Days: Beyond Update Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem Update

"Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem"

Update written by Joseph

Gabi and Li Shin are together in Hong Kong. Gabi enjoys the view of the harbor as Li kisses her. They talk about tonight’s gala. Li is happy to have Gabi on his arm, to be hosting the Gala that cost more than a small country, and about the prism that could revolutionize medicine and bring them a gazillion dollars. Gabi decides to go change in to her designer gown but Li suggests they arrive fashionably late as they kiss and begin to undress.

In Montreal, Quebec, Harris meets with Megan at an outside café and informs her that he doesn’t have the prism yet. Megan argues that it’s been a year since Hope beat him to the punch in Greece. Harris argues that they don’t know that. Megan points out that they don’t have the prism and if Harris thinks Hope has it, he needs to step it up. Harris reveals that he already has by proposing to Hope and she said yes. Megan complains that makes no damn sense and questions what he’s thinking. Harris explains that getting married will bring their cat and mouse game to a head because if Hope is onto him, then she won’t go through with the wedding. Harris adds that if he can make Hope believe that he’s in love with her then he can flush out the prism and if Hope has it, it will be Megan’s.

Hope sits at home, staring at her engagement ring and thinks back to her first wedding to Bo.

In Heaven, Bo complains to Angela about Harris Michaels and argues that Harris wants Hope dead. Bo says he tried to hotwire the stream again but it didn’t work. Angela informs him that it’s because a new security system is in place. Bo complains that he has to see what’s going on down there because Ciara and the baby could be caught in the crossfire. Angela says she took it away because it’s too upsetting for him to watch what’s happening on Earth. Bo questions how she just floats around here without doing anything. Angela argues that it’s not their purpose. Bo asks if she was able to get him a meeting with the big guy. Angela reveals that his request has been denied.

Paul and Andrew arrive in Hong Kong for the DiMera Gala. They talk about their two tickets and wonder who Harris Michaels’ plus one would be. Paul says he can’t wait to get his hands on him. Paul complains of everything Harris did to him and that he then spent 19 hours on a plane. Paul wants to go to his room, have a drink, and take a shower. Andrew reminds him that they have Harris Michaels’ tickets so they only have one room. Andrew jokes that he doesn’t snore as they head to their room.

Hope brings Ben and Ciara breakfast in their bedroom and tells them to hurry and get packing so they can get back to sailing on a gorgeous day. Hope exits, leaving Ciara and Ben confused as Ciara wonders if Hope is trying to kick them out.

Bo tells Angela that the big guy is making a big mistake as his family’s lives are at stake. Angela argues that many families are. Bo starts questioning God so Angela complains that he should’ve spent more time in Purgatory when she was going to help him. Bo apologizes for shooting his mouth off and admits he was way out of line. Bo complains that he’s scared being stuck up here. Angela knows she’s going to regret this but agrees to see what she can do. Angela tells Bo that she knows she’s been played and walks away.

Li and Gabi lay in bed after having sex. Li jokes that he thought he was in a good mood before. Gabi says now they can make a grand entrance. Li says it will be a very good night for DiMera. Gabi anticipates everyone seeing the prism. Li mentions that they can’t see what it can do until they have the other two prisms. Gabi wants to keep it under their hat until they have them all. Li says that might not take long and mentions hearing of a gambler named Phil, who won one of the prisms in a poker game in Monte Carlo. Gabi wants to meet Phil. Li reveals he invited Phil to the gala tonight witih the promise of very high stakes gambling. Gabi says she loves their pillow talk as they kiss until there’s a knock at their door. Gabi wonders who that could be. Li guesses it’s the event planner, who he told to come by with any problems. Li gets out of bed and puts his robe on. Li then answers the door and is surprised to see his little sister, Wendy. Gabi comes over and meets her. Li questions what the hell Wendy is doing in Hong Kong. Wendy walks in and tells him that she’s coming to the party.

Harris asks Megan what happens after she gets all three prisms. Megan responds that she’ll be able to finish what her father started and unleash the full power of the three prisms. Harris asks what she will do with it. Megan says she’ll be able to save someone she loves, who she thought was lost to her for good. Harris asks who.

Hope watches over baby Bo and tells him that he has her heart. Ciara and Ben come in from their room. Ciara asks Hope what’s going on. Hope claims nothing is going on and she just doesn’t think they should be wasting their time here watching her make wedding plans while they could be continuing their adventure at sea. Ciara asks if she’s trying to get rid of them because of Harris. Hope says of course not but Ciara doesn’t believe her. Hope insists it’s not related to her engagement. Ciara argues that she knows Hope wants them out of here ASAP but doesn’t want her to know why. Ciara declares that she’s not leaving until she knows why. Ben adds that she means it. Hope responds that she doesn’t want her here because it’s too dangerous. Ciara says she knew it and asks if it’s because of Harris. Ciara knows Hope has been hiding something from them ever since they got there, but says she’s here for her and she loves her so she can trust them. Ben repeats that Hope knows she can trust them.

Angela returns to Bo, who asks if she got him a meeting. Angela reveals Bo won’t be meeting with Him as he decided the case will go to arbitration. Bo questions things but says he’s grateful for any help she can give him and asks what to do now. Angela instructs him to make an oral presentation to the judge and then the judge can decide whether or not he can go back down to Earth. Angela warns him not to get his hopes up because these requests are rarely granted. Angela tells him the judge is waiting and directs him of where to go. Angela says she will be praying for him. Bo goes through a portal and down some stairs, wondering where he is. Bo calls out to the judge, who is revealed to be Larry Welch.

Megan tells Harris that it’s not his job to ask questions, just to take orders. Harris tells her that he will abide by the rules and he is clear on what his job is, so he’s on the case. She says he better be. Harris asks if that’s all for now. Megan says there is something else crucial that he needs to accomplish before his mission is complete. Megan hopes he is up for this challenge.

Hope shows Ben and Ciara an old photo of Larry Welch with one of the prisms, which she never thought she’d see again. Hope explains that Stefano and his daughter Megan were searching for three of them because Stefano was dying of a brain tumor and he believed the prisms had the power to save him but he never got the opportunity to find out because the prisms were lost. Ben comments that it doesn’t look easy to lose. Hope explains that no one knew what happened but about a year ago Shane was looking for it and got her the ISA file. Hope reveals that she found the prism in Greece and right after that, she met Harris.

Harris asks Megan what this something crucial is. Megan instructs Harris to make himself a widower after marrying Hope.

Ciara asks Hope if she was onto Harris from the start then. Hope admits she wasn’t at all as he was a nice, fun guy and good company. Hope adds that out of nowhere and so soon, he started professing his love for her and saying he was falling really hard.

Harris questions what Megan is saying. Megan orders him to kill Hope as she wants Hope dead.

Hope tells Ciara and Ben that the timing of getting the prism and then a boyfriend made her wonder if Harris was up to something. Hope adds that she got the feeling that someone had been looking through her things more than once or twice, so that all led her to believe that she was not the real object of his desire. Ciara questions Hope not dumping him. Hope explains that she needs to find out who he’s working for since Stefano and Megan are both dead…

Harris tells Megan that he’s trying to understand. Megan repeats that she wants him to kill Hope. Megan jokes that it warms her heart thinking about it. Harris is not sure about this.

Ben asks about Harris being in the navy or working for the government. Hope reveals she did some digging and found out Harris was discharged two years ago, before they even met. Ciara asks about him saying he’s on deployment. Hope guesses he’s probably meeting with his real boss.

Harris argues that he can’t exactly kill Hope at their wedding ceremony with her daughter and son in law right there, unless she wants him to kill them too. Harris brings up the justice of the peace and anyone else walking by. Megan feels he’s making excuses and questions if he’s really falling for Hope. Harris assures that he’s not.

Hope says she tried hacking in to Harris’ phone a few times but had no luck. Hope declares that she needs to find out who is calling the shots here.

Harris tells Megan that wedding massacres tend to draw a certain amount of attention. Megan agrees to let Hope live until after the ceremony as once they are alone with no witnesses, he can take Hope out then. Megan states that she will get the prism and Harris will get all of Hope’s money.

Ben asks Hope where the prism is. Hope responds that it’s safe for now. Ciara asks where. Hope doesn’t want them to know.

Harris tells Megan that it sounds like a plan, so Megan tells him to go on as he’s got a wedding to get to.

Ciara questions Hope not knowing who Harris is working for and still wanting to marry him. Hope explains that whoever Harris is working for, needs to be stopped. Hope says for all she knows, that person may have the other prisms. Hope declares the she can’t play cat and mouse anymore so she has to force his hand.

Bo remarks that this has got to be Hell and if anyone deserves to be there, it’s Larry Welch. Larry calls it more like Purgatory and says they sent Bo here so he could decide his fate. Bo calls back to Angela that there’s been a hell of a screw up down here. Bo argues that Larry murdered Megan Hathaway and killed others. Larry says they aren’t here to talk about him. Bo doesn’t want to talk to him about going back to Earth. Larry says doing that won’t be easy, so he has to convince somebody who is objective. Bo argues that Larry hated him and Hope. Larry says he still does and reminds him that the clock is ticking. Larry asks if he wants to waste the time he has to plead his case. Larry warns that he has less than five minutes left and brings up how Bo blew off the rules the last time he went back. Larry tells Bo to go on and convince him. Bo feels it’s a waste of time but talks about last time, he broke a rule because his best friend’s son had died. Larry argues that Bo played God which is a big no-no. Bo complains that he has no chance of winning here but Larry has to let him tell him why he has to go back. Larry argues that Bo has to tell him why he should get special treatment and then tell him why he and Hope are such a big freaking deal. Bo talks about he and Hope’s love transcending time and death. Bo recalls Hope being stuck in a cage and hung over a vat of acid, but they always found their way back to each other. Bo states that Hope is going to marry a guy who he thinks is going to kill her, so he has to let him go back before it’s too late.

Ciara worries that Hope forcing Harris’ hand is a little dangerous. Hope explains that’s why she wants Ben and Ciara to take the baby and go now. Harris then comes back, so Ciara hides the ISA File with the baby while Ben claims they were just talking about Harris and how much Ciara loved the tiramisu he made. Ciara says she was hoping he could teach Ben how to make it. Hope tells Harris that Ben and Ciara were up early because it’s a perfect day for sailing. Harris responds that it’s also a perfect day for a wedding and that he found the perfect location in the gardens they love. Harris tells Hope that they have an opening this afternoon and he knows it’s quick, but he went ahead and booked it since her kids are here. Hope repeats that they were leaving but Ciara says they aren’t leaving on Hope’s wedding day while Ben says it’s a good thing Harris caught them before they left. Hope tries mouthing to Ciara to please go while Harris asks Hope what she says. Hope responds that she always hated long engagements and kisses Harris.

Tripp and Joey arrive in Hong Kong for the DiMera Gala. Tripp asks if Joey thinks it’s a good idea to be crashing this party. Joey questions him asking that after they just flew halfway around the world. Tripp worries that they are bidding a whole lot on a girl they just met and wonders what if she can’t get them in. Joey says they’ll just have to trust that she can.

Li tells Wendy that there is no reason for her to come to the party. Wendy argues that she worked on the project too. Li argues that she if applied herself, she could rise above the grunt level. Gabi interrupts and says she has a brother too as she hands Wendy a ticket. Wendy responds that she needs two more tickets because she’s bringing two dates which Gabi jokes with her about. Gabi goes to hand Wendy two more tickets but Li stops her and says he knows Wendy is up to something and she can’t convince him otherwise.

Wendy returns downstairs and reveals to Joey and Tripp that she got their tickets to the gala.

Ben goes back in to the living room and tries to look through Harris’s bag but Harris comes back and catches him. Ben claims he was looking for his phone charger and thought it was one of Ciara’s bags. Ben then finds his charger on the floor which Harris notes was in plain sight. Harris suggests they go get dressed because they don’t want to keep Hope waiting. Ben agrees and leaves the room. Harris goes to his bag and pulls out his gun.

Hope and Ciara go to the garden with baby Bo. Ciara comments on this being the scene of the crime. Hope urges Ciara to get Ben and the baby on the boat and sail away. Ciara asks how Hope would explain that to Harris. Ciara asks Hope to just get the prism and then get on the boat with them and she can call Steve or John. Hope argues that she can’t because she’s so close to the truth and she needs to do this. Ciara complains that all Hope has to do is marry someone who she doesn’t love, respect, or trust. Hope calls it just like any other undercover job. Ciara argues that these are vows that mean something and complains that she’s treating it like a stakeout. Hope understands she’s upset and worried. Ciara thinks this all cheapens what Hope had with Bo.

Bo complains that Larry hates him and thinks he stole Hope from him. Bo says if Larry is any kind of judge, he can’t deny he and Hope’s love. Larry admits that he never really did love Hope but they destroyed his life as he could’ve been President which Bo laughs at. Bo argues that Larry had every chance to turn his life around but he didn’t and that’s on him. Bo declares that if Larry ever cared for Hope in the slightest, he has to let him go back and save her. Larry agrees to take it under consideration. Bo complains that Hope needs him now. Larry repeats that he’ll consider it. Larry remarks that sinners are much more fun and exits. Bo promises that if there’s a way to get to Hope, he will find it.

Hope knows Ciara doesn’t understand why this is so important to her and she doesn’t expect her to, but says that Bo would understand.

Thomas Banks goes to Megan’s room and she says he’s right on time. Thomas thought Harris was going to handle this. Megan explains that when she ordered Harris to kill Hope, he seemed hesitant, so she just wanted to make sure she had reinforcements. Thomas reveals his sniper rifle and Megan directs him to the window to set up. Thomas aims out the window and sees Hope and Ciara. Megan explains that he will have a clear shot of the altar but only after the ceremony because they have to make sure that Hope is dead and that Harris is a widower. Thomas responds that he doesn’t want people watching him while he works. Megan clarifies that she’s going down there to have a ringside seat and jokes that she might even catch the bouquet. Megan declares that Hope may have kept her from Bo all those years ago and she died because of her, but today Hope dies and she gets to watch. Megan tells Thomas that she’s very old fashioned and she loves old traditions. Megan jokes that there’s something old, Hope, and her contribution is something new as she tosses a bullet to Thomas. Megan laughs and then exits the room.

Andrew and Paul have their suits delivered to their room. Paul admits he doesn’t know how to tie a bowtie. Andrew jokes that’s one of the first things you learn in secret agent school. Paul then jokes that he’s going on a date with 007.

Bo returns to Heaven and questions why Angela didn’t tell him that low life was the judge as there’s no way he’s going to grant him permission. Angela argues that they don’t know that and encourages him to be patient. Angela decides to let Bo check in on Hope on the live stream. Bo sees the wedding and declares he has to stop this as he knows Harris is up to something. Angela tells him to be patient. Bo asks how to find out what Larry’s judgment is, so she goes to check.

Hope joins Harris at the altar in the garden for their wedding as Ben and Ciara look on. The Justice of the Peace then begins the ceremony and asks if anyone objects but no one does. Megan sneaks around a tree as Thomas is in position in the window with the sniper rifle aimed at Hope.

Andrew helps Paul get dressed and comments that he looks good in a tuxedo.

Li and Gabi get dressed for the gala. Gabi comments that she loves his sister as she has a lot of attitude. Li is not sure that’s a good thing. Gabi says he doesn’t mind her attitude. Li acknowledges that’s one thing they have in common. Li warns Gabi that his sister has a gift for making one regret trusting her. Gabi asks what could go wrong in going to a party. Li responds that she’ll think of something.

Tripp and Joey get ready for the party. Wendy mentions that she told her brother that they are both her dates, so she wants them to act like they think she’s hot. Wendy then walks in wearing a dress, catching both their eye. Joey doesn’t think that’s going to be a problem.

Harris and Hope’s wedding continues. Harris says “I do” but before Hope can say the same, Ciara interrupts and tells Hope not to do this.

Bo watches from Heaven, encouraging Ciara. Angela returns, so Bo asks if Larry made a decision.

Ciara tells Hope that she doesn’t want to go through with this. Harris questions what the hell is going on here.

Angela announces that Larry granted Bo a second chance. Bo is thrilled as they hug.

Hope responds that she knows what she’s doing and says “I do” to marrying Harris.

Angela hands Bo a ticket and directs him to go through a door to be with Hope. Bo says he owes God one. Angela assures that he’ll be paying him back and encourages him to go. Bo declares that he’s on his way to Hope.

The Justice of Peace pronounces Harris and Hope man and wife. He says Harris may kiss the bride but Hope notices something up above, asking what that is and then Thomas fires the shot.

Bo starts to go through the doors when he hears the gunshot and looks back at the Earth stream to see Hope on the ground.

Ciara and Ben rush to check on Hope as Harris looks on in shock. Ciara cries as Ben checks Hope’s pulse and declares that he’s sorry but she’s dead.

Bo watches the screen in disbelief.

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