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At the DiMera Office, Gabi finishes a call with Will about Sonny doing better. Gabi is relieved and mentions only telling Arianna that he was sick so she didn’t worry her. Gabi asks him to let her know when Sonny is available for visitors and hangs up. EJ then arrives, so Gabi asks if there’s something she can help him with. EJ says he just stopped by to tell her that she made a major mistake. Gabi argues that she’s not the one who went down in flames in front of the entire board. EJ points out that she did give Ava Vitali a job. EJ calls it ironic as he’s been racking his brain trying to figure out a way to get her out of that chair but she went ahead and took care of it for him.

At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny goes to Ava’s room and says he just wanted to check on her after everything that went down with EJ. Ava thinks it would’ve been harder on Johnny. Ava says EJ attacked her but he betrayed Johnny.

Chloe walks through the town square and calls Rafe, letting him know that she’s almost back at the Salem Inn and Brady is still at work. Chloe notes that the security detail has been incredible. Chloe asks if there’s any word on Leo as it’s not fun to think that psychopath is on the loose somewhere. Chloe says they’ll talk soon and hangs up. Kristen then approaches and questions what she is doing. Chloe remarks that she was just talking about psychos on the loose and tells Kristen that she’s going home. Kristen says no and says she just dropped by the office to go over all the mistakes Chloe made on the projections she sent and they said Chloe left nearly two hours before the end of the day. Chloe responds that it was Brady’s decision, so she can take it up with him. Kristen accuses her of persuading Brady to let her off early. Chloe repeats that it was Brady’s decision as he said he needed time to prepare for the hearing tomorrow where he will be fighting Kristen for full custody of Rachel.

Li goes to Dr. Rolf’s lab, complaining that Dr. Rolf hung up on him over an hour ago and never called back. Dr. Rolf claims he was tending to his patient. Li questions if Kristen was the visitor that dropped by. Li then sees the vial Dr. Rolf is holding and questions what it is. Dr. Rolf asks Li to leave as he’s interrupting his work. Li grabs Dr. Rolf and says he’s scared and that something is wrong. Li pulls back the curtain to see Stefan in the bed, no longer hooked up to machines. Li then angrily questions if Dr. Rolf ended up killing Stefan.

Anna and Tony have martinis in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. They talk about the family dinner happening tonight. Anna guesses EJ isn’t home yet since things are quiet. Tony confirms they still have that to look forward to and jokes about it. Anna remarks that sometimes it seems that EJ doesn’t bounce back when things don’t go his way. Tony calls that an understatement since first Johnny voted against him in the board meeting and then defied his father when he tried to throw Ava out. Anna reminds him that EJ secretly taped Johnny and played it to a room full of people, so she doesn’t think EJ should be surprised by Johnny standing up to him. Tony points out that Johnny first backed Gabi over his father and then EJ had to back down over Ava. Tony assures that EJ is not going to take any of this lying down.

Ava apologizes to Johnny and says she had no business saying that. Johnny says she just told the truth and that’s a refreshing change of pace around here. Ava doesn’t want to make things worse between Johnny and his father. Johnny says she didn’t do anything as EJ recorded a private conversation and then played it in public, so he betrayed him. Ava says EJ was trying to protect the family while Johnny argues that EJ was just trying to put himself in charge. Johnny feels EJ cares more about himself than him. Johnny says it opened his eyes and promises Ava that he will never let EJ treat her like that again. Ava tells Johnny that he doesn’t have to protect or worry about her. Ava says everything turned out how it’s supposed to and reveals she is now working at DiMera. Johnny questions when that happened. Ava informs him that Gabi gave her a job this morning.

EJ reminds Gabi that the fact that she and Li lied about Ava seeing her dead husband doesn’t mean that she didn’t see him and will most likely see him again. EJ mocks Gabi hiring a mafia princess who is in the process of losing her mind and asks what could possibly go wrong. Gabi tells EJ that Ava is grieving and fragile at the moment, but she has a good business head and is excellent at management. Gabi tells EJ to go. EJ doesn’t believe Ava got this job on her merit and accuses them of working together. EJ says thanks to Ava’s so called marriage to his recently departed brother, Gabi thinks Ava can help her keep her in the job she doesn’t deserve. EJ calls Ava’s marriage an obvious sham and argues that Gabi can’t believe differently. Gabi says it doesn’t matter what they believe since she didn’t lose her job, but EJ lost his son.

Dr. Rolf tells Li that Stefan is fine and just recuperating from the first cycle of his conditioning. Li asks if Stefan will be in love with Chloe when he wakes up. Dr. Rolf says he doesn’t know until he returns him to full consciousness as he’ll have no idea if he will need more cycles or not. Li asks how many cycles it will take. Dr. Rolf complains about Li asking so many questions. Li warns that he didn’t answer his question. Dr. Rolf says he’s only just begun and would rather be certain that he’s over his feelings for Gabi before returning him to consciousness which Li admits he agrees with. Li declares that the last thing they need is for Stefan to escape again and go after Gabi again. Li still doesn’t understand how Stefan overpowered Dr. Rolf. Dr. Rolf calls it the power of love. Li suggests he up his security then because the last thing they need is Stefan going after Gabi again. Li notes that he and Kristen are in complete agreement about that.

Kristen questions believing Brady closing Basic Black on the account of the hearing. Chloe says if Kristen doesn’t think Brady would do everything in his power to keep Rachel, then she doesn’t know what kind of man or father that Brady is. Kristen warns Chloe not to dare tell her that she doesn’t know what kind of father Brady is. Kristen says that it’s Chloe she doesn’t trust and as long as she is in Brady’s orbit, she needs to protect her daughter. Chloe questions if she really thinks keeping Rachel away from her or father is what’s best for her. Chloe calls Kristen a violent sociopath and she plans on telling the court exactly that. Chloe brings up Kristen threatening to stab her with a letter opener and says she’s going to work on her testimony as she heads in to the Salem Inn.

Anna can’t help but feel sorry for Ava. Tony says the issue is not whether or not to feel sorry for her but whether or not Ava is capable or competent enough to hold a seat on the Board. Anna guesses he’s right but compares not being sane or rational to Kristen, who kidnapped half of Salem and put them on a desert island but EJ didn’t challenge her competency. Anna argues that EJ went after Ava because she was vulnerable and that was a mistake. Tony declares that EJ may have lost the battle but this war is not over. Anna clarifies that she’s not talking about a business mistake but EJ kicked Ava while she was down and betrayed a confidence to Johnny to do so. Anna states that EJ could still end up being the DiMera CEO but she doesn’t know if Johnny will ever feel the same about him again.

Johnny tells Ava that it’s great and he knows she will do a fantastic job. Ava thanks him. Johnny says he’d like to be there when EJ finds out. Ava repeats that she really doesn’t want to come between him and his father, so maybe it would be easier for them to work things out if she wasn’t here. Johnny disagrees and argues that somebody has to stand up to EJ because he can’t keep treating people like dirt. Ava knows how angry he is. Johnny says there’s something else he wanted to talk to her about. Johnny brings up EJ mentioned having a service for Jake in the family crypt. Ava didn’t think EJ was serious. Johnny says probably not but he still wants to do it as he thinks it would be good for everybody to say goodbye to Jake as a family. Ava asks if he means help her lay his ghost to rest.

EJ tells Gabi that his relationship with his son is none of her business. Gabi remarks that it looks like she hit a nerve. EJ is not interested in what she might guess. EJ argues that she’s not a DiMera so what happens between he and Johnny is family business. Gabi says he made it DiMera business by bringing the recording in to the board meeting which led to Johnny moving to her side to support her. Gabi declares that maybe Johnny can finally be free of him because he doesn’t deserve a father like EJ and EJ really doesn’t deserve a son like him. EJ then walks out of the office.

Brady goes to Chloe’s room at the Salem Inn. Chloe tells him that she just had a run in with Kristen and thought she might be back for round two.

Dr. Rolf hooks Stefan back up to the machines and says he responded well to their initial session, so now they are going to continue to ensure that he feels nothing but hatred towards Gabi and will direct all of his affections towards Chloe Lane. Rolf notes that his heartbeats are steady which is better for his work. Kristen then walks in and orders Dr. Rolf to wake Stefan up right now.

Li goes to the DiMera Office where Gabi questions where he has been since his assistant said he was out. Li claims that he was taking his father to the airport. Gabi hopes he had a nice trip but admits she won’t miss him. Li notes Gabi’s mood. Gabi says she just finished a very uncomfortable conversation with EJ, who is really mad that she hired Ava.

Ava tells Johnny that it would be lovely to say goodbye to Jake as a family and it was very sweet of him to think of it. EJ appears in the doorway and remarks that it didn’t take Ava long to move from Jake to his nephew. Johnny responds that he thought EJ hit rock bottom last night. EJ asks if he’s supposed to forget who Ava is and how she operates. EJ accuses Ava of worming her way in to the family and is using that access to get closer to Johnny. Johnny argues that he has no proof that Ava did anything and the harder he tries, the worse he looks. Johnny then asks if EJ came to record another one of his private conversations. EJ says he actually wanted to have a word with Ava. EJ asks to speak to Ava in private. Johnny says he’s not going anywhere but Ava says it’s okay and she can take care of herself. Johnny then exits the room. Ava asks EJ how she can help him.

Chloe complains to Brady that she let Kristen get under her skin and ended up telling her that she’s testifying tomorrow, but she’s sick of Kristen pushing her around and wanted to wipe the smug look off her face. Brady is sorry that she has to deal with her. Chloe says it’s nothing compared to what Brady has to deal with. Brady disagrees and blames himself for getting involved with Kristen in the first place. Chloe thought Brady was having early dinner with Rachel. Brady explains that Rachel got invited to a sleepover. Brady talks about seeing how fragile this whole thing is making Rachel. Chloe asks if she’s still angry with her. Brady says no but Chloe calls him a bad liar and wants the truth. Brady then admits that Rachel still thinks that Chloe is trying to break her parents up. Brady says he’s told her that’s not the case and thinks in time, she will understand that. Chloe says not if she testifies tomorrow.

Dr. Rolf questions Kristen wanting him to wake Stefan up now when he’s only had one cycling of conditioning and will need more. Kristen is sure he will be fine and tells him to wake him up. Dr. Rolf asks about Li as he would want to be there. Kristen remarks that you don’t always get what you want. Dr. Rolf argues that Li is as invested in this as Kristen is. Kristen disagrees since Li sees Stefan as a means to an end, while she sees her brother and family. Kristen tells Stefan that it’s time to wake up now.

Johnny enters the living room where Anna asks if he’s alright, hoping he’s not traumatized by EJ’s behavior. Johnny says nothing EJ does surprises him anymore Tony thinks EJ was surprised by him. Johnny complains that EJ has a hard time remembering he can’t just steamroll over him. Tony thinks EJ will remember yesterday for quite awhile. Tony knows Johnny is angry. Johnny says he actually came to talk to them because he and Ava are putting together a small memorial for Jake at the Crypt so he hoped they would be there. Tony says they will which Johnny says Ava will really appreciate. Anna asks if it will just be the four of them. Johnny responds that he’s inviting the whole family and was just about to call Gabi now.

Li questions Gabi hiring Ava. Gabi asks if that’s a problem. Li is not sure how his father will feel about it. Gabi suggests Li can bring him around on the idea because after the board meeting, she didn’t have much of a choice and needs all the support she can get. Gabi complains that the numbers are not what they should be. Li tells Gabi that there’s something he wants to talk to her about but Gabi gets a call from Johnny.

Ava asks EJ again what she can do for him. EJ responds that he’d like to talk about her, her state of mind, and how she’s using his son. Ava argues that Johnny has been nothing but kind to her since she moved in. Ava realizes that EJ may not understand that. EJ calls Johnny naïve and thinks Ava is a grieving widow but they know the truth. Ava responds that her husband is dead. EJ questions if she knows that since just the other day, she was convinced that he came by for a visit. Ava complains about EJ being unable to let that go even after his power play cost him his son. EJ declares that he’s not going to let it go because he’s going to prove that she’s unstable. Ava wishes him luck with that because she’s as sane as he is. EJ says she may be now but it’s only a matter of time before she starts seeing Jake again and when she does, Mr. Shin will have no choice but demand that Gabi fire her and then they will pack up her things and ship her off to Bayview.

Kristen asks Dr. Rolf why Stefan is not coming to. Dr. Rolf says it may take a few minutes for the sedative to wear off. Kristen argues that they don’t have time to waste and the sooner he wakes up, the sooner he can go find the woman he loves. Stefan then wakes up and says “the woman I love”. Kristen encourages that now he can go find the woman he loves. Dr. Rolf asks Stefan if he knows who Chloe is. Kristen tells Stefan to talk to her and asks if he knows where he is. Stefan identifies Dr. Rolf’s lab and that he woke up here. Kristen tells him that he’s been here for some time which Stefan acknowledges as four years because he died and got a new heart. Dr. Rolf confirms everyone thought he was dead and his ashes are in the DiMera Crypt. Kristen declares that all that matters now is that he’s alive and he can go home to his love. Stefan says “Chloe” which excites Kristen, who encourages that Chloe and Stefan were together before he died and now he can get out of this bed and go climb in to Chloe’s.

Ava tells EJ that there is nothing wrong with her. EJ asks if she can just will herself to not go crazy when she keeps seeing her dead husband. Ava tells EJ to just go. EJ mocks her seeing ghosts and says she’s not seeing Jake because she misses him but guilt over using his death for her personal gain. EJ accuses her of acting like she’s not thrilled that Jake got murdered and she gets to be rich. Ava threatens to call Johnny to escort him out of her room. EJ argues that they both know it’s only a matter of time before Ava sees Jake again. Ava responds that she needs to get ready for her husband’s memorial service which Johnny so graciously arranged. EJ remarks that Johnny is just so full of ideas. EJ mockingly tells Ava to say hi to Jake for him next time she sees him as he then exits the room.

Gabi tells Johnny that she’ll be there and hangs up which Li questions. Gabi informs him that Johnny is setting up a memorial service for Jake and she told him that she would go because she does want to pay her respects, but it’s in the DiMera Crypt and she hasn’t been there since Stefan died. Li says if it’s too painful, she doesn’t have to go and everyone would understand. Gabi assures that she is going, but she would just like Li to go with her.

Brady mentions that Chloe told Kristen that she was going to testify. Chloe complains that she just wanted to shut Kristen up and push back and a big part of her really wants to take the stand. Brady understands because of how long Kristen has been terrorizing her. Brady brings up that Belle thinks Kristen threatening her with the letter opener was calculated. Brady talks about Kristen wanting to turn Rachel against Chloe without any thought of what that would do to her daughter. Brady encourages Chloe to take the stand and testify to make sure Kristen goes back to prison where she belongs.

Kristen sends Stefan to change in to the suit that she brought from Jake’s closet. Kristen encourages that Dr. Rolf’s treatment clearly worked and he’s going to find Chloe. Dr. Rolf worries that Kristen gave him no choice and there’s no way of knowing if he had enough time to be fully removed from Gabi and on to Chloe. Kristen points out that Stefan didn’t seem to remember trying to go after Gabi the other day which is a good sign. Kristen is sure that Stefan can’t wait to sweep Chloe off her feet. Dr. Rolf remains unsure that this is going to work the way she wants it to.

Chloe tells Brady that Kristen provoked her on purpose to set him off but they can’t play her games and they have to do what’s best for Rachel, so she thinks she should not testify tomorrow. Chloe adds that Belle said worst case scenario is shared custody and they can live with that as it will give Rachel the time and space to heal from all this. Chloe encourages that they are in it for the long game and someday, Rachel will see how much she loves her and Brady. Brady tells Chloe that he loves her so much as they kiss.

Li questions Gabi wanting him to go with her and asks if the service is not just for the family, so he’s not sure if the DiMeras would want him there. Gabi insists that Li and Jake were friends, so she wants him by her side. Li then agrees to go and is really glad Gabi feels that way as they kiss.

Stefan returns to the lab and asks how he looks in his suit. Kristen tells him he’s perfect and that Chloe is going to be so happy to see him. Dr. Rolf asks if Stefan remembers Chloe. Stefan confirms that he does. Kristen declares now he is ready to win Chloe back, so he needs to get to the Salem Inn right now. Kristen gives him Chloe’s room number and instructs him to knock on her door and show her how much he loves her. Stefan looks confused but agrees and exits. Dr. Rolf remains unsure but Kristen tells him to zip it.

Brady and Chloe lay in bed together. Brady says thanks to her, he’s feeling better about tomorrow. Chloe reminds him to keep asking what’s best for Rachel. There’s a knock at the door so Brady gets out of bed and answers the door to see Kristen. Kristen is surprised to see him. Brady asks if she was expecting someone else.

Stefan goes to the DiMera Crypt and looks at his plaque on the wall.

Gabi questions Li being surprised that she wants him by her side. Li responds he’s just glad to know that she really cares about him. Gabi assures that she does. Li says that’s good because there’s something he wants to talk to her about. Li then pulls out a ring and gets down on one knee, shocking Gabi, who questions what he’s doing. Li then proposes to Gabi.

Tony asks Anna if she thinks EJ will go to the memorial service. Anna doubts it but says he certainly should. Anna brings up everything Johnny has been through this year and how close EJ came to losing him, so they should both realize how important family is. Tony worries that too many outsiders have driven their family apart and if EJ and Johnny keep butting heads over Ava, it’s not going to end well.

EJ approaches Johnny in the hall and asks him about planning a memorial service for Jake. Johnny thinks everyone deserves a chance to say goodbye. EJ says he would normally agree but in this case he’s worried about Ava. Johnny mocks that since EJ attacked Ava at the board meeting and told her to move out. EJ claims that he was trying to protect Johnny. Johnny argues that Ava’s not a threat. EJ remarks that when people are drowning, they often drag down the people who are trying to help. Johnny calls him unbelievable. EJ argues that Johnny thinks he knows all the answers and asks if he’s sure the memorial service is a good idea or if Ava can handle it. EJ asks what if Ava cracks under the pressure.

Ava enters the DiMera Crypt and sees Stefan inside, but believes that he is Jake.

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