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Ben and Ciara sit in bed together when Ben gets a text from Doug and Julie, inviting them over to watch the ball drop for New Year’s. Ciara jokes that she thought old married couples went to bed as soon as the sun went down. Ben jokes that her grandparents know how to party. Ciara decides that after Christmas Eve, she’s kind of done with all the excitement for now. Ciara wants to stay home to watch the ball drop with him and their baby.

Chanel joins Johnny in his bedroom. Johnny talks about not feeling good so he doesn’t think he’ll be much fun tonight and suggests Chanel just go ahead without him but she refuses.

Gabi finds Sami crying at the bar and asks her what’s wrong. Sami responds that she just got proof that EJ is the one who kidnapped her.

Lucas walks through the town square and stops at the Horton Town Square plaque. Lucas says he knows Tom and Alice must be thinking how can their grandson do something so nuts. Lucas adds that he feels unworthy being a Horton after what he did to Sami, but he needs them to understand why he did it. Lucas says he had no choice and he did it for love. Allie approaches and questions what he did for love.

Tripp is at the hospital, finishing a call with Steve. Tripp thanks Steve for the invite but says he and Allie are just going to have a quiet New Year’s together. Tripp jokes that he’s just grateful he’s not going in to the new year stuck in the coma unit in Jan Spears’ bed. Tripp remarks that he’d be happy if his first encounter with the Devil is his last. Tripp hangs up as Marlena then comes off the elevator and asks if he’s going down. Marlena apologizes for startling him. Tripp says it’s good to see her, knowing that it is her. Marlena is glad she ran in to him as she’d like to apologize. Tripp says she doesn’t need to as he knows everything that happened wasn’t her fault. Tripp admits when he first heard the stories of this happening to her before, he didn’t believe them. Marlena isn’t sure she would either as it’s a lot to take in and not exactly based in science. Tripp assures that she made a believer out of him.

Jake shows up at Ben and Ciara’s door. Jake comments that Ben doesn’t look ready for a big night out. Ben says this is his big night out. Jake argues that it’s New Year’s Eve and the last one where they won’t need a babysitter. Ciara says they can’t really go out and party. Jake encourages that they can still have fun and invites them to come out with him and Gabi.

Gabi questions Sami about EJ kidnapping her. Sami states that her husband who is supposed to love her and their children. Gabi asks why he would do that. Sami guesses it was revenge for hurting him. Gabi wishes she could say EJ is not capable but acknowledges that he’s the most morally bankrupt human on the planet. Sami tells Gabi to let her have it and not hold back. Gabi says she’s done terrible things but would never hurt the people she loves. Gabi questions what kind of man terrorizes the mother of his children…

Lucas greets Allie and says he didn’t see her there. Allie mentions just closing up at the bakery and notes that he looks pretty beat up. Allie asks if it’s about Sami which Lucas confirms. Allie says she didn’t mean to eavesdrop but he was talking to himself in public. Lucas clarifies that he was talking to his grandparents. Allie says he was talking about love but sounded guilty, like he was confessing something. Allie suggests talking to her about it instead.

Chanel decides that if Johnny is staying home, she is too. Johnny asks why her New Year’s should be ruined just because he doesn’t feel good. Chanel refuses to leave him. Johnny says he’s probably just going to fall asleep. Chanel says she will be lying next to him and reminds him of her vows. Chanel says when they are sick, they are stuck with each other as she lays with him.

Ciara tells Jake that it’s tempting but they are out. Jake asks if they are sure. Ben hesitates but confirms they are. Jake mocks them being no fun. Ciara argues that just a few days ago, the Devil tried to steal her unborn baby which surprises Jake. Jake asks what she wanted with their child anyways.

Marlena knows that what happened was beyond her control but people were hurt. Tripp says they are all fine now and it’s nothing compared to what she went through. Tripp is glad to see her on the other side as he knows how worried Allie was. Marlena thanks him and she’s glad that Allie has such a nice young man in her life. John approaches and agrees. Tripp says it really means a lot that they both approve of his relationship with Allie. John is just grateful that she has him in her life. Tripp says he’s very lucky that she is in his. Marlena says they won’t keep him from her. John and Marlena wish Tripp a Happy New Year. Tripp says the same and says they deserve it as he exits the hospital.

Lucas tells Allie that he feels guilty because he had to talk to Sami and get her to accept that EJ is the one who kidnapped her. Allie knows that couldn’t have been easy. Lucas says that it broke Sami’s heart but she’s not ready to give up on EJ yet. Allie doesn’t get it since she’s put up with so much mistreatment from him. Allie calls the kidnapping cruel and sadistic. Allie declares that she will never forgive EJ.

Gabi asks how Sami found out that EJ kidnapped her. Sami explains that Chad found financial records showing that EJ used DiMera funds to pay Jason Smith, who was his accomplice. Sami adds that EJ told her that he had never heard of Jason before. Gabi questions EJ being dumb to leave a paper trail. Sami remarks that EJ isn’t stupid, just arrogant, and didn’t think he would get caught. Sami calls herself dumb for believing EJ when he called her the love of his life. Sami cries that the worst part is that EJ is still the love of her life. Sami asks what she is supposed to do with the rest of her life if her and EJ are over. Gabi relates to always dating the wrong kind of men but say she finally learned her lesson and Jake treats her right. Gabi says no matter what happens between them, she will never settle for a guy who doesn’t see her as an equal. Sami decides she won’t either. Gabi encourages that Sami deserves better than EJ. Gabi complains about how EJ ousted Jake from DiMera and calls him a snake. Gabi adds that she is one of Sami’s biggest fans. Sami thanks her and says that means a lot. Gabi brings up Sami helping her through some of the roughest times in her life. Gabi says she learned to stand up for herself from Sami. Gabi knows they’ve had their differences but says that Sami is Will’s mom and Arianna’s grandmother so she will always have her back.

Ciara and Ben tell Jake about Marlena tricking them in to taking her to the cabin so she could steal their baby. Ciara says they still have no idea why she wanted their baby. Ben no longer cares as Ciara is okay and the threat of the Devil is no more since John and everyone cast him out. Ciara says the Devil never had a chance. They joke about the Devil being no match for Ciara. Jake guesses that’s a good enough excuse to lay low tonight. Ben says Jake and Gabi will have to celebrate without them tonight. Jake says they will try and wishes them a Happy New Year as he exits.

Chanel brings Johnny some tea. Johnny thanks her for taking care of him. Chanel says she’s his wife so she does things for him. Johnny jokes that he owes her. Chanel says she expects to be treated like a queen when she’s not feeling well. Chanel adds that this gives her a good excuse to skip work for the next few days. Johnny says that he can manage to avoid his sister well in to the New Year but Chanel owns a business with her, so she is going to have to talk to her. Chanel says she doesn’t have to seek it out after the way Allie went at them for getting married. Johnny acknowledges that he probably didn’t help by accusing Allie of being jealous and wanting Chanel to herself. Chanel admits that was awkward and assures Johnny that there’s nothing going on between them and they are nothing more than friends. Johnny says he and Allie have just always been so competitive, but competing for Chanel’s heart was a new one. Johnny is not sure that Allie is over the fact that she lost.

Allie wishes Tom and Alice were around long enough for her to get to know them. Lucas says they were the best. Lucas asks if everything is okay with Allie and Tripp. Allie says they are more than okay. Lucas asks what’s going on. Allie compares Lucas trying to save Sami from EJ to how she tried to save Chanel from Johnny. Allie says she was completely blindsided by them getting married. Lucas questions her not giving her blessing. Allie admits she sort of cursed their union. Lucas says that’s not like her. Allie says she just doesn’t want to see them get hurt. Lucas knows they are young but they make their own choices. Lucas warns that they could cut Allie out of their life. Lucas states that Johnny is her brother and Chanel is her best friend, so he would hate to see her lose both of them.

Sami tells Gabi that EJ had every right to be mad at her for cheating on him with Lucas. Gabi doesn’t think he had any right to put her life in danger and make her suffer. Sami thought they were beyond all that. Gabi is not surprised and hopes one day she will be grateful for walking away from that sadistic creep. Sami says part of her already is. Sami cries that part of her misses her. Gabi says there’s no shame in that. Sami hates that she misses him after what he did to her as it makes her feel weak. Gabi encourages her to figure out what she really wants in life.

Allie knows she has to make peace with Johnny and Chanel but asks what Lucas will do about Sami. Tripp arrives and greets them. Lucas asks if they have big plans for tonight. Tripp says that Nicole offered to babysit so they are going to get dressed up and see what kind of trouble they can find. Allie asks if Lucas has plans. Lucas jokes that he’s going to go home and watch TV in bed. Lucas tells them to have a great time. Allie wishes him a Happy New Year. Allie tells Lucas to be easy on himself as he has nothing to feel guilty about. Lucas thanks her and walks away.

Johnny guesses they have managed to alienate themselves from both of their families. Chanel jokes that Paulina has already started a wedding registry at three different places and bought half the things. Johnny supposes that’s nice of her. Chanel says that buying gifts is just Paulina’s way of saying sorry. Johnny jokes that he knew he’d win her over eventually. Chanel and Johnny end up kissing in bed but joke about being sick. Johnny suggests they start their own holiday traditions and says they can do what married couples do in bed and watch a movie.

Ben and Ciara argue over what to watch on TV. Ciara decides on watching home buying shows on Peacock while Ben wanted to watch football. John and Marlena then show up at the door. Marlena hopes they are not interrupting. Ben says never and invites them in. Marlena greets Ciara and wishes a Happy New Year. Ciara brings up not seeing Marlena since Christmas Eve. Ben asks how she’s feeling. Marlena says she’s a little tired but she’s so grateful for all the love around her. Ciara says they are grateful to have her back. Marlena thanks her. Marlena knows there’s been a lot going on so she just wanted to come ask for their forgiveness. Ben says she doesn’t have to do that. Marlena asks if there’s something she can do to make it easier for them. Ciara says there actually is one thing she could do. Ciara asks Marlena why The Devil wanted their baby. John tells Marlena that she doesn’t have to do it right now if it’s too hard but Marlena says she wants to as she can’t keep running away from it. Marlena says she wants to but she can’t because she doesn’t remember anything that happened. Marlena doesn’t know why The Devil was after her baby and says she’s sorry but if she does remember anything at all, she will be the first person that she comes to. Ben tells her that she doesn’t have to apologize as she’s done so much for him. Ciara adds that without Marlena, they wouldn’t be together or having a little family. Marlena mentions that John told her that she was encouraging them to have a baby. Ciara is pretty sure they would have anyways. Ben admits he had his concerns but Ciara convinced him that they could be good parents. Ciara says they will have a beautiful life. Marlena is so proud of them both. Ben says it’s good to have Marlena back as he hugs her.

Gabi invites Sami to have dinner with her and Jake at the Bistro. Sami doesn’t want to be a third wheel. Gabi decides she’ll ditch Jake then and says he will understand that she needs her. Sami says that’s the nicest thing ever but she can’t allow it as it’s New Year’s Eve. Sami tells Gabi that it’s her job to get a great kiss at midnight because it gives good luck for the year. Sami asks Gabi to be with the man she loves. Gabi asks what about her. Sami says she’ll go home to her mother’s and cry all night into a pillow on New Year’s Eve.

Johnny and Chanel argue over what movie to watch. Johnny ends up convincing her to let him pick and he chooses An Affair to Remember. After they watch the movie, Chanel is in tears while Johnny talks it up as a classic. Chanel decides she wants to watch it again. Allie and Tripp then show up. Johnny asks if they came to let them know what horrible people are and how their marriage is doomed. Allie reveals she came to apologize as she was just caught off guard and reacted badly. Johnny asks if Tripp put her up to this. Tripp assures it wasn’t him and that Allie said she couldn’t enjoy their night unless they stopped here first. Allie says she doesn’t want to lose them and wishes she could take it all back to just say congratulations. Allie hopes they will do her the honor of ringing in the New Year with them and they can drink to their happiness. Chanel accepts her apology and the sparkling wine. Tripp asks if they want to hang with them tonight. Chanel says Johnny isn’t feeling well. Johnny thinks they can probably rally. Johnny suggests they go find some glasses downstairs and then he will take a shower and they will meet downstairs for the countdown to midnight. Tripp says that sounds like a plan. Johnny thanks Allie as she and Tripp exit the room.

Jake and Gabi walk through the town square after dinner. Gabi tells him that she was going to ditch him tonight for Sami because she’s going through something. Jake knows she found out EJ kidnapped her. Gabi says she’s devastated as she apparently still loves EJ. Jake guesses that Sami will land on her feet. Gabi then gets a text from Mr. Shin, announcing EJ is out as co-CEO of DiMera. Jake and Gabi are thrilled and call that a Happy New Year as they kiss.

Lucas sits alone at the Brady Pub when he gets a text about EJ being out at DiMera. Lucas says at least he cost EJ his job and says that’s something at least. Lucas decides there’s no sense hanging around here for New Year’s and that it doesn’t matter much to him anyways. Lucas gets up and goes to leave but Sami arrives. Lucas asks what she is doing here. Sami informs him that Chad found proof that EJ is the one who kidnapped her. Lucas says he’s sorry and asks what that means. Sami responds that she’s through with EJ for real this time and she’s never going back to him. Lucas admits he can’t say he’s sorry to hear that. Lucas asks if Sami came for a drink. Sami says she came to tell him about EJ, not just that she’s finished with him, but that she wants to begin again with Lucas.

John brings Marlena home and notes that Dr. Kayla said she’s not supposed to have champagne so he got strawberries and whipped cream as backup. John kisses her and says he’ll be right back as he heads to the kitchen. Marlena turns on the TV to catch New Year’s Eve with Carson Daly but gets static from the signal causing her to have flashbacks to the Devil’s voice coming through to her before and she starts to worry. John comes back and says the TV has been doing that lately so he’ll have to get someone to check it out. John messes with the wire to get the TV to come on which relieves Marlena. John notices her reaction and asks if she’s okay. Marlena assures that she is now. Marlena points out they are about start the countdown to New Year’s. John says they have one minute to go. Marlena declares that there’s no place on earth she’d rather be than right here with him.

Jake states that EJ out as CEO is step one as he and Gabi toast to a New Year running Titan and DiMera.

Chanel goes downstairs and tells Allie and Tripp that Johnny is getting dressed. Tripp says he better hurry if he wants to make it before midnight. Allie says he’s actually too late as they have 10 seconds.

Ben and Ciara watch the countdown from their bed.

Lucas asks Sami if she’s sure this is what she wants as everyone in the Pub counts down the New Year. Sami says she’s sure as she and Lucas then kiss.

Jake and Gabi kiss in the town square.

Ben and Ciara kiss in bed.

Marlena and John kiss on the couch at home.

Allie and Tripp kiss while Chanel stands around alone with her sparkling wine.

Johnny gets dressed in a red suit in his room. He looks in to the mirror with yellow eyes, revealing Johnny is now possessed by The Devil. The Devil wishes Salem a Happy New Year and says they didn’t really think they were getting rid of him that easy.

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