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Sonny and Leo eat together in the town square. Leo says he’s sorry that Chad had to skip out on their dinner, but notes that Chad’s loss is his gain.

Chad and Stephanie eat dinner together. Chad calls it delicious. Stephanie talks about how her neighbor called it the perfect date dish and she wanted to make a really romantic dinner for Alex. Chad tells her that she succeeded but he’s sorry that she wasted her perfect date dish on him.

Justin and Alex question Maggie about Bonnie saying she was going for a walk at this hour when it’s freezing outside. Maggie explains that Bonnie was quite upset and distracted. Justin asks what distracted her. Maggie is sorry to say but there was an incident at the Pub that shook her up. Justin questions what kind of incident. Maggie informs him that Bonnie is still affected by what happened in the gardening shed, so she was seeing the person that kidnapped her and it freaked her out.

Xander questions Bonnie saying it was him. Bonnie tells him not to play innocent and that he knows what he did. Xander claims not to know what she’s talking about. Bonnie says she’ll spell it out for him and declares that Xander is the one who kidnapped her, the muscle bound clown.

Sonny asks Leo about his job search. Leo says he hasn’t found anything yet. Sonny encourages that he hasn’t been looking that long. Sonny adds that Leo will get back on his feet because he’s smart and resilient, so he will figure something out. Leo says it may take awhile. Leo jokes that usually he gets what he wants by making it impossible for people to say no to him. Sonny encourages him to make his own job or to come up with a unique position that only he could fill and make it impossible to say no to. Sonny points out that it’s worked for him in the past. Leo mentions pitching himself to Gwen at the Spectator. Sonny asks how that went. Leo says she didn’t pounce on it but she didn’t laugh in his face, so it depends on her boss, Jack Deveraux.

Jack goes to Sarah’s hotel room. Sarah calls it a surprise and asks if everything is alright. Jack says he was just on his way home from the Spectator and wanted to stop by to talk to Xander, so he asks if Xander is home.

Xander argues that Bonnie isn’t making any sense and calls it absurd as he questions where this is coming from. Bonnie explains that she just heard him say he won’t let this situation destroy his life which is exactly what the clown said, so that’s now how she knows he was the horrible clown. Xander tells Bonnie to keep her voice down, which Bonnie remembers the clown saying as well.

Maggie reveals to Justin and Alex that Bonnie hit Roman with a tray and knocked him down as she thought he was her kidnapper. Justin can’t believe it and asks if Roman is hurt. Maggie says he is thankfully not and he was so kind about it but she feels so bad for Bonnie. Maggie adds that Sarah worries that Bonnie is suffering from PTSD. Justin questions where Bonnie is now and if she’s walking home. Maggie admits she doesn’t know. Alex questions Bonnie not saying where she was going while Justin questions if Maggie just let Bonnie wander off in that state of mind. Maggie explains that Bonnie rushed out so quickly but she wishes now that she chased after her. Maggie apologizes. Justin says it’s okay as she couldn’t have known she would go missing. Justin decides they have to find her.

Bonnie complains about how everything Xander is saying is what the clown was saying. Xander argues that it’s just common things that people say. Xander tells her to focus on the differences and claims it’s not him. Bonnie insists that he was the clown that ruined clowns for her. Xander tells her to keep her voice down. Bonnie questions how he could do that to his family since she and Justin are blood. Bonnie then mentions her daughter Mimi and how the clown knew about her. Xander argues that a lot of people do. Xander says her reasons for him being the clown don’t hold up. Bonnie points out his muscles and having the exact same build as the clown. Xander repeats that he’s not the clown. Bonnie tells him to tell the judge because she’s calling the cops.

Chad finishes his dinner and tells Stephanie that it was great. Chad says he will definitely want seconds but suggests they get to work. Stephanie hates having to do this since Paulina put in so much hard work, so for her to step down before she even starts. Chad suggests maybe she could change her mind. Stephanie notes that Paulina sounded pretty determined on the phone. Stephanie says part of her mind wants to figure a way out of this but she doesn’t have any thoughts yet. Stephanie declares that at the end of the day, it’s Paulina’s decision so they have to respect it and guesses it is the end of the road. Chad points out that it is the end of the road for Paulina and also for them.

Leo tells Sonny that Gwen was going to run the idea of hiring him by Jack, but she didn’t think he would be too excited by the idea. Sonny talks about Jack having very high standards for the Spectator. Sonny advises Leo not to be himself if he talks to Jack since Jack has no humor when it comes to his brand. Sonny admits that he thinks Leo can be funny. Leo talks about trying stand up comedy one time in Chicago but he totally bombed. Sonny encourages him to focus on this gossip column which he doesn’t think would be too low bro for the Spectator. Sonny admits that he has a bit of a weakness when it comes to celebrity news. Leo jokes that he is human. Sonny says it can be interesting and juice but it can’t be mean-spirited as Jack won’t go for that. Leo jokes there goes his column then.

Sarah tells Jack that she’s sorry but he missed Xander as he went out for a run. Sarah can’t imagine he will be gone long in this weather if he wants to wait. Jack says he has an order at the Pub and just wanted to check on Xander and his new job. Sarah then informs Jack that Xander quit because his boss wanted to do something he wasn’t comfortable with…

Xander asks Bonnie not to call the police as she doesn’t have any evidence so they will think she’s crazy. Bonnie suggests they both go to the police station and tell their stories to see who they believe. Bonnie then gets a call from Justin. Bonnie declares that she will answer and tell Justin because he will be very interested to hear what his cousin did. Gwen then appears and knocks out Bonnie from behind.

Justin leaves a message for Bonnie, saying Maggie told him what happened at the Pub and he’s worried about her so he asks her to call him when she gets this.

Xander is surprised to see Gwen, who tells him that he’s welcome.

Stephanie questions Chad saying this is the end for them too when SJ PR has plenty of other clients. Chad points out that he only signed for Paulina’s campaign and planned to stay on until she was sworn in, but now that’s not happening so his work here is done. Stephanie says not by a long shot and that she asked him to work on Paulina’s campaign to see if they work well together and they do. Stephanie decides it’s settled that Chad will stay on as a consultant but Chad reveals that he doesn’t think it’s a great idea because of Alex.

Justin questions Maggie having no idea where Bonnie went. Maggie says that she only said she was going out for air. Justin says she couldn’t have gone far on foot and guesses she’s probably downtown somewhere. Justin decides he’s going to find her. Alex says he will go with him. Maggie wants to go too but Justin asks Maggie to stay in case Bonnie comes home, so he exits with Alex.

Xander notes that Bonnie is out cold but still breathing. Gwen argues that she wouldn’t actually kill her. Xander questions what that was all about. Gwen says she was saving him. Xander asks how she knew what was going on. Gwen explains that she was on her way to deliver his fake employment contract when she overheard Bonnie accusing him of kidnapping her and she was going to tell Justin everything, but now thanks to her, she’s not going to do that. Gwen suggests he show her some appreciation. Xander thanks her but is not so sure that she saved him instead of just delaying things. Gwen argues that Bonnie is in no state to tell anyone anything. Xander worries that when she wakes up, she’ll scream her head off about what he did. Gwen says at least she bought him some time. Xander asks if she has any ideas. Gwen admits she’s been in a similar situation but feels he won’t like her suggestion of shipping her off to DiMera Island. Xander admits he doesn’t like it but he doesn’t have any better ideas. Xander wonders if he should just turn himself in, since when Bonnie wakes up, he will be outed as the clown. Gwen then says not necessarily.

Jack calls it terrible that Xander’s boss would ask him to do something unethical but he’s proud of him for standing his ground, though he’s sorry that he had to lose his job to do it. Jack mentions that he would offer him a job at the Spectator but Sarah assures that Xander understands why he can’t. Sarah explains that Xander told her that Jack didn’t think it was a good idea because of Gwen. Jack says he thought it would be better for everyone to keep distance between them, given Xander and Gwen’s history. Sarah asks if Jack still thinks that’s the case.

Leo talks about his plans for his gossip column. Leo admits he’s done a lot of things he’s not proud of and apologizes to Sonny for that. Sonny reminds Leo that he already apologized to him. Leo recalls being accused of stabbing Sonny. Leo tells Sonny that he means his apology because he feels awful about what he did and Sonny has been so cool and forgiving about what he did. Leo talks about how much he regrets being a jerk and how ashamed he was. Leo wishes there was a way he could make it up to him.

Stephanie asks what Alex has to do with Chad not wanting to work with her. Chad thinks back to talking to Sonny about his feelings for Stephanie. Chad tells Stephanie that he thinks it will be uncomfortable for Alex and points out that he was before when they first started working together. Stephanie says that was awhile ago and she set him straight on that. Stephanie adds that Alex knows she and Chad are just colleagues and friends. Stephanie states that it would be different if something romantic was going on but he made it clear that can’t happen because he’s not over Abigail which she completely respects. Stephanie declares that she and Alex both know that Chad is not ready for a relationship. Stephanie doesn’t think Alex will have a problem with it, so there’s nothing stopping them from working together unless there’s some other reason that Chad doesn’t want to.

Alex walks through the town square and finds Sonny and Leo. Alex asks if they’ve seen Bonnie. Sonny says no and asks if something is wrong. Alex hopes not but notes that Justin has been trying to call her and she’s not answering, so he’s starting to get really worried. Alex mentions Bonnie having a hard time since being kidnapped. Leo questions that but Sonny calls it a long story. Sonny asks if they know who saw Bonnie last. Alex explains that Maggie and Sarah took her to the Pub, but she took off and nobody knows where she is.

Justin goes to the park looking for Bonnie and then finds her scarf on the ground.

Jack tells Sarah that he doesn’t know much about Gwen’s feelings at the moment, but he hopes that she’s way more interested in her work than Xander since she’s really throwing herself in to her writing. Sarah mentions that Gwen offered to write an article about Xander’s company which Jack did not know. Sarah says that’s why she asked about Gwen’s feelings because she wasn’t so sure there was an article or an excuse to get close to Xander. Jack doesn’t think it would be a problem either way but Sarah says it would be for her. Jack insists that no matter how Gwen feels, she knows Xander loves Sarah.

Xander and Gwen go to a room with rope. Xander asks if she really thinks this could work. Gwen calls it their only option. Xander says they need to do it fast before Bonnie wakes up. Xander then stops Gwen and tells her that she needs her to hit him as hard as she can.

Jack asks Sarah if Xander is looking for another job. Sarah says he definitely is, but she hopes what happened at Rednax isn’t too discouraging for him. Jack admires him for standing up for himself and encourages he will find another job soon. Jack tells Sarah to tell Xander he said hello and to send his love to Maggie. Sarah mentions that she will be talking to Maggie soon to ask how Bonnie is doing. Jack comments on what an ordeal that was. Sarah says that Bonnie is still very traumatized by it.

Alex tells Sonny that Justin is out looking for Bonnie since she’s not answering her phone. Sonny asks if there is anything he can do to help. Alex remarks that he wouldn’t want to interrupt his dinner plans. Sonny assures that he isn’t and that he and Leo just happened to run in to each other. Alex then gets a call from Justin, informing him that he hasn’t found Bonnie but thinks he’s getting closer. Justin tells Alex to meet him in the park so Alex and Sonny rush off together. Leo calls out that he hopes they find her and that he hopes he gets his gossip column because he will have a lot to dish about.

Gwen questions Xander wanting her to hit him. Xander says this won’t work unless she does it. Gwen doesn’t think she can. Xander points out that she just knocked Bonnie out cold. Gwen says she didn’t have to look at her while doing it and offers to hit Xander from behind. Xander worries that she might be too good at that and doesn’t want to risk her actually knocking him out. Gwen asks if he could hit himself but Xander feels that won’t be as convincing. Xander asks if she’s worried about him blaming her for damaging his face. Xander says he gives her full permission as he has it coming. Gwen insists that she can’t do it because when she hit someone before, she was really upset and she’s not right now. Xander then reminds her that she chose Sarah over her which then leads to Gwen punching him in the face.

Stephanie asks Chad if there’s another reason that he doesn’t want them to keep working together. Chad says no and that he’s really glad she wants him to stay on because he enjoys their collaboration.

Jack can’t imagine how scary it must have been for Bonnie to have been kidnapped by a masked maniac. Sarah talks about how Bonnie keeps reliving it. Sarah says she and Maggie tried to take her out to the Pub, but Bonnie thought she saw her kidnapper in the Pub. Jack comments that she’s definitely traumatized. Jack then mentions that he’s keeping tabs on the police investigation of that. Sarah asks if there are any leads. Jack says at this point, Ava’s accomplice is still out there but sooner or later, they will catch him and bring him to justice so maybe that will bring Bonnie peace of mind.

Alex and Sonny join Justin in the park. Justin tells them about how Maggie said Bonnie was still very upset and is apparently seeing things like people in clown masks. Sonny wonders if she saw something in the park and ran away.

Gwen calls Leo, who asks if she talked to Jack about his column. Gwen says she hasn’t had the chance, but she may have a job for him if he’s interested.

Stephanie tells Chad that they should get to writing the statement for Paulina. Stephanie says at least they can start out on a positive note. Stephanie toasts to their continued successful relationship at SJ PR.

Leo asks Gwen what the job is. Gwen reminds him that she said she and Xander have a secret and she needs to let Leo in on that.

Justin, Alex, and Sonny return home and inform Maggie that there was no sign of Bonnie. Justin declares that he tried to tell himself not to worry, but he thinks it’s time to call the police.

Sarah remarks that Xander has been on a long run even for him. Sarah tries calling Xander but it goes straight to voicemail.

Bonnie wakes up tied up in a chair and looks over to see Xander knocked out and tied up as well.

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