Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, December 29, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Mariah and Tessa tell Sharon they want to start doing research into adopting a child. Sharon worries that the adoption process will be harder for them than for other couples but Mariah and Tessa decide they are ready for the challenge
in order to have a family.

Chelsea and Rey have a talk and Chelsea u teo Rey she is having a hard time adjusting to life back in Genoa City tim but everything is worth it because she gets to spend time with Connor.

Sally and Adam agree to spend New Year’s Eve together, as, friends. Victoria wants Billy to sue Newman Media for such a high dollar amount that it will make the company vulnerable for a takeover.

Billy asks Victoria to let him run Newman Media once she takes the company from Adam. Victoria tells Billy she will think about it and goes to Ashland and tells him everything she talked about with Billy. Ashland doesn’t think letting Billy run Newman Media is a good idea but Victoria tells Ashland its a good idea to keep their enemies close.

Lily isn’t happy that Billy is so eager to let Victoria take charge of his plan because Victoria treats everyone in her life like a pawn. Lily thinks Victoria is using Billy, and then she will leave him with nothing.

Ashland tells Victoria that his latest test results show that his new treatment has stopped the spread of the cancer. Victoria calls Billy to tell him she spoke to Adam and he isn’t buying his act and he had better step up his game.

Adam tells Sally he intends to use the videos she gave him as protection in case Billy comes after Newman Media.

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