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Chad sits at John and Marlena’s with his tablet, reading Abigail’s obituary.

Jack and Jennifer are at home. JJ comes in and hugs Jennifer. Jack then gets a call from Statesville Prison.

Tony and Anna enter the living room of the DiMera Mansion and hug EJ.

Kayla joins Steve in the Brady Pub as he is reading Abigail’s obituary.

Lucas is in his room reading Abigail’s obituary.

Chad answers the door at John and Marlena’s and breaks down crying as Sonny and Will have arrived and they hug him.

Steve finishes reading Abigail’s obituary to Kayla at the Pub. Kayla doesn’t know how Jennifer wrote the obituary while going through Hell. Steve adds that she turned it around so fast. Kayla says she was up all night but couldn’t come up with anything as Jack asked her to speak at Abigail’s funeral today. Kayla doesn’t know why she agreed to since she’s not a writer and doesn’t know how to put her feelings in to words.

Tony tells EJ that this is all such a terrible tragedy. Anna says it makes no sense. EJ says they have to come together as a family and find a way to move forward. EJ is glad they are here as they will need them. Tony asks where Chad is as they’d like to see him. EJ responds that he’s at John and Marlena’s since he stayed there last night with the kids. Anna offers to bring the kids back home. EJ thinks Chad would prefer to stay where he is rather than being in the DiMera Mansion where Abigail was murdered.

Chad tells Will and Sonny that he’s so glad that they are here and asks when they got in. Will says he and Arianna took a red eye and he just dropped her off with Gabi. Will and Sonny tell Chad that they are here for whatever he needs. Chad says spending time with his kids is probably the best thing for him right now. Will talks about Charlotte looking more and more like Abigail. Chad calls it a miracle that the kids even exist considering how Abigail felt about him when they first met. Chad says he’s been thinking a lot about that the last few days. Chad says he was crazy about Abigail from the start but she thought he was a total jerk. Sonny points out that she obviously came around eventually. They talk about Abigail overcoming and helping Chad with his fears of being a DiMera. Chad says Abigail gave him so much confidence. Chad figured he can’t be that bad if Abigail chose him. Will encourages that they will get through this together. Chad repeats how glad he is that they are here. Sonny asks what they can do to make today easier. Chad responds that John and Marlena are getting the kids ready while he needs to go home and put on a suit but he hasn’t slept. Sonny decides he’ll drive as they exit together.

Kate goes to Lucas’s room at the Salem Inn. Lucas questions her being back so soon. Kate says she wanted to see how he is. Lucas says he’s fine but sad as everyone in Salem is. Lucas asks if there’s anything else or if she wants to ask if he woke up this morning and remembered killing Abigail.

JJ informs Jennifer that Ciara said she and Ben are taking Julie to the church. Jennifer asks if JJ has seen her necklace with a heart pendant that Abigail gave her for Christmas. JJ says he hasn’t. Jennifer knows she packed it but when getting dressed she couldn’t find it. Jack finishes his call and informs Jennifer and JJ that Gwen knows today is Abigail’s funeral so she wanted him to know that she is thinking about them and called Jennifer’s obituary beautiful. Jennifer calls that very nice of her. JJ disagrees and declares that bitch can take her fake sympathy and shove it.

Kate comments that at least Lucas cleaned up the place. Lucas reminds her that he was looking for the jewelry that was stolen from Abigail but he can’t find it. Kate argues that doesn’t mean a thing because he could’ve taken it and stashed it somewhere. Kate asks about Lucas’s hand injury. Lucas says his hand is fine and no big deal. Kate argues that it was the same night that Abigail was killed with a knife. Lucas insists it was not by him. Lucas asks what it will take for Kate to believe him. Kate wants definitive proof to know he had nothing to do with it. Lucas says that would be fine so she would stop grilling him. Kate wants to help him if he’s in trouble. Lucas appreciates it but declares he doesn’t need her help because he didn’t do anything wrong. Lucas says whatever happened that night, he wouldn’t hurt Abigail so he wants to drop it. Will then knocks on the door.

Steve thinks Kayla is putting too much pressure on herself as no one expects her to write a perfect speech, just to say whatever is in her heart and whatever comes to mind. Kayla says that’s the problem as her mind is full of all the things she wants to say about how much she loved Abigail, but then when she goes to write them, she sees the image of Abigail being brought in to the hospital and that’s not how she wants to remember her. Steve encourages that it will take some time. Kayla talks about people she loved being rushed in to the ER over the years, but this is different due to the way that somebody hurt Abigail so viciously and violently. Kayla cries that she keeps wondering if she could’ve done something more to save Abigail’s life. Steve assures that she did everything she could and asks how she can doubt that. Kayla cries about how much she loved Abigail and she doesn’t know how to accept that she’s gone.

JJ argues that Gwen is not sorry about Abigail since she hated her and did everything she could to wreck her marriage. JJ says that Gwen did nothing but cause Abigail pain and now she has the nerve to express sympathy. JJ argues that Gwen’s probably doing a happy dance in her cell. Jack yells that’s enough and then decides he needs some air and rushes out of the house.

Lucas answers the door and tells Will it’s good to see him. Will says the same and just wishes it wasn’t under such sad circumstances. Kate asks when he got in. Will says it was this morning and he just wanted to see Lucas before the funeral. Kate decides to leave them to spend some time alone. Kate says she’ll see them at the church and exits. Lucas asks Will about his trip. Will says it was long and he couldn’t sleep as he couldn’t stop thinking about Abigail. Will calls it so hard to believe that Abigail was murdered in her own home and questions who would want to hurt Abigail. Lucas responds that he doesn’t know as everyone loved her. Will says he’s been thinking about it and wondering if maybe Abigail’s murder had something to do with Sami’s kidnapping.

Jack goes to the Brady Pub. Steve thought they were meeting him at the church. Jack sits down and says he just had to get out of the house. Steve asks what happened. Jack explains that Gwen called and offered her condolences but JJ didn’t react well. Kayla asks what he did. Jack doesn’t want to get in to it and says he wants to talk about Abigail. Kayla says that’s what they are here for. Jack asks Steve what he’s thinking as far a who killed his daughter.

Anna brings up EJ being home the night that Abigail was attacked so she asks if he saw anyone skulking around, suggesting Gwen. EJ says he was out most of the evening and shortly after he got back, he heard Chad screaming for help and found him holding Abigail as she was slipping away. Anna can’t imagine how awful that must have been for Chad to find his wife bleeding to death on their very own bed. Chad then walks in to the room.

Lucas questions why Will would think Abigail’s murder had anything to do with Sami’s kidnapping. Will explains that Abigail reached out to him because she was doing an investigative piece for the Spectator and wanted to compare notes since he’s a reporter too. Lucas still doesn’t get the connection. Will reveals that Abigail called him the night before she died and wonders if someone else didn’t want to be a source. Will declares that whoever kidnapped Sami obviously had a very personal reason to want to shut Abigail down. Will asks what if they were so desperate to keep Abigail from finding out the truth and putting it out there, that they killed her.

Jack asks if Steve has a lead or a suspect. Steve says he’s sorry but he has nothing yet. Jack argues that Steve was going to help the police solve the case but it looks like he’s just sitting here while the rest of them are out there trying to find who killed Abigail. Jack says he needs something and pleads with Steve. Kayla mentions reading that some jewelry was taken from Abigail’s bedroom so it could’ve been a robbery. Steve confirms that Rafe is trying to track down what was taken. Steve thinks it’s significant but his instincts tell him robbery was not the motive because nothing else of value was taken from the house. Steve adds that the way Abigail was attacked seemed personal. Kayla questions Steve thinking the person who did this knew her. Steve confirms that’s what the knife suggests to him as it wasn’t random or circumstantial. Steve thinks that she was targeted. Jack questions what reason someone would have to want to hurt Abigail. Kate then walks in to the Pub.

Tony hugs Chad and tells him he’s so sorry about Abigail. Anna hugs Chad and says she’s sorry for what she just said being insensitive as she didn’t realize he was standing there. Anna asks how Thomas and Charlotte are doing. Chad says they seem okay and he has a number for a therapist if they need to talk to someone. Chad adds that John and Marlena are getting the kids ready for the funeral. Tony is surprised they are coming. Chad says that Marlena thought it would be a good idea since they are having a hard time accepting that their mom is gone, so she thinks it will help with the grieving process to be able to say goodbye.

JJ tells Jennifer that he shouldn’t have said that about Gwen. Jennifer understands emotions are running high. JJ says he should’ve kept his mouth shut as he didn’t mean to upset Jack but Gwen calling set him off since she was horrible to Abigail. JJ says at least Gwen is in a cell now. Jennifer agrees that’s where she deserves to be but it makes Jack very sad because he wanted Abigail and Gwen to make peace so he could have both of his daughters in his life. JJ points out that they both still have him. Jennifer thanks God for that. Jennifer explains that after Gwen’s wedding went to Hell, she told Jack that she would support whatever he wanted his relationship with Gwen to be, but that she would never trust her again. JJ asks if she still feels that way. Jennifer assures she would support Jack no matter what. JJ calls her a saint. Jennifer says she tries to put herself in Jack’s shoes and he loves Gwen and when you’re a parent, nothing your child does will ever make you stop loving them. JJ feels he’s come close a couple times. Jennifer says parents may feel anger or disappointment but that doesn’t change the love as that is forever. Jennifer adds that children take a piece of your heart, so you feel everything they feel and when you lose a child, you lose that piece of your heart. JJ hugs Jennifer as she cries.

As Kate enters the Pub, she sees Jack and tells him how sorry she is about Abigail. Kate talks about Chad being like a son to her and how happy Abigail made him. Kate calls Abigail a loving mother and wife and a wonderful person that she admired. Kate gives her condolences to Steve and Kayla as well which they thank her for. Kate mentions overhearing that Steve is investigating what happened. Steve says he’s unofficially helping out. Kayla states that they are all determined to find out who did this and get justice for Abigail. Kate is a little surprised they are discussing this today. Steve points out that everyone is anxious for answers and he’s sure Kate understands with what she’s going through with Philip. Kate guesses she just assumed they’d be focused on celebrating Abigail’s life and honoring what she meant to all of them and sharing in their grief. Jack agrees and decides he should be going. Jack says he will see them all at the service and exits the Pub.

Lucas remarks that if Will thinks the kidnapper and the murderer are the same person, then that means EJ killed Abigail. Will brings up EJ’s conviction being overturned. Lucas says that doesn’t mean he’s innocent. Will argues that the Devil planted evidence on EJ’s computer. Lucas argues that EJ framed an innocent man and the whole thing points at EJ since he’s ruthless and heartless. Will knows Lucas hates EJ but questions if he really thinks EJ would stab Abigail to death when she was his family. Lucas agrees that maybe that’s a little too far even for EJ. Lucas decides they should get to the church and offers Will a ride. Will says he’s meeting Sonny but he’ll see him there. Lucas hugs Will and says he loves him. Lucas advises Will not tell Chad about his theory about EJ. Will assures that he wouldn’t when Chad is about to bury his wife. Will then exits the room.

Chad brings up that Will is in town, so he and Sonny drove him over to get dressed for the funeral. EJ says they have some time so he suggests Chad visit with Tony and Anna while he has Harold press Chad’s suit since he was freshening up some of his as well. Chad knows what EJ is doing and says he appreciates it but he has to go in the room at some point. Anna points out that it doesn’t have to be today. Chad assures that he can do it and he’ll be alright as he exits.

Kayla complains to Steve that she doesn’t know why she agreed to do this and she should’ve asked Jack to pick someone else who could write. Steve encourages that she’s overthinking it. Kayla doesn’t want to disappoint anybody, especially Abigail, feeling that she disappointed her that night. Kayla knows she did everything in her power to save her but she couldn’t, so the least she could do is let everybody know how much she means to her but she doesn’t know how. Steve gives the hand symbol for “I love you” and explains that he expressed how he feels from his heart without even speaking which is all Kayla needs to do.

Jack returns home and asks JJ where Jennifer is. JJ explains that she’s upstairs, trying to find the necklace that Abigail gave her. Jack says he should help her. JJ stops him and apologizes for what he said before as he shouldn’t have blown up like that, especially today. Jack adds that he shouldn’t have stormed out. JJ understands he’s angry as he is too. Jack tells JJ that he’s entitled to his feelings about Gwen after everything she did to their family. JJ responds that he’s not angry about Gwen, but about Abigail. JJ questions why this happened. Jack doesn’t know. JJ cries that he misses Abigail as Jack hugs him and says he does too.

Anna praises Jennifer’s tribute to Abigail with the obituary. Tony calls it sad for a mother to have to write her own daughter’s obituary. Anna calls it unimaginable loss for all of them and she doesn’t know how they are all supposed to go on without her.

Chad enters he and Abigail’s bedroom and looks around the room. Chad sits on the bed and holds one of Abigail’s dresses.

Kayla tells Steve that she thinks she’s done writing her speech and thanks him for really helping her. Kayla says when Steve used sign language, she realized that she was limiting herself by thinking there was only one way to express her feelings about Abigail but that’s not true. Kayla adds that there are words she can use to say how much she loves Abigail without writing a eulogy. Steve asks what she means. Kayla talks about being part of so many ceremonies where somebody read something beautiful, moving, and suited to the occasion but they didn’t write it themselves. Kayla recalls Abigail telling her that she loved the poet EE Cummings, so she thought there was no one better to help her express how much she loved her. Kayla then reads to Steve the poem “I Carry Your Heart With Me.”

Jennifer returns to the living room, having found her heart pendant necklace that Abigail gave her. Jennifer, Jack, and JJ then exit together.

Lucas gets prepared in his room and looks down at his bandaged hand and then at Abigail’s obituary. Lucas then picks up his keys and exits.

Will and Sonny walk through the town square together.

Anna and Tony toast to Abigail at home.

EJ goes to check on Chad in the bedroom. They nod to one another and EJ exits. Chad finishes putting his suit on and follows out of the room.

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