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Jennifer returns home and calls out to Jack, who joins her in the room. Jennifer starts quickly talking about publishing an article in the Spectator about Abigail’s disappearance until Jack is able to stop her to inform her that Chad and Tony have found Abigail. Jennifer is thrilled and hugs Jack, asking where Abigail is and if they are bringing her home. Jack confirms that Chad should be rescuing her as they speak.

After Chad finds Abigail, Tony then enters. Sarah rushes up and hugs Tony, saying she can’t believe he’s here, leaving Tony confused.

At the DiMera Mansion, Anna complains about spending Valentine’s Day alone and being unable to reach Tony and having no idea where he is or if he’s okay. Anna declares now she must stress eat so she opens her box of Valentines chocolates but finds all the chocolate covered cherries have been eaten. Anna wonders when Tony is coming home.

Tony questions Sarah calling him her love. Sarah that’s what he is and will always be. Chad is confused while Abigail thinks she can explain.

Kayla complains about Kristen telling her and Steve that she drugged their food. Steve asks what the point would be when she’s already holding them captive. Kristen clarifies that she didn’t give them a sedative but something a little bit stronger. Kristen declares it’s strong enough to permanently solve the problem they have been causing her. Kristen hopes they enjoyed their anniversary because it may be their last. Steve knew she was dangerous but questions her going to murder. Kristen says no one is going to die because she drugged them but not with poison. Kristen reveals it was a concotion that will make them forget this whole ordeal. Kristen adds that she can’t keep them on this island forever and she’s not interested in killing them, so it would really suck if they remembered this and could testify against her. Steve asks what the hell she’s talking about. Kristen states that the island chicken comes with a side of amnesia. Steve then charges Kristen.

Tony questions what has come over Sarah and tells her to stop kissing him because he’s a happily married man.

Anna tries calling Tony but it goes to voicemail. Anna decides she’s going to go get some answers and exits the mansion.

Xander and Gwen kiss in bed. Gwen says it’s time to eat so she gets out of bed. Xander jokes about her ditching him for room service. Xander gets up with her and they kiss back onto the bed. Gwen stops and says there is something serious she’d like to talk to him about. Xander asks what’s on her mind. Gwen says it’s their wedding as they have a few details to sort out, like when and where. Xander suggest St Luke’s church. Gwen questions them getting married in front of God and everyone. Xander jokes that his cousin Ciara married a serial killer there. Gwen suggests somewhere more personal to them. Xander asks if she means the Horton family home but Gwen says Julie wouldn’t go for that. Xander says they have to discuss the wedding party as he’s going to ask Jack to be his best man, so maybe Jennifer will stand up for Gwen. Gwen worries that Jennifer thinks she killed her mother so it would be in poor taste. Xander tells Gwen that her perfect maid of honor would be Ava Vitali. Gwen questions why he would suggest Ava. Xander brings up that she said they got close after Ava’s son died. Gwen claims she only offered her condolences because she knew Charlie in passing. Xander thought they formed a deeper connection, having both lost a child. Gwen says she just said a few kind words to her and that was all. Xander says it was just an idea. Gwen apologizes and assures that she will find someone, just not Ava or Jennifer. Xander asks if she read Jennifer’s article about Abigail. Gwen calls it heart wrenching. Xander can’t imagine how difficult it must be for Jack as well. Xander suggests they swing by and offer their support, so he can ask Jack to be his best man while they are there. Gwen thinks he should do that on his own because things are tense between her and Abigail, so she’s sure that she’s the last person they want to see. Xander encourages her not to be worried as Jack knows that she has no idea where Abigail is and it was clear how much it meant to Jack to be able to lean on her. Gwen thinks Xander asking Jack to be his best man is a moment that should be shared between them. Xander agrees to give Jack her love. They kiss and then Xander goes to get dressed.

Jennifer questions why Kristen would go after Abigail unless she was involved in Sarah’s disappearance. Jack asks who knows what Kristen is thinking or why she does what she does, but when Chad gets home with Abigail, he will have answers. Anna comes in and apologizes for barging in but says the door was open and she’s going out of her mind with worry about Tony, Abigail, and Chad since no one is returning her calls or texts. Jack and Jennifer tell Anna the good news that Tony and Chad are on their way to Abigail now. Anna calls that really great news and says they must be so relieved. Anna asks where Abigail is. Jack reveals that Kristen has been holding her hostage on an island off the coast. Anna says she’s very happy for them but she knows that island. Anna stops and says she won’t rain on their parade but Jennifer wants to know what she’s thinking. Anna reveals that she knows Tony spent an extended holiday on that island with his ex-lover Renee DuMonde.

Sarah tells Tony that she should’ve known Tony’s wife was the reason that he’s being so cold to her. Sarah talks about her being a thorn in her side since they started dating, which they only did because they thought they were siblings. Sarah tells Tony that he will never get over her. Tony asks God to help him. Abigail then explains that Sarah thinks she is Renee DuMonde.

Steve manages to tie Kristen up while Kayla holds the gun on her. Kristen warns them to enjoy their victory while they can remember it, because they won’t when the drugs kick in. Steve asks how much of that crap she put in their food. Kristen says it was enough to obliterate the memories of a herd of elephants. Steve still thinks she’s bluffing but Kristen assures that she’s not. Kristen suggests they use this time to reflect on their memories with their children and each other, because soon their epic love story will permanently fade to black.

Tony questions how it’s possible that Sarah Horton thinks she’s Renee DuMonde. Sarah complains about Tony talking about this Sarah nonsense like the others. Sarah declares she’s been stuck on this island for long enough and is ready to go back to Salem. Chad says they will be right down. Sarah says that gives her and Tony a moment to be alone. Sarah and Tony then exit the room.

Jack and Jennifer talk to Anna about Tony getting Ned to come clean. Anna talks about Tony being devoted to Chad and doing anything for him. Jennifer acknowledges that he went above and beyond this time. Jack realizes he needs to let Gwen know that Abigail is coming home since Gwen has been so worried. Anna asks how Gwen is doing. Jack says she’s doing very well and getting married. Anna laughs and says that surprises her. Jack asks why. Anna says she doesn’t want to be insensitive since Gwen is Jack’s daughter, but she has created a world of problems since coming to Salem so she’s just wondering who would have the tolerance to put up with her tendency to lie and be vindictive. Anna questions what man would have the patience to share his life with a woman like Gwen. Xander arrives and reveals that man would be him.

Ava shows up at Gwen’s door. Gwen pulls her inside and questions what she’s doing here. Ava responds that they have a problem.

Abigail informs Chad that Kristen injected Sarah with the same drug that Gwen used in Abigail’s champagne. Abigail feels awful because she knows the damage that drug can do and now Sarah thinks she’s an entirely different person. Chad questions how the drug gave Sarah his dead sister’s memories. Abigail explains that came from Renee’s diary.

Sarah tells Tony that they can’t leave as they have to eat first. Tony says they can eat on the plane. Sarah argues that Kristen cooked up a feast for tonight so it would be an insult not to stay and enjoy it. Tony is sure she’ll understand. Sarah demands that no one is going anywhere until they all sit down together and have a meal and she won’t take no for an answer.

Kayla tells Steve that they need to find the others before their memories fade as if they tell Sarah and Abigail, they can alert the hospital so the staff can help them out as soon as they get home. Kristen wishes them luck with that because she drugged Sarah and Abigail too. Kristen reveals that all of her guests are having her very special island chicken tonight, so by morning, none of them will remember how to tie their own shoes.

Abigail explains to Chad that when Sarah first got there, she was just like Abigail was after Gwen drugged her, so to keep her calm and occupied, Kristen gave her a bunch of books to read including Renee’s diary and she became so obsessed with the story that she started to think the stories were hers. Chad says the good news is that they found Abigail so they can head back to Salem to get Sarah the help she needs. Abigail asks Chad how he found her. Chad informs her that Ned Grainger told them where she was since an eye witness confirmed he flew to the airfield the night she disappeared. Chad adds that there was no flight plan or security footage but Tony knew Ned a little bit, so they tracked him down in Florida and Tony convinced him to tell them where she was. Chad states that now they know Kristen put Ned up to kidnapping her and flying her out here. Abigail then reveals it wasn’t Kristen, it was Ava.

Gwen questions Ava showing up when Xander could have seen her. Ava tells her to relax as she saw Xander leave and waited a bit. Gwen asks why she’s there. Ava repeats that they have a problem and brings up Jennifer’s article. Ava worries about Jack and Jennifer being back and making a big stink about their daughter. Gwen tells her to calm down. Ava says that’s easy for her to say since Abigail didn’t see her wearing the Sarah mask. Gwen says that’s not necessarily a problem. Ava questions what she thinks is going to happen if Chad and Tony bring Abigail and Sarah back to Salem.

Jack tries to cover what Anna said towards Xander but Anna tells him not to apologize for her because she meant what she said. Anna wishes she didn’t feel that way because she cares about Jack and realizes that he has tender feelings for Gwen, but she doesn’t. Jennifer suggests staying off the subject of Gwen. Xander disagrees and says that Gwen was deeply unhappy and very angry when she came to Salem which led to her behaving badly, but she has changed. Xander adds that Gwen feels deep regret for the hurt she caused her family and she’s terribly sorry for how she behaved. Anna questions if he’s sure. Anna says she is sorry for everybody who now trusts Gwen, when she was hired as a nanny and then slept with Chad just to ruin Abigail’s life. Anna brings up what Gwen tried to do Jack and Jennifer’s marriage out of spite. Jennifer says she’s gotten past that. Anna remarks that she would never be able to get past the fact that someone took a wrecking ball to her life like that. Anna acknowledges that people can change but in the case of Gwen, she suggests Xander be careful because you never know what a woman like that could still be hiding.

Tony and Sarah sit down at the dinner table. Sarah reminds him to wait until everyone is there before eating. Sarah wonders what’s keeping Abigail and Chad.

Chad questions Ava being the one in the Sarah mask. Abigail knows it makes no sense. Chad wonders if Ava was doing it to help a friend since she and Kristen were close at one point. Abigail questions close enough for multiple felonies. Abigail goes over ripping off the mask and then getting hit from behind, so the only one that she knows was there was Ava. Abigail suggests asking Steve and Kayla if they have any other insights so they should probably go find them. Chad questions that. Abigail explains that Kristen kidnapped them in Italy and brought them here, so her and Chad hurry out of the room to go find them.

Jennifer suggests a more neutral subject. Anna says that’s fine as she’s had her say about Gwen. Jack mentions that Anna has already heard the news, so he wanted to inform Xander that Abigail is coming home. Xander calls that tremendous news and says that’s why he came over, because he and Gwen read Jennifer’s article and wanted to express their support. Anna questions where Gwen is then. Xander responds that Gwen encouraged him to come without her, given the still strained relationship between her and Abigail. Anna says it will be a wonderful relief when Abigail, Chad, and Tony all come back safely to Salem. Xander agrees and knows Gwen feels the same.

Gwen tells Ava to stop because her speculation is not helpful. Ava warns that she should be nervous because if Abigail and Sarah get back here, both of their lives will go up in smoke. Gwen argues that Kristen promised not to let that happen. Ava questions believing Kristen will keep her promise. Gwen argues that Kristen is Ava’s friend. Ava points out that Kristen blackmailed them in to helping her escape, so if her back is against the wall, she won’t think twice about selling them out. Ava adds that if that happens, then Gwen can say goodbye to her boyfriend and her dad and hello to prison.

Kayla says they are going to find Abigail and Sarah. Kristen warns them to hope they still remember them. Kristen guesses this is goodbye. Kayla tells her that she is going back to Salem to pay for everything she’s done. Kayla assures she will see them again. Kristen says by then, she won’t have a clue who she is or why she’s about to kill them. Kristen laughs as Steve and Kayla exit the room.

Chad and Abigail join Tony and Sarah in the living room. Chad says they need to find Steve and Kayla. Abigail asks if Sarah knows where they are. Sarah responds that she might have an idea or two. Abigail asks her to take them to Steve and Kayla but Sarah says no because she doesn’t trust Steve after he threatened Kristen. Abigail explains that Steve is her uncle and a wonderful man, so she asks Sarah to take them to he and Kayla. Sarah says she will right after they eat. Abigail insists they need to go now. Sarah warns her that if she wants to see Steve and Kayla, she will pull up a chair and join them. Abigail and Chad then sit at the table. Chad asks if Abigail had any problems with the food on the island. Abigail says it’s been fine so far. Sarah calls it the best chicken they will have in their life and then she promises to take them to Steve and Kayla. Sarah questions what could be the harm in all of them having a nice family dinner together.

Gwen reveals to Ava that she and Xander got engaged. Ava congratulates her. Ava apologizes for getting a little worked up before but the article threw her. Ava tells Gwen that she is happy for her and adds that her son is proposing to his girlfriend tonight. Gwen comments that there must be something in the water. Ava doesn’t think so since no one is asking for her hand. Ava declares that everybody is getting their happily ever after except her. Ava then asks who needs love when you got revenge to keep you warm. Gwen states that revenge does not solve anything and only makes you feel worse. Gwen encourages Ava to find another way. Ava says she tried and stopped being so paranoid but that just got her a boyfriend who cheated on her with her best friend. Gwen agrees that’s awful. Ava says it’s her problem and congratulates Gwen and Xander on having a long and happy life together. Ava then exits.

Anna says they are thrilled that Abigail, Chad, and Tony will soon be home and safe in Salem. Anna decides to get going. Anna urges Xander to heed her warning about Gwen. Xander urges Anna to keep an open mind about Gwen, noting that Gwen speaks highly about her. Xander says that Gwen believes people can change and is confident that one day Anna will change her mind about her or become her friend. Anna calls it unlikely but supposes stranger things have happened. Anna says she will see them all soon. Anna congratulates Jack and Jennifer on the wonderful news as she then exits. Jack admits that Anna can be outspoken. Xander then asks Jack to be his best man when he marries Gwen. Jack gladly accepts as they hug. Xander jokes that he will soon be Jack’s son in law.

Abigail, Chad, Tony, and Sarah eat their dinner. Abigail says the sooner they finish, the sooner Sarah will take them to Steve and Kayla. Steve and Kayla then burst in, screaming for them not to eat the chicken. Kayla worries that it’s too late. Chad questions what she means. Steve and Kayla warn them of being poisoned. Chad complains that he ate half the chicken. Sarah stops them all and declares no one has been poisoned. Kayla says that Kristen told them that she drugged the food. Sarah reveals that she switched it out as she found a bottle of this cloudy liquid with a feather next to it in the kitchen when Kristen was cooking. Sarah remembered Kristen telling her that the serial killer that was after her used a Raven’s feather. Sarah announces that she emptied the bottle out and filled it back up with milk. Abigail realizes then they are not in danger.

Jack brings Jennifer roses and reminds her that it’s Valentine’s Day. Jennifer can’t believe Jack even found time to shop. Jack talks about when they met and says Jennifer turned his life upside down and taught him about faith. Jack informs her that he took an hour from worrying about their daughter, to make sure Jennifer had a Valentine’s Day to remember. Jack says that faith assured him that Abigail would be coming home, just like how he will always come home to her. Jennifer tells Jack that she loves him forever and wishes him a Happy Valentine’s Day as they kiss.

Chad questions what they are doing as Abigail goes back to get Renee’s diary. Abigail hopes that Sarah will be okay. Chad encourages that they will get Sarah the help she needs back in Salem. Chad adds how impressed he is that Abigail knew it wasn’t Sarah back in Salem and he still can’t believe it was Ava. Chad declares that as soon as they get home, Ava is going down and so is her accomplice.

Xander returns to his room to Gwen. Gwen asks how it went. Xander calls it interesting since Anna was there but he has good news. Xander announces that Jack agreed to be his best man which Gwen calls wonderful. Xander then adds that it looks like Abigail will be home in time for their wedding which Gwen questions. Xander reveals they found Abigail and she’s coming home.

Sarah tells Tony how happy she is that they are finally together. Sarah can’t wait to get back to Salem so Tony can get divorced and kick Anna to the curb.

Kayla tells Steve that she can’t wait to see Kristen’s face when she finds out her plan was ruined. They go back to where they left Kristen tied up, but find that Kristen is gone.

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