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Recap written by Christine

Mariah and Tessa were at home. They toasted to bein married and agreed that it felt very natural. They talked about the wedding, and they were very happy with every aspect of it. Later, Tessa opened the wedding gifts, while Mariah took notes on them for the thank you notes. Someone Tessa worked with gave them a coffee table book on birds. Tessa seemed mystified by the gift choice. Mariah said she liked birds, which resulted in a quizzical look from Tessa. Mariah’s employees at Jabot got them a golden rock-on hand. Faith got them an artistic drawing of a heart that said family. Tessa brought up having their first child. Mariah was startled that Tessa was thinking of having more than one. Tessa said it was a slip of the tongue. Mariah assured Tessa that she’d love more than one. Tessa smiled, and said maybe one of them would decide to carry a child after adopting.

Mariah and Tessa kissed, then they held hands as they went to the bedroom. While they were in bed, Mariah told Tessa that she didn’t have to hide wanting another kid, even if she wasn’t sure Mariah felt the same way. “We share everything.” Tessa agreed and said it was the best of who they were, and who they’d continue to be. They called each other wife, and they shared a passionate kiss. Tessa suggested they stay up all night so they could experience every second of this day. Mariah liked the idea of watching the sun rise on their very first day as a married couple.

Jack walked Phyllis to her suite, and she brought up their unexpected kiss. He wasn’t sure it was unexpected. She suggested that it happened because of all the emotions swirling around due to the wedding. Phyllis entered her room alone, but she left the door open. Jack followed and closed the door behind him. They slept together. As they basked in the afterglow, Phyllis grinned and said she was starting to think that kiss was a little more than just the wedding. They agreed that this felt right. He knew her well enough to know she was hungry. He thought they’d order room service, but she said she’d rather keep the celebration going at Society.

Michael ran into Diane at Society. He couldn’t stop staring – he couldn’t get over the fact that she was really here. It was meaningful to her that someone said that while sounding kind of glad about it. Lauren was out of town on business, so Michael was alone. A grateful Diane accepted Michael’s offer to join her. He asked how things were going. She said that Kyle extended his visit, but not because of her. She bragged about how well Kyle did officiating the wedding.

Michael was disapproving of Diane crashing the wedding. He said her presence could’ve caused a scene. Diane said she was a better person now, but she was still Diane, so certain people would always see her as suspect. Michael reminded Diane that he was the one who advised her when she and Jack were fighting over Kyle’s custody. Michael also eventually had to step in and take over the case. Diane smiled and noted that Michael was the reason she won custody, in large part because of the way he grilled Phyllis on the stand. “I’m also the person who organized your memorial service because I didn’t want Kyle to think that everybody hated his mom,” Michael added. Diane didn’t know that, and she was touched. It reminded her all over again what she put Kyle through, though. Michael wasn’t trying to make Diane feel guilty. He thought she was sincere about wanting to make amends with Kyle. Michael acknowledged that he was no saint either. Diane admired and envied Michael because he had a place to call home with people who loved and respected him. He agreed he was fortunate, and he assured her that she wasn’t alone in the world. Michael said Diane was a formidable woman, and that meant keeping her head held high and not being impulsive, like showing up at events where she wasn’t invited. Diane didn’t want to be scolded. Michael felt that he was being the friend Diane needed by telling her what she needed to hear. He said if she wanted to have a real relationship with Kyle, she had to be prepared to wait and suffer some of the wrath of Genoa City.

Diane saw Jack and Phyllis walk in, and they saw her. Phyllis grumbled about Diane and Michael being like best buds. Jack told her to ignore them, and she said she would do that for him. Phyllis and Jack got a table and held hands. She smiled as she gazed into his eyes. They talked about him catching the bouquet, and she wished she’d gotten to see it. Across the room, Diane was sure that Phyllis was fawning all over Jack to annoy her. Michael said he’d take Diane’s word for it. At that point, Phyllis loudly laughed at something Jack said. Diane decided to leave. Michael didn’t think Diane should let Phyllis chase her away. Diane said that Phyllis never passed up the chance to make her feel unwelcome. Diane was going to check out of the Grand Phoenix since Phyllis wanted her out. Michael said dinner was on him. Diane appreciated that and his friendship. He reiterated the advice not to be impulsive.

Diane went to Phyllis and Jack’s table and wished them a good evening. Phyllis stated that Diane needed to leave the hotel first thing in the morning. Diane knew – she said she just had to finalize her plans. Diane left. Jack wondered if she’d go back to LA. Phyllis said everyone made it clear that Diane wasn’t welcome here. Phyllis planned to do whatever it took to drive that point home. Jack looked amused. Phyllis shifted gears and said Jack’s eyes were so blue, and sometimes that took her breath away. He joked that he’d try and change, but she said she liked it.

Later, Phyllis rushed to Michael and confronted him about “chatting it up with your old pal, that lunatic, Diane Jenkins.” Michael refused to kick his old friend while she was down. He thought too many people were doing that, but Phyllis thought that Diane should be catching more heat. Michael began to say that he’d be there for Phyllis if she were in that situation. Phyllis cut him off because she took umbrage at being compared to Diane. Michael said Phyllis had a propensity to do things that had consequences she didn’t plan for, thus alienating large swaths of people. Michael said as a friend, he’d stand by Phyllis, and he told her to suck it up. She glared. He noted that she seemed happy with Jack a moment ago, so he told her to go enjoy that.

Good luck with that, Jack” Michael said as he left the restaurant. Phyllis thanked Jack. He asked if she felt better now. “Damn you and those blue eyes,” she said. Later, he took her back to the hotel lobby, and she said they should part ways here. He thought that was a good idea, since the kids were back at his place, and if he didn’t spend the night there, his absence would be noted. He didn’t want to field questions that were none of the kids’ business. He said he and Phyllis would decide how this evolved. She agreed and they shared a peck on the lips and agreed to see each other tomorrow. Phyllis got on the elevator. “My my, so much romance in the air tonight,” Diane said. It turned out she was sitting in the lobby.

Jack commented on Diane going to the wedding where she was neither invited nor welcome. She said she wanted to see her son. Michael told her that she needed to be patient with Kyle, and she was willing to do that, even if it meant she was constantly turning the other cheek with Phyllis. She hoped to have more moments like she did at the wedding, like when Kyle reintroduced her to Summer. Diane asked how Kyle was doing after the wedding. Jack said he wasn’t going to be a go-between. He stated that Kyle and Diane were adults. Jack was going to support whatever Kyle decided, and he thought Diane needed to give Kyle some time and space. Diane said that Jack and Phyllis seemed to be moving things along, and the timing was interesting. “Almost like [Phyllis is] marking her territory,” Diane said. Diane sauntered off, and Jack narrowed his eyes and appeared to think about what she’d said.

At the Abbott house, Summer came downstairs and told Kyle how cute the sleeping Harrison was. She thought he was the sweetest kid ever, and she marveled that she was so crazy about him after such a short amount of time. Kyle said that Harrison tried hard to be good. Kyle had been the same way as a kid – it had been him and his mom against the world, and yet she still… He decided to drop the subject. Summer resented the way Diane showed up at the wedding and forced Kyle to bring Summer to her. Kyle didn’t feel forced. Summer said that Diane knew Kyle couldn’t say no. Summer also felt that Diane played the martyr when she was asked to leave and acted like Kyle was her protector. That was why Summer couldn’t trust Diane. Summer could see that Kyle was struggling with this.

Kyle didn’t know if he could forgive his mother, or if he even should. Summer was sympathetic. She could see how badly he wanted to believe Diane was sincere, but Summer hadn’t seen any proof, and she didn’t want him to get hurt. Part of him wanted to take more time to decide, but part of him wanted to stop living in limbo. He hated being so guarded around his mother. Summer said that it was Kyle’s decision, and she reminded him that even if he made a choice, he could always change his mind. She knew that it was up to Kyle to decide whether to introduce Harrison to Diane, but Summer thought they should leave the boy out of this for as long as possible. At least until they knew whether Diane was trustworthy. Kyle completely agreed.

Kyle wanted to set the Diane issue aside and focus on his strong, gorgeous, pragmatic wife, who took his breath away. They shared a deep kiss, then they took things upstairs. They disrobed, then he carried her to bed. Later, they cuddled, and he said he loved their life in Milan, but sometimes he got homesick. She said there was something special about being back in Genoa City. She didn’t realize how much she missed it. He thought they should try and come back more often. He knew Marchetti was her dream job, but work life balance was important.

Summer got out of bed. She revealed that she’d discovered some troubling things about Marchetti’s finances, and she brought it to Angelina, who’d politely brushed Summer off. That lead Summer to do a deep dive into Marchetti’s books. Things were really bad. Summer now realized why Angelina had been so interested in her marketing experience. Summer’s vision for the brand had helped things somewhat, but Marchetti was still deep in the hole. Summer approached Angelina again, but she was deep in denial and too afraid to do what it took to shore things up. Kyle asked if Summer was thinking of walking away. Summer said no. She loved her work and really believed in Angelina’s design talent. Summer knew it’d take something really big to keep Marchetti afloat. Kyle could tell Summer had an idea.

Summer wondered what if Jabot bought Marchetti. Jabot had been in and out of the fashion business, so she reasoned that it shouldn’t be hard to ramp back up. Kyle thought it was an interesting idea, but he had to think about how it would work. Summer thought they could move operations to Genoa City, so they could move back home, permanently. She said they could give Angelina the option to relocate or work remotely. Summer asked if Kyle wanted to move back, now that Diane was here.

Noah let himself into Crimson Lights, which was closed. Over the phone, he explained to Sharon that he had a lot of energy, so he didn’t want to come home and keep everyone up. The call ended. Allie entered and noted that the place looked closed. Noah explained that it was, but his mom owned it. Allie was there because she couldn’t sleep. Noah said he’d make Allie a drink. He smiled and said they could ignore each other after that. That sounded good to her.

Allie was doing something on her phone when Noah approached with a coffee pot. He asked why she wasn’t at Jack’s. She said there were so many people there. She didn’t want to seem rude, because everyone had been so welcoming, but for many years, it was just her and her dad. There was a lot of energy at the house, and it was all directed at her, but they were all strangers, so it was awkward. Noah understood. He had a big family – the Newmans were an assertive and smart bunch. He’d left town to avoid family drama. The last time, he left the continent. It took him a long time to realize there was far more good at being a part of it than there was bad.

Allie was glad Noah figured out how to get along with his family well enough not to flee the country. Noah assured Allie that Jack was a very good man. Jack used to be Noah’s stepfather. Allie recalled Jack saying he’d been married several times. Noah said Allie met Summer, and surely saw how cool she was. Allie agreed. Noah said Kyle was cool too. According to Noah, the Abbotts were kind and generous people who’d take Allie on her own terms, and if she asked them for space, they’d still be there when she was ready.

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