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Recap written by Christine

Nick talked to Sharon at Crimson Lights. He was glad to see her smiling. He was surprised she was working though – he thought she’d take some time off after the wedding. She preferred to keep busy and focus on the positive, but she had a lot of diversions, thanks to Ashland and Diane traipsing around. She said she was fine, though. Chance came in and pulled Sharon aside to talk to her. He congratulated her on the wedding, and she said it went better than she hoped. He asked if she ever danced at the reception. She didn’t, because it didn’t feel right. One day she thought she might find joy in doing things that reminded her of Rey. Chance said one of his teammate in Spain’s wife called, and he’d been happy to hear from her, so he could assure Sharon that things got better. He asked how she was. He acknowledged that she’d been busy with the funeral and wedding, and he knew once things got quiet, the hard part began. She said that was true, but she had a lot of people who where there for her. He said that included him and Abby.

Sharon thanked Chance for organizing the GCPD memorial for Rey. It helped her to see how many people cared about him. Chance said they all cared about Sharon too. Sharon asked how Chance was doing after losing his partner and friend. He could feel Rey watching over him, hopefully not judging his detective skills, though. She was sure Rey wouldn’t judge. She said that Rey had been optimistic that things would turn around for Chance. She added that Rey witnessed a lot of wrong, but he never gave up believing in love and decency in people. Chance said he was working on closing all of Rey’s cases to pay tribute. She thought that was a nice way to honor Rey. After Chance left, Sharon talked with Nick. She said she and Chance both carried Rey in their hearts. Nick said that the people they lost never really left them. He carefully pointed out that Cassie’s anniversary was a couple of days ago. He said normally, he and Sharon would go to the cemetery and bring flowers and share memories of their sweet little girl. Sharon noted that they didn’t do that this year. Nick had tried to follow Sharon’s cues and give her space, but he was concerned by the fact that she hadn’t brought it up yet.

Sharon said when she woke up that morning, her first thought was on Cassie. It occurred to Sharon that Cassie had now been gone longer than she was with them. Sharon had then looked at Rey’s side of the bed, and it was just too much. She said she’d tried to compartmentalize her grief so she wouldn’t be in bed all day paralyzed. She decided not to talk about the anniversary because if she did, she would’ve fallen apart. Nick understood. Sharon was tearful. She said that she focused on getting through that day, and the next morning, she felt like she’d gotten through the deepest darkest part of it and that she could go on. He was glad to hear that. She was sorry she worried him. He didn’t want her to apologize. He asked if there was anything he could do. She was ready to visit Cassie’s grave, and she asked him to go. He extended his hand, and she took it. Sharon and Nick returned to Crimson Lights after visiting their daughter’s grave. Sharon felt better now – at peace, and a lot of that was thanks to Nick. She said he helped her get through a rough patch. He said she’d do the same for him, because that was what family was about. They hugged.

Abby brought Dominic over to Devon and Amanda’s because he was going to spend a few days with them. They talked about how well the baby was doing. His follow up appointment was soon, but the doctors had been monitoring his progress, and all indications were that he was doing well after his bone marrow transplant. After Abby left, Devon put Dominic upstairs and set up the baby monitor so he could hear his son during the meeting with Billy and Nate. Amanda was going into the office. She asked what the work dynamic was like – working with his cousin, sister and her boyfriend. He said it took getting used to not being the only one making the decisions anymore. Amanda said she loved Imani, but it was a little tricky having her sister report to her, especially since Imani would rather they were on equal footing. Devon said that at the end of the day, they were family, so that should make things a little easier.

Elena came home from work exhausted after a night shift, and Nate gave her a quick shoulder massage. They weren’t getting much time together, due to their jobs. He suggested and she agreed, that they should plan a date night this weekend. She needed a nap, and he left to get coffee before his work meeting.

Imani ran into Nate at Crimson Lights. She said she reviewed the legal aspects of his proposal, and she was really impressed. She said he was very brazen for someone who’d just entered the business field, and that was a compliment. She hoped Devon began to recognize Nate’s value. She thought Devon and Amanda were a bit too conservative. Nate said there was a lot he could learn from Devon. He was sure Imani felt the same way about working with Amanda. Imani agreed, but she said sometimes fresh ideas were needed. Imani thought she and Nate had new energy, and she felt they should flaunt it and fight for what they wanted – what was the worst that could happen?

Nate went to Devon’s and met with him and Billy. Lily was away meeting Jill. Billy said he’d fill her in on the meeting. The logistics for the party were taken care of, according to Billy. He said Devon should be ready to do some interviews, solo and with Lily. Devon was prepared. Last night, Nate emailed Devon and Billy some ideas he had for future ventures. He thought they might want to announce them at the event. Devon didn’t think the best strategy for a launch was to reveal everything they were doing right out of the gate. Nate advocated for being bold and open. Devon said they didn’t want to give their competition the ability to get ahead of them. Nate thought Billy would agree with him. Billy understood Nate’s view, but he agreed with Devon. Billy said if they announced all the projects at once, the projects wouldn’t get the individual attention that they should. Billy suggested a happy medium – maybe they could announce the two projects Devon and Lily were most excited about and tease more was to come. Devon and Nate were both okay with that.

Elena had a dream that Imani asked Nate to take a shower with her. After the dream, Elena woke up and went to Crimson Lights where she ran into Imani. Elena was surprised Imani was here in the middle of a work day. Imani said she was just taking a break from the office. She invited Elena to join her. Elena said she’d planned to get something to go, but she accepted the offer. She went to place an order, and Imani grimaced. Elena asked if Imani was fitting in at Chancellor Winters. Imani said there was a learning curve, but there was a strong sense of unity and teamwork. She couldn’t wait to see where it all lead. Elena pointedly said she couldn’t wait to be by Nate’s side every step of the way. Amanda walked in joined the pair. Imani remarked that the three of them hanging out had become a regular thing. Elena said she wouldn’t go that far. Amanda thanked Elena for her kindness the other day when she and Imani were worried about their mother. Imani said that, with Nate in the corporate world, they were lucky to still have a doctor in the extended family. Elena was happy to help. She abruptly left.

Amanda glared at Imani and said Nate was off limits. Imani said she understood. She didn’t see what the problem was. Amanda snapped that it was pretty clear what the problem was. Amanda had to go home and get her flash drive. She asked her sister to heed her words about Nate. Imani said she was just having fun, and she had no agenda when it came to Nate.

Amanda went home and overheard Devon and Dominic on the monitor. Devon said family drove you crazy, but you’d always love them. Amanda smiled and headed upstairs, where she cooed over the baby too.

At their place, Nate told Elena that the meeting ended well thanks to Billy, but there was still tension between Nate and Devon. Nate said he and Devon had a similar issue yesterday too. Elena asked if there was a problem developing between Nate and Devon. Nate didn’t think so. He said it was more like growing pains. He thought it must be difficult for Devon who went from being the sole boss to having to discuss his thoughts with Lily, Billy and Nate. Elena wasn’t surprised two brilliant strong men would be clashing a bit. She said both men were excited to work together, and they both wanted the company to succeed. Nate said he came here because he felt guilty about something. Elena was nervous. Nate said he realized that just suggesting a weekend date didn’t cut it. He noted that his schedule was more flexible than hers, so he thought he should work around her schedule and make sure they’d have more time together. He was going to make her his top priority. She loved him for thinking that way, for putting her at the top of his list and for coming here just to tell her that. She thought their relationship should be tended to by both of them. She couldn’t always dictate her schedule, but she knew of other ways she could show him how much she loved him. She began to undress him.

Abby was annoyed when Diane showed up at Society. she smirked when Diane requested a table for one, but Diane said she didn’t mind dining alone. She said she’d have more time to socialize because she’d be staying in Genoa City longer because Kyle wanted to spend more time together. Abby wasn’t surprised Kyle made that choice, but she thought he’d come to regret it. Diane said she’d make sure he didn’t. She understood Abby and the rest of the town would think the worst of her. She revealed that she relocated to the GCAC indefinitely with Kyle’s financial support. Diane wanted to be upfront about it because she was sure once everyone heard about Kyle’s generosity, they’d assume she had her hand out, which wasn’t true. Abby said people didn’t spend time and energy wondering what Diane’s next move was going to be – they just thought she was a terrible person, if they thought of her at all.

Billy went to Society, and Abby informed him that Kyle put Diane up at the GCAC indefinitely. Billy hoped the family could accept Kyle’s choice. He thought it was possible that Diane changed. Abby understood why Billy was willing to give Diane the benefit of the doubt, but she thought he was giving Diane more credit than she deserved. He said he’d own it if he was wrong. Abby answered the hotel phone, and Billy went and asked if he could sit with Diane.

Diane was relieved Billy wasn’t treating her like the town pariah. He said he’d been the pariah more than once. She said more than a few people could say the same, but they were the first to criticize and ostracize. She appreciated having a break. He made it clear he didn’t forget what she did to Kyle and the other Abbotts, but he was interested in what she was planning to do now. He wondered why she was sticking around when Kyle and Summer would be leaving soon. She told him that they might be moving back to Genoa City. As long as Kyle wanted her nearby, she would. He tensed up hearing she was willing to stay permanently. Billy hadn’t changed his outlook on things, but he was thinking about other people, like Jack, who would have a different reaction if Diane moved to Genoa City. Diane said Jack wasn’t happy she was here, but he supported Kyle’s wishes. Billy said Jack always protected his son, as he should. Diane said when she first met Jack, he wasn’t always reliable and paternal, but he’d come a long way. She wanted to be as good of a mother as Jack was a father. Billy understood the urge to compare, but he didn’t think it would do Diane any good. He advised her to focus on being the best version of herself that she could. She asked when he became so wise. He said he wasn’t wise, but he’d been through some things, and he wanted to help people. She hoped his forgiving nature rubbed off on his brother. She suggested he might want to put in a good word for her. He said his family knew his opinion. Billy believed people could change, and if redemption was possible for him, it was possible for others. He wasn’t going to change his tune unless she gave him a reason to.

Abby saw Chance standing outside, and she went out to see what was going on. He pulled her into a deep kiss. She asked what brought this on. He said he had a break in a case, and he did everything by the book. He was going to close all of Rey’s cases. She was proud of him, and she knew Rey was too.

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