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Kayla sits in the town square, reading the news on her phone and asks if yesterday was get out of jail free day. Steve joins her. Kayla complains to him about what the Governor has done and the amount of chances Kristen and Orpheus have already gotten. Steve bets the one thing Kristen and Orpheus share is an overwhelming thirst for revenge.

Nicole joins Chloe at Basic Black. Nicole questions where Brady is and talks to Chloe about a positive business dinner she had, but then notes that Chloe is distracted. Chloe guesses that Nicole hasn’t heard the news. Nicole says she’s been on a plane, so she asks what news. Chloe thinks back to finding out that Kristen was pardoned.

Brady is outside the Brady Pub, calling for security to be doubled at the Salem Inn, his parents’ house, and the office. Eric approaches and startles Brady. Brady says to call him when everything is set up and hangs up. Eric asks if he thinks Kristen is going to come at him like that. Brady says he doesn’t know what the hell she’s going to do, but he knows he’s not going to get a lot of warning.

Ava and Jake wake up together on the air mattress in their apartment which Jake complains about. Kristen wakes up comfortable in the bed, remarking that he could try sleeping on a cot in prison. Krissten comments that she was having a lovely dream and thanks to the Governor, she’s going to make those dreams come true.

Gabi wakes up alone in bed. Li Shin is up in the room, finishing a phone call as he says “I love you too”. Gabi remarks that she hopes he didn’t end the call on her account. Li apologizes for waking her up. Gabi then questions who he was saying “I love you” to.

Nicole is shocked as Chloe reveals to her that Kristen was pardoned. Nicole questions how the hell she pulled that off. Chloe says she has no idea. Nicole worries about Brady.

Brady and Eric sit together in the Pub. Brady says he doesn’t want to overreact. Eric is not sure it’s possible to overreact when it comes to Kristen. Eric asks about Rachel. Brady responds that’s what worries him the most.

Chloe informs Nicole that Kristen had called Brady from prison a couple hours before the pardon, asking him to bring Rachel to visit but he said no and then told her that Rachel was still in California with Theresa and Tate. Nicole worries that Kristen now knows where Rachel is.

Brady informs Eric that he talked to Theresa, who is going to talk to Shane Donovan about security in case Kristen plans on going to California, but that might not be the first thing on her agenda. Eric wonders what the might be. Brady says the only thing he’s sure about is that he never knows what the hell Kristen is thinking.

Nicole asks Chloe if Brady is beefing up security. Chloe confirms that’s what he’s doing now but says they could have all the security in the world. Nicole says after everything Kristen has done, she could still get a full pardon, so who knows what else she could get away with.

Brady mentions not getting much sleep as he was up all night, just waiting for Kristen to walk through the door. Brady knows that’s not her style as she’d love the idea of him waiting up all night, knowing she’s loose but not knowing where she is. Brady calls it a special kind of Hell.

Kristen drinks coffee in bed and talks about how good it is, joking that she might never leave as Ava and Jake are annoyed. Kristen thanks Ava for letting her borrow clothes, talking about how it’s preferable to the prison wear. Jake brings up that he and Gabi both owe Kristen for her vote in the DiMera board. Kristen assures that she hasn’t forgotten. Jake asks if they are even now but Kristen says not even close. Ava comments on Kristen hogging the covers on the bed. Kristen jokes that no one else ever complained about anything with her in bed. Kristen then decides lounging around is not on the agenda, so she is going to stir the pot everywhere as she goes to get dressed.

Kayla worries to Steve if they should even be out in public while Orpheus is on the loose. Steve assures that he has his ear to the ground and he won’t be surprised. Jada then approaches and greets Steve, surprising him. Steve gets up and hugs her, asking why she didn’t tell him that she was coming so soon. Jada says it all happened so fast. Steve introduces Jada to Kayla. Kayla mentions loving Jada’s dad Marcus and calls him a great doctor. Steve agrees that he was a great man and his friend since the orphanage days. Steve adds that he still misses him. Kayla says she was really sad to hear he had passed away. Steve asks Jada about her interview. She reveals it was yesterday and she got the job. Steve says that’s great and mentions that he told Kayla he recommended her to Rafe. Steve asks when she starts. Jada reveals that she started yesterday and hit the ground running so she wasn’t able to call and thank him. Steve jokes about Rafe having her working already. Jada informs him that Rafe actually assigned her to Abigail’s case and that Kayla was going to be her next call. Kayla asks why. Jada explains that Sarah was brought in yesterday for questioning which Kayla questions. Jada says she can’t go in to much detail but she questioned her about where she was on the night of Abigail’s murder. Steve asks what reason she would have to question Sarah. Jada repeats that she can’t get in to it, but she’s more concerned with Sarah’s medical condition and her hallucinations. Jada says she’s just trying to understand the situation, so she’s going to need to access Sarah’s medical records. Kayla says she can’t just hand them over because of medical privacy but Jada points out exceptions for law enforcement. Steve suggests they talk this out over breakfast at the Pub on him.

Eric gets that Brady is upset and worried, but Kristen is Rachel’s mom, so maybe all she wants is contact. Brady says that’s what Kristen said on the phone yesterday before the pardon. Brady is glad Rachel is in California, so he had the perfect excuse to not have to take his daughter on a prison visit. Brady adds that now that Kristen is out, he can’t stop her from going to California and he can’t tell his daughter that she can’t see her mom. Brady needs to find a way to control how and when she sees her. Eric suggests to get Justin started that as quick as possible. Brady says it bugs him the way this all started because he thought Kristen got caught because she got careless and desperate to see Rachel, but she got caught almost as soon as she got in to town which makes him think she planned it but he knows it sounds paranoid. Brady states that he just has a very bad feeling about all of this. A tattooed young man sitting at the bar attempts to steal money from the tip jar but Eric catches him.

Kristen comes out of the bathroom as Ava is massaging Jake. Kristen remarks that the night on the air mattress really took it out on Jake. Kristen tells Jake that she will make it up to him by letting him stay home while she makes excuses for him when she goes to see Gabi at the office. Jake asks if she’s going to collect on that favor and warns her that Gabi and Li Shin won’t be as willing to give up their bed as they were. Kristen responds that she’s aiming a bit higher than a sleepover. Jake asks what that means. Kristen tells Jake that he’s her brother and family but Gabi means nothing to her which makes her vote for Gabi a sizable favor so she thinks a sizable thank you is in order. Jake angrily asks what exactly Kristen wants from Gabi. Kristen tells him to calm down and calls Gabi his girlfriend which Ava quickly corrects. Kristen is sure Gabi will be thrilled to see her and be willing to do whatever it takes to get her back on her feet, bringing up the support Gabi got when she was released from prison. Kristen says she’s just giving the chance to pay it forward as she exits. Jake tells Ava that he’s going to take a long, hot shower to see if he can un knot his back. Jake stops to ask Ava if he should call Gabi to warn her. Ava points out that if Gabi reads the paper, she already knows that Kristen is coming. Jake agrees and then goes to shower while Ava looks upset.

Li jokes about Gabi sounding jealous but tells her not to worry as he was just talking to his mother. Gabi questions that since they’ve been dating for over a month and this is the first time she’s hearing about his mother. Li blames his father’s presence dominating any conversation about his parents. Li offers to call her back to prove it to her. Gabi says then he would resent her for not trusting him. Gabi guesses she just doesn’t know him as well as she thought. Li responds that a little mystery keeps it interesting. Gabi remarks that she’s an open book. Li brings up Gabi’s unusually close working relationship with her most recent ex. Li says at first, Jake was put off that they were together but not anymore so maybe Jake knows something that he doesn’t. Gabi assures that Jake doesn’t care because he’s with Ava now. Li asks if that bothers her. Gabi says she’ll show him how little that bothers her as Li removes his shirt and they start kissing in bed.

Nicole reminds Chloe that no matter what Kristen tries to pull, Brady loves Chloe and knows what Kristen is all about. Chloe says she knows she’s right and she does trust Brady, but they have this weird bond like Kristen still has a hold over him, like she’s still kind of under his skin. Chloe guesses Nicole knows what she’s talking about as sometimes when you’ve both moved on, you still have a pull towards another person. Nicole says that worked out great for them. Chloe asks if she’s talking about Rafe. Nicole asks who else she would be talking about, and then says not her too.

Eric warns the man at the bar that he’s been working really hard for those tips. Eric tells him that it doesn’t have to be this bad and offers to help him. Eric goes to get his card to give him but the man instead shoves Eric aside and runs out the door, right as Steve, Kayla, and Jada arrive. Steve asks what they missed.

Ava paces, telling herself not to be an idiot. Jake comes out of the shower and asks what he missed and why she’s suddenly an idiot. Ava calls that a private conversation. Jake asks what she doesn’t want him to know. Ava says she’s trying really hard not to be the same jealous idiot that screwed up her last two relationships. Jake asks who she is jealous of and says not Gabi. Ava knows it sounds crazy but when Kristen called Gabi his girlfriend, he did not contradict her and then he wanted to warn Gabi about Kristen coming which got under her skin. Ava adds that the irony of all this is that she originally went after Jake to get under Gabi’s skin but now she thinks she’s falling for him. Ava admits she didn’t plan it but she doesn’t want to set herself up for disappointment if he’s still in love with Gabi.

Gabi and Li go to the DiMera Office. Gabi says they might be a little late but it was worth it. Li starts to tell her there is something she should know, but Gabi walks in to the office to find Kristen sitting at the desk.

Jada questions who the guy at the Pub was and if everything is okay. Eric says everything is fine and it was just a misunderstanding. Jada offers to track him down. Brady asks who she is. Steve introduces Jada as the daughter of one of his oldest friends and the newest member of the Salem Police Department. Brady says it’s nice to meet her but he has to go make sure Chloe is okay. Brady adds that he heard about the pardons and questions what the hell the Governor was thinking as he then exits the Pub. Steve remarks that it’s like the Governor released a plague of locusts on them.

Gabi questions if Kristen broke out of prison and says she’s going right back as she pulls her phone out. Li explains that the Governor pardoned Kristen yesterday. Gabi asks why he would do that. Kristen says they are not going to talk about her, but about business and how she can help Gabi clean up the mess she has made of it.

Jake questions Ava thinking he’s still in love with Gabi. Ava says she doesn’t know but she knows she’s been an also ran and second choice a couple times and does not want to go down that road again. Ava says that with Steve, it was always Kayla hovering around and Rafe and Nicole was the same thing as deep down she always knew. Ava asks Jake if she’s a consolation prize to him. Jake brings up Ava getting involved with him to stick it to Gabi. Jake admits that it was the same for him and that it probably wasn’t the best way to start a relationship but he’s not Steve or Rafe. Jake tells her that with he and Gabi, he was an also ran too.

Nicole complains to Chloe that she’s trying to tell her how happy she and Rafe are, yet Chloe goes there. Chloe says she’s not saying that Nicole doesn’t love Rafe, but brings up her and Eric. Nicole says she already heard this from Allie and asks what she has to do. Nicole assures that Eric being in town is irrelevant as she is a happily married woman. Brady arrives and hugs Chloe, making sure she is okay. Chloe asks if there’s any news. Brady says not yet. Nicole jokes that maybe she should’ve stayed in New York.

Steve, Kayla, Eric, and Jada sit together to eat at the Pub. Kayla explains to Jada how Roman and Bo are her brothers and both cops while Roman is Eric’s father. Kayla adds that Shawn is Bo’s son and a cop too, so the Brady Pub has always been known as the place where all the cops hang out. Jada mentions being here once before and having a run-in with Roman’s short order cook, Clyde. Steve jokes about Clyde. Eric says that Roman believes in second chances. Kayla asks how many miles Eric ran today. Eric says none as he was on his way but he bumped in to Brady. Jada points out that she is also a runner. Eric mentions some great trails through the park and offers to show her some time. Jada asks what Eric does. Kayla comments that Eric is sort of between things. Eric explains that he used to be a priest and is now trying to figure out what to do next.

Nicole assures Brady that she has his back. Brady says he’s just worried about Rachel. Brady mentions seeing Eric earlier. Nicole decides to give them some privacy and says she has an errand to run as she then exits. Brady asks if Chloe is okay. Chloe says now that he is here, she is, as they kiss.

Kristen gives Gabi a folder and says she needs to redo the projections because they don’t account for inflation and because she told her to. Kristen reminds Gabi of why her name is on the door. Gabi says she will never forget that Kristen made it happen and she will always be grateful for that. Kristen points out that if it wasn’t for her, Gabi would be out on the streets. Kristen warns that it would be fairly easy to push Gabi out with another vote with slightly different results.

Jake tells Ava about how Gabi had already found the one before he came in to the picture, in his twin brother Stefan, and they would still be together if Stefan wasn’t dead. Jake clarifies that it doesn’t mean they didn’t love each other but in the end, it was amazing how quickly what they had fell apart because they had no foundation. Jake admits they didn’t trust each other and that it hurt badly at the time, but he realized they weren’t the love of their lives. Jake assures Ava that he is not still pining after Gabi and that he is over her. Jake adds that Gabi being all over Shin doesn’t bother him that much because he has something better to think about. Jake then brings up Ava saying she’s falling for him. Ava clarifies that she said she thinks she is. Jake responds that he knows he’s falling for her, so Ava asks how. Jake talks about counting down the time at work until he gets to see her again. Ava admits she does that too. Jake says most people can’t see through her tough exterior, but he sees right through it and sees the real her as they then kiss.

Gabi questions Li if Kristen can force another round of votes. Gabi argues that the odds of Kristen getting voted in to her place are zero because EJ and Chad would never go for that. Kristen agrees that they’d rather torch the place than hand it over to her, but that doesn’t mean she can’t throw all things DiMera in to utter chaos. Kristen says they got off to a tense start but says she’s happy to have Gabi in charge and comes in peace, only to cash in on a favor. Gabi questions what Kristen wants that she has the power to grant her. Gabi asks what she wants and if she’s going to end up in prison for giving it to her.

Eric tells Jada that it was nice meeting her. Jada tells him to have a good run. Eric assumes Steve and Kayla will be showing Jada around town. Steve says they offered, but she’s too busy with work. Jada mentions that it hasn’t made it easy to find a place since the Salem Inn is not really sustainable on a cop’s salary. Eric points out that Roman rents rooms upstairs at the Pub that are reasonable. Jada thanks him and says she’ll keep that in mind. Jada tells him that maybe she’ll see him on a run. Eric then exits the Pub.

Nicole walks through the park when the tattooed young man from earlier at the Pub approaches and demands Nicole give him her purse.

Ava and Jake walk through the town square. Ava doesn’t know why they are here since Kristen finally left, so they have their place to themselves. Jake points out that this is where the jewelry store is. Ava asks what he wants there. Jake says they sell rings there which she questions. Jake doesn’t like that Ava feels he’s not serious about this relationship and he really doesn’t want her feeling like an also ran because she’s not. Jake repeats that Gabi is not the love of his life and Gwen certainly wasn’t either, but maybe Ava could be. Ava asks if Jake is saying he wants to marry her.

After Kristen leaves the office, Li says that could’ve been a lot worse. Gabi responds that she had to give Kristen what she wanted, but at least she’s someone else’s headache now..

Brady talks on the phone with Theresa about there being no sign of Kristen in California. Brady asks Theresa not to say anything to Rachel until he knows what Kristen is planning. Kristen then arrives and says that won’t be a long wait. Kristen then announces herself as the new boss of Basic Black and asks who is going to get her some coffee.

Jada tells Steve and Kayla that she has to get going. Jada adds that she knows Kayla is loyal to Sarah and she’s not trying to make things tense, but she just really wants to see justice done for Abigail. Steve wishes Jada luck. Jada asks if he thinks she will need it. Steve responds that a Salem cop needs luck every day of the year..

As the man demands Nicole’s purse, Eric comes by. Eric tries to calm the situation as the man tells him to back off. Eric says this doesn’t have to end badly. The man then grabs Nicole and pulls a gun on her, warning Eric that he said to back off and he meant it.

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