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Recap written by Christine

Chelsea went to Lily’s office to see Billy and ask if they could go over some podcast ideas. He was working on the podcast now, and he was using Lily’s office since she was still in LA. Chelsea said he had a different energy in this room – more corporate. They exchanged banter, and she smiled. She asked when they were going to get the boys together for a playdate. He wouldn’t commit to a concrete plan, but she wouldn’t let it go. He said he had to talk with Johnny’s mother, once she had the bandwidth for the conversation. Chelsea said it was just a play date – the boys knew each other. He noted that their sons hadn’t spent time together in awhile. She didn’t see why that mattered, since Johnny and Connor got along great. Billy didn’t understand why Chelsea was being pushy about this. Chelsea felt like Billy was never going to change his stance about her when it came to Johnny.

Billy said that he wasn’t trying prevent Chelsea from seeing Johnny. He explained that his kids were having a to deal with Ashland’s death. She thought that this was all the more reason that Johnny should play with Connor. He asked her to accept it wasn’t the right time, and she said no. A few weeks ago she would’ve respected his response, because she’d been trying to make everyone else happy and she was just glad people were putting up with her, but now she was putting her wants first. He said he was on her side, and he reminded her that he brought her into the podcast. Chelsea was near tears. Billy said he and Victoria had raised Johnny the way Chelsea had said she wanted him to be raised. She said Johnny was her biological son, and she never got to see him or spend time with him. Billy reminded Chelsea that she was the one who made that choice not to be involved in Johnny’s life, and this agreement had worked for many years. He asked her what changed.

Chelsea said she had a different outlook on life since her recovery from what her mother called a huge emotional breakdown. She said she’d always been an outsider, and everyone viewed her with suspicion because of her past. She didn’t blame people for that, and she used to revel in it. She lost her sense of self worth after she poisoned Rey. When she came home, she begged Adam to take her back. “What was I thinking?,” she asked. He was sure she was glad Adam didn’t take her back. She said that it was hard to get some people out of your system, like Victoria and Billy. Chelsea said when she was in a dark place, Rey was the only one who reached out to her, and when he died, she felt like the rug was ripped out from under her, and she held onto things that made her feel safe, like her partnership with Chloe. It didn’t make her happy, though. She had an epiphany that she deserved to be happy, and working with Billy was a big part of that. She felt confident now. For so long, she felt like she didn’t connect with anyone, and now there were people on the internet who said what she said resonated with her. She realized she wanted to be open to letting other people into her life, and she thought Johnny was a big part of that. He wasn’t sure why she felt that way.

Chelsea said Johnny already knew Victoria wasn’t his biological mother. Would it be so bad if Johnny learned that Chelsea was his biological mother, she asked. Billy brought up the agreement again. Chelsea felt Victoria and Billy had done an incredible job with Johnny, but Chelsea wasn’t the same person she was when she signed that agreement years ago. She thought kids deserved to know the truth about their birth. She believed Johnny and Connor deserved to get to know each other and bond. Billy said he’d talk with Victoria. Chelsea was ready to discuss the podcast now, but Billy didn’t want to work on an empty stomach, so he said he’d take Chelsea to lunch.

Elena and Nate had a meal at Society. She thought it was weird that it was taking so long to get her out of her contract with Newman. He knew she was frustrated, but Imani was working on it. She said she wasn’t frustrated, it was just taking forever. Nate saw Sally walk in, and he called her over. Nate explained that they wanted to negotiate Elena’s departure from AskMDNow. He was sorry it had taken so long to reschedule the meeting, but the heads of their legal team had a family emergency. Sally didn’t know anything about a meeting. Nate said Imani arranged a dinner for the three of them, and Sally canceled at the last minute.

Sally looked through her planner, and then she told Nate there was never a meeting with her, him and Imani on the books. Nate figured there must’ve been a scheduling mix up. Elena congratulated Sally at taking the reins at Newman Media. Nate knew from experience that career changes were tough, but rewarding. He told her that Elena wanted to work at Chancellor Winters. Elena was appreciative of her time at Newman Media. Sally said AskMDNow was doing very well, so she could see why Chancellor Winters wanted to poach Elena. Nate said it wasn’t poaching, but Sally disagreed. She didn’t see why she’d let Chancellor Winters lure away Newman Media’s talent.

Elena had compiled a list of replacement doctors. Sally asked if Elena was unhappy at Newman Media. Elena enjoyed her time there. Nate said that, as the original face of AskMDNow, he was impressed on how Elena stepped into the format seamlessly, and he was sure any of the replacements on the list could do the same. Sally said there was a drop off in the audience when Nate left, and Elena had an intangible quality that not everyone had. Nate wrote a figure on a paper and showed it to Sally. A financial incentive to release Elena. Sally looked at the paper and seemed shocked by the number. She took the offer and said she’d be sad to see Elena go. Nate and Elena thanked Sally. Sally hoped this worked out for Elena, because she was a real talent.

Elena and Nate went to Chancellor Winters. He was surprised she wasn’t more happy about getting out of her contract. She said she was pleased. It was clear something was bothering her, and he asked what he missed. She couldn’t believe she had to explain this to him. She said the reason Sally couldn’t remember canceling the meeting with Nate and Imani was because she was never invited. Imani had planned an intimate night for herself and Nate.

Nate didn’t think there was anything nefarious going on. Meetings got canceled all the time. He said Elena had it in for Imani, and it was clouding her mind. She contended that she had a very clear view of this situation. She wondered if the reason he didn’t see what Imani was doing was because he didn’t want to. He asked if she was accusing him of being attracted to Imani. She wasn’t saying it was sexual, but she was sure Imani’s fawning was an ego boost. She said he just told her that Imani had been fueling his frustrations with Devon. She wondered if Imani was pushing Nate to be more aggressive. Nate said he didn’t need his ego boosted. He said Imani noticed that Devon tried to hold him back sometimes – the same thing that happened with Imani and Amanda. He said it was nice to have someone at work who supported him. “Oh, as opposed to your girlfriend who couldn’t comprehend? What because I’m not an executive?,” she said. He told her she’d been there for him every step of the way. Annoyed, she said he didn’t think she understood what was really going on, at least not the way Imani did.

Nate felt like Elena took Devon’s side whenever Nate talked to her about the dynamic. He noted that she kept saying Devon had more business experience. She didn’t know why the truth offended him. He said it felt dismissive. She said that you needed experience in an ER, so and she didn’t see why it would be different at business. He said he had a business education, and he ran a hospital department. She felt like he was saying he wasn’t supporting him enough or not the same way Imani was. She wasn’t sure of Imani’s motives, but Imani was trying to be his champion. He thought she was blowing it out of proportion. She respected him, so she was trying to tell him the truth. She thought Imani was telling Nate everything that he wanted to hear – a beautiful woman stroking his ego, and what could be more enticing than that?

Chelsea and Billy arrived at Society, and she made her way to Sally, who was sitting at the bar. Feigning sympathy, Chelsea said she felt so bad about the way Adam just dumped Sally. Chelsea thought Sally seemed to be doing better than she was the other day, when she’d chased after Adam. “Not particularly dignified,” Chelsea said. Sally asked how many times Chelsea and Adam broke up – five or six? Sally added that Chelsea and Adam had a kid, and they still couldn’t make it work, which was such a shame. Chelsea excused herself and went back to Billy.

Chelsea came up with the idea to do a true crime episode. She said the Grinning Soul hit a goldmine when they uncovered the Ashland Locke secret. He said he really respected the host of The Grinning Soul. Narrowing her eyes, Chelsea said she was sure the host respected Billy too. Billy said the host was impressed with Chelsea. Chelsea kept thinking about the scams she and Anita pulled. He thought that the audience would eat that up. She said he had an entirely different energy when he talked about this stuff, and it looked good on him. He said he loved riffing on topics and observing people. It was nice to be out of the corporate arena, he said. She asked why he kept going back to the corporate world.

Chelsea said she’d known Billy a long time, and she’d seen the scenario play out time and time again with his family. She said he thought he needed to act a certain way and live up to certain expectations, and he did for a time until the real Billy came out. She said he didn’t fit into the Abbott box, and he rebelled. He said he was in a really good place right now, and he thought he was past the need to rebel. She asked if he felt fulfilled being part of Chancellor Winters. He said it was difficult to answer honestly. She thought that meant the answer was no.

Kyle brought Summer to Dive Bar, and she noticed he was being mysterious about something. She wondered if it was about their moms. He said he had a great idea for Marchetti that had nothing to do with their mothers’ feud and it could help people they cared about. Kyle told Summer about Tessa having to put her career on hold. He said Tessa was going to tough it out and not tell people who frightened she was. Summer said that was how she’d handle it too. Kyle laughed and said he loved Summer, but she wasn’t the tough stoic type. He told her about Mariah’s idea to make Tessa a model at Marchetti’s print campaign. He said Tessa had the look they wanted, and her fans were Marchetti’s demographic. Summer liked the idea, but she was hesitant about Mariah’s involvement, and that always turned into a whole thing. He said Mariah would be on her best behavior. He thought Mariah had changed, and when she gave Summer a hard time now, there was no animosity to it. Summer countered that Mariah called her Snowflake for years. Kyle said Mariah was genuinely happy Summer was at the wedding. He said Mariah had her hands full at Jabot, so she didn’t have time to play showbiz wife to Tessa.

At Crimson Lights, Mariah brought Tessa tea the way she liked it. Mariah suggested they have a picnic by the lake to cheer her up. Tessa, who still wasn’t allowed to talk after her vocal cord surgery, wrote she was fine, on her white board, all caps. Mariah said she and Tessa’s connection was like a sixth sense, or even a seventh sense. She said when she was abducted by that maniac, Stitch, Tessa could tell she was scared. Mariah said it was pointless for Tessa to try and keep things from her, because she could feel what Tessa felt. Mariah wanted to help Tessa carry what she was feeling. Tessa admitted that not being able to do what she loved was making her crazy. Mariah suggested the picnic again. Tessa still didn’t think that would help. Mariah was sorry – sometimes she felt like she was making things worse or getting in the way. Tessa used text to voice on her phone to say that Mariah was wonderful. Mariah said they should find another outlet for Tessa’s creative energy.

Summer and Kyle walked into Crimson Lights. Mariah was sheepish because she was supposed to be at work. Summer and Kyle said they were here to see Tessa. Kyle asked Tessa to be the new face of Marchetti. Mariah acted shocked. Summer said Tessa looked elegant, sophisticated and fun. They liked the photo of Tessa on the album. Tessa was flattered by the offer, but it was a reminder of what she might be losing.

Mariah said that Tessa wasn’t going to lose anything, because she’d be able to sing again. They all encouraged Tessa to take the job. Mariah said Tessa would be expanding her fanbase for when things got back to normal. Tessa thanked them for the offer and apologized for the pity party. Tessa said it might be perfect, especially now. Mariah noted that they all thought Tessa would be an amazing model. Summer marveled at her and Mariah agreeing on something. Summer and Kyle left.

Tessa saw Mariah and Kyle conspiring yesterday, and she knew this was Mariah’s idea. Mariah continued to deny it. Tessa wrote on the whiteboard about their seventh sense. Mariah admitted it was her idea. She said selfishly, she wanted to see her beautiful wife’s face in magazines and on billboards. Tessa was too in love to be mad at Mariah. They kissed.

Sally went back to work and texted Adam that she’d tell him what she knew about Ashland if he told her the real reason he broke up with her.

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