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Jack questions Xander wanting a job at the Spectator. Xander reminds him that they talked about it at the Pub until Jack was sidetracked when he realized Jennifer was the one who ran over Gwen. Jack reminds him to keep his voice down about that. Xander says he’ll start wherever Jack can use him and asks what he says. Jack responds that he’s afraid his answer is no.

Ava shows up in a disguise in Gwen’s hospital room and tells her that she needs her help. Ava says Gwen can’t tell anyone that she saw her as no one can know she’s here. Gwen questions why and what is going on. Ava informs Gwen that she’s been banished from Salem.

Wendy and Tripp sit together at Julie’s Place as Wendy asks Tripp about his mother being missing. Tripp tells her that he’s been calling and texting for hours with no response so he’s starting to get really worried. Wendy says she’s so sorry and asks if he has any idea where she might be. Tripp responds that all he knows is that EJ forced her to leave town.

Johnny goes to the DiMera Enterprises office and begins searching through folders on the desk, believing the password has to be there somewhere. EJ then comes back in and questions what Johnny is doing there. Johnny thinks back to planning in to hacking DiMera accounts with Wendy. EJ asks Johnny again and demands an answer.

Gabi informs Li that Stefan came over to give her their divorce papers. Li questions that being the errand that Stefan had to run. Stefan explains that as he was leaving the building, he ran in to his attorney, who informed him that the papers were ready. Li questions Stefan rushing over to personally deliver them. Stefan says he imagines they are anxious to get married, just as he is to cut ties with Gabi, so he got there as soon as he could. Li assumes they are signed then but Gabi says not yet. Stefan declares that as soon as they are, their marriage will be over so Li and Gabi will be free to live their happily ever after.

Jack tells Xander that he wants to help him but he doesn’t think bringing him on at the paper at this time is a good idea. Xander complains about not being good enough and lacking the skills for the job, then tells Jack to forget it as it was a stupid idea. Jack explains that his decision has nothing to do with his character, capabilities, or about Xander at all. Jack reveals it’s about Gwen.

Gwen questions who banished Ava from Salem. Ava tells her it was EJ DiMera. Gwen points out that she’s still here. Ava states that EJ doesn’t know that, so this visit needs to stay between them. Gwen agrees and asks what she did to anger EJ so badly that she’s banished from Salem.

EJ questions Johnny as to what he has caught him doing now and warns that he’s losing his patience. Johnny then claims that he came to apologize because he realized EJ was right about Ava since she did lie to them and just wanted to scam their family after Jake died. EJ says he tried to tell him. Johnny tells EJ that he’s really sorry. EJ acknowledges that Johnny really did care about Ava. Johnny claims that Ava was just using him to get to EJ and that EJ was right.

Ava informs Gwen that EJ is furious because she faked a marriage to Jake to inherit his shares. Ava clarifies that it was Gabi’s idea. Gwen can’t believe Gabi convinced Ava to put a wedding ring on a dead man’s finger. Ava argues that she and Jake were in love and if he wasn’t killed, they would be married now. Ava reminds Gwen that Jake proposed to her right before getting shot and even picked out her engagement ring. Gwen angrily reminds Ava that it was the same ring that Xander gave to her.

Xander asks Jack what Gwen has to do with him working at the Spectator. Jack informs Xander that he’s checking Gwen out of the hospital today and she’s worried as she didn’t have a job or a place to live, so he told her that she could come home with him and offered her a job at the paper. Xander argues that it’s a huge operation so there must be more than one opening. Jack confirms there is, so Xander suggests hiring both of them. Jack responds that he’d like to, but he can’t because his news room would turn in to a fight club.

Tripp tells Wendy about how he punched EJ. Wendy questions how EJ isn’t making him leave town too. Tripp reminds her that he already left town and lives in Seattle. Wendy jokes that she got distracted by picturing Tripp going all Anderson Silva. Tripp is impressed to learn that Wendy is a fan of MMA and says he didn’t think he could like her more. Wendy asks what happened after he hit EJ. Tripp explains that EJ was going to have him arrested but Li stopped him. Wendy is surprised that Li was there but questions why Li would go to bat for him. Tripp reveals that Li did it for Wendy to show his gratitude for what he did for her over the summer in Hong Kong. Wendy acknowledges that Tripp and his brother Joey saved her life. Tripp says that’s something they will both be very proud of. Tripp adds that they both think Wendy is great and that’s why Li sprang to his defense. Wendy wonders if Li really does care about her then since he doesn’t take her seriously or see her as a capable, ambitious adult. Wendy wonders if she would have an easier time if she conformed a little more. Tripp tells her not to change for anyone and calls her amazing exactly the way she is. Wendy questions why her brother refuses to give her a job then.

Li goes over the divorce papers and offers to be the witness for their signatures. Li asks who wants to sign first. Stefan decides he does and declares that he cannot wait to be rid of Gabi once and for all as he signs the divorce papers. Stefan then hands the papers to Gabi.

Xander questions Jack thinking he and Gwen would be brawling at the office. Jack points out that tensions can run high while there could be late hours and long nights. Xander assures that he’s in love with Sarah and he’s over Gwen. Jack responds that he knows, but he’s not so sure that Gwen is over him.

Ava questions if Gwen is still carrying a torch for Xander. Gwen asks why she would say that. Ava points out Gwen getting annoyed at her former engagement ring. Gwen denies that and says they are talking about Ava’s love life, not hers. Gwen asks Ava about the scam she ran on EJ. Ava says there isn’t much more to tell as she was out of her mind with grief and Gabi took advantage. Gwen questions Gabi ambushing her in the hospital. Ava confirms that Jake’s body wasn’t even cold while Gabi was pitching her on all the cash she could make. Ava says that EJ found out the marriage wasn’t real, so he’s in and now Gabi’s out. Gwen argues that it’s not Ava’s fault so Gabi still owes her. Gwen suggests Ava take this up with Gabi instead of her but Ava responds that Gabi has problems of her own.

Stefan questions what Gabi is waiting for. Gabi declares that Stefan might be alive again, but he’s dead to her now, as she then signs the divorce papers. Gabi doesn’t care what Dr. Rolf says and remarks that Stefan doesn’t have a heart anymore. Li then signs the papers as well. Stefan tells Li that Gabi is all his and Gabi is free to marry the man she loves. Gabi angrily responds that Stefan is free to chase Chloe. Stefan decides he will file the papers himself so there is no doubt that this marriage is finally and permanently over. Stefan then exits the room.

Tripp thought Wendy already worked for DiMera. Wendy complains about being stuck in Alaska, so she wants Li to get her transferred here with a promotion but he doesn’t want her to show him up. Wendy states that it’s sadly still a man’s world. Tripp hopes she wasn’t offended by what he and Joey did in Hong Kong. Wendy repeats that they saved her life and assures that she’s so grateful. Wendy brings up hearing about Tripp saving another woman’s life by throwing himself through a window. Tripp guesses he’s old school and always trying to be the knight in shining armor. Wendy admits she finds that kind of hot. Wendy then checks out Tripp’s hand and comments that it must have been some punch. Tripp admits it was actually more than one, so Wendy asks who else he hit. Joey then arrives and interrupts them.

Johnny remarks to EJ that thinking about everything Ava did to him was like getting punched in the face. Johnny claims that he can’t believe he defended Ava and calls her very persuasive. EJ responds that Johnny is less persuasive and admits he’s having a hard time buying this. EJ brings up how when he forced Ava to leave Salem, Johnny looked at him with sheer hatred and swore to make him pay. Johnny blows it off as just having a temper. EJ acknowledges the charm he used to cover up what he’s really up to and how he got that from him. EJ questions if Johnny really believes he got played by Ava or if Johnny is the one playing him.

Joey questions what’s going on. Wendy explains that she was just asking Tripp about how he banged up his knuckles. Joey hugs Wendy and says it’s so good to see her. Wendy says she’s glad to hear his mom is okay. Joey questions what Wendy is doing in Salem. Wendy says she was hoping to get a job but her brother is being a dork. Tripp jokes that he can relate to that. Joey asks where Wendy is staying. Wendy admits she’s still figuring that out. Wendy refuses to crash with Li and admits she can’t afford a hotel, so Joey suggests she stay with them.

Xander asks Jack if Gwen told him that she still has feelings for him. Jack thinks back to interrupting Gwen’s dream. Jack tells Xander that it was just an impression he got. Xander understands his daughter has to come first but assures that if he did hire them both, he would never lead Gwen on. Jack says that Gwen wants to get her life back on track and he wants to support her on that by helping her make better decisions than she has in the past and help her learn to not repeat her mistakes.

Ava argues that she won’t ask Gwen to do anything she hasn’t done before. Gwen says that’s what she’s afraid of and questions what exactly Ava wants her to do. Ava wants Gwen to help her get back at EJ. Ava says she doesn’t respond well to threats so EJ needs to pay for thinking he can threaten her and run her out of Salem. Ava just needs Gwen to get close to EJ and get him to like her. Gwen says no and refuses to infiltrate the DiMera family as she did that before and it was a disaster. Ava just wants Gwen to cozy up EJ but Gwen says she can’t. Ava argues that she can’t do it because if EJ finds out she’s still in Salem, he will have her arrested and thrown in prison. Ava reminds Gwen how she broke her out of prison with no questions asked. Gwen argues that was only for a few hours and because Ava threw her under the bus. Ava points out that she was the only one who could help Gwen back then and now Gwen is the only one who can help her. Gwen argues that they are even, so she doesn’t have to help her with anything. Ava offers to beg and says she refuses to tuck her tail and run just because EJ told her too. Ava declares that she doesn’t care if EJ hates her but he will not disrespect her. Ava adds that she would go after EJ herself in a heartbeat if she could, but she can’t, so she needs Gwen’s help. Ava questions what Gwen has to lose.

Johnny asks EJ why it’s so hard to accept that he’s admitting EJ was right. EJ points out that it’s never happened before. Johnny insists he had time to cool off and reflect, so he came around on Ava. Johnny brings up that EJ always said his place is here at DiMera and he was right. EJ questions suddenly changing his mind after years of fighting him. Johnny claims that the whole thing with Ava has cleared up a lot for him about loyalty, legacy, and what he wants in life. EJ asks if he wants to work here with him. Johnny knows he’s resisted it for years but maybe it’s time for him to grow up and learn the family business. Johnny asks what EJ’s working on these days anyway as he opens up the computer. Johnny then points out that it’s locked and asks what EJ’s password is.

Tripp reminds Joey that they live in Seattle. Wendy asks when they are heading back home. Tripp says as soon as he hears from his mom. Wendy tells Joey that Tripp hasn’t been able to reach Ava. Joey asks if she’s alright. Tripp says he thinks so but he just wants to make sure and then they can head back. Joey points out that they don’t have to leave quite yet, noting that Kayla isn’t out of the hospital yet. Joey suggests they can stick around to help out and have Wendy stay with them. Wendy doesn’t want to get in the way. Joey goes over how Steve and Kayla have a townhouse with two guest bedrooms. Tripp reminds him that they are in one and Stephanie is in the other. Joey suggests Tripp can move in with Stephanie while Wendy bunks with him. Tripp argues that Joey knows Stephanie way more than he does so it would make more sense for Wendy to bunk with him. Wendy suggests she could bunk with Stephanie while Joey questions why Tripp is making this so difficult. Tripp and Joey argue that they are both trying to do what’s best for Wendy. Wendy says she appreciates the offer but she will just find her own place. Joey and Tripp blame each other and argue until Wendy stops them and tells them to take this somewhere else because she has work to do. Wendy then kisses them both on the cheek and then they leave as Wendy goes back to work.

Jack offers Xander a handshake and asks if there’s no hard feelings. Xander hugs him and assures he’s still his best mate. Jack thanks him for understanding. Jack asks about Xander being a couple months behind on his bills at the Salem Inn. Xander reveals that he and Sarah have moved back in to the Kiriakis Mansion temporarily which is not their first choice but it will help. Jack offers to loan Xander some money until he finds something but Xander says he’ll figure it out as he always does. Xander then exits the hospital.

Gwen tells Ava that she has everything that matters to her to lose. Ava reminds her that she already lost Xander. Gwen says she’s talking about her father as being the daughter that Jack deserves is her main focus along with recovering from being slammed in to by a motor vehicle. Ava asks when Gwen is being released. Gwen informs her that it’s today and that Jack has invited her to stay with him. Gwen adds that Jack’s even getting her a job at the newspaper. Ava congratulates her on that while Gwen insists this is not a con and that Jack is giving her a chance to do things right, so there is no way she will muck it up. Gwen declares that whatever scheme Ava is cooking up with EJ, she’s out. Ava questions Gwen turning her down. Gwen says she is rooting for her and hopes that Ava makes EJ pay.

Johnny asks EJ for his password but EJ shuts the computer and says he was wrong as Johnny doesn’t belong behind a desk, he’s an artist. Johnny questions EJ not wanting him at DiMera. EJ assures he’d want nothing more than to have his son by his side but he wouldn’t be happy there. EJ encourages Johnny to be out there bringing his vision to life. Johnny brings up that his last vision didn’t turn out so well. EJ remarks that if he can beat the Devil, he can beat anyone. EJ says he has a lot of work to do as undoing all the damage that Gabi did as CEO is a bigger task than he imagined. Johnny decides to leave him to it then and exits the office.

Johnny returns to Wendy at Julie’s Place and asks if she had any luck. Wendy says she hasn’t because security is too tight on Li’s email. Wendy asks about Johnny’s luck. Johnny informs her that EJ walked in on him going through his desk, but insists there’s no chance that EJ is onto him.

EJ makes a call, saying he wants the tightest security on all of DiMeras devices including desktops, laptops, and phones. EJ asks the head of I.T. to personally oversee the upgrades and says there is no immediate threat but they can never be too careful.

Li asks if Gabi is okay. Gabi claims she is and asks why she wouldn’t be. Li says she just signed her divorce papers and knows that had to be very difficult. Gabi questions what Li is doing here when it’s the first day of him being EJ’s second in command. Li reminds her that is just temporary. Gabi tells Li that she loves and trusts him so she knows he’s looking out for her. Li states that he’s biding his time to get rid of EJ and all the other DiMeras, then it will just be them as Shin-Hernandez Enterprises. Gabi calls it Hernandez-Shin as she likes to be on top. Li assures that he knows as they kiss.

Jack returns to Gwen’s room and asks if she’s ready to head home. Gwen says that sounds really nice and thanks him for giving her this chance and for still believing in her after all the ways she disappointed him. Gwen promises this time will be different and she will do everything she can to make sure he is proud of her.

Ava complains about Gwen suddenly having a conscience and wonders where she will find someone to help her now. Xander walks by while on a phone call with the Salem Inn about how much he still owes. Xander says he just needs a little time and assures he will find a way to come up with the money. Xander hangs up and exits the hospital. Having overheard him, Ava declares that her problem is solved.

Gabi and Li lay in bed after having sex. Gabi points out that Li still hasn’t told her why he came back to the room. Li questions her still thinking about that after what they just did. Gabi says she’s curious. Li tells her that his sister texted him that she was going to stop by. Gabi informs him that she did. Li asks what she wanted. Gabi responds that Wendy wanted to see if Li would reconsider hiring her in Salem and then hoped Gabi would hire her, herself. Gabi says if she was still CEO, she would hire Wendy in a heartbeat because she’s a rock star. Li admits that she’s not the first person today to remind him of Wendy’s talents, so maybe he does need to reconsider. Gabi agrees unless he’s intimidated by powerful, strong women.

Tripp and Joey sit together at the Brady Pub. Tripp gets a text from Ava and says she’s fine and will check in again soon. Tripp tells Joey that now that they know both of their moms are fine, they can head back to Seattle. Joey questions Tripp being anxious to get back, arguing that if they stay, Wendy would choose him. Tripp says she would choose him so he’s saving Joey the humiliation. Tripp brings up Wendy being in to MMA which impresses Joey, who calls her like the perfect woman. Joey and Tripp toast to Wendy picking the best Johnson.

Wendy gets a text from Li and exclaims that he just offered her a good position at DiMera here in Salem. Johnny congratulates her on getting what she wanted and guesses that means they won’t be working together anymore. Wendy assures that they will because she still wants to know if Li and EJ worked with Dr. Rolf on Stefan and her new job puts them one step closer to the truth.

Stefan returns to the DiMera office. EJ asks if everything is okay as he was starting to worry. Stefan announces that he just got divorced as they just signed the papers and once the judge signs off on it, it will be official. EJ tells Stefan that he’s very happy for him and declares that he must be over the moon because Gabi is out of his life forever.

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