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Clyde sits outside the Brady Pub on the phone. Clyde says to keep this under hat because the last thing he’d want is for Nancy to find out, right as Nancy approaches.

Xander goes to see Jack, who calls it a nice surprise. Jack asks how everything is going with the new bride. Xander informs him that it’s a disaster.

Sarah goes to the Kiriakis Mansion with her bag packed. Maggie questions what she’s doing there instead of on her honeymoon. Sarah responds that the honeymoon is over and so is her marriage.

Gwen sits in her room with a photo of her and Xander. She tells herself that marriage is over. She is then startled by Leo frantically knocking on the door. Leo comes in and tells Gwen that she has to hide him.

Clyde greets Nancy and asks if she was hiding from him. Nancy says she didn’t want to interrupt him on the phone. Clyde says he was just catching up with Ben. Nancy asks how Ben and Ciara are doing. Clyde says they are living the dream. Clyde invites her in to the Pub while he’s on break.

Sonny tells Will and Chad at the hospital how Leo was in his room, dressed as a nurse and took off before the cops came. Chad doesn’t get how there wasn’t police outside his door. Sonny argues that he doesn’t need protection from Leo. Will asks why he would say that. Sonny acknowledges that Leo did sneak in wearing a disguise, but it wasn’t to kill him. Sonny adds that he knows it sounds crazy but he has a gut feeling that Leo really is innocent.

Leo begs Gwen to help him because the cops are after him as they think he killed Abigail and stabbed Sonny. Leo insists that he’s innocent and he’s being framed so he worries about what to do. Gwen threatens to call the police and tell them that Leo just confessed which is what he did to her.

Jack questions Xander as to what happened. Xander reveals that Sarah packed her bag and went home to Maggie. Jack points out that it’s only been 24 hours since the wedding and questions what he did. Xander explains that he told her about how he slept with Nicole last year and now she wants nothing to do with him.

Sarah complains to Maggie about Xander sleeping with Nicole and then using that to break up her marriage. Maggie recalls it being awful. Sarah questions her knowing about it and not telling her. Maggie says she thought Sarah would’ve already heard about it but either way, it wasn’t her place to tell her. Sarah agrees but says she didn’t hear about it and Xander didn’t tell her until it was too late and she made the stupid mistake of marrying him. Sarah questions why she would want to marry a man who could be so reckless and cruel as to break up someone’s marriage for profit. Sarah questions if Maggie is going to take Xander’s side. Maggie argues that she’s not taking sides but doesn’t see why it’s a deal breaker since Xander was going through a terrible time. Sarah tells her not to make excuses for him. Maggie says it’s just how she feels about it but it’s up to her. Sarah declares that she has decided she wants to be the hell away from Xander. Maggie says she won’t stand in her way. Maggie adds that if she leaves Xander and their marriage, she can think of someone who will be very happy about it. Sarah can’t believe Maggie is insinuating that Gwen will swoop right in. Maggie thinks that is true.

Gwen asks Leo if she should call the police station or Rafe. Leo apologizes for telling the police that she confessed and says it was his lawyer’s idea. Leo argues that Sloan convinced him that he had to give the police something. Gwen complains that he threw her under the bus. Gwen talks about Leo hanging around the office after stabbing Sonny and leaving his list so Chad could come after him almost like he wanted to be caught. Leo argues that he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Leo repeats that he’s being framed and someone is trying to set him up. Leo declares that Gwen is the only person that can help him figure out who it is. Leo adds that if she doesn’t believe him at the end of the conversation, then she can call the cops. Leo pleads with Gwen as his only friend in the world and says he has nowhere else to go. Leo remarks that she has no idea what it feels like to be so alone. Gwen responds that actually she does and agrees to give him ten minutes to talk.

Will questions Sonny thinking Leo is innocent. Sonny asks why he wouldn’t have just killed him when he came in if he was guilty. Chad asks what Leo did to. Sonny says he did nothing and just asked questions about his stabbing like he wanted to know every detail. Chad argues that Leo was acting to get him to let his guard down. Sonny points out that Leo didn’t try to hurt him and said he only came to the office to get Alex to back off which made sense. Will worries that could’ve been another lie. Sonny argues that if Leo wanted to kill him, he would have just done it then. Sonny adds that Leo finally apologized for leaking those photos to The Intruder. Chad brings up that when he showed up, Leo was standing over Sonny’s bloody body and questions how to explain that.

Clyde gets Nancy a sandwich and asks if she’s not hungry. Nancy guesses she’s just worried about Chloe since Leo Stark is still on the loose while both Chloe and Brady are on his hit list. Clyde reminds her that the police have assigned security to both of them, so he doesn’t think she has anything to worry about. Clyde adds that Brady is pretty tough and very protective of the people he loves, so he wouldn’t let Leo touch Chloe. Nancy agrees that Brady would never let anything happen to Chloe. Clyde jokes that she should know better than to doubt him by now. Nancy then says she can’t do this anymore and pretend when nothing is going right. Clyde asks what is troubling her so bad. Nancy responds that she knows he’s lying to her.

Chad continues to question why Leo came back to Sonny’s office and why he was standing over him with the knife in his back. Sonny responds that Leo said he came back to have his parking validated which Chad and Will can’t believe. Leo knows it’s weird and far fetched. Will talks about Sonny’s huge heart being a reason he loves him so much, but they both know that Leo is incapable of being honest. Will questions what makes him think that this is the one time he’s telling the truth that he didn’t stab him or Abigail. Sonny doesn’t know and calls it a strong gut feeling.

Jack argues that Sarah can’t really be that upset with Xander’s one night stand with Nicole since he got over the fact that he was engaged to Gwen and married to Chanel. Xander explains that him sleeping with Nicole is not why Sarah left but it’s that he used that to bust up Nicole and Eric’s marriage and that he did it because Sami paid him a million dollars. Jack then understands Sarah’s reaction and asks how he can help. Xander asks what he can do to fix this. Jack says he doesn’t have the answer. Xander argues that Jack helped him before so he wants him to work his magic again and asks him again to help him fix this.

Sarah asks Maggie why she would even want to think about Gwen when her marriage just ended. Maggie apologizes for going there. Sarah tells Maggie that even if Gwen did try to get Xander back, there is no way he would go back to her after he knows all of the awful things that she did. Maggie brings up that Gwen is a very manipulative person and points out how hard she tried to keep Sarah and Xander apart, so if she thinks Sarah willingly left Xander, she will try every trick in the book to take advantage of that situation. Maggie says she’s probably at Xander’s hotel room now, offering him a shoulder to cry on. Sarah yells at her to stop.

Gwen asks if Leo has some idea of who is setting him up. Leo says he’s been thinking it over and it has to be somebody who hates him. Gwen believes that but says that doesn’t really narrow it down since there’s no shortage of people in town who would like to see them both disappear. Leo says whoever is trying to frame him doesn’t just hate him, but really has an axe to grind against him. Leo then declares that he knows who it is and says it’s Nancy.

Clyde questions what Nancy is talking about. Nancy says she knows he wasn’t on the phone with Ben before and questions why he said he didn’t want her to find out what he was talking about. Clyde says it’s not what she thinks. Nancy tells him to save it because she knows that whatever he’s up to is illegal and amoral so she doesn’t any part of it. Nancy declares that they are through.

Sarah questions how Maggie could say Gwen is going to be trying to get Xander back and asks if she actually thinks that’s helpful for her right now. Maggie says she’s just trying to make a point. Maggie talks about Xander being a mess when Sarah was gone, doing anything to stop thinking about her and the pain from losing her. Maggie compares it to marrying Victor despite knowing he had made a lot of mistakes but she vowed to love all of him, good and bad. Maggie says she promised herself not to blame Victor for his past, so she doesn’t think Sarah should blame Xander for his.

Jack wishes he could give Xander a magic fix for his relationship but he doesn’t know what that would be. Xander figures there is no fix. Xander says Jack just listening and not judging is enough. Xander admits that looking to other people to fix his problems is what got him in to this situation in the first place. Jack calls that real emotional growth. Xander asks if there’s any word on Abigail’s case. Jack informs him that he just got a call from Rafe but unfortunately, Leo Stark is still on the loose. Xander questions Leo being the prime suspect now. Jack says not just in Abigail’s murder but in Sonny’s stabbing as well. Xander asks if the cops are sure it was him. Xander knows Leo is a scam artist and a buffoon, but he’s not convinced that Leo is a killer. Jack questions if he’s honestly defending Leo Stark. Xander admits Leo is not one of his favorite people, but Jack is, so he wants to make sure he gets justice and the real killer gets locked up. Xander calls it a gut feeling that he’s not sure that person is Leo Stark.

Gwen questions Leo thinking Nancy is setting him up. Leo argues that it makes perfect sense since Nancy hates him and blames him for breaking up her marriage to Craig. Leo adds that Nancy knew about his list as he was stupid enough to tell her that Chloe was on it. Gwen doesn’t think Nancy would ever stab Sonny or kill Abigail. Gwen says Nancy might hate him, but seems like an actually nice lady that would draw the line at killing people. Leo disagrees and says he wouldn’t put anything past Nancy. Leo then admits that he’s trying to picture Nancy stabbing someone, so maybe it wasn’t her.

Nancy announces that she can’t be with Clyde anymore as he’s obviously not the man that she thought he was. Clyde argues that he is and says it wasn’t about anything illegal. Nancy doesn’t want to hear his excuses and says she can’t keep doing this. Nancy then asks if Clyde is cheating on her. Clyde swears there is no other woman. Nancy asks if there’s another man like with Craig. Clyde promises there is no man or woman. Nancy questions what the hell he’s keeping from her then. Clyde then pulls out a ring box from his pocket and reveals it’s this.

Sonny tells Will and Chad that he was attacked from behind, so he never saw the attacker’s face. Chad suggests Marlena hypnotizing him to get his memory back. Will calls that a good idea but mentions that Marlena is under the weather so she can’t do it. Chad then suggests they don’t need Marlena and maybe they can help him get his memory back. Chad encourages Sonny to concentrate on exactly what happened when he was stabbed. Will doesn’t want Sonny to have to relive that moment but Sonny says it’s okay since Will is with him and if it gets too hard, they can just stop. Chad says he doesn’t have to do anything that he doesn’t want to do. Sonny says he wants to do it as he wants to understand what happened to him and who is responsible.

Jack tells Xander that he made his career as a reporter by seeking out the facts and not rushing to judgment but based on all the evidence the police has, he finds it very likely that Leo is the killer. Xander hopes they find him soon if that’s the case. Xander says his heart goes out to Jack for having to suffer through this investigation to find out who is responsible. Xander decides he’s going home to try and figure out how to win back his wife. Jack encourages that Sarah will come around because she loves him.

Sarah questions Maggie saying she should just forgive Xander and chalk it up to one of his many mistakes. Maggie clarifies that she’s not telling her what to do, but yesterday was their third wedding day in the past year and a half. Maggie knows it hasn’t been easy for them, but Xander spent most of that time thinking she wanted nothing to do with him, yet he never stopped loving her. Maggie offers to have Henderson take her bag up to her old room or she can go back home and start that honeymoon with her husband. Maggie asks Sarah which it will be.

Clyde explains that he didn’t want Ben to spill the beans before he had a chance to pop the question. Clyde says it’s nothing fancy but it’s all he could afford. Clyde tells Nancy that he’s trying to be the man that is worthy of a woman like her, so he wants to do this right. Clyde then gets down on one knee and proposes to Nancy.

Leo agrees with Gwen that Nancy is no killer but he thought she was the most likely suspect since he did ruin her life. Gwen points out that Nancy’s isn’t the only life he’s ruined and brings up his ex-husband Jackie Cox aka Darius Rose. Gwen says he’d have a pretty big axe to grind since he was going to take Craig’s money to split it but then stabbed them in the back..

Will tells Sonny to relax and try to go back to being in his office right after Leo left. Sonny remembers going to get a file, hearing a noise, and then the pain in his back and it goes black. Will asks about the noise he heard or if he heard or saw anything. Sonny then remembers smelling vanilla.

Nancy calls the proposal unexpected. Clyde’s having a hard time figuring out how she feels since she’s about to cry. Nancy says she’s just emotional because not too long ago, she felt rejected and foolish because she found out Craig, her husband of 30 years, didn’t love her and now she feels wanted and loved, so this means more than he’ll ever know. Nancy cries that it makes her feel hopeful. Clyde is happy to hear that because she is wanted and loved. Clyde says he’s a lucky man to have her in his life. Clyde understands he had given her plenty to be doubtful about. Nancy then accepts his proposal and they kiss.

Leo tells Gwen that she didn’t stab Darius in the back, but she’s right that he totally ruined his life but mentions that he got deported back to Canada. Gwen asks how he could come back twice to kill Abigail and stab Sonny then. Leo notes that’s a good point and talks about Darius being unable to stand the sight of blood, so there’s no way he did it. Gwen says that crosses Darius off the list then. Leo questions who it was then.

Will, Sonny, and Chad talk about whoever stabbed Sonny smelling like vanilla. Chad talks about showing up to the office and seeing Sonny bleeding on the floor, so he worried that he lost him too. Sonny assures that he’s not going anywhere.

Chad goes to see Jack and tells him that Sonny is doing much better, but much to his surprise and disappointment, Sonny is not entirely convinced that Leo is guilty. Jack notes that Xander was just there and said basically the same thing.

Xander goes home and tells himself that he has to get this right as his marriage and his whole life depends on it. Xander starts writing a text message to Sarah, but Sarah then comes home. Xander asks if she came back to get more of her stuff. Sarah says no and that she’s bringing her stuff back because she realizes that she may have overreacted. Xander says she was right to be upset with him. Sarah responds that she wasn’t right to give up on him because she loves him and made a commitment to him. Xander says he loves her so much as they kiss. Xander asks if this means she’s back. Sarah says on the condition that he has to promise to never pull anything like that again. Xander agrees because she does make him a better man and she’s all he needs or wants as they continue kissing.

Clyde puts the ring on Nancy’s finger. She calls it beautiful. Clyde promises to do the best he can to make her happy and help put her painful past behind her. Someone then enters the Pub, surprising them.

Leo wonders who hates him enough to set him up for murder. Leo then has an epiphany. Gwen questions what it is. Leo calls it a vivid image in his mind. Leo declares that he knows who the murdering bastard is, who killed Abigail and almost killed Sonny. Leo then announces that he knows who it is for real this time…

Nancy and Clyde are shocked as Craig Wesley enters the Pub.

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