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Nicole goes to work at Basic Black and is shocked to find her and Rafe’s teddy bear Duke with it’s head cut off.

Ava pours coffee at home and wonders aloud how long Rafe and Nicole have been making a fool out of her. Rafe then enters the room.

Jack and Jennifer sit at home together. Jennifer notes that Jack isn’t talking much and asks if he’s having second thoughts. Jack responds that he’s been thinking and has decided that their baby will be in goods with their other baby. Jennifer agrees and hugs him.

Abigail goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and wishes Maggie a Happy New Year. Maggie asks what she wanted to talk to her about since she sounded pretty urgent on the phone. Abigail says she just wanted to let her know about a story they are working on that’s a little sensitive as it’s about Philip’s disappearance since the paper decided to focus on that, so she wanted to give Maggie and Victor a heads up. Maggie is glad she told her. Abigail adds that if they do find anything out that could upset Victor, she will let Maggie know so that he doesn’t have to read about it in the paper. Maggie then asks Abigail to help her find Sarah while she’s out looking for Philip.

Gwen has a nightmare about Xander being furious with her for not telling him where Sarah was and then leaving her over it. Gwen then wakes up in a panic in bed with Xander. She hugs him and is relieved that he’s still there. Xander questions her saying not to leave her in her dream.

Rafe asks Ava if everything is okay as she seemed upset when he came in. Ava mentions being out of espresso. Rafe offers to go get more at the store but Ava reminds him that it’s a holiday. Rafe feels the look on her face seemed more intense, so he asks if she’s sure it’s not something else. Ava says she just overreacts to most things. Ava asks Rafe what they are going to do today and if they are going to do something with Gabi and Jake. Rafe questions her volunteering to do something with Gabi. Ava says it’s the holidays so they are supposed to spend time with family. Ava suggests they could invite over Tripp and Allie with Henry or Nicole with Holly. Rafe says he actually hoped they could just spend time together alone for once. Ava decides that sounds wonderful. Rafe then gets a call from Nicole. Rafe says he’ll call her back later but Ava says he should get it since it’s a holiday and she wouldn’t call if it wasn’t important. Rafe then answers the call. Nicole says she needs him to come to Basic Black as it’s an emergency. Rafe says he will be right there and hangs up. Rafe informs Ava that Nicole said it’s an emergency so Ava says he better go. Rafe asks if she’s sure. Ava says they can catch up later, so Rafe kisses her goodbye and exits. Ava finishes her coffee and then smashes her mug against the wall.

Maggie informs Abigail that Xander told her that Rex and Sarah left Salem, but they haven’t been together since they left, and now her phone is out of service. Abigail asks if she’s gone to the police. Maggie confirms that she went to Shawn, but he said that since Sarah left on her own free will and she has contacted her, it’d be hard to classify her as a missing person. Abigail imagines the police is pretty swamped which Maggie says is why she is turning to her. Maggie says she’s beyond worried and frustrated that something is very wrong so she asks Abigail and the paper to help find Sarah. Abigail agrees to do everything she can. Maggie asks if there’s any way she can help in the search. Abigail asks Maggie when she last actually heard from Sarah.

Gwen tells Xander that she was dreaming of when she was little but then she wakes up next to him and knows that’s all in the past and she won’t be alone again as they kiss. Xander then informs her that he has to go see Steve, because he’s going to hire him to find Sarah.

Steve packs his bag at home and tells Kayla that he’s sorry as this is not the way he wanted to start the New Year. Kayla asks if he can’t put it off for a couple days. Steve is afraid that Kristen might already have too much of a head start. Kayla tells him that it’s been hammered home that there is nothing Kristen wouldn’t stoop to, but she thinks in a sick weird way, she really loves Brady and he is Rachel’s father so she has a hard time thinking that Kristen would frame Brady for Philip’s murder. Steve suggests Kristen could have some twisted reason they are not aware of. Steve brings up how Stefano always went on about chess and says maybe Kristen is making some kind of chess move. Jack and Jennifer then show up at the door and greet them, wishing a Happy New Year. Jennifer hopes they weren’t too early but Steve says they are just in time as he was leaving on a work trip. Jack calls that a coincidence as he announces that they are leaving Salem too.

Rafe goes to Basic Black and tells Nicole this better be good as he asks what happened. Nicole then shows him what happened to Duke, shocking Rafe.

Ava cleans up the mug she smashed and mocks Nicole and Rafe. Ava bets they are on the conference table as they speak. Gwen then shows up at the door and questions who Ava was talking to. Ava asks what she’s doing here as they can’t be seen together. Gwen responds that she had to come as Ava is the only one who can help her.

Maggie shows Abigail the last text she got from Sarah and says she’s left messages since but got nothing in return. Maggie doesn’t understand why Sarah told her that she left town with Rex if she didn’t. Maggie notes that Sarah has always told her almost everything as they are very close. Abigail decides she will try to get Sarah’s phone records to see who else she has been in contact with. Maggie asks if she will also still keep looking for Philip because she’s also terribly worried about Victor. Abigail says it’s so Maggie to be worried about Victor too. Maggie says that Victor just isn’t as strong as she is. Abigail doesn’t think many people are as she hugs her. Abigail hopes she has a little bit of Maggie’s strength as she’s going to need it because she’s running the whole paper now. Maggie encourages that she will do a great job but asks what about Jack. Abigail informs Maggie that Jack and Jennifer have other plans.

Jennifer informs Kayla about how she was reading this Boston newspaper while she was there working on Laura’s estate and the paper is going under if they don’t take it over. Jennifer talks about how they are going to keep it all the same but it’s going to be complicated for sure. Jack calls it a challenge and figured they’d let Abigail take over the Spectator while they have a new mission. Kayla questions if they are moving then. Jennifer says it’s not permanent as they are going to come right back as soon as they get the paper going. Kayla says they will all miss them so much, but she is impressed by what they are doing. Xander then shows up at the door. Jack is surprised and asks how Xander knew he was there. Xander reveals he wasn’t looking for Jack as he needs to talk to Steve.

Maggie tells Abigail that she will miss Jack and Jennifer but she knows the paper is in good hands. Maggie adds that she understands if Abigail can’t look for Sarah but Abigail assures that she will make time. Abigail says she will also talk to Xander. Maggie mentions that Xander came to her because he’s very worried about Sarah, but he has moved on with someone else. Abigail knows that he’s with Gwen. Maggie notes that he seems pretty serious about her. Abigail says if that’s true, God help him.

Xander apologizes for interrupting but asks if he can talk to Steve alone for a minute. Jennifer says they were just heading out as they are going to meet Abigail at the house before going to the airport. Xander questions them going on a trip. Jack informs him that they bought a newspaper in Boston and they will be there for awhile. Xander realizes Gwen doesn’t know Jack is leaving town and asks if he wants him to tell her for him. Jack says no. Xander asks if this is just have a nice life. Jack hopes things work out for him. Jennifer says that Gwen hasn’t made it easy for Jack to have a relationship with her, so he’s not the villain here. Xander tells Jack that he will never forget that he was his mate when he really needed one. Xander and Jack hug. Jennifer jokes that she’s going to start crying as she hugs Steve and Kayla goodbye. Jack and Jennifer then exit. Xander apologizes to Steve and says it’s bad timing so he’ll come back. Steve points out that that he’s here already, so he wants to know what the hell he wants. Xander responds that he wants Steve to help him find Sarah.

Gwen tells Ava that she wasn’t thinking and asks if anyone is home. Ava assures her that Rafe’s bitch of a sister isn’t around and Rafe has been summoned by his sidepiece which Gwen questions. Ava repeats that they are probably on the conference table as they speak. Gwen questions Rafe having an affair. Ava confirms that he is and says today she has provided him with his cover story, because Nicole called him about the dead body she left in her office..

Rafe sees what happened to Duke and calls it sick, asking who the hell would do this. Nicole responds that they both know exactly who did this. Nicole says it’s obviously Sami and that it reeks of her because it’s vindictive and vicious. Nicole says it checks all the boxes. Rafe remains unsure but Nicole thinks Sami is paying her back for breaking up her marriage to EJ. Rafe thinks she should be grateful for that. Nicole insists that it was Sami and asks who else hates her this much.

Ava informs Gwen that she decapitated a stuffed animal and claims she didn’t have a choice. Ava asks Gwen again what the hell she is doing here. Gwen tells her that Xander is not going to give up until he finds Sarah. Ava tells her to calm down and says Kristen is really good at making people disappear, so where ever she has Sarah, she’s going to stay there. Ava adds that if it wasn’t for them, Kristen would be in prison now so she won’t double cross them. Gwen argues that she helped Kristen escape because if she didn’t, Kristen would tell Xander where Sarah is. Ava insists that no one is going to find Sarah so she doesn’t need to worry. Gwen then informs Ava that Xander wants to hire Steve to find her. Ava admits that Steve is good, so she does have to worry.

Kayla tells Xander that she thought Sarah was working with Rex at Doctors Without Borders. Xander explains that Rex was alone and had no idea that everyone here thought Sarah was with him. Kayla asks if Maggie knows about this. Xander confirms that he told her and they both just want to know if Sarah is alright. Steve suggests it’s possible that Sarah just decided to move on from their relationship. Xander questions it being that sudden on their wedding day. Xander says he may have talked himself in to thinking that’s what happened, but now that he knows she’s not with Rex, he thinks something is very wrong. Steve is sorry that Xander and Maggie are so worried because he’s do anything for Maggie, but he’s on another case and on his way out of town. Steve suggests talking to his partner. Kayla brings up everything John went through with Marlena. Xander decides he will ask anyway because he has to know what happened to Sarah.

Maggie informs Abigail that she called Melissa, Nathan, and Melanie and no one has heard from Sarah so they are all worried. Abigail promises that they will find her. Abigail says she has to go since Jack and Jennifer are leaving for the airport. Abigail tells Maggie that she’ll be in touch. Maggie sends her love to Jack and Jennifer. Maggie says she loves her and wishes a Happy New Year as Abigail then exits. Maggie picks up an old photo album and prays for Mickey to bring their girl back home.

Jack and Jennifer go home. Jennifer is glad that Jack had a chance to talk to Xander and clear the air before they leave. Jennifer remarks that Xander’s just a friend, not family, while Gwen is his daughter so he has to say goodbye to her. Jack can’t believe Jennifer is worried about Gwen. Jennifer clarifies that she’s worried about him. Jennifer tells Jack not to leave like this as it will tear him up inside. Jack brings up what Gwen did to Jennifer and Abigail. Jennifer repeats that Gwen is his child so she demands that he call her.

Xander calls John, but is told that John is not taking any cases until he’s sure that Marlena is alright. Xander guesses he will have to find Sarah by himself.

Ava tells Gwen that she can see why she’s worried because if anyone can find Sarah, it is Steve. Ava adds that it could work out for her because if Steve finds Sarah without any involvement from Kristen then no one will know that Gwen knew anything about what happened. Gwen complains that Xander will still ride off in to the sunset with Sarah, so either way she still loses him. Ava argues that Xander could choose her. Gwen calls that very unlikely. Ava asks why she’s selling herself short and what’s so special about Sarah. Gwen says Sarah has brains and class and she’s a good person unlike her. Ava argues that if Xander can’t see what he’s got then to hell with him. Gwen asks if they are still talking about Xander or Rafe. Ava says it’s both of them. Gwen gets a text from Jack, saying he wants to see her so she has to go. Gwen thanks Ava for listening and apologizes about Rafe. Gwen then exits. Ava remarks that she’s not as sorry as Rafe’s going to be.

Rafe finishes a call with Allie and informs Nicole that Sami left town with Lucas. Nicole argues that Sami could have done this before she left. Rafe doesn’t think so but agrees to check it out. Nicole thanks Rafe for coming. Rafe asks if that’s it. Nicole asks what else there is since Rafe is on the case now and she came here to work. Rafe points out that Nicole is upset. Nicole adds that it’s a holiday so he should be with Ava. Rafe says he will keep her posted and wishes Nicole a Happy New Year as he then exits the office. Nicole picks up Duke’s head and comments that the New Year is off to a hell of a start.

Steve tells Kayla that he has to get going. Kayla then comes out with her bag packed and announces she’s going with him. Steve says no but Kayla argues that John can’t be his backup, so she will be. Steve declares that he’s going to find Kristen and he doesn’t want her anywhere near her. Kayla doesn’t want him near her either but that’s not going to stop him. Steve argues that it’s his job. Kayla points out that she’s helped him out before and saved him on several occasions. Kayla says they could debate or he could just concede that she’s right and they can happily go on the trip. Steve decides to ask her to come with him which she accepts.

Xander goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Maggie that he wishes he had better news but Steve has another job and John won’t leave Marlena. Maggie says that’s too bad but she did find someone to help. Maggie informs him that Abigail is going to look in to it. Xander points out that Abigail is a reporter, not a private investigator. Maggie encourages that Abigail is great and tenacious just like Jack and Jennifer. Xander mentions just seeing Jack and Jennifer and that they are leaving town. Maggie says that Abigail told her. Maggie asks how it was seeing Jack. Xander says it ended up good as they buried the hatchet. Xander adds that he tried to get Jack to talk to Gwen but it looks like he’ll have to be the one to tell Gwen that Jack is gone.

Gwen goes to the Horton house to see Jack. Jennifer decides to leave them alone and exits. Gwen tells Jack that she got his text. Jack thanks her for coming. Gwen asks what he wants. Jack says he wanted to tell her that he loves her. Gwen starts to cry and says that’s not what she expected. Gwen argues that it can’t be true after what she’s done. Jack states that Gwen is his kid, so he can get mad at her or be disgusted by what she did, but he cannot stop loving her. Jack admits he tried, but he can’t. Jack repeats that Gwen is his kid as he then embraces her.

Rafe walks through the town square. He stops and thinks back to kissing Nicole. Rafe questions what he’s doing when he’s with Ava.

Nicole remains at Basic Black and thinks back to having sex with Rafe. Nicole tells herself to focus.

Ava thinks back to cutting Duke’s head off and declares that is the least those two deserve.

Steve tells Kayla that the car is all packed, so they exit together.

Xander worries to Maggie that Abigail might not want to work with him to find Sarah because of how she feels about Gwen. Maggie assures that Abigail is professional and can control her personal feelings. Maggie adds that Abigail already plans to talk to him and that nothing will get in the way of her finding Sarah. Xander hopes she’s right.

Abigail goes to the Horton house and sees Jack hugging Gwen. Abigail remarks that it’s the return of the prodigal daughter. Gwen says they were just saying goodbye. Abigail says not to let her interrupt them. Jack apologizes if this upsets Abigail. Abigail reminds him that she told him that she won’t get in the way of him having a relationship with Gwen. Gwen thanks Abigail. Abigail respects Jack’s love as a parent for his daughter. Gwen calls that very kind of her. Abigail also believes that people can change, so she hopes someday that they will be better able to understand each other. Gwen hopes so too. Jennifer walks back in and says she hopes that as well. Jack agrees. Jack then asks Abigail how everything went with Victor and Maggie. Abigail says she only spoke with Maggie as she felt it would be better for her to tell Victor that they were going to cover the disappearance of Philip. Jack calls that a good call. Abigail adds that she also picked up another story that is important to her and also very urgent to Maggie. Jack asks what it is. Abigail reveals that it’s the disappearance of Sarah Horton, which worries Gwen.

Ava finds Rafe in the town square. Rafe didn’t know she was going out. Ava says she just needed some air. Ava asks how Nicole is and what the big emergency was. Rafe informs her that someone cut Duke’s head off. Rafe asks if Ava knows anything about that.

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