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Stephanie is at home on the phone with Kayla. Stephanie thanks her for her necklace and says she misses everybody. Stephanie sends her love and hangs up. Stephanie comments on having a depressing little Christmas tree, until Alex shows up at her door, surprising her with a larger Christmas tree as he wishes her a Merry Christmas.

Leo comes downstairs and in to the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion where he greets Victor. Victor questions what the hell Leo is doing in his house. Leo questions if he hasn’t heard and announces that he lives here now.

Bonnie goes to the hospital and wishes Sarah a Merry Christmas. Sarah asks how Bonnie is. Bonnie assures that she will be okay but Justin convinced her that she should talk to someone about the clown visions she’s been having. Bonnie notes that Marlena agreed to meet her this morning and they just had their first session. Bonnie says it’s just beginning but she feels really good about it. Bonnie then sees a clown in the hospital and worries that it’s happening again.

Gwen goes to Xander’s hotel room. Xander thanks her for coming and hopes he didn’t pull her away from any holiday family festivities. Gwen assures that he saved her from having to go to church with the Hortons, specifically Julie. Gwen asks him what was so urgent. Xander informs her that Sarah is at the hospital, so it’s the perfect opportunity for them to be alone. Gwen questions what for. Xander then presents the lingerie he got for Sarah which catches Gwen by surprise.

Justin goes to the police station to ask Rafe and Jada if Ava has said anything about who her accomplice was. Jada explains that they tried questioning her, but mentally she is completely checked out, so they won’t be getting any answers anytime soon. Justin questions if that’s it and he’ll just never figure out who kidnapped and terrorized his wife. Rafe assures that they are not giving up. Rafe says they are waiting on a forensics report from the warehouse and if anything turns up, they will let him know. Justin thanks them and says this whole ordeal has traumatized Bonnie. Justin worries that Bonnie is starting to feel like she’s losing her mind.

Bonnie confronts the clown in the hospital and says she knows he’s not real and is only a hallucination. Bonnie says she is facing her fears until Sarah comes over and explains that he is Clarence the Christmas Clown, the entertainment for the pediatric patients. Bonnie questions him being real. Clarence tells her to stay away from him and calls her a freak as he walks away. Bonnie decides she’s going to need a few more therapy sessions as Sarah hugs her.

Gwen asks if this is because she told Xander that he owed her one. Xander says it is, but Gwen says he doesn’t have to repay her in this way as she would never ask him to be unfaithful to his wife. Xander clarifies that he’s not suggesting they have sex. Gwen questions the lingerie then. Xander explains that it’s the gift he got Sarah and that Thomas overheard Gwen on the phone saying he owed her, so Gwen told Thomas that she helped him with the gift. Gwen realizes that Thomas told Sarah which Xander confirms. Xander adds that now Sarah thinks that he asked Gwen to pick out some sexy lingerie for her. Gwen remarks that she’d have much better taste. Xander asks if they are on the same page. Gwen says yes but her one request is that they forget the part where she assumed he wanted to have sex with her.

Leo sits with Victor and asks how Christmas mornings work around here and when they open gifts. Victor responds with about an hour after they throw Leo out on his sugar plum ass. Victor calls Henderson to escort Leo out of his house, but Leo reveals that he can’t do that because he is an invited guest. Victor questions by whom. Sonny then walks in and declares he invited Leo.

Stephanie tells Alex that she wasn’t expecting him until tonight, but this is exactly what she needed as they decorate the Christmas tree. Alex figured she might be lonely this morning since her family is out of town. Alex asks if she’s talked to them. Stephanie confirms that she did right before he came. Alex asks how Tripp is. Stephanie says he’s still upset about his mom and he wanted to stay nearby but Steve pointed out it would be a couple days before Ava can even have visitors at Bayview, so it was good that Tripp went to be with Steve, Kayla, and Joey in Seattle. Alex mentions seeing Paulina’s statement about stepping down as Governor, so he thought for sure that she would’ve gone to Seattle. Stephanie responds that it wouldn’t have worked out time-wise since she’s been so busy dealing with the fallout of Paulina’s resignation. Stephanie adds that she’s looking forward to spending Christmas with him and his family. Alex jokes that she might end up rethinking that by the end of the night between Bonnie’s hallucinations and Sonny’s new houseguest as the place is a little more nutty than usual.

Sonny explains to Victor that he was going to tell him last night but he was already asleep when he got home and then this morning, he had to get Arianna ready for Gabi to pick her up. Victor tells him to cut to the chase as to why he invited Leo in to their house. Sonny informs Victor that he told Leo he could stay with them temporarily because he was about to be evicted. Victor questions why that’s his problem. Sonny argues that he couldn’t let Leo spend Christmas Eve alone out in the cold. Victor says that Sonny gave him a warm bed and now it’s time for Leo to scamper back to Hooville. Sonny says that he told Leo that he could stay with them for the holidays. Victor says absolutely not and demands he have Leo removed from the house now or else he’ll call the police to have them do it.

Jada hands Rafe the crime scene analysis and asks if he wants her to stick around to go over it with him. Rafe tells her that her shift is over so she doesn’t have to stay but Jada says she does or else she wouldn’t have an excuse to turn down Kate’s invitation to a Very Brady Christmas lunch. Jada says it was kind of Kate to invite her but with Eric there, it would just be awkward as hell. Rafe understands and decides she can stay and help, joking that she can’t say he never did anything nice for her. Jada points out that Rafe will be paying her double overtime since doesn’t work for free, but says she will return the favor by helping him crack the case of the kidnapping clown.

Gwen is sure that Sarah wasn’t too pleased that she supposedly picked out a sexy nightie for her. Xander confirms it was awkward but it was better than telling the truth since if Sarah ever finds out that he was the kidnapping clown, she’ll never forgive him. Gwen assures that she’ll never say anything and Leo won’t either. Xander asks how she knows. Gwen responds that she trusts Leo and jokes that he enjoyed wearing the muscle suit and wrestling around with Xander a bit too much. Gwen tells Xander that she best get going. Xander thanks her again for everything. Gwen tells him any time. Xander then opens the door for Gwen to leave, right as Justin arrives and asks if he’s interrupting.

Bonnie tells Sarah that she can’t believe she almost punched an innocent clown. Sarah encourages that she didn’t and she was facing her fears. Bonnie worries that therapy won’t be a quick fix. Sarah assures that it’s important to stick with it. Bonnie responds that she’s just tired of being scared all the time, knowing the clown is still out there. Sarah says she’s so sorry that she’s dealing with this. Bonnie talks about how thankful she is that Xander was there to save her from the clown and how it made her feel so bad that she accused him of being the kidnapper which Sarah is surprised to learn. Bonnie says she was sure of it and she was so mean to him about it. Sarah questions why Bonnie thought Xander was her kidnapper.

Justin tells Xander that he can come back another time but Xander says he’s not interrupting anything and that Gwen just came by because he forgot his scarf at the Hortons last night, so she returned it. Xander then asks what Justin is doing there. Justin responds that he stopped by the police station to ask Rafe if he had any more information on who kidnapped Xander and Bonnie but he didn’t have any new information and was awaiting a forensics report from the warehouse. Xander says that’s too bad but thanks Justin for the update. Justin then gives Xander an envelope which he says is a Christmas present and a thanks for rescuing Bonnie. Xander opens it and asks what it is. Justin reveals that he drew up some papers because he’s going to help him sue the pants off Rednax.

Bonnie questions Sarah about Xander not telling her that she went off on him and says that proves what a good guy he is because he probably knew she made a fool of herself. Sarah asks her what happened. Bonnie explains that the night they were both kidnapped, she had run in to Xander earlier in the park and overheard him say the exact words that the Clown said to her and Susan which was “I will not let this situation destroy my life.” Sarah calls that odd and wonders why Xander would be saying that and who he was saying it to. Bonnie adds that she never got the chance to ask as Xander then said to keep your voice down which is another thing the Clown said. Sarah calls that a very strange coincidence. Bonnie says that then she explained to Xander that the Clown texted Justin and Maggie that she was going to see Mimi, which indicated the Clown was someone who knew her, like Xander. Bonnie adds that the clown was also muscular like Xander so it all seemed to fit.

Stephanie tells Alex that she’s glad Bonnie is getting help. Stephanie informs him that she also once suffered from PTSD and it was one of the worst times of her life. Alex asks her what happened. Stephanie reveals to him that EJ DiMera had her kidnapped which shocks Alex. Stephanie explains that when she was dating Philip, she got caught in the feud between the Kiriakis family and the DiMeras. Stephanie says she was held in a morgue. Alex tells her that he’s sorry. Alex says he knew that EJ was a ruthless bastard. Stephanie assures that it was cruel and unjust punishment. Alex brings up EJ being responsible for Tripp’s kidnapping too and wonders why it seems like EJ is making a habit out of messing with her family. Stephanie says he doesn’t know the half of it. Stephanie turns the topic back to the Kiriakis Mansion and asks about Alex saying Sonny has a guest. Alex reveals that Sonny asked Leo Stark to stay with them which shocks her after everything Leo has done to Sonny. Alex remarks that Sonny is a big softie and the opposite of Victor. Alex adds that when Victor finds out, the place is going to be a war zone…

Victor asks if Sonny has completely lost his senses, reminding him that Leo blackmailed him in to marriage and almost destroyed their company with a lawsuit. Sonny responds that he’s well aware of Leo’s past. Victor points out that it was just last year when Leo drugged him and took compromising photos of him in bed to sell to the tabloids. Leo notes that he has apologized to Sonny repeatedly as he feels so terribly guilty about that, especially in light of how incredibly kind and forgiving Sonny has been. Victor doesn’t understand why Sonny would forgive Leo. Sonny argues that he forgave Leo just like many people have forgiven Victor for his transgressions, because he’s genuinely sorry and he’s expressed profound interest in becoming a better person. Sonny is surprised that Victor is so shocked given how many people have forgiven him. Sonny declares that he would now consider he and Leo friends. Victor calls that the stupidest thing he’s ever heard. Victor demands Sonny get rid of Leo now or he’s fired. Sonny questions Victor firing him for giving his friend a place to stay. Victor argues that Sonny calling Leo his friend shows his judgment is impaired. Victor declares that until Sonny comes to his senses, he will just replace him with his brother, Alex. Leo says he will leave but Sonny argues that Victor can’t keep holding his job over his head, especially since Victor begged him to take it but now every time he does something he doesn’t like, he threatens to fire him. Sonny declares that he’s not going to be pushed around anymore. Victor tells him that he can take his righteous indignation and shove it because he’s still out on his ass. Sonny tells Victor to fire him and he doesn’t care. Sonny offers his phone and tells Victor to call Alex to tell him he’s got the job. Sonny declares that he’d rather have his integrity and help out a friend in need than bow down to his ridiculous demands.

Stephanie makes hot chocolate for her and Alex. Alex finishes decorating the tree, so Stephanie declares that it finally feels like Christmas. Alex then gives her a Christmas present of a video game system. Alex explains that Stephanie said she loved playing video games with her brothers back in Seattle and she looked forward to having a tournament with them, but since she couldn’t get back to Seattle, he thought they could have their own tournament. Alex realizes it’s not the most romantic gift, but Stephanie calls it the most thoughtful so it is the most romantic gift that anyone has ever given her as she thanks him.

Xander tells Justin that it’s very kind of him but they talked about this and he doesn’t want to pursue legal action. Justin argues that he was wrongfully terminated for refusing to do something illegal by his boss, so they can’t let this company get away with it. Xander responds that he doesn’t have the money to pay him. Justin says it’s pro-bono after what he did for Bonnie. Justin adds that he could end up with a huge settlement and all of his financial problems would disappear. Xander argues that it would be he said, she said. Justin says he’s worked with less. Justin tells him that all he will need is the full name of his boss before he can file the lawsuit. Xander tells Justin that he doesn’t want to do this. Justin asks why not and if there’s something he’s not telling him. Gwen stops Justin and declares that she will tell him everything.

Sarah asks Bonnie what Xander said when she accused him. Bonnie explains that he vehemently denied it and she was going to tell Justin her theory when she got knocked out from behind. Bonnie says the next thing she knew, she and Xander were both tied up and then the Clown came in which is when she knew Xander was telling the truth because obviously it couldn’t have been him.

Rafe and Jada go over the analysis. Jada notes there isn’t much to go on with no evidence or fingerprints. Rafe notes that it seems like after Bonnie and Xander escaped, the Clown went back there and cleaned up before their guys got there. Rafe then discovers that he might have missed something as forensics found a torn piece of flesh colored polyester fiber which didn’t match anything Bonnie or Xander were wearing. Rafe adds that Bonnie said the clown was wearing a blue suit again, nothing flesh colored. Jada calls it strange.

Stephanie and Alex play a racing video game together. Stephanie wins the game. Alex jokes that he never would’ve bought it for her if he knew she’d be such a monster at it. Stephanie says she’s just competitive. Alex jokes that she had an unfair advantage due to her racing background, so they decide to try a different game.

Victor gives in and tells Sonny to keep his job which surprises him. Victor declares that he changed his mind because he has a heart of gold. Victor tells Sonny that he’s made his decision, so he should just accept it. Sonny decides that it’s accepted and that means Leo can stay. Victor says as long as he’s put in a room far away from he and Maggie. Leo thanks him and says any room is fine, joking that he wants one with a bathroom. Leo gives Victor his word that he will never hurt Sonny again. Victor doesn’t know how Leo expects people to take him seriously while sitting there in pajamas. Victor then asks Sonny how his husband feels about his little sleepover party. Sonny admits he hasn’t told Will yet which Victor says he suspected. Sonny explains that Will decided to stay in LA to work instead of coming home for Christmas, so he doesn’t get a say in this. Victor remarks that if he did, Leo would be out on a park bench while Sonny would have a lot of explaining to do.

Justin asks what Gwen knows about Xander’s situation. Gwen responds that she knows the name of his boss and claims that it’s Maeve Wilson. Justin asks how she knows that. Gwen claims she was going to interview her to do some press for the company but when she found out they were crooked, she ditched the story. Justin asks if he has her contact info. Gwen says she has her e-mail in her research file somewhere. Justin says he has to pick up Bonnie from the hospital and asks if he can come get the info from Gwen after. Gwen says sure. Xander adds that he actually has to get to the hospital too since Sarah has enlisted him to play Santa for the kids in pediatrics. Gwen jokes that she’d love to see that. Xander asks Justin for a ride over there so maybe he can talk him out of the lawsuit on the way. Justin says sure but insists he won’t change his mind. Xander tells Justin to let him grab his costume and then he’ll meet him at the car. Justin tells Gwen that he will see her later and exits. Xander questions Gwen as to what the hell that was all about. Gwen argues that Justin was getting suspicious. Xander understands but questions who she’s going to get to play Maeve Wilson, asking if she’s going to Leo to dress in drag or call his old friend Jackie. Gwen assures him that Maeve Wilson actually exists and is a girl that she went to school with who was a real proper bitch. Xander questions how that’s relevant. Gwen says it’s not as they are going to send Justin on a wild goose chase and Xander will never be found out.

Jada asks Rafe if it’s possible that the fabric is from the clown mask. Rafe says it’s hard to say as all they know is that Susan bought the mask in the town square and it was made of latex. Jada asks if there’s anything else. Rafe notes that forensics also found piece of poly filled padding like the kind used in stuffed animals or pillows. Jada wonders if it could’ve been made at the factory or the warehouse. Rafe says his gut is telling him that this ties back to the kidnapper but he’s just not sure how. Rafe gets a call from Gabi and promises he’s leaving work soon and won’t be late. Rafe hangs up and tells Jada that he will have to pack it in soon because he can’t be late for Christmas lunch. Jada tells Rafe that he can go ahead while she sticks around to work on the file. Rafe suggests Jada come with him instead. Jada doesn’t want to impose but Rafe assures that she wouldn’t be as it’s just Gabi, Li, and Arianna so it’s all very casual. Jada asks if he’s sure. Rafe says she’d be doing him a favor since he wouldn’t be the odd man out. Jada agrees but says she would like to stop somewhere first and she’d like him to come with her.

Justin goes to the hospital to pick up Bonnie. Justin asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want to stick around for the Christmas party. Bonnie assures that she doesn’t want another run-in with Clarence the Clown. Xander arrives dressed as Santa Claus and gives Bonnie a candy cane. Justin wishes Xander good luck with the kids and says he’ll get back to him regarding what they discussed. Justin tells him to have fun as he exits with Bonnie. Sarah asks Xander what that was all about. Xander responds that Justin was just helping him with something and he’ll explain later. Xander and Sarah as Santa and Mrs. Claus then head for the party.

Sonny and Leo eat together in the living room. Leo talks about Sonny going above and beyond by sticking up for him and being willing to lose his job rather than have Victor throw him out. Sonny says it was as much for himself as for Leo as he is sick of Victor pushing him around. Leo calls it totally impressive. Leo then gives Sonny a Christmas present. Sonny argues that Leo is broke so he shouldn’t have got him anything. Leo insists and calls it a small token of his appreciation for letting him stay. Sonny opens the present and it’s a t-shirt that says “Gay as Christmas Morning”. Leo says he saw it in the store window and immediately thought of him. Sonny thanks Leo and says he loves it.

Stephanie and Alex play a dancing rhythm based video game. Alex gives up and jokes that Stephanie must be a professional dancer. Stephanie says she wasn’t but she was a cheerleader in high school. Alex jokes that he gives up at the games because she has all these secret advantages. Alex says he does have some talents as he kisses her.

Rafe and Jada arrive at the hospital. Jada tells Rafe about how her dad used to talk about the hospital Christmas party. Rafe calls it a wonderful tradition. Jada thanks him for coming with her. Xander as Santa speaks to the kids and has Sarah read the Christmas Story to the kids. Rafe, Jada, Xander, and the kids watch and applaud when Sarah finishes.

Stephanie jokes that she knew Alex was good at something. Alex guesses he’s not a total loser. Stephanie calls him a champion kisser. Alex asks for a victory lap as they continue kissing. Alex stops and asks her what’s wrong. Stephanie suggests they move this to her bedroom.

Xander and Sarah pass out presents to the kids. Jada remarks to Rafe that she’s surprised that a man as vain as Xander would willingly cover up his muscles with all that padding. Rafe then comes to a realization about flesh colored filling and the padding. Rafe declares that the kidnapper was wearing a bodysuit under his clothes. Jada asks why which Rafe calls a good question.

Justin and Bonnie go to see Gwen at the Horton house. Gwen gives Justin a folder that she says includes Maeve’s e-mail and all her research into Rednax. Justin thanks Gwen. Justin says he knows Xander is hesitant to pursue the case, but calls it the right thing to do. Bonnie then sees the folder and notices that Rednax is Xander spelled backwards which she calls a coincidence.

Sonny tells Leo that it was really sweet of him to get him the shirt and says he can’t wait to wear it. Leo says it’s the least he could do and suggests Sonny try it on now, adding that if it doesn’t fit then he will return it to get him the right size. Sonny says okay and removes his shirt. Will then walks in to surprise Sonny for Christmas but sees him shirtless with Leo in the room. Will then questions what the hell is going on here.

A tribute video aired to John Aniston (Victor Kiriakis) who passed away on November 11, 2022 as this was his final episode.

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