Y&R Best Lines Friday, September 29, 2023

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Audra: You know, I actually think she was impressed, I stood my ground. She even offered to be my mentor.

Tucker: That’s rich.

Audra: Yes, it is.

Tucker: I’d stay away from that.

Audra: Um, I– I think she meant it.

Tucker: No, she didn’t mean it. What she meant to do was flatter you and therefore, control you. Now, you would do well to maintain a respectable distance from Nikki’s mentorship. The good news, however, is that you wouldn’t have to worry about either pleasing or upsetting her if you are still interested in, uh, changing trains and joining me on the jabot express.


Audra: You know, I have to hand it to you, Tucker. Only you would actually believe you could take jabot away from the Abbotts and make it sound easy.

Tucker: It’s more than a belief. It’s a certainty.

Audra: Hm. How so, evil genius?

Tucker: Yeah, you mock. I’m serious as a rattlesnake.

Audra: It was a compliment.

Tucker: Ah, thank you. So, I have put in motion a plan to raise suspicion that Billy Abbott has been embezzling from Jabot.

Audra: How did you manage that?

Tucker: Uh, details are boring.

Audra: Jack and Billy aren’t that stupid, okay? They’re gonna know right away that you’re behind this.

Tucker: Good. Let’ em. That’s exactly what I want ’em to think.


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Y&R Best Lines Thursday, September 28, 2023

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Billy: Look, Phyllis… I think you’re scared. You owe a lot of money and your usual sources are all dried up, and when your back’s against the wall, you start to get desperate and you make bad choices.

Phyllis: Oh.

Billy: Like getting involved with tucker McCall.

Phyllis: Mm. Wow. Listen to you. All of that from one itty bit of a phone call you overheard. Wow, you should be a fortune teller. I hear there’s a carnival leaving town.

Billy: You haven’t answered my question.

Phyllis: What’s the question?

Billy: You and tucker.

Phyllis: But why would you think I’d be involved with tucker McCall again?

Billy: I’ve seen the two of you together more than a few times. The vibe I get is that the two of you are cooking something up that’s a little south of legal.

Phyllis: Ooh, maybe we’re having an affair.

Billy: You have a better taste than that.


Phyllis: Uh, yeah, we’re finished here, there’s nothing more to discuss.

Tucker: Not even your daughter?

Phyllis: My daughter has no part in this.

Tucker: Well, in this, that’s right, that’s right. But she is eventually, going to need a job, is she not?

Phyllis: She has a job.

Tucker: What do you mean? Marchetti? Here’s the thing about that. Uh… [ Clears throat ] When I take over jabot, and I will take over jabot, make no mistake, I’m gonna streamline it, I’m gonna get back to basics, you know. The cosmetics and scents and all that crap. I just don’t see a place for fashion.

Phyllis: You’re not gonna do that.

Tucker: Watch me.

Phyllis: I’m gonna warn jack. I’m gonna tell him everything you’ve done.

Tucker: No, you won’t, ’cause you know all the dominoes that would fall if you did. You know your role in this little operation. If I go down, you go down. And considering your recent history with the law, your downfall might be a little more permanent.

Phyllis: Wow. You think you have it all worked out, don’t you?

Tucker: You’re good at the game Phyllis, but I’m better. You watch your step from now on. And I would not make any threats you can’t back up. And by the way, the money I transferred will not include your 20% aggravation fee. You should consider yourself lucky I’m not charging you the same fee, for all the aggravation you’ve caused me.


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Y&R Best Lines Wednesday, September 27, 2023

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Jack: Mamie, I could not be happier to have you back in town. Why didn’t you tell us you were coming?

Mamie: Oh, and deprive myself of the joy that I get from seeing that look of surprise on your face, Jackie? No, no. You have the best reactions of anyone that I know.

Jack: Oh, Mamie

[ Mamie laughs ]

Mamie: And it never gets old. Your father and I used to just have so much fun just watching you open the presents. Either it be on Christmas, on your birthday, just genuine delight. And awe. And now, I get to see that look on your face every time I show up at your door. Oh, I just love it! I love it.

Traci: But if you told us, we could have got your room ready, and we could have planned a– a special dinner party, maybe, um, invited over your grand niece and nephew.

Mamie: No, see, no, that’s exactly why I like to show up unexpectedly. I don’t like all this fuss.

Jack: Mamie.

Mamie: Well, look, I’m so happy that I was able to surprise you. I’m glad that we’ve had this time together, but truth be told, this reunion is not really the only reason why I’m in town.


Adam: Dad, when– when I said I wanna start from the bottom and I wanna earn my way to a higher position, this is not what I had in mind.

Victor: Son, I don’t think you and I agreed that you could choose your own starting point.

Adam: Dad, I– I thought we would be working together. You know, father and son.

Victor: Didn’t you tell me that you wanted to learn the ropes?

Adam: Yeah, not from someone who’s been in business less time than I was in business school.

Victor: This entire rebirth notion is yours. You said you wanted a chance to prove that you could change. You get your chance now.

Adam: It’s another test. That’s what this is?

Victor: Everything is a test. Every minute of every day is a test.


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Y&R Best Lines Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Adam: Good morning, Jack. Hey, congratulations, by the way. I heard you and Diane got married.

Jack: Well, thank you. I appreciate that. We haven’t had too many well-wishers.

Adam: Well, I wish you both all the best.

Jack: I appreciate that, and I hope you know i want the best for you as well.

Adam: From your tone, I’m guessing you’ve heard the best is not what I’m getting, lately. But yes, you’re– you’re right. Things have been a little rough since I’ve been fired from Newman.

Jack: Yeah, I imagine that was quite a blow.

Adam: But hey, I will survive, right?

Jack: I have no doubt at all. So, thank you for meeting me today.

Adam: Yeah, I– I wasn’t surprised to hear from you. I heard Billy tapped you as chief negotiator.

Jack: No, actually, I wanted to meet with you, to talk about tucker and whatever dirt you might have on him.

Adam: Yeah, ’cause you and i have a better relationship than I have with Billy.

Jack: I would call it less explosive.

Adam: Yeah, that’s true.

Jack: So, tell me, what have you got? I’m interested.

Adam: Well, how interested are you?

Jack: Enough to pay for it. Within reason.


Jack: We’re both busy men. Who has time for games?

Adam: I agree. You know, Billy was pushing me for a straight answer last time and I shut him down.

Jack: Well, it’s me now. What have you got?

Adam: I’ve been thinking about what I would want in return and to tell you the truth, you or Billy, at the moment, you don’t have anything that benefits me.

Jack: You’re not maybe looking for a little leverage?

Adam: No, in the past I probably would have tried to weasel a job out of this. I mean, I am technically unemployed at the moment.

Jack: I already offered you a job.

Adam: Yeah, that’s true. And if I was gonna make a play for something, I probably would go for Billy’s job, co-CEO.

Jack: The position you had before and walked away from.

Adam: Yes, the irony is not lost on me.


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Y&R Best Lines Monday, September 25, 2023

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Best Lines provided by Eva

Adam: Look, I’ve made a big deal about how I wanna live differently, without all the games. I want to get back to the basics. I wanna put in the work that it requires, okay? This is me walking the walk or at least trying to.

Sally: By telling me that you can’t stop thinking about kissing me.

Adam: Right, look, if I had pretended like it didn’t affect me, that wouldn’t fly. All right, you know me too well. It would be an act that you’d see right through. And if I said nothing about it, you would have been worried what’s really going on inside my head.

Sally: I– I– I think you’re overthinking this.

Adam: Look, when I tell people that I’m determined to live in a more authentic way, everybody gets suspicious or they just immediately dismiss the idea, or they laugh. Okay? Nobody believes it.

Sally: Since when do you care what other people think?

Adam: See, that is the point. If I’m really gonna make this change, I have to stay on track and I have to ignore those reactions. Like the one you just had.

Sally: I didn’t laugh or dismiss you.

Adam: Yeah, you kinda did. You assumed that I was putting on a front instead of just telling you the simple truth. I loved kissing you again and how it felt. It reminded me how good we are together. And for a moment there, I thought you may have been reminded as well.


Billy: You know, Jack, I think you’re right. I don’t think things are working out for me here at Jabot. I should take my energy somewhere else.

Jack: You would not be that petty.

Billy: Tell that to the aggrieved, competitive little brother.


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Y&R Transcript Friday, September 29, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Diane: Has the financial team attached a name to that account?

Jack: No, they’re still working on it.

Diane: This is serious, jack. Whoever’s doing this, whether it’s phyllis or someone else, has access to our financials and they’re being pretty brazen about it.

Jack: I have frozen all of our accounts, contacted all our vendors. Nothing is going to happen until we figure this out.

Diane: Better not be phyllis. All right, I’ve got a meeting at the club. Will you please text me as soon as you hear?

Jack: Yeah, promise.

Diane: Okay, bye.

Billy: Call the financial department. Tell them to stop looking.

Jack: Wait, what does that mean?

Billy: My name’s gonna come up on that account, jack. It’s the same thing that happened last time. They’re trying to make you believe that I embezzled money from our family company.

Jack: And by they, you mean tucker?

Billy: With an assist from phyllis? Yes.

Jack: But why? What could he gain from this?

Billy: To rattle us. Get us off our– our game, you know, put us on our heels. Let us know that he can hit us whenever he wants.

Jack: With phyllis doing his dirty work or not doing his dirty work.

Billy: She needs money, badly. We know what happens when she gets desperate.

Jack: Yes, I know all too well. So much for changing her life.

Billy: Yes.

Jack: What I don’t understand is why are they targeting only you?

Tucker: I’m not really interested in running jabot. Maybe as an advisor or something. You know, this whole takeover is really about nothing but yanking it away from jack abbott.

Audra: A purely vindictive move.

Tucker: One hundred percent. I want to punish the abbotts. I want to just– I want to hit him where it hurts. ‘Cause as far as I’m concerned, they shattered any chance I had with ashley. Any future.

Audra: Look as always, I give you an a+ for creativity. But, your ability to pull this off? I mean, not so much. I mean, don’t you think they suspect that you’re coming and are gearing up for it?

Tucker: They absolutely do. They’ve essentially told me so.

Audra: And that doesn’t worry you?

Tucker: I have a secret weapon.

Audra: What’s that?

Tucker: Not a what, a who. Billy abbott. Good evening, esther. Hi. It’s a lovely evening, is it not?

Esther: What do you have?

Audra: Double espresso.

[ Tucker speaks foreign language ]

Esther: Two double espressos coming up.

Audra: That went well.

Tucker: Yeah. I need to talk to you.

Audra: Go ahead.

Tucker: Let’s go out on the patio.

Audra: Geez.

Tucker: What did you and nikki talk about after I left?

Audra: Funny you should ask. We were talking about you.

Tucker: And?

Audra: Well, she warned me to stay as far away from you as humanly possible.

Danny: Seriously. Is everything okay, phyllis?

Phyllis: Oh, I’m great. It’s just been a pretty long day. That’s all. What are you doing here?

Danny: I’ve got some business and uh, I wanted to check in on daniel. See how he’s getting along.

Phyllis: Oh. Does daniel know you’re here?

Danny: Yeah. Yeah, he’s meeting me here.

Phyllis: Oh, nice. What?

Danny: Oh, sorry. It’s a little strange seeing you in the flesh. Last time I was in this room, I watched you die.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah. That.

Danny: Yeah. A pretty unforgettable moment.

Phyllis: Yeah. Right. Jeremy stark was coercing me to do that. He was threatening me and my family. You should know this. And the judge showed mercy on me and didn’t send me to prison.

Danny: Yeah, I know. I know. Daniel’s been keeping me up to speed on all this.

Phyllis: That’s good. You should also know I’m now the town pariah, sort of like the old days. Everybody’s staring at me and pointing fingers at me and I should be wearing a big scarlet letter on my chest. Um, from what all the fine citizens of genoa city are putting me through right now.

Danny: Okay. So you’re the victim now?

Phyllis: No.

Danny: Well, it sounds as if you think you are.

Phyllis: Okay. So, you’re angry now.

Danny: Oh, I am beyond angry with you, phyllis. Yes, I know there were extenuating circumstances, but what you did was horrible. I mean, you know what makes it worse? You did it to people who care about you. Who believed in you.

Phyllis: Don’t you think I know that?

Danny: Then stop whining about how badly everybody’s treating you around here. Take accountability for a change.

Phyllis: Okay, okay, okay. Okay. And I am trying to take accountability and I have asked for forgiveness from everyone. I’m gonna ask for forgiveness from you, please. I’m trying to make amends.

Danny: Nice speech.

Phyllis: It’s more than just a speech.

Danny: Okay, prove it.

Phyllis: Well, tell me what I have to do.

Danny: Why do you even care, phyllis? I mean, yes, we share a son and we shared a life together, but that was a long time ago.

Phyllis: I care what you think about me. I just do. Do you think I’m worthy of a second chance? Are you tired of clean clothes that just don’t smell clean?

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by… doesn’t your family deserve the best?

Daniel: Dad, hey, it’s good to see you.

Danny: Hey, it’s good to see you too, son.

Daniel: What, what, what, what’s going on here? Is this a little family reunion you forgot to tell me about?

Phyllis: Uh, no, we just ran into each other and we were reminiscing about old times.

Danny: No, we were discussing your mother’s declaration that she’s a changed person and wants to make amends for her behavior and just saying it is not enough. She’s gonna have to prove it this time.

Daniel: Oh.

Danny: Yeah.

Daniel: Speaking of which, have you given any more thought to my job offer?

Phyllis: Uh, still thinking about it.

Danny: Wow. Kind of like history repeating itself, don’t you think?

Daniel: Yeah, you really would.

Danny: Do you remember how difficult it was talking her into joining in omegasphere when it first got started?

Phyllis: Yeah, but then he was offering me a huge position with the company. Worthy of my skills and talents and now I don’t even know what I’m gonna be doing. My guess is I’ll be under the microscope, every single day, seeing if I behave.

Daniel: That doesn’t make the job any less legitimate or the paycheck any less real.

Danny: No, it doesn’T. In fact, this might be the answer. Your mother needs to be put to the test. Hey, you said you wanted a second chance. Well, this might be your one opportunity to show everybody you really have changed.

Tucker: Did nikki threaten to fire you?

Audra: She didn’t come right out and say it.

Tucker: But it was implied? Yeah. Unfortunately, it’s not a great career move to be associating with tucker mccall.

Audra: Definitely not.

Tucker: Will I have to suffer the same fate as kyle?

Audra: Stop. I didn’t agree.

Tucker: Oh, you took a defiant stand, did you?

Audra: Well, I made it very clear to nikki that, you know, while I admired her and I– I enjoyed working with her. I just didn’t appreciate her trying to tell me how to live my private life.

Tucker: Good for you.

Audra: Yeah.

Tucker: And she still didn’t fire you.

Audra: You know, I actually think she was impressed, I stood my ground. She even offered to be my mentor.

Tucker: That’s rich.

Audra: Yes, it is.

Tucker: I’d stay away from that.

Audra: Um, I– I think she meant it.

Tucker: No, she didn’t mean it. What she meant to do was flatter you and therefore, control you. Now, you would do well to maintain a respectable distance from nikki’s mentorship. The good news, however, is that you wouldn’t have to worry about either pleasing or upsetting her if you are still interested in, uh, changing trains and joining me on the jabot express.

Billy: I don’t know why he’s coming after me first. I’m sure he’s betting on you believing that history’s gonna repeat itself. That I’m gonna make a dumb, stupid move like that. But just let’s be honest about this, okay? It’s not gonna stop with me. Tucker blames our entire family for his personal life blowing up and he wants blood.

Jack: And he’s not looking inside jabot for allies anymore.

Billy: No, that ship has sailed.

Jack: We need a solid line of defense.

Billy: I agree. What happened when you met with adam? We’re gonna find out about this information he has on tucker, right?

Jack: Damn.

Billy: Damn what, jack?

Jack: I have been so caught up with mamie coming into town, with all these money transfers, I forgot to check my email to see if he sent anything.

Billy: Okay. Well, let’s do that now.

Jack: Yeah, he sent something this morning.

Billy: Please, tell me this is good news.

Jack: It’s better than good news. It’s the mother lode. -We’re done. -What about these?

Danny: Thank you.

Daniel: You know, I understand that you’re used to high profile jobs, mom, but I gotta be honest with you, I really just don’t trust you yet with anything that might compromise my business.

Phyllis: Are you kidding me? You think that I would intentionally try to sabotage your business?

Daniel: No, not intentionally and not maliciously, but you cannot help yourself but take a shortcut if you see it. And I just can’t afford any of your shortcuts right now.

Danny: What daniel is trying to explain is that we are long past the point where we just take what you say at face value. We’ve been burned too many times.

Phyllis: Okay. I mean, I get it. I get that you’re not really seeing any– listen, you haven’t seen me do anything to change. I understand that. But in my defense and it’s not an excuse, but I’m still dealing with the aftermath, you know, the whole fallout to everything that jeremy stark put me through.

Daniel: I know. I know. And I understand that. What’s going on with all that?

Phyllis: Oh, well, good news. Um, I found the account that jeremy stark was hiding all of my money in and I’m able to pay back the insurance company.

Daniel: That was fast. I mean, the other day, you didn’t know what you were gonna do. What changed?

Phyllis: Yeah. Uh, you know, it’s funny, michael. Michael got his team of investigators on it and they were able to track down some offshore account, one of jeremy stark’s, you know, offshore accounts. And anyway, I’m free and clear.

Daniel: Okay. Well, I guess I for one am happy that, that weight’s been lifted off of your shoulders.

Danny: Yeah, I guess that means there’s no more excuses. Time to do what you say you’re gonna do.

Audra: You know, I have to hand it to you, tucker. Only you would actually believe you could take jabot away from the abbotts and make it sound easy.

Tucker: It’s more than a belief. It’s a certainty.

Audra: Hm. How so, evil genius?

Tucker: Yeah, you mock. I’m serious as a rattlesnake.

Audra: It was a compliment.

Tucker: Ah, thank you. So, I have put in motion a plan to raise suspicion that billy abbott has been embezzling from jabot.

Audra: How did you manage that?

Tucker: Uh, details are boring.

Audra: Jack and billy aren’t that stupid, okay? They’re gonna know right away that you’re behind this.

Tucker: Good. Let’ em. That’s exactly what I want ’em to think.

Billy: What’s the headline?

Jack: Tucker and audra were involved in a cover-up at mccall that involved a singer and some underage girls.

Billy: Oh, my gosh. What? What? So, how– how bad was it?

Jack: Well, they covered up the cover-up. Probably to save the integrity of the company, but the guy was still arrested.

Billy: I mean, tucker, he just gets worse and worse. I mean, that’s sleazy, even for him. Adam has the evidence? We sure about that?

Jack: How, I’m not sure.

Billy: Okay. So what does he want for it?

Jack: Nothing.

Billy: Jack, it’s adam, okay. He doesn’t do anything for free, especially when he thinks he’s doing you a favor.

Jack: I’m telling you, this was free. Maybe this is part of his redemption or a persona that he’s trying to sell to victor.

Billy: No, I don’t believe that. Nothing is for free when it comes to adam.

Jack: There was one caveat. In the future, he might ask for me to return the favor.

Billy: Well, there you go. New and improved adam.

Jack: We don’t have to worry about that now. We have something here and we are gonna hit tucker hard with it.

Billy: I would like the honors of looking in his eye when I tell him that we have the upper hand.

Jack: Okay. Fine. You take care of that. And see that the money is transferred back to the jabot accounts.

Billy: Yeah, of course. I was gonna do it as soon as I got out of here.

Jack: It’s just– just a little reminder.

Billy: Okay. Can I ask you a question?

Jack: Sure, shoot.

Billy: Do you, uh, do you believe that I would actually embezzle money from the family company?

Jack: Billy, come on.

Billy: No, I’m serious. It’s– it’s just, I– I need, I need to know this. I mean, are you… look, I have history, jack. Okay. I wouldn’t put it past you to believe that I could do something like that, but in this moment right now, I need to know. Do you fully believe that tucker and phyllis are behind this embezzlement act? Or do you, for a second, still wonder if it was me?

Jack: No, billy. I did not ever think you would do this to us.

Billy: Okay, I appreciate that.

Jack: I wouldn’t put anything past tucker or phyllis for that matter. You were right. It has her name written all over it.

Billy: Well, I’ll give you the honors of dealing with phyllis.

Jack: I tell you, that’s the part that probably bugs me the most. Phyllis had other options. If she had played it straight, if she had been truthful, if she had shown she could be trusted, there are any number of people who could have helped her, myself included.

Billy: Well, some people like staying on the dark side. It’s familiar to them, it makes them feel comfortable. Trust me, I’ve been there. I get it. And tucker is the kind of guy that can exploit that. Make them feel like his way is the only way out.

Jack: That’s why we have to stop him now.

Tucker: So, the attacks on billy, setting up the idea that he’s involved in some kind of financial malfeasance, it’s just a diversion. A smokescreen for what I’m actually planning.

Audra: Does it include all the blind items you’ve planted in the gossip columns?

Tucker: I want the abbotts to believe that I’m planning my attack over here–

Audra: While you’re really making moves over there. You play chess, while they–

Tucker: While they play checkers.

Audra: So, what exactly is over there?

Tucker: Ah, it’s nothing special. Just something they will never see coming.

Phyllis: Okay, guys, I get it. You’ve been through this before with me, right? And I let you down every time. Listen, I feel like I’m on the right path this time. I do. I realize how much I have to lose if I screw up again. So, this is what I’m gonna do. So, if, um, nick and sharon don’t offer me that position, all right? If they don’t want me to work with their company, um, I will take whatever– whatever job you offer me at omegasphere. I will take it and I will do a bang-up job and I will follow directions and I will make you proud.

Daniel: It’s all I could ask of you.

Phyllis: Mm. You’re not convinced.

Danny: I want to believe every word you’re saying, I do.

Phyllis: But you can’t?

Danny: I’ll say this much. If you follow through with this and you really, really show us this time, I would be so proud of you, phyllis. You have no idea how proud. I’m jonathan lawson getting this? Water doesn’t have to be boring. With over 40 delicious flavors, cirkul starts a party for your tastebuds. No sugar, no calories and no artificial flavors. Just good times. Try cirkul, available now at walmart. (Buzz) we’re such great friends we should have a nickname,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue. At the home depot, you’ll find top-brand kitchen appliances

Jack: Phyllis, could I have a word with you, alone if you don’t mind?

Phyllis: I thought I was dead to you.

Jack: Gentlemen, uh, if you could give us a little privacy, I won’t be long.

Danny: Sure, jack. Uh, listen, phyllis, daniel and I are gonna grab a bite to eat. You wanna join us after this conversation?

Phyllis: Uh, let’s see how it goes.

Daniel: Is everything all right here?

Jack: Phyllis is in no imminent danger.

Phyllis: We just have some business to talk about. That’s fine.

Danny: All right. Let’s go.

Jack: Thank you, gentlemen.

Phyllis: All right. What’s up?

Jack: I think you know why I’m here?

Phyllis: I have no clue.

Jack: Let’s talk about tucker mccall.

Phyllis: I don’t want to talk about tucker mccall.

Jack: Don’t bother. I know he convinced you to hack into jabot’s financial system, didn’t he?

Phyllis: What?

Jack: At least have the decency to admit the truth.

Phyllis: I have no idea what you’re talking about, jack.

Jack: Moving money around to make billy look bad. That ring any bells?

Phyllis: Where are you getting this information?

Jack: I want to know why though. Why you did it? Why you decided to come after us? Is tucker offering you money? To pay your legal bills? To– to cover insurance expenses? I know you did this, phyllis. I have no doubt. I can see it in your eyes. God, so much for turning your life around.

Billy: Thanks.

Jack: Billy, I gotta say this. Promise me you won’t get sucked in for real when they offer you a position of power. I know how tempting it can be.

Billy: Like I said, it’s gonna be so easy to be pissed off at you, jack. If you don’t trust me, why are we having this conversation?

Tucker: I see right through you.

Billy: Is that so?

Tucker: Yeah. You were intrigued by the idea of running jabot all on your own. Now, you just can’t get it out of your head. And now you’re scared. Scared maybe you missed your chance. And you think, geez, with jack so punch drunk in love, I would be much better suited to run jabot. Right? And you’d have total control, total autonomy.

Billy: Whatever it takes to make things balanced again, I will do.

Tucker: Yeah, that’s very noble of you. Well, if that’s the case, you’ll have to figure out on your own how to dethrone diane.

Billy: Diane, we both know that you’re not gonna settle for the position that you’re in right now. You’re gonna want more, more input, more power. And my brother is gonna give you whatever you want. The way I see it, there’s only one person that’s gonna do whatever they can to protect my family’s company. And you’re looking at him. You still don’t trust me, do you?

Jack: Oh, come on, billy.

Billy: No, that’s what this is about, jack. It’s always been about that. You don’t think I can handle myself without your guidance.

Jack: And you can’t be criticized because you take everything I say so personal.

Billy: Because it’s always personal, jack. And very seldom complimentary. I don’t think you’ll ever see me as a true partner.

Jack: I have given you every opportunity.

Billy: See, that right there, jack. It’s you giving me the opportunity. You in control. You saying yes, no, continue. Whatever it is. One finger on the kill switch. Always expecting me to fail.

Diane: May I?

Billy: Please.

Diane: So, did you and jack come up with a plan to deal with tucker?

Billy: We’re working on it.

Diane: Care to share any details?

Billy: You can talk to jack about that. I’m sure he’ll fill you in.

Diane: You still can’t trust me, can you? Even though you say you do.

Billy: I’ve given you every benefit of the doubt, diane. I don’t know what else you want me to do.

Diane: Billy, what tucker accused you of doing…

Billy: Which accusation are you talking about?

Diane: That if his coup was successful, you were tempted by his offer to take over jabot.

Billy: That was the plan, remember? To get tucker to believe that I was sick and tired of being an afterthought in my family and then I would flip sides. On top of that, I admitted to you and jack that the impulse to run jabot was there for a split second.

Diane: So, how close did you come?

Audra: Can I ask you a question?

Tucker: Always. No guarantee of an answer, but.

Audra: Why is this so important to you?

Tucker: Do you really need me to spell it out for you?

Audra: Yeah, I guess I do.

Tucker: The abbotts convinced ashley to pull the plug on our future. I sold everything I had just to be with her. So as far as I’m concerned, mccall is something they cost me. So now, I think it’s fitting that I take everything that’s near and dear to them.

Audra: So, it’s purely vindictive.

Tucker: If you like.

Audra: Do you even want jabot or is it just a trophy? The proverbial head on the stake?

Tucker: I lost something valuable to me. Something precious. And now, it’s their turn.

Audra: Do you want to know what I think?

Tucker: Maybe.

Audra: You’re not gonna like it.

Tucker: Ah, the suspense is killing me.

Audra: I think all this retribution against the abbotts is coming from the wrong place. You know, a place of pain and denial.

Tucker: What are you? My psychoanalyst now?

Audra: Just ask yourself this one question. You know, if ashley were to come back tomorrow and she said, “you know, forgive me, tucker.” You know, “I was wrong. I did a terrible thing to you. Our plans are back on. I love you.” What would you do? I have no doubt you’d abandon this attack and, you know, fly off with her without a second thought. I brought in ensure max protein

Jack: So, how long did it take? A day? An hour? How long did it take for you to throw away all of the good intentions you spoke so much about and hitch your wagon to tucker mccall?

Phyllis: I don’t have to listen to this.

Jack: No, you have to listen to this and you’re gonna give me some answers.

Phyllis: No, I’m not. I don’t have to listen to a damn thing you have to say to me. You have no idea what I’m doing. No clue. And you have no idea what it’s like walking around this town with the condescending looks. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of being genoa city’s punching bag. So you and everybody else here can go straight to hell.

Daniel: Thank you. What do you think that was all about?

Danny: Jack?

Daniel: Mm. He seemed pretty pissed.

Danny: Yeah. It’s probably either a fresh wound or an old one. You know, with your mother, it’s sometimes hard to keep track of all the bridges she’s burned.

Daniel: No kidding.

Danny: Hey, how are you doing, daniel?

Daniel: I’m good.

Danny: Just good?

Daniel: No. No, actually, you know, I’m– I’m better than good. Things are going great with work. Lily and I, our relationship is in a good place and just hanging out enjoying each other’s company. Having fun. Nothing too serious.

Danny: Glad to hear it.

Daniel: Mm-hmm. To be honest with you, the only conflict in my life right now is with mom. And I just, I really want to believe her this time.

Danny: I want to believe her too. But hey, we both know phyllis. It’s a real leap of blind faith.

Billy: I realized what was happening and I stopped myself. Why are you asking me that?

Diane: I am asking because I know that you shared ashley’s concerns about me. That I was getting too much power at jabot. And that jack is so in love with me, he’d give me anything I want.

Billy: Yeah, I was worried about that in the beginning.

Diane: And now?

Billy: Now, I’m fine with the way things are.

Diane: That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement.

Billy: Not sure what else you want me to say, diane?

Diane: How about you admit that you still see yourself as the most rational of all of us? And that you’re deserving of taking over the top spot.

Billy: I’m not looking to take over my brother’s job right now. Just like I’m hoping you’re not looking to take over mine. But to be very frank, we need to get past this because there are far worse threats that we need to deal with.

Tucker: I hate to blow holes in your theory, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

Audra: So even if ashley gave you a sign, you’d still go after jabot?

Tucker: Absolutely. ‘Cause I can no longer trust or believe ashley anymore. And you– you just can’t undo that kind of betrayal. She showed me who she really is in paris. And so, now I’m left to believe that everything that came before was just a game. A ploy to pull me back in. She’s probably had a plan from the beginning. You know, bait and switch. Target and destroy.

Audra: I doubt that very much.

Tucker: No, all the– the slow, methodical, pushes and pulls, the teasing. Will she, won’t she? Before her pice de résistance of convincing me she’d fallen back in love with me. And then, when my defenses were down, a knife to my heart.

Audra: But why?

Tucker: God knows. Probably some long ago resentment she can’t let go of. But it doesn’t matter now. It’s done.

Audra: I think you’re wrong.

Tucker: Okay. Where is this sudden allegiance to ashley coming from? It’s not exactly like you’ve been her cheerleader in the past.

Audra: I know what someone looks like when they’re in love. Just truly, deeply in love. You know, and ashley had that for you, whether you want to believe it or not. Hey, you know, I think she did fall back in love with you. She just found it harder to break away from her family than she thought.

Tucker: I think you’ve missed your calling. Sadly, therapists don’t make the kind of money you’d be interested in though.

Audra: Yeah. Do your witty, bitterness thing, but I know what I saw.

Tucker: Not from personal experience, I assume. No, that’d be a sucker’s bet for you.

Audra: No, I’ve never been in love in that way. I thought I was, but no…

Tucker: Well, take it from me, it’s highly overrated.

Audra: Well, at least you’ve been there. And I think you still are.

Tucker: In love with ashley?

Audra: Mm-hmm. Yes. And I also believe that if you give yourself permission, you know, to go back to that place, you’d give her another chance and call off this attack.

Tucker: Let me be perfectly clear about something, audra. There is nothing that will stop me from dismantling the abbotts and taking everything they hold dear. Nothing. Doesn’t your family deserve the best?

Daniel: So, uh, how long are you planning on being in town for?

Danny: Well, I got a couple of months off of the tour and thought I’d come and check up on everybody. And, oh, by the way, I’ve got some new music I’m working on for your video game. I think you’re gonna really like it.

Daniel: I’m sure I will. Any other reason why you came back?

Danny: Well, I was– I was hoping to see christine. You know, we reached a pretty good place last time I was here and I wanted to follow up on it. But she’s not answering any of my texts.

Daniel: Christine’s in lisbon with paul.

Danny: Oh.

Daniel: Yeah. Apparently, they’re trying to work things out.

Danny: Really?

Daniel: Look, I– I don’t know any of the details. I only know what heather told me, but apparently, paul called christine, asked her to come out to portugal. That’s all I know.

Phyllis: What? Do you think I like this? Do you think I like what I put my daughter through? And the hell she’s going through right now all because of what diane and I did. And yes, diane played a part in this.

Jack: That still doesn’t explain what you’re cooking up with tucker mccall.

Phyllis: I’m not doing anything. You have to believe that. Trust me, I’m not trying to sabotage you or billy. I hate tucker. I despise him. What do I have to say to get you to believe me?

Jack: How about this? If you won’t tell me the truth, you help me find out what tucker is up to. What his bottom line is. You hack into his system. Then maybe, I’ll believe you’re sincere about your desire to make amends.

[ Knocking on door ]

Tucker: Hey.

Billy: I know what you’re up to and I’m warning you right now. You better back off.

Tucker: What are you? Drunk?

Billy: You tried to set me up. Make it look like I’m embezzling money from my family company. Except you don’t have a lot of finesse anymore, tucker. I think you might be losing it a little bit.

Tucker: Wow, this is fantastic.

Billy: Yeah, stick with me, okay? Because we’re gonna go down memory lane a little bit. Back to a time when you and audra were running the mccall record label. Remember that? There was an artist of yours that had a thing for underage girls?

Tucker: Hm.

Billy: Yeah, you must have thought that you buried all the evidence, huh? All those emails back and forth between you and audra. Talking about how you were gonna cover it all up to save your ass. Guess who’s got those emails now, tucker? I do. And I’m gonna use them to crush you. Unless you back off.

Announcer: Next week on the young and the restless.

Claire: I’m really grateful to be considered for your assistant role at newman media.

Nikki: So, tell us. Who is claire grace?

Jack: Hopefully, your little meeting with tucker will dissuade him from coming after us and we won’t need phyllis at all.

Billy: But if not?

Jack: If not, phyllis may be just the weapon we need.

Tucker: It’s been a long time since you and I were friends, but now you’ve made me your enemy.

Jill: There is something else going on underneath all this and I want to know what the hell it is.

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GH Transcript Friday, September 29, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


 trina: Thank you. Here you go. Sir. Appreciate it. Enjoy. Thank you. Oh, my god. That was amazing! The sets, the costumes, the music. I felt like I was actually at the moulin rouge! Didn’t you love it?! I did, though I did have a little bit of difficulty paying attention because I had a very pretty girl sitting next to me who I kept stealing glances at. Well, I’m definitely not as exciting as the can-can. Oh, I would disagree. To me, you are. I’m not sure toulouse-lautrec would agree. Well, it made me happy to see you so happy. Couldn’t take my eyes off you. Well, how can I be anything but happy? I’m in an incredible city with the most incredible guy. Who’s incredibly hungry. What do you think?

[ Laughs ] I’m starving. Hello, handsome. Ah. The door? I didn’t mean to wake you. No apologies necessary. I love waking up to you.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Grunting ]

[ Grunting ] Bad dream? Unfortunately, it’s not a dream. It’s, uh — it’s my reality. -Mom? -Hey. What are you doing here at this hour? I need your help. I saw willow at G.H. She’s — she’s with drew. Yeah, she insisted on checking on him, so I stayed with the kids. H-how is drew doing? He made it through surgery. He’s lucky to be alive. They almost beat him to death. He shouldn’t even be in pentonville. I have no idea what the hell that judge was thinking. I do. Judge kim used drew to advance his career, and I need you to help me prove it. Nurse baldwin, where have you been all night? The first time I’m seeing you. It’s been so busy. I’ve been assisting in surgery for the past three hours. What about you? Why are you here so late? Well, I couldn’t leave without saying hi to you.

[ Rain falling ] You’re all wet, madam! Nothing gets past you, giles. Why is it only raining on this godforsaken island?! You know, not a single drop anywhere else! Spoon island is a microclimate. Oh. Well, thank you for the science lesson. Well, I’m not meant to be dry today, obviously, so in keeping with the wet theme, I’m gonna go and take a long, hot bath. No, you won’t, madam. Just stop it with the “madam,” giles, and tell me, why can’t I take a bath? I’m sorry, but the hot water heater isn’t working due to intermittent power outages on the island from the storm. Oh. Right. The microclimate, huh? Precisely. Well, please tell me that the vodka and olive situation hasn’t been affected by the storm. Not to my knowledge. Hot dog! Well, fix me a martini, will you? And I’m gonna get out of these wet clothes. How would you like your martini? Dry, giles. Very dry. Banker muller: Welcome, ms. Spencer. Oh, actually, it’s collins now. Oh, I’d love for you to meet my husband, dr. Kevin collins. Ah. Hans muller. Pleased to meet you. Mr. Muller. Have a seat. Thank you. I’ve known your lovely wife for years. Oh, yes. My gosh. How long have we been doing business? Wait. Don’t answer that. I don’t think I want to know that number. But he’s been a friend of the family for a long time. So what can I do for you, mrs. Collins? You can help me find my son.

I’m flattered. But I’m not buying it. What? There’s gotta be another reason you’re still here. Your shift ended hours ago. Oh, I am insulted.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, well, maybe I am waiting around for some lab results, but the thought of seeing you was an added incentive for sticking around. Oh, well, you won’t be seeing me around here at night anymore ’cause the kids are done with camp, school’s about to start, and I have to switch back to days. I like seeing you anytime I can, but I got to admit, these — these nights have been kind of special. I wouldn’t necessarily call a 12-hour shift “special.” I sort of meant spending time with you has been nice. Our talks on the roof. When you stole my spot? O-okay. I thought we pretty much cleared this up. That bench was always my spot. I’m pretty sure

you are the interloper. Interloper? I’ve never been described as an interloper. Well, if the bench fits. Hey, whoever gets there first, okay? That sounds like a challenge.

[ Chuckles ]

[ Pager beeps ] Ugh. Patient calls. Good night, dr. Finn. Good night, nurse baldwin. So how’d it go with charlotte? I’m sure she was excited, you know, spending the night at your place. Yeah, she was. She was. It’s just she’s going through a lot right now. It’s difficult for her. She’S…acting out. S-she’s, what, 14? It’s hard for me to believe this, but she’s 15. Well, acting out comes with the territory at that age. Yeah. You got to be, you know — have patience with her. I am. I am. It’s just… yeah? You know, when valentin and I were together, I was her stepmother for a while. And even though we’re not together now, I still think of charlotte as my family. Family is very important. It’s the most important thing. Yeah. Hey… since we’re on the subject of family… …we need to talk about yours. Not that I don’t appreciate the company, but what are you doing here, willow? Michael and I heard about the attack, and we were so worried about you. Hm. I had to come see you. So michael stayed home with the kids. Well, that is very sweet. But you didn’t have to come. It’s the least I can do.

[ Chuckles ] You literally saved my life. If you hadn’t rescued liesl, I wouldn’t have gotten the bone-marrow transplant, and I might not be here. A visit from me certainly can’t compare, but I wanted you to know that I’m thinking about you. Thank you. Is there anything you want or need to talk about? The attack? No. No. Well, there is — there is one thing I need to know, and it’s — it’s pretty important. Anything. I need to know how wiley’s tee-ball team is doing.

[ Chuckles ] My son has been missing for months now, and I’m afraid that something’s happened. He hasn’t contacted you at all? No. No. And he left behind two sons. One of them is just a baby. And I don’t believe that he would just abandon them. So I’m actually kind of afraid that maybe he’s being held against his will. Kevin and I have been searching for him for weeks now, but we haven’t come up with any leads. We’ve been to all the cassadine properties in russia and greece, but there’s no sign of him. I’m happy to try and help any way I can. But what makes you think nikolas is in geneva? Because his money is here. Ava: Thank you for making this fire, giles. I know it’s a bit early for it, but I was so damp. I feel better already. And, you know, I’ll feel even better once I get the martini.

[ Electricity crackles ][ Thunder crashes ]

[ Gasps ] Ohh! Oh!

[ Gasps ] I’m so sorry. Let me get you a napkin. No, no, no, no, no. It’s quite alright. I told you I wasn’t meant to be dry tonight. This came from the real-estate agency. Oh, thank you. Well, thank you so much. I’m off this evening, but there’s plenty of food in the kitchen. Well, I’ll be having a liquid dinner. Thanks so much. And get home safely.

[ Thunder rumbles ] I cannot wait to move off this island. What a beautiful night. Thank you, spencer. There’s no reason to thank me. All I did was place a few phone calls, one to the hotel, another to the restaurant, and then to the ticket concierge. It’s not a big deal. Well, though everything has been wonderful, I’m not talking about the reservations. I know how hard it is for you to get away, and you have to deal with esme and be there for ace. And I just want to let you know how grateful I am that you made time for us. I love us. Me too. And… I love you, spencer cassadine. So very much.

God. I can’t believe this is all my fault. This is not on you, mom. Oh, michael, it is, too! I’m the one who insisted on investing in aurora. I’m the one who took my chance and I put all my money into that stock. That’s what led to the insider-trading charges. You had no idea that was gonna happen. Yes, someone is to blame, but it’s not you. Whoever called the sec, they’re to blame. Do you still think it was ned? There’s no way to know. Now that he thinks he’s — he’s eddie maine, we may never know, but I’m — I’m working on it. What do you mean, you’re working on it? I may have a lead on the whistleblower, okay, but — really? Yes, but that’s not gonna get drew out of prison any sooner. I’ll fill you in later, but right now we need to focus on getting him home. Okay. Okay. I reached out to diane. And she thinks that our best strategy is to put pressure on the judge to either reduce or commute drew’s sentence. Okay, well, how do we do that? I have some information on the judge, and I’m gonna use it. And these days, all the kids get a trophy. And wiley didn’t understand it at first, since, you know, they lost every game. He said, “mom, I thought only winners get trophies.” So I told him everyone is a winner at tee-ball. Ah. Well… has he maybe tried soccer? Oh, no. Young mr. Corinthos wouldn’t even consider it. I’m afraid wiley takes after his dad. He is so stubborn. He will not give up no matter how many times he strikes out. Aww.

[ Laughs ] Nina came last week, and she could not believe how committed our slugger is. Wow. Well, that must mean that you and nina are getting along, huh? It’s going better than I ever imagined. Nina’s been respecting boundaries. She always calls to make sure it’s okay to come over. She’s great with the kids. And wiley loves his grandmother. Lights up when he sees her. I’m so happy that things are going better. That’s great. And how’s michael doing with all this? I mean, has his opinion of nina changed? Like I said… michael’s stubborn. Something happen between you and michael? No. No. It’s not michael. It’S…gladys. What did she do now? Well, sonny, she’s in serious debt. She owes a lot of money to selina wu. Well, that’s somebody you don’t want to mess with. How’d you find out? She came to me. She came to my office. She asked me for money. She wanted me to bail her out because she was too afraid to approach you. Let me guess how she got into this hole. Gambling. She lost a lot of money. Apparently she’s been playing for months. Damn it! The hell is wrong with gladys?! Didn’t she see what gambling did to mike? It pretty much destroyed his life! What was she thinking?! Well, that’s the point, sonny. She wasn’t thinking. And I hate to tell you this, but it gets worse. Before she came to me, she found another way to get the money. How? Gladys was stealing money from sasha. Here’s to the end of the wyndemere era. Good riddance to this place and everything that happened here. Is this how it ends between us, ava? You turned my own son against me? You saw fit to weaponize spencer! I can’t take credit for that. You did it all by yourself. When avery is gone, I guarantee you will feel an emptiness in your soul like I will for the rest of your life.

[ Grunts ] Unh! We have a saying in the U.S. “Follow the money.” That’s what led us here. Is there anything you can tell us? Nikolas indeed has a substantial amount of money with us, but it’s separate from the cassadines’ estate. As you know, the assets are entailed, so they belong to the estate and can only be used by the designated heir. Nikolas has several separate accounts. A large amount was sent to him by his uncle victor. My condolences on his death. Oh, that won’t be — are there… has there been any recent activity in nikolas’ accounts? Yes, as a matter of fact, there’s been quite a bit. There have been several withdrawals at this bank. Well, have you seen him, then? No, but let me print out all the records for you. I’ll be back in a second. Thank you. Thank you very much. This could mean that nikolas is alive. Oh, kevin. I hope so. I do not believe you. What? That I’m in love with you? You better believe it. No, no, no. It took you so long to say it. I was just professing my love to you back in the hotel room, and then you didn’t say anything back, so I just assumed that — that I didn’t feel the same way. Well, I didn’t know. Why didn’t you say anything back then? Well, I learned a thing or two from aunt stella. She said good things come to those who wait. Okay, well, I would have waited an eternity to hear you say those words. And I’m so glad that you finally did. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’m not exactly the most patient person in the world, trina. Oh, no. You?!

[ Laughs ] What are you thinking about, spencer? How I am the luckiest guy in the world. I’ve loved you for so very long, trina. Since the day that I met you. That was a long time ago, wasn’t it? We’ve certainly been through a lot since then.

Just the way you say my name trina!

[ Gasps ] Thank you for catching me, mr. Cassadine. Well, I’ll always be there to catch you, ms. Robinson.

You make me catch my breath

I knew the night we met

I was never leaving trina: They’re beautiful. Spencer: Every time I look at those figurines, I think about how much I missed you last christmas. Just like these two doves, we are a matched pair. We belong together. Do I make your life better or just harder? Seems like you’re there for me when it’s important. No, it seems like I’m always the one who is getting you into dangerous situations. That’s okay. I wouldn’t change it. Spencer!

Ohh, I need yes! Yes! Yes!

Here and now, kiss me now

baby, you’re my everything trust that I’m not going anywhere.

Hold me close

all I know, here’s where I want to be the best is yet to come.

So you’re telling me that gladys is stealing from her daughter-in-law. Yeah, gladys has been siphoning money from sasha’s bank account for months until she drained it. And she was desperate because she still owed selina wu a lot of money. And then when sasha came to gladys and said that she wanted to end the conservatorship, then she panicked. Gladys doesn’t want anyone to know what she’s been doing. Sasha came to me months ago and said she felt stronger and she didn’t need a guardian. Gladys told me that… she was against ending the guardianship. Are you trying to tell me that she… tried to make sure this didn’t happen? Sonny, gladys did a lot more than just that. I get where michael’s coming from. I really do. We all know how carly feels about nina, but, man, I just keep getting reminded. Not only is life short, it is so fragile. We shouldn’t just waste our time arguing with people and holding grudges.

[ Inhales sharply ] It just takes too much energy. I know. After losing my mother, I realized how important family is. I mean, harmony was never really my family, but the quartermaines are. Mm. I feel so blessed to be a part of them. They are so generous and loving and — and crazy. And stubborn. And combative. And —

[ Laughs ] I know, I know. But I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Neither would I.

[ Faucet squeaks ]

[ Thunder crashes ]

[ Screams ] Okay. Here are the current records for mr. Cassadine’s accounts. Thank you. Thank you so much. Oh. Wow! Ha. There are quite a few withdrawals, aren’t there? And these dates line up. They started just a few months ago. Yeah, right after nikolas went missing. And my colleagues tell me the withdrawals were made in person by mr. Cassadine. Uh, as you can see, there’s a recent transfer for a substantial amount. Yeah.

[ Chuckles ] I will leave you with these records. I have to attend to another matter. Thank you. I — you’ve been so helpful. I can’t thank you enough. Always a pleasure, laura. And nice meeting you, dr. Collins. We appreciate you looking into this. Thank you. Of course. He’s alive. My son is alive. Oh, thank god! And this might lead us to him. Ohh. Would you like to see our dessert menu? No, thank you. We have to get going. I’ll take the check. Thank you.

What are we thinking?

[ Laughs ] I’m not thinking. I’m tired of thinking. I don’t want to think anymore. Me neither. Gladys insisted that sasha needed to leave ferncliff now. I mean, she needed to get away from this so-called doctor that was taking care of her, and the only way to do that was to pay this guy off. Son of a bitch! Yeah, well, a lot of stuff happened, but the bottom line is, cody bell broke sasha out of ferncliff. Dante’s friend? Yeah. I mean, somehow he got into ferncliff and he took her with him. Gladys said that cody kidnapped her, but I don’t buy that. I am sorry that gladys put you in this position. No, I-I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you earlier. I was just trying to fix it myself. Anyway, you do not need to apologize. Gladys is family. I’ve put up with this way too long. That’s on me. Gladys will be dealt with. Thanks for coming to see me.

[ Monitor beeping ] So, diane said this judge is hoping to get a seat on the circuit court, and it’s really important because it’s a stepping stone to the supreme court. What does that have to do with drew’s sentence? He was hoping to look good. I mean, he may have given drew a harsher sentence because he wanted to look good to the justice department. I don’t know, michael. I don’t know. I know it’s all speculation and it’s gonna be really tough to prove actual misconduct. What if we don’t have to prove it? What if the appearance of misconduct is enough? What do you mean? Well, let’s say that we get this story out in the press. Maybe drew’s case gains some traction. Yes! We could get alexis to run a piece in the invader, and that would put pressure on the judge! We have to tread lightly, though, because alexis is a former attorney and she’s scrupulous. Alexis wouldn’t run a hit piece on judge kim just because you ask her to. She wouldn’t do it for me. But there’s someone else she’d do it for. What the hell are you doing here? Did giles let you in? What? The guy in the penguin suit? Oh, he’s long gone. What do you want, mason? Well, it depends. What are you offering? Nothing. I said my piece yesterday, so get out of here! I said get out of here, or I’ll call the cops! Go for it. We’ll be long gone before they even get here. We? Yeah. Spencer…

it’s your love

it’s your love

I’m caught up in the midst of it

feel my touch, such a rush

right here in the thick of it

now I see you’re all I need

here and now, kiss me now

baby, you’re my everything

hold me close, all I know

here’s where I want to be

just the way you say my name

it pulls me closer in

you make me catch my breath

I knew the night we met

I was never leaving

and now I see you’re all I need

here and now

kiss me


Ahh. Alexis just doesn’t write a story at anyone’s request, so who are we talking about here? I’ll let you know when it works. But you — you said you had a lead on who tipped off the sec. Yeah. You know how I was convinced that it had to be ned. But then before eddie surfaced, ned said that he had nothing to do with it. Yeah, and olivia insists that ned is innocent. And until ned knows who he is, we’re not gonna get any information there. I know. I know. So I’ve taken other steps to get to the bottom of this. I was able to cultivate a contact at the sec. We are going to find out who turned you and drew in. That’s a promise. You know, honey, we can’t fix anything tonight, so why don’t we just — why don’t we go to bed? Okay? Come on. Yeah. What’s all that? Oh, this is just a few things that olivia said she was gonna send me for wedding planning. I thought it was a few things and not “war and peace.” I mean, meghan and harry had less paperwork. It’s gonna take me forever to get through all this stuff. You know, I just — I’m just not in the right head space for any of this. You got a lot on your plate. I do. I do. I’m up to my neck in the december issue of crimson. And get this — we were supposed to have a photo shoot. No, we are gonna have a photo shoot tomorrow, but my model, she bailed on me last-minute, so we’re in a scramble to try to find somebody el– you know what? It doesn’t even matter. The most important thing is us. The only thing that matters is planning our wedding. No. Actually, the only thing that matters… is getting married. How can — what are you doing here? I came looking for you. Why? I came to warn you. Warn me? About what?!

[ Mouthing words ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] I have no words for you.

[ Laughing ] Wow.

[ Sighs ] Yeah. Wow. Ohh… you see anything? I’m looking for a pattern, some clue as to where nikolas might be now. But, you know, it’s this one very large withdrawal. Do you think maybe he opened another account so that he could maybe hide what he’s doing or where he is? Maybe. But we’re not gonna figure out anything right now. Let’s take these back to the hotel for champagne. For champagne? Yes, champagne. This is information worth celebrating. Yes, it is, isn’t it? Oh, yes! My son’s alive, and that is worth celebrating. Oh, my goodness. And our search was not in vain. I’m not going anywhere with you. I wouldn’t do that if I were you. You stay away from me. You ratted us out, ava. Wasn’t smart.

Amy, have you checked on mr. Lamming in 1002? I have, and he’s fine. Good. You look tired. You want me to get you one? Nothing like a little caffeine to help get you through the night shifts. Ooh. No, no, no. I will never sleep tonight if I have one of those. Dr. Finn! Here are the labs you’ve been waiting…for. Thank you. Uh, wait a minute. Why do you both have wet hair? Hey. You know when I’m happiest? When? When I’m with you. Really? Really. I mean it. Hello. I assume you’re here for more money. Yes. I need to make another withdrawal. You just missed your mother. Oh. Did I? Yeah. She was here with her husband. They’re looking for you. See, nikolas, your mother is a very gracious woman. She loves you. And your disappearance… gave her a large amount of pain. Be a good son… and do the right thing. I plan to.

[ Thunder crashes ] Carly: Why aren’t you sleeping? You should be resting. I got some sleep. And then willow came to visit. And I’m sure that I’m going to — I’m gonna nod off again. So I’m good. You — you should go home. You should be with the girls. Josslyn’s with them. They’re fine. I’m not gonna stay long. I just needed to be with you. Even if it’s just to watch you sleep. I love you. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Don’t worry. Everything is gonna be okay. You’re damn right it’s gonna be okay… because I’m gonna make sure of it. Is drew okay? Yeah, I-I think so. It looks like drew will recover. The surgery went well. We had a good visit. I’m really glad I saw him. Willow, what’s wrong? It — it’s — it’s nothing. Willow, if you’re not feeling well, you have to tell me. No, no, it’s — it’s not that. After I left drew’s room, I sat in the lounge for a bit and nodded off. Willow, you’re pushing yourself too hard. You should have waited before going back to work. Okay. I guess I was a bit more tired than I realized. But that’s — that’s not what’s bothering me. I… had the strangest dream about my mother. What, nina? No. Harmony. But it was only a dream. I don’t care about the dress and the flowers and the — the cake. It doesn’t matter! Well, it seems like it matters to you ’cause you’re doing a lot of planning. Yeah. Right. Yeah, I mean, I have, but, you know, it’s all so insignificant right now with everything that has happened this last few months, with sasha being committed and curtis getting shot. I mean, planning a big wedding, I feel really guilty about that because a lot of people that we love are suffering. Yes. I got an idea. You do? What? Why don’t we elope? I’m serious. Listen. All we care about is to say our vows and become husband and wife. You even said that you don’t want to deal with this right now. I know, but — but — sonny, elope? No, it’s — the planning’s gonna be out of control. Olivia’s gonna keep coming to you with, you know, more options. Do we really care what icing is on the cake?

[ Chuckles ] I don’t know. It’S… we will fly to the island tomorrow. We will get married. What do you say? I say yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

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Days Transcript Friday, September 29, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Yes, your job is to eradicate every vestige of Maggie Horton’s hideous bourgeois taste. Oh, yeah, come after lunch, and we’ll start from scratch. And, oh. And bring a dumpster. Everything goes. Everything.

Also loud.

I’m coming. I’m coming.

Good you’re here. I gave it the office. Dad told me the score. Your dad told you the score. It’s my ex dad. Bad no more.

Okay. The sun is out, the leaves are turning wondrous colors, and the birds are singing. Meaning… Meaning it’s time to turn this day into the bleakest… Darkest and most hopeless day that my husband and best friend have ever experienced. Oh, great minds. Those swine have betrayed me in the most unimaginable way.

Now we just have to find a punishment. Something that will fit their crimes.

Gabby! Stefan! Open the door, you are in mortal danger! Please, listen to me, I’m the only thing standing between you and certain death!

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

No one’s hurt, right? You two are gonna be just fine. It’s just a little flesh wound. Do you know how to do CPR? Leo, it’s no use. You’re beating a dead horse. You actually went through with it? You killed them? It would appear so. Oh my god, what the matter with you? Oh, but darling. Everything I did, I did it for us.

For us.

Oh, thank God. A dream. Just a horrible, ghastly dream.

Well, why the closed door, Kristen? There are no secrets in this house, are there? Oh, no. It was my idea, my darling. To close the doors, that is. Because I, I didn’t want you to hear what I was asking, Kristen. Relationship advice.

No, no, um, no, uh. Not that. I was, um, asking her on what to surprise you with. Surprise me? What kind of a surprise? A very fun surprise, of course. Because I think you so deserve it. Doesn’t he deserve it? I think he deserves it. Because…

Because you’re… The man.

That I almost immediately overnight. Well, uh, let’s not forget who fell in love with you nearly as quickly. Oh, trust me. Gwen never lets herself forget that for one single day. Um,

Alex, come on, you can’t think like that. I can’t think like what? I can’t tell it like it is? That the guy that I thought was my dad apparently had nothing to do with my being brought into the world? And that actually explains a lot, and why he’s such a low respected, you know, dignified guy, and I’m not. Oh, come on, that’s not And why you?

The guy who I thought was my brother is loved by one and all. And I’m not. Okay, first of all, that is so not true. Can you leave now, please? No! What? No! I’m not gonna leave until I figure out why you’re feeling so damn sorry for yourself, alright? Nothing has changed. I am still your brother. Dad is still your dad.

Right. It’s just that my mother had an affair with Victor and obviously they were too stupid to use a birth control, so they had a baby, a. k. a. me. And even though Uncle Victor… Didn’t think that I deserved to know that my father wasn’t my father. You say that doesn’t change anything, right? That doesn’t matter?

I’m not, I’m not saying that it doesn’t matter. What I’m saying is my relationship with you, Dad’s relationship with you, the connection we have with each other, the love. We have for each other. Why does any of that have to change? Why does it have to change? I’ll tell you why it has to change. Sonny, a little thing called reality.

Some stone cold facts, and here they are. You ready? Listen. I’m listening. My dad is not my dad. And you and I are not brothers. End of story.

Did you get my message last night? I told you I needed to see you and it was very important. I got your message. I ignored it. And you are trespassing. Not when I have this. It seems that Victor did have a will after all. And this is

it. So what is it like? I mean, is it nicely decorated? Is there a view? I’m so curious. Hmm. Well, Sloan’s apartment is, it’s lovely. I mean, it’s bright, it’s spacious. The important thing is that Eric seems to be happy. Seems to be? Well, he did say that he and Sloan are very compatible. Wow. You know, I wish them both the very best.

Speaking of moves, have you heard the latest about Vivian? Well, I heard that she had resurfaced. That she had ensconced herself in a mansion and, uh, She was, uh, parading as the victor’s widow. Mm hmm. Well, that is the gist of it. But I heard from Bonnie that all of that is about to end. Really? Mm hmm. Really.

I’m very pleased to report that Vivian Alamein is going to be kicked out on her ass. Huh? You can wave paper in front of my face all you want, Maggie, but the… Fact is, Victor told his lawyer… To destroy the will. Yes. Victor ordered the will that was on file with his estate lawyer to be destroyed and then he wrote this one, Dian.

You really should put that phone down ’cause you need to focus.

This is preposterously. Convenient in point. Unbelievable. Well, in your case, it’s decidedly inconvenient.

My new lawyer discovered that due to a clerical error, my divorce from Vivian Allemagne was never properly executed. This means my beloved Maggie is not legally my wife. It is a mistake I intend to rectify the moment I return to Salem. And then, trust me, heads are gonna roll. He loves saying that. It’s my intention to finalize my divorce and make Maggie my wife as soon as possible.

And in the meantime, I want to ensure that she is provided for in the event of my death. To that end, I hereby leave. 50 percent of my entire estate to Margaret Simmons Horton. Well, I won’t go on because the rest doesn’t involve you. Oh, the hell it doesn’t. Huh, there’s still 50 percent left to go after. Oh, yes.

How about that other 50? Hmm. You know, I really wish you wouldn’t do this, Alex. Do what? Face reality? The reality is you’re wallowing in this self pity when you should be counting your blessings. Alright, our dad, and yes, I’m gonna keep calling him our dad, our dad is a great guy. With a huge heart, and he loves all of his kids, and that includes, and will always include you.

And for you to stand here, and act like your whole world has been turned upside down, and to act like you’re having this self identity crisis, you know what? It’s honestly a little self indulgent and pathetic. Oh, well I’m ready for you to leave now. I am leaving, actually. I’m leaving Salem. I have a plane to catch in about an hour.

And I, I wish I didn’t have to leave Dad like this. But I have to get back. Look at me. And I wish I didn’t have to leave you.

Look, in spite of everything I just said, I know, I know, man, you’re dealing with a lot right now. Okay, and that, that, you’re just venting, and that I’m the person you feel comfortable venting with. I really don’t need to hear all the psychobabble right now. Psychobabble? Okay, how about this then? Stop wallowing.

Wallowing? I’m wallowing? I can’t wallow? Yes, you’re wallowing. You’re drinking yourself into a stupor. You’re isolating yourself from the world. I mean, what else would you call it? I would call it needing some time to think, Sonny. Some time to think alone. To think about the fact that everything I thought about myself up until this point was a lie.

Like the fact that I thought I knew who my father was. Like I thought I knew who my brother was. Listen to me. You’re not listening to me. Listen. Dad’s genetics. His DNA. That’s not what made us brothers. It is the time that we spent together. Is my mom any less of a mom to you? Because she’s not your biological mother?

Our past. None of that has changed, man. You know what, you, you remember you got a D minus in biology and now you’re using genetics to say I’m not your brother? You know what, man? Screw you!

Here’s what I don’t get. Why is Dimitri ignoring our message from last night? I think this calls for a threatening text. How out of character for you. I don’t know what’s worse. Reminding him that he’s going to be losing all his Fun Moisture money when we reveal that his marriage to Gwen is a sham. Or wondering aloud what Gwen might do to his manhood when she finds out he’s been sleeping with Leo.

Why not a little bit of both? Why not? Indeed. I think we need to tighten our thumbscrews here, okay? Once we get Dimitri’s shares, we’re gonna be top dogs at DiMera. Okay, not so fast, Gabby. Because since we last talked about this, I’ve done some thinking, and I counted all the shares. And if we get Dimitri’s, we will only have enough to be in a tie for who has the most votes.

Am I loved? You don’t need to go through the trouble of surprising me. You know I’m more than happy. Status quo. Oh, I know you are, my darling. But you see, I read somewhere that surprises are the secret to a fairy. Happy marriage. Oh, really? Well, now you’ve got me on pins and needles. Good. That’s exactly where I want to start.

Okay. Well then, I, uh, I will take my leave and let you conspire. Oh, no, no, no, no, no, Dimitri. Don’t, don’t go. We need to talk about the outstanding DiMera business. Remember? Nonsense. We can talk about that any time. Let me go get the door and let you and Gwen get back to planning my surprise.

Did you see that? You couldn’t wait to get away from me. Oh, that little weasel. Well, wait until he finds out what kind of a surprise you have in store for him. Just not the surprise that he’ll be expecting. Oh, don’t say that again. Oh! But let’s just be real. Let’s call it what it is. A punishment, as you so aptly did earlier.

And there is only one punishment that fits his crime. I’m listening. We have to kill him.

Tell me you didn’t kill Gabby and Stefan. Tell me you’ve been down. I don’t know if I didn’t kill them. Oh, thank God. Please, by all means, be a little bit louder next time so the whole household knows my plan.

After all, the shares? Right. And again, if we get Dimitri’s, that will only put us in a tie with EJ’s camp 7 to 7. Hear me out. We’ve got my shares and Jake’s, right? I would imagine Kristen, Steven, and Peter will vote with me. But then on EJ’s side, he’s got Tony, and Chad, and Lee, and Johnny, and also Kate’s shares, right?

I can’t imagine any of those people switching sides anytime soon. Yeah, but it doesn’t necessarily mean a stalemate. I mean, what about Lee? What about him? Gabby, there’s no way he’s gonna switch to our side. There’s, there’s too much history. Well, it’ll take some convincing, but it’s doable. Okay, and just how exactly do you plan on convincing Lee?

Well, it’s not gonna be that hard. I’ll seduce him. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

Not dead. Dimitri. Yes.

You are joking, aren’t you? I am only thinking of you, love. You heard about how poor Maggie Horton is out on the street because Victor died without a will? And now Vivian has everything because she is still his legal wife. So? So? Oh, God. If Dimitri buys the farm, then you get every dime coming to him from that stupid codicil.

Not quite. You see, the marriage has to be in effect for at least a year for that codicil to kick in. Ah, but it doesn’t say anything about what happens if one of you dies before the year is up. Right, okay, that’s if I want him dead, yes? But what about you? You don’t give a damn about anyone but yourself and killing him.

You’re just gonna get part of the installment that he got. Why are you so willing to go nuclear? Because I know who’s kind. And these things you have to just nip in the bud. Yeah. Well, sorry, I’m not a murder. Oh gosh. Gwen , you broke out of prison to kill your own sister. Yeah, no. Yes. No, I did not. That’s not true.

That’s not why I came here to kill my sister. I only tried to set up Sarah to make it look like she was attacking Abigail. Right, right. And that is on par with jaywalking. Okay, look, you told me that he went to go deposit a cheque in a bank account that he doesn’t think I know anything about. Yes? Why don’t I go to the bank and withdraw every bloody penny and then you and I can split that?

I mean, isn’t that enough for revenge?

You’ve become such a prude. All right, Gwen. If that’s what you can

live with. Okay. I’ll go to the bank now. You hold down the fort.

I am giving you a lot more than that.


Sorry, Gwen. Dimitri has it coming

to him. No, Dimitri, it is just plain wrong. And it’s dangerous! And most important, conjugal visits are not my thing. I am not going to prison, okay? And I am also not giving Gabby and Stefan my shares at Damerica. Gabby is texting me again. This woman is so tiresome. She really does need to die. No, Dimitri!

Please, listen to me! You wouldn’t get away with it. Just let them have the damn shares. You will still have tons of money from marrying Gwen. And how rich do you need to be? I asked a question I never thought I’d hear you ask. There has to be another way, because if something happens to the two of them and the cops question me, I know that I will fold like a cheap lawn chair and I will lose you forever.

Hey, stop. No. You’re not gonna lose me. Then… Then say you’re not gonna do it. Say you will find another way that you’re not going to kill them, please. Please.

Lord, you are persistent. Fine. Fine. They can live the two of us. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank

you. Just what I needed. Tough love. Actually, it is what you needed, Alex.

Are you at least talked to, Dad? You mean my cousin Justin? And I thought I was getting through to you. No, I mean your dad. The guy who raised you. No, I haven’t talked to the guy who raised me, not since after he told me about the letter. After that, I found… That bottle. And that, as they say, was that. Okay.

Well, since you’re obviously too self absorbed… To think about how this new development is affecting everyone else

that is hurting too, Alex, so I suggest you get cleaned up and you go talk to him. Has no point. There’s no, what do you, what do you mean? What do you mean? There’s no point? You, you have to talk to him. The two of you have to talk. I did talk, I did talk to him and it didn’t make sense last night. It doesn’t make sense this morning because at the end of the day, Victor knew that he was my dad.

And he never said a word. I know, and that’s… It’s messed up. Obviously. But there has to be a reason why he did what he did, and I’m, I’m sure he struggled like hell with it. Yeah, and what reason could he possibly have had, Sonny boy?

I don’t know. I don’t know, maybe he thought that his nephew Justin would be a better father than he ever could be. I don’t, I don’t, you would have to talk to Phillip about that. Okay, well then here’s the burning question, Sonny. Why did I have to find out that he was my father after he was dead? He leaves me half his fortune?

What, to try and make up for lying to me my whole life? For pretending to be my uncle? How am I supposed to feel about that? I don’t even know if I want the damn inheritance! Okay, can we not talk about that right now? Because the money aspect is not nearly as important as how everyone is feeling right now.

The important thing is that you try to come to terms with this, Alex. You try to deal with this anger. That you actually try to figure out why Uncle Vic did what he did.

And most importantly, you gotta think about Dad, ma’am. Because I guarantee you, he’s just as messed up as you are about this.

But make no mistake, okay? He does. And he always will. Love you like a son. Alright, and I do. And I always will love you like a brother.

Everything else is pretty meaningless in my book.

You agree with me, don’t you?

It’s not even if I do agree with you. I can’t just let go the fact that I was deceived all my life. I can’t just suddenly learn that Victor Kiriakis is my father. And not be changed in some very fundamental ways. Do you understand that, Sonny? I have to rethink everything. Everything.

Alex. No, not him. Angelica’s letter was crystal clear. So was Victor’s will. Angelica. And Victor. Oh, I was just telling Alex that he had his mother’s killer instinct. Obviously, he has a double dose. Let’s stay on topic, shall we, Vivian? The new will is crystal clear. I get half of Victor’s estate, Alex gets the other half, and there is no third half.

Halves? Halves? There are no halves. It’s all in line.

So, Victor had written a new will. Mm hmm. Yeah, he did, to the tremendous relief of Maggie and the rest of the family. I can only imagine. So that means that Vivian has no claim on the mansion, or anything else for that matter. Yep. Just as I said, she is out on her ass. Could you imagine how satisfying it’s going to be to picture her, that malevolent creature, finally getting what she deserves?

Well, that was very dramatic, but completely useless. Not unlike you. Get out of my house. Oh, Vivian. Did you really think that I was going to let you in the same room as the original Will? That I would come back here before I had it probated. Ah, you know, you have always underestimated me. I am not leaving.

Possession is nine tenths of the law. And you’re always so predictable. No, no, I’m mercurial. You’re predictable. And I’ve come prepared.

How? Prepared how? Deputy Pratt, we’re ready for you now. Deputy? What? What the? That is your eviction notice. Let’s go, Ms. Elliman. It’s Mrs. Kiriakis. Now, if she gives you any trouble, just shoot her. Kristen, I won’t be long.


Mattie. What brings you here and what are you two plotting now? Oh, uh, nothing. I, come here, I came to see you. I missed you and I was hoping we could maybe grab some breakfast before work. Oh, golly. Sorry, I wish I could. I’ve just got lots of errands to run in town. Secret errands. Soon then? Yes, absolutely.

And why are you hogging matters? All of a sudden, it seems like ages when you went to go answer the door when you left me and Kristen. Uh, well, um, well, you know, all that, that, that talk inside about surprising me, I was just discussing with Leo what I can do to you, for you, in return. Oh! Another surprise for me?

Well, fair warning, it’s really not easy to pull one over on me.

Right. Well, good luck, you two. I shan’t be long. Just in case you were wondering, no, I did not enjoy that kiss. That’s okay. I’m sure she more than made up for your lack of

enthusiasm. Relax, okay? Leo, everything is going to work out. Okay. Okay, I will relax. Just promise me that the two of them will still be alive when you’re done, not that they deserve that. Habiento mon amor. Habiento mon


Why is he suddenly speaking French? Ugh, and why do I suddenly feel like my entire life is about to go up in smoke?

Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! You are not going to seduce Lee! No way, no how! Why not? He obviously still has a thing for me! Exactly! So you are not going to sleep with Lee. You are not going to so much as bat a singular eyelash in his direction. Because let me tell you something. As much as I love power and the prospect of booting EJ out of our shared office, I love my wife even more.

You do know, don’t you, Bat? You’re the only man that I love. I was just saying that to get you all hot and bothered. What? Because I know you have a thing for Chelsea, don’t you? So your whole pitching you seducing Leigh was just an act? Can you tell me?

Ow! I didn’t realize you were still here. Oh! I’ll come back. No, no, no, no, no! Don’t rush off on my account. Kristen. Is that really necessary? Do you really think that I’m going to cut you out of your share of the money? You see, nephew, I go by actions, not words. And it’s, uh, pretty obvious. What your intent is.


I get it. You’re angry. But you’re also bluffing. Are

you sure about that?

So you’re leaving today? Yeah. I wish I didn’t have to. You know, especially with everything going on. But, uh, Like I told Alex, it’s already way overdue as it is. Yeah, I understand. Sonny, it meant so much to me that you came for the service. Uncle Vic, huh? I love them a lot. And vice versa.

Alex, uh, how is he? How is he? Uh, pretty much how you’d expect. I mean, this is not gonna be easy on him. It’s not gonna be easy on any of us. Yeah, yeah. But, I’m really glad you’re back where you belong, alright? When I got the call, I nearly jumped for joy. Yeah. Losing Victor has been difficult. As has this fallout.

It’s just unending. But, damn. It was so fun kicking Vivian to the curb.

I really wish I could have seen it. Of course, of course, but, you know, she’s, uh, just, uh, she’s gonna keep moving on to some new scheme. And God help whoever’s targeted next.

Hello, Alex. Look, I’m really busy right now. Oh, I’m sure you have time to talk about your brilliant future. Actually, I don’t. What? Listen, now the whole world knows that you are Victor’s son and heir. We can gang up against Maggie and take over the whole company. Yeah, I don’t have any beef against Maggie.

What? She threw you out on your ass at Titan. Return the favor. Have some guts. You want me to show you some guts? Yes. Alright. What? What are you doing? Alex, I’m, I’m trying to talk to you. You’re so rude.

So glad I made you jealous. Yeah, well, I guess I felt that I had something to prove in the remote chance that you were not joking about seducing Lee. And you proved it so well. Now, listen, Lee is not our problem right now. Dimitri is our problem. So why don’t we go downstairs and see his cheating ass before Glenn finds out what he’s doing with Leo.

Or else things are going to go kablooey. Really? Gwenny,

what are you doing here? I thought you had errands. Yes, well, I finished early, see, but I did happen to pass Sweet Bits. And I saw this. It’s in the window, it’s banana cream pie, it’s your favorite. Gwenny, you truly are the greatest friend a girl could ever…


I really need to do this? I have no intention of cheating you, auntie. As you know, I’ve only received the first installment check, but as soon as I get the second one, you will be swimming in cash. I already should be Threatening to tell Gwen about you and Leo. I mean, that didn’t put a fire under your feet.

So guess what? Maybe this will. You talk a good game, Kristen. But of all the horrible things that you have done in your life, you have never actually killed anyone. Not that I know of. Not personally, anyway. And I really don’t think you’re going to start today. Are you?

For some measly money? Aren’t you?

Are you?

Can you? Yeah, Leuschner.


you are. Oh, yeah, I was just looking for you two. Oh, a lively story. Now, do you have what we want? Yes. Yes,


believe I do. So

good to be home.

You know, it’s so lonely here and empty without you.

Oh, darling. I miss you so much

Listen now the whole world knows that you are Victor’s son and heir We can gang up against Maggie and take over the whole company. Yeah, I don’t have any beef against Maggie What? She threw you out on your ass at Titan. Return the favor. Have some guts.

What in the name of Michael B. Jordan was that about? For sleeping with my husband, you bastard!

You can’t be serious. Try me. You know, it’s funny. Just a little while ago, I was about to hand over the shares to you. But then I got to thinking. And knowing you two brifters, it wouldn’t end here. No, no, you would hold what I did to Gwen over my head for as long as you can profit from it. So really, the best thing that I can do right now is nip this in the butt.

Now, Leo did say that I shouldn’t be going to these extremes, but I’m just gonna have to figure out how to make him understand. We have plenty, don’t, please. Nice try. Listen, if it makes you feel any better, you two are going to make absolutely beautiful corpses. What?

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B&B Transcript Friday, September 29, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Taylor: You know, after everything that’s happened, can you even believe that anyone has to warn finn about sheila? Look, I’m gonna stay on top of it. Make sure that he doesn’t do anything to put our daughter or our grandchildren in danger, again.

Brooke: We’re all on the same page when it comes to sheila.

Taylor: The crazy thing is, I could– I could see how finn is struggling with his feelings towards sheila. Like, he doesn’t see it. She knows exactly what she’s doing.

Ridge: He’s being played by that woman. How does he not see that?

Brooke: She’s not capable of loving anybody, only herself.

Taylor: Every single move that sheila has ever made has been for sheila. Her sociopathic behavior just proves what a monster she is. She’s incapable of love or being loved by anyone.

Sheila: Thank you.

Deacon: Yeah.

Sheila: You know, in– in prison, I-I really convinced myself that no one was coming to help. I was at the end of my line, and I-I ruined any chance I ever had a joy in my life. And then all of a sudden you showed up, gave me hope. I just, I get this feeling that at any moment it could just be taken away. You could ruin your relationship with your daughter just by being with me.

Deacon: Sheila, don’t– don’t do that.

Sheila: No, I am– I am just stating facts. Me in your life, it could destroy your relationship with hope.

Thomas: Um, I’m stuck.

Hope: Oh, yeah?

Thomas: Yeah. I feel like I could use some late-night inspiration.

Taylor: You know, I also came back to check on thomas. I think something’s going on with him. Every single time I call him, he can’t get off the phone fast enough. He’s like, “mom, I gotta go. I’m busy.”

Ridge: Yeah. He’s, uh, he’s busy with work and other stuff.

Brooke: Ridge.

Taylor: What do you mean? I– oh, I-I know about the kiss in rome. I-I-I know that. I– but hope admitted that she crossed a line and that’s good. It seems like they– they moved…. what– what is going on?

Ridge: Um, hope and thomas, their relationship has advanced.

Taylor: Advanced? I– what do you mean?

Brooke: Uh, hope and thomas are sleeping together.

Thomas: All this work. Can’t get too stressed, right? Gonna take some breaks from time to time.

Hope: Mm. Thomas.

Thomas: Yeah.

Hope: I just, um, I want to make sure we’re still on the same page. Dinner didn’t change anything.

Thomas: Of course you’re not at the exact same place I am. That doesn’t mean that I don’t still love you and only you.

Deacon: Voila. All your favorites. Hope I got everything.

Sheila: Oh.

[ Laughs ] Champagne and– and licorice. Oh, you thought of everything. I can’t believe that you did all this for me.

Deacon: I want tonight to be unforgettable. I just wanna just focus on the moment, but I wanna discuss where we go from here and all the amazing possibilities.

[ Sheila chuckles nervously ] Hi. I use febreze fade defy plug.

Taylor: Thomas was doing so good. He was– he was just– he was just focused on work. He was being a great dad to douglas. He was keeping his feelings for hope in check. And now he–

Ridge: You know none of us want him to spiral outta control the way he did before, right?

Taylor: Then why didn’t you tell me? I don’t think either of you comprehend what this could do to thomas.

Brooke: I tried talking sense into my daughter. I did, taylor. But both of our children have very strong convictions, and if we push too hard, it could make matters worse.

Ridge: These are two consenting adults. We can’t tell ’em what to do. We just gotta see how it plays out.

Taylor: Plays out? Do you think this is a game? Thomas has been working so hard to get himself healthy mentally. It could put him right back to where he was before. And that is a very dark and dangerous place inside his mind with no way out. I need to talk to thomas.

Deacon: So what are you craving?

Sheila: Oh, that’s a loaded question.

Deacon: Food, sheila. Food. Let me give you a hands-on experience of my culinary prowess. What would you say to, um, ooh, ravioli stuffed with pumpkin, fresh pumpkin, just a hint of nutmeg, hand-rolled dough?

Sheila: Just keep– keep talking.

Deacon: Yeah? Maybe, uh, I don’t know, a filet with burgundy sauce. Or maybe you want something a little more exotic. You know, when a meal’s made with love, you can taste it. Let me show you.

Sheila: No, don’t you– don’t you dare leave my side.

Deacon: Okay.

Thomas: I understand where you are emotionally. That you just got out of a marriage and that’s fresh. But I also really love spending time with you. And I especially love when we’re, uh, intimate.

Hope: Oh, yeah?

Thomas: Yeah.

[ Door opens ]

Taylor: Oh, okay. Um, I am– I’m sorry to interrupt, but I’m kinda glad I did. When my doctor gave me breztri for my copd getting this? Water doesn’t have to be boring. With over 40 delicious flavors, cirkul starts a party for your tastebuds. No sugar, no calories and no artificial flavors. Just good times. Try cirkul, available now at walmart. Ok, someone just did laundry…

Ridge: Well, that’s the last thing that taylor needs right now. She’s all stressed about steffy and the kids and setting them up. And now she’s gotta be concerned about thomas and hope. I should’ve told her earlier. I should’ve.

Brooke: Ridge, you have nothing to feel bad about. You were just trying to keep taylor from worrying.

Ridge: She’s worried now.

Brooke: I just don’t want taylor blaming my daughter for any of this.

Thomas: Hey, mom! What’s up?

Taylor: [ Laughs ] It’s not, “hi, babe. What’s new?”

[ Chuckles ]

Thomas: Um, I– well–

[ Chuckles nervously ] I can totally explain.

Taylor: No. It’s okay. You don’t– I think I’m all caught up. I just talked to ridge and brooke and they– they told me about this. And I– hope, can I have a second, please?

Hope: Yeah. Sure. Of course.

Thomas: Okay. I do only have a minute ’cause I do have a deadline to–

Taylor: Okay. No, you are not shutting me out anymore, thomas. Look, I know that you’re gonna make your own decision on this.

Thomas: I am.

Taylor: I know. But– but as– as your mom, um, I also know how much emotional turmoil that you have been through, and I am concerned that that might happen again. I know that you have deep feelings for hope. And I don’t know, maybe those feelings aren’t going to be reciprocated the way that– that you’d like them to. I just hate for hope to take advantage of your feelings for her.

[ Laughs ]

Sheila: We have had some interesting times together.

Deacon: Hmm. You know, of all the adventures, for lack of a better word, I would have to say that you showing up back from the dead, probably the top of the list.

Sheila: You never gave up on me even when I gave up on myself. I have never met anybody like you, deacon. And I’m so grateful for everything that you’ve done for me. That’s why it’s gonna be so difficult to say goodbye.

Deacon: Sheila, how many times have we said goodbye before only to have fate put us together again? And here we are, together again. Clearly, our story isn’t over yet. And I’m not willing to believe that it ever will be. And I think maybe it’s time that you start believing the same. The subway series menu is getting a new lineup

Ridge: Taylor isn’t blaming anyone. She’s just concerned about our boy. And maybe she should be. At least now everything’s out in the open.

Hope: Well…

[ Clears throat ] …Someone else knows now.

Brooke: What? What happened?

Hope: Taylor. She just walked in on thomas and me in each other’s arms.

Thomas: I do appreciate your concern.

Taylor: Mm-hmm.

Thomas: But it’s not necessary.

Taylor: Okay. So whatever is happening with hope right now, do you think that maybe it might be erasing all the trauma that happened with her in the past?

Thomas: Mom, honestly, I, uh… [ Chuckles ] I’m good. And I’m very happy right now.

Taylor: Right now. Yes, you are. Your life is– is going really well, thomas. And you did that. You did it. And then hope kissed you in rome. And then all of this is happening, and now you’re kind of back to this precarious place where you were before. And–

Thomas: Okay. I-I see that you are seeing a situation that could lead to a situation like before but I promise, mom, everything’s under control.

Taylor: What happens if things don’t work out? Do you think you can handle that?

Thomas: Yeah. Look, it would– it would be painful, sure. But hope and I, we do have an agreement.

Taylor: And who made the terms of the– that agreement? You? Hope. Yeah. You know something, back in the day, you know, I-I didn’t wanna see the covert manipulations that– that brooke was doing to ridge and me until it was too late. And I’m just wondering if– if– if hope isn’t more like her mother than you realize. And if she is, then the only person that’s gonna get hurt in this situation is you. So can you maybe learn from my epic life fails, please? ‘Cause otherwise you might also wake up one day and find yourself alone and beat yourself up for being so sure that you had it all under control.

Sheila: When we’re alone like this it’s like nothing else in the world matters.

Deacon: That’s the goal.

Sheila: [ Sighs ] I just wanna– I wanna savor every second of my time with you. ‘Cause it’s moments like this that– that get me through the days that we’re apart. I know how much you truly care about me. And it– it took me a long time to trust that. But I do now. And I’m– I’m so grateful every day that we found each other.

Deacon: Me too.

Sheila: But I–

Deacon: No, don’t– don’t do that.

Sheila: But reality is right outside that door. And I care too much about you to– to have you ruin your relationship with hope. And– and this restaurant, you have worked so hard for this place. You stand to lose everything if you stay with me, deacon.

Deacon: Sheila, I’m a big boy. I make my own decisions. When I fought for you with the judge to keep you from spending the rest of your life behind bars, I knew it was risky. I didn’t care. All I could think about was you. That’s all that mattered.

Sheila: And now– now what?

Deacon: You know, when you came into my life, you turned it upside down. But it made me realize how alone I was before I met you.

Sheila: I felt the same way.

Deacon: You know, being with you is exciting and dangerous and passionate. And yeah, it’s crazy. But I can’t get enough.

Sheila: [ Laughs ] It has been a wild ride.

Deacon: It’s a ride that I don’t wanna get off of.

Sheila: And you, uh, what– what are you doing, deacon?

Deacon: Sheila, I’ve never met anyone like you in my entire life, and I’m absolutely sure I’m never gonna meet anyone like you again. I’m nuts about you from the top of your head, down to the bottom of your however many toes you have left. I never wanna be apart from you again. Look, I know that this is risky. It’s a gamble, but anything worth fighting for is, and I’ve always been a gambling man, and so this time, I’m gambling on love because sheila, I do love you. So, sheila carter, will you make me the happiest and probably the craziest man in los angeles? Say yes. Marry me. Say you’ll be my wife.

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Y&R Transcript Thursday, September 28, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Tucker: Hello, phyllis.

Phyllis: Tucker, I want my money.

Tucker: Oh, I’m fine. How are you?

Phyllis: This isn’t funny. I did what you asked, and now i want my final payment, please.

Tucker: You’ll get it.

Phyllis: When?

Tucker: Uh, there’s been a slight delay.

Phyllis: Tucker, if you’re messing with me…

Tucker: Uh, phyllis, relax. I’m sure it’s just a simple misunderstanding. Come to my suite and we’ll clear everything up.

Phyllis: Yeah, you bet we will.

Billy: Hey. Sounded a little intense. You okay?

Phyllis: Yeah, I’m fine.

Billy: Come on. Don’t kid a kidder. What’s going on?

Audra: So, how’s the revenge business these days? Have you planned your attack on jabot and the abbotts yet?

Tucker: Why don’t you say that a little louder?

Audra: Uh, there’s no one around. You know, and I’m dying to know, have you sprung your secret weapon yet?

Tucker: All the elements are in place.

Audra: Uh-oh. That sounds like there’s a snag.

Tucker: Nothing i can’t handle.

Diane: So, mamie just showed up?

Jack: Said she had some business to take care of.

Diane: What kind of business?

Jack: Well, she was kind of mysterious about that. She, uh, she said part of it was settling old debts.

Diane: Sounds ominous.

Jack: Mamie has a special talent. She pretends to answer your question and then very deftly changes the subject. Whatever her business is, it has little to do with us, I think.

Diane: Well, thank god for that. We have enough mysteries to deal with.

[ Knocking on door ]

Emily: Excuse me, mr. Abbott, but I think you’ll need to see this.

Jack: What is it?

Emily: The financial team red-flagged a transaction.

Chance: Well, hey.

Summer: Good morning.

Chance: It is a very good morning, isn’t it?

Summer: Okay, what’s got you in such a great mood?

Chance: Well, it won’t be official ’til later, but you’re looking at the new chief of police.

Summer: Chance, that’s great!

Chance: I know, right?

Summer: Oh, my gosh. Hey, I’m so happy for you. You deserve this, congratulations.

Chance: Thank you. Thank you. I was hoping to celebrate with sharon, but she’s out of town, so I guess I’m gonna have to toast to myself, huh?

Summer: Okay, that– that’s not a celebration. That sounds more like a surrender to me. Why don’t I buy you lunch and, um, we could toast you together?

Chance: Ah, you don’t have to do that. Come on. That’s a lot.

Summer: No, I want to. This is a big deal. You worked really hard for this and it should be celebrated. Properly.

[ Chance chuckles ]

Nikki: So, you spoke to victoria.

Nick: I did. She is hell-bent on proving that dad isn’t fit to run newman right now.

[ Nikki sighs ]

Nikki: This is insane. She can’t do this.

Nick: Well, I have a feeling she’s gonna try. And let’s be honest, dad has given her plenty of ammunition with the way he’s handled all these changes lately.

Nikki: Hey, careful, son. That almost sounds like you agree with your sister, that your father is incompetent.

Nick: Mom, I know vic is more angry than she is concerned. She was demoted. She doesn’t like it. This is a countermeasure.

Nikki: I agree.

Nick: So, I want to know what you think.

Nikki: What I think?

Nick: Yeah, just because vic’s on a tear right now, it doesn’t mean there isn’t cause for concern. And mom, you would know better than anyone. So, what do you think? Do we need to be worried about dad right now? For people who are a little intense about hydration.

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Nikki: I am worried. But not about your father’s mental capacity. He’s as sharp as ever.

Nick: Then what?

Nikki: I think that victoria will stir up so much conflict that he could take on more responsibility trying to protect what he has built. You know, it is his life’s work. I mean, you all are his children, and he loves you dearly, but newman enterprises was his first baby and he will hang on to that for dear life. Or until the stress kills him.

Nick: Is that what you’re afraid of?

Nikki: I know my husband. I know that he still thinks he can slay all the dragons and conquer the world, but he’s just a man. He gets tired. He’s disappointed sometimes and all he wants to do is go to bed at night knowing that what he built will outlast him and– and keep growing. I mean, it– it’s his legacy. And sometimes, I think victoria loses sight of that. But if you were to return–

Nick: Mom, no, don’t go there. The last thing I want to do in this world is get between nate and adam while they’re trying to mark their territory.

Nikki: Oh, my god. I know. I couldn’t believe it when victor made adam nate’s assistant.

Nick: What did you think of that move? I actually thought it was kind of funny.

Nikki: Well, adam’s comeuppance was well deserved. But you are right about that situation, it is a ticking time bomb.

Nick: Yeah. Okay, so outside of coming back to work here, what can I do to help?

Nikki: Speak to your father. Get your own sense of how he’s doing and forget thinking of this as a job at newman. This is something we all have to keep an eye on, as a family.

Victor: Keep an eye on what?

Phyllis: Uh, I’m just– I’m looking for a job and I’ve had a lot of doors shut in my face, so that was just one of them.

Billy: Yeah, I’m sorry to hear that.

Phyllis: Are you really?

Billy: No, I– I’ve been in the barrel myself more than a few times and, uh, it’s not fun.

Phyllis: No, it is not fun at all.

Billy: And I’m assuming after the whole nick, sharon, adam thing blew up, that probably left you high and dry, huh?

Phyllis: Yeah. Well, I will land on my feet, I always do, you know that.

Billy: Yeah. You will. But the timing of it. That’s– that’s gotta be really tough. I mean, you got your– your legal fees, insurance payout, once you faked your death, and I know insurance companies, they frown upon fraud. How do you pay all that back, phyllis?

Phyllis: I appreciate your concern.

Billy: Yeah, I’m just, you know, just trying to be a friend.

Phyllis: Okay, friend. Well, this is what I think. I don’t think you give a damn about me or my finances. You and everybody else in this town looks at me like I’m the walking dead. So, how about this? How about you dispense of your faux sympathy card? Okay? Ask me what you really want to know, billy.

Diane: That sounds like bad news.

Jack: It’s not good.

Diane: Well, what happened?

Jack: It was a large money transfer out of our research and development fund into an account that’s tied to… an old lab subdivision.

Diane: And it wasn’t authorized?

Jack: No, somebody had to sign off on this. Thing is that division was shut down years ago when ashley first came back to jabot. This account has been dormant since then.

Diane: So, who okayed the payment?

Jack: My brother.

Depend keeps you drier

than ever…

Summer: Thank you.

Chance: Thank you again for this. It’s very kind of you.

Summer: Well, we’ve both got to eat, right?

Chance: You know what I mean. You know what? I think I’m a little bit more excited about this than I thought I’d be. So, I’m glad I could share the news with you.

Summer: I’m glad you did too. Now, I know exactly who to call when I get a parking ticket.

Chance: Friends and family discount.

Summer: Exactly. But I swear I won’t hit up my friend, the chief, for a favor if my mom ever pulls a stunt of hers again.

Chance: Ooh, yeah, I, uh, appreciate that. I’m not gonna lie. It still feels a little surreal to me.

Summer: What does?

Chance: Being called chief. I’ve been following orders my entire life and, yeah, I still got some people to answer to, but I am responsible for a lot of police officers now who will be looking at me for guidance. I don’t know. It just feels a little–

Summer: A little overwhelming?

Chance: Yeah. Yeah. You know, sharon was the one that convinced me I can continue to do what I love and be the guy at the front of the room. And yeah, I eventually took it on board, but–

Summer: It’s new and it’s a really big change for you. So, you feel a little nervous.

[ Chance chuckles ]

Chance: It inspires confidence, doesn’t it?

Summer: I think it’s perfectly normal. But hey, they wouldn’t have chosen you for the job if they didn’t think that you were the right person for it. So, I think that you’re just gonna have to get used to it, chief.

[ Summer chuckles ]

Billy: Look, phyllis… I think you’re scared. You owe a lot of money and your usual sources are all dried up, and when your back’s against the wall, you start to get desperate and you make bad choices.

Phyllis: Oh.

Billy: Like getting involved with tucker mccall.

Phyllis: Mm. Wow. Listen to you. All of that from one itty bit of a phone call you overheard. Wow, you should be a fortune teller. I hear there’s a carnival leaving town.

Billy: You haven’t answered my question.

Phyllis: What’s the question?

Billy: You and tucker.

Phyllis: But why would you think I’d be involved with tucker mccall again?

Billy: I’ve seen the two of you together more than a few times. The vibe I get is that the two of you are cooking something up that’s a little south of legal.

Phyllis: Ooh, maybe we’re having an affair.

Billy: You have a better taste than that.

Phyllis: Do I, billy? Do I? Well, maybe we are commiserating about the demise of the greatest love story ever told.

Billy: No. I think tucker is using you for something very specific. And if you are as financially unstable as I think you are… you could be convinced to give him a hand.

Victor: I’m surprised to see you here. I thought you were busy building an empire with sharon.

Nick: Vic is worried about your health, your mental capacity.

Victor: You think I’ve lost my grip?

Nick: I don’T. But I am questioning your judgment lately, especially with this move of making adam nate’s assistant.

Victor: For your information, adam wanted to start from the bottom up. So, I simply accommodated him.

Nick: And you don’t see that this could end up in a disaster like on every front.

Victor: Can you think of a better way to find out if adam is sincere?

Nick: He’s not sincere.

Victor: How the hell do you know?

Nick: Because it’s just another one of his moves. This kinder, gentler, humble adam ready to roll up his sleeves and get to work. He is conning you, dad, once again.

Victor: Your opinion is duly noted, son.

Nick: And ignored as usual, right?

Victor: Why do you even care?

Nick: Because, dad, I care about you. I care about this family. The way I see it, there’s only two possible scenarios from this. Either nate is using adam to get what he wants or adam is using nate to get what he wants. Actually, I take that back. There’s a third scenario. Let’s call it the doomsday scenario, where those two team up against you and come after you. And you never see it coming. No one’s here, right. Are you getting this? Water doesn’t have to be boring. With over 40 delicious flavors, cirkul starts a party for your tastebuds. No sugar, no calories and no artificial flavors. Just good times. Try cirkul, available now at walmart. The long-lasting scent of gain flings

Tucker: Hello, nikki. You’re looking well.

Nikki: Tucker, I heard you were back in town. Without ashley, it appears.

Tucker: It’s always a pleasure to see you. All right, we’ll talk again later when I have more information for you.

Nikki: It is not in your best interest to have any relationship with that man.

[ Knocking on door ]

Billy: Hi. Got here as fast as I could. What’s up?

Jack: Why did you transfer these funds without running it by me first?

Billy: I didn’T.

Jack: Well, according to this, you very much did.

Billy: Yeah, I can see what it says here, jack, but I didn’t authorize the transfer of these funds. Why would I do that? We don’t use this lab anymore.

Jack: Yes, I’m aware.

Billy: Okay?

Jack: Somebody moved this money, billy.

Billy: I’m sorry, are you calling me a liar?

Jack: No.

Billy: Good. Nice to know you don’t think I’m a thief.

Jack: No, of course not. But somebody is setting this up to make it look like you’re embezzling money. We have to figure out who that is before they hit us again.

Phyllis: Wait a second. I’m giving you what you want. You– you wanted access to billy’s account and that’s what I’m doing. I mean, whatever you want to do with it, that’s on you. I have nothing to do with that and that’s it.

Tucker: No, the million dollars plus I’ve already deposited into your account says otherwise.

Phyllis: No, no, no, I’m giving you what you wanted, what you asked for.

Tucker: I haven’t told you everything I want.

Phyllis: You can’t just change the terms of our agreement.

Tucker: You took the money, phyllis. And you need that other half, don’t you? So, you’re in it, man. It is too late to go back now. I can absolutely change the deal. Unless you’d like to refund me the million. Call the whole thing off. Plus the 100k.

Phyllis: Oh, wow. You’re a bastard.

Tucker: I know.

Phyllis: This is so dirty.

Tucker: Yeah, you should have seen it coming. You should have seen the bigger picture. Unless perhaps you were scheming your own little dirty plan. Maybe take all my money and leave me hanging out to dry?

Phyllis: What are you planning to do? Tell me.

Tucker: You’re going to hack into jabot’s corporate checking account and make a sizable transfer from it.

Phyllis: Into billy’s account.

Tucker: Very good. See? Devious minds do think alike.

Phyllis: You’re gonna make it look like billy is stealing from his family company.

Tucker: And then the fun begins.

Tucker: There she is.

Phyllis: I want the rest of my money.

Tucker: No kidding.

Phyllis: I did what you asked me to do. I want my money.

Tucker: You didn’t quite do what I asked you to do.

Phyllis: What do you mean?

Tucker: You hacked into jabot’s research and development account and transferred the money to a dormant account authorized by billy.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah.

Tucker: Yes, you were supposed to transfer the money into billy’s personal account.

Phyllis: I must have misunderstood you.

Tucker: Yes, you must have. And now, you’ve succeeded in making things that much more complicated.

Phyllis: Well, I can trigger it to go anywhere just with one touch of a key.

Tucker: Fantastic. Do it.

Phyllis: Give me my money.

Tucker: Ah, so that’s it.

Phyllis: Yeah, that’s it. Um, I’m sorry. Did you not think I would protect myself? Did you not know that I would safeguard things for myself? What? You think I was just gonna hand you the key to the vault?

Tucker: I’m a little hurt you don’t trust me, phyllis.

Phyllis: Oh, don’t be hurt. And by the way, no one trusts you, and I set up some secondary triggers, just so you know, tucker. Just in case you decided to stiff me.

Tucker: To do what?

Phyllis: Well, to, um, transfer money into your account from my computer that I put in your name.

Tucker: You’re bluffing.

Phyllis: Try me.

Tucker: I was watching you the entire time.

Phyllis: Yeah, you were watching me and I commend you, you hire the best. And I am the best at what I do. So, I put in some other details, but I don’t need to go into that. Um, bottom line is, I hold all the cards.

Tucker: Hm. And what do you want?

Phyllis: $1.1 million transferred into my account. Plus, an extra 20% for aggravating me. Imagine if you could get ahead of your ibs-C… I am in love with mixtiles. You just pull the adhesive off the back and stick it to any surface, and there’s no damage to your walls. Go to mixtiles.Com and pick sizing, filters and it really makes it fit the decor of your home. Order now and get up to 50% off. So I didn’t think I needed swiffer,

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Tucker: I got to hand it to you, phyllis, you really are a work of art when it comes to playing all the angles. Clever, persistent. You and I actually, make a very good team.

Phyllis: We’re not a team. There’s no way in hell we’d ever be a team.

Tucker: I don’t know, I’m– I’m onto some pretty exciting things right now. I could make you a part of something that would make this little stunt seem like child’s play.

Phyllis: Okay, I only did this because I needed to land on my feet again, and that’s it. But we’re done here.

Tucker: And then, what are you gonna do?

Phyllis: I’m gonna change my life. Live like a model citizen. I promised my kids.

[ Tucker laughing ]

Tucker: That’s hilarious.

Phyllis: Well, of course, you’d think it was hilarious, wouldn’t you, because you’re a psychopath, and you think that anybody who wants to do good things is a sucker. I mean, I’m actually, disgusted that I was even a part of this, quite honestly, but I did it because I had to pay off a debt, and now, that’s through. So, we’re over.

Tucker: You’re really negative, you know that? It’s very disappointing.

Phyllis: Well, I think you’ll get over it.

Tucker: And I think you’re going to burn through all this money. And then, I think you’ll be back in the game again. And you’ll be looking for your next mark, your next sucker. We are alike, aren’t we, phyllis? You don’t want to admit it, but… you are a fool to think you can change your true nature.

Phyllis: I’d rather die than be that person. What are you doing?

Tucker: What you asked. Transferring the rest of the money to your account. Done. Your turn.

[ Keyboard clattering ] Done? The money is in billy’s personal account now, yes? Good.

[ Tucker sighing ]

Phyllis: I wish I could say it was a pleasure.

Tucker: No, wait a minute, wait, wait, wait. We’re not quite finished.

Victor: Well, son, from what you’ve told me, there’s only one solution, right?

Nick: And that is what?

Victor: If you don’t think victoria and I can handle whatever scenario you have described, then, perhaps, time for you to come back, give us your support.

Nick: [ Sighs ] Yeah. Mom asked me the same thing. I’ll give you the same answer I gave her. Thank you, but no.

Victor: Son, I’ve made it amply clear that I would love nothing more than the whole family to come and work together at newman enterprises.

Nick: Yeah, I’m beginning to think all this chaos you’ve created is just an elaborate move to lure me back.

Victor: What if that were true?

Nick: Well, it’s not like you haven’t done it before.

Victor: You do what you have to do, son.

Nick: I will. I just wanted you to know how I feel about all this.

Victor: You pointed out a number of scenarios that could be problems. I offered a solution. You think it’s emotional blackmail. This meeting is over.

Nick: So?

Victor: Uh-huh.

Nick: Yeah.

Audra: Look, you don’t have to worry about tucker. We used to work together. We’re casual friends, that’s it. He’s a brilliant man. Often infuriating, but often misunderstood.

Nikki: There is nothing to be misunderstood about tucker mccall. I mean, he’s a menace. He creates chaos just for his own enjoyment, which i guess, ashley finally remembered since she’s run for the hills.

Audra: Do you know what happened there? I mean, does anybody?

Nikki: I have my theories, but that’s not the point right now. But I must say, between your misguided affair with kyle and your continued friendship with tucker, I am starting to question your judgment.

Audra: Well, I ended my relationship with kyle on your orders, so are you now ordering me to stop being friends with tucker? You know, maybe, I should present you with a list of all the people I know, so they can be properly vetted.

Nikki: Well, that’s a bit extreme.

Audra: Is it? I don’t know because it’s starting to feel like you want to control every facet of my life. You know, professionally and personally. And I’m just curious why.

[Music playing] Subject 1: Cancer is a long journey.

Nikki: I assure you, audra, your private life is your own.

Audra: Thank you.

Nikki: As long as it doesn’t include anything that could have a negative impact on newman media. And I only warn you about tucker for your own good.

Audra: Well, I– I told you, nikki, um, I used to work with him, I know him, okay? Trust me, I can definitely hold my own with whatever tucker throws my away.

Nikki: Sounds like you have already experienced the dangerous side of him.

Audra: Yeah, well, he has his ways. You know, we don’t always agree on things. Uh, but he’s really been much more of a mentor to me than anything else.

Nikki: A mentor?

Audra: Yes, uh, he’s taught me a lot.

Nikki: Is he still teaching you?

Audra: I don’t understand.

Nikki: Tucker mentioned an issue he wanted to talk to you about, but later, when he had more information to share. What is that about? And what kind of mentoring is tucker doing?

Chance: That is great. Thank you for dinner.

[ Summer chuckling ]

Nick: Hey guys.

Summer: Oh, hey, dad.

Nick: My super girl. Chance, it’s good to see you, man.

Chance: You too, man. Well, I better run.

Nick: Oh, don’t take off on my account.

Chance: No, I, uh– I gotta get ready for a news conference.

Nick: News conference?

Chance: She can fill you in.

[ Laughs ] Thank you for being on my team.

Summer: Any time.

[ Summer sighing ] What?

Nick: Nothing.

Summer: No, what– what?

Nick: I just, uh, did not know you and chance were close.

Summer: I don’t know if we’re close, but yes, we’re friends. He was really there for me when I was going through everything with mom.

Nick: Okay.

Summer: And friends is all that we are to answer your next question.

Nick: I wasn’t asking. But you did just remind me, again, what your mother did to you.

Summer: [ Sighs ] We’re working things out.

Nick: What does that mean?

Summer: It means that I’ve forgiven her, and, um, we’re starting to heal. What about you?

Nick: What about me?

Summer: Are you ever gonna forgive mom?

Nick: I’ve pretty much just avoided her since she got out of jail. I’m afraid of what I might say to her.

Summer: So, you’re still angry.

Nick: I’m working on it.

Summer: She needs a job.

Nick: Yeah. Sure. What? You want me to offer her a job?

Summer: Well, she was gonna have a job at your company when adam was involved. So, I thought that yes, maybe there could still be a place for her there. After you’re done being angry.

Nick: She could go bankrupt before that happens.

Summer: Dad, seriously. She needs a job, not just for the income, but for something for her to focus on. You and i both know that she is such a hard worker and she can do basically anything she sets her mind to.

Nick: What, are you getting a cut, like, 10%?

Summer: [ Laughs ] Okay, fine, call it a favor to me, or just call it a smart business decision. But I know that there’s got to be something for her at your company.

Nick: Oh, man, uh, yeah, I guess, I could see the logic of her working with us when adam suggested it, but summer, I don’t know. I’ll talk to sharon. I’m not making you any promises.

Summer: Thank you.

Nick: You’re welcome.

Summer: So, how are things between you and sharon? I mean, with the launch of the new company and all.

Nick: I know what you meant. We are– we’re good. We’ve settled into a nice working relationship.

Summer: Good. I’m happy for you, dad. And, I– I really hope things work out for both of you.

Phyllis: Uh, yeah, we’re finished here, there’s nothing more to discuss.

Tucker: Not even your daughter?

Phyllis: My daughter has no part in this.

Tucker: Well, in this, that’s right, that’s right. But she is eventually, going to need a job, is she not?

Phyllis: She has a job.

Tucker: What do you mean? Marchetti? Here’s the thing about that. Uh… [ Clears throat ] When I take over jabot, and I will take over jabot, make no mistake, I’m gonna streamline it, I’m gonna get back to basics, you know. The cosmetics and scents and all that crap. I just don’t see a place for fashion.

Phyllis: You’re not gonna do that.

Tucker: Watch me.

Phyllis: I’m gonna warn jack. I’m gonna tell him everything you’ve done.

Tucker: No, you won’t, ’cause you know all the dominoes that would fall if you did. You know your role in this little operation. If I go down, you go down. And considering your recent history with the law, your downfall might be a little more permanent.

Phyllis: Wow. You think you have it all worked out, don’t you?

Tucker: You’re good at the game phyllis, but I’m better. You watch your step from now on. And I would not make any threats you can’t back up. And by the way, the money I transferred will not include your 20% aggravation fee. You should consider yourself lucky I’m not charging you the same fee, for all the aggravation you’ve caused me. Crack the science of stronger hair. Hi, my name is tony cooper. And if you have both medicare and medicaid, I have some really encouraging news that you’ll definitely want to hear. Depending on the plan you choose, you may be eligible to get extra benefits with a humana medicare advantage dual-eligible special needs plan. All these plans include a healthy options allowance. Depending on the plans available in your area, you could get up to $3300 a year to help pay for essentials like eligible groceries, utilities, rent, pet care and over-the-counter items. Like vitamins, pain relievers, first-aid supplies and more. Other benefits on these plans may include free rides to and from your medical appointments. You could pay nothing for covered prescriptions all year long. Most plans have dental coverage, which includes 2 free cleanings a year, plus dentures, crowns, fillings and more. They also have vision coverage, including eye exams and eyeglasses. And hearing coverage, which includes hearing tests and hearing aids. You could also get many no-cost vaccines, including the shingles vaccine, at in-network retail pharmacies. Plus, your doctor, hospital and pharmacy may already be a part of our large humana network. So, call the number on your screen now to speak with a licensed humana sales agent. You may be able to enroll in one of our plans several times throughout the year. Wouldn’t you love benefits like up to $3300 a year to help pay for eligible groceries, utilities, rent, pet care, and over-the-counter items? So, if you have medicare and medicaid, call the number on your screen now and speak with a licensed humana sales agent. If you’re eligible, they can even help enroll you over the phone in a humana medicare advantage dual-eligible special needs plan. So, call now. Better care begins with listening. Humana. A more human way to healthcare. This isn’t charmin!

Audra: Tucker was just getting my feedback on an idea he’s developing.

Nikki: Oh, I hope you’re not going to tell me it’s media related.

Audra: No, god, no. You know, he’s thinking about getting back in the music business, but, uh, all the money’s in touring, so I’m not really seeing the upside.

Nikki: Ah. You know, I like you, audra, I really do. You’re smart, you’re talented, you’re cool under pressure. I mean, you could have quite the career.

Audra: Thank you, nikki. You know, I really enjoy working with you too. I’m learning so much, but I just– I don’t like to feel crowded or controlled.

Nikki: Well, I’m sorry, you see it that way. Another way of looking at it would be that I want to become your new mentor.

Audra: I guess I hadn’t really thought of it that way.

Nikki: Your goals are ahead of you, but you’ll never achieve them if you keep looking back.

[ Phone chiming ]

Diane: What is it?

Jack: It’s an alert from our financial team. The funds have now been moved from the dormant account to another.

Billy: They say whose it is?

Jack: Just what the account number was.

Diane: What? Who could be doing this?

Billy: This is phyllis.

Diane: Why do you think that?

Billy: Because I saw her and tucker together earlier, I could tell something was going on. This is what it is.

Diane: How would she even know how to do that?

Billy: Oh, it’s phyllis. She’s many things, one of them being a genius at hacking computers and she needs the cash flow right now.

Jack: Billy is right.

Billy: I’d bet my life on it. Phyllis and tucker are working together to come after us. And I have a feeling this is only the first shot.

[ Phone ringing ]

Tucker: Hey, leanna, thanks for calling me back.

Leanna: Is this the famous tucker mccall?

Tucker: How you doing? How you been?

[ Leanna chuckling ]

Leanna: I’m good. I’d be a whole lot better though if you gave me the real scoop on what’s going on between you and ashley abbott.

Tucker: [ Laughs ] Well, we’re working things out.

Leanna: Ha, ha. Famous last words.

Tucker: Mm, I did hear an interesting rumor about another member of the abbott family, billy.

Leanna: Oh, really? I’m all ears.

Phyllis: Okay, so, I– I don’t owe any money, you got the transfer. So, I owe nothing, I don’t owe the insurance company anything? I’m good? Okay. Thank you.

Danny: You look like you just lost your best friend.

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GH Transcript Thursday, September 28, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne



[ Both chuckle ]

[ Gasps ] Oh, my gosh. So… …what do you think? I think… …it’s perfect. It’s hard to believe that we had to leave port charles just to come all the way down to nyc to spend some quality time together. Not that I’m complaining. Neither am I. Stop right there, partner! Unless you’re lookin’ for trouble.

[ Water sprays ]

[ Gasps ]

[ Laughter ] Gotcha! Not for long! You can’t get me here!

[ Gasps ] Aah!

[ Laughter ]

[ Water sprays ] Hey, joss. What’s going…on?

[ Laughter ] You must have pulled some serious strings to get a visit at this hour. The warden owes me one. I hope you’ve come to give me good news about drew cain.

[ Monitor beeping ]

[ Sighs ] I love you, carly. I love you, too. So much. I’m gonna get you out of pentonville. I have to. Hey. Dr. Montague. Thanks for coming in on such short notice. Well, not a problem at all. Anything I can do to assist. Yeah. We just need to get to the bottom of a few things. I’m happy to help. Great. Follow me right in here. I’ll take your statement.

[ Door closes ] New intake.

[ Police radio chatter ] Uh, I will be recording this, just so you know. Would you like some water? Oh, no, thank you. Go on, dante. Get him. Well, gladys, will you do it? Will you confess and testify against dr. Montague? Please, sasha. If this comes out, sonny will kill me, literally. Like dr. Montague was planning to kill me? But I-I-I didn’t know he was gonna do that. I never wanted to hurt you! No. No, no, no. No. You just wanted me to be locked up and drugged so you could steal my money. Sasha. No. That is not how it was at all. I got in a jam. Things got out of control. You’ve got to believe me. I would never, never agree to that! I love you! Then prove it! Confess and help me put away dr. Montague for good! My frequent heartburn had me taking antacid after antacid all day long but with prilosec otc just one pill a day blocks heartburn for a full 24 hours. For one and done heartburn relief, prilosec otc. One pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. Dr. Z!We love your skincare videos. Thanks! My daughter has sensitive skin. Same. Try using all free clear as part of your family’s laundry routine. It tackles impurities without leaving irritating residue for a clean that’s gentle on skin. All free clear. The number one doctor recommended brand for sensitive skin. Okay. Okay. I’m gonna run and pick up the tickets, okay? What? Yeah, I just have an errand to run, and then I’m gonna check on a few of those surprises that I have planned. You’re gonna abandon me? No. No, not at all. I just thought that it might be nice for you to decompress a little bit after the flight. Okay. Yeah. That — that works for me. Okay. But hurry back. Yeah, I am. Of course. It’s not gonna take long. I’ll see you soon, okay? Okay.

[ Door closes ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles softly ] Hey, mom, it’s me. We just made it to nyc safe and sound. Tell curtis and marshall I said hey. And I’ll talk to you tomorrow. Okay? Bye. Love you. Mommy, we got you! You did! It’s like the O.K. Corral in here, huh?

[ Chuckles ] Here. Thank you. Um, girls, I think we’re gonna have dinner soon. Why don’t you two cowgirls go upstairs and wash up, hm? Girls: Okay. Come on, avery. We’ll ride our horsies upstairs.

[ Laughter ] So, uh… what brings you by? I just wanted to say good night to avery. Yeah. I know that your mom is at the hospital with drew. I just came from there. Oh, yeah. That’s why I’m here holding down the fort. Um, is there any news? Is drew awake? No, not yet, but he’s out of surgery, and the doctors seem very confident that everything went well. That’s so good to hear. Thank you. Yeah. Of course. We’re all worried. Drew doesn’t deserve this. I owe him so much for everything he did to bring trina home. She really means a lot to you, huh? She’s like a daughter. You know, you’ve really done a lot for trina, getting her that internship at the chuck. You’ve taught her pretty much everything she knows about the gallery and the art world. I think that she’s really lucky to have you in her life. I know that she really appreciates you. I appreciate her, too. Okay, well, I better go up and be sure those girls and their horsies aren’t getting into any mischief.

[ Laughs ] Isn’t it a risk, us meeting here? I mean, we’ve been so careful. Relax, mason. The cats are asleep. I’m not worried about the prisoners, cyrus. But the warden? The warden is busy with drew cain. Alright. So tell me what you’ve heard about my friend. Nothing. All austin could find out was that cain was in surgery and… it wasn’t looking good. There are those of us who become casualties in god’s grand scheme. But when you choose the side of the devil, you willingly stake your life on a losing hand.

[ Door opens ] Oh. I’m sorry, ms. Spencer. I didn’t know you were still here. Oh. I-I, um… I wanted to stay until he woke up, you know?

[ Monitor beeping ] He looks so vulnerable hooked up to all this. He’s been through a lot. We have to monitor him closely. After the trauma he experienced and the surgery, he’s likely to be out for the night. Let me know if you need anything. Oh. Um, the doctor said the surgery was a success. Yes. He’s very lucky. Could there be complications at this stage? Try not to worry. How is he? Really. I mean, how is he?

[ Weakly ] He’s doing pretty good.

[ Groans ] Better because

you’re here. Hey. Warden, you really didn’t need to come all this way just to visit drew. I would have been happy to report his condition. Not at all, jordan. This attack should have never happened. I pride myself on the security at pentonville, and this was a major fail. I had to make sure for myself that mr. Cain was okay. You’ve brought so many reforms to the prison. It’s impressive. But we can’t rest on any laurels. Something brutal like this means we have a lot more work to do. I’m eager to see if mr. Cain can shed any light. It’s certainly suspicious, though. The severity and duration of the attack suggest there might have been some coordination between prisoners and guards. Dr. Montague, thank you for coming in. We want to get to the bottom of this. As I’ve told your detective, I’m glad to assist and help recover ms. Gilmore. She’s at risk out on her own.

[ Beep ] This is dr. Damon montague’s statement on the assault by cody bell and the events that happened at ferncliff. Well, um, I found cody bell in one of my patients’ rooms, and he attacked me. Attacked you why? I was making my rounds, and I heard some animated voices coming from a room. When I opened up the door to check it out, cody bell went crazy and he jumped me. So why didn’t you call security before you entered the room? It was a room for one of my troubled patients. Sasha gilmore’S. Yes. Yes, she’s very vulnerable, and I was afraid for her life. I’ve been treating her for some time, and, frankly, I’m quite shocked with how much she’s declined since the stabbing episode. And you think cody bell is the one who attacked you? Yes, he jumped me, and we fought. But mr. Bell was crazed, and he knocked me out. When I came to, I was in the bathroom, tied up, and he had taken my clothes. When cody was arrested, he was wearing the clothes you say he stole from you. And in the pocket, we found these. Can you explain those? H-how — how can I prove it? I-I didn’t know what montague was planning to do! But you knew him from your card games. You got him to give me pills that messed with the antidepressants I was already taking. You and dr. Montague did that to make me look unstable so that you could keep the guardianship going. I was desperate. I am so sorry. Well, if you’re really sorry, then there’s only one choice. Help me put an end to dr. Montague. He has to be stopped. Okay. Okay. I will do whatever you want.

[ Sighs ] You will? I will go to the police, tell them everything dr. Montague did. Okay. Well, I have to wait here. But this is your last chance, gladys. I am trusting you. Of course. Of course. I won’t — I won’t let you down. I feel so terrible. Hey, hey. Make sure to not tell anyone that you saw me, okay? This has to come from you speaking from your own conscience. Okay?

[ Sighs, sniffles ] Hello. I have information about an escaped fugitive.

So, dr. Montague… what do you have to say about these pills? I have never seen those before in my life. But it makes sense. How so? Well, it appeared that sasha was getting drugs from inside ferncliff. Maybe cody was her dealer.

[ Sighing ] Alright. Well, uh, that definitely does help us clarify some things, dr. Montague. Thanks for your cooperation. We may need to speak to you again. I’m at your disposal. Okay. We’ll be in touch. Oh, no, no, no. H-hold on. Y-you’re letting him go?!

[ Grunts ]

[ Knock on door ] Gladys?

[ Knock on door ] Sasha gilmore? No. No. No. Please remain calm. We are only here to escort you back to ferncliff. No, no, no, no! I can’t go back there! Please. Please. You’re making a mistake. I cannot go back to ferncliff. Please. Please.

[ Gasps ] Gladys. Why? Why, gladys?! Why?! You’re awake. Oh, my god. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. No. I’m sorry. No. Come back. Get over here.

[ Laughs ] Welcome back, mr. Cain. How are you feeling? Uh…good. I mean…I’m here. Okay, but you’ve been through a rough surgery. You have to be very careful not to exert yourself too much.

[ Exhales heavily ] Yes, ma’am. I’ll let the doctor know you’re awake. If you need any help with pain management, just buzz me. Make sure he doesn’t overdo it? Oh. I will.

[ Monitor beeping ] Hey. I’m so glad you’re awake. It was so hard w-watching you lay here like this. I’m so sorry. It’s okay. It’s okay. It’s not okay. You were only in pentonville because of me. Carly, come on. You’re not to blame. I’m fine. How can you say that? You were only attacked because of me. And sonny.

[ Beeping continues ] Warden garten: You think there could have been collusion between prisoners and my staff at pentonville? It’s certainly suspicious. Drew’s injuries indicate a lengthy fight. I’d like an investigation into who was on duty during the attack.

[ Elevator bell chimes ]

[ Cellphone ringing ] Ready to help me? Put that over there. Donna. Okay, sweetheart. I have to take this. Yeah. In. Nice job. Trina! What are you doing? Where’s spencer? He went to go pick up the tickets for the theater. But we’re here! Look at this place!

Oh, my god. It’s amazing.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Wait. Tell me everything. How was the flight? I’m assuming you flew first-class.

Joss. Oh, come on. Enjoy it.

[ Sighs ] Okay. It was amazing. Spencer has this special key, which meant that we get to board first.

And they treated us

like royalty. They gave us these heated nuts, and then they gave us little mints and fresh-baked cookies when we landed. Was there a driver waiting for you? With the sign — “cassadine.” And the driver took us directly to the car, and we didn’t have to wait for the luggage.


Say what you want

about spencer, but that guy’s got game. Yeah, he really does.

So…? So, what? So, are you excited? I mean, this is huge! You and spencer haven’t really been able to explore your relationship since greenland. I mean, tonight’s the night. Josslyn!

Trina, it’s your first time with spencer. Okay? How are you feeling? I mean, I know that you’ve thought about it. You still feel ready? Absolutely.

[ Sighs ] I’ve been ready for a while now, and we’re never alone. Well, you’re alone now. Yeah, we are. I feel really good about spencer. We’re in a really great place right now. I’m so happy for you!

Okay. Go. Go. Get ready for your night.

But call me later

with every detail.

Maybe not all

of the details. Just know that I’m here for you, okay, no matter what.

Okay. Oh, is that ava? Is she there with you? Yes, she — she came by to say hi to avery. Um, listen. Have a great night. You know it. Tell ava I said hey. Okay. I will. Love you. Love you more.

[ Breathes deeply ]

[ Door opens ] Okay! We are all…set. I picked up the tickets, and everything else is running on schedule. “Everything else”? Mm-hmm. What else do you have in store for us? Oh, you’ll see.

Well, don’t keep me in suspense. I could tell you, but then it would ruin the surprise, so… mm. Okay. Well, don’t ruin the surprise. No, I’m not going to. That would take all of the fun out of this. But I’ll tell you what. We are in the capital of the western world, so what would you like to do? What would I like to do?

[ Sighs ] Everything! Uh, I want to see soho. There’s a couple of galleries that we deal with there. Then I want to go shopping, I want to go eat, and then I really want to see the big four. Oh, the big four? Yeah. Moma, guggenheim, whitney, and the met.

[ Sighs ] I am so glad that you said that. What? Why do you have that smile? I thought we weren’t ruining surprises. You didn’t say it had something to do with a museum. Okay, okay. I’ll tell you.

[ Both chuckle ]

[ Knock on door ] Oh. Saved by the bell.

[ Chuckles ] Cody! Cody! Get off! This isn’t helping! Cody! Get off! Let go of him! Get off me! Okay. Okay. Sorry. Sorry about this. Alright? Dante, you can’t let him walk! Hey! Take him to his cell. -Mac! Mac! -Man, no, we can’t — sasha? What are you doing? You have to be careful. Carly. You are not to blame, okay? It was — it was my choice to help sonny. It’s not your responsibility to fight sonny’s battles. It’s not just sonny’s battles. It’s other injustices, too. But you don’t have to fix everyone’s problems. Look at you. You know that I can’t stand by and I can’t watch all that stuff happen. The — the drug problem itself is heartbreaking enough, okay? If I can help root out the corruption, I am going… to do it every time.

[ Door opens ] Drew. You’re awake. Drew: Mm. You had us so worried. Aw. Thank you, jordan. How you feeling? I’m sore, but I-I’ll be okay. Warden, I’m kind of surprised to see you here. Warden? How the hell could you let this happen to drew? What kind of prison are you running?! I sent you with a message to my nephew’s ex-wife, mason. It’s been more than a handful of days. So, what was the dear lady’s response? Um, well, she’s not the one that we have to worry about. Betty’s the problem. What are these?! Um, t-those are chopsticks. You eat with them. Chopsticks!

[ Laughs ] Thank you for getting the delivery. Oh. Yeah. Of course. So, h-how was trina? Oh, I mean, she’s great. She says hi, by the way. Her and spencer made it to new york. Mm. That’s great. I hope she has the time of her life. I’m sure she will. Well, joss, thank you for being here with avery. I know things haven’t been easy. I-I’ll get out of your hair. Ava, we have way too much food for three people. Would you like to stay for dinner? Well, I would like that very much. Thank you. Okay, cowgirls! I think we need some more chopsticks ’cause I’m staying for dinner! Hooray! Yay!

[ Cork pops ] Champagne? Yes, please. There you are. And we’re done.Hm, what about these? Looks right.

You’re supposed to be protecting the inmates! Carly. Warden garten’s on the same page as us about getting justice for drew. She’s here to help us brainstorm on how we can reopen the case and maybe get it before another judge. Sorry. I — I am really upset about all this. I understand perfectly. And, mr. Cain, I owe you a deep apology. The warden wants to drew out of pentonville just as much as we do. I’m just as upset as you are, miss spencer. Drew ending up in a hospital bed was never the outcome I wanted for him. I feel terrible. And I wanted to see if you could shed any light on the situation. The only important thing is to get drew out of pentonville. I couldn’t agree more. Listen. I’m — I’m sorry, boss. I really thought we could trust betty. She may have gotten too cocky and let down her guard and showed corinthos her cards. Is that what you think happened? Well, it’s possible she turned on us. You know, sonny’s a very powerful figure. Um, and persuasive. So she may have decided to strike a deal with him. Sasha! What happened?! Gladys! What did you do to her?! Dante, you better see to getting miss gilmore back to ferncliff. No! No! I can’t go back there! Please. Mac. Mac. Hold on. Dante, don’t do it. Make sure nothing happens. They’re expecting her. You can’t take her back there! Dante, please. Ferncliff? Sasha, it’s okay. It’s just for a little bit just so we can sort this out. No! No! Please, dante! Sasha. Sasha. It’ll be okay. I will get you out of there somehow! Um, listen. Would you mind waiting? Um, I need to take cody back to processing, and then I’ll be back to follow up with you. Thank you for calling and letting us know sasha’s whereabouts. I was just trying to help my poor daughter-in-law. Mac, do not trust her. She’s behind all of this. Please. Please. Cody, let’s go. Come on. -Mac, I’m telling you. -Let’s go! You have to look more into what gladys is doing! Mac: Go! Oh, my gosh. Look at all of this. Is that really caviar?

[ Chuckles ] I know it’s a little bit cheesy, but I just couldn’t resist. I figured, why not go all-out? Well, let’s go.

[ Chuckles ] I’m really happy that you were able to come along this weekend. I know you’re really busy right now, what with school starting and finishing that paper. Which I finished, no thanks to you. Well, I can’t help wanting to spend all of my free time with you. And I’m really glad that ava was able to give you some time off from your duties at the gallery. Yeah. Of course. I mean, it’s no trip to turks and caicos like you wanted during hurricane season, when probably we would have been stranded on some island for some weeks before we got rescued. So you discovered my master plan — being marooned, just the two of us, on an island. Mm. Well, when you put it like that, it does kind of sound nice. Just the two of us. I am sorry that it’s taken us so long for us to have some alone time with each other. It’s okay. No, it’s not. I just had to be sure that esme wasn’t going to run away with my little brother. But I’m glad that she turned out to be dependable. Did we come all this way just to talk about esme?

[ Chuckles ] No. No, of course we didn’T.

We do have a dinner reservation to get to. Hm. Yeah. Okay, well, let’s get to it.

[ Chuckles ] We don’t have to go so fast. We haven’t even done a proper toast yet. Then let’s do a toast. To the woman I love. To us. To us. Okay. Okay.

[ Clears throat ] Dinner. A quick shower.

[ Door closes ] Rest assured diane and I are exploring all legal loopholes and case precedents. We’re doing everything we can. Thank you, jordan. I know you’re really going above and beyond. No, drew. We’re just doing what has to be done. You shouldn’t be in pentonville, and we’re gonna solve this problem and get you out. -Thank you. -We’re in this together. Warden, I’m sorry that I can’t tell you anything helpful about the fight. The attack! You were attacked! Don’t worry about that, drew. You just focus on your healing. And I’ll see you soon. Or hopefully not. Okay. Wait a second. Isn’t there something we can do to make sure drew doesn’t go back to pentonville? Some kind of medical exemption? We’re looking into that. Don’t worry, miss spencer. We will do everything we can to make sure nothing like this happens again. You have my word. Thank you. Carly: Okay. That’s good. You know? I mean, thank god we’re not in this alone. Hopefully diane and jordan — they can come up with some kind of a miracle, right? Hey. What? Come sit with me. Please? Okay. We’re alone. Together. No talking about prison or trials or any of that. Just — just…

[ Groans ] Just the two of us. God. I mean, I was so worried, dex. Why was drew a target for such a brutal beating in the first place? I mean, thank god he’s awake.

[ Clears throat ] I — um, I got to go. I’ll call you in a little. The girls are all washed up, ready for bed. Okay. The playroom is still a bit of a mess, though. Oh, well. That’s nothing new. And they’re waiting for the bedtime story that you promised. Okay. So is there any — any word about drew? Yes. My mom called. He’s awake. Well, that’s a relief. Drew shouldn’t have gone to prison in the first place. I mean, who the hell tipped off the sec? They could have gotten him killed. You okay, gladys? How can I be? Thanks to you, my daughter-in-law has completely lost touch with reality! Yes, it is really sad. But she’s gonna be taken care of in ferncliff. I’m gonna see to it personally. No! No, dante, please. Sasha. We’re gonna get you out of here, okay? I promise you that. No. Please. I-I don’t belong here. Okay? I-I-I shouldn’t be — no, no, no! Orderly: This is for your own good. Come on. Is that really necessary? Hey, it’s part of the intake order. Please, please, dante. Do something. Look. It’s best that you leave. Sasha, we’re gonna get you out. We’re gonna get you out. Okay? I promise you that!

[ Exhales heavily ] Wow. Trina. Oh, my goodness. You look amazing. You don’t look so bad yourself, mr. Cassadine.

[ Chuckling ] No, no, no. This is one battle you’re not gonna win. Trina, you are breathtaking. Can I help you with your necklace? Necklace? Oh, my gosh. Spencer. It’s beautiful. May I? I wanted you to have something permanent. That way, you would always be able to remember our weekend together. Ohh. Perfect. Okay. Dinner awaits. Let’s go to dinner. You think it’s possible that betty was unable to fool corinthos and instead chose to join forces? It’s possible. No, it’s not possible. And you’re an idiot for thinking that. It was an easy job. Betty had no reason to betray me. Sonny accepted her too quickly. Which means ava’s the one who did it. And for that sin, she’ll have to face divine retribution. Oh. But what about cassadine? He — he was very clear about not hurting her. I don’t care what my nephew said. He’s not the one running the show. I am! Get it done!

[ Door slams ] I’m glad to hear that drew’s awake. Well, I’m glad that you came tonight. I think it made things much more normal for the girls. You know, joss, I couldn’t help but hear that you were on your phone with dex. H-how is it having a boyfriend working for sonny? Why do you ask? You may not remember, but I am the daughter of a man whose business dealings weren’t always… “inside” the law. We probably have more in common than you think. And if you really want to know why I want to know, it’s because you’re trina’s best friend. And what affects her matters to me. And I want to be sure that you’re taking care of yourself, that you’ve got your eyes open wide. Because you will need crystal clarity to navigate a relationship with someone in the business. Well, the girls were hoping for “hoppity moppity kuddly kangaroo.” Okay. Take care, joss. You too.

[ Door opens and closes ] Oh, hey, nina. It’s me. I just found out that — that drew woke up. So you won’t have his death on your conscience. I hope if anything good comes out of all of this, it’s that we can finally get justice for drew and push for a retrial. Drew doesn’t belong in pentonville. I’ll help in any way I can to ensure an early release. Thank you, jordan. Mac, you can’t let sasha stay at ferncliff. Dr. Montague — dr. Montague isn’t gonna do anything to sasha. She is not safe there. It’s only for a little while. We’ll get sasha out but going through the proper channels. Mac. Don’t worry. We’re doing everything we can. Let’s go.

[ Sobbing ] Cody…

[ Ominous music plays ]

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Days Transcript Thursday, September 28, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


Madam Mayor, DHS. What a surprise. That’s good job. You’re working late. I need to talk with you. Well, I’m actually glad you stopped in. I haven’t had a chance to congratulate you personally since your appointment as mayor. I got your email. I want you to know how happy I am to be working for you. I think you were an inspired choice to fill your husband’s position.

And I want you to know that I am your humble. Are you done? I guess so. Good. Cause you’re fired.

Hey. I

thought you were the man from Foo Walks In. I’m sorry to disappoint. I ordered some dim sum. It should be here any minute. Are you going somewhere? Yeah, here. Here? We’re still moving in together, right?

There you are. Sorry I’m late. I assume I missed dinner. Yes, you did. But, Cook is keeping a plate warm for you. Oh, lovely. But, I could use a drink first. Tough day? Tedious. I was sorting through resumes. What position? Head of IT. What about Wendy Shin? Oh, I fired her. What? Why? You were there the day that she stopped by with that report she wanted me to read.

Yeah, I remember. Well, I caught her trying to get the goods on me. Get the goods on you? What do you mean? Why would she do that? To prove that I hired a hit on Eva Vitale.

Susan was really married to a guy named Edmund Phineas Crumb, huh? Looks like it. Look, I’m, uh, I’m new to this whole, uh, supernatural thing, okay, but, but the crumbs did come off the scone into the shape of a knee, and it’s pointing right at this guy right here. Crumb. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Listen. You know that I am desperate for anything to get EJ off of my back, but come on, how’s that gonna help us?

Huh? That article is from way, way back when. I mean, even if this crumb is still alive and around. What does he have to do with Susan escaping an exploding car back in Salem? I don’t know, but it’s worth looking into. Yeah, I guess. I guess, since he definitely has a connection to her. But is he gonna be able to tell us whether she’s alive or dead?


no! Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

You’re firing me? Damn right I am. See? See, I’m sure you’re aware, D. A. is not an elected position. Now, you serve at the pleasure of the Queen, and she is not a muse. But, Mayor Price, I mean, regardless of your personal feelings about me, you know how much, how hard I’ve worked for this town. I have devoted myself completely to my job.

It is my life! This is not about job performance, Miss Trask. I just don’t like you, and why the hell should I? Considering all the time that you’ve spent being Sloane Peterson’s errand girl, making life miserable for my daughter and me for weeks, arresting Chanel and me at my husband’s election day celebration.

Shirley, you can understand that at the time I felt that It’s what I needed to do. A Sloan presented me with what I believed was evidence of your guilt. Oh, well, you had the choice of how and when to make that damn arrest. Okay, look, I know you and Mr. Carver were very upset. Upset?! We were horrified and mortified, but you, you were having yourself a rip roaring time, weren’t you?

That night was fun for you! Look, I I may have acted a bit overzealous and and hasty, but I A BIT?! But that is exactly how you are reacting right now! Overzealous and hasty in your decision to let me go. And and and I’m telling you, it is a mistake, Mayor Price. It’s to to get rid of me when I have something I can offer you.

Something you can offer me? And what exactly is that? A high profile conviction. Now I’m sure you are aware of your precarious position right now as mayor. And your husband’s intervention may have put you in this office, but you are going to have to run on your own merits in a short amount of time. Now, we both know that Clint Rawlings is gunning for your job.

And I don’t have to tell you that he’s going to campaign on any of your perceived missteps. Now, I am sure that you don’t want to risk giving him that kind of ammunition, huh?

I guess closing a high profile case… Wouldn’t be the worst idea. Who’s conviction do you have in mind? I

mean, you know I want you to move in, I just… I didn’t think it’d be tonight. Didn’t really give me any notice. Sorry about that, it’s just… You know, it just hit me that I need to give my dad a few extra days to find a new tenant before the end of the month. And I got to packing and, you know, loading the car and…

No, it’s just, it’s okay. You don’t have to explain. Really, just… What? Honestly? Yeah. I just didn’t expect a former priest to be so eager to live in sin. Well, considering that I was, um, kicked out of the priesthood for performing an exorcism cohabitating as small potatoes. That’s a good point. Yeah, besides, we won’t be living in sin for very long.

We are engaged to be married. My wife to be. Oh, yes, we are. Question is, for how long? When are we tying the knot? Has been to be.

Wait, so Wendy figured out that you sent that hip woman after Ava? But how? Trip Johnson must have put the idea in your head. He and Wendy are an item now. And that young man seems to adore his gangster mother. He must have convinced Wendy to do his dirty work. By getting the goods on you. Right, so she had the temerity to try and hack into my phone, which I caught her doing.

Grounds for dismissal, don’t you think? Absolutely. But she didn’t, she didn’t get anything on you, did she? I was way ahead of her. I purposely left my phone behind so I could catch her in the act, which I did, and then I gave her the sack, told her to clear out her desk and leave immediately. Yeah, come to think of it.

Hmm, what is it? I should have had security escort her out, because God only knows what else she could have gotten into while she was walking through the building, but I was, I was distracted by something she said. Okay, what did she say? She said that my mother was still alive.

What is taking so long? How many Edmund P. Crumbs can there be in London? Uh, there’s none, so far. Not a single one? No, because this internet is so dang slow. Okay. Harris, even if Susan was married to this guy, what’s to say they have any connection now? I don’t know. Maybe she was desperate and went to him for help.

All the way here in London? Ava, this guy is our only lead. We need to track him down. Finally. What? I got a hit. Yeah? There is one Edmund Crumb in London. And his address is right here. Great. Let’s get that phone back to the waiter and then get out of here. Okay. Lee Shin.

I’d say that’s a pretty big fish, wouldn’t you? Depends what you’ve got on him. Well, uh, Mayor Price, I’m sure you’re aware, he tried to have Stefan DiMera killed, and yet, he is still walking around free. Because there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him. But there will be, very soon. You see, I’ve been working on him.

And once he’s lulled into a false sense of security, It’s just a matter of time before he confesses. And, uh, well, uh, how exactly are you working on him? Oh, you know, never mind. Never mind. I can get it. Please don’t look at me like that. Surely you’ve used your feminine wiles on occasion to get what you want.

Just, you know, but let’s just stay on topic, okay, Ms. Drafts? Now, just how long is it going to take before this, this unsuspecting fool is lulled to a fare thee well and confesses to his crime? Actually, I, I’m having dinner with him tonight in the square. Tonight? Tonight. And, oh, he is, is ready to crack. And when he does, I promise you, I am going to nail Lee Shin to the wall.

But if you’re, if you’re playing him, how do you know that this confession will stick? I’ve read the law. I know what I’m doing. Uh huh. Yeah, well, you better. Otherwise, you’re out.

Hey, Lee? It’s me, Melinda. Would you like to have dinner with me tonight?

I’m sorry, I just haven’t really given much thought to when or where. Wait, what are you thinking? Uh, well, I’m definitely not having the wedding at the pub, because I will not be married in a place that smells like chowder. My brother and his new wife didn’t have a problem. What does that mean? Rex and Sarah got married there today.

What? And your fiancé wasn’t invited? I wasn’t either. You’re kidding. Are you and your brother on the outs? No, Rex and I are good. It’s just… It’s just that Sarah and I have a history. Oh. One of your exes. Something like that. Listen, you… You don’t have to worry. I won’t insist on us getting married at the pub.

Alright? Because I don’t want to either. And why is that?

Well, because I’ve already… Had a wedding there? Let me guess, uh, Nicole? Yeah, with Nicole.

Wait, so Wendy just blurted out that your mother’s still alive? Of all the Hail Mary passes she could have thrown to keep her job, I never saw that one coming. Well, she couldn’t have just come up with that idea on the spot, so why would she say that? Where would she have gotten that from? If I were to hazard a guess, I would say she got it from Ava.

But Ava was in the car with Susan, so she knows what happened. Apparently, she now claims that she suddenly remembered that my mother stumbled clear of the car before it exploded. Ava has stated unequivocally that my mother didn’t die that night. Well, I’m… That’s amazing news, right? Mm. It would be if it were true.

You don’t believe it? Uh, for a minute. Ava obviously came up with that lie in a desperate attempt to save her own skin.

So, uh, this is it, huh? Yeah. Room 17, according to the search results. This is Edmund Crumb’s current address. Okay, well, uh, here goes nothing.

At his age, I doubt that he’s out clubbing. He’s probably asleep, so… Should we get another? Yeah. We got another job. Why are you ringing the bell in the middle of the bloody night? Um, sir, we are sorry to disturb you. Yeah, and we wouldn’t have, except this is quite urgent. Um, are you Edmund Crum? Yes, Edmund P.

Crum, that’s me. How may I help you? Well, we certainly hope you can help us. Yeah, we were hoping to talk to you about a woman named… Susan Banks.

Hey. Ooh. You read my mind. I think I’ve gotten to know you quite well. Cheers.

Uh, I, uh, hope I didn’t keep you waiting too long. Oh, just long enough for me to order us both drinks. I have to admit I was, uh, kind of surprised to get your call. What’s the occasion? Does there have to be an occasion? I’ve missed you. You’ve been on my mind.

A lot. Oh,

really? Really. I keep thinking back on all the good times that we’ve had together. How no one has ever turned me on the way you do. Ever made me feel so, um, alive. And not just sexually. I, I, well, I love hanging out with you and I don’t want to jinx anything, but I guess I’m just trying to tell you how happy I am that we’re seeing each other.

And this is where you say you are too.

Actually, um, I was thinking we should call the whole thing off. What? Why? I thought everything was going so well. Yeah, I thought it was too. And then, I heard this. I am going to nail Li Xin to the wall.

Kate? Hi. Hey. Just looking at a picture of baby Victoria. Rick sent me a few photos before we knew the truth.

I’m so sorry. I know how much you and Romano were looking forward to a new grandbaby. We, we really were looking forward to it. For the extent of the deception. Anyway, did you come by for some chatter? Oh no. I was on my way home. I just thought I’d stop and check on Eric. Is he around? Oh, uh, I don’t, he must not have told you he’s, uh, well, he doesn’t live here anymore.

He moved out. Oh.

That’s right. I forgot you and Nicole had gotten married at the pub. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought it up. No, it’s okay. You were just explaining to me why you thought you and I shouldn’t get married at the pub and now I understand. Yeah. Yeah. And aside from my aversion to the smell of clam chowder, I sure as hell am not going to get married anywhere where you have already gotten married.

So. I didn’t think so. But wherever we do decide to do our numbskulls, we probably should not wait too long because, you know, adoption agencies are going to prefer married couples. Right. Yeah. We shouldn’t wait too long. So, is Belle willing to represent us in the adoption? Actually, I don’t think that’s going to be such a good idea.

Yes, I heard the news about Dear Susan. Such a senseless tragedy. They said on the telly that some deranged woman drove off the side of a cliff. Actually, that woman, uh, she was, she was mentally ill. Huh. Regardless of her state of mind, she cost the world a beautiful and gentle soul. Actually, um, that’s the reason we’re here.

We believe that may not be true. Not true. What are you saying? We believe that Susan may have actually gotten out of the car. And, uh, she might be alive. Whatever would give you that idea? Well, um, we think that because the woman who drove Susan off the cliff is now saying that she saw Susan get away before the explosion.

I must admit, Wendy using my mother’s supposed return from the dead as a way to mollify me, it makes a certain amount of sense, but to Ava it’s a no brainer. So you think Ava just made it up to get you to back off? Well, isn’t it obvious? Ava must have found out there was a contract out on her, and suddenly remembers that my mother survived the explosion.

The timing is rather convenient. Yeah. But, don’t you think maybe there’s a chance Ava could be telling the truth? She’s not. How could you be so sure? I am sure because if my mother was still alive, she would have made sure I knew that. Unless… Unless what? Unless your mother was so afraid of Ava that she went into hiding.

Not able to get to a phone, not able to get to you. EJ, what if your mother is still in danger? Can’t you even consider the fact that Ava is telling the truth? Nicole, this is my mother we’re talking about here. She doesn’t require something so mundane as a phone. I mean, she’s on a first name basis with everyone in the spirit world.

Look, if my mother was still alive, she would have found some way to send me a sign.

Hmm. Huh. You were saying?

Where did you get that recording? Remember last week when I showed up at your office? Yeah, and you said you couldn’t wait to get your hands on me and we had sex on my desk? Yeah, I remember. Hmm, yeah, well, I also gave you a cute little teddy bear. Told you he’d tickle you when I was away. No. Yes. There was a bug inside that thing?

Are you tickled now? Shhh. Dammit, how could I be so stupid? You know, I actually asked myself the same question. I was kind of surprised I got away with it. Why’d you do it? What tipped you off? I didn’t need any tipping off. I knew from the beginning you were out to get me. Although I thought I could sweep you off your feet with mine.

Reika’s charm and, um, sexual prowess. But on the off chance I was wrong, I took out a low insurance policy. I can’t believe you played me like this. Amanda, give it up. We played each other. You don’t care about me any more than I care about you. The only reason you’re upset is because you lost. It’s

me, isn’t it? I’m the reason she won’t represent us. She still can’t stand me. No, Song, it’s not that. It’s just… Oh, she’s going through a really hard time in her personal life. And I just think it’s best for all three of us if we… You know, just found another attorney. Okay. Yeah, well… I mean, even if family law were my specialty, you know, I obviously can’t do this by myself.

Of course not. Look, it can’t be that difficult to find an attorney that we both like. I mean, you know what, we can even start working on it tonight if you like. Tonight? Yeah, or we can just make a potential list of lawyers. I mean, yeah, we could, but you just, you haven’t even unpacked yet. Sure. It’s just that I’m excited, I mean, knowing that we both want to adopt and I just can’t wait to get started.

What? What’s up with that look? Oh, it’s just, I was thinking how this was all my idea and, Eric, are you sure this is really what you want? Definitely. I’m sorry, I thought I made this clear to you, Sloan. A child doesn’t need to share my DNA to feel like my own child. And I’m sure you feel the same way, of course you do.

I mean, this was your idea, like you said. Yeah. You know, there’s a kid out there who desperately needs a mom and a dad. And we can be those two people. I mean, like I said, I’ve just always wanted to be a father.

There we go. I’ll dine by a candlelight tonight, that’s better.

That’s it? That’s all you have to say? Well, I know you’ve already eaten, but I thought you wouldn’t mind keeping me company. Hey Jay, this isn’t about dinner. You said if your mom was alive, she would show you a sign and then bam, the lights go out. Oh, come on. What? Come on, if that’s not a sign, okay, then what could it be?

Uh, a faulty circuit breaker, a minor inconvenience. You are her son. You have seen what Susan can do. I have, and she’s not subtle. A sign from her would be a… Sky writer, spelling… Elvis, I’m alive. Or a Ouija board pointing to yes. Well, you’d actually have to get a Ouija board out in order for that to work.

Fine, fine. Then it would be the morning crossword clues being King of Rock and Heywood actress in I Want to Live. But the power going out… No, Nicole, that is not a sign from my mother. It’s… It’s just the power going out. Okay. If you say

so. So, this woman… That caused the crash. It’s saying that she saw my Susan escape before the cars burst into flames. Yes. But didn’t you say this woman was mentally ill? How do we know this is not the ramblings of some deranged person? Well, I, I know this woman and she’s had a lot of treatments. Yes, and, and she recently remembered.

I’ve seen Susan get out of the car just in time. Well, it’s my understanding that this accident happened months ago. And if Susan’s alive, if, where has she been all this time? That’s what we’re trying to find out. Yeah, that’s why we’re here to see you. You think I might have some knowledge of Susan’s whereabouts?

Whatever would give you that idea?

Well, um, recently, it’s, it’s, well, it’s kind of a long story, but we, we feel like Susan’s been trying to reach out to us. It’s what actually brought us to London in the first place. And then today we got another clue, um, that was sort of… Crumb related. Yeah, I, look, we did some research and we, uh, discovered that you’d been married to Susan.

Uh, that’s… Really why we’re here. Uh, to see if maybe you have gotten any signs from her at all. Signs? Yeah, I’m sure you remember Susan had some supernatural gifts. And, uh, we were just wondering if maybe you got a, uh, a message? Anything? Messages? No. But then again,

Why would she need to send me messages? When she’s chained up to the floor of the back bedroom.

Hey there.

How’d your dinner go? Not how I planned. Oh. I figured.

Back up to your office. You’re out.

Almost unpacked, and I left you enough hangar space. Oh, that’s great. Something wrong? Oh, Melinda just texted. She got some bad news tonight. I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah, me too. You

two are friends now? Because it wasn’t too long ago that you weren’t. I mean, our rivalry, we tried to leave to the courtroom, and… Plus, since I got to town, I’ve found that female friends are pretty hard to come by, so. Would you mind if I went and checked on her? No, of course not. And I promise I won’t touch the leftover dumplings.

That’s not what I was gonna say.

I’m just really excited about the baby, too. About the adoption process

and… I love you too. I’ll see you soon. Okay.

Um, if there really is a power outage, maybe you should save your battery. This can’t wait. Mirror Enterprises desperately needs an IT department head. By tomorrow? By yesterday, but I’m sure the power will come back on soon. I, I don’t understand. How, how are you being so calm about this? Why get worked up?

There’s nothing we can do until the power company repairs the damage. Oh. Still going to go with the power outage theory, huh? Oh, as opposed to your completely logical hypothesis that it was caused by my deceased mother who might be alive because Wendy Shin said so. No, I’m sure that the lights will come back on any second.

As much as I hate saying I told you so, I told you so. Oh, very mature. See?

You, you, you were just joking. Oh no, Susan’s right in there. I mean, why would you, why would you ever change?

I’m feeling, I’m feeling dizzy.

Me too, hello. What, what, what, what the hell is wrong with me? That would be the poisoned tea.

Poisoned tea? What? Oh, no, no. Oh, no, no. Oh, God.

He passed you?

That takes care of that.

Hey, Lee. You there? I just want to let you know something. You know, I finally figured out why Gabby Hernandez dumped you. It’s because as a lover, you suck! And I don’t mean that in a good way.


how you’re doing, but I got a pretty good idea. Coffee? I can’t believe we dumped him. Damn! Damn! Damn! I hate that creep! God, did he give you a reason? Yeah, a good one, actually. I found out I was only dating him because I wanted to make a case against him. Yeah, I mean, that’s kind of a good one. Yeah, and because I failed to make said case, Mayor Price just fired me.

What? Why? Because she hates me. And because it is entirely in the authority of her as mayor.

What are you thinking? Oh, it’s just that, um… This kind of works out for me. Well, as long as you’re happy. No, it works out for you too. How so? Well, I mean, you’re in need of a job, and I’m in need of an attorney. No, I’m serious. How would you like to help Eric and I adopt a baby?

Mom! Hey! Hi! Thank you. So, so this is your new home? It is. How’d you know where to find me? Well, I stopped by the pub to see you and Kate said that you had moved in here. Yeah, I did. I’m, I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you myself that I was moving in. It’s just, I got so busy and… He was quite all right. I understand.

I was just, well, I was surprised, I guess. I know that you and Sloane were serious. I didn’t know that you were this serious. Yeah, we are. And we love each other, and we’re compatible. And it just seemed like the logical next step for us. Well, you know that I’m happy if you’re happy. I am. And you know as well as I know that I’ve gone through a really rough patch recently.

But I think I’ve made the turn around the corner, you know? And Slo and I, you know, committed to each other and I… I think that I’m ready. You know.

I hope it works. Yeah. Me too.

Yes. Yes, thank you very much. That, that explains it. A car ran into a utility pole and knocked out the power in the area. The uh, electric company just… Finished repairing the damage. So, I think you would agree that the only sign here is that the drivers in this neighborhood need to keep their eyes on the road.

Okay, this neighborhood is made up of this mansion and the acres of grounds around it. You think the dorkers at the power company were having me on?

The only liar in this scenario… is Ava Vitaly. And may she soon rot in hell for all eternity, so that my mother may finally rest in peace.

Hey, what do you mean? What the heck do you think you’re doing?

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B&B Transcript Thursday, September 28, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

Finn: Thanks, by the way, for going all the way over there and helping steffy and the kids get settled.

Taylor: Of course, that’s what moms do to keep their kids safe. That’s what steffy is doing right now. You know, this can’t go on, finn, right?

Finn: Oh, I realize that. I mean, all I want is for them to be home with me. Safe and healthy.

Taylor: Yeah. Well, they– they wanna come home, but steffy knows that they are safer in europe because sheila is nowhere around them. You’re dangerously close to losing steffy. Do you understand that? So, you need to do whatever you can to get sheila carter out of your life.

Deacon: Don’t go.

Sheila: Deacon, don’T.

Deacon: Stay. Even if it’s just for a little bit longer.

Sheila: What are you saying?

Brooke: Who are you texting?

Ridge: Steffy. Just checking on her.

Brooke: Oh, you miss her.

Ridge: I do. Of course, I miss her. Miss her every day. And I know why she’s gone. I get it. Strong, amazing woman, you know. But– but to me, she’s always gonna be my little girl and I wanna protect her. I wanna make sure that she’s okay. That her kids are okay. I want them to grow up looking at me the way that my kids looked at my dad. I can’t do that now because she’s 6,000 plus miles away. We all know why.

Brooke: I’m sorry. I know that you’ve been worried about steffy, kelly, and hayes now that sheila is on the loose again.

Ridge: Yeah, it’s not right. This is not what it should be. She should be home with us, with her family. Finn– I want to respect finn, ’cause I always thought he’d be a good match for her, you know. Because he sees her as the smart, intelligent, strong woman that she is and he lets her be. But this connection he has with– with his mom, I just– I don’t understand it.

Taylor: You know, I– I understand how– how you could feel bonded to sheila because she’s your birth mother, but the thing that’s confusing to everybody is why would you encourage that bond after she almost killed you and steffy? As long as sheila thinks that– that you love her or that you think she’s your mother… she’s never getting out of your life.

Deacon: Stay.

Sheila: Deacon, please, if you don’t mean it–

Deacon: I do. Don’t go. I don’t want to be alone. We’re traveling all across america

Brooke: Ridge, I’m not sure it’s fair to blame finn for sheila’s presence in our lives. Besides, he didn’t ask for her to be his birth mother.

Ridge: That’s not the point. The point is he’s gotta be a little bit more decisive as to what his feelings are for her. Because right now he’s making her feel like they could have a relationship. Like she could have a relationship with hayes.

Brooke: Well, now he’s made it very clear that he wants nothing to do with sheila.

Ridge: I’m so sorry. I’m– I’m sorry, how did he make that clear, really? By hugging her outside the judge’s chamber, by– by having her just, um, appear at the beach? She went to steffy’s house, uninvited. She was there. No wonder steffy left. He can’t protect her.

Brooke: Well, thank god she has a father that loves her so much that he will be there to take care of her.

Ridge: Well, the only way this father can protect her is something that carries a pretty long jail sentence. That’s up to finn.

Finn: You’re not wrong, taylor. I don’t know why I felt a connection to sheila. I mean, sheila’s done horrible things to me, to my family. I mean, she almost caused kelly and hayes to lose both their parents. I mean, I never should have given her any hope that we could have a relationship. I don’t– I– I just– I made a mistake and it doesn’t matter that she’s my birth mother, I should have drawn a line from the very beginning.

Taylor: Listen, I– I understand why you didn’t draw a line at the very beginning, but now you need to, okay? It’s time. Because steffy misses you.

Finn: Well, I miss them, too. I mean, taylor, they’re my entire life.

Taylor: Then fight for them. I mean, really fight for them. I don’t care what you have to do, finn. It doesn’t matter, just get sheila out of your life.

Sheila: I– I’ve got to admit my head is spinning right now. I– there– there’s been so much that’s happened today.

Deacon: It’s always been an adventure with us, right?

Sheila: [ Laughs ] Yes, that’s– that’s very true. But it’s not every day a girl discovers that she’s got a guardian angel.

Deacon: That’s definitely the first time anyone’s ever called me that.

Sheila: Well, that’s exactly what you are. You gave me back my freedom, my life.

Deacon: I helped a little.

Sheila: No, you helped more than a little.

Deacon: Come on. Spencer bungled the investigation. I bent the judge’s ear. I didn’t rewrite the law.

Sheila: Only you cared. You cared enough to go to bat for me and– and that’s worth everything. I have never– I’ve never had anyone care about me like that.

Deacon: Listen, I know what it’s like to make mistakes, sheila. That’s all. You know, I– I felt so alone that I didn’t know if I was gonna make it through the night. I think you can relate to that. You know, you felt those things, right?

Sheila: Yeah. Yeah. You know, I have.

Deacon: I mean, you and me, it’s like we’ve always been the underdogs. You know, the misfits, the convicts, you know. We’ve had to work twice as hard as everybody else just to get a chance to move ahead. We don’t get a chance to win too often. But you know what? It doesn’t have to be like that. We can write our own story. A better one. Right here, right now. Why give your family just any eggs

Finn: You leaving?

Taylor: Uh, yeah. Yeah, I’m gonna go check in with ridge. Fill him in on steffy and the kids.

Finn: Hey, I want you to know. I– I heard every word and you’re right. I promise you, I will find a way to cut sheila out of my life.

Taylor: Don’t promise me, finn, you know. Promise– promise your wife and your son.

Finn: Yeah, no, I will. And, um, thanks. Thanks for caring enough about steffy and me to come over here.

Taylor: Of course. I know you love her so much and she loves you, too.

Finn: She can have faith in me. Can you tell her that? Would you let her know how much I love her and how hard I’m fighting to get her, kelly, and hayes home?

Taylor: Yeah. Yeah, I’ll tell her but you have to start fighting. Like, really fighting. Look, finn, I know that you have talked to sheila before and it’s kind of gotten you nowhere ’cause she’s still in your life.

Finn: Yeah.

Taylor: But you have to let her know under no uncertain terms that– that she is not allowed in your life anymore or your children’s lives. You– you can’t let her back in. Look… she’s a monster, finn. You know that, I know that. Everybody knows that. She’s gonna use whatever she can to– to manipulate you, with sympathy. The minute that you show weakness around sheila carter is the minute she wins. I know that. I know that from experience. You fight for this, finn. You have to be strong because she– she gets power out of getting into people’s minds, manipulating. And the minute that she does that, you… you will lose everything. Do you understand what I’m saying?

Finn: I understand.

Taylor: Okay, good. So you need to make sure that… she knows that she is not welcome. And she is not allowed in your life. And that… that is how you fight, finn. Make her go away. Not just temporary. Make her go away for good.

Deacon: Yeah, just like that. Okay. No, that sounds– that sounds perfect. Okay. All right. Thank you.

[ Deacon chuckles ]

Sheila: What was that about?

Deacon: I just had to, uh, you know, make a few arrangements.

Sheila: Oh, for us?

Deacon: Well, you know, you’re the queen of surprises. I figured what the hell? I’ll try my hand at it.

Sheila: I don’t really love surprises. They– they don’t usually work out well for me.

Deacon: Think you’re gonna like this one. As a matter of fact, I’m sure you’re gonna like this one. What’s the matter? You don’t trust me?

Sheila: Oh, you know I do, daddy.

Deacon: That’s my girl. All right. So, uh, you know, I think you deserve something special. Hell, I think I deserve something special. So, come on. Let’s go.

Brooke: You know what I think we need?

Ridge: I have everything I need right here in my arms.

Brooke: Well, I think we need to step it up a notch. Do something we haven’t done in a while.

Ridge: Really?

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: Now, I’m curious.

Brooke: Well, we could go home, get in the bathtub and I will make all your worries melt away.

Ridge: I have no doubt. You have the magic touch.

Brooke: Hm.

[ Brooke moans ]

[ Knocking on door ]

Taylor: Hi.

Ridge: Hey.

Taylor: Hi. Sorry, pam– pam said you were in here working.

Ridge: What are you doing here? I thought you were with steffy in europe. Is everything okay?

Taylor: What? With steffy? Um, you know, yeah. I mean, considering she left her husband and everything she loves.

Brooke: Yeah, it’s been difficult for all of us.

Taylor: Yeah, it really has. You know, you two seem to be doing just fine. Some luxury creams just sit on top of skin.

Ridge: Hey, I– I didn’t know you were coming back. When– when did you get in?

Taylor: Oh, I got in earlier this morning. You know, the– steffy and the kids are– are finally settling in and we got security set up, so, you know, I figured now was a perfect time to come back. I wanted to check on thomas and take care of a few other things.

Ridge: Sure, but how are they doing? Are they okay?

Brooke: Yeah, we’ve been so worried about them.

Taylor: You know, they’re– they’re fine, you know, all things considered. But the upside is that the international school is beautiful and kelly really likes it. And hayes is just, you know, taking everything in. You know, they’ve been uprooted from everything they know and that is hard. Their father not being in their lives. It’s affecting them.

Ridge: It’s– it’s good you were there. [Indistinct] Giving them comfort.

Taylor: You know, I hope so. I really do. You know, steffy– steffy misses finn, and she– she misses her life here. She’s really mad that– that sheila is the reason that she had to leave, you know. Ah, she’s just doing everything she can to make things okay for her and the kids right now. And right now they’re safe in europe.

Ridge: And they will be safe because as long as finn is here, sheila isn’t going anywhere.

Taylor: Oh, you are right about that. Hey, uh, I– I stopped by and talked to finn before I came here.

Brooke: How did he seem?

Taylor: Ah, I… he misses his family, of course, but I told him that– that he has to do everything that he can to make sure that sheila is out of their lives. I mean, sure it’s gonna be hard, but… my god, he just needs to stand up and fight.

Ridge: Because steffy can’t come home until he does.

Taylor: Exactly. And that’s the hard part because as long as sheila believes that finn loves her, she’s not gonna give up. He has to convince her with everything he has that– that she is out of their lives forever. He wants nothing to do with her. That he does not love her. I mean, how could he? Sheila carter is not lovable.

[ Sheila chuckles ]

Deacon: Here we are.

Sheila: Wow. This is beautiful. You did this all for me?

Deacon: I was hoping you’d have dinner with me tonight.

Sheila: Oh, well, I am gonna have to check my schedule but I– I think I might be able to work something out. We have the place all to ourselves?

Deacon: Yeah. Yeah. Even hollis didn’t stick around. No one’s gonna bother us. And I know that because I’m the boss.

Sheila: Indeed, you are, daddy. It’s like you recreated the date that we had months ago and it’s– it’s really special. It’s like you knew what I needed then and you know what I need now. But why?

Deacon: Why not?

Sheila: I– I think we both agreed that we weren’t going to see each other anymore. I want a life with finn. You want a life with hope and if either one of them found out about us–

Deacon: Yeah. Let’s– let’s not do that. Not tonight. This evening, it’s all about you. All right, sheila? That crazy– scratch that, that unique, unpredictable, and passionate woman who hobbled her way into my life.

Sheila: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, all nine toes of mine.

Deacon: I said you were unique.

Sheila: Yes. And– and you– you get that. It’s like you get me. You– you really get me.

Deacon: That goes both ways.

Sheila: I– I don’t have to be anything else but myself. It’s like you– you see the person that I want to be and you actually have me believing that I can be that person. Like– it’s like I can see myself through your eyes.

Deacon: Sheila, you are so much more than anyone thinks. I believe that. And I also believe that people can change and everybody deserves a chance to try.

Sheila: And you’ve– you’ve given me that chance. You’ve– you’ve done so much for me and I’m not talking about just assuring my freedom, but you’ve given me a fresh start. And I– I really might have a chance at a relationship with my son. And it’s no secret how I feel about finn. You know how much I love him. And I’m so desperate to have a life with– with finn and hayes. But… I– I want a life with you, too.

[ Sheila sighs ] That really does make me crazy, doesn’t it?

Deacon: No, it doesn’T. That doesn’t make you crazy. That doesn’t make you crazy at all.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Jack: Mamie, I could not be happier to have you back in town. Why didn’t you tell us you were coming?

Mamie: Oh, and deprive myself of the joy that I get from seeing that look of surprise on your face, jackie? No, no. You have the best reactions of anyone that I know.

Jack: Oh, mamie!

[ Mamie laughs ]

Mamie: And it never gets old. Your father and I used to just have so much fun just watching you open the presents. Either it be on christmas, on your birthday, just genuine delight. And awe. And now, I get to see that look on your face every time I show up at your door. Oh, I just love it! I love it.

Traci: But if you told us, we could have got your room ready, and we could have planned a– a special dinner party, maybe, um, invited over your grand niece and nephew.

Mamie: No, see, no, that’s exactly why I like to show up unexpectedly. I don’t like all this fuss.

Jack: Mamie.

Mamie: Well, look, I’m so happy that I was able to surprise you. I’m glad that we’ve had this time together, but truth be told, this reunion is not really the only reason why I’m in town.

Traci: Oh, no?

Mamie: No, there is a matter of some importance that’s brought me here.

Devon: Why’d you want to meet here instead of the office?

Lily: Well, I don’t want the employees to hear us talking about this new secret investor and think that chancellor-winters is in trouble.

Devon: Did you find out any new information?

Lily: Uh, jill talked to victor.

Devon: Oh, what did he say?

Lily: Well, he stonewalled her as well. Said this person wants to remain anonymous, and that it was part of the deal when he sold his shares to them.

Devon: This doesn’t make any sense at all. We have to figure out who this person is because I don’t like the fact that someone has a piece of our company and we’re in the dark about it.

Lily: Well, supposedly this person is gonna reveal themselves soon.

Devon: Soon. When’s soon?

Lily: I don’t know.

Devon: I don’t like the sound of reveal.

Lily: No, it’s all very dramatic.

Devon: Yeah, like, what’s the point of it? Is– is it somebody who wants to cause harm to the company or just someone we don’t like?

Lily: Is it someone from our past?

Devon: Maybe somebody from jill’s past.

Lily: Or, I mean, like, what if this person comes in with an agenda different from ours?

Devon: I don’t know. You think that victor would go along with something like that, knowing how it’d make jill and us feel?

Lily: Honestly, I think that victor is so concerned with the turmoil at his own company that he’s not even thinking about what this is gonna do to ours.

Victor: You’re blaming me for this company’s dysfunction?

Victoria: You decide you’re going to just shuffle the deck chairs, and then everyone else has to scramble around to figure out where they fit into your grand scheme.

Victor: I explained to all three of you what I expected of you.

Victoria: By dictating your plans. Then you just expect everyone to fall in line.

Victor: You damn well know. You more than anyone else should know. A company of this size is not run by consensus. It’s run by one person. That person is me from now on.

Victoria: Then why even bother to keep me around or nicholas for that matter?

Victor: I don’t want to argue about this. It’s how it is, period.

Victoria: Not in my opinion.

Victor: Your opinion is irrelevant.

Victoria: Oh, thank you, daddy. You just proved my point.

Victor: Newman enterprises is bigger than you or your damn feelings! You either accept this or you can leave.

Victoria: I disagree with you and you just wanna throw me out of your kingdom.

Victor: That’s your choice.

Victoria: Do you know what, dad? If I left, everything would fall apart. Everything.

Nick: Hey.

Victoria: Hi.

[ Victoria sighs ] So, the trip went well?

Nick: Uh, yeah. Lots of enthusiasm for the new leadership at kirsten. Everyone’s very excited to put the past behind them.

Victoria: Yes, with good reason.

Nick: I know you didn’t want to meet with me to talk about my conversations with the kirsten executives. So, let’s just get into it. If you’re about to ask me to come back to newman…

Victoria: No, that’s not it. I need your help. We need to keep our father from making a terrible mistake.

Adam: Back in the big chair, I see.

Victor: Hey, son. What can I do for you?

Adam: Uh, I saw the press release about the musical chairs. I mean, the executive changes here at newman. I was named in it, but I have to say, the description of my role was rather vague.

Victor: Was it?

Adam: When do you want me to start, uh, whatever it is you’re gonna be having me doing? Have you decided?

Victor: Yes, indeed I have. Nate, would you kindly join me in my office? Thank you.

Adam: How does nate figure into this?

Victor: You will find out soon enough.

Why should I be framed?

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Victor: I can tell you, son, I was surprised, but rather pleased when I heard you intended to start at the bottom of the company, work your way up.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to send you down to the mail room, where, as you know, your sister started. Nor am I designating a special area in the men’s room as your new office.

Adam: Glad to hear that.

Victor: Right. I have a place a little farther up the ladder.

Adam: Okay.

Nate: Victor.

Victor: Nate.

Nate: Adam.

Adam: Well, the gang is all here. So, what’s the big mystery?

Victor: From now on, you will be nate’s assistant.

Victoria: I’m worried about dad’s decision-making and whatever he might come up with next.

Nick: Worried in what way?

Victoria: Oh, come on. You’ve seen how erratic his behavior is lately. Merging companies, then not merging them. This person in, this person out. He’s all over the place.

Nick: Vic, it’s his company. He can do whatever the hell he wants. If that means putting himself back in as ceo, if he has a whim, he’s gonna expect everyone to abide by it.

Victoria: These aren’t whims. This is indecision, it’s confusion. Historically, dad wants something, he takes action. How many times has he gone back and changed his mind about something?

Nick: It’s been known to happen.

Victoria: Uh, yeah, you can count the times on one hand.

Nick: Well, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong.

Victoria: Look, I know, but sometimes you tune dad out and don’t say that’s not the case.

Nick: I do not do that. I don’t tune him out. I just don’t let him get to me or at least I try not to. I just don’t want to get dragged back in, vic.

Victoria: Just for one second, forget about your position in this. Forget about newman enterprises. Think about the family, think about dad, the man. He’s not acting like himself. And he’s about to go back into this highly stressful role of running newman enterprises. I’m worried about his health, and he’s had health issues in the past. There’s a reason that he stepped back from the company. Has he suddenly become younger and healthier? I mean, how is it a good idea for him to dive back in as ceo?

Nick: Okay, I’ll admit, he was acting a little out of character when it came to all this newman media and mccall and kirsten stuff, but don’t you think that’s because of adam’s actions?

Victoria: In part, I’m sure. But why it happened is not the point. What happens next is what concerns me.

Nick: Vic, I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking of me, right? The family company is not my concern right now, and clearly, controlling dad is not in my skill set. I’m not coming back. I’m definitely not going to war.

Devon: You know, we do also need to consider the chance that this mystery person is just a big shot investor that wants to get their hands on something that’s a sure thing.

[ Lily scoffs ] Right?

Lily: Yeah, I mean, that would be great, but I don’t think so. And they can say they’ll be a silent partner, but what if that’s not true?

Devon: What if the ipo idea comes back around and they want to go public?

Lily: No. Jill said that’s not happening. Also, I have one of our finance guys try to trace the money trail and see if he can find anything out, but nothing so far.

Devon: Great. I don’t like the idea of being blindsided. I’ll tell you that.

Lily: Yeah, me either.

Devon: Oh. And hey, we will stick together as a team, moving forward no matter what, right?

Lily: Absolutely.

Jack: You are being awfully coy with us.

[ Traci laughs ]

Traci: You are. So, spill, mamie, come on. What are you up to?

Jack: A new suitor, perhaps?

Traci: Oh! Someone you met when you were in town for the gala.

Mamie: Oh, come on now. Just– just stop now. I don’t want to say anything yet. I don’t want to jinx it.

Traci: See, see. She didn’t say it was not a man.

[ Traci and mamie laugh ]

Mamie: Oh, look, just tell me about your wedding, jack. I read that you and diane got married.

Jack: That we did. We had a small civil service at the courthouse.

Traci: It was small, but it was beautiful and so romantic.

Jack: And now we’re planning a big party to celebrate.

Mamie: And ashley, she got married to, uh, to that, um, to tucker. Tucker mccall. Oh, well, the last time that I was here, I don’t cite that you were too excited about the two of them reuniting.

Jack: That marriage lasted about as long as I expected it to.

Mamie: What are you saying?

Traci: Uh, it looks like it may be over already.

Mamie: What?

Traci: I know. Ashley and tucker left on their honeymoon, and the next thing we knew, tucker was back in town and ashley wasn’T. She’s still, I think, in paris.

Mamie: Well, I don’t like the sound of that. I don’t like the sound of that at all.

Jack: Tucker broke our girl’s heart. Again. Only this time, he’s not gonna get away with it. Imagine this…

Mamie: Now, jack, you have always taken care of your sisters, but I don’t like hearing you talk like that. Ashley is an adult and she doesn’t need you talking [Indistinct] Fighting with her husband on her behalf.

Jack: Soon-to-be ex-husband.

[ Mamie scoffs ]

Mamie: Look, battling with that man is a waste of your time. You need to be spending all of your energy on your new wife. Well, okay, enough said. I need to be getting on. Oh, it’s just wonderful to spend this time with you. And I hope that we can get together while I’m still here.

Traci: How long are you planning to stay in genoa city?

Mamie: A few weeks, maybe. I have business to settle.

Jack: Are you sure you don’t want to stay here in the house with us?

Mamie: No, no, uh, it’s so sweet of you to offer, but I’ve already booked a room at the athletic club.

Jack: Mamie, this is your home.

Mamie: Jack, I would really prefer to stay at the club. For privacy.

Traci: Privacy, huh?

Mamie: No, no, it’s not what you think, young lady.

Traci: Like, you are such a woman of mystery.

Mamie: Mm.

Jack: What are you up to, mamie johnson?

Mamie: Oh, I’m just settling a few debts. That’s all.

Lily: Okay. Thank you. Okay, so that was bob, the guy I asked follow the money trail.

Devon: Yeah. What did he say?

Lily: So, the money came from a corporate bank account in detroit. And the company’s name is lbb financial.

Devon: I’ve never heard of them before. What does the lbb stand for?

Lily: I don’t know, I mean– I mean, I know this sounds weird but the first thing that comes to my mind is my grandmother’s initials, lily bell barber.

Devon: That can’t mean anything though, right?

Lily: No. No, I don’t think so. Although, I mean, they did live in detroit, my grandparents.

Devon: They did? So, maybe it does mean something then?

Lily: No, I mean, look, lily bell and walter have been gone a long time. They’re not giving money to victor.

Devon: Right, yeah. And olivia didn’t give up medicine to start a company and make investments, right?

Lily: No, no. And I can’t think of anyone else in the family.

Devon: So, you think the fact that this company’s name and your grandma’s initials are the same is just a coincidence?

Lily: I mean, I guess so.

Adam: Me? Nate’s assistant? You’re– you’re– you’re joking?

Victor: Mm-mm.

Nate: I already have an assistant, victor. His name is greg and he’s excellent. Plus, it’s pretty clear, adam’s not the follow-order, set-up-meeting kind of guy.

Victor: You’re both professionals, you’ll work it out.

Adam: I know that I said I would start at the bottom, but assisting this guy? Really? How– how does that benefit anyone?

Nate: What do I tell greg?

Victor: I already have another job for him. Son, I think you will realize sooner rather than later that this is an ideal position for you.

Adam: Hm. Just between us, you know what’s better than mopping?

Nick: Vic, I get it. I understand that you’re disappointed dad’s stepping back in as ceo. You essentially got demoted.

Victoria: Of course, I’m not happy about it.

Nick: Vic, with the exception of hiring nate… I think you’ve done an excellent job running the company.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nick: I mean, it. I have no idea why dad feels the need to take you out of the picture.

Victoria: Because it’s not about business. It’s not about performance or loyalty, it’s purely personal.

Nick: Hmm, well, that I don’t get. What about it’s personal?

Victoria: I don’t know, maybe dad got bored sitting around at home. Or maybe he just wanted to push us around just to prove that he can. Who knows, nick? Maybe he doesn’t approve of my love life.

[ Victoria sighs ] He replaced my portrait with his own, if that says anything.

Nick: Well, you still haven’t answered my question. I’m not coming back to newman. So, what exactly do you want from me?

Victoria: I’m not asking you to step back in at newman. I’m asking you to hear my concerns and understand that dad is not as tough as he used to be. So, we can’t just follow along with these risky ideas of his just because we don’t want him to yell at us. It’s more serious than that. I need you to help me stop dad from jeopardizing his health.

Adam: Dad, when– when I said I wanna start from the bottom and I wanna earn my way to a higher position, this is not what I had in mind.

Victor: Son, I don’t think you and I agreed that you could choose your own starting point.

Adam: Dad, I– I thought we would be working together. You know, father and son.

Victor: Didn’t you tell me that you wanted to learn the ropes?

Adam: Yeah, not from someone who’s been in business less time than I was in business school.

Victor: This entire rebirth notion is yours. You said you wanted a chance to prove that you could change. You get your chance now.

Adam: It’s another test. That’s what this is?

Victor: Everything is a test. Every minute of every day is a test.

Nate: Well… this is as much a surprise to me as it is to you.

[ Adam laughs ] I had no part in it and I am about as excited as you are. So, if you wanna run and tell your daddy, “thanks but no thanks,” hey, that’s fine by me.

Adam: Oh, I would love to do that, doc.

[ Sighs ] But I can’T. Because that is what my father is expecting me to do.

[ Phone ringing ]

Nate: Hey, devon, I’m in a meeting right now.

Devon: Well, after your meeting, would you mind stepping away from the office, and coming to meet me because there’s something I’d like to talk to you about.

Nate: Can’t we just do this over the phone?

Devon: I would prefer to do it in person, if you don’t mind.

Nate: Fine, I can meet you at the athletic club once I’m finished here.

Devon: Thank you.

Nate: Listen, I have to go take care of something. When I get back, we could, uh, talk about your duties.

[ Adam sighs ]

Adam: Very funny. What’s the play here, pops? You’re gonna push me until I break, is that it?

[ Adam sighs ]

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Nick: Vic, are you saying you think dad’s gotten weak? I really hope you didn’t say that in front of him because if you did, I can understand why you got demoted.

Victoria: I’m saying that our father’s behavior is not normal. I mean, you– you’ve even agreed with me, you said that he’s not acting like himself. He’s usually so strong and decisive, not all of this back and forth and constantly changing his mind. And yes, I’m sure adam is partly to blame, when isn’t he? But there’s more to it.

Nick: Are you really that concerned with dad’s decision-making right now? Or are you just using this as an excuse to get your job back?

Victoria: Really, nick? Really? Do you think that I would use my concern for our father as some sort of a power play? Have you forgotten about his past medical issues? I mean, yeah, sure, he can– he can pound on a punching bag all day long, but this is about more than just his physical strength. This is about his mind too. Or, I’m sorry, does me saying that offend you on dad’s behalf? Do you think I’m trying to undermine him for my own benefit, is that what this is?

Nick: It just seems a little coincidental that you think dad has suffered some sort of mental decline, but only after you lost your position as ceo.

Nate: Okay, devon, you got me over here. So, what’s the big emergency?

Devon: I want to know when the last time you spoke to your mom was.

Nate: Why? Is there something wrong?

Devon: No, no, no, she’s– there’s nothing wrong with her. She’s fine. Um, I’m just trying to figure something out. ‘Cause there’s a new investor that we have at chancellor-winters and we don’t know who it is, but it’s looking like they might be connected to your family.

Nate: Okay, so why do you think it’s my mom, she– she’s not a business person.

Devon: Well, dru and olivia’s parents are gone, so she’s the only one left.

Nate: And you come up with this family connection because of?

Devon: ‘Cause the name of the investment firm is lbb, which are the same initials as lillie belle.

Nate: I’m not sure why lily doesn’t know this, but aunt mamie has a small investment firm.

Devon: Called lbb?

Nate: Yep.

Devon: Is it based out of detroit?

Nate: Yeah, I think that’s right. Um, aunt mamie bought my grandparents’ house there a few years back.

Devon: Really? Okay, uh, what else can you tell me about the company?

Nate: Look, devon, I’m not comfortable talking anymore about my aunt mamie’s business. Unless you can tell me what you’re after.

Devon: I’ve told you what I’m after. I’m trying to figure out who this investor is. Or see if anything you’re telling me is relevant.

Nate: Devon.

Devon: What? What? You can’t talk to me? It’s fine. It’s really fine. Forget I even said anything. Thank you for meeting me here. You’ve been a lot of help, okay?

Nate: Okay. Okay. So, you only reach out when you need something. Is– is that how it’s gonna be? Come on, man. Can’t we just get beyond the past?

Devon: Nate, not today. Thanks again.

[ Nate sighing ]

Traci: [ Laughs ] Wow, mamie was quite mischievous, wasn’t she?

Jack: Yes, she was.

Traci: She denies that there’s any romance, but I’m not kidding. There is a twinkle in her eye.

Jack: Oh, she was definitely having fun. Didn’t it remind you somewhat of back when she and jill used to face off?

Traci: Oh, those two.

Jack: What if jill is the unfinished business she was talking about?

Traci: What? After all these years? I– no one could ever say that jill and mamie were ever going to be best friends, but I thought they behaved pretty civilly at the gala.

[ Laughs ] Sort of. Wow, I, uh– you know, I– i thought they had called a truce. Mamie took jill’s million bucks and invested it really wisely.

Jack: And lived happily ever after.

Traci: And I always thought that mamie was content with her life.

Jack: What if she wanted one last hurrah? What if mamie has some unfinished business with the former mrs. John abbott?

[ Mamie gasps, laughs ]

Nate: Aunt mamie.

[ Both laughing ] Aw.

Mamie: Aw.

Nate: What are you doing here? I didn’t know you were in town.

Mamie: Well, I wanted to surprise you, and your cousins. My plan was to reach out tonight after work, but now, my plans have been spoiled.

Nate: Well, well, I am thrilled to see you.

[ Mamie laughs ] We didn’t get to spend nearly enough time together when you were in town for the bicentennial. So, what brings you back so soon?

Mamie: I decided that I needed to spend more time with the people that I loved the most.

Nate: Uh-huh. And devon was just here asking about you, your business, and your sister, lillie belle.

Mamie: Oh, my. Certainly got onto that faster than I expected.

Nate: And what exactly does that mean? What are you up to? Salonpas, makers of powerful pain relief patches

Devon: Hey.

Lily: Hey. Did you see nate?

Devon: Yes, I did.

Lily: What did he say?

Devon: He said a whole lot. He said that, uh, aunt mamie has an investment firm called lbb and she named it after your grandmother. And it’s one of the few entities she owns.

Lily: What?

Devon: Yeah.

Lily: Wow, I mean, I knew that she, you know, had good investments and real estate, but I didn’t know about her business ventures. So, wait. So, mamie is the secret investor.

Devon: I mean, it seems pretty likely, don’t you think?

Lily: Yeah. I mean, I guess, she would want to remain anonymous, given her history with jill.

Devon: Well, sure, that makes sense, but what I don’t understand is, why would she keep this a secret from us since we’re family.

Lily: What could she be up to?

Mamie: I hope I’m not keeping you from anything, nate. Your mom has been keeping me up to date on your business career. Sending me journal articles. I know what a big deal you are over at newman enterprises.

Nate: Come on, I’ll always have time for you, aunt mamie. Now, please tell me, what is this all about.

[ Mamie sighs ]

Mamie: You are the one person that I can trust with the truth.

Nate: Sounds a bit ominous, but I’m flattered, I guess.

Mamie: Well, it will all come out sooner than later. Sooner than I expected, apparently. But I wanted you to hear it from me.

Nate: Yes?

Mamie: I’ve invested in chancellor-winters.

Nate: Ah, so you’re the mystery benefactor.

Mamie: I am.

Nate: Lily and devon are family. Why are you keeping this a secret?

Victoria: It sounds like you think I would put my personal ambition above our father’s well-being.

Nick: It just kind of seems to me like all this concern for dad’s coming out of left field.

Victoria: How can you say that? Dad’s decision to demote me was just the latest in a long list of questionable moves.

Nick: Says you.

Victoria: Yes. Says me.

[ Sighs ] That aside, dad stepping out of semi-retirement and coming back to the office, day in and day out again is gonna be very physically taxing on him and I’m worried. I think it might be too much. And guess what. Mom agrees with me.

Nick: Then, mom should be the one who tries to talk dad out of throwing himself back into his work. Look, whether your concern for dad is genuine or not, dad’s gonna see it as sour grapes. It’s the way it’s gonna be. He’s gonna see this as some ploy to get your job back. Can you imagine the fury that is going to rain down upon you if you ever suggest to our father he’s incapable of running the company that he built?

Victoria: Then, what should I do about it?

Nick: You need to let mom deal with it, right? And just accept the fact that you’re not in the top spot right now, and be cool to him. Keep that father-daughter peace if you ever hope to get your position back someday.

Adam: Let’s see, victoria’s angry, nick nonplused, am i safe to assume that victoria just told you about the new family company news? You know, I have to wonder, sis, if you didn’t have a gleeful hand in dad appointing me your boyfriend’s gofer.

Victoria: Whatever fate our father has chosen for you is undoubtedly more than you deserve and decidedly unfair to nate.

[ Adam sighs ]

Nick: What the hell was that? My husband and I have never been more active.

Nick: Thanks, man. Well, our father just has a hell of a sense of humor, doesn’t he?

Adam: Oh, yeah, he’s just uh, hilarious.

Nick: You walked right into that one though. I mean, you asked for this. You told him you wanted to start at the bottom and work your way up and prove yourself, and he gave you that opportunity.

Adam: Yeah, under nate’s thumb though.

Nick: Yeah, that part does suck. Gotta be honest, adam, I don’t know who I trust less right now, nate or you? What I do find interesting is the timing of all this. I mean, this just happened what, today? And here you are crying about it already, which tells me you don’t want to start at the bottom. You don’t want to do things the right way. You’re just biding your time until you can make your next move.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Well, then, I guess, it’s good you got out of newman at the right time. Again.

Nick: Man, do whatever you want. Be nate’s assistant or not. Do dad’s bidding or walk. I don’t care. But I’m telling you right now, if you do anything to hurt dad, and especially, vic, all bets are off with us. You will deal with me.

Jack: Mamie versus jill seems like a lifetime ago. Would mamie really come back to town with some kind of vendetta? I mean, devon and lily work with jill? Would she do something to cause trouble for her own family?

Traci: That certainly does not sound like the mamie we know and love.

Jack: I hate to think of her getting all caught up in score-settling with our former stepmother.

Traci: Well, I’m with you. And if anybody knows how to play dirty–

Jack: Exactly. It’s jill.

Nate: Jill, her head is going to explode when she learns about this, right? So, is that what this is all about? Some sort of payback?

Mamie: Jill and I do have quite the history.

Jill: You’re kidding me, right?

Mamie: About going to jack’s wedding? Why would I be kidding?

Jill: Oh, that’s right. You’re probably serving at the reception.

Mamie: No, jill, I’m not serving. I am going to the wedding ceremony and sitting with the family. Then, I’m going to the reception as a guest.

Jill: How did you finagle an invitation out of jack? Oh, I bet you gave him some sob story about changing his diapers as a kid. You really have no shame.

Mamie: For your information, jill, I did not have to ask for an invitation. Besides, I wouldn’t be that presumptuous. That’s more your style.

Jill: It’s better than having no style at all.

Mamie: The truth is, jill, mr. Abbott invited me to come as part of the family and I didn’t have to hold a gun to his head.

Jill: Mamie, mr. Abbott invited you for sentimental reasons. After all, you’ve been a fixture around this house for 100 years. Don’t overestimate your position. You are the housekeeper here. Now, you just run along and enjoy jack’s nuptials.

Mamie: Why, thank you. I intend to.

Jill: And billy and i get along just fine.

Mamie: Yes, you should enjoy your time with your son. It may be running out.

Jill: Why you vicious woman!

[ Exhales in frustration ] Awful lot of zeroes, aren’t there?

Mamie: What is this?

Jill: Well, it’s a check, payable to mamie johnson.

Mamie: Why?

Jill: [ Laughs ] Mamie, think of all the things you could buy with that money. A lovely condo, a fancy car. Anything. Plus, you’d never have to work another day in your life.

Mamie: Are you buying me off?

[ Jill sighs ]

Jill: Listen, I know how you feel about this family, but would you be realistic, please? You really want to put yourself through the agony of living under the same roof with the man you love, knowing you can never have him? And mamie, make no make no mistake, john will never, never be yours.

Mamie: I wonder how long you’ll last, jill. How long before you crave the next jed sanders?

Jill: [ Sighs ] We’re not talking about me, we’re talking about you. We’re talking about the chance for a brand new life, and you have it right there in your hands. Lady, you’ve hit the jackpot. All you have to do is leave.

Mamie: [ Laughing ] Oh. I very much am looking forward to seeing jill’s head explode.

[ Nate laughing ] But I’m not ready to reveal my plans yet. I still have some details I have to work out.

Nate: Uh-huh, and you’re swearing me to secrecy.

Mamie: I am. I also need your help.

Nate: My help?

Mamie: You have got to get lily and devon off track. They cannot know yet that I am the chancellor-winter’s mystery investor.

Nate: Uh, sorry, you might be too late on that, aunt mamie. Devon seems to have put the pieces together already.

Mamie: Well, this is not going the way I planned it all.

Lily: Can you imagine how upset jill is gonna be when she finds out that mamie has a stake in chancellor-winters? She’s gonna go ballistic.

Devon: I think that’s an understatement. I think she– she’s gonna completely lose her mind.

Lily: I mean, there has to be a way that we can diffuse the situation before we tell her maybe, right?

Devon: How?

Lily: I don’t know. I don’t know, but also, we have to be sure before we say anything.

Devon: Well, I mean, come on.

Lily: Well, no, I know it probably is her, but still, we have to be certain before we tell anyone. And more importantly, we have to figure out what mamie’s motives are.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, September 27, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne


eddie maine. Hey, marshall. Are you — are you ready for the big night? Yeah. Yes, I am. And thanks again for booking me tonight. I appreciate it. Oh, no need to thank me. I just made a suggestion. It was curtis that got the pr machine rolling. When curtis throws a party, people want to come. Yeah. I wasn’t sure after that crowd the other night.

[ Both chuckle ] You mean “lack of crowd.” Yeah. And we’re gonna try and keep that a thing of the past. Oh, zip! I’m just checking in, man. You got everything you need? I do. Uh, I’m just finalizing the set list here. N’neka: Excuse me. Marshall? And there’s just… h-hang on a minute. What is it, love? …Just one problem. Look at this. Stage all set up for your father to play. It’s surreal witnessing eddie maine’s universe taking physical form. Brook lynn, your father, he is — he is so excited about this. And I’m just — I’m getting all caught up in it with him. You say that like it’s a bad thing. No, no, no. No, no, no. It’s not that. It’s not that. You’re still hoping that his half-finished song helps him remember who you are, who we all are. No. Not who we are. Who he is. Brook lynn, I-I know that you think I’m crazy hanging all this hope on a — on a half-finished song, but…there was something in him when he played it for me. And talking about muses and — and everything, I just felt it in my heart that — that there was something deeper in there. Like — like ned was — was underneath… wanting to climb out, you know, and this song was his way back to us. And e-even when he was recording it, there was a minute in there that I — that I just felt that he was about to remember something. And then marshall offered him this gig and the challenge to finish the song and — and play it here tonight. Honey, I’m just — I’m so afraid [Exhales sharply] I’m getting my hopes up over something. Maybe it’s just a — a very beautiful song that doesn’t mean anything at all. Olivia, don’t worry.

[ Sighs ] At least eddie accepts us all now. Right? He’s getting to know us in a new way. What if he gets to know us… and he decides that he doesn’t feel the same way about us that he used to?

The role of molly lansing-davis is now being played by kristen vaganos.

Hey, uncle curtis. Tj, molly. Alright, I’m glad you guys could make it. We’re looking forward to having a good time. Kinda like this party’s just for us tonight. We do have a lot to celebrate. Yes, you do. And I’m glad I get to celebrate with you. Olivia, I’m so sorry. There’s someone I got to see. Go. Hey, blaze, you got my text. I’m so glad you made it. Yeah. Thanks for the invite. I’ve never heard of eddie maine. Well, he’s a little before our time. So it’s a comeback? Oh, he’s come back alright. Eddie maine’s actually my father. Your father? Okay. You said your father was a musician, but isn’t your name quartermaine? Yeah, he — he dropped the quarter and just stuck with the maine. Why don’t the two of you get some drinks on me? -Okay. -Happy to.

[ All chuckle ] Curtis, look how many people are here! Hey, babe. Ah, well, you know, um, I just put some feelers out, talked to some old friends — people I haven’t seen in a while. That was it. Well, when you call, they come. Well, dad wanted to pack the house for eddie maine’s debut. He asked me to pull out all the stops. And voil. Voil. Oh. I wish trina was here to see this. Where are my red pumps? I just had them earlier. Here you go. Oh, my god. Thank you. T, you have got to calm down, alright? Everything is going to be okay. This is spencer’s fault that I’m late. Hello, my name is spencer cassadine. I’m calling to confirm concierge service for my flight to new york. We will be on time. Okay. Perfect. I will see you soon. Uh, spencer, you left this in the kitchen. I thought you might want it for your trip to new york. How’s it going in here? Get anything out of this guy? Uh, shouldn’t be too much longer. Right.

[ Door closes ] Sam. Hey. Is dante here? He’s in the interrogation room with a prisoner — cody bell? Oh. Is he expecting you? No, but, um, I’ll shoot him a text and let him know that I’m here. You know what? Forget that. I’ll announce you. I’d rather watch college football. You know, it’s — it’s less predictable, raw. Cody, no way. By the time they get to the pros, it’s — no. Absolutely — dante. Sam’s here to see you. How about I, uh, let her in and you all can tell me what’s really going on here?

[ Exhales sharply ] Oh.

[ Knock on door ] I’m almost ready, but… I thought you were going to text.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Gasps ] Sasha! Oh! Thank god!

did you have a desk sergeant notify gladys corbin that cody bell was in custody knowing that she would show up here and that I would be the one to deal with her? Yes, but it’s only ’cause I knew you could handle it, man. I’m sorry. Didn’t want to do that to you, but… well, I could

barely handle her. That woman is crazy! The only reason she gave up and left is because she got a phone… …a phone call. But you know all about that, don’t you? Look, we have reason to believe that gladys has been embezzling from sasha. What? That call… that’s how gladys found out… that she was being investigated. I’m so glad to see you, sasha. Really? Well, it sounds like you were expecting someone else. Well, um [Chuckles nervously] W-where have you been? H-how did you get away from cody? The police have him in custody, but no one had seen you, and he refused to say what had happened. I mean… I feared for the worst. I was so afraid for you. Were you? Of course. Well… what’s with the suitcase and all the clothes, gladys? Were you going somewhere? Sorry about that, eddie. You were saying? Oh, I was just saying how much I appreciate the chance to play. Oh, man, don’t I know it? As a musician, there’s no substitute for performing. It’s not only a reward, it’s — it’s the greatest teacher, shows you what’s working, what needs help, keeps all the creative juices flowing. And it’s a great way to test new material. Speaking of which, brother, I cannot wait to hear your new song.

[ Exhales sharply ] About that…

[ Sighs ]

[ Door closes ] Alright, guys, look, uh, I think this is the set list. I decided to put that idle rich song right there instead, so someone can just make a copy of that.

[ Knock on door ] Eddie? Um, uh, yeah, so we’re good? -We’re good for tonight? -Yes. Cool. And thanks again for coming in early for the quick run-through. Go get yourself a beer. -Alright. -See you later. Cool.

[ Chuckles ] Hey. Sorry. I didn’t mean to drive everyone away. No, not at all. You know musicians. Any excuse to get a beer. Right. [ Chuckles ] Listen, I just came to tell you that I know you’re going to do great tonight. I just wish my mom was here to see it. I — I know you — you don’t remember, but, um, growing up, I heard countless stories about eddie’s performances, you know, listening to cds. And now here I am, about to hear it live for myself. I can’t wait.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you, brook lynn. Yeah. Break a leg, eddie.

[ Door closes ] Hey. Hey. Congratulations on being brook lynn’s first client. I’m absolutely thrilled. She’s going to do a great job for you. There is nobody more dedicated than brook lynn when she puts her mind to something. Then that’ll make two of us. I plan to match her dedication.

[ Laughs ] Okay, so tell me about eddie maine. He’s brook lynn’s father? She was a little vague about it. Yeah, that — that — that’s a long story. That’s what she said. Mm… let’s just say it’s been a while since eddie’s performed in front of people other than busking in rice plaza, so we’re all a little bit on edge tonight. So how are the soon-to-be parents? Still on cloud nine. Yep, yep. Aww! We wanted to tell my mom tonight, but she had to cancel at the last minute. Oh, well… but we’ll tell her soon. I just want the whole family to be in the loop. Well, all you got to do is tell aunt stella. Ooh.

[ Laughs ] I mean…

[ Laughter ] Uncle? Uncle? I’m not touching that.

[ Laughs ] Michael, lighten up. Seriously. Willow was cleared by a team of doctors, and she’s already back at work. Yeah, I know, but it doesn’t mean that you got to come out the gate like a bull, though. I mean… coming to a club is not charging out of the gate.

[ Chuckles ] It’s just — it’s just, your first day back at work, I figured you’d want to stay at home and relax after all that exposure and stress. A night out will help reduce the stress. And the exposure is actually good for my immune system.

And vodka does wonders to keep things sterile. Okay. Sorry, kristina. Just sparkling water for me tonight. Oh, no, of course. You, on the other hand, if you are not careful, michael, you’re going to turn out to be as type-a and controlling as molly.

[ Indistinct conversation ]

[ Suitcase zipping ] Esme. Hey, there you are. I want to go over everything one more time before I leave. Spencer, you can’t go. Hey, how’s eddie doing? He is not nearly as nervous as we are. He was just going over the set list with the band. Oh, well, maybe that means that he finished the song. I don’t know. He’s — he’s being so tight-lipped about it all. Well, he didn’t say anything to me. Maybe he wants it to be a surprise or something?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. Okay. Okay. I’m going to go thank marshall and curtis. It’s really marshall’s challenge that made this whole thing possible. Okay. So, olivia told me the whole long story about eddie. What a history. Oh, yeah. That history has crash landed right into the present day. That must be so strange. I guess you knew that your dad had that double life back in the day, but now after his head injury, he’s really become this guy eddie maine? That’s what he believes. So, there’s your dad, except he’s a completely different person? How does that even work? About as well as you can expect. I miss my dad, of course, but I’m really starting to like eddie. I mean, we all are. Everyone except for my grandmother. You see all these happy people here? You think they’re here for eddie maine? Nah. Nah, they’re here for you. Pop, we already went over this. Curtis… this club is you. You are this club. When you — when you pulled out all those pr stops, you got this. You got this crowd here. You got them here. And it’s because of you that they’re all here to see eddie maine’s big comeback, man. Pop, we’ll talk about it later. But one thing I can say…

[ Sighs ] …Feels good to be back in the mix. And another good reason to be glad you didn’t sell this club to that woman. I haven’t really made a decision on selina’s offer yet. Marshall, curtis, I just want to thank you for supporting eddie tonight. You’re welcome. So what’s going on with you and, uh, molly? See for yourself. Tj, she’s coming over here. It’s okay, mols. Hello, you two. I hear congratulations are in order. You’re gonna be parents!

[ Chuckles ] Well, whether you want to believe it or not, I am very, very happy for you both. Okay. That’s all. You know that unwelcome guest everyone wishes would just leave already? That’s covid-19. So I got this season’s shot designed to keep up to date with recent variants.

[Thwack!] Got it? Listen, your deodorant just has to work.I use secret aluminum free. Just swipe and it lasts all day. Secret helps eliminate odor, instead of just masking it. And hours later, I still smell fresh. Secret works! Ohhh yesss. Why give your family just ordinary eggs when they can enjoy the best? Eggland’s best. The only eggs with more fresh and delicious taste. Plus, superior nutrition. Because the way we care is anything but ordinary. Schwarzkopf keratin colortransforms your ha ir and helps it break away from damage for strength and a rich striking color on all hair textures. Let the world see your strength. Schwarzkopf keratin color. My frequent heartburn had me taking antacid after antacid all day long but with prilosec otc just one pill a day blocks heartburn for a full 24 hours. For one and done heartburn relief, prilosec otc. One pill a day, 24 hours, zero heartburn. Yeah, whilecody isn’t innocent — he had to break some rules to help out sasha — but he’s not as guilty as the charges would imply. Yeah, it’s just a matter of getting the evidence to prove it. Wow. I never would have thought gladys would do something like that to sasha. But thank you for figuring it out. Yeah, we’re all grateful for that. Look, sasha’s a friend. So if there’s anything that I can do to help take down that doctor and prove yours and sasha’s innocence, just, uh, ask. Yeah. Well, my part’s done. What happens next is up to sasha. I was packing to go search for you, sasha. Really? I would go to the ends of the earth for you. Oh, is that where you were going? O-or where were you planning to look? I…thought I would check out where cody came from originally. Um, finger lakes region, right? Um, I mean, maybe he had an accomplice. Cody did not have an accomplice. But you did. What is with spencer? I couldn’t get rid of him before, and now he’s late? Trina, spencer will be here, okay? He wouldn’t miss this for anything. Aren’t you excited? Of course. I’m just… a little nervous, which is to be expected. Yeah, it is. Joss… I don’t want to back out. Spencer and I are ready to move to the next step, and I really want to explore new york with him. Did I tell you that he got us third-row center seats to “moulin rouge!”? Yes, once or twice.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

[ Gasps ] Finally. Spencer. Hey, where are you? I’m still at my grandmother’S. What? What are you doing there? I thought you said we had to — trina, we can’t go. We can’t? Why not? Ace’s daycare called, and one of the kids has chickenpox. I guess that ace was exposed and now there’s a chance that he has it. I’m really sorry, but… I can’t leave him right now.

[ Indistinct conversations in distance ]

[ Guitar strumming ]

The siren waits for me

[ Muffled ]

Siren of the sea I know she’s out there, beckoning me da-da

[ Sighs ] Hey. Hey. I’m not intruding? Oh, no, no. Come on in.

[ Door closes ] Come on in. Uh, you missed the sound check. Oh, I’m sorry. I — I didn’t want to — I didn’t want to crowd you. You know, I know that’s a technical time to work out the kinks and all of that. Truth.

[ Sighs ] Plus, I’d rather have you be there for the full effect of the, you know, on stage, in front of the audience. That’s what I’m looking forward to. Wow. You… you really aren’t nervous at all, are you? Eh, a little bit. But that’s only natural. You know, this is in my blood. It’s what I live for. It really is, isn’t it? Well, I — I —

[ Chuckles nervously ] I just — I just came here to wish you good luck, and… and I wanted to bring you a gift. Oh. That’s nice.

[ Laughs ] Dinosaurs? Yeah. Leo wanted you to have it. Ah. He said, “tell eddie to rock the house tonight.” Well…

This is such a nice gift. Thank you for coming back to give it to me. Olivia? What’s wrong? Nothing. I — I just… I just wanted to wish you good luck. Or break a leg or whatever it is… that you say. Well, with leo’s bandana and your great mojo, I’m bound to be a hit. I know you will be, eddie. And I, um, I just… I can’t wait to hear that song. Hopefully you finished it, and we really find out who that — that siren in the sea… really is. Uh, yeah. This is detective falconeri. I need a records check on a dr. Damon montague. Yeah. Priors, prescription history, job history — all that kind of stuff. Yeah, that’s right. That’s the name. Hang up.

[ Chuckles ] Okay. Yeah. Thank you. That’d be great. Yeah, as soon as you can. Thanks.

[ Sighs ] What can I do for you, scott? I’m here to see my client, cody bell. How was sasha doing? She was strong. She was ready to face gladys.

[ Breathes deeply ] I should have never left her alone. No, cody. She was determined to see this through. I — I wanted to go with her, but she refused. And if I didn’t think she was strong enough to handle this herself, I would have insisted on going with her. You know, I — I can’t help it, sam.

[ Exhales sharply ] Gladys is dangerous. She’s been able to manipulate sasha in the past. What if somehow she does it again? W-what are you talking about? What — what accomplice? Dr. Montague.

[ Chuckles nervously ] Okay. You must be confused. The court appointed the doctor. I mean… it’s perfectly u-understandable after everything you’ve been through. I get it. Why don’t you sit down? And I’ll make you some tea. I don’t want tea, gladys. And I am not confused anymore. I know exactly what you did. All I’ve ever done — steal from me! You used your position as my guardian to drain my bank accounts. You sold brando’s garage behind my back. Your own son’s blood and sweat, and you treated it like it was nothing! I told you why I had to — stop it! You stop talking right now! I know everything, gladys. Everything that has happened to me is because you were worried that you would lose your meal ticket. So when I wanted to end the guardianship, when I wanted to get control of my life… you panicked. I might discover everything you stole from me. So you got dr. Montague to help you cover it up, huh? And that’s why he prescribed me those pills. Pills that interfered with the medication I was already taking. I started hallucinating, gladys. I was paranoid and scared. You drove me to insanity. You made my life a nightmare!

[ Sobbing ] And you know what the worst part is, gladys?

[ Sniffles ] I actually… I actually thought that you loved me. How could you do something like this? How could you betray me at my lowest point when I trusted you with my entire life?! Hey, babe. Hey! Hi. Good to see you. Blaze! It is great to see you. Hey, former partner. Great to see you, too. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me. Blaze just signed with me. She’s my kick-off artist.

[ Chuckles ] Congratulations to — to both of you. No, I can see this. This is a great partnership in the making. Sorry, sorry, sorry. I got to borrow my stepdaughter for a minute. Okay. Uh, don’t go anywhere. Okay. Olivia, what’s wrong? What? Is something wrong with eddie? No, no. Eddie’s fine. I just made a complete fool of myself. W-what? What happened? I went into the green room. I was going to give him the — the — the bandana that leo wanted him to have, and he was saying thank you to me, and he pulled me in close. I thought he was trying to kiss me, but he just wanted to give me a hug. And I just… felt so embarrassed. I started babbling about “break a leg” and all this. I ran out of the room b-babbling — a complete idiot. Okay, olivia. Okay, just calm down. Just take a minute. What’s the problem? I wanted to kiss him! I wanted to kiss eddie maine! I feel so guilty. Is — is this like — it’s like — it’s like I almost cheated on my husband. With your husband, you mean?

[ Sighs ] I don’t know what I mean anymore.

[ Sighs ] You can stop checking on me, michael. I am fine. Better than fine. I just can’t take my eyes off you. You’re too beautiful. You were saying? Hey. Look over there. Isn’t that…? Oh, my god. It’s tracy. Hi. What can I get you? Uh. Scotch, rocks. Make it a double, please. You got it. Oops. Sorry. My bad.

[ Chuckles ] We meet again. Yeah, I’m here with brook lynn. Oh. She’s my new manager, you know. That’s fantastic. Congratulations. Oh, wait, so that’s what you two were so hush-hush about at charlie’s? Oh, you cracked the case. Nice. What about you? Here with a boyfriend? No. God, no. No, no, no. I-I’m here with my — my brother and his wife. They have two kids, so they don’t get a lot of alone time, and I’m just…you know, giving them their space. Well, brook lynn’s boyfriend just got here, so I’m sort of third wheel with them, too. Sounds like we should stick together. Oh, I like it. Good evening, everyone. -Hey, hey. -Hey. May I have your attention?

[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you all for coming. We have a lot to celebrate tonight, but firstly, I want to send a shout out to my son, curtis. Curtis ashford, in the house.

[ Cheers and applause ] I know you have all been missing him around here, and many of you have come because of his specific invitation. Now, not only did he invite you to the greatest party this side of port charles — that’s every night except tuesdays — private parties — see the lovely n’neka.

[ Cheers and applause ] Bookings welcome. That’s a commercial, yes.

[ Chuckles ] But seriously, tonight, the savoy is so pleased to bring you a very special performer. And rumor has it he might even debut a new song. So without further ado…

skiddle de bop, shoo bop, jam, bam! Let’s give it up for eddie maine!

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause continue ] Hello. Hello. Port charles! Yeah! I missed you. I missed you. Are you ready for eddie?

[ Crowd cheers ] Let’s do it!

[ Cheers and applause ]

I mean, obviously, spencer needs to stay. If ace ends up with chickenpox, he could never forgive himself for leaving. Yeah. I mean… it’s totally understandable. And besides, I have plenty to do this weekend. I really should do another draft of my essay for my art seminar. And I know ava could always use extra hands around the gallery. You know that… you don’t always have to make the best of everything, right? I mean, yeah, it’s a weekend canceled. It’s not a tragedy, but it’S… for sure a letdown, and… it’s okay to be disappointed. Even pissed off? Yeah. Even throw things. Like this? Well, that’s not exactly what I had in mind. Then again, you were always more level-headed. I was just really looking forward to it, though. Hey. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Is there any sign of a fever? You know, ace actually seems fine. He’s sound asleep. Okay, well, I’m going to take this stuff upstairs, and I think that one of us should stay up with him, you know, just in case.

[ Cellphone chimes ] We can alternate shifts. Spencer, wait. Um… what? I just got another text from the daycare. Did cody call you to come down here and represent him tonight? Well, I always represent him. And I got a tip that you had hauled him in. And I didn’t get a call from him, so I figured you didn’t give him his call, which as you know, due process. Oh, I can see you’re worried, scott, but, look, there’s a lot of phones here. Cody could have used any one of them to call you. Yeah, yeah, but if you denied him right to counsel, that’s grounds for a heavy lawsuit there, dante. Almost hefty, even. Here. Tell you what. Why don’t you come in here? You can talk to your client. Cody, your lawyer’s here. What? Wait a minute. Why didn’t you tell me he was here? You’ve got it all wrong, sasha. Cody filled your head with lies, twisted everything around. That is not — I mean, how — how many times did you remind me to take those pills dr. Montague gave me? A-and when I started spiraling, did you — did you even think twice? Did you have a moment of remorse? Or were you just so worried that I would find out what you stole that my — my falling apart was a relief? I was never relieved. Do you have any idea what you put me through, gladys?! When I was at ferncliff, dr. Montague injected me with drugs. He kept me delirious and barely conscious. I couldn’t fight him, gladys! And when cody and i escaped, we found an unmarked bottle of pills in his jacket pocket. I think he was going to stage an od. He was going to make it seem like I had bought drugs and I took too many. Did you know that, gladys? Did you know that he was going to kill me? No! Was that part of your plan?! Oh, no, never! I never wanted him to hurt you. I did everything I could to stop him.

[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you! Thank you.

[ Cheers and applause continue ] Tracy. That’s nice of you to show up for your son’s debut. So what’d you think? I…I think you should mind your own business and go back to your wife. Come on, tracy. Don’t be that way. It’s a nice night. The family’s here to support eddie. The least you can do is get into the spirit of things. I’m here, aren’t I? And you know what? Speaking of spirit, how about you make yourself useful and go get me another drink? Scotch, rocks. With pleasure. Ned: Okay. I’m sure this next one everyone will recognize because it was originally recorded by the king, mr. Elvis presley. One, two…

[ Cheers and applause ]



[ Cheers and applause ] Thank you. Thank you very much. Thank you. For this next song, I’d like to dedicate it to someone very special, someone who has helped me find my way back to the stage. She certainly has my back, and, uh… she’s the best friend any guy could ask for. Olivia quartermaine. Play the new song, eddie! Play the new song!

[ Chuckles ] Okay. That’s marshall right over there, in case you didn’t know. Yeah, marshall is right. I — I am working on a new song, but I — I haven’t finished it yet, marshall. So I don’t think everyone here wants to hear a tune that’s half-baked. So instead, I am going to play an idle rich classic from my old eddie maine days. You ready? -Yeah. -Okay.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Got many a horse tucked under the hood

my paint is shiny, and my engine’s good

[ Laughter ]

I’m built for comfort

I’m built for speed

I’m all the man you’ll ever need

all the man you’ll ever need

ain’t no limit I won’t exceed

one night together, I’m sure you’ll concede

I’m all the man you’ll ever need

your hunting’s over, your shopping’s done

open me up, let my motor run

satisfaction is guaranteed

I’m all the man you’ll ever need

my needle’s rising up in the red

my pistons pumping, I see curves ahead

I’m gaining traction, I’m gaining speed

I’m all the man you’ll ever need

all the man you’ll ever need

ain’t no limit I won’t exceed

one night together, I’m sure you’ll concede

I’m all the man you’ll ever need

[ Cheers and applause ]

There’s only one race I don’t drive to win

the one called loving and sometimes sin

I’m a winner by nature, but this time I reckon

I’ll let you finish first, but I’ll come a close second

[ Laughter ]

All the man you’ll ever need

ain’t no limit I won’t exceed

one night together, I’m sure you’ll concede I’m all the man you’ll ever need.

[ Cheers and applause ]

All the man you’ll ever need

ain’t no limit I won’t exceed

one night together, I’m sure you’ll concede

I’m all the man, I’m all the man

I’m all the man you’ll… ever need.

[ Cheers and applause ] That’s right! That’s right! That’s right!

[ Chuckles ]

[ Cheers and applause continue ]

[ Knocking on door ] Did you forget your key again? Spencer. Hey! [ Chuckles ] I booked us on another flight, and our car’s waiting. Well, what about the chicken pox? It was a false alarm. Yeah, the daycare texted. They said that it was just poison oak. Ace was never exposed to chicken pox at all. Really? Yeah. Yeah! -Oh, my god! -Yeah! So, I have the perfect defense. Sasha has a history of violence. She attacked the reporter. She stabbed you. So we’ll just say that she kidnapped you. No, no, and — and no. Look, scott, I appreciate what you’re trying to do, but I wasn’t kidnapped. I broke out of ferncliff, and I took sasha with me. Quiet! Okay? There’s a copper here. I…I didn’t hear anything. Did you hear anything? Not a thing. You know, we’re going to leave you two alone. You can confer with your lawyer. T-that’s not really necessary. No, I have to. If I don’t give you the benefit of counsel… no. …Cody, it could result in a real hefty fine. Bye, cody! Sam!

[ Chuckling ] Sam. Hi, scotty. Oh, man, you know, the amount of times that cody has pissed me off, I never once wished scott baldwin on him. I think cody can handle scott. I am more worried about… sasha being able to handle gladys. I swear I didn’t know what montague was doing to you. I would never have gone along with it. How can I believe anything you say, gladys? You stole from me. You lied to me… undermined my belief in my own recovery and my sanity! You claimed that you loved me. You — you drove brando and me home from the hospital the day liam died!

[ Crying ] You’re supposed to be my family! I didn’t mean for any of this… okay. I…had a problem. A losing streak. I got in over my head. I — I was gonna pay all the money back, but I kept losing it. I… I didn’t want you to find out I was borrowing from you. Didn’t want you to hate me. I just… I just needed the guardianship to go on a little bit longer. It was that montague! He’s the one who gave you those pills! And he never told me what they would do to you. And I never asked.

[ Crying ] I didn’t mean for any of this to happen, sasha. I’m so, so sorry. I’m so…sorry. Then prove it. Confess. Go to the police station and tell them everything that you did… and testify against dr. Montague so he can never do to anyone else what he did to me.

On the next “General Hospital” —

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Days Transcript Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Man, I’ve got to be home. Hey. That was the longest shift ever.

What, no kiss? Sorry. What are you so focused on? Uh, trying to find a new job since EJ Jamera fired me. That’s right. I’m, Wendy, again, I’m, I’m so sorry about that. Why? You’re not the one who got caught hacking into his phone. And, as we discussed, you told me to stay out of it. But I wouldn’t listen. I know, I know, but you were just trying to help me.

Which I obviously didn’t succeed at. Never did find proof that EJ put a hit out on your mom. And now Ava and Harris are on the run. Yeah, thanks to me, the police are hot on their trail.

This is it. Yeah. The guy at the front desk has a good pair of eyes. He seemed pretty definite that the two people staying in this room matched the description we gave him. He was kind enough to give us this. Why don’t you explain to him that we’re working with Scotland Yard and the ISA. Alright, so we’re about to pay a surprise visit to Eva and Michael’s.

Freeze! Police!

Phillip, hi. Hey. Hey, come in. Uh, yeah, um, sure, but, uh, what are you doing here? Isn’t your brother getting married today? Uh, uh, yeah, he was, but… Let me guess. Xander crashed the wedding. He sure did.

Well, what do you have to say for yourself? Okay. You know what, I actually don’t care anymore what you have to say. You kept me from my daughter long enough, I’m just gonna go back in there and tell you No, wait, you can’t! You’ve watched me.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

No, no, no, Xander, wait, wait, wait. You said you wanted to talk. Let’s talk. Fine. You can start by explaining how you could pass off my child as Rex Brady’s. What kind of person are you, Sarah? Wait! Hang on, you and I did the exact same thing to Eric, and I don’t remember you having a problem with it then. No.

No, that was different. How? You told Eric that I was Mackenzie’s father because you didn’t want to complicate things between him and Nicole. You lied to me about Victoria out of sheer spite. No, that is not true. Yes, it is true. You kept my child’s paternity a secret, just to punish me. I did it to prevent an innocent child from being raised by a killer.

All clear. Well, if there was any indication on who those two people were.

William Thacker and Anna Scott. A. K. A. Harris Michaels and Ava Vitale. At least we know they’re still in the country. Yeah, but where are they now?

Well, luckily this place is open so late. Uh, yeah, uh, what are we doing here? Hmm? I mean, why are we here? What if we get recognized? By, let’s say, the cops or maybe one of EJ’s goons. He comes and tries to take me out. Try to relax. I mean, can I pour you some more tea?

Last night you said you trusted me. Yeah. I do. Okay. I just would feel better if we weren’t so exposed. I promise we’re fine. And sitting in that hotel room was not getting us any closer to finding Susan. What if Susan isn’t even in London? I mean, hell, what if she’s not even alive? We already talked about this.

The visions and the signs say she is. That could all be in my head. They could all be figments of my imagination. Right? I mean, hell, I mean, it could be Susan’s ghost tormenting me from beyond the grave. Yeah, but the visions aren’t the only thing that brought us here. Dr. Evans hypnotized you. You said you saw Susan stepping out of the car before it exploded.

You’re the one who told me that Susan has certain powers. Mmm. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And, uh, apparently… Said Powers helped your friend Marlena

battle Satan. Well, if she can channel Powers to bring us to London. That’d be child’s play, right? Yeah, I suppose. But, if that is true,

if she waiting for? Why hasn’t she sent us another sign?

Still, I don’t understand why you’re here. Given what just went down at the pub, I figured you’d be upset. So I had to come see you. You okay? No, but I will be. Look, I know you’re the one who told Xander he’s Victoria’s father. He said you knew because you overheard me and Rex talking. Yeah, I overheard you guys.

Crossing through the square and I probably should have kept walking, but I didn’t and I’m sorry. Hey. Hey, I wasn’t Calling you out I’m a secret like that. It’s bound to eventually come out anyway This is Salem after all That is true I just hope Rex and Sarah are as understanding as you are. Though, why would they be?

I mean, obviously Sarah didn’t want anyone to know about this, but something this big, I just couldn’t keep it from Sandra. I felt like he had the right to know. I get it, Chloe. I do. But still, I feel awful that he ruined their wedding. He didn’t. They’d already tied the knot by the time he showed up. Oh, so, Rex and Sarah are married.

But you and Xander obviously didn’t make it to New York. Oh, you knew about that? Yeah, he mentioned it at the pub. Okay, well, actually right before you got here I was talking to my mom on the phone and telling her that the wedding is off. She’d already bought it dressed. My final sale, she can’t return it.

Why should she have to? Chloe, there’s no reason you and Xander can’t still get married. Actually, there is.

You have no idea how much I hated myself over what happened with Susan. What happened to Susan?

You can’t even bring yourself to say it, can you? She went off of a cliff. She died in a horrible explosion because of you. No, Ava Vitale killed Susan after I let her go. No, she may have been driving the car. But Ava would have never gotten her hands on Susan in the first place if you hadn’t kidnapped her.

So we’re back to all this? You mean how you’re directly tied to a murder? You are damn right we are back to that. That’s just your interpretation of events. Those are not the facts, Sarah. Do you want the facts,

Xander? Here are the facts. That despite all of the years of pain and suffering that you have caused me, And pretty much everyone I know. I continued to buy your bull about being changed.

But after you, you signed on with Ava, you, you kidnapped Bonnie. And you teamed up with Gwen. Yet again. You got Susan killed.

Santa, I couldn’t stay married to you. I, I couldn’t be around you.

And I certainly wasn’t going to let… My child grew up around your toxic influence, so I did what I thought I needed to do to keep her safe. Right. So once again, Sarah Houghton played God. But not just with my life, but with my daughter’s. Because Sarah Houghton never makes a mistake. She never makes a wrong choice or a regrettable call of any kind.

Sarah Orton knows what’s best for everyone. God, it must be so nice to be so damn perfect.

How are you holding up? Stupid question. I knew you weren’t sick about it. Worried, guilt ridden. She was counting on me and that made everything worse. Tripp, you can’t blame yourself. Okay, Rafe had an eyewitness who saw Ava and Harris behind our building. I’m sure he threatened to charge you if you didn’t tell him where they were.

Yeah, he did threaten me. See? You had no choice.

I can’t believe Rafe tried to go after you for protecting your own mother. Did he say he was going to arrest you? Not exactly. Oh. Well then, how did he get You to tell him that Ava and Harris went to London. Doesn’t matter.

Wait, he didn’t get physical with you, did he? No, no, nothing like that. Okay, can we just drop it? If he didn’t. Okay, now please, just let it go. Tripp, come on. I risked my career for this. And yes, that was my choice. But I’m guessing it wasn’t your choice to send the cops after your mother, so I want to know how Rafe got you to talk.

Okay, fine. It was you. Okay? Me? Rafe said that if I didn’t give up my mom and Harris, he’d go after you.

You want a bite? It’s the last one. I am not hungry. Are you sure? I mean, they’re good.

Explain this to me, would ya? Um, first, Susan, she won’t leave me alone. Won’t stop hounding me about telling the truth, and um, keeps giving me these cryptic clues about London. So we come here, we come all the way over here, and suddenly she clams up. Why? Well, I don’t, I don’t know. I’m not an expert in this kind of thing.

But maybe she just wants us to be patient. Why would she want that? Huh? Suddenly she’s the coy clairvoyant? Maybe. Or maybe she’s just screwing with me. She doesn’t really want to be found. Hey! Suzie Q! Are you there? We’re here, and um… Why don’t you give us another damn sign, would ya?

Yeah, there you go. Ava, look. What?


Maybe I did play God. But I had to protect my daughter. She was not in any danger! Oh, because you went legit?

How many times have I heard that? How many times did you swear to me that your life of crime was over and that you were going straight? That you wanted to be a better man for me? I didn’t want that! Then why did you say yes to Ava? Because I was desperate! We were flat broke, remember? No! No, we weren’t. I was working part time at the hospital.

We were living at the mansion so that we could save. Yeah, but Victor reminded me every five seconds what a freeloader I was. You could have swallowed your pride for, for a few months. But instead you, you moved us into a roach motel and said that you were going to get a job. A respectable, high paying, and honest job.

I was going to work at the Spectator, but Jack, he, he couldn’t hire me. Because of Gwen! And then you teamed up with her to blackmail the paper away from him and Jennifer! I

tried. did

you pound the pavement? Did you? Work the phones because that, that is what people do when they are looking for a job, Xander. They don’t just get one rejection and then take to kidnapping. That is so easy for you to say. What does that mean? Pound the pavement and go where, exactly? Work the phones and call who?

Everyone in this town hates me! I was, I was drowning in debt. I had creditors breathing down my neck. I don’t, I don’t have a rich mummy offering me handouts, Sarah. Do not do that. My mother loves you like a son to this day. She wanted to help both of us. You’re right. Maggie’s an angel, but the money she was trying to give us, it came from Uncle Vic.

Who cares? I care! He took every opportunity to belittle me, and he refused to apologize. I wasn’t going to take a dime off of him! You’re very happy to take a cut of Ava’s ransom money. Not a day goes by that I don’t regret my role in Susan’s death. I made the choice that I made because… The thought of disappointing you again, Sarah, the…

The idea of failing you as a husband, as a man… It was more than I could bear. So I did what I thought I had to do.

So did I,

when I chose to make Rex the father of my baby instead of you.

I get that your new husband sharing a kid with his ex wife complicates things. But, Chloe, you and Xander can still be happy if you’re co parenting with Sarah and Rex. Tons of blended families make it work. Xander and I aren’t going to be a family or anything else. What makes you say that? Because I asked him point blank if he thought we could still get married when he found out the truth about Victoria.

And of course he tried convincing me that nothing was going to change, but we both know damn well that it, it will. It changes everything and that’s why I told him to go to the pub. I see. I’m sorry, Chloe. I know you really cared about him.

You know, people were really shocked when they found out that we fell for each other. Us included, but you know what? What we had, it was real. It was. With that being said, all the times Xander tried to assure me that he was over Sarah, I knew that he wasn’t. I knew that he had all these unresolved feelings for her.

I guess you would know something about that.

Just how much of my conversation with Rex did you overhear?

Chloe, answer me, please. Okay, I heard enough to know that you might still be in love with me.

Rafe threatened to go after me. He figured out that you were the one who doctored those passports for my mom and Harris. And he said that if I didn’t tell him what I knew, he would send in Trask. Oh my God. You made you choose between your mother and me. And you chose me? Why? Why would you do that? Isn’t it obvious?

Because I’m in love with

you. I gotta admit, Wendy Shin has skills. These look real. Yeah. Real enough to get them out of the country. Well, if they’re gonna want to go anywhere else, they’re gonna need these. Yep. Which means they’ll be back for them eventually. And we’ll be here waiting

for them. You don’t see that. See what? A plate of crumbs? Uh, no. It’s a letter E. So it’s not an S? No, it’s definitely an E. As in exactly what you wanted. You just asked Susan for a sign and here it is. Oh. You think that Susan is talking to us through a pastry? Why not? Because it’s bonkers. It’s possible.

Okay. So, um, Lady Woo Woo arranged these crumbs in the shape of a letter E. What does it mean?

Okay, so, so far Susan’s signs have been big smoke, which meant London, and now we have the letter E. So now we’re seeing messages and food? I think that’s our cue to head back to the wing. No, no, this is good. This is progress. Oh. Okay. Tell me what it means. Don’t know yet. I do. It means nothing. What, what, you’ve given up?

I thought, I thought you were, I thought you were tougher than that. Oh, I’m tough. I’m also smart enough to know that I’m not gonna waste my time on something that is obviously hopeless. Obviously hopeless? Come on, all we gotta do is figure out a way to connect the letter E to Susan Banks. It’s a piece of cake.

Or scone, in this

case. You’re really enjoying yourself, aren’t you? What can I say? I enjoy solving a good puzzle. Especially with a friend. Oh, we’re friends now, huh? Yeah, I’d say so. What about you?

Yeah, I’d say so.

You know, we should probably work on this bag of the hotel. Yeah, it would suck to get busted. Especially since we’re one step closer to finding Susan.

Alright. Talk to the guy at the front desk. He’s going to keep an eye out for Ava and Michaels. As soon as they get here, he’s going to call me. Okay. So what do we do? We just sit here?

Well, not much else we can do. Alright, well we tracked them to this hotel by using the surveillance footage from the taxi stand over at the airport. Can’t we just pull that surveillance footage from the taxi stand downstairs? I already did that. Nothing on it. So, they must have gone out the back or on foot.

Gone where? And why London? What are they even doing here? We should know. But you do know Ava. I mean, you were involved with her. Gosh. Why would she pick this location of all places? London’s a big city. Easy to get lost in. Yeah, but the U. K. has an extradition treaty with the U. S. And a former mob princess and a Navy SEAL wouldn’t know that.

Yeah. So, why wouldn’t they just go off the grid? Maybe it’s not about running from something, but trying to do something. So you think there’s a specific reason why they chose here? Did Tripp say anything that would suggest that? He was pretty tight lipped. I’m not that I blame him, I mean, I was trying to get him to grass up his girlfriend.

Grass up? We haven’t been here a full day and you’re already using the lingo? Oh, you know you love it. Whatever. Mr. Sherlock Homeboy. Who are you calling? Leave it to Sherlock.

You left me? I’ve been wanting to tell you for a while now. I almost did the first night we made love, but… But what? I was afraid you wouldn’t say it back. Why? Experience.

You mean Allie.

Tripp. Just because you said I love you to her, she didn’t say it back, that doesn’t mean the same thing will happen with me. In fact, I can guarantee you it won’t. So you mean… I love you too, Tripp. I’m in love with you. Wow, I, I feel like we should shout from rooftops or something. I have a better idea.

Chloe, I never wanted you to know how I feel about you. Why not? As you may have overheard in the square, I didn’t want to get between you and Xander. Or mess up Rex’s relationship with Sarah. So, you were willing to sacrifice your own happiness for everyone else? You sacrificed yours by telling Xander the truth.

Besides, I don’t deserve to be happy after everything I did to you and Brady. Oh, come on, Philip. You were mentally ill and you got the help that you needed. You are not the same person anymore. Maybe not. But… I know there’s no way you could ever love me again.

I’m not so sure about that.

You really… You really think Rex would be a better father than me?

Of course I do.

He’s not a criminal, for one thing. No, he’s just a liar and a serial adulterer. Have you forgotten? He cheated on you with your own sister. You seem to have no problem giving him my child to raise.

Rex has changed. He has.

Unlike you. He learns from his mistakes and he regrets hurting people. I just told you that I regret my part in Susan’s death every day. What about the spectator? Do you regret stealing that? Because Jack was your best friend.

What about the money laundering and the diamond smuggling?

Do you regret shooting Brady? Or Marlena?

What about putting Nicole in a cage? Do you have any… pangs of regret for all the psychos that you have teamed up with over the years? Like Orpheus. And Clyde Weston.

You can list every sin I’ve ever committed. All the way down to my unpaid parking tickets, but… That doesn’t give you the right to disqualify me as a father. Sarah, come on. Whatever little you think of me now, you must know I would, I would never harm my own child. You do, you do know that, right?

Sarah? Do we need to go right out here?

Go back inside, Rex. This doesn’t concern you. No, it doesn’t. Sarah’s my wife. Oh, you say that like it means something. You know, she only married you to keep up this charade. She doesn’t love you. Shut your mouth. Got a nerve, did I? Keep talking, I’m gonna hit a whole bunch of your nerves. Of all the people Sarah could spend her life pretending to care about, I can’t believe she chose the wanker who knocked up his ex behind her back.

I don’t give a damn what you believe.

It doesn’t matter. Rex and I get acquainted with my daughter? It’s not happening.

It’s, it’s getting late. We don’t have to talk about this now. No, no, no, Phillip, wait. I, I, I want to talk about it. I need to talk about it. Okay. When I thought you were dead, I guess a part of me died right along with you. And I didn’t even realize it until you showed up a few weeks ago. Right here at my doorstep, alive.

And I felt a part of me. There’s a part of me that I used to love you with all my heart and I felt that part come back to life again. Chloe… And I was denying it, okay, because of our past and because I was with Xander, but I don’t want to do that anymore. I can’t pretend like that part of me doesn’t exist.

It has been there since I was 16 years old and it’s not going away. And in fact, the more time I… And with you, the stronger it gets.

Chloe. Are you saying you still have feelings for me?

Maybe we should take this into the bedroom?

Oh, really? It’s Rafe.

Yeah, you want? Oh, what’s with the attitude, man? You threatened my girlfriend. You expect me to be polite? Just tell me what you want. Okay, fair. I have an update on your mom. Her and Michael’s were taken into custody by Scotland Yard. Is she okay? I’m not gonna lie, man. Your mother’s in serious trouble. Can’t, can’t you do something?

Yeah, I wish I could, but that’s, uh, yeah, that’s way above my pay grade, man. I mean, them coming to another country was a big mistake. They didn’t just run for the hell of it, okay? They went to London to find Susan. What? Find Susan? What, Susan Banks? She’s dead. No, no, she isn’t. My mom remembered seeing her get out of the car before it exploded, okay?

She is sure of it. If this is some kind of a trick, man… It isn’t. I I I swear, okay? Dr. Evans hypnotized her and it all came back, okay? She believes that Susan is alive and somewhere in London. If she can prove that, that would help her case, right? Well, I’ll let you know when I find her. Wait, wait, wait, wait.

You said that she was in custody? I lied.

Can you pay the check? Yeah. Also borrowed the waiter’s phone. Who are you going to call? No one. I thought we would just search the internet for clues. Search the… Wait, where are you going to search and where are you going to begin? Well, I think, uh, I think we put in Susan Banks and the letter E. And we’ll go from there.

Don’t, don’t answer that. I don’t want you to say something that you’ll regret because you’re emotional. I know I’m being emotional, Philip, but this is not some knee jerk reaction to what happened with Xander. Like I said before, I’ve… I’ve had these feelings for you for a while now. I swear, I did not come here to discuss this.

I, I know that, I know that you would not take advantage of me during a vulnerable moment and use it to get what you want. That, that’s the old Phillip. I see how much you’ve changed.

I should go.

But so you know, I’m here for you, Chloe. I always will be.

You have no claim to Victoria. She’s my flesh and blood, Rex. My name is on the birth certificate. I’m married to her mother. So in the eyes of the law, Victoria is my child, not yours. Come on. A quick DNA test will fix all that. Should be back in my arms as soon as I get the results. You want to go down that road, you’re in for a long, ugly legal battle.

And what judge in their right mind would give custody to a convicted felon over two highly respected physicians? If you think that your pathetic little threats are going to make me back down, you’re sorely mistaken. I’m going to fight harder for Victoria than I’ve ever fought for anything in my life.

And mark my words, I will win. I’m going to be part of my daughter’s life. And there’s nothing either of you two can do to stop me!

What did Rafe want? That son of a bitch just tricked me into telling him that my mom and Michaels went to London to find Susan Banks. He lied and said that they’re in police custody. Oh, damn it! How could I be so stupid? Tripp, you’re not stupid. Once again, Rafe did something really messed up to get you to talk.

Yeah, well, it worked. And now he and Jada are probably closing in on my mom and Michael as we speak. Susan Banks is alive? I thought she died when Ava drove her off the cliff. They never found her remains. Well, the car exploded. I mean, would there be any remains? We just assumed that she was incinerated.

Now Tripp says that Ava remembers seeing Susan get out of the car right before it caught on fire. And Susan supposedly came here. That’s what Tripp said. I don’t know, Rafe. He sounds like a son desperate to get his mother off the hook. Maybe. But it is Salem. Dead people turning out not to be dead. Not all that unusual.

So, for argument’s sake, let’s say Susan Banks is alive. What brought her to London? Man, there’s a ton here on Susan, but nothing that links her to the letter key.

Try crumbs. What? Add crumbs to the search. Yeah, zero comes up. Yeah, just try it. It’s possible. Okay, okay. Susan Banks and… Crumbs. Here we go.

Holy cow. What? Oh, come on, you find something? Yeah, it’s a, it’s like a newspaper article from like 25 years ago. It looks like a wedding announcement. Read it. Susan Banks of Salem, USA ties the knot in merry old England to Edmund P.Crumb.

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

[ Door slams ]

Taylor: You know, you might be the only person who doesn’t have to worry about locking the door when sheila carter’s on the loose.

Finn: What are you doing here? I– I thought you were in europe with steffy.

Taylor: Well, I was– I was and now I’m back here. To talk some sense into you.

Sheila: I– I don’t know what I did to deserve you. Everything that you’ve done for me. Using your connections to make sure that the judge set me free. I like… I have no words.

Deacon: You have actually nothing to say? Wait, wait, hang on a second, let me…

Sheila: What are you doing?

Deacon: I’m just looking for flying pigs.

Sheila: Stop it. You set me free. You gave me back my life and I’m– I’m not gonna forget that. I’m gonna be grateful to you forever, deacon.

Donna: I, uh, just checked on eric and he’s– he’s still lying down.

Rj: Well, that’s good. I mean, he needs to rest. We can see how stressed he is.

Donna: I mean, he’s– he’s poured so much of himself into this collection. You know, he’s– he has a lot riding on this, you know. His reputation. His– his pride.

Rj: Donna, you know that I would do anything to help him, but–

Donna: But he’s compromised. I know. He can’t sketch and he’s frustrated. I hate to see him like this.

Rj: I think I need to tell my dad. He– he needs to know the truth.

Ridge: This is ridiculous. We can’t do it. We can’t do two collections on one budget. It’s impossible.

Brooke: And taking money out of hope for the future doesn’t make sense. We should be reinvesting in that line and capitalizing on its success.

Ridge: None of this makes sense. My dad shouldn’t be doing this at all. He should be at home relaxing or– or helping the next generation.

Carter: Well, I’ve spoken to eric and I don’t see him backing down.

Ridge: There is no way we can produce a collection on this budget.

Carter: I don’t disagree, but you pay me to make sure the numbers add up and it’d be foolish to overextend ourselves. This is the budget we have to work with and that means cuts.

Brooke: Carter, you mentioned earlier that ridge should talk to rj. Beginning to think that that might be the best idea. Maybe he can find out what’s going on with eric.

Donna: Okay. Look, I– I– I understand why you’d want to open up to your father, but I’m afraid eric would feel really betrayed.

Rj: I know that. I– I know that he would feel really betrayed. I get it. I understand, I agree with you, but I don’t know what to do right now. I feel really stuck. And I– I don’t think this is good for him anymore.

Donna: Look, I– I just think that walking away at this point in time, rj, would really hurt eric. Please keep working with your granddad on this. Please. Give him this final collection and please, don’t tell ridge about his father.

Deacon: Look, I hated seeing you in prison. I had a favor to call in. I decided to help a friend.

Sheila: Mm. A– a friend, huh?

Deacon: Maybe a little more than a friend.

Sheila: Well, I am never going to forget it. And if you ever need me to help you with a favor, you know that I’m– I’m more than willing.

Deacon: Got a couple of ideas.

[ Sheila chuckles ]

Sheila: All right. Now, I just wanna sit down and kick off my shoes and relax.

Deacon: You know, I love that about you. You got no problem just, uh, showing your nine little piggies.

Sheila: Why should I? No one can say that I was not committed to a plan.

Deacon: Some people might say that cutting off your own toe to fake your own death should get you committed.

Sheila: Hm. Are you calling me c-r-a-z-y?

Deacon: No, no, no, not the c word. I, uh, I would say maybe eccentric. Extreme.

Sheila: Hm. How about passionate?

Deacon: Hm.

Sheila: Devoted?

Deacon: Those words work too.

Sheila: Because that’s exactly what I am. I am definitely passionate, devoted, committed, to my son.

Deacon: That is just wildly inappropriate timing.

[ Sheila chuckles ]

Sheila: I would do anything to remain a part of finn and hayes’s lives.

Deacon: Yeah.

Sheila: Hey, and yours too, deacon.

Deacon: That’s better.

Carter: Look, I’m gonna step out. I will work on the numbers. Maybe there’s a way I can minimize the cuts.

Brooke: Okay. Do what you can. In the meantime, ridge is going to have to talk to rj. And you will have to get him to convince eric that all of you are going to collaborate on one couture line.

Ridge: I’ll try.

Carter: Look, I talked to eric earlier and I didn’t get the impression he wants to collaborate. Get back to you later with the new numbers.

Ridge: Thank you, carter.

Brooke: I’m sorry. I can see how upset you are. But I have to believe that everything is going to work out for the best.

Ridge: Yeah?

Brooke: Yeah.

Rj: I thought you were as concerned about granddad as I am.

Donna: I am. Of– of– of course I am. My god, I– he was so excited when he first started this, and– and then as time has gone on, his– his condition is just getting worse. I mean, even when he plays the piano now, he uses his left hand only. It just hurts to see him like this.

Rj: You’re listing reasons why I should just tell my dad. This is serious.

Donna: Listen, you don’t understand. You’re not– you’re not just helping him realize his– his vision here. You’re giving him hope. He needs us rj. He needs you.

Rj: I wanna be there for him. Obviously, I wanna be there for him. I’m gonna cherish working on this with him for the rest of my life. But I– we’re not helping him by keeping this a secret.

Donna: You are. You’re giving him drive and purpose. I– I mean, you can’t just let him feel useless. Eric forrester has to go out on top. Please, rj, please don’t give up on your granddad.

Finn: How are steffy and the kids?

Taylor: Well, you know, I mean, they’re– they’re settling in.

Finn: I just– I– I miss them so much. You know, this– this whole situation is killing me.

Taylor: Well, they miss you too. But then, I mean, the– the kids are okay. You know, considering all the disruption their lives have had lately. First moving to eric’s, now to europe.

Finn: You know, I hate the impact that this is having on them.

Taylor: Well, you’re not with them, so of course it’s having an impact. But, you know, you can start to make this right. You can take the necessary moves to assure steffy that sheila will not be in your lives again. It’s the only way your wife is coming back home.

Sheila: I mean it. No one has ever defended and supported me like you.

Deacon: Everyone deserves a second chance. And everyone deserves to be loved.

[ Sheila chuckles ]

Sheila: You have no idea what that means to me. Subject 1: Who’s that?

Taylor: Finn, I– I get the connection between a birth mother and her child, but this is sheila that we’re talking about. She’s never been a loving mother. That has always been li’s role.

Finn: No, I know that, okay? And I have told li that.

Taylor: No, you… I just don’t understand what’s happening. So sheila shot you, right? And yes, it was an accident. It was an accident because she meant to shoot steffy, but she still left you both for dead in the alley. Her intention was to kill the mother of your child and take away the love of your life. What kind of loving mother does that to a son and her grandson?

Finn: Taylor, you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know, okay? You can’t imagine the guilt that I feel. Being apart from steffy and the kids is absolutely killing me.

Taylor: Then do something about it, finn! Step up! Prove to steffy that it is safe to come home to you!

Sheila: So, how do you know judge scott?

[ Deacon laughing ]

Deacon: That is, uh, that’s a long– that’s a long story.

Sheila: Really? Long story? Well, I– I’ve got nothing but time thanks to you.

Deacon: We go way back.

Sheila: I had no idea you were so well connected.

Deacon: Didn’t keep me from landing in the slammer, did it?

Sheila: I guess all those times you visited me in prison, it, uh, brought up some bad memories, huh?

Deacon: I guess mostly it just killed me to see you locked up. Sheila, don’t get me wrong. I’m not naive. I know you’ve done some terrible things.

Sheila: Yeah. But I’ve– I’ve taken responsibility for all of those things. I’m– I’m not the same person anymore.

Deacon: That’s exactly what I told the judge. People can change, sheila. Look, I’m a perfect example of that.

Sheila: I have changed. And a big reason why, deacon… is you.

Brooke: I see the toll this is taking on you, being at odds with eric. I know how much you love him and respect him.

Ridge: I do. I just want him to be happy, you know.

Brooke: Well, I’m just gonna believe that this is all gonna work out for the best. And just know that I’m always on your side.

Ridge: Yeah?

Brooke: Mm-hmm.

Ridge: I like that.

[ Brooke giggles ] But why is my dad doing this? Why’s he putting rj right in the middle?

Rj: I can tell you why, dad.

Whenever you’re hungry,

Ridge: I’m glad you’re here. Your mom and I were talking about your granddad and he just, um– he hasn’t been himself lately.

Brooke: We’re worried that this fashion challenge might be taking a toll on him.

Ridge: And don’t get this wrong. We’re– we’re glad that you’re designing, that you’re working with him. It’s amazing, but, uh, if there’s something else going on with my dad, I need to know.

Brooke: You can tell us anything, rj. You’re not gonna be betraying your grandfather. We just want to help.

Ridge: You said before, you said that– that you knew what it was. So, what is it?

Donna: Please keep working

with your granddad on this.


Give him this final collection.

And please, don’t tell ridge

about his father.

Rj: You have to understand. Granddad, he needs to do this collection. I think it’s gonna be the most important collection of his entire career. And I just wish that you wouldn’t stand in his way. I think you need to give him the support that he needs and the support that he deserves.

Ridge: That’s it?

Rj: Yeah, that’s it.

Finn: I will do everything in my power to keep sheila away from my family. I’ll stop at nothing to make sure that they’re safe. You believe that.

Taylor: You and steffy were torn apart, not too long ago, and that was all sheila’s fault.

Finn: Yeah, but we found our way back to each other because my love for her wouldn’t keep us apart. It’s me. It’s me.

[ Both panting ] I found you. Steffy, it’s me. It’s really me.

Steffy: Oh. Oh, my god.

[ Steffy crying ]

Steffy: Oh.

Finn: It’s me, it’s me.

[ Bell tolls ] With my love for your daughter, it gave me the strength to fight my way back to her and I swore we would never be apart again. And I promise you, I will never stop fighting for her and my family. You can count on that.

Taylor: Okay, then deal with sheila. Just do it. I don’t care what you do. Just get her out of your life. You just promised me that– that– that you would not let any harm come to your family. So you need to do whatever you can to make sure that happens.

Deacon: You’ve changed me too, sheila.

Sheila: For the better?

Deacon: Jury’s still out.

[ Sheila chuckles ]

Sheila: Thank goodness you’re the only jury I have to worry about. I’m never gonna forget what you did for me. The lengths that you went to, to secure my freedom. You have no idea what that means to me.

Deacon: I have a pretty good idea.

Sheila: I know that we, uh, we decided we weren’t going to see each other anymore.

Deacon: It’s just too dangerous.

Sheila: Yeah. I know. I– I know. I– I wouldn’t want you to risk your relationship with hope. You’ve worked so hard for everything that you have right now. The restaurant, the love and respect of your family. I would never wanna take that away from you. But you are– you’re living proof of– you’re a perfect example of how things can be if people see that you’ve changed.

[ Sheila chuckles ] I promise I’m not gonna just pop in, stop by, even though you’ve got to admit it was a lot of fun.

Deacon: Yeah, and to think I used to hate surprises.

[ Sheila laughs ]

Sheila: Yeah. Well, I’m never gonna forget everything that you did. Thank you.

[ Sheila sighs ] Uh, goodbye.

Deacon: Sheila, wait, wait, wait. Look, maybe I’m the crazy one, but I’ve been alone too long.

Sheila: What are you saying?

Deacon: I don’t want to be alone anymore.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


Y&R logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Victor: And I’m returning as ceo of my company. Send that out to everyone. Now, read it back to me, please. After that, newman enterprises will be stronger than ever. And that includes me. This company will continue to prosper and innovate, all right? Send this to everyone. Thank you. Nate! How the hell are you?

Nate: Ah, fine, victor, thanks. Uh, just wanted to see how you were settling in.

Victor: Yeah, well…

[ Victor chuckles ] …I appreciate your interest. So, um, everyone is ready to go, I think. Are you?

Nate: Absolutely.

Victor: Good.

Nate: And you look right at home, where you belong.

Victor: You bet.

Nate: Well, I am sure you are very busy, so I will leave you to–

Victor: No, one– one second. Just stick around for a moment. I would like to ask you a few questions about adam.

Jack: Good morning, adam.

Adam: Good morning, jack. Hey, congratulations, by the way. I heard you and diane got married.

Jack: Well, thank you. I appreciate that. We haven’t had too many well-wishers.

Adam: Well, I wish you both all the best.

Jack: I appreciate that, and I hope you know i want the best for you as well.

Adam: From your tone, I’m guessing you’ve heard the best is not what I’m getting, lately. But yes, you’re– you’re right. Things have been a little rough since I’ve been fired from newman.

Jack: Yeah, I imagine that was quite a blow.

Adam: But hey, I will survive, right?

Jack: I have no doubt at all. So, thank you for meeting me today.

Adam: Yeah, I– I wasn’t surprised to hear from you. I heard billy tapped you as chief negotiator.

Jack: No, actually, I wanted to meet with you, to talk about tucker and whatever dirt you might have on him.

Adam: Yeah, ’cause you and i have a better relationship than I have with billy.

Jack: I would call it less explosive.

Adam: Yeah, that’s true.

Jack: So, tell me, what have you got? I’m interested.

Adam: Well, how interested are you?

Jack: Enough to pay for it. Within reason.

Adam: I don’t really have a reputation of being reasonable, jack.

Jack: Well, I imagined you’d be more reasonable with me than with my brother.

Adam: Yeah. Maybe.

Jack: Could I ask one more favor? Could we not play the game of who has the better offer and jump right to the end point? Name your price.

Victoria: You’re not fooling me, you know.

Nikki: What?

Victoria: You casually suggested that we meet up for coffee before going into the office because you want to suss me out. You want to check my mood before we go in to see dad.

Nikki: I don’t need an excuse to have coffee with my daughter.

Victoria: Mom.

Nikki: I thought it would be a nice way to start our day. Have a more pleasant experience at the office. Better than yesterday.

Victoria: I’m fine. I put my anger aside.

Nikki: I know your father returning to newman as ceo is not what you wanted.

Victoria: Would you please stop worrying? You’re not gonna have issues from me going forward.

Nikki: So, you have accepted his decision?

Victoria: I have accepted that dad’s coming back to run his company. I’m not gonna be dancing in the streets about it, no.

Nikki: And you’re willing to work alongside him?

Victoria: Well, what else would I do?

Nikki: Have you heard from your brother? He was supposed to get back from his east coast trip this morning.

Victoria: I’ve called him a few times, but he hasn’t returned any of my calls.

Nikki: Anything pressing that you need to talk to him about?

Victoria: No, I just want to touch base with him.

Nikki: Hm.

Victoria: What?

Nikki: Well, if your motives are as obvious to your brother as they are to me, I suspect he’s trying to avoid you.

Victoria: What are you talking about?

Nikki: You’re going to try to talk him into coming back to newman enterprises. As an ally.

[ Both sighing ]

[ Sally chuckling ]

Adam: I’m sorry. That was, um, that was a mistake.

Sally: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, it was.

Adam: Well, in my defense, um, it wasn’t me that kissed you it was, my, um, champagne brain. Would you, uh, mind if we just pretend like that never happened?

Sally: Pretend what never happened? I– I don’t know, what’s your hang-up?

Adam: Thank you. Good night.

Sally: You’re welcome. And, yeah, good night.

Adam: Okay.

[ Knocking on door ]

[ Sighs ]

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Sally: Oh! That was quite a homecoming.

Nick: You must have really missed me.

Sally: Oh, you have no idea. The flowers were beautiful, by the way.

Nick: You are welcome.

Sally: Okay. I wanna hear all about your trip.

Nick: First, I want to hear about the next great interior design company. Did I mention how smart your business plan is?

Sally: You have, yeah. But I mean, I wouldn’t mind hearing it again. Maybe this time you could use the word “amazing.”

Nick: I can do that. It’s amazing. So amazing! You’re amazing.

Sally: Thank you. Yeah, I’ve just been immersed in color palettes and all different types of tiles and accent furniture. Oh, and your finance team finally set up my account, so… it’s all coming together.

Nick: You seem really happy.

Sally: I am happy. And I’m excited, and I am very grateful for you making this into a reality.

Nick: I’m just the backer. This is your vision. I’m just sorry you took so long to let me help you with this. Why did you do that again?

Sally: Well, ’cause I’m stubborn.

Nick: Yeah, you really are, but I kinda like it, it works for you.

Sally: Yeah. It took me a while to get here, but I’m here. And now I see all the possibilities for this business, and I cannot wait to make it a reality.

Nick: Well, I’m gonna continue to do everything I can to bring you as much excitement as possible.

Sally: It’s really nice to have something positive to focus on.

Nick: So, how was everything else while I was gone? How was adam? Did he, uh, bother you while I was out of town?

Adam: Well, jack, I admire your directness, as always.

Jack: We’re both busy men. Who has time for games?

Adam: I agree. You know, billy was pushing me for a straight answer last time and I shut him down.

Jack: Well, it’s me now. What have you got?

Adam: I’ve been thinking about what I would want in return and to tell you the truth, you or billy, at the moment, you don’t have anything that benefits me.

Jack: You’re not maybe looking for a little leverage?

Adam: No, in the past I probably would have tried to weasel a job out of this. I mean, I am technically unemployed at the moment.

Jack: I already offered you a job.

Adam: Yeah, that’s true. And if I was gonna make a play for something, I probably would go for billy’s job, co-ceo.

Jack: The position you had before and walked away from.

Adam: Yes, the irony is not lost on me.

Jack: You having second thoughts about leaving jabot?

Adam: I wasn’t suited for your company. And besides, most of your family, they– they hate me, jack.

Jack: And that’s it?

Adam: Okay, maybe I sabotageda go thing. I am prone to doing that.

Jack: How ’bout funding? Surely, you’ve given some thought to starting something on your own.

Adam: No, I d– I don’t need the money.

Jack: Okay, I got a wild idea. How about giving me the information I’ve asked for without any strings attached?

Adam: How does that serve me?

Jack: I take the information you gave me and I use it against tucker. And you have the unbridled joy of watching tucker mccall fail.

Lily: Okay, you ready?

Devon: Uh, yep.

Lily: All righty. Hi, jill.

Devon: How’s it going?

Jill: It’s good to see both of you. So, tell me what you’ve found out. What is the latest?

Devon: Well, unfortunately, we don’t have as much to report as we’d like.

Lily: No. We still don’t know who this mystery investor is.

Jill: What did victor say when you talked to him?

Lily: Uh, nothing. Just that this person wants to remain anonymous for now.

Jill: There is just something about this. It doesn’t feel right.

Devon: Well, we’ve been keeping an eye on things, and there have been no leaks or media speculation, so clearly this person is moving in secret.

Jill: At best, this is annoying, and at worst… lord, I don’t even know what the worst would be.

Devon: Oh, we’re right there with you, jill.

Lily: Yeah, it is disconcerting, to say the least.

Jill: You know, when victor first became a silent partner, I understood why he wanted to keep it a public secret. But at least he revealed himself to me.

Devon: Well, yeah, his actions back then made sense, considering that he was trying to stop the ipo from going through.

Jill: And he wanted to make peace between the two of you.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, his intentions were good, but I don’t like the underhanded way that he went about it.

Jill: This time, he’s made a move to sell without even consulting me. This, oh, this is a whole new game.

Lily: He did say, though, that he’s not disappointed in the company’s performance at all. That it was just the right offer at the right time.

Jill: Oh, what does that even mean? We have no idea what this investor’s intentions are. This is not good. It’s not good.

Victor: Adam has expressed the desire to start over. At newman, you know. Start at the bottom. Work his way up the corporate ladder.

Nate: Wow, that is– that is a remarkable request.

Victor: Indeed. He says he want to earn his stripes the honest way, the hard way.

Nate: And you believe he is sincere?

Victor: What do you think?

Nate: I have serious doubts. I previously told you my skepticism about adam’s behavior. He seemed unwilling to be a team player with nick and sharon. I hate to say it, but I feel adam’s proven me right. He seems destined to revert to form. I mean, historically, he’s never played by the rules. Why believe he could do it this time?

Victor: Well… still living with odors?

Nate: I apologize if I am out of line with my assessment. Adam’s behavior can be a bit frustrating.

Victor: You’re not alone in feeling that way. I’d love nothing more than to be able to believe that adam is capable of changing, you know?

Nate: Even after his recent infractions? Undermining his partners, re get what he wants? I mean, the list goes on.

Victor: Yeah, he certainly has let me down, hasn’t he? But so have my other children, especially nicholas.

Nate: May I ask how?

Victor: He decided to abandon newman enterprises once again. To work alongside sharon.

Nate: I am aware you decided to give kirsten incorporated back to sharon.

Victor: It’s a company not worth keeping.

Nate: I imagine it’s difficult, having both of your sons disappoint you this way.

[ Victor sighs ]

Victor: It is. Although, I have the feeling that eventually, nicholas will return to the fold. I just hope that adam will find an opportunity to vent his anger and frustration and resentment. You know, stop feeling like a newman outsider.

Nate: I understand that, actually, and can relate. I felt like an outsider in my own family when I was working at chancellor-winters.

Victor: Well? And that prompted you to leave?

Nate: Unfortunately, yes.

[ Victor sighing ]

Victor: Can I ask you to do me a favor?

Nate: Of course.

Victor: I want you to help and support adam. And encourage him. Until he figures out his path.

Sally: I did see adam while you were away. We both acknowledged that we were starting over. He claims that he’s ready to move forward without any regret or any thoughts of seeking revenge.

Nick: That sounds far too evolved for adam.

Sally: Well, he sounded sincere. He wants to hit the reset button and start over.

Nick: Hm. Yeah. I’ll, uh, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Sally: Yeah. I said the same thing, but in somewhat gentler terms.

Nick: Well, it doesn’t really concern me if adam means what he says, and frankly, it doesn’t concern you either.

Sally: Do you really feel that way?

Nick: Adam’s a tornado. He sucks up everything in his path and just leaves destruction and I’m done with it.

Sally: Okay. Yeah, I hear you, but I’m not sure if I believe this cavalier attitude.

Nick: Why? I’m always cavalier. Always. And funny and handsome, charming. So many things.

Sally: ‘Kay, well, you’re definitely not wrong, but I just suspect that deep down, you have to be worried about how adam’s actions are gonna affect victoria and your dad.

Nick: Well, dad and victoria can deal with it any way they like. I’m moving on.

Sally: But that’s not who you are, nick. You care way too much about your family and the company. Be honest. Do you regret not staying at newman or… are you just doing all this to prove a point to your dad?

Victoria: Nick seems like his mind is made up. I don’t think there’s any possibility of changing it.

Nikki: But you’re going to try because his return would be good for you.

Victoria: Do you really think that I’m that conniving? Besides, what possible move could I make? I’ve been stripped of my position by dad.

Nikki: Victoria, you still have a powerful and important role to play at the company.

[ Victoria sighing ]

Victoria: Yeah, well, a week ago, I was the powerful and important one.

[ Nikki sighing ]

Nikki: I had no idea that victor was going to return and take charge like this. I wonder if nicholas even knows that victor’s going to be ceo again.

Victoria: He didn’t hear it from me, since he won’t return any of my calls.

Nikki: Well, it hasn’t been released to the press. I don’t know, maybe nicholas has spoken to him.

Victoria: Well, that’s true. Do you think that dad might try to convince him to return to the company?

Nikki: I hope so.

Victoria: Me too.

Nikki: Do you think that would change your father’s mind?

Victoria: No, I don’t think that anything would convince him.

Nikki: Yeah, i agree with you.

Victoria: But I think that we need to remain aligned as a family. I need nicholas as an ally and as my brother, it’s in his best interest to share my concerns.

Nikki: You’re worried about your father taking this on.

Victoria: I just believe that it’s a mistake for him to return to such a high-pressure position, and when nicholas hears what dad is doing, I think that nick will agree with me. With cirkul, your water is deliciously flavored at the turn of a dial, with zero sugar and zero calories. And cirkul has over 40 flavors, so your water can be as unique as you are. Try cirkul. Your water, your way. Now with even more flavors. Available at walmart or drinkcirkul.Com. That grimy film on your teeth?

Nikki: Victoria, it is your father’s choice.

Victoria: He’s being reckless, mom. He’s taking on too much. It could be extremely strenuous for him.

Nikki: I am also very concerned about his health.

Victoria: Well, have you told him how you feel?

Nikki: Well, I told you, I tried to convince him to take me on a trip before going back to newman enterprises, but he was determined to do it immediately.

Victoria: And that doesn’t worry you? That he’s just barreling forward without taking your concerns to heart?

Nikki: I think it’s up to victor to know his own limitations. And if he says he can handle it, we have to trust him.

Victoria: But mom, dad is in a different place than he was before, when he was running newman enterprises. What do I have to do to convince you that my feelings are valid? What will it take to get you on my side, mom?

Lily: I just don’t understand victor’s motive. Like, why go along with this person’s secrecy? Why– why do this to us?

Jill: [ Laughs ] Probably, to piss me off.

Devon: I want to know what this investor expects, ’cause the last thing this needs to lead to is the idea of us going public again.

Jill: Oh, that’s not gonna happen. I will not allow that.

Lily: Yeah, I don’t know. There’s still too many unknowns for me.

Jill: I have no doubt that victor is thoroughly enjoying himself, watching me squirm, wondering who this mystery person is.

Lily: Well, devon and i did discuss that this person could possibly be tucker.

Jill: If victor did that, that would be taking things too far.

Devon: What do you think the best move is for us now?

Jill: Well, obviously, we need answers, immediately. I think it’s time I spoke to victor myself.

Nate: I’m not sure what you’re asking is possible. I don’t think adam would be too receptive to the idea of me looking out for him.

Victor: Point well taken, but I have a feeling that you… can find a way.

Nate: Adam and I have had numerous flare-ups in the past. Most recently, when he tried to blackmail audra, I expressed my condemnation to him directly.

Victor: Adam claims that he knows he’s made some bad moves. And I am willing to believe that he is honestly trying to turn things around.

Nate: He is your son. Of course, you want to give him the benefit of the doubt, but I don’t share that same frame of mind and adam knows it.

Victor: Well, then, of course, there’s always the chance

Nate: Ah. Okay. I get it. Your request is twofold. You want me to be adam’s friend, if he is sincere, and keep a close watch on him to see if maybe he’s not.

Adam: That is an interesting suggestion, jack.

Jack: I’m offering you an opportunity. You say you’re interested in turning your life around?

Adam: Aren’t i always, though?

Jack: I know you have worked very hard with nick and sharon to get their enterprise up and running.

Adam: Yeah, until i blew that up.

Jack: And I know you would like to set things right with your father, assuming you were being honest about this effort to turn your life around, maybe doing me this little favor would be a step in that direction.

Adam: It’s not in my nature to be that benevolent, even when I’m trying to change.

Jack: So, tell me about this new path you’re on. I mean, uh, I haven’t heard about it directly from you.

Adam: Um, well, it’s– it’s simple, really. I’m tired of letting anger and resentment be the driving force in my life, jack.

Jack: That’s a big admission.

Adam: Never letting my feelings go. Not getting out of my own way. I mean, how many opportunities has victor given me? And I have ruined every single one of them.

Jack: Have you said this to victor?

Adam: Mm-hmm, we’ve spoken. I told him, my eyes are wide open.

Jack: Good for you.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah, I guess, you could say that I am reinventing myself, and trying to become the guy that everyone who has ever cared about me has wanted me to be.

Jack: So, what’s the first step?

Adam: Believe it or not, I am starting from the ground floor at newman. I’m gonna work my way up. I’m gonna prove myself.

Jack: And this was your idea?

Adam: Mm-hmm. Maybe, somewhere along the way, I will find myself.

Jack: I am very impressed.

Adam: Thank you, jack.

Jack: And I’m sure it means a lot to your father that you’re putting in this kind of effort. I want you to know, I am rooting for you every step of the way. Excuse me.

Adam: Everything all right?

Jack: I’m not sure. (Vo) it’s another ultimate endless shrimp

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Jack: That was my sister, traci, I need to head home.

Adam: Ooh, well, I– I hope everything’s okay.

Jack: Yeah, I do, too. I’m not sure what that’s about, but I better go. Uh, can we wrap this up?

Adam: [ Clears throat ] Jack, is– is tucker really that much of a threat to you?

Jack: Tucker mccall tried to manipulate my sister and very nearly succeeded. All signs are, he is coming after jabot now. I will not allow anyone to harm a member of my family or my company.

Adam: You know, you are one of the good ones, jack. And I would hate to see someone like that try to take advantage of you. So, how about I give you the information to use as you need with one caveat.

Jack: And what is that?

Adam: With the understanding that if I need a hand or support down the line, I can turn to you. What do you say?

Nikki: This isn’t easy for me, victoria, being caught between you and your father.

Victoria: I know.

Nikki: I understand where you’re coming from, but I’m still conflicted as to how to approach him with this.

Victoria: Mom, just talk to dad, please. Help him to see reason.

Nikki: I don’t agree with you that he is acting irrationally, but I do worry that he’s gonna put too much pressure on himself.

Victoria: It’s what he always does.

Nikki: I’m also unhappy that nicholas has left the company. If he were to return, that would be best for all of us.

Victoria: I agree.

Nikki: But I cannot help you go after your father.

Victoria: Mom, that’s not my intention.

Nikki: I know what your father did has hurt you, but he doesn’t think any less of you. He knows you are as capable as you always have been.

Victoria: Dad just needs to trust that his legacy belongs in my hands now.

Nikki: I cannot side against victor with you, I am sorry.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Then mom, please don’t think of this as taking opposite sides. We’d be doing what is best for dad, and we’d be doing it for the good of the company as well.

Nikki: Honey, I know your intentions are good, but I also know when you feel cornered, you will do anything you can to get what you want.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Well, I wonder where I learned that from.

Nikki: Victoria. I must urge you not to try to undermine your father. That would end badly for the family, and especially, for you.

Nick: Yeah, I think I made the right move. I love my family so much, but having some space right now feels necessary.

Sally: Okay. If that’s the only reason.

Nick: My dad did call me, while I was out of town. Apparently, he’s coming back to the company and taking over as ceo.

Sally: Whoa, that has to be a huge blow for victoria.

Nick: Yeah, she’s got to be spinning right now.

Sally: Have you heard from her?

Nick: She called several times, lot of texts. She was relentless. Um, I’m sure it’s over this change-up.

Sally: She wants your take?

Nick: Maybe. If I know my sister, she could also want me to stay on as her ally. To help her once the whip starts cracking from my dad.

[ Sally laughing ]

Sally: It never ends, does it?

Nick: With my dad?

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Sally: Well, it’s your decision, but I mean, I can see both sides of it. You wanting to step away for your own sake, but also wanting to stabilize your family.

Nick: Still feel like the wild card in all of this is adam. I can’t help but feel like he’s got some self-serving angle, the way he does with everything in life.

Sally: Ooh, yeah, I mean, I want to believe that he’s sincere, but I don’t know. I mean, I’ve been fooled by him before, so…

Nick: You’re not the only one.

Sally: I mean, it could be that he’s trying to convince himself that he really can change.

Nick: Yeah, I don’t know. I just don’t buy it. I mean, adam has every reason to hate us all right now.

Sally: He could just be tired, ready for something new. Maybe, he’s just finally had enough of the conflict.

Nick: Yeah, I don’t know about that. My brother thrives on instigating chaos.

Sally: Yeah, he is good at that.

Nick: Yeah, conflict is in his very being. It’s in his dna.

Victor: Anyway, nate, I appreciate your help and your discretion, all right?

Nate: Understood.

Victor: Good.

Nikki: Hello.

Victor: Well, hello.

Victoria: Is everything all right? Is there anything we should know about?

Victor: Nothing of importance, my darling. I have to leave. I have a meeting at society.

Victoria: Do you need me to join you?

Victor: No, you can just hold down the fort, okay? Uh, by the way, I have them prepare a press release in which I talk about all the changes at newman enterprises. I’ll show it to you when I get back, okay?

Victoria: Thank you.

Victor: Among others, I talked about your mother’s new position at newman media. And the fact that adam will return to the company at the bottom rung of the ladder.

Victoria: Well, I appreciate you keeping me in the loop.

Victor: I knew once you calmed down, you and I would be able to work together.

Victoria: I’m guessing that it would be pointless to tell you that giving adam another position at newman is a huge mistake.

Victor: Do I need to remind you that you started at the bottom as well?

Victoria: Don’t compare me to him. I started in the mailroom because i wanted to know the business, so that I could contribute something meaningful. You and I both know that that’s not adam’s true intention. At least, I hope you know that, dad.

Victor: And I hope you know that I meant what I said. That’s how things will be. And do not forget, for one moment… no one’s position in this company is secure.

Nikki: I’m going back to my office. Let me know if you need anything.

Nate: You okay?

Victoria: Yeah, I’m okay. It’s not like I haven’t heard that before. What about you, what’s going on? What were you and my father talking about?

Nate: You may not believe it if I tell you.

Victoria: Try me.

Nate: Victor wants me to become adam’s new best friend.

Jack: You’re asking for an iou?

Adam: Look, the– the day may never come, but I would like to know that I can count on you for a favor, down the line, if I need it.

Jack: This sounds unnervingly like a deal with the devil.

Adam: Okay, well, maybe, my better angels will win out this time.

Jack: I’m willing to risk it.

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Check your inbox. Soon. And you’ll have what you need.

Jack: Thank you.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Jack: Thank you. A mystery!

Nate: Victor wants me to offer adam support in his new role here, under the guise of keeping a close watch on him.

Victoria: Ugh, god. I cannot believe that dad is willing to give adam another chance. Even if he is starting at the bottom, I mean, when is enough enough?

Nate: Yes, I am skeptical too, which I told victor. And I don’t think he would ask me to keep a close eye on him if he wasn’t concerned as well.

Victoria: I can’t see how anyone would believe that adam can turn things around. He’s never been sincere about bettering himself.

Nate: You and I are on the same page.

Victoria: He must have some kind of an agenda.

Nate: I believe victor suspects as much and he’s building a contingency plan. And he wants me to be the one to find out the truth. One way or another.

Victoria: Well, I can see the logic in that. I don’t think it’s a bad plan.

Nick: You know where my phone is?

Sally: Here. Are all of these messages from victoria?

Nick: Ugh. Probably. But she can wait. I don’t want to deal with this right now.

Sally: Nick, you should not ignore your sister. You should call and see what she wants. Maybe, it’s important.

Nick: Hey, vic.

Victoria: [ Sighs ] Finally. I have been trying to get ahold of you.

Nick: What’s going on?

Victoria: Can you meet with me, please? It’s important.

[ Phone ringing ]

Victor: Hello, jill. I’ve been expecting to hear from you.

Jill: You’re damn right, I’m calling you, after what you pulled.

Victor: Oh, what have I done now?

Jill: Oh, stop it. You sold your interest in chancellor-winters without any warning, leaving us to scramble.

Victor: Well, now, jill, I’m so sorry. That you’re distressed now, but that you could have avoided all that had you called me in the first place instead of sending lily to interrogate me.

Jill: Does this mean you’ll tell me what you wouldn’t reveal to lily, who this person is who now owns a stake in my company?

Victor: Sorry, my dear, but I cannot reveal who the investor is.

Jill: So, your loyalty is to them and not to me.

Victor: You just rest assured, you’ll find out soon enough who the new investor is, okay?

Traci: Oh! Good, you’re back.

Jack: Yeah, I’m back. Well, what’s with you? Your message sounded urgent.

Traci: I so– I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I– I– everyone’s fine, everything is fine, I didn’t mean to startle you, but i needed you back here. I didn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Jack: What surprise?

Mamie: Hello, jackie.

[ Mamie, jack laughing ]

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GH Transcript Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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[ Siren wails in distance ] Hi, it’s nurse baldwin. I’m calling for an update on drew cain. Great. Thank you. Okay. So, the doctor is here, and he’s scrubbing in. He’s the best, carly. He’ll start operating right away. Thank you. Thank you. Hey, uh…jake. You — you okay? Why don’t you come with me, buddy? I love our new home, papa. I’m so glad you do, sweetheart. I could tell nina knew about it already. No, I told her this morning. I needed her to keep you distracted so I could make everything just perfect. She didn’t know until this morning? No. I thought she helped you decorate. No, it was somebody else. I know it wasn’t anna.

[ Chuckles ] Chase: You think it’s the same perp that burned down anna’s house? I don’t know. They write that on the mirror. They trash the suite. They put ink on her clothes. It doesn’t seem like the same kind of thing. Yeah, but the missing security footage at the metro court implies a sophisticated perp. Here I am. I surrender. Hey. Getting some fresh air? Yeah. The trees are starting to turn. It’s beautiful. Yeah, they are. I’ve always loved being outdoors. Cody does, too. Well, it’s pretty hard to ride horses inside. Sam, what if this doesn’t work? Cody might never be free again. We run into each other in the strangest places. Yep, that’s true.

[ Sighs ] I guess…maybe we both need to be here right now. Remember when you asked me if it was worth it? The life I chose. Yeah. I’m beginning to wonder. Having doubts, huh? When I asked you before, you said you didn’t have any regrets. Well, before I came in here, I was leaving the hospital and I saw curtis. He’s in the wheelchair because of me. I’m struggling with that, too, you know. But I-I don’t think that you can blame yourself. You even said that the bullet — that you think the bullet was meant for me, and now he’s — he’s — an innocent man is in a wheelchair, and drew is upstairs fighting for his life because of me. Hey. Hey. Are you okay? Look, I… the doctor explained to me what the surgery was about, but I still don’t get it. So, can you go over it with me a little bit more? Yes. The piece of drew’s rib that broke is lodged near a main artery. It needs to come out as soon as possible. Or it’ll kill him, right?

[ Elevator bell dings ] Where the hell is dr. Gatlin-holt? Why did carly want me here? Do you know? Well, drew was beaten up in pentonville, and he’s having emergency surgery to save his life. Oh, god. Hey, ava. Yeah? Did you tell carly that I’m the one who put him there?

Keep the faith, sasha. Dante’s not gonna let anything happen to cody. But it’s not entirely up to dante, is it? No, not entirely, but — cody is an escaped mental patient. He’s wanted for kidnapping me and assaulting dr. Montague. Even though montague was drugging me and tried to kill me. And we’re gonna prove all of that. How? We have the evidence of the drug from montague’s own pocket, and we will prove that he was conspiring with someone else. My own mother-in-law. I know. I’m so sorry. But, yes, gladys will pay. The first step is establishing a legal record. And that’s why cody had to turn himself in. Exactly. Where the hell is sasha? I’m here to turn myself in. I said where is she, damn it. ‘Cause I swear, if you hurt her, I — chase, you really think I’d hurt her? Then tell me where she is! All I’m telling you right now is that I’m here to give myself up. You heard what mr. Bell said. Someone want to tell me what’s going on? Yeah, I think you should book the suspect. Oh, I will. We’re gonna do this completely legal, and then we’re gonna go back to answering questions. And you’ll get the same answer. I’m here to turn myself in. Cody bell, you have the right to remain silent. I love that part. I like that part, too. That’s funny. Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you. Do you understand these rights as I have read them to you? Sure do. Valentin: Now, wait a minute. Why would you say that you know that anna didn’t help decorate? It’s not her style. It’s beautiful. Did you do it yourself, papa? No. No, my decorator, jen, helped me. She did an amazing job. It’s more comfortable than wyndemere ever was. I’m glad you like it so much. I do. I could tell when my friends came to wyndemere they thought it was creepy. Well, they can come here now. You can bring your friend jake. Jake? Yeah, jake. You said you were with jake last night before you came to the metro court. I was. I showed you all the pictures of us together. Yeah, it looked like you were having a good time. Is he a nice kid? Can I see my new room? Yeah. Yeah. You want me to go with you? No, I want to see it for the first time by myself, if that’s okay. Okay. It’s down the hall, second door on the left. Thank you for letting her stay the night. Yeah, of course. I love having her here. I don’t want her near anna. I don’t — I don’t want her out of my sight. Yeah, I know. I know. Oh, no. Drew was beaten that badly? Carly says he hasn’t regained consciousness since the fight.

[ Exhales slowly ] That’s not good. Well, it’s pentonville, sonny. Prisoners are going to start fights for a myriad of reasons. I asked drew to get me information. And what, he agreed? I never should have asked him. I thought he was gonna be discreet and he’d be safe. Yeah, but you can’t be sure of that. Yes, I can, ’cause I ordered it. I let it be known drew was under my protection in pentonville. Someone defied your order. Hey, come on in. You okay? I need to know what’s happening with drew. Okay. Do you want to have a seat? You know, sometimes these — these things take a little while, jake. So… but I’m gonna make some calls, and I’ll — I’ll find out exactly what’s going on with your uncle, alright?

[ Beeping ] Carly, I am — I am so sorry to hear about drew. Are you? Yeah, of — of course. I don’t know exactly what happened. I can tell you exactly what happened. Drew was set up, beaten almost to death, and now he’s in surgery and he might not make it. Oh, no. But you’re not really surprised, are you, ava? What? Cut the act! I know exactly what you did.

I got him booked. What do you want to do with him? Uh, good. Question him, right? I mean, uh, you want to call a lawyer? Uh, nope. Wouldn’t do any good. That’s a positive outlook to have. Uh, just, uh, let’s go in here. Okay. Oh, hey. Would you like me to sit in? Uh, no, it’s — it’s all right. I got — I got this. Yeah, I have no doubt. Excuse me, um… I’m gladys corbin. I’m sasha gilmore’s guardian, and I got a call saying they have her kidnapper in custody. Where’s my daughter-in-law? I honestly don’t understand why cody is risking so much to protect me. Maybe he thinks you’re worth it. Yeah? Based on what? I mean, we’ve had a few nice conversations. I think he’s a nice guy, but, you know, we were becoming friends, and then I started acting so strange. And then I stabbed him at the metro court pool. I saw him that night in the hospital. I saw you, too. And we both agreed that you had no idea what was going on. Those pills that dr. Montague gave me — they made you delusional. I was so sure that I saw cyrus renault when I stabbed cody. Well, our minds can play terrible tricks on us when someone screws around with them. Cody knows that’s what happened with you. Still, he’s putting everything on the line for me. What kind of person does that? Okay. No, I-I appreciate the update. Thank you. Okay. Uh, drew is still in surgery, alright? I know the surgeon doing the operation. He’s excellent. Your uncle couldn’t be in better hands. Uh, what happened out there when you first came in… what? What? I mean… you’re — you’re worried about your uncle, right? Yeah. I shouldn’t have cried. Yeah, I don’t know about that, jake. I, um… not so long ago, I got some news about someone I really care about, someone I love, and you know what happened? What? I cried. Man, I cried. I don’t think there’s any shame in that, jake. I mean…you really love your uncle, right? Yeah. I just need him to be okay. Yeah. This would not have happened five years ago. What do you mean? No one would have defied my orders back then. Yeah. Something like that’s happening to me, too. Th ings are impacting memore than they used to. Like somebody burning down your house? I still can’t believe that happened. I feel like things are just out of control. A-and I used to feel like I can keep things under control. Right. You know what I mean? Yeah. What are you gonna do? What do we do? Throw in the towel? Never. Didn’t think so. Carly, I don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re a liar. Hey! Whoa, whoa. This isn’t the time or the place. You back off! This does not concern you. I can’t believe I was stupid enough to trust you. T-trust me with what? What did I do? I told you that drew was gonna ask around pentonville to find out who your boyfriend, austin, was visiting when he was there. What’d you do? Did you call him right away? No. Did you meet up with him so you could plan the hit on drew together? No. I had nothing to do with this. I don’t believe you. I don’t believe you because you are the only other person who knew about this, and conveniently, austin isn’t working today. Drew could have been killed! Damn it, ava. He shouldn’t even be in pentonville! Carly, I’m not the one who put him there! What the hell is that supposed to mean?

I love my new room. It’s good, right? I knew you’d like it. How did the decorator know everything I would like? Well, we looked at a lot of photographs, and she asked a lot of questions. It’s like I picked everything out myself. There’s even new riding clothes in my closet already. I wanted your first ride on butterscotch to be perfect from your new house. And if you look just down there, you’ll see the bridle path comes along the back here. You can ride right up to the door. You’ve thought of everything. You said before you don’t think this is anna’s style? Well…it’s not like her house. So what, you don’t think she’s gonna like it? Why? Is anna gonna move in here, too? I don’t know. Maybe. She needs a place to live… since her house burned down. I’ll find out who did this to drew. I’m sure you will. It’s funny how life works. Is it? I didn’t know you were in here. Nor I you. And if you hadn’t been, I don’t — yeah, I mean…

[ Chuckles ] I don’t know. I had the feeling that you would have come to the same conclusion. You’re not ready to turn the page. You kind o f helped me realizethat I’m not, either. Then I guess we keep fighting. We keep fighting. You need to go see carly. You think? You do. She’s so scared for the man she loves. She needs your support. Yeah. I’m gonna — I’ll go check on drew, and hopefully she’s there. If she’s not… I’ll light a candle for him.

[ Chuckling ] Alright. Thank you. You bet. Bye. Bye. How did you find out about what happened to your uncle? I was, um, already here at the hospital, talking to my mom. I saw carly, and I wanted to go ask her about visiting uncle drew. At pentonville? My mom said I could go visit him, but, um, then he got put into solitary before I could. And now… for what it’s worth, you can always talk to me, jake. It just feels like everyone leaves. Everyone leaves? My dad died. Franco died. Cam went away to college. You left. And, um, now… I know it hurts. But I’m still here, jake, and I — I’m not going anywhere. Okay? Okay. Okay. You know, I’ve been trying to figure out what kind of person cody is ever since he came to port charles last year. I know he and dante are good friends. Yeah, but they haven’t really seen or spoken to each other since they were teenagers. Really? Yeah. And it turns out that cody has a questionable past, so I wasn’t really sure if I could trust him or not. But now you do? I do. But who am I to judge, anyway? I have a pretty colorful past myself. So do I. Mrs. Corbin, your daughter-in-law isn’t here. I-I-I know that. Where did you take her? To — to G.H.? Or back to ferncliff? We’ve only apprehended cody bell. But he kidnapped her! If he doesn’t have her, where is she?! We’re trying to figure that out. Okay. Well, alright. Let me see him. I want to see cody right now. I don’t know why you’re blaming ava for this. Because she’s the only one who could have made this happen. Drew’s too smart to be sloppy, and someone targeted him. And now, ava, you’re trying to tell me this is all my fault? What?! No! Yeah, that’s exactly what it is. You said that you’re not the one who put drew in pentonville. And you’re right, I am. It’s my fault. Okay, I get it. But how could you do this? Carly. What the hell does austin have on you? Carly! What?!

What I said before about cody taking a risk… I know that he’s not the only one taking a risk for me. Well, dante isn’t the kind of man who will sit on the sidelines if he knows someone’s in trouble. You’re taking a risk, too.

[ Sighs ] I don’t see it that way. I think we’re all just trying to do the right thing. Is that why you fell in love with dante?

[ Laughs ] Because he does the right thing? It’s — it’s, um — it’s one of the reasons why. I think you two are such a good match. I agree. Thank you.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Now? Cody is being interrogated at the moment.

[ Scoffs ] Oh, by his friend, detective falconeri? That’s none of your concern. You know, no. No. Don’t think I don’t know what’s going on here. You’re protecting a dangerous man like cody bell, when who knows what kind of trouble my poor daughter-in-law is in. We are doing everything that we can to find her. Oh, well, clearly it’s not enough. Sasha is in a very fragile state. We know that. I want to talk to the commissioner right now. The commissioner isn’t in. Then I’ll wait. Cody kidnapped sasha. He put her life in grave danger. He has to pay. Did you just hear that lunatic?

I put sasha’s life in danger?! Okay, y-you just stay calm. It’s a little hard to stay calm with that performance that gladys is putting on out there. That was a pretty good performance. I mean, I-I almost believe that she’s worried about sasha.

[ Chuckles ] The only thing that gladys is worried about right now is the truth coming out. Can I get you a coffee? No.

[ Cellphone rings ] Hello? Sam: [ Distorted ]

Is this gladys corbin? Yes. Hi, this is ms. Vargas from port charles savings and loan. I’m calling about the accounts of sasha gilmore. Hey. Hey. You alright? Yeah. Is uncle drew out of surgery? Not yet, but I will be notified the minute he is. So, we just have to sit around and do nothing? Not necessarily. Listen to me. Ava did it. I was stupid enough to tell her what drew was doing in pentonville, and she must have told austin or his cousin mason, and that’s why drew was attacked, and that’s why he might not make it. No, carly, you’re wrong. I swear to you, carly, I didn’t say anything to anybody. She didn’t, and I know for a fact she didn’T. I don’t know what to believe anymore. You just — look, you got to focus on drew. That’s all that matters. He’s strong. He’s gonna get through this.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. I don’t know. You think he’s lying to you about pikeman? When you called me last night to say that you had evidence that he wasn’t at elq the night of the fire, valentin was in the shower. He had just received some papers. It kind of looked like a contract, maybe a consultancy project or something. They had the pikeman logo on them. You think he could be working for pikeman again? What else do I not know about you? Hey, you know why I asked you to stay with sam and dante and your brother rocco. Because you were afraid I might not be safe at anna’S. And I was right. I would never forgive myself if you’d been there the night of the fire. I was at camp. I know. And just so you know, I’ve, uh…

[ Cellphone ringing ] …I’ve made special precautions so that we’re safe here. Oh, it’s your uncle marty. I got to take this. Okay. Hello. “Anna devane is not who she seems. Do not trust her.” Charlotte?

Oh, I can’t wait to get on the witness stand and testify against gladys.

[ Chuckles ] She is going to prison for what she did to sasha. Okay, hold the phone, man, ’cause right now you’re the one in custody. You’re the one being charged with kidnapping and assault. Gladys isn’t in custody, and she’s not facing charges right now. Yeah, but she will be as soon as you explain to the judge — I can’t explain anything, unless and until we have proof that gladys and montague were working together to hurt sasha. If we don’t get that… I could be the one in prison. I’m sorry, I don’t understand why you’re calling me. You are ms. Gilmore’s guardian, are you not? Yes. But she’s been kidnapped, and I’m a nervous wreck about it. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that, but this is official business, and you are listed as the responsible party for all of the accounts of ms. Gilmore. Well, as her guardian, I only paid her bills and provided money when she needed or asked for it. A-a-and — and the medical bills. Ms. Corbin, none of that is of our concern. I’m just calling to advise you that we have received a subpoena from the da’s office. A subp– a subpoena for what?

The banking records for all

of ms. Gilmore’s accounts. Aren’t — aren’t those accounts private and confidential? Under normal circumstances, yes. But if the da has cause and a subpoena is issued, we have no choice but to turn over those records. And those records will be turned over today. Thank you and goodbye, ms. Corbin. I hope uncle martin comes to visit us. Well, it’s certainly possible. He’s been here before. He helped me find the place. And maybe someday mom will wake up and come visit us, too. You think about your mom a lot, don’t you? Everyone acts like she’s gone, but…she’s not. No, no, she’s not. I like talking to her. I feel like she can hear me. Well, maybe she can. What kind of things do you guys talk about? Everything. She’d love our house. How would you feel if anna moved in with us? Whatever would make you happy, papa. But I need to know. Need to know? If anna moving in would make you happy. I need to know for the reading. What reading? The cards.

Things are changing. As we speak, things are changing. I know. Things are always changing. That’s the only thing that stays the same. What are you doing? Oh, my god. My god. Are you alright? Of course I’m alright. Why wouldn’t I be? Have a look for yourself. I don’t know if the arsonist was outside waiting for me to leave… …or they assumed I was asleep upstairs. Oh, valentin. Valentin: Whoever got in here — what, was trying to get to me? Well, it’s working. Go back a little. Freeze it. Oh, my god. Valentin, it can’t be. Hi. Oh, hello. Hi, finn. Hi. You want to go ahead? I’ll catch up with you. Yeah. Okay. Hey. Uh…you okay? Yeah, yeah. I heard about drew. How is he? Yeah, I don’t — I haven’t heard anything yet. Elizabeth thought jake might find some comfort from being here. Yeah. Poor kid. He’s been through so much loss, hasn’t he? And he’s so young and… yeah. How about you? What brings you by? I had a phlebotomy treatment and a lot of stuff going on in my head. Is this a good place to clear your head? Always is. Yeah. You’ve been through a lot. I, uh, called you a few times and left a message after the fire. Yes, you did. Thank you. That was very thoughtful. It’s okay. I just — I thought maybe you might give me a call, let me know you were okay. Yeah, I should have. I just — mm. There’s been a lot going on, and I’m sorry. It’s okay. I know. Hey, listen, I… I know you have, uh, people that are there for you, but, um… …don’t ever forget, I’m your friend, too. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. You don’t have to do anything. If you want, you can light a candle for drew. Do we pray now? We can. And we should think our most positive thoughts about drew getting through this and recovering. Can I get you anything?

[ Sighs ] Ava’s right. Drew’s in that prison because of me. Stop it, carly. It’s true. Drew never committed insider trading. I did. He pled guilty so I wouldn’t be tried. Listen to me, carly. Can I just be alone, sonny? Please, can I… okay. Thank you. Oh. I’m so glad that you showed up when you did. Yeah, me, too. Carly was on quite a rampage. Yeah. You know, that’s the way carly gets when she lashes out. Something happens, and… well, carly has to know that sometimes there aren’t any answers. Ms. Spencer. Yes. The surgeon wanted me to speak to you. Oh, my god.

Uh, drew made it through surgery. He’s gonna be okay. Oh, thank god. The surgery was a success. They expect him to make a full recovery. That’s such a relief. Carly, I’m — I’m so happy for you. I’m sorry you had to go through this. I’m sorry I attacked you. I shouldn’t have done that. It’s okay, really. If I were in your shoes, I-I would have thought the same thing. But the truth is, I-I think that drew is — is a good man. He helped save trina’s life in greenland, and what he did for willow… we all owe him. We do. Can I talk to you for a minute alone? Yeah.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Drew’s okay. He’s gonna make a full recovery.

[ Chuckles ] The surgery was a success. Oh, thank goodness. Oh, some good news. You should get in there. Yeah. Um…remember what I said. Thank you, finn. Okay. See you. Yeah. Mom, this is the best news. I wanted to, um, thank you for, um… for what? For being here. Thank you. You’re welcome. Well, carly really went after you. Yeah, well, that was nothing compared to what she’ll do to you if she ever finds out you put drew in prison. Where’d you get those? A girl at camp gave them to me and showed me how to use them. Victor: To guide you, I’m giving you these very special tarot cards. They are powerful tools, charlotte. You’ll find them helpful. How’s it going in here? Any progress with this guy? Uh, y-yeah. I was — you know, shouldn’t be too much longer. Right.

[ Door closes ]

[ Knock on door ] Almost ready. I thought you were gonna text.

[ Knock on door ]

[ Huffs ]

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Days Transcript Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne



Oh, so good to see a familiar face. Hey, Bonnie. Would you care to join me? I mean, I’ve just been sitting here by myself seething. And since misery loves company, I’m assuming you’re miserable too. Why, why would I be? Why would you be? Because I know you hate Vivian Alamein with a vengeance, too, and since she is claiming to be the once and final Mrs.

Victor Kiriakis. Oh, that. Right, that. And since she and Victor were never legally divorced, she now claims to be the sole heir to his estate. And what’s worse? She threw us all out of the house. Now Justin and I, we’re slumming in in an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny little room at the Salem Inn. Excuse me, but weren’t you locked in Statesville for years, Bonnie?

Which is exactly why it’s so, uh, God, what’s the word everybody’s using? Triggering! Triggering! Not to speak ill of the dead. Damn Victor for leaving us in this mess. Damn him for destroying his will. In fact, damn him for dying.

Oh my god. Why? I, I, I, I can’t believe that that’s the child that she’s talking about. The baby boy. Victor’s son. It’s… Alex. Yeah. Oh.

Geez, who died? Oh, I’m sorry. I, um, Besides Uncle Vic, I didn’t mean to say that. You know I love Uncle Vic, too. I didn’t mean to say that. I’m sorry. You know, it’s okay. It’s just that, um, We’ve been through a heroin series of, of, uh, revelations. And, and now… Um, No. What?

Why is nobody answering me? Why aren’t you looking at me? What the hell’s going on?

Okay, don’t worry about it, alright? All is forgiven now that I’ve met my sweet granddaughter. But your mother, that is a whole different story. She’s pretty ticked off of you. Yeah, I figured. Where’s mom anyway? Don’t tell me she’s trying to track me down. Uh, she’s not. She went to Titan to see Vivian. What? I don’t understand.

Why would she go see Vivian? Because Vivian offered me a job there. Which, of course, Mom was not too thrilled about. In fact, she’s on the warpath. Shot out of here like a rocket to confront her. Well, we need to get her back here. I don’t think that’d be a good idea. Get between your mother and Vivian. That fur is gonna fly before the dusk.

So, that may be true, but I’d hate to see the fur that’s going to fly when mom finds out she missed my wedding. That’s right. Sarah and I are getting married. Right now.

Xander, wait. I’m sorry, I can’t. I can’t do this. I can’t marry you. What? Why? Because of Sarah. Oh, Chloe, darling, come on. I’ve told you a million times. I’m completely over Sarah. That’s not what I meant. I meant… Sarah lied to you. Rex isn’t the father of her baby. You are.

I’m sorry, I must have missed her because it’s so much. No, no, you didn’t miss hear me. Sarah lied. Her little girl is your daughter.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

Okay, uh, wait, um, you two are telling me that you want to get married right here right now. Um, yeah, if it’s okay with you. Well, yeah, I mean, it’s okay with me, but can you give me a second to take all this in? I mean, a while ago, I didn’t know this little one was born, and now you two are talking about tying the knot.

Well, actually, she’s the reason we want to tie the knot. Because ever since Victoria Margaret made her grand entrance into this world, we want everyone to know who her father is.

I love you talking about? Victoria can’t be mine. Sarah told me. The timing, it made it impossible. Sanders, she lied. How do you know? I just overheard Rex and Phillip talking about it. In the square, Rex was confiding in Philip and they were talking and said that Victoria is your daughter.

Believe me, I hate that Vivian thinks she has a legitimate claim to Victor’s estate. You think you hate it? Imagine how Maggie feels, being kicked out of her own house by that evil witch. I know, it’s, it’s all a farce and I, I just wish you had some recourse. Well, I don’t know anything about a recourse.

Except there is one last shred of hope to hold on to. What’s that? Brady and Alex brought back Victor’s briefcase from Greece. The ISA found it in the plane wreckage. Hopefully there’s something in it that can turn this whole thing around. So, this, uh, this briefcase hasn’t been opened yet? No, they thought Maggie should do the honors.

I’m just hoping whatever’s in there, it’s good news.

You opened Uncle Victor’s briefcase? Did you figure out why he went to Greece? Is that the letter, the one Constantine was talking about? Yes, it is. It is. Good, good. Well, there’s gotta be some answers in there, right? Did you figure out why Uncle Vic destroyed his will? Um, why don’t I let the two of you talk alone?

Why? It’s about Uncle Vic. Yes, but it concerns you too. I’m sorry.

What’s going on? Why is Auntie Maggie sorry? And what’s in the letter? I just… I don’t understand.

Why would Sarah tell me that Rex is the baby’s father? Why would she lie to me? Get out. I know the answer is because she hates me. She hates me for what I did to Susan. I think it’s a lot more complicated than that. No, it’s actually very simple, Chloe.

She thinks I’m a bad person. A lowlife, not worthy to be the father of our child. Oh my gosh, you would rather her daughter, our daughter, grow up believing a lie than know the truth that I’m her father. Her precious little girl is mine.

Hey sweetheart. Oh my god. Look at that little smile. You do know your grandma and grandpa are going to spoil you, right? I have a feeling her parents are going to do the same. Along with their uncle. I just wish your grandma Kate would get here so she could meet you. Actually, here she is now. Well, look who decided to show up.


Mom, this is Victoria Margaret. Oh, Victoria Margaret. I know you probably wish her name was Victoria Catherine, but look, with everything that Maggie’s been through, I hope you understand. Yes, yes, yes. No explanations needed. Victoria is such a beautiful, oh, beautiful, beautiful baby. I just wish we had been introduced maybe two days earlier.

Oh, Kate, I’m… I’m so sorry. We definitely should have called. Yeah, after the birth, things got a little crazy, but hey, at least you’re here now for the wedding. The wedding? Yeah. We are getting married right here, right now. Oh. At least you’re getting your priorities in order. Doesn’t seem very festive, though.

But we have everything we need. Who’s performing the ceremony? That would be me. Ow.

Oh, Bonnie. Hey. I was just on my way to see you. Oh, Maggie, I was gonna come see you too. I just needed a little liquid energy first. Oh, God, those beds at the Salem Inn I was tossing and turning all night. Justin, too. Oh, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t be complaining. How are you? I hope you were able to get some sleep at Doug and Julie’s.

Um, not really. Well, of course not. How could you get any, any sleep? Not only have you just lost your husband, but you’ve been kicked out of your own house by that horrible Vivian Allemagne, who’s also threatened to leave you penniless. And, oh my god, the briefcase! Oh, here I am, just blathering on and on.

I’m so sorry. Tell me, please, please tell me there was something in there that’s gonna kick that evil wench to the curb. Well, actually, there was something in the briefcase. It turns out Victor made it a new will. A new will? Yes, he was in the process of drawing it up when he discovered that he and Vivian were never legally divorced.

So, he, uh, specifically left me 50 percent of his estate. Oh, Maggie! Oh my god, I’m so relieved! That’s wonderful news! So, I guess the rest of the family, we just split the other half, right? Uh, not exactly. Well, I mean, Justin was his favorite nephew, so I mean, he must have left us something, right? I’m sorry, Bonnie, but no.

Victor left the entire other half to his son. His son? Oh my god, which one?

So Vivian gets nothing, and… Maggie gets half of everything. Yeah, that’s what, uh, the new, new will dictates. Good, good. That’s great news, Dad. I mean, Maggie’s got to be relieved, and you too. Judging by the look on your face, there’s a catch, isn’t there? Is this about the other half of Uncle Vic’s estate? Yes, it is.

Oh, God. What the hell did Uncle Vic do? He cut us out, didn’t he? He left the other half to Bo. Oh, no, please, don’t, don’t, don’t tell me, Philip. No, Alex. No, he, uh,

He left the other half of his estate to his other son.

A son that none of us knew

about. Another son that none of us knew about? Are you kidding me? I wish I were. It’s all explained in this letter. So Uncle Victor’s leaving half of his estate to some secret son, Dad? This is insane. After everything you’ve done for him? After everything you’ve done for this family? There’s gotta be some way to fight this.

I mean, come on,

we’re not gonna let some Uncle Vic did. It’s wrong, and at least Auntie Maggie’s taken care of, and Vivian’s… Alex! Stop! Okay. It’s you. What’s me? This letter. Angelica wrote it. Her mother? She wrote some letter to Uncle Vic? Yes. You can read it. I’m sorry, Alex. And I don’t know how else I, I don’t know how else I can tell you this, so I’m just gonna say it.

I’m not your father. Victor

is. Hey, what are you telling me? Alex is not Justin’s son, he’s Victor’s, according to Angelica, yes. No. I can’t believe Well, it was spelled out pretty clearly in her letter.

This is crazy. Believe me, I know. Oh, poor Justin. How is he even dealing with this? Oh God, Maggie, I can’t. I can’t, I can’t believe that Justin is not Alex’s father. I think… I’m…

Victoria’s father, this is,

I don’t know what to say, I don’t think the words exist. Oh my god, if you hadn’t overheard Phillip and Rex talking, I might never have known.

Um, you, you might not have known anyway. I’m, I’m not proud of this, but, At first, I was thinking of keeping that secret. Not only for my own sake, but I overheard Philip and Rex saying that that’s what Sarah wanted. Obviously, it’s what she wanted, and I thought I’d be respecting her wishes if I kept my mouth shut, but…

I also realized that my loyalty isn’t to Sarah, it’s, it’s to you, and… You deserve to know the truth.

The Victoria is my daughter. Yeah, and there’s more.

What? Uh, apparently Sarah isn’t really in love with Rex. She’s only with him to cement her story that he’s the baby’s father. She wanted to do whatever she could to make sure that you never knew that Victoria was yours. And that’s the only reason she’s marrying Rex. Oh my god, they’re… They’re getting married right now at the pub?

Yeah, um, So does that mean that you want to go over there?

So you’re going to perform the ceremony? Rex said he deemed it inefficient, so I went online and got ordained. Great, so we’re all set then? Hey, you never thought you’d have two brothers who are ministers. Haha, lucky me. Okay, enough with the jokes. Let’s get this show on the road. We’re here. Can’t wait.

We are gathered here today to join this man and this woman in marriage. And, seeing as how this is my first go at this, I wanted to do it right. So, I’d like to begin with a recitation of one of my favorite epic poems. Low praise of the prowess of people kings. I’m just teasing you, bro. No, really, I just wanted to keep it sweet and simple today.

So here goes. Marriage is an honorable commitment and definitely a joyous one, but it can often involve making sacrifices for the one we love the most. But it is through these sacrifices that an even greater joy can be found. And with that said, Do you, Rex Brady, take Sarah Horton to be your lawfully wedded wife, to live together in matrimony, to love her, comfort her, honor and keep her?

In sickness and in health, in sorrow and in joy, to have and to hold, from this day forward, as long as you both shall live. I do. Do you, Sarah Horton, take Rex Brady to be your lawfully wedded husband? To live together in matrimony? To love him, comfort him, honor and keep him? In sickness and in health? In sorrow and in joy, to have and to hold, from this day forward, as long as you both shall live.

Do you think I should go over there and cause a scene? I think that you need to go tell Sarah that you know everything. Before she… Before she what? What, marries her ex? Chloe, we’re, we’re about to get married. We’re heading to New York to meet up with your parents and Parker, we have plane tickets. Xander.

What? Come on, you’re not thinking straight. You know this changes everything. No, no, no, nothing has changed, but we’re still the same people we were this morning. The ones who make each other laugh and play darts and have made a really happy home here. We’re the same people who are planning our life together.

Come on, Xander, stop. You know we’re… You know this changes everything. Now that we know the truth… about the baby… and Sarah… Can you honestly say this doesn’t change everything? I

do really care about you, Chloe. I know. I know you do. I love you.

But I just feel that Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t say it.

Just go.

I have to go. I have to find Justin. Bonnie, please, would you just sit with me for a bit? I mean, give Alex and Justin time to talk. He’s my husband, Maggie. He needs me. And I need to go to him now. Maggie, imagine if Victor found out that one of his children wasn’t his. What would you do? They’re at the Hortons.


He’s my, uh, he and my mother. You never knew? No. No. I can only assume that they had some kind of dalliance and kept it a secret.

If that’s true, um, why would it be there? Why would he and my mother have kept that a secret from me my whole life? Well, according to this letter, your mother thought that, um, I would be devastated to learn that, uh, she had lied to me and allowed me to think that, uh, Beautiful baby boy is mine. And that, uh, that I would feel incredibly betrayed by my uncle.

You know, flesh and blood. So, that’s why she and Victor kept it from me. And you.

Sarah, I think that’s your cue. Yeah, I, I’m so sorry, where were we? Oh, just me asking if you’d take Rex to be your lawfully wedded husband. Right, right. Yes, of course, yes. Then, if we could have the rings. Here you go. Thanks, Pop. With this ring, I thee wed.

With this ring, I thee wed.

By the power vested in me, by the almighty internet, I now pronounce you husband and wife.

And that’s your cue, bro. Good work.

My God.

When Brady and I went to Greece to try and figure out what Uncle Vic was up to, um, I never could have imagined that it would be this. Look, look, I don’t care what this paper says. And Victor may be your biological father, but Alex, look at me. I am your dad, in every way that counts, and nothing can change that.

You don’t feel that way?

Oh, I’m feeling, uh,

I can’t really put into words, um, None of it seems real.

Everything that I thought of, Who I am, Who my father is. Who my brothers are is suddenly told to me that it was all a lie.

I was really proud to know that you were my father. You’re a good person.

You’re honorable. And you are honest, and you are kind, and I always thought that because I was part of you, that maybe deep down somewhere inside of me, that that was inside of me too, and I, uh…

I just think that it always, it always gave me some kind of hope for myself. And now, uh, Alex, you are a good person. And I have, I know I’ve been tough on you from time to time, but I have always, I’ve always believed in you, son. Because I know how smart you are, and most importantly, What a good heart you have.

I feel like any minute I’m gonna wake up from this very strange nightmare.

I hope the hell I do very soon.

I think I need to be alone right now.


I understand.

Well, if I do say so myself… It’s very well hung. Said the chorus girl to the archbishop. You know there’s a reason I like you, you’ve got a filthy mind and a terrible aim. You know, let’s hope that that board stays up there because I would hate for it to fall the moment I hit my first bullseye. If a massive earthquake were to hit Salem…

And that wall started to crumble? Our dart bullet would stop it from falling. You think? I know. That’s a bearing wall. It might save the whole building. Thanks to my expert installation. Unbelievable.

Ha ha, believe it. I’m ready for that shoulder massage. Uh huh.

Ooh. Oh yeah, that feels good. Maybe I don’t mind losing so much

after a while.

Mom, hi. It’s me. No, I’m not at the airport. I’m actually, I’m actually not. Yeah, something’s wrong. Um, Xander and I, we, uh,

well, the wedding is off.


Sorry to crash the party, Mrs. Brady. Xander, what are you doing here? I came for my baby. Your baby. This is not your baby. Are you sure about that? I want to ask them. What the hell are you talking about? Stop. Chloe was there, Philip. In the square. She overheard you and Rex talking about it. About how Sarah’s baby is actually mine.

But Chloe had the decency to tell me. Before we both got on a plane to go to New York. To get married. Chloe must have misunderstood. Say something, Sarah.

She didn’t misunderstand. She’s right. Victoria is Sanders. She’s yours.

You and I need to

talk. Alone.

Vivian, um, it’s Maggie. I need to see you as soon as possible. You and I have something very important to discuss.

Honey, I just, I just talked to Maggie. Oh, baby, I’m so sorry. Come here, baby. Come here. Oh, honey.

How can this be happening?

How can you be my father?

I thought you two, uh… Could use these, you know. Say that again.

So, that beautiful little girl, isn’t our granddaughter?

No. And I’m sorry. That’s why I was so slow to… To tell you about her. Um, so I guess that means that you and Sarah weren’t in a real relationship. She wasn’t.

I was.

Well, I assume you left my daughter with her fake father, huh? How could you do this, Sarah? How could you keep her from me?

No, it’s okay, Mom. You don’t have to come here. No, I promise. No, I will be fine, okay? I, um… I’ll just, I’ll talk to you later, okay? Okay, I love you too.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne

Sheila: Don’t deny it because I heard everything.

Deacon: What exactly is it that you think you heard?

Sheila: You have a– a past history with the judge that presided over my case and you called in a favor. You’re the one that made sure I was set free.

Finn: Well, that’s exactly the outcome we were looking for. Yes. No, it’s great news. So, you get home and have some rest and, um, uh, we’ll follow up soon. Okay. Bye bye. Wait. What? How did you get past security?

Liam: Well, I– I used to live here and so did my daughter, so I used my key.

Finn: Why are you here?

Liam: Yeah. Uh, kelly’s been missing one of her favorite stuffies. I found it. Steffy said that you were gonna ship over a bunch of stuff, so she told me to bring it by.

Finn: You’ve been talking to my wife?

Liam: Yeah.

Finn: All right. Why don’t you just leave it on the table? And don’t communicate with steffy.

Brooke: Mm. Ah, I have missed you. You’ve been working a lot lately.

Ridge: I know, I’m– I’m sorry, I’ve got…

Brooke: Is this because of the fashion challenge against your father?

Ridge: Well, I gotta take it seriously, right? But I hate it. I– I hate being at odds with my dad.

Donna: I asked sophia to make us some tea. You want anything? Maybe some food? I haven’t seen you eat much lately.

Eric: Yeah. I haven’t been very hungry actually, but thanks. Look, the only thing I want to do is the thing I can’t, which is to realize this material and get it down on paper. I can’t do it. It’s just useless.

Donna: Okay. Um, well, what– what about the pills?

Eric: They don’t work, donna. They don’t work. I’m sorry– I’m sorry. I just– I appreciate so much what you do for me and– and– and all the help that rj gives me, but he can’t do this alone. Not without my guidance.

Donna: Look, sweetheart. Maybe this is just– it’s too much. You know, you’re working so hard. You don’t have to prove anything.

Eric: Yes, I do. This may be my last chance to put a full collection out there in the world. I’m not gonna walk away. I’m not gonna walk away. I can’t!

Rj: Hey, hey. What’s– what’s going on?

Ridge: Hey.

Carter: You busy? We need to make some decisions about the budget for next quarter. And as you know, couture is our biggest expenditure. So, we need to make some difficult choices about reallocations in order to accommodate eric’s collection.

Ridge: Great. It’s affecting the whole company. Why’s my dad doing this?

Donna: Eric was trying to design and he’s having horrible tremors in his hands.

Rj: Tremors?

Eric: Yes. Yeah, they’re getting worse. Um, they’re getting worse.

Donna: Maybe this– this fashion showdown isn’t worth it. We can both see the toll it’s taking on you.

Rj: Hey, granddad. Look at me. Listen, I– I will help you with your vision, but you realize you have absolutely nothing to prove. You– you are on top. You’ve been on top for years. She’s absolutely right. There is no reason why you should be sacrificing your health to make this collection.

Liam: Finn, steffy is the mother of my child. I’m gonna be communicating with her. There’s nothing you can do about that. Matter of fact, I was thinking about flying out there soon to see kelly. So, maybe…

Finn: Liam, I’m not gonna let you undermine my marriage.

Liam: Undermine your– I miss my daughter, don’t you miss your son?

Finn: Oh, so now you miss your daughter. That’s– that’s convenient. Keep my son out of this and stay the hell away from my wife.

Liam: Okay. Can you stay the hell away from sheila?

Sheila: I just– I can’t believe that you would go to bat for me with the judge to ensure my freedom.

Deacon: Sheila, we cannot have this conversation here.

Sheila: Yeah, of course. Right.

Deacon: Okay. Let’s go up to the apartment.

Sheila: Why? Deacon, are you– are you inviting me back to your place?

Deacon: I guess I am.

Sheila: You have no idea how much this means to me. You literally gave me back my life, [Indistinct]. Thank you, deacon. Really. Thank you.

Deacon: Come on. Liberty mutual customized my car insurance

Ridge: What are we talking about exactly?

Carter: Cuts, ridge. Deep cuts.

Brooke: Could you be more specific?

Carter: I worked on a new budget to accommodate for time, money, and resources to realize eric’s collection and you can see right there that he is not doing things on the cheap.

Ridge: This it? This is what we’re talking about?

Carter: Yeah.

Ridge: Has he seen this?

Carter: Not yet.

Ridge: This makes no sense. Not to the company, not to him. What’s my dad doing?

Eric: I just–

Donna: Eric. Eric.

Eric: All right.

Donna: Look, I can see the toll this is taking on you. Designing this collection shouldn’t run you into the ground.

Rj: She’s absolutely right. I mean, what good is making a final collection if your health is gonna suffer more in the process?

Donna: Put down the pencil. Let’s call your doctor.

Eric: No, no, donna no. Look, rj and I are doing fine. We’re– we’re doing great with this. You’ve really sparked to my teaching. Doing it really well. This is just a– it’s just a bump in the road, that’s all it is. I’ll get over this. I’ll– I’ll– I’ll be fine.

Donna: Eric, please just call–

Eric: No, donna, no. I’m not gonna– I’m gonna run with this. I’m gonna do this and rj is gonna help me. That’s what we’re gonna do. Here, take this.

Donna: Are you okay?

Eric: Yeah. The beginnings of a headache. I’m gonna, uh, I’m just gonna go upstairs for a while, lay down, okay?

Donna: Okay.

Rj: Okay.

Eric: Listen, when I come downstairs, I don’t want to hear any more about us not being able to complete this collection, all right? Nothing else. Nothing more. And I certainly don’t want you to tell anybody– anybody else about my condition, and certainly not your father. Certainly not him.

Finn: Steffy and I are a family. I’m the one that she’s gonna be coming home to, all right? This is my life, not yours. You better get that.

Liam: I got it. Um, but the only reason steffy’s in europe right now is because you can’t protect her from your birth mother.

Finn: Just– just stop with all this, okay? You– you– you think now that you’ve dumped hope, you can just what? Waltz in here and take my wife? Liam, steffy knows all the pain and the heartache that you have caused her and I’m gonna make sure that you never hurt her again.

Liam: I’m confused. How am I a threat to steffy? Like she didn’t dump me, finn, she dumped you and it’s because of this inexplicable connection you have to sheila.

Deacon: Stop looking at me like that. It wasn’t that big a deal.

Sheila: Oh, wait, are you kidding me? I’ve never had anyone stand up for me like that.

Deacon: That’s not right. Sheila, everyone deserves to have at least one person in their life who stands up for them.

Sheila: Yeah, but when I– I heard what you said to judge scott. I– I honestly was floored. I– I’ve never had anyone… there’s honestly been no one who has ever said anything so kind about me. You fought for my freedom. You fought for me, deacon. Why? Why was it so important that– that– that judge makes sure I stay a free woman?

Donna: I just, um, checked on him. He– he’s okay.

Rj: He’s okay?

Donna: Yeah.

Rj: Donna, listen, I’m– I’m seriously worried about him. His condition’s obviously getting worse. I mean–

Donna: I know I– he’s just– he’s so frustrated.

Rj: Listen. When it started out, it was really positive. He was– he was really confident in his ability. So much so that he challenged dad to this fashion showdown and it was exciting and it was fun. But now, it is not like that anymore. We need to face that. He is stressed, he’s burnt out, he’s tired.

Donna: I agree– I agree, okay? I agree.

Rj: I’m worried about keeping this secret from my dad. I know that he would want to know what’s going on with him. Donna, I think it’s time.

Donna: Time for what?

Rj: It’s time that my dad knew what’s actually going on with granddad.

Liam: I’m not the problem, finn. You want me to go away? You want me to become a non-issue in your marriage? There’s an answer for that. You just stop blaming me and start focusing on the real problem, which is sheila.

Deacon: Now, I know that I’m always saying that you’re the crazy one and I’m pretty sure that’s true. But I am too because I am crazy about you. And so, if you want to know the reason why I didn’t want to see you rotting in a prison cell, it’s simple. I just– I couldn’t imagine my life without you in it.

Sheila: Haven’t we just agreed to not see each other anymore?

Deacon: Yeah, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to see you happy.

Sheila: You really mean that? I– when I– when I was released, I thought it was a miracle. I thought I’d been given a second chance at life and I had– I had no idea it was because of you. I– I– part of me, it’s– it’s– it’s like part of me wants to believe it’s too good to be true, and then the other part of me says it makes perfect sense because you’re the– you’re the deacon sharpe that I know. That’s– that’s just you. You are an incredibly caring, sensitive, passionate man that has always been my champion. Febreze!

Ridge: Well, we can’t do this. We can’t cut funding to hope for the future. The line’s been doing great.

Brooke: I agree. That would be absolutely ridiculous.

Carter: Okay. Then maybe we could, um, hold off on the bedroom line this fiscal year.

Ridge: A hold off on the bedroom line. The one line that makes money every year, just to humor my dad. Good idea.

Carter: I’m trying to figure this out, man. There’s– there is one more solution.

Brooke: What?

Carter: Talk to your son. He’s working with eric. Maybe he can give us some insight into why eric is so adamant about making this collection. This very costly collection. He can give us some idea on how to talk him out of it.

Brooke: Maybe he can convince eric to collaborate with you on one single couture line.

Ridge: Sure, I’ll talk to rj. Give it a shot. The stakes are too high. I don’t know what we’re doing. I don’t know what my dad is doing.

Rj: I know that granddad wouldn’t be happy if I told my dad, but we are in the same boat here, okay? We are both worried about him and obviously, this collection is having a negative effect on his health. A very long-term negative effect and I’m worried that if something happened to him, I would not be able to forgive myself and neither would you. And honestly, I don’t think my dad would be able to forgive me for never telling him. It’s his son, donna. I think he needs to know the truth.

Finn: Yeah. I– I don’t need you to tell me how to protect my family.

Liam: All right, well, if not me, then maybe somebody else should because dude, you’re really bad at it. And by the way, stop saying your family, this affects my family too. My daughter could get caught in the crossfire here. Now, that it’s just the two of us, would you mind telling me what the hell this is? Seriously, well, like what– what– what is this weird connection you have to sheila? Because to my eye, here’s a woman who’s caused your family nothing but pain and suffering. So, why do you want anything to do with her? Can you just tell me that?

Finn: Liam, don’t worry about my feelings for sheila, okay?

Liam: Okay. I won’t worry about your feelings, but you should because those feelings are what are telling me and everyone else that you’re not taking protecting your wife and kids seriously.

Sheila: No one’s ever cared about me the way that you do. I’m– I’m really not sure anyone has ever cared about me at all.

Deacon: No one should feel that way.

Sheila: Yeah, but when you see me, you– you don’t look away. In your eyes, I’m worth something. That I might even be deserving of tenderness and a touch. I– I never felt that from anyone my entire life. I– I’ve never had anyone on my side. Not at all.

Deacon: Sheila, we understand each other. We’ve both been knocked down, felt like the whole damn world’s against us. We don’t have to do it alone anymore.

If your moderate to severe crohn’s disease . <

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Days Transcript Monday, September 25, 2023

Days of Our Lives Transcript


Days of Our Lives logo

Transcript provided by Suzanne


Roman, you are not going to believe this. What is it? What’s wrong? Well, I just ran into your sister and she said… I mean, honestly, I don’t even feel like I can tell you. It’s so upsetting. I mean, I am. I am. But you… You should be warned. It’s really disturbing. What? What did Kayla say? Congratulations. On what?

Apparently, Sarah Horton gave birth to our grandchild and no one told us.

Have you shared any of your good news with our mother? No, not yet. Why not? Well, because I feel guilty lying to her. Lying? About what?

I’m not the baby’s father. What do you mean? Victoria’s not my daughter. She’s Xander’s. You’re joking, right? No, I’m not joking. Xander is the father of Sarah’s baby.

Xander? What a surprise. It’s little Victoria. She’s great. Now that she’s sleeping. How are you doing? Exhausted, but otherwise fine. So you’re recovered from that scare after the birth? Yeah, thankfully so. I’m being discharged today. Oh, great. So what brings you by? Oh, I just, um… That’s something I wanted to tell you.

Xander is Victoria’s father. He has a right to know. Um, actually there’s something I want to tell you, too.

Thank you so much for coming, Alexander. I got your text. What the hell do you want? Well, I’ll be brief. The thing is, I’m running Titan now, and I need a right hand man, and I thought of you as my first choice. You want to hire me? Yes, I have big plans for Titan. And, uh, from what I’ve heard about you, I think you’re exactly the right thing.

Well, I gotta say, Vivian, I am very grateful for this opportunity. Really? Yes, because now I can tell you to take your job and shove it. Wow.

So now we know. Victor destroyed his old will and had this… New and drawn up and, well, he was in Greece. The question is why? Well, he had just been to Visebo. Do you think that had anything to do with it? Possibly. I wonder what changes he made. Only one way to find out.

Like sand through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives.

So… What’s your news? Um, you go first.

Chloe and I are getting married. Yeah, I know that already. No, I mean, we’re getting married today. Oh. Not that you care or anything, I just wanted you to hear it from me first. Um, that’s uh, that’s very, that’s very considerate of you. Uh, congratulations. Thanks. So, um, what was it you wanted to tell me?

I don’t get it. If Xander’s the father, why have you been telling everyone the baby’s yours? Sarah asked me to. Why? Alright, let’s rewind a bunch of months here. So, Sarah and Xander… They were very happily married. Until Sarah finds out about what Xander did to Bonnie and Susan. The whole deranged clown thing.

Exactly. And then after all that happened, Sarah finds out she’s pregnant with Xander’s baby. And she doesn’t want a guy like Xander, who’s capable of something so horrible, to be the father of her child. So, I stepped in. Hey, I, I realize as I’m saying this, I might be bringing some stuff up for you, like about Claire.

No, this is totally different. Xander’s a criminal. He put Sarah through so much already, it makes sense that a double kidnapping was the last straw. Exactly. So she had to get away from him. So she signs the divorce papers, moves to Chicago, so nobody finds out she’s pregnant. Not even her own mother.

You’re the lawyer, you should read it. Do you need a minute? No, I’m ready. Okay. Victor Yergos Kiriakis, being of sound mind and under no undue influence or duress, hereby declare this to be my last will and testament, revoking all previous wills and codicils. Before I enumerate my final wishes, it should be stated that in the course of drawing up this new document, some very upsetting information has come to light.

My estate attorney discovered that, due to a ghastly clerical error, My divorce from Vivian Alomain was never finalized. Therefore, my beloved Maggie and I were never legally married. I intend to rectify this deeply regrettable mistake the moment I return to Salem, and trust me, heads are going to roll. Ha ha ha ha.

Of course. It is my intention to finalize my divorce and make Maggie my wife as soon as possible. In the meantime, I want to ensure that she’s provided for in the event of my death. And to that end, I hereby leave 50 percent of my entire estate to Margaret Simmons Horton. Oh, Maggie. Oh. Oh.

Uh, what I wanted to tell you was that, um, Rex and I are also getting married today. Oh. It’s, it’s quite a coincidence. Are you sure you’re up for it? Well, yeah, um, like I said, I’m, I’m getting discharged and now that our baby is here we just want to make our little family official. Makes sense. I know you’re a fiercely independent woman, but of course you want your daughter to have her father’s name.

So, how did you end up in the role of baby daddy? A few months ago, Bonnie comes to Chicago to see Mimi and Emily. Why am I not surprised Bonnie’s a mother? I know, right? So, it’s my night with Emily. So Bonnie comes over to my apartment and she finds a very pregnant Sarah. So I immediately jump in and say the kid’s mine.

Did she buy it? No, not at all. But Sarah did convince her to stay silent. So Bonnie’s the only one who knows. Mmm, Justin knows, Maggie knows. But everybody’s going to keep it a secret from Xander because that’s what Sarah wants. And I, I get it. If he knew Victoria was his daughter, it would bond him and Sarah for life.

She’d never be rid of him. Plus, she, she would never be sure that she and her baby would be safe. Look, can you please, please keep this a secret? Don’t tell anybody. I know Xander’s your cousin. I have zero loyalty. More importantly, I don’t want to mess things up for you. I know you never stopped loving Sarah, and you two are getting married.

Oh yeah, the wedding. For Sarah, the wedding is just about… Protecting her child, for me, I’ve made it very clear to Sarah that I’m doing everything I can to win her back, for real. Which will be a hell of a lot easier without Xander sniffing around. Yeah. So, you have my word, brother. I will keep my mouth shut.

Thank you. Really, I appreciate that. Especially since telling the truth would clear a path for you and Chloe.

Sarah had a baby? Yes. I was told, not by our son, that her water broke after Victor’s funeral and they didn’t even make it to the hospital. Is the baby okay? Kayla told me that our granddaughter is just fine. So they had a girl? I need him to Victoria. Let’s go. Where? To the hospital to see our brand new grandbaby.

Not so fast.

Well, I’m really disappointed. I thought you’d take my offer. Now, why would you think that, knowing we despise you? What did I ever do to you? You’ve been messing with my family for years. And what you did to my brother, Sonny. Yeah, that dirtbag Leo Stark falsely accused him of sexual harassment. You made his life a living hell and you still hadn’t let up on us because you just kicked my father and his wife out of their own home.

Well, I think Justin should find his own place to live. And who is that hillbilly wife? She’s not your mother! Bonnie’s still my family. And so was Maggie. Oh, really? I didn’t know you cared about Maggie.

Thank you.

Thank you, my darling. Hmm.

So, Victor knew that he was still married to Vivian. Do you think that’s why he created this new will? Well, the lawyer stated that he discovered the upsetting information about Vivian while he was drawing this up, which means the changes were already in motion. There is so much to process. Well, one thing is clear, Maggie.

My uncle was madly in love with you, and he couldn’t wait to marry you. Well, I wish we had gotten that chance. You know, it’s, it’s, it’s painful to think that our marriage wasn’t real. You know, I was there at your wedding. In fact, I think I was the one who pronounced you husband and wife. That’s right. The Justin of the Peace D.

K. couldn’t make it because of that snowstorm or something. Neither could the guests, or the caterer, or the florist, the musicians. But it didn’t matter. Because there was so much love in that room. The love that I saw that day and continued to see throughout the years you spent together was real, Maggie.

And an improperly filed piece of paper doesn’t change that. Ah, Justin. You know, I have to admit, this whole mystery surrounding Victor’s will, it hasn’t been easy on me. And it’s not because of the money. I don’t care about that. I don’t care about it. It’s Vivian. Yeah. Yeah, knowing that that will was destroyed and that Viper is gonna get it.

Everything. There is a little part of me though, I guess, that wondered whether Victor’s feelings for me had changed. But now you don’t need to wonder anymore. Victor’s feelings and his intentions are all here in black and white. And that’s for Vivian. Well, I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she discovers that she will inherit nothing.

Unless Victor left her the other 50%. Oh, not a chance. But I am curious about the other half.

Yeah. So, uh, where are you and Rex getting married? Um, he’s asking his parents if we could just do it at the pub. A family owned establishment, great choice. Uh, how about you? Hope we didn’t pick the same venue. No worries there. Chloe’s family are all in New York, so we’re gonna hop on a plane in a couple of hours.

Tie the knot over there. Nice. Ugh, it’ll be my first time meeting Parker. I hope he doesn’t hate my guts. No, my nephew is very sweet. I’m sure you two will get along just fine. Still, it’s bound to be awkward. Hi, nice to meet you. I’m your new stepdad. Well, maybe don’t lead with that. But, just be yourself.


less dopey. Got it. Seriously, Xander. You’re gonna be a great dad. Do you really

think so? Think about it. Xander finds out the baby is his. pretty good chance he’s gonna try to get Sarah back, which would free Chloe up to be with you. Maybe, but I’m not going down that road again. I mean, yes, I still love Chloe, but it’s too late for us. I’ve screwed up too many times. Everything I’ve done, I disagree with that.

Bottom line, Chloe’s with Xander, which is better for you, Sarah, and the baby. Right now, that’s all that matters. I appreciate you. Thank you. It means a lot to me. Hey, since you’re being so magnanimous, I have one more favor. Shoot. So, you know, Sarah and I are getting married today. I’m gonna ask my parents if we can use the pub, but we need somebody to officiate.

I would like it to be you. I’d be honored. Great. Look, you have to get ordained. It’s really quick. You can do it online. But, um, hey, I gotta go pick up Sarah and the baby right now, but I’ll meet you at the pub. I’ll see you there. All right.

So, you don’t want to meet our granddaughter? No, of course I do, but Rex didn’t even have the courtesy to tell us that his child was born. I mean, why shouldn’t we wait? Okay, look, I know you’re hurt, but aren’t you being just a little bit petty about this? Two days. He had two days. He could’ve texted us. He could’ve, he could’ve phoned us.

Hell, he could’ve even sent me a, a baby emoji. He could’ve given us anything. Look, Kate, you know what it’s like having a newborn. Total chaos. No sleep. No, it’s more than that. What do you mean? I mean, he was really squirrely about this whole thing right from the beginning. I mean, not telling us that he and Sarah were back together again.

Not to mention the engagement. And then to walk out that door and turn and say, Oh, by the way, Sarah’s pregnant with my child. That, uh, that was a little strange, yeah. It’s all very strange. Something’s not right about this. My Aunt Maggie and I are getting along just fine now. Thank you. She’s also grieving the husband that she just lost.

So while you probably get off on compounding her pain. I want no part of it. Oh, that was very moving. But you’re not exactly an altruist. What the hell does that mean, Vivian? You sort of remind me of your mother. Angelica Devereaux.

You knew my mother? No, I knew her through Victor. She was sort of cutthroat and shrewd, which I think is exactly what your instincts are.

You know, my Uncle Vic said the same thing to me. That I have a killer instinct. Well, there you are. Embrace that instinct. Come work with me at Titan. Make your uncle proud. Okay,

where were we? Um… The personal effects listed below are to be distributed to my various family members, as indicated. Aside from these items, the other 50 percent of my estate, including controlling interest in Titan, shall go to my son. Which son? He knew Bo was in a coma. I can’t imagine it would be him.

Well, he must have been chillin Possibly. But Kate said Victor set up a separate trust for him. Well, keep, keep reading. I love my sons Bo and Phillip a great deal and have made arrangements for their medical care to be covered indefinitely. However, neither of them is the son to whom I am referring. Paul, I, I, I don’t understand.

The son who will inherit the other half of my estate is one I have heretofore never acknowledged.

Yeah, Xander, I think that you’re capable of being a very loving father. Or stepfather. I saw how you were with Mackenzie. Except she wasn’t really Mackenzie, she was… Actually, Rachel. Yeah, we don’t have to revisit that one. I know that you switched the babies to spare me pain. Yeah, but I just ended up making everything so much worse.

Yeah, that is the trouble that you get into. You make bad decisions. Sometimes they come from a good place, but other times, they don’t. Either way, people get hurt. I don’t want to make that same mistake with Parker. I want to be the kind of man that he can look up to. A good man. I kind of said that before, but…

This time, hopefully… It’ll be different. Hopefully. All right, I should, I should get going. I don’t want to miss that flight. Hey, good luck with the wedding. Xander,

I hope you and Chloe are very happy together.


right. You are right, Ashley. Rex’s behavior has been, uh, A little off. I don’t know. Maybe he’s angry at us. Maybe he’s angry at you. You think it’s my fault? No, no. Wait a minute. Look, all I’m asking is this. Do you think that maybe you did something to rub him the wrong way? You have been known to alienate your kids from time to time.

Don’t I know it? Okay. Did you know that Sarah had her baby? Kayla told me. Oh, there you go. At least we’re not the only ones left in the dark. He didn’t even tell his brother. I actually just ran into him. Really? So did he mention the reason that he neglected to tell the family about his baby? I’d better let him answer that.

He’s coming here to see you guys after he picks up Sarah and the baby from the hospital. Okay, you know, you see now you’re acting just as squirrelly as he is. What is going on? What are you not telling me? Nothing. Well, obviously that’s a lie. Wow, Mom, I thought Vivian was being aggressive. Vivian? What do you mean?

Oh, she asked me down to Titan earlier. Offered me a job as her right hand man. What? Oh yeah, she had a whole big pitch. Said I was her first choice for the position. Okay, so what did you say? What do you think I said? I turned her down flat. I cannot believe the nerve of that woman trying to draw you into her web again.

This is not going to happen. Okay. Mom, it’s fine. I already told her no. Well, believe me, there are a few more things that I want to say to her. I am going to give that bitch a piece of my mind.

I may be many things, Vivian, but I’m not a traitor. So no, I will not be betraying my family and partnering up with the enemy. Well, aren’t you already working with the enemy? Basic Black is owned. I don’t have to explain my career choices to you at all. My answer is no. And that’s not gonna change. Leave me the hell alone.

Doesn’t anybody want to work anymore?

So who’s the other son? I have no idea. Well, what does Victor say about it? I take this action not to punish my other heirs, but to make amends for denying my son his birthright from the day he was born. Oh, my God. After visiting Bo, I began to reflect upon my legacy, and came to realize that this is a secret I can no longer keep.

My son deserves to know the truth, and I plan to tell him in person upon my return to Salem. However, I’m also officially documenting it, so there will be no confusion or unanswered questions. The attached letter will explain everything. Letter?

There’s nothing in that stack of letters that they found in Victor’s childhood home. Well, there’s so many of them. Oh. To be included with my will.

Dear Victor, After much back and forth, I am so pleased that we’re finally on the same page about this. As you know, there is nothing more important to me In the future of our son, I’ll admit I wasn’t happy when you showed up at the hospital for his birth. But now that several months have passed, I realized it was your right to be there as he is as much yours as he is mine.

In fact, every time I look at our precious baby, I see you. The dark hair, the dark eyes, the way he screams his head off. When he doesn’t get his way, your pull toward him is only natural. But you must promise me that you will stick to the plan. No one can know that you are the father of my child. It would cause immeasurable pain to a man that we both love.

He’d be devastated to learn that I have lied to him. That I allowed him to think our sweet boy is his.

He would feel incredibly betrayed by you. And his own flesh and blood Does this mean Victor’s son was raised by someone in his own family

We need to talk What can I do for you, Kate? Well, for starters, you can stay away from my son. I assume you mean Philip. Yeah. He told me that you offered him a job. I thought he wanted to be part of his father’s legacy. Not if he has to work with someone like you. What’s the matter, Kate? You jealous? Does your blood boil seeing me in this office?

No. Actually, I feel sick to my stomach. And Phillip must have as well, because he rejected you in record time, didn’t he? Of course, you’re used to that with Kiriakis men. Hmm, Viv? Anyway, bottom line, you’re going to have to find someone else to do your dirty work. How about you? Hi.

Hi. Great timing. I just got discharged. I was about to get dressed. Do you have the rings? Yeah, right here. Did you ask your parents about the pub? I thought we could ask them together. Go over there and they could meet the baby. How’s she doing? She’s great. She even managed to sleep through a visit from Xander.

What was he doing here? Um, he came to tell me that he and Chloe are also getting married today. Today? It’s a big day for weddings, I guess. Yeah. Hey. I know I’ve said this a lot. This is a big decision. If you’re having any second thoughts about this wedding.

For the last time. Marrying you is the best decision for me, for Victoria, for everyone.


Looks like someone found a dress. Uh, yep, I, I lucked out. Great, well, better go get packed. We don’t want to miss our flight, do we? Everybody’s gonna keep it a secret from Xander because that’s what Sarah wants. And I, I get it. If he knew Victoria was his daughter, I would bond him and Sarah for life. Chloe?

Is something wrong? No, no, no, no. I, I’m, I’m fine. I’m, I’m just thinking I can’t… I can’t believe this is finally happening. I should go get packed.

My God, Justin. Someone in this family is Victor’s son and he doesn’t know it. I think you should keep reading.

I know you wanted to claim this child as your own, but this is a secret that we must take to our graves. While our son will never know you. As his father, he will at least know you as an uncle. I hope you can take comfort in that. Trust me, Victor, this is what’s best for everyone, especially…

This is what’s best for everyone, especially little Alexander. Sincerely, Angelica.

Okay, are you ready? Yeah, sure am. Hey, um, before we go, I just, I really want to thank you for something. For what? For looking past all my faults. You know, my arrogance, my temper, my lack of skill at darts and putting things on walls. And still finding it in your heart to… Love me anyway, I can’t believe I got so lucky that such a beautiful, generous, kind woman has agreed to spend the rest of her life with me.

Chloe, I promise,

I’m going to work so hard to prove myself worthy of your love each and every day.

Alright, let’s get hitched.

I’m sorry, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t marry you. Why? Because of Sarah. Chloe, come on, we’ve talked about this so many times, I’m totally over Sarah, I really am. I just met, um, a s Sarah, she lied to you. Rex isn’t the father of her baby. You are.

Dad, someone I’d like you to meet. Well, it’s about time. This is Victoria. Oh my god, she is just absolutely beautiful. Congrats you two. Thank you. I’d have known she’d arrived and I’d have sent over a whole lot of food. Yeah. Why didn’t you tell us? She, she came a little early. The birth was a little dicey.

There was just a lot going on. Yeah, well don’t worry about it. All is forgiven now that I’ve met my beautiful granddaughter. But your mother, that is a whole different story. She’s uh, she’s pretty ticked off of you. Yeah, I kind of figured. Um, where is mom? Do

you think that I would want to work for you? Well, I can’t say you’re my first choice, but I do admire your chops as a businesswoman. Vivian, you have never admired anything about me. That is not true. I thought you were a perfectly worthy adversary. Why don’t we stop this animosity and team up together?

Well, if you think that’s ever going to happen, you’re completely out of your mind. Okay, your loss. You can see yourself out. This really is a travesty, you being in charge. You can insult me all you want, Kate, but the fact is I run Victor’s company now, and you and no one else is going to be able to stop me.

No, no, no, that can’t be right. Angelica signed the letter.

Oh my God. I can’t believe this. The child that she’s talking about.

Victor’s son. It’s Alex.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, September 25, 2023

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Suzanne

Tucker: Done. The first million has been deposited into your account. The second million will be deposited upon completion of your end of the deal. You don’t trust me?

Phyllis: I’m confirming the deposit. I would do that with any business transaction. By the way, our agreement was two million plus an extra 200,000.

Tucker: Right. Which will be deposited upon completion.

Phyllis: No, you just deposited a million. Our agreement was half now the other half later. So, you owe me 100,000.

Tucker: I can’t tell if I’m offended or impressed.

Phyllis: Don’t be offended.

Tucker: No, of course not. There. 100k deposit. Gee, whatever happened to honor among–

Phyllis: Thieves. It’s thieves. Are you planning to steal from billy?

Tucker: No, no, nothing so crass. Scout’s honor.

Phyllis: Well, it’s there. Let’s go.

Tucker: Giddy up. Ugh.

Billy: If this is about my conversation with devon, you made your feelings clear already.

Jack: Yes, you did too when you walked out in the middle of our conversation.

Billy: I didn’t think it was such a big deal. Yet you refused to trust me.

Jack: I merely disagreed with you, billy, and that’s what you remember? I don’t trust you.

Billy: You make that part very clear every day without actually saying anything. The expectation that I’m going to fall to pieces and you’re gonna have to clean up the mess.

Jack: You know what I think this is about? I think this is about the offer that tucker and ashley made you when they were coming after jabot. It was very enticing and you were tempted.

Billy: Jack, I already admitted that. For a fraction of a second, I was enticed by that offer. So much for being honest.

Jack: But when ashley decided she couldn’t turn her back on her family, that ended the threat of ashley and tucker coming after us. It also ended your chance to be solely in charge of their stolen company. And I think a part of you, the aggrieved, competitive little brother felt cheated and that’s why you’re angry.

Billy: Can we skip the analysis, please, and just get to the point?

Jack: I don’t think this is working, billy. I was debating on whether to come over here. You looked like you were in the zone.

Sally: Well, my business plan can survive a moment of distraction.

Adam: How’s it coming along?

Sally: I feel pretty good about it.

Adam: Well, once you get it in shape, I’d love to take a look at it. I could be a fresh set of eyes, it’s one of the few things I excel at.

Sally: I will keep that in mind.

Adam: Look, I, uh, I want to apologize about last night. I offered to walk you to your room and then…

Sally: I thought we were gonna pretend it never happened.

Adam: Uh, I tried, but it’s not working very well. I hate that I put you in that awkward position. But I would be lying if I said I’m sorry that I kissed you. I can’t stop thinking about it. Oh, hello! Hi!

Announcer: Additional sponsorship provided by…

Sally: Look, it felt like real progress last night, okay? That we were able to hang out and just be normal, without all the tension.

Adam: I agree.

Sally: Okay, so then let’s not make it more than it was.

Adam: Okay. I’m– I’m just being honest.

Sally: I know. And I also don’t want you telling me all the reasons why we should be together and just claiming that you’re just speaking your truth.

Adam: Okay, that is not what this is.

Sally: Really.

Adam: Look, I’ve made a big deal about how I wanna live differently, without all the games. I want to get back to the basics. I wanna put in the work that it requires, okay? This is me walking the walk or at least trying to.

Sally: By telling me that you can’t stop thinking about kissing me.

Adam: Right, look, if I had pretended like it didn’t affect me, that wouldn’t fly. All right, you know me too well. It would be an act that you’d see right through. And if I said nothing about it, you would have been worried what’s really going on inside my head.

Sally: I– I– I think you’re overthinking this.

Adam: Look, when I tell people that I’m determined to live in a more authentic way, everybody gets suspicious or they just immediately dismiss the idea, or they laugh. Okay? Nobody believes it.

Sally: Since when do you care what other people think?

Adam: See, that is the point. If I’m really gonna make this change, I have to stay on track and I have to ignore those reactions. Like the one you just had.

Sally: I didn’t laugh or dismiss you.

Adam: Yeah, you kinda did. You assumed that I was putting on a front instead of just telling you the simple truth. I loved kissing you again and how it felt. It reminded me how good we are together. And for a moment there, I thought you may have been reminded as well.

Tucker: It shouldn’t take too long, right? Someone of your skill to hack into billy’s bank accounts?

Phyllis: Well, I’m routing this hack through various different locations as a precaution. I don’t want it to be traced to the building in which we both live.

Tucker: That would not be good.

Phyllis: You know, I think I need to go to a public place.

Tucker: A public place where everyone can see your screen?

Phyllis: I’m discreet.

Tucker: Yes, I’m sure you are, but unfortunately I’m not gonna be able to let you out of my sight until you finish.

Phyllis: What? You don’t trust me. I’m– I’m serious. Really, you don’t trust me?

Tucker: I’m simply handling this the way I might any business transaction.

Phyllis: I need that other million. You know that. I need to pay off this insurance debt.

Tucker: Yes, I know. Dying proved very costly for you.

Phyllis: I can’t afford not to hold up my end of the deal.

Tucker: I do have one concern, phyllis. I just want to make sure you don’t leave some kind of back door open. You know, some kind of digital trail that could lead back to me in case billy catches on to this.

Phyllis: I’d never do something like that. I’m too good. Billy will never know that anybody had access to his account.

Tucker: Well, my plan is a little more complicated than that.

Phyllis: What does that mean?

Tucker: You’re not only hacking into billy’s accounts.

Billy: So, when you say that things aren’t working out, I assume you’re talking about jabot. This is your excuse to fire me now?

Jack: We. You ignored everything we talked about and went straight to devon.

Billy: I used a little free will and you got all pissed off about it. I didn’t say anything about tucker to devon that he didn’t already hear from abby.

Jack: That is not the point.

Billy: Hold on a second. Okay, this is gonna be common knowledge very soon that tucker is back in town when he’s supposed to be on his honeymoon. Except he went ballistic on ashley and she kicked him to the curb.

Jack: We don’t know that that’s the whole story.

Billy: Now, you’re taking tucker’s word over our sisters, jack? Okay, look, hold–. The only thing I did was give devon a friendly warning to be careful of tucker’s spin.

Jack: After I was very clear to you I did not want to involve devon that way. Next time I saw you, you were with him working behind my back and then you were so cavalier.

Billy: Because all I was doing was telling the truth and keeping tucker at bay is best for everyone.

Jack: That is not the issue.

Billy: No, you’re right, jack. Protecting our family company is the issue. And I’m sorry if I feel a little pissed off right now, but don’t get excited. It’s not because of a sibling rivalry or me feeling cheated. It’s because I’m the co-ceo and I can’t do my job!

Jack: We are supposed to be working together.

Billy: Right. But we’re gonna bump heads a little bit. Yet you’re so quick to cut me off because I don’t agree with you because I don’t take your word as law?

Jack: The decisions I make are for the good of our family company.

Billy: Well, guess who’s coming after that family company? Tucker mccall, that is guaranteed. And after ashley pulled the 180 in paris, you think he’s gonna be pretty pissed off and vindictive about it?

Jack: Yes, I am aware.

Billy: Right. So, you gotta be careful, jack, about throwing your one ally overboard. Especially when that ally has the ammunition to stop tucker in his tracks. Imagine if you could get ahead of your ibs-C…

Jack: Wow, that is some little nugget you just dropped. You have information that could stop tucker and yet I’ve never heard a word of it. This is no time to play games, billy.

Billy: I have access to information that could be very damaging to tucker. What part of that sounds like a game?

Jack: The timing.

Billy: Right, because you were just about to fire me over trust issues.

Jack: This would be a great opportunity for you to show you are acting in good faith, if indeed what you’re telling me is true.

Billy: You know, jack, I think you’re right. I don’t think things are working out for me here at jabot. I should take my energy somewhere else.

Jack: You would not be that petty.

Billy: Tell that to the aggrieved, competitive little brother.

Jack: If you have information that could stop tucker from harming our company, you owe it to the entire family and to dad’s legacy to let me know what it is.

Billy: Jack, you’re getting a little desperate, you’re resorting to emotional blackmail.

Jack: You are just reaffirming every concern I have about your state of mind and your motives.

Billy: Oh, so it’s my fault that we’re in this place.

Jack: People make choices, choices come with consequences. That’s true for everyone. You have a choice now.

Billy: To share the information with you that could protect the company, right?

Jack: That would be the right move. The good choice.

Billy: The good choice, for you. For jabot.

Jack: Wait, that’s your answer?

Billy: No, that’s not my answer. I do want to use the information to protect jabot, but I also think it’s in my best interest to leverage it to keep my job.

Phyllis: Wait a second, I’m giving you what you want. You– you wanted access to billy’s account and that’s what I’m doing. I mean, whatever you want to do with it, that’s on you. I have nothing to do with that and that’s it.

Tucker: No, the million dollars plus I’ve already deposited into your account says otherwise.

Phyllis: No, no, no, I’m giving you what you wanted, what you asked for.

Tucker: I haven’t told you everything I want.

Phyllis: You can’t just change the terms of our agreement.

Tucker: You took the money, phyllis. And you need that other half, don’t you? So you’re in it, man. It is too late to go back now. I can absolutely change the deal, unless you’d like to refund me the million. Call the whole thing off. Plus the 100k.

Phyllis: Oh, wow. You’re a bastard.

Tucker: I know.

Phyllis: This is so dirty.

Tucker: Yeah, you should’ve seen it coming. You should’ve seen the bigger picture, unless perhaps you were scheming your own little dirty plan. Maybe take all my money and leave me hanging out to dry.

Phyllis: What are you planning to do? Tell me.

Tucker: You’re going to hack into jabot’s corporate checking account and make a sizable transfer from it.

Phyllis: Into billy’s account?

Tucker: Very good. See, devious minds do think alike.

Phyllis: You’re gonna make it look like billy is stealing from his family company.

Tucker: And then, the fun begins.

Adam: No, I’m good. Thank you.

Sally: Thanks. Look, about this new and improved you, all honest and authentic…

Adam: No, look, come on. It’s a work in progress.

Sally: If you feel compelled to share your feelings, that’s one thing. But when you start making assumptions about mine, you’ve crossed a line.

Adam: Okay. I can understand why you feel that way.

Sally: Okay, so when in doubt, just say less.

Adam: Got it. I just– I sensed something when we kissed.

Sally: Look, it doesn’t matter whether or not I was reminded of how things used to be because it has nothing to do with where we are now.

Adam: Okay.

Sally: Okay. Because it’s like I keep having to remind you that I am with nick. I have moved on. I’m starting a business and– and you…

Adam: Should say less, yes

Sally: You are starting your career over again from the bottom. You’re trying to impress your family, trying to prove yourself to your father. It’s not gonna be easy.

Adam: Well, I’m taking it one day at a time.

Sally: You said so yourself, people don’t trust this sudden desire for you to recreate yourself.

Adam: Well, I– I will continue to maintain modest expectations.

Sally: Neither of us has time for this mess.

Adam: May I make an observation?

Sally: What?

Adam: You’re not saying that you don’t want this mess? You’re just saying that it doesn’t fit into your life. Hi, my name is tony cooper. And if you have both medicare and medicaid, I have some really encouraging news that you’ll definitely want to hear. Depending on the plan you choose, you may be eligible to get extra benefits with a humana medicare advantage dual-eligible special needs plan. All these plans include a healthy options allowance. Depending on the plans available in your area, you could get up to $3300 a year to help pay for essentials like eligible groceries, utilities, rent, pet care and over-the-counter items. Like vitamins, pain relievers, first-aid supplies and more. Other benefits on these plans may include free rides to and from your medical appointments. You could pay nothing for covered prescriptions all year long. Most plans have dental coverage, which includes 2 free cleanings a year, plus dentures, crowns, fillings and more. They also have vision coverage, including eye exams and eyeglasses. And hearing coverage, which includes hearing tests and hearing aids. You could also get many no-cost vaccines, including the shingles vaccine, at in-network retail pharmacies. Plus, your doctor, hospital and pharmacy may already be a part of our large humana network. So, call the number on your screen now to speak with a licensed humana sales agent. You may be able to enroll in one of our plans several times throughout the year. Wouldn’t you love benefits like up to $3300 a year to help pay for eligible groceries, utilities, rent, pet care, and over-the-counter items? So, if you have medicare and medicaid, call the number on your screen now and speak with a licensed humana sales agent. If you’re eligible, they can even help enroll you over the phone in a humana medicare advantage dual-eligible special needs plan. So, call now. Better care begins with listening. Humana. A more human way to healthcare.

For your most brilliant smile,

Sally: You’re doing it again. You’re reading into things.

Adam: I just made an observation.

Sally: Okay, well, whatever you observed wasn’t there. Okay? And– and I never implied what you implied.

Adam: What? That we would be a mess.

Sally: Okay. Well, yes, that. But I mean, as far as me wanting the mess and it just being an inconvenience, that’s you.

Adam: You’re right.

Sally: And I don’t mean you as in you making an observation. You as in wishful thinking.

Adam: No, I said that you are right.

Sally: Okay.

Adam: But, I just…

Sally: What?

Adam: Sally, there was a whole future laid out for us. We were gonna be parents to a little girl and everything that goes along with that. I mean, the joy and the hope, the first everything and she was taken away from us, but the feelings are still swirling around in there.

Sally: I know. I– I– I get it. That– yeah, the loss. It’s there every day.

Adam: Yeah, but it’s the feelings about you too. It’s like– it’s like I keep holding on to this thread of hope and I can’t let it go.

Sally: Hope for what exactly? I mean, what is it that you want? Do you even know?

Adam: Of course, I know. I– I want you to wake up one day. I want you to come to me and say, “I may love nick, but I’m still in love with you.”

Billy: You know, this conversation started with you telling me that this wasn’t working out, so I think it’s best that I consider my interests.

Jack: You’re not fired, billy.

Billy: Wow. You really want that dirt on tucker, don’t you?

Jack: No, I want to get us out of this cycle. The back and forth, constantly questioning and doubting each other. It’s leading us in a downward spiral.

Billy: Okay, so what do you suggest?

Jack: That we listen to each other. That we stop just reacting.

Billy: That’s a little difficult for me because I constantly feel like the other shoe is about to drop.

Jack: I don’t like it any better than you do. I thought we were going to be working together. If we agree on something for the good of the company, I can’t be worried about you going behind my back to do exactly the opposite of what we discussed.

Billy: You know, what? Starting now, I will be more considerate and less reactive.

Jack: That’s all I want, billy. Look, if we can’t be honest, if we can’t compromise, we can never have a partnership.

Billy: Okay. Well, if we’re being honest, I don’t think you’ll ever see me as a true partner.

Jack: Wait, I have given you every opportunity.

Billy: See that right there, jack. It’s you giving me the opportunity. You in control. You saying yes, no, continue. Whatever it is. One finger on the kill switch. Always expecting me to fail.

Jack: No, always hoping you will get out of your own damn way!

Phyllis: I’m very uncomfortable taking it to this extreme. I’m very uncomfortable.

Tucker: That’s okay with me. I’m comfortable with your discomfort.

Phyllis: But you know what? The only reason I’m doing this is because of jeremy stark because he stole money from my insurance company. I have to pay ’em back now.

Tucker: Yes. And this is a means to that end.

Phyllis: What? By screwing billy over? What? Why? I– I can’t do it. I– I, I’m trying to be a better person.

Tucker: I know. That’s great.

Phyllis: I promised my kids, tucker.

Tucker: Oh, that’s fantastic. I wonder why you’re trying to accomplish that, if you could find a better way to get billy out of the way. You know he’s dipped his hand into the candy jar before. This just shows a pattern. He can’t help himself.

Phyllis: I don’t understand this. It was jack and diane who took issue with you and ashley, not billy. Why do you have a problem with billy?

Tucker: I don’t have a problem with billy personally. I like him. He just happens to be in a position to help me achieve my final objective.

Phyllis: Which is? ‘Cause you’re not sharing it with me.

Tucker: That’s correct. Now, can we get back to work? Phyllis, tick tock, tick tock.

Phyllis: No, I’m not doing it. Want your clothes to smell freshly

Announcer: The young and the restless will continue.

Tucker: Phyllis, did you actually believe I only wanted to take a little peek at billy’s bank account and nothing more?

Phyllis: I mean, I didn’t know. I kept on asking you what you were doing and you wouldn’t tell me.

Tucker: But you knew I was targeting billy, didn’t you? It must have occurred to you that this was not gonna end well for him. And yet, here you are. You showed up with your shiny new untraceable laptop, all ready to go.

Phyllis: I didn’t think that you were going to set him up for embezzlement. I didn’t think that. I mean, diane, sure, of course. Jack, yeah, but billy? He hasn’t done anything to deserve this.

Tucker: He has, he has embezzled from jabot.

Phyllis: Well, a long time ago. You were on some mountain somewhere when that happened.

Tucker: Right. And he was forgiven. He was welcomed back into the fold just like after all his other massive screwups. Hey, when has anyone ever made your life easy, ever? So, what do you care if billy gets accused of something that’s totally in character for him?

Phyllis: He’s worked so hard on himself, that’s all. He’s worked so hard to change.

Tucker: Mm-mm, no. That’s not what I hear. I hear he’s the same old billy. I hear it’s just a matter of time before he backslides and pulls something like this anyway.

Phyllis: Well, people could say the same thing about me.

Tucker: Well, imagine billy is backed into a corner like the one you find yourself in. Do you think he would hesitate for a second to throw you under the bus? You’re close, phyllis. You’re so close to getting out from under this massive debt you found yourself in. Thanks to me. And while I appreciate your desire for self-improvement, I would appreciate further if you didn’t do it on my time. Okay? So… you really want to piss me off at this point? Okay.

Phyllis: You’re hovering.

Tucker: Just pretend I’m not here.

Phyllis: Well, I can’T. You’re breathing on my neck.

Tucker: Yeah, well, that’s a good exercise for you. I want you to breathe phyllis, deeply. And I want you to– to be aware of all the– the chatter and all the obstacles that life has continually been throwing at you. And I want you to find your center and I want you to find it way down in your– your root chakra. There you are. Good. Good. Ah, you and billy and jack, huh? What a mess you got into there!

Phyllis: Okay. I’m just gonna focus.

Tucker: Consider this a meditation. By the way, I really admire how you’ve managed the abbott brothers. Kept them in your corner. Oh, you did make things particularly hard for yourself this time, didn’t you? What you put diane through?

Phyllis: Not really listening to you.

Tucker: Say, did you ever find a way to smooth things over with jack?

Phyllis: Oh, crap.

Tucker: What?

Phyllis: I hit a firewall. I can’t get around it.

Tucker: Or you’re stalling?

Jack: Billy, this is what worries me most. That you will lose track of who your real friends are. The people who actually have your back.

Billy: It sure feels like I’ve been on my own a lot lately.

Jack: Oh, I have been frustrated. I know that. I– I have been worried about you, but I’ve been honest about that. That’s what real friends do. They don’t just tell you what you want to hear.

Billy: Well, it would be nice to not be viewed as disposable.

Jack: Disposable? I have enormous respect for your skills, your talents, your brilliant creative process. I have always wanted you to shine and I’ve given you every opportunity.

Billy: See, right there. Sounds like you’re doing me a favor.

Jack: Okay. Then– then– then let me say that differently. I have given you this latest opportunity and you have made the very most of it. You have accomplished amazing things since you took over as co-ceo. We just managed a serious potential threat working together. Now, tucker appears to be coming after us on his own and you claim to have information that might stop him. I’m asking for your help.

Billy: I don’t have the information. Adam does. And he knows how important it is to us.

Jack: And how do we know this is legitimate?

Billy: I saw tucker and adam arguing a few weeks ago. It seemed pretty intense. Tucker usually has a pretty good poker face, but this was getting under his skin. He wasn’t his usual pithy self.

Jack: And I assume you discussed this argument with adam?

Billy: He came to me and said that he has damaging information on tucker and he’s willing to share it.

Jack: For a price?

Billy: Of course, for a price. It’s adam. He’s not gonna do anything that doesn’t benefit him. Look, jack, if you’re serious about working together to protect the company…

Jack: Of course, I am. I meant everything I just said.

Billy: Well then, given my history with adam, I don’t like the– the odds of my success. He’s gonna make it personal. He’s gonna play games and I don’t want this to go sideways. I think you should be the one to negotiate with adam. Febreze!

Sally: I– I– I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with that statement. I– I–

Adam: I– I– I don’t expect you to do anything, sally. You asked me what I wanted and I told you.

Sally: Mm-hmm. In the spirit of honesty and transparency.

Adam: Yes.

Sally: That you– that you just want me to just leave nick, forget about everything that we have and choose you.

Adam: That is my hope. Everything that I felt when I kissed you again is that the decision is already made.

Sally: What? It’s just a matter of admitting it, based on… based on what? I mean, do you think I have this secret longing?

Adam: I– I– I didn’t want to get involved with you, sally. In the beginning, I wanted to keep things strictly business. But even then there– there was something. I mean, I– I– I found myself bringing you roses or finding excuses just to show up in the same room as you, and then you started to do the same thing. I mean, are you going to say that I imagined all of that?

Sally: No.

Adam: And then, in tuscany? You remember.

Sally: Yeah, of course, I do. But–

Adam: When you convinced victoria to wear your dress that you designed, you were flying high on that achievement in that beautiful romantic place and then I kissed you, but I wouldn’t let it go any further. And not because I didn’t want it to or because I’m some– some perfect gentleman. It’s because I knew that it had to be more than just the two of us giving into a moment.

Sally: Look, I’m not denying that we had good times or that we loved each other. But I mean, things have changed. We changed.

Adam: And then, we went through a hurt and a loss that no two people should ever have to experience and that changed the way that we see the world. I mean, it changed the way that we looked at our own life. But as far as us… from the beginning, I mean, through all of it, it’s felt destined. All right, look. I’m– I’m sorry. I’ve said way more than I meant to say.

Sally: Look, I– I can’t keep doing this, okay? This might be your truth, but mine… mine is– is that your truth is just way too much for me.

Adam: Okay, look, the– the last thing that I want is for you to feel pressured in any way. Please note, that was not my intention. Just, I’m glad that we’re in a place where we can talk again.

Jack: It’s true I have a better relationship with adam than most.

Billy: Which I will never understand.

Jack: You know, it started as a mutually beneficial business arrangement, and over time, I think he came to think of me as a father figure, crazy as that sounds.

Billy: Not all that crazy when you consider the father he was saddled with. You know, I always thought your relationship with adam was just an excuse to get under victor’s skin.

Jack: Yeah, I think victor always felt the same way. And maybe at the beginning, it was true, but over time, I saw the damage that relationship had done to adam. The things that made him do and some part of me just wanted to minimize the damage.

Billy: You know, jack, you really do have a big heart and it’s really annoying in situations like this. I mean you gotta know that there’s a part of this that adam uses, right? To slap victor in the face with?

Jack: No, no, there’s more to it than that. There is. I’m connor’s godfather.

Billy: Say what you will.

Jack: All I’m saying is it’s complicated. And for the record, yes, I have a good relationship with adam, but that does not mean I completely trust him.

Billy: Well, I’m glad to hear that. So, do you think this is worth pursuing?

Jack: Billy, I am trying to trust you. I want to work together to build this company, to protect it from outside attacks. To carry it forward for the next generation.

Billy: This is our best shot. And look, adam is a son of a bitch, but he knows better not to sell us information that he doesn’t have. He doesn’t operate that way.

Jack: I’ll reach out to adam, see what I can find out. Hopefully, the information he has on tucker is as valuable as he claims.

Tucker: You know, you brag all the time that this is your superpower. The ability to move around cyberspace undetected. How can you not manage a simple task like hacking into a bank account?

Phyllis: It’s not for lack of trying.

Tucker: This is a bad time to develop a conscience, phyllis.

Phyllis: Oh, gosh. Can you just relax? You want a shot at this?

Tucker: I’m paying you, aren’t I?

Phyllis: Exactly. Not any moron off the street can do this. This is a specialty.

Tucker: Just don’t claim that this is beyond your ability and expect me to bail you out with the rest of the money.

Phyllis: I’m not trying–

Tucker: In fact, I’ll be wanting an immediate refund!

Phyllis: Okay. Do you want a shot at this? Do you want to try? Let me do it.

Tucker: Okay, I just wanted to make sure you were properly motivated.

Phyllis: There.

Tucker: There what?

Phyllis: It’s done. Please move. Get out of my way and stop bugging me now.

Tucker: Okay, let’s see what we got here. Wow, billy’s doing well for himself. Although, I did expect to see a few more zeros. Probably recovering from all that gambling. Which works well for us.

Phyllis: For you.

Tucker: Don’t forget how much you’re benefiting from this, phyllis. Okay, onto jabot. Come on. Giddy up. You like that bone? I got a great price on iT. You see my tail when that chewy box showed up? Oh, I saw it. Sorry about the vase. Can we just say vase like normal people? Fine- I always wondered what it be like to have a tail. Maybe you did. One timE. Maybe a thousand years from now I’ll be tailless using that chewy app to get you great prices on treats. Pretty sure takes more than a thousand years- vase. Pets aren’t just pets they’re more. Vase! Shop and get a $30 egift card through october 1st. At chewy. That grimy film on your teeth?

Phyllis: Hey.

Billy: Hey.

Phyllis: Playing hooky?

Billy: Just grabbing a bite to eat before my next meeting. Um, hey, now that I got you here, I wanted to find out, how’s that venture going with nick and sharon? Are you still in the mix on that?

Phyllis: Uh. Oh, that– that seems to be up in the air.

Billy: Oh, okay. Well, I’m confident you’ll land on your feet.

Phyllis: Thank you.

Billy: You’re nothing, if not resourceful. Hey.

Tucker: Hey.

[ Sally sighing ]

[ Sally exhaling ]

Sally: Oh, nick. Hurry.

Adam: Jack. Hi.

Jack: I gather you were expecting to hear from me?

Adam: Uh, I wish I could say this was a surprise, but you’re right. I figured billy was smart enough to pass this along to you. Call in the big guns with so much at stake.

Jack: Can we meet?

Adam: Sure, jack. Let’s meet.

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GH Transcript Monday, September 25, 2023

General Hospital Transcript


GH logo

Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne

[ Siren wailing in distance ]

Elizabeth: The beating Drew Cain took was severe. Lacerations, contusions, and head trauma.

Dr. Reyes: I’m concerned he still hasn’t regained consciousness. Hopefully the x-rays and CT scan will give us more answers. Let me know when he’s back in the ICU and we get those test results.

Elizabeth: Yes, Doctor.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Jake: Mom?

Elizabeth: Jake, what are you doing here? Now’s not a good time.

Jake: I have to talk to you about Charlotte.

Anna: Charlotte? Charlotte? Hey. You fell asleep.

Charlotte: I did?

Anna: Mm-hmm.

Charlotte: Where’s Papa?

Anna: Oh, he’s not here.

Charlotte: I-is he coming back?

Anna: I doubt it. He has other things to do. He’s very busy, you know, Charlotte.

Charlotte: I need to see him.

Anna: Oh, he doesn’t have time.

Charlotte: He says he always has time for me.

Anna: Yeah, that was before.

Charlotte: Before what?

Anna: Before he fell in love with me. He’s mine now.

Charlotte: No.

Anna: Yeah, he’s all mine. He’s mine.

Charlotte: No, no! I want Papa! I want Papa!

Nina: Charlotte! Charlotte. You had a bad dream. It’s just a bad dream.

Portia: Oh.

Anna: Ooh, sor– hey, Portia.

Portia: Anna, wait.

[ Indistinct conversations ]

Brook Lynn: Blaze, hi. So, so sorry that I’m late. I was on my way, and then, well, life happened.

Blaze: It happens.

Brook Lynn: Look, I promise I didn’t ask you to come here to waste your time or beat around the bush. After a lot of soul searching and a fair amount of family drama, I have decided to go back to music management, and I’d like to sign you as my first client. So…what do you say?

Blaze: [ Exhales sharply ]

Kristina: Hey! Fancy seeing you here.

Alexis: I’m here to see my daughter.

Kristina: Oh, yeah? She meeting you here?

Alexis: You. You’re my daughter. I’m here to see you.

Kristina: What’s up?

Alexis: I have a message from your sister.

Kristina: Please say Sam.

Alexis: Molly.

Molly: Excuse me. Do you know where I can find Dr. Ashford?

TJ: Uncle Curtis.

Curtis: Hey, T.

TJ: Hey. What are you doing here?

Curtis: Well, I had a check-up, and I decided to stick around and see you.

TJ: That’s great. I have a little break right now.

Curtis: Alright.

TJ: How was the checkup?

Curtis: Eh, same.

Molly: There you are.

TJ: Hey.

Molly: And you’re here, too.

Curtis: Hey, Molly.

Molly: This is perfect.

TJ: What’s going on?

Molly: I have news to share.

Sonny: I just don’t want any more excuses. Do you understand? Yeah. I’m done — just let me know. That’s it.

[ Door opens ]

Dex: Boss?

Sonny: Yeah?

Dex: Drew Cain was attacked and beaten up.

Sonny: What?

Dex: They told me it’s bad.

Sonny: How bad?

Dex: They took him to the hospital.

Jake: You came home late last night and you left so early for work this morning, I didn’t get a chance to talk to you.

Elizabeth: I know. Can we talk about this later? I’m really busy today.

Jake: But, Mom, I just need to talk to you a few minutes about Charlotte. It’s important.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Elizabeth: Okay — wait by the planter, please.

Carly: Where is he? Where’s Drew?

Elizabeth: He’s in the ICU, but he’s been taken for some tests.

Carly: Did you see him?

Elizabeth: Yes.

Carly: How’s he look? Did he say anything?

Elizabeth: Carly, he hasn’t regained consciousness since the beating.

Carly: Please tell me he’s gonna be okay.

Elizabeth: Drew is getting the best care possible. We just have to wait until the tests come back.

Carly: Elizabeth, I know you’re just trying to be professional, but please tell me what’s really going on. Or I’m just gonna call Monica because Drew’s her son and she’ll tell me.

Elizabeth: No, Monica is in Berlin at a conference, and there is no need to notify her until we know more. Now, Drew put you down as his emergency contact. The doctor will talk to you as soon as he has any information.

Carly: He should have never been in that prison.

Elizabeth: I know.

Carly: [ Sighs ] I know you think this is my fault. And it is. It’s 100% my fault.

Elizabeth: No, no. Carly, Drew made his own choices. And this is not about blame. I have to go talk to my son.

Carly: Jake’s here?

Elizabeth: Yeah. He’s here about something else. I haven’t told him anything yet. He already lost his dad and then Franco. And at one point, Drew was a father figure in his life. If he loses him, too…

Nina: It’s okay. You know, sometimes it helps if you talk about your bad dream.

Charlotte: I don’t even remember what it was about.

Nina: Yeah. That happens to me, you know? Sometimes when I have a bad dream, I concentrate and I realize it was something that happened in the past. And sometimes it’s something that I did the day before. [ Chuckles ]

[ Door opens ]

Charlotte: Papa, you’re here.

Nina: Charlotte, uh, had a bad dream.

Brook Lynn: I’m so sorry to just spring this on you. I would have built up to it, but I walked in so late.

Blaze: No, it’s okay. I had a great conversation with the manager while I was waiting.

Brook Lynn: Oh, Kristina. Yeah. She’s the best.

Blaze: Yeah, she seems like a cool person.

Brook Lynn: She’s super cool. She sings, too. Yeah, she sang at the Nurses’ Ball. She was terrific.

Blaze: I found the video online. She was great. I think it embarrassed her that I watched it.

Brook Lynn: You know, people who aren’t in the business tend to be embarrassed by their talents. But you are in the business, and I am here with a proposal of how to get you front and center, how to get your career to the next level. Now, since you dumped that sleaze Linc, the public really hasn’t heard much from you. You and I are gonna change that.

Kristina: Mom, I swear to you, I have given Molly all the space that she has asked for.

Alexis: Honey, this isn’t anything bad. In fact, it’s good news. Molly just found out from her surrogate that she’s pregnant. So Molly and TJ are having a baby.

Kristina: Oh, my gosh.

Molly: I was gonna wait until you got off of work to tell you, but I was too excited.

TJ: [ Chuckles ]

Curtis: Well, look, you guys probably want to be alone. I can peace out —

Molly: No, no, no, no. I — I really am glad you’re here because I want you to know. I want the whole family to know. It worked. [ Laughs ] Andrea is pregnant.

TJ: [ Exhales sharply ] We’re having a — we’re having a baby? We’re —

Molly: We’re having a baby.

TJ: We’re having a baby!

[ Laughter ]

TJ: We’re having a baby!

Sonny: [ Pounding on table ] What the hell happened? I told you to make certain that Drew is off limits.

Dex: That is exactly what I told Book when I visited him at the prison. I made sure everyone knew that Drew was being protected by Sonny Corinthos.

Sonny: Who’s after him?

Dex: That’s what I’m trying to find out.

Sonny: Somebody went against my orders?

Dex: Yes.

Sonny: Okay, well, that someone needs to be punished.

Dex: What do you want me to do?

Sonny: We’re gonna find out who it is and we’re gonna make him pay. Where’s Drew right now?

Dex: They took him to G.H..

Sonny: Let’s go.

Anna: Trey, can you give us a moment, please?

Portia: I think that we — we need to clear the air.

Anna: No, we don’t. I should have never come to your house. I should have called first. [ Voice breaking ] But I — I really needed to see Curtis. I just needed to apologize, and…I’m sorry.

Portia: But Curtis doesn’t blame you.

Anna: I know. He was extremely gracious.

Portia: And I wasn’t.

Anna: That’s not what I’m… there wasn’t one word of what you said that was unjustified.

Portia: I know that, but it was out of proportion. You were there, and it was convenient for me to focus all of my anger on you. But you didn’t deserve all of it.

Anna: “All of it.”

Elizabeth: Carly, I promise I will let you know as soon as I hear anything. But it could be a long wait.

Carly: I’m not going anywhere, not until I see Drew. Are you gonna tell Jake?

Elizabeth: I don’t know.

Carly: Go. I’m sorry. Go.

Elizabeth: [ Sighs ] Jake. Sorry that took so long. But I am working and I don’t have a lot of time. What did you want to tell me?

Jake: I was with Charlotte last night.

Charlotte: The dream was nothing. I don’t even remember it. I’m just glad you came.

Valentin: Well, what have you guys been up to?

Nina: Well, we went to Kelly’s for some breakfast. That was a great breakfast, wasn’t it? And then we did some window shopping. We saw some really great ideas for winter clothes. Isn’t that right?

Charlotte: Yes.

Nina: And then we came back here and she read Crimson Magazine and she fell asleep.

Valentin: Well, why don’t we go do something together?

Charlotte: What?

Valentin: It’s a surprise. But I bet it’s gonna make that bad dream fly right out of your head.

Charlotte: I’ll go get my jacket.

Nina: What if she was dreaming about what she did to Anna?

Valentin: Who knows? I just hope what I have planned is gonna make us all move right past it.

Portia: I apologize for my actions the other night. I’m still angry. I’m angry that, um, Curtis was collateral damage because someone was targeting you or Sonny. And I know — I know you did not pull the trigger. But Curtis is in a wheelchair. He’s in a wheelchair through no fault of his own. You know, it’s one thing to take responsibility for your own actions. But it’s just a whole different thing to have to pay the price for someone else’s.

Brook Lynn: So, these are some platforms that I think might help to get you back out in the public eye. You know, concerts, social media, uh, potential producers, collaborators.

Blaze: Interesting.

Brook Lynn: Yeah. And, look, I know how important it is for you to be you and not some image like the one that Linc conjured up. So, I am open to suggestions.

Blaze: I can see you put a lot of work into it.

Brook Lynn: I did.

Blaze: You’re really into this, aren’t you?

Brook Lynn: Yes. Look, I enjoyed trying to push Chase’s career. He’s an amazing performer. But if your heart’s not in it, then what’s the point? But you, Blaze, you are so committed. I could see it in your performances. And I hope you know how much I respect you and would never do anything to make you feel uncomfortable or dishonest, which is why I am so excited to sign you as my first client.

Blaze: Okay.

Brook Lynn: And you are such a unique talent. You know, that’s something I don’t think Linc ever really saw. You have a great style, and I really want to help you, you know, reach the next level in your career, not just through business, but through songwriting.

Blaze: I said okay.

Brook Lynn: Excuse me?

Blaze: O…kay.

Brook Lynn: Wait, are — are you saying yes?

Blaze: I am, yes. I’m in.

Brook Lynn: Oh, my — just like that?!

Blaze: Just like that. Brook Lynn, you stood up for me when everyone else looked away. I’m not sure I would have been able to get away from Linc if it hadn’t been for you.

Kristina: So, Molly just found out?

Alexis: Today.

Kristina: Wow. Wait, isn’t this a little early in the pregnancy to be telling people?

Alexis: It is, and I promised Molly, actually, that when I told you, I would say that we cautiously have good news. So, it’s Molly’s decision, and I thought it would be great if we could all be supportive together.

Kristina: Of course. Yeah. No, they must be really excited. I know that both Molly and TJ really want this baby.

Alexis: Fingers crossed. It’s all worked out for them.

Kristina: It has.

Alexis: What?

Kristina: Nothing. I — it just would have been really nice if I could have that moment with my sister you know, where she tells me herself and I got to see the look on her face, and instead, I’m hearing it secondhand. And if I’m honest, it hurts a little.

Curtis: Congratulations. This is great news.

Molly: I know it’s early, and some people think I should have waited, but Andrea is already glowing, and she’s so positive about everything.

TJ: Did she call this morning or…

Molly: Oh, no. She actually came to the courthouse to tell me in person. My mom was there, so she already knows. And — and you can tell Portia and the rest of the family.

TJ: Does anyone else know?

Molly: Mom is gonna tell Kristina. I hope that’s okay.

Elizabeth: You were with Charlotte? I thought you were with your friend Angus.

Jake: I’m sorry. I — I guess I was just kind of embarrassed that I was seeing Charlotte again.

Elizabeth: Why?

Jake: She’s a girl.

Elizabeth: And you feel the need to tell me this now?

Jake: You want to know where we are. And I shouldn’t have said I was seeing Angus. And Charlotte was taking all these selfies of the two of us.

Elizabeth: Oh, okay. I see. So you were afraid that if she posted them, I would find out.

Jake: I’m sorry, Mom.

Dex: I’ll stay on it and see what I can find out. And I’ll make that call for you.

Carly: You promised to protect him.

Sonny: I’m sorry.

Carly: Drew is fighting for his life. We put him in danger by asking him to get information.

Sonny: Drew said he wanted to find out who Austin was visiting in Pentonville.

Carly: To protect you!

Sonny: Yeah, but —

Carly: I asked him to protect you.

Sonny: Look, I’m sure — he’s a smart guy. I’m sure when he asked questions, he was careful.

Carly: Really? Then why is he in the hospital right now?

Elizabeth: Sounds like maybe you have a thing for Charlotte.

Jake: Stop it, Mom.

Elizabeth: What? I’m just saying. You’ve been spending a lot of time with her lately. So, tell me — what is it that you like about her?

Jake: Everything. Plus, she likes me.

Charlotte: What are we doing here? Whose house is this?

Valentin: See for yourself.

Charlotte: What?

[ Lock disengages ]

Anna: I’m glad that we spoke.

Portia: You haven’t said too much.

Anna: No, I know. Well… I think you summed it up pretty well.

Portia: Well, I know that you and Curtis got closer from the time that you spent in Greenland. And I hope you know how much I appreciate what you did to help save my daughter.

Anna: It was a group effort.

Portia: I’m just trying here. I’m just trying to clear the air.

Anna: No, no, I know. I know. You don’t have to apologize. Because you’re right. Curtis doesn’t deserve to suffer the consequences meant for someone else. No one does.

Portia: And I heard about your home, how your house burned down and you lost everything. I am so sorry.

Anna: Oh, you know, it’s things. It’s just — it’s just things. I think we’ve both been through enough to know that things aren’t important.

Portia: The fire could have cost you a lot more. And I’m glad you’re okay. Curtis also told me the story about how you saved Valentin’s life. Wow. [ Laughs ] And the two of you are closer now. I’m glad you have someone in your life.

Anna: Thank you. [ Sighs ]

Anna: Whatever he’s lying about, it’s not that he burned down our home. I just sort of feel like each new layer that gets peeled back… …I get to see who you really are. Like maybe I never knew you.

Valentin: I love you. That’s all you’ll ever need to know.

Anna: Is it? You’re not answering my question. Is that true?

Valentin: Yes. Unfortunately, it is true. I wasn’t at ELQ the night of the fire.

Anna: Did you talk to security? Was there anything on the tapes?

Valentin: There was nothing there.

Anna: What? How is that possible? There’s cameras everywhere.

Valentin: Anna, the footage from this floor was missing.

Anna: Trey, can we meet down in the car? I, um — I’m perfectly safe here. Okay.

Brook Lynn: Blaze, I let what happened with you and Linc go on for way too long.

Blaze: Well, so did I. I mean, if you hadn’t finally stepped in, who knows what could have happened?

Brook Lynn: I should have stepped in way sooner.

Blaze: Stop. Look at the two of us. Not to pat ourselves on the back, but do you think anyone who met us wouldn’t think we were both very strong women?

Brook Lynn: Well, if they didn’t, we wouldn’t hesitate to correct them.

Blaze: Exactly. Yet somehow both of us managed to let a man like Linc take advantage of us.

Brook Lynn: You know, I think back, and I still can’t believe it.

Blaze: I went to support groups for survivors of emotional and physical abuse. There were women in there like us, strong, intelligent women who went through the same thing. Guys like Linc are predators who’ve had a lot of practice. They know exactly what buttons to push, what vulnerabilities to take advantage of, and they do it all with a slimy smile on their face. And seeing you put Linc in his place was absolutely priceless. You exposed him to everyone for exactly who he was. And now he’s canceled.

Brook Lynn: Amen to that.

Sonny: Drew is tough, Carly. He’s gonna get through this.

Carly: How do you know? He hasn’t even regained consciousness. He was beaten so badly, who knows if he even will?

Sonny: Okay, I just got to figure out who did this.

Carly: And then what, Sonny?

Sonny: As soon as he gets better, Diane’s gonna do everything she can to get him released from Pentonville.

Carly: But will he be alive to even get released?

Blaze: So, did you bring papers, or is there a contract I can sign on that fancy tablet of yours?

Brook Lynn: Sure you don’t want to take some time, think it over?

Blaze: I know I can count on you not just to promote me, but to care about me.

Brook Lynn: I do.

Blaze: What about Deception?

Brook Lynn: Look, I really like the people, but that world never really spoke to me.

Blaze: Well, it’s speaking in all caps now. Did this have anything to do with you going into music management?

Brook Lynn: Bad news travels fast.

Alexis: Do you think it’s possible you’re being a little overly sensitive about this?

Kristina: How? My own sister can’t even pick up the phone and call me to tell me the news herself?

Alexis: Because she was excited and wanted to have lunch with the surrogate. They wanted to celebrate.

Kristina: Mom, did she really ask you to tell me, or was this perhaps your idea?

Alexis: Well, I know —

Kristina: Oh, my God, this is unbelievable. It just really — it just keeps getting better and better.

Alexis: Please don’t do this.

Kristina: Do what? My sister has has explicitly singled me out from being completely hands off to her surrogacy journey. And now my mother has to go and — and beg her to let me in on the news that the baby’s on its way?

Alexis: I didn’t beg her. And the baby is far from being on its way. Honey, we both know how much pressure Molly’s been under. And, quite frankly, I don’t think that she’s even been able to process the fact that she wasn’t able to get pregnant. But now that the surrogate is pregnant, maybe she will relax and we can just support her and maybe give her some space.

Kristina: Mom, I am giving her all the space she has asked for. I mean, really, am I — am I honestly that overbearing? She — she’s my sister. How does she not want a relationship with me?

TJ: No, I think it’s great that your mom is telling Kristina.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

TJ: But for now, let’s — let’s just keep it family, okay?

Molly: Oh, of course.

TJ: Okay.

Molly: Oh, this is the office. I’ll just be a minute.

Curtis: So… you’re gonna be a dad.

[ Both laugh ]

TJ: In nine months, if all goes well.

Curtis: Well, so far, so good, right?

TJ: Right, right.

Curtis: Um, would I be wrong in assessing that you are overjoyed? Because honestly, nephew, I have never seen you so happy.

TJ: I mean, how could I be happier? I’m gonna be a dad.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Charlotte: It’s beautiful, Papa.

Nina: Oh. Uh, will you excuse me for a second? Hey, Dex. What’s up?

Dex: Sorry to bother you, Nina. I know you were supposed to meet Sonny at The Metro Court in a little while.

Nina: Is something wrong?

Dex: No, but he had to come to G.H.. Drew Cain is here.

Nina: Is he okay?

Dex: Not sure. He was beaten up pretty badly in Pentonville.

Nina: [ Stammers ] Well, thank you for letting me know, Dex.

Valentin: The lot is a little more than two acres, and we’re less than half a mile from Winding Roads Stables.

Charlotte: That’s where Butterscotch is boarded.

Valentin: And we’re just a short drive from your school.

Charlotte: It’s perfect. Are you thinking of buying it?

Valentin: No, I’m not thinking of buying it.

Charlotte: That’s okay.

Valentin: Because I already bought it.

Charlotte: Oh, Papa! This is our house? For real?

Valentin: For real. I know it’s been a long time coming, but from now on, this is our home.

Charlotte: I love it.

Sonny: Carly, don’t go to the worst-case scenario. Don’t do that.

Carly: I love him. And Drew might die because someone told the SEC what we did, and then some power-hungry judge gave him an insane sentence for it just to further his career. It’s wrong, Sonny. It’s all wrong.

Dex: You think that guy from Pikeman might have had something to do with Drew getting attacked?

Sonny: Why would Pikeman care about Drew Cain?

Dex: Well, if they found out that you’re protecting him, might have been their way to send you a message. The guy’s threat wasn’t exactly subtle.

Sonny: Good thinking, Dex. But let me tell you something. There’s a lot of people in Pentonville who would have it in for Drew if they knew he was helping me.

Dex: A lot of guys in there for the other families who are locked up, right? Any of these names jump out?

Sonny: You see all those guys? They would love to take me down.

Dex: I’ll keep pushing. And I made that call to Nina.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Portia: Molly! TJ! I’m so happy for both of you! Oh, my goodness!

Molly: Thank you.

Portia: Wow!

Curtis: Well, I think that we should celebrate at The Savoy ’cause my dad just managed to book Eddie Maine.

TJ: Oh. And you’ll be there?

Curtis: I will be there.

Molly: Okay, well, we’ll see you later.

Portia: Okay. You know what? We should get ready, too. Go on and get out of here, get ready for tonight.

Curtis: Alright.

Dex: Want to hang around?

Sonny: No, no, you go ahead and go. I’ll — if I need you, I’ll let you know.

Alexis: Sweetie, you are not overbearing. Maybe a little impatient.

Kristina: I just — I feel like, with the way things are going right now, it just — I feel like I’m never gonna get my sister back.

Alexis:  Since you have this instinct that you have inherited from me, sometimes it’s best not to tackle a problem head on.

Kristina: Mom, what am I supposed to do? Just sit around and wait?

Alexis: Yes. This baby is a blessing for Molly and TJ, and just let them have their moment. And when they’re ready, they’ll reach out.

Kristina: Okay. I-I really am happy for her, Mom.

Alexis: I know you are. And I know that Molly knows that, too. Anyway, you’ve got big things to do right now. Diane said that you have your first board meeting for the youth center.

Kristina: Yes, I do, and I’m very excited about that, but I’m not excited about talking about my least favorite topic first — fundraising.

Alexis: Fundraising.

Kristina: Yeah.

Alexis: I know. That’s a drag. But you have to come up with an idea to get people all pumped up.

Kristina: Yeah. Yeah. I’ve been racking my brain to think about something, and I just… Actually, I think — I think I might have a really good idea.

Brook Lynn: “Brook Lynn Quartermaine, infamous trust fund wannabe, “fired from her job at Deception Cosmetics “amidst lawsuit turmoil. “Sources close tell us the Quartermaine princess “is out as a result of allegations “regarding the hot Deceptor wand. “What’s next for the former warbler? “She seems to be zero for zero. “While nobody can fault BLQ, “her singing career being unceremoniously slashed short “due to a freak attack, “we can wonder about her suspicious exit from Deception — perhaps it’s all in the name.” This had to be Lucy. Blaze, I swear to you, this had nothing to do with me wanting to meet you. This article —

Blaze: It’s a hit piece. You think I haven’t had some myself? Mine are usually accompanied by an incredibly unflattering picture. It’s no big deal. Don’t worry about it.

Brook Lynn: Really?

Blaze: Really.

Brook Lynn: Thank you.

Blaze: But it was really a low blow to make light of you being attacked.

Brook Lynn: It’s not easy losing the one thing you love more than anything in life.

Elizabeth: I’m glad you told me about Charlotte. But I have to get back to work. Will you head home?

Jake: Okay. Look, there’s Carly. Uh, can I go ask her about Uncle Drew? You said I could go visit him, but it’s been so long.

Elizabeth: Wait. There’s something I have to tell you about your Uncle Drew.

Sonny: Drew’s a smart guy. I’m sure he was very careful in how he went about asking questions.

Carly: [ Sighs ]

Carly: Ava, I just came back from Pentonville, from visiting Drew. Sonny and I went there to ask for his help. Sonny wants him to find out who your friend Austin visited when he was there.

Carly: Ava. Ava!

Jake: [ Voice breaking ] Uncle Drew has to be okay, Mom.

Elizabeth: The moment I know anything, I will call you.

Jake: No, no. I want to be here to find out. Please.

Carly: I am at G.H. on the 10th floor. Get here as soon as you can, Ava. [ Sighs heavily ] What are you doing here?

Nina: I heard what happened to Drew.

Elizabeth: Carly, they’re taking Drew for emergency surgery.

Carly: What? Emergency surgery? Why? What happened?

Elizabeth: I don’t have any details, but Dr. Reyes will be here soon to give you an update.

Carly: Oh, please let him be okay. Please.

Kristina: Thank you for the brilliant idea.

Alexis: I have no idea what that idea was, but you’re welcome.

Kristina: And I know I was a little hard on you before, but I do really appreciate you coming to tell me about the baby and the news yourself.

Alexis: You and Molly are gonna get through this because my girls love each other. You just be the strong one for Molly this time, okay?

Kristina: Promise.

Alexis: I adore you.

Kristina: [ Chuckles ]

Alexis: And I love you.

Kristina: Love you.

Brook Lynn: If anyone could understand what it would be like, it’d be you. Singing was everything to me. For it to just be taken away suddenly, forever.

Blaze: How’d you even deal with it?

Brook Lynn: I had a lot of help. You know, Chase made me realize that there were a lot of different ways that I could use whatever talent I have.

Blaze: But you never really lost your love for music.

Brook Lynn: Ugh. Not even close. It’s in my blood. My dad’s a musician. My mom was a music manager.

Blaze: Really?

Brook Lynn: Oh, yeah. Lois Cerullo — She is quite a character. You would really like her. She always says the old cliché, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.”

Blaze: “Make lemonade.”

Brook Lynn: [ Chuckling ] Yeah. She’s got quite a style. It’s definitely her own.

Blaze: Maybe she’ll want to meet your first client.

Brook Lynn: Really? You still want to sign with me?

Blaze: Hell yeah.

[ Both laugh ]

Dr. Reyes: Ms. Spencer?

Carly: Yes? Is Drew conscious?

Dr. Reyes: No. But that might have saved his life. He broke one of his ribs. X-rays showed that one of the shards of the ribs is threatening the aorta. Any unnecessary movement could have been fatal.

Carly: So, the surgery is gonna fix this?

Dr. Reyes: That depends on many factors. But we have a specialist operating. The surgery will take a few hours. We won’t have any answers till it’s finished.

Carly: [ Sighs ]

Anna: We seem to end up in the strangest places together.

Sonny: Yeah, that’s true.

Anna: Feel like maybe we should be here right now, though.

Sonny: Remember when you asked me if it was worth it? The life that I chose?

Anna: Yeah.

Sonny: I’m beginning to wonder.

Valentin: And I think… we should put a tennis court right there.

[ Cellphone ringing ]

Valentin: Oh, you know what? That’s the landscaper. I’ll be right back. Hello?

Valentin: Charlotte?

Charlotte: Yes, Papa?

Valentin: Is everything alright?

Charlotte: Everything’s going to be perfect.

On the next “General Hospital” —

Chase: Someone want to tell me what’s going on?

Gladys: Where’s my daughter-in-law?

Dante: If we don’t get that–

Cody: I could be the one in prison.

Jake (to Elizabeth, with Finn): We just have to sit around and do nothing?

Elizabeth: Not necessarily.

Valentin (to Charlotte): How would you feel if Anna moved in with us?

Anna (to Sonny): I’m not ready to turn the page.

Carly (to Ava, with Nina): Cut the act. I know exactly what you did.

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B&B Transcript Monday, September 25, 2023

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


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Transcript provided by and proofread by Suzanne

[ Relaxing music ]

Scott: Thank you.

Deacon: Listen, really, I can’t thank you enough for coming through for me; for making sure that Sheila was set free. She’s been a good friend.

Scott: Friend? Yeah, right. Okay, because I can’t imagine you calling in a favor this big for someone you don’t care a great deal about.

Deacon: I do care about her. I mean, look, I get it… a lot of people, maybe they can’t understand that, but I think people can change; I think people can grow. Hell, look at me, you know? I got a chance to prove it to my friends, to my family. I just think she deserves the same chance.

Scott: Deacon, we go way back and– and I am– I’m really glad to see that you have pulled your life together. And now we’re even, right?

Deacon: Absolutely. Even.

[ Both laughing ]

Li: She’s terrorized our family long enough. You have to deal with her.

Finn: I agree. I’ll make it absolutely clear that she’s not welcome in my life.

Li: That’s not strong enough. She will never walk away as long as she knows that– that you love her. You have to make her believe 100% that you will have nothing to do with her ever again. That what you feel for her is the opposite of love. It’s loathing for what she did to you and your family. You have to be cold, harsh. If she sees an ounce of emotion or hesitation, she will never leave us alone. This is the way we might get her to leave Los Angeles for good.

Hope: Your heart.

Thomas: Mm.

Hope: It’s beating so fast.

Thomas: Mm. Yours, too.

Hope: Say it again, Thomas. I just want to hear it one more time.

Thomas: I love you. No matter what you’re feeling for me, no matter what’s happening, I’m always loving you.

Hope: That means so much to hear. Thomas, but I– I don’t want to hurt you.

Thomas: I know. I know you don’t want to hurt me and right now, maybe you don’t know what to feel, but that’s okay. Having you right here, so close to you, it’s all I need. It doesn’t matter because I’ve got enough love for the both of us.

Finn: Look, Mom. I’m so sorry, okay? For all of this. I see how hurt you are and how upset. I wish I could just take it all away.

Li: You can. You know what to do. I love you so much. I thank God every day you’re my son, but I hate that Sheila is your biological mother. I hate that she has any connection to you at all. I wish I didn’t feel like this, but I can’t help it. I don’t ever want to see Sheila’s face ever again. I want her out of our lives for good. Tell me you want the same thing.

Scott: You got a lot of history with Sheila, huh?

Deacon: Yeah, you can say that.

Scott: Okay, but you know that she’s–

Deacon: Scott, she’s done some terrible things, I know that and I don’t make excuses for it, but when I look at her, I see something different, you know? I think she’s changed. And you know, she hasn’t had the easiest go of it either. I mean, when you’re constantly told that you’re never gonna be loved or that you don’t even deserve love? You know, and you’re faced with contempt from everyone in your life? Come on, man. That takes a toll on you after a while. And if everyone tells you that you’re a monster and you just keep hearing it over and over again, I don’t know, maybe you start believing it. And monsters sometimes do monstrous things. But it doesn’t have to stay that way. You’d be amazed what a little love could do.

Li: I can’t let go of this anger. This fear. I hate that Sheila has any connection to you at all. I will never forgive your father for his affair so many years ago. He lied. He lied every day of our marriage. Let me believe that you were only adopted. Not his biological son. His lovechild with that psychopath. Because of his betrayal, Sheila is allowed to terrorize us, threaten your safety, take your family away from you. Now, that is unforgivable. And make no mistake. Sheila knew your father was married. Please tell me you could never forgive her either.

Finn: Of course, I won’t. Okay? I’m never gonna forgive Sheila for what she’s done.

Li: Even now, I can see you’re conflicted. Why?

Finn: I am not conflicted.

Li: You have a son. You know what it’s like to be a parent, to love someone so much that it’s almost terrifying because what if something happens to them?

Finn: Yes, I do. And that’s why I’m doing everything in my power to make sure Sheila stays away from my family.

Li: Sheila is cancer, Finn. You’re a doctor. You know sometimes what we do to remedy a cancer. We cut it out.

Scott: Deac, from the way you’re talking, I can only assume you and Sheila are involved.

Deacon: Yeah, it’s pretty surprising, even to me. Hey, and it’s also a secret not many people know. Ridge and Bill know.

Scott: Two pretty influential people.

Deacon: Yeah.

Scott: You– you do remember that Sheila shot Steffy, Ridge’s daughter and Steffy’s husband? I– I can’t imagine that Ridge is too happy about you being in a relationship with Sheila.

Deacon: We’re trying to be discreet, and you know what? Frankly, Ridge doesn’t get a say so in my love life.

Scott: So, you know everything that Sheila’s done, including these murder charges, and yet, you didn’t want to see her go to prison for the rest of her life. You decided to intervene.

Deacon: Well, hey, they say she’s the crazy one, but…

Scott: Okay. I can’t say I understand it.

Deacon: You know what, Evan? I can’t say I understand it all the time either, but it felt right and I don’t have any regrets.

Thomas: I wanna show you how much I love you. And you can love me just as much as I love you. You just have to let go. Hope, just… just give me a chance. Let go.

Hope: It’s, um… it’s never been like this for me before, Thomas.

Thomas: Me either.

[ Hope chuckling ]

Hope: Still, there’s just… there’s something about you.

Thomas: What is it?

Hope: It’s in the way you look at me. It’s the way you talk to me. I don’t have any doubts. I know that there is no other woman. That your heart, it isn’t divided. And it feels good to know that you are… absolutely devoted to me.

Li: Focus on your family, Finn. It is the most important thing you’ll have this life. I know because mine is fractured and it kills me.

Finn: I think about Steffy and the kids every minute of every day.

Li: Then you get them home. Do whatever it takes. Don’t forget what you’re fighting for. Your happiness, your life. Nothing less than that is on the line.

Finn: Mom, don’t you see? I hate coming home to this house without them. I miss them so much, I can’t sleep at night. And when I finally do, I wake up thinking that they’re gonna be here, but I reach over and Steffy’s side of the bed is cold. And I know that when I see those kids, they’re gonna– they’re gonna be so big and I will have missed all that.

Li: You know what to do. You get that monster out of your life. Be firm. Steffy has to absolutely believe that Sheila will never be a threat again.

Deacon: Hey, listen to me. I want to thank you for your assistance. I know that this was a big ask.

Scott: I’m happy to help. And anyway, it wasn’t that much of a stretch. The case against Sheila was based on an illegal search and seizure by Bill Spencer.

Deacon: Yeah, I know that. I mean, I get it, but you know, you still made sure that she walked out of there free and for that, I will always be grateful to you.

Scott: I’m gonna congratulate you because it’s clearly the outcome you wanted. But Deacon, you gotta be careful with a woman like Sheila Carter. Just make sure you know what you’re doing because I may not be able to help you next time.

Deacon: There’s not gonna be a next time.

Scott: I hope you’re right, but until then, you take care. It’s good to see you, man. And how about, what do you say next time we have a meal and no favors, all right? Yeah.

Deacon: Come on. I’ll walk you out.

Scott: Okay.

Sheila: I– I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Drinks for two?

Hope: You seem to always know what I want to hear.

Thomas: That I’m a one woman man?

[ Hope laughing ]

Thomas: You are everything that I need, Hope. I love you. It’s a love that feels like Romeo and Juliet. To my dying day, I will love you.

Finn: Hey, it’s me. I was hoping to catch you, but you must be busy with the kids. I, uh… I miss you guys so much. Um… and those pictures that you sent, I just can’t believe how much Kelly and Hayes have changed already. Look, I know that you need to feel safe before you and the kids can come home. I’ll make sure you’re safe, Steffy. I promise you. I love you. We’ll be together soon.

Deacon: I just had a little business meeting, that’s all. You know, when you own the joint, there’s always something, right?

Sheila: A, uh… a business meeting?

Deacon: Yeah, yeah. It’s still so strange just to see you out in the world, not holed up in the apartment.

Sheila: Is it? I mean, strange, Deacon?

Deacon: Well, you’re acting kind of strange at the moment. What’s going on?

Sheila: I don’t know. Maybe I’m… I’m getting used to being a free woman. I really thought I was gonna spend the rest of my life behind bars in prison. Wow, then miraculously, I’m– I’m released.

Deacon: Come on. That wasn’t a miracle. Bill botched the investigation.

Sheila: True. Bill is an idiot, but he’s still very powerful. Things could’ve easily gone his way. I think it was a miracle. I think there was an outside force that intervened to make sure that I live a life of freedom. A life where I could love my son and my grandson.

Deacon: Sheila, you know that I’m glad you’re out. I– I just want you to live your life and be happy, but I gotta get back to work. You know, we already said our goodbyes and this is not making it easier. Listen, just, uh, stay here, order something on me, okay?

Sheila: Wait, wait, wait. Deacon, I can’t– I can’t leave you like this.

Deacon: Sheila, we talked about this. We cannot be seen here together.

Sheila: I can’t leave you without you knowing how much I appreciate everything that you said, how much all of it means to me.

Deacon: I know, Sheila.

Sheila: I’m not a monster. And… you really believe that.

Deacon: Of course, I do.

Sheila: You always see something different in me. Maybe I’m worthy of a life that I never had. Worthy of my freedom. Worthy of a relationship with my son. Worthy of… love. You know, all I’ve ever wanted in my life is to be loved. I know I’m certainly capable of giving it, but maybe, I just– I might… be deserving of receiving it, too.

Deacon: Where’s all this coming from?

Sheila: I saw you. I saw who you were with. You were with the judge that presided over my case, Judge Scott, and I heard everything that you said. All of it. It was– it was all because of you that I’m a free woman today. How do I ever thank you for something like that, Deacon? How do I ever do that?

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