imani said that wouldn’t be the same as staying and spending quality time with Naya. Imani was sure she could cover the workload while Amanda was gone.

Later, Amanda was home crying on Devon’s shoulder. He offered to be there no matter what she needed. She said she wanted to visit her mom for a short time now and have a longer visit later. He asked why she wanted to wait until later. She explained about the work issues, and he reminded her that they had a whole legal team to handle things. He was sure she’d be available if they really needed her. He told her family came first.

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